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					     Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Tokyo                                     March/April 2009

     Cultural Calendar

     Cultural Calendar March/April 2009
      Dutch Cultural Events:
March – April
Let’s Enjoy Tokyo: Holland Campaign

                            Perhaps you have already seen posters in the subway
                            ‘Timetripping in Tokyo’; these are part of the Holland
                            campaign that is hosted on the popular website ‘Let’s Enjoy
                            Tokyo’. Here you can find information on Dutch cultural
                            events, historic places in Tokyo linked to the Netherlands
                            and even a recipe for pancakes!
                            Also, there are a photo contest where you can win a
                            roundway trip to the Netherlands and a present campaign
                            with great prizes. Please go and take a look.


4 December 2008 – 31 March 2009                                    4 March – 8 April
Exhibition: ‘The Shape of tiles in the 20 century –                Participation of Peter Bogers in the group exhibition ‘Artist
Expressions of infinity in the works of M.C. Escher’               File 2009’
Venue: Inax Tile Museum, Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture                Venue: The National Art Center (Japanese)

6 January – 29 March                                               10 March – 25 March
Exhibition 'Stilleben aus der Gemaldegalerie des                   Concerts of Het Gelders Orkest conducted by Ken-ichiro
Kunsthistorischen Museums Wien' with works of Jan Steen            Kobayashi
Venue: Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art                             13 Mar. Tokio, Suntory Hall            14 Mar. Iwaki, Performing Arts Centre
                                                                   15 Mar. Tonami, Tonami Bunka Kaikan
17 January – April 12                                              17 Mar. Tokyo, Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Theo Jansen Exhibition: ‘the form of new life’                     18 Mar. Sapporo, Kitara Concert Hall
Venue: Hibiya Patio, Tokyo                                         20 Mar. Nagoya, Aichi Geijutsu Gekijo                                 21 Mar. Osaka, Symphony Hall
                                                                   22 Mar. Matsuyama, Ehime Kenmin
30 January – 5 April                                               24 Mar. Tokyo, Suntory Hall
Exhibition in commemoration of 400 years trade between   
Japan and the Netherlands: Rediscovering Holland
Venue: Huis ten Bosch Museum, Nagasaki Prefecture                  14 March – May 12            Hofreis Big Walk 2009
                                                                   A group of Dutch and Japanese walkers walk the ‘de Hofreis’
January – April                                                    (Edo sanpu) from the remains of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Artist in residence by Rafaël Rozendaal                            in Nagasaki Prefecture to Edo-Nihonbashi in Tokyo
Venue: Arts Initiative Tokyo, Shibuya                    

February – March                                                   18 March – 19 April
Artist in residence by Thom Vink                                   Participation of sculptor Chris Peterson in the ‘Uchinoki
Venue: Youkobo Art Space                                           Project.                                          Venue: Tanbara Cultural Centre, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
28 February – 27 September
17th century European paintings from the collection of the         21 – 28 March
Louvre: paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer                         Exhibition of the jewelry-designer Margareth Stalman
Venues:                                                            Venue: Ecru+HM, Tokyo
28 feb. – 14 Jun. The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
30 jun. – 27 Sep. Kyoto Municipal Museum of art, Kyoto             alman.html
                                                                                                   March/April 2009
 Cultural Calendar

23 March – 30 April                                           10 & 11 April
Participation in artist-in-residence by Vincent W.J. Gerven   Janine Jansen, violin concerts with NHK Symphony
Oei and Jonas Staal                                           Orchestra & Edo de Waart, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo                               Venue: NHK Hall, Tokyo                     

28 – 30 March                                                 11-15 April
Concerts by Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra       The 21       Sakura Tulip Festival – 400            years   of
Venue: Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo                       Japan-Netherlands exchange                   Venue: Sakura furusato hiroba, Sakura City
31 March – 6 April
Magic lantern (utsushi-e) performances by Musiscoop:          11 – 26 April
‘Giant Light Circus’                                          Holland Festival at the Expo Park
Venues:                                                       Venue: Expo Park 70, Osaka
31 Mar. Kodomo-no-shiro, B-studio, Tokyo            
1 Apr. Kodomo-no-shiro, B-studio, Tokyo
2 Apr. Kanagawa-kenritsu Seishounen Center, Yokohama          18 April – 23 May
4 Apr. Nagasaki, Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture       Exhibition of Ruud van Empel in Gallery Terra Tokyo
6 Apr. Hirado, Hirado City Fureai Center                      Venue: Gallery Terra Tokyo, Tokyo        

1 April – 13 May                                              23 April
Artist-in-residence by Dirk van Lieshout                      Organ concert by Minako Tsukatani
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo                               Venue: Casals Hall, Tokyo                     

3 – 5 April                                                   25 April
Holland Festival 2009                                         Concert by DJ Ferry Corsten: ‘Maginificent’
Venue: Omotecho Shopping district, Oranda street area,        Venue: Ageha, Tokyo
Okayama City                                        
                                                              25 April
3 – 5 April                                                   Kanrin-maru Festival - Kanrin-maru Memorial Ceremony
Presentation by the Amsterdam-based Gallery Delaive at        Venue: Yokosuka City
Art Fair Tokyo 2009                                 
Venue: Tokyo Internation Forum, Tokyo                               Celebrations Netherlands in Japan
                                                              Visit the website:
4 April – 17 May                                                                        For more information on the listed
Let’s go to the Museum! - Enjoying Modern Art with Miffy                                events, please visit our official
Venue: The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama                                                website. You will find not only the                                                                     latest info, but also reports on the
                                                                                        events - with pictures, and the story
4 – 16 April                                                                            behind the celebrations.
NHK Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edo de Waart
4-11 Apr. Tokyo, NHK Hall
15,16 Apr. Tokyo, Suntory Hall

8 April
William Adams Cherry Blossom Party
Venue: Yokosuka City                                             For more Information:
                                                                 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
10 April – 4 May                                                 3-6-3 Shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Adriaan Rees Exhibition                                
Venue: Inax Museums, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture   

                                                                 Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Osaka-Kobe
                                                                 Twin 21-Mid Tower Shiromi 2-1-61 Chuo-ku
                                                                 Osaka 540-6133

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