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									                                                                           April 2003

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Bobby Welch reflects on past 5 years,
looks ahead to where FAITH can go

                                                                CHURCH PLANTING
                                                                IN WISCONSIN
                                                                Not for the faint of heart

                                                                ON-LINE BIBLE
                                                                Help is just a click away

                                                                CAMP RIDGECREST
                                                                75 years of ministry, fun
                                                                                        PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE
                From my heart to yours

                                                    What if Annie Armstrong had e-mail?
                                                    M     ost Southern Baptists know Annie Armstrong as a name attached to the
                                                          annual offering collected during Easter in support of missionaries
                                                    commissioned by the North American Mission Board. Few know of the Annie
                                                    Armstrong who made sure Southern Baptists not only knew of the deep spiritual
                                                    needs around the world, but did something about it.
                                                      Armstrong, or “Miss Annie” as she often was called, didn’t receive Jesus as
                                                    Savior until she was 19, but once she made that commitment she determined to

                                                    make His name known among the nations. She is best known for receiving Lottie
                                                    Moon’s now famous letter from China during the late 1800s asking for workers
                                                    to come to the spiritually famished country. Moon asked, “How many million
                                                    more souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?”
                James T. Draper Jr.
                President, LifeWay Christian          Armstrong (1850-1938) took the question to heart and determined that more
                Resources of the Southern
                Baptist Convention
                                                    people would hear the name of Jesus because Southern Baptists went as
                                                    missionaries, prayed for missionaries and the people of the world and gave to the
                                                    missions effort. She copied Moon’s letters and sent them across the country so
                                                    churches had a first-hand account of how God was moving in China.
                                                      But she also wrote many of her own letters–18,000 in 1893 alone. Her letters
                                                    were filled with conviction that more could and should be done in our missions
                                                    effort. It was Armstrong who led Southern Baptist women to found Woman’s
                                                    Missionary Union (WMU) in 1888. WMU is now the largest Protestant
                                                    organization for women in the world, with a membership of approximately one
                                                    million. WMU also was the first and remains the largest body of organized laity
                                                    in the Southern Baptist Convention.
                                                      It took big dreams by a determined individual in a day of difficult
                                                    communications and limited resources to mobilize Southern Baptists. By
                                                    comparison we are people of great wealth and instantaneous communications. I’d
                                                    have to believe that if Armstrong were alive today she’d still believe more could
                                                    and should be done to support our missions effort. As Southern Baptists, we
                                                    must take up her challenge to reach the world for Christ.
                                                      This year’s goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American
                                                    Missions is $53 million, $3.53 for each of the 15 million Southern Baptists.
                                                    What if we gave $100 a person? Think about the millions of people who come to
                                                    this continent from around the world every year and are waiting for someone to
                                                    share with them the gospel. Think about all the people born and raised in this
                                                    country who are hidden in the anonymity of urban sprawl or isolated in the
                                                    sparsely populated areas of frontier states like Wyoming and Idaho. Think about
                                                    the people who live next door to you who need to hear the gospel.
                                                      As you consider how you’ll support the North American Mission Board
                LifeWay@Heart is a periodic         through prayer and giving, challenge yourself to be as committed to the
                e-mail message from LifeWay         spiritually needy in our country as Annie Armstrong would be. She’d be
                President James T. Draper Jr.,      overwhelmed by the opportunities we have to make a difference.
                addressing trends and ministry
                ideas. To subscribe to the           And think what she could have done for missions with e-mail.
                LifeWay@Heart mailing list, go to
                http://www.lifeway.com/form_                                                    In His love,
                heart.asp. On the form, type in
                your e-mail address and name and
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  FAITH works in tiny church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
  Is your church ready for a disaster? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
  On-line Bible reference site makes research faster .10
  Wisconsin ministry takes deep commitment . . . . . . .12
  Layman’s 30 years of prison ministry . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

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                                               April 2003 • Volume 49 • Number 3
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Bobby Welch flies a
million miles to tell
others about FAITH

Bobby Welch, pastor of First Baptist Church,
Daytona Beach, Fla., prays for the pastors
attending the National FAITH Institute.        Facts & Trends

 “If you are looking for a certain kind of people, who look a certain
kind of way, who drive a certain kind of car, you might not want to
do what we’ve done here at Daytona Beach. But if you want to just
cast out your net and catch any one who comes in, this will work.”
                                                                                                       — Bobby Welch
                                        ter of us being able to do that.”
 I   t takes some degree of trust for
     anyone to fly these days, but
 for Bobby Welch, a million-miler
                                          Welch and Doug Williams
                                        began developing what became
 with Delta Sky Miles, it really        FAITH more than 21 years ago
 takes FAITH.                           at First Baptist. Williams, who
    Welch is pastor of First Baptist    now serves as a FAITH consul-
 Church in Daytona Beach, Fla.,         tant with LifeWay, was on staff
 and is the heart and soul behind       with Welch at First Baptist for 17
 the FAITH Sunday School Evan-          years.
 gelism Strategy.                         “We started with pure EE
    Welch is willing to do all the      (Evangelism Explosion) for sever-
 travel to spread the news about        al years, then said this won’t get
 FAITH because, he said, he             it,” Welch said. “Then we started
 knows without a doubt that             cannibalizing that and baptizing
 FAITH works.                           it and got to what we called ES,
    “There was never a day in my        which is the essence of FAITH.
 life I didn’t know that FAITH          That was when we changed the
 would work,” he said. “It’s            complete outline and started
 worked for 21 years and 42 se-         over.” The result was the book,
 mesters here at my church.”            “Evangelism Through the Sun-
                                        day School: A Journey of
    FAITH is a strategy that com-
                                        FAITH,” published by LifeWay
 bines evangelism and Sunday
                                        in 1997. That set the stage for all
 school. It originated at First Bap-
                                        the succeeding FAITH resources.
 tist, Daytona Beach, and was in-
 troduced to Southern Baptists            Welch said that Williams is still
 five years ago by LifeWay Christ-      heavily involved in FAITH train-
 ian Resources.                         ing: “He stays on the road all the
                                        time. I think he has done some
    In FAITH, teams of three peo-
                                        70-odd clinics. He knows that
 ple go visit people and share their
                                        book by heart. He is a (FAITH)
                                                                                                                                   PHOTOS BY KENT HARVILLE

 faith with them. Visits can be
 evangelical in nature or may be
 ministry visits to other church          Welch said his friendship with
 members.                               Williams has been one of the
                                        “greatest blessings of my life. It
    Welch called the past five years
                                        about killed me when he left and
 an “overwhelming blessing. We
                                        retired to Alabama. It’s to Life-
 have the potential to do twice as                                          Above: Bill Page, pastor of Crittenden (Ky.) Baptist
                                        Way’s credit that they brought      Church takes notes during a clinic session.
 much. I know we can train twice
                                        him on as a consultant.”            Below: LifeWay’s Shelby Smith, left, introduces
 as many churches. It’s just a mat-
                                                                                  Craig Walker during the celebration time.

                                            April 2003
Worldwide FAITH clinics
have been held in:
 • Germany, New Zealand, Ecuador,
Venezuela, Japan, Brazil and Singa-

Five-Year FAITH
Clinic Statistics
 • Clinics held — 351

                                                                                                                                   PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE
 • Time the gospel was
   presented — 18,100
 • Professions of faith — 4,181
 • Prospects discovered — 3,581

                                        Elden Cerveny, of Gulfview Grace Brethren Church in Port Richey, Fla., reports on his
Number of churches                      FAITH team’s visit to LifeWay’s James Walker during the celebration time at the National
involved in FAITH:                      FAITH Institute in Daytona Beach, Fla.
      1998 — 1,428
      1999 — 3,356                          The act of going out and                 he said. “Well, I say just throw
      2000 — 5,079                        knocking on doors is key to                those books in the road!”
      2001 — 6,247                        FAITH. Safety and fear issues,               The road is something Welch
      2002 — 6,834                              gated communities and                knows well. He is constantly
                                                   apartment complexes               traveling, spreading the word
                                                     with no solicitation            about FAITH and being an en-
                                                       policies present ob-          courager to those learning
                                                        stacles to unan-             about it.
                                                         nounced visits, but           Each year LifeWay hosts four
                                                         according to                National FAITH Institutes, as
                            CE              G            Welch, that isn’t
                               LE B RAT I N                                          well as clinics at local churches,
                                                        the problem some             where pastors and church mem-
                                                        people seem to               bers can come to be trained in
                                                      think.                         the FAITH Sunday School
                                                     “It’s such a tragedy            Evangelism Strategy. Welch at-
                                                that there is this flow of           tends all four national institutes
                                          information saying to religious            every year and about 10 of the
                                          circles that knocking on doors             clinics. On top of that, he does
                                          won’t work,” Welch said.                   other speaking engagements
                                          “FAITH flies in the face of                that LifeWay arranges for him.
                                          that. It does work. We are                 Then, he also speaks at all the
                                          swimming against the tide                  awareness (informational) meet-
                                          against pollsters who say visita-          ings.
                                          tion won’t work.                             “I average about three states a
                                            “You keep reading all those              week,” he said. He’s among the
                                          books that say this won’t work,”

                                                               Facts & Trends

                                                                                                                   FAITH Institute, Daytona Beach
                                                                                                                   Results from January 30, 2003
                                                                                                                    • Visits attempted — 1,249
                                                                                                                    • Visits completed — 543
                                                                                                                    • Time the gospel was
                                                                                                                      presented — 233
                                                                                                                    • Professions of faith — 79
                                                                                                                    • Enrolled in Sunday

                                                                                                                      school — 53
                                                                                                                    • Prospects discovered — 294

                                                                                                                   Spanish language
                                                                                                                   Por Fe FAITH Institute,
                                                                                                                   Daytona Beach
                         David Fleming at First Baptist, Daytona Beach, baptized Simon Mollema during the
                         National FAITH Institute Jan. 27-31. Mollema and his wife, Alice, were brought into the   Results from January 30, 2003
                         church through FAITH.                                                                     (Six teams visited)
                                                                                                                    • Visits attempted — 20
                         few people in the country who God has blessed this church be-
                                                                                                                    • Visits completed — 16
                         are million milers with Delta     cause of this.”
                         Airlines.                                                                                  • Time the gospel was
                                                             Welch attributes the church’s
                                                                                                                      presented — 12
                           How does Welch manage to        willingness to let him do what
                         be pastor of a growing church     he needs to do with FAITH to                             • Professions of faith — 9
                         and be so involved with           the fact that most everyone at                           • Prospects discovered — 50
                         FAITH on the national level?      First Baptist has a FAITH con-
                           He answers simply, “This is     nection.
                         the work the Lord has given me      “It would be hard to be in
                         to do.” His church understands this church and not have your
                         this.                                             life affected in
                                             To find out more, call        some way by
                           “As surely as the toll-free FAITH
                         we send 16                                        FAITH,” he
                                           information line at             said. “It’s hard to
                         missionary        (877) 324-8498 or go to
                         teams out over- www.lifeway.com/faith.            not see how
                         seas from this                                    FAITH has af-
                         church, they see me going out                     fected your kids,
                         to the mission field,” Welch      your husband, someone you
                         said. “Without this church see- work with, someone you like,
                         ing this as a Kingdom work, I’d somebody you know, somebody
                         have had to have made a very      you’re dating. There are so
                         hard choice long ago. I’d have    many tentacles that are so wide-
                         had to make the choice be-        spread. It would be hard not to
                         tween the church and this, but be appreciative of how God has
                         I didn’t have to do that. I think used it.”

                                                                               April 2003

                                                  Georgia church with 5 members
                                                  saw success, growth with FAITH
                                                    A Georgia church with five members              Bible School] in the summer. They are
                                                  has seen success and more than 400 per-           ready to start their fourth semester of
                                                  cent growth using the FAITH Sunday                FAITH.”
                                                            School Evangelism Strategy.               Owensby said his intention as interim
                                                              Bethel Baptist Church in West         was to take them through FAITH and get
                                                            Point, Ga., was about to “lock its      them ready, then to lead them to call a
                                                            doors” two years ago with just          new pastor -- one who was already
                                                            five members left, said Tom             FAITH trained or at least ready to go
                                                            Owensby, a vocational evangelist        through the training.
                                                            from LaGrange, Ga.                        As the church grew and became more
                                                              “I got a call from the director       stable, they were ready to call a pastor.

                                                            of missions asking if I would be        They called Kenneth Cole -- who was
                                                            willing to come in for about six        trained in FAITH -- as pastor. He is there
                                                            months and see if I could help,”        now, still leading the church in FAITH.
                                                            he said. “I’m in evangelism full          “People try to say that FAITH won’t
                                                            time and hadn’t served as an in-        work in little churches, but that’s just not
                          Tom Owensby, a
                                                            terim pastor before, but I said I       true,” said Owensby. “It will work any-
                          vocational evangelist   would see what I could do.”                       where a pastor will lead and the people
                          from LaGrange, Ga.        Owensby, who had gone through                   will follow.
                                                  FAITH Sunday school evangelism train-               “FAITH is a tremendous ministry. You
                                                  ing, decided he had nothing to lose by            can’t beat it. FAITH gives the pastor a
                                                  trying FAITH at Bethel.                           tool to put in the hands of laypeople to
                                                     “There were three ladies at the church         help them boldly and courageously go out
                                                  who were determined the church was not            and share their faith,” he said.
                                                  going to close and they agreed to go                Owensby, who is now serving as interim
                                                  through the FAITH training,” he said.             at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Butler,
                                                    “I led them through the 16 weeks and            Ga., and about 400 other people attend-
                                                  they were faithful. Once a week I would           ed the National FAITH Institute in Day-
                                                  take two of the ladies and my wife would          tona Beach, Fla., Jan. 27-31, sponsored by
                                                  go with the other one,” Owensby said.             LifeWay.
                                                  “The ladies were a little shy, but they             FAITH is a strategy that combines evan-
                                                  went out every week. We were quite a site         gelism and Sunday school. It originated at
                                                  walking down the busy highway with cars           First Baptist, Daytona Beach, and was in-
                                                  whooshing by us doing those FAITH sur-            troduced to Southern Baptists five years
                                                  veys.”                                            ago by LifeWay.
                                                    But they visited, shared, took FAITH              To learn more, contact Owensby at
                                                  opinion polls and the church began to             motivational@mindspring.com. To find
                                                  grow.                                             out more about the FAITH Sunday
                                                    Now, more than a year later, Bethel             School Evangelism Strategy, go to
                                                  Baptist Church runs between 40 and 50             www.lifeway.com/faith, or call the toll-free
                                                  in church, Owensby said. “Now they have           FAITH information line at (877) 324-
                                                  a choir and ushers. They are financially          8498.
                                                  sound. They have youth and children’s
                                                  programs going. They do VBS [Vacation
                                                                                          Facts & Trends

Are you ready for disaster?
These 10 tips can help your church be
prepared in the event of an emergency
By Brooks Faulkner

I f a major tragedy or act of violence occurred in your community, would your church be prepared to re-
  spond? Could you mobilize quickly to respond to the needs? Here are a few practical suggestions for
putting together a thorough, practical response to a major emergency in your community.
                                    1. Mobilize a team that will be responsible for contacting
                                       appropriate federal, state and local authorities.
                                       This team should have no more than five people. Team members
                                       should carry these phone numbers with them at all times.
                                    2. Appoint one person to contact your senator or representative to
                                       request guidance in obtaining federal assistance.
                                    3. Appoint one person to contact local ministerial association lead-
                                       ers, who in turn will contact appropriate ministers, chaplains and
                                       counselors competent and willing to serve in an emergency.
                                    4. Make plans within your church or in conjunction with other area
                                       churches for possible disaster relief assistance.
                                       Several years ago when forest fires were raging near LifeWay’s Glo-
                                       rieta Conference Center near Santa Fe, N.M., Glorieta took care of
                                       more than 200 families. This required the provision of basic needs
                                       such as beds, food and children’s games.
                                    5. Prepare identification badges in advance to help team members
                                       identify who should have immediate access to a disaster scene.
                                    6. Determine counseling areas in advance.
                                    7. Prepare a communications response that includes hospitals
                                       and first responder medical teams and list the contact people
                                       ahead of time.
                                       The fewer people in the communications link, the quicker
                                       the response.
                                    8. Identify fire department, rescue units and other local emergency
                                    9. Set up a command post to coordinate communication and allot
                                       resources for the emergency.
                                    10. Make listening a priority; advice is cheap.
                                         Encouragement should be honest. Hope is the basic need. Reality
                                         will be ballistic. Calm is needed.

                                     Brooks Faulkner is a senior pastoral ministry specialist in LifeWay’s pas-
                                   toral ministries department.

                                       April 2003
      Bible helps are just a click away

                                                         Russ Mitchell, a senior Christian
                                                         studies major at Union University
                                                         in Jackson, Tenn., found the Bible
                                                         Reference Library beneficial and
                                                         time saving. "The translation
                                                         comparisons and reference dictio-
                                                         naries speed my preparation time
                                                         for classes and my work with
                                                         weekend ministry teams.”

                            LifeWay’s on-line Bible Reference Library

                            Facts & Trends

By Brandy Campbell                      quality Bible reference materials.     viewing any verse in any transla-
                                        The online reference library is yet    tion, users can simply click a but-
B     ible study can be a daunting
      task. Maybe you’re a new
Christian, and the sheer magni-
                                        another way LifeWay continues to
                                        provide biblical solutions for life
                                                                               ton to reveal a window filled with
                                                                               cross references to other places in
tude of the Scriptures is intimi-       online.”                               the books in the library where the
dating. Or maybe you’ve been a            Powered by Epiphany software,        particular passage being viewed is
churchgoer for years, but know          the site contains the American         mentioned or referred to. Imagine
little beyond what you learned on       Standard Version, Holman Chris-        how much time it would take a
the felt board in Sunday school.        tian Standard Bible, King James        person to go to a bookshelf, select
   But what if, in a matter of min-     Version, New American Standard         each book and search that book
utes, you could take a Bible char-      Bible, New King James Version          for a reference to the passage they
acter, King David for example,          and Young’s Literal Translation of     are researching.”
and learn in what books he ap-          the Bible.                               Designers of the site wanted to
pears (17 in the Old Testament,           “LifeWay’s on-line Bible refer-      make the library comprehensive
nine in the new), what his name         ence library is a fully integrated,    enough for preachers doing re-
means (Hebrew for “beloved”),           Web-based application that makes       search for sermons or Sunday
what he looked like (red-hair,          it unbelievably easy for anyone        school teachers preparing lessons,
beautiful eyes and fair skin), and      with Internet access to search and     while also making it a tool that
in short, the story of his life (harp   study a rich library of Bible trans-   laypeople will feel comfortable
playing, giant slaying, prophecy        lations and Bible reference books      using in daily Bible study.
fulfilling, war winning man after       for free,” said Kendall.                 In the eight months that the
God’s own heart!).                        In addition to the six transla-      reference library has been up and
   With LifeWay’s on-line Bible         tions of the Bible, the library also   running, pastors, Sunday school
reference library, all that informa-    contains abridged and unabridged       leaders and laypeople have already
tion and more is just a mouse           versions of Matthew Henry’s clas-      expressed their satisfaction with
click away. The feature, which          sic commentary notes, two devo-        the tool.
can be found on LifeWay.com in          tionals, three Bible dictionaries,       Elizabeth Holden, a member of
the tools area, was added to the        Strong’s concordance, Thomp-           MacNeill Baptist Church in On-
site in conjunction with Beth           son’s chain referencing and a cross    tario, Canada, first used the li-
Moore’s online Bible study, “Be-        referenced list of Bible prophecies    brary for the “Believing God”
lieving God.” Since then, approx-       linked to the passages that show       study.
imately 410,000 users have visited      their fulfillments. There are tools      “I found this to be an excellent
the library, viewing more than          for word study, which allows           Bible study tool, especially for
five million pages.                     those without Greek or Hebrew          looking up the meanings of the
   “LifeWay’s vision statement          training to understand the roots       Greek words,” she said. “I have
clearly outlines the intent to pro-     of words and subtle differences        had no training in Greek, but
vide biblical solutions for life,”      between the original language and      that helped me to understand the
said Craig Kendall, manager of          the English language. Users can        words better, and allowed God to
LifeWay’s Web development               choose to read books page by           speak to my heart during the
team. “It wasn’t even a stretch to      page, or perform word searches         study. It was easier to have some-
realize the electronic application      and cross-references.                  thing online that I could go to in
of that vision should include of-         “One of the reasons we refer to      looking up the references to
fering an online Bible library          the library as fully integrated, is    Scripture verses, rather than flip-
which provides the world with ac-       the built-in and automatic cross       ping through my Bible.”
cess to Bible translations and          referencing,” said Kendall. “When

                                           April 2003
This Macedonian call
led Texas workers
to Wisconsin ministry

                           Calvary Baptist Church pastor Dave Wedekind left a ministry
                           in Texas to begin new work in Wisconsin. He and his wife,
                           Jeanne, said they knew God was leading them north.

                                                                 PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE

                        Facts & Trends

By Rob Phillips                        plants go, according to Hansen, be- sin. The Minnesota-Wisconsin
                                       cause Calvary immediately offered           Baptist Convention and the North
I  t was Dave Wedekind’s Mace-
   donian call. The minister of mis-
sions at Birchman Baptist Church
                                       a full slate of services – Sunday
                                       school, discipleship training and
                                                                                   American Mission Board also pro-
                                                                                   vide funding and training. “Calvary
in Fort Worth, Texas, listened in-     worship – and because Calvary had is blessed with a broad base of fi-
tently one Sunday as Dennis            no sponsors. But it had a congrega- nancial and spiritual support,” said
Hansen, director of missions for       tion in which nearly every member Hansen. “That’s key in a pioneer
the Bay Lakes Baptist Association      had church-planting experience –            mission area like this.”
in Wisconsin, challenged the Birch-    including chairman of deacons                 Born in northern Illinois and
man congregation to “cross over …      Robert Phillips, who helped start           southern Wisconsin, respectively,
and help!”                             the first Southern Baptist church in Dave and Jeanne Wedekind under-
  “It was a clear call from God,”      northeastern Wisconsin nearly 50            stand the cultural challenges that
said Wedekind, who with his wife,      years ago.                                  face Southern Baptists in Wiscon-
Jeanne, had surrendered to the           Support eventually came from a            sin – a strong Catholic base, skepti-
ministry only a short time before.     variety of sources, most notably            cism of anything “southern,” and a
“We knew God was leading us            Highland Crest Baptist Church in            stubborn insistence that being a
north.”                                Green Bay, which became Calvary’s Christian is based on what you do,
  To DePere, Wis., to be precise,      sponsor and whose pas-
where the Wedekinds helped plant       tor, Jim Downs, provid-
Calvary Baptist Church in 2001,        ed mentoring and sup-
and where today they use LifeWay       port. He and Wedekind
resources to reach out to a popula-    continue to meet once a
tion of mostly northern European       month. “Dave has a
descent, steeped in religious tradi-   strong sense of call to be
tion but resistant to the gospel.      here,” Downs said. “And
                                       he has a committed wife.
  In fact, the Minnesota-Wisconsin
                                       Both of them are spiritu-
Baptist Convention, just 50 years
                                       ally mature, and they’re
old, is still a pioneer mission area
                                       self-starters. They know
with barely 150 Southern Baptist
                                       what needs to be done,
churches. In Minnesota there are
                                       and they do it.”
1,411 people for every Southern
Baptist, the highest ratio in the        Financial support also
country, and staggering when com-      comes from Birchman
pared to the 6-1 ratio in Alabama.     Baptist, the Wedekinds’
“This is not missions for the faint    former church, and from
                                                                                                                                      PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE

of heart,” said Bay Lakes’ Hansen.     First Baptist Church of
                                       Lake Jackson, Texas,
  The Wedekinds and 15 others left
                                       through a partnership
another Southern Baptist church in
                                       program with the Baptist
Green Bay to plant Calvary Baptist
                                       General Convention of
in June 2001. They began meeting
                                       Texas, which supports
in the home of member Iris Buck-                                     Jeanne Wedekind, right, visits with Pearl Sutton, who has come
                                       dozens of churches in
ner, where they would stay for nine
                                       Minnesota and Wiscon- from Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband to work alongside
months. It was unique as church                                         the Wedekinds at Calvary.

                                           April 2003
                                                                                                         • Volunteer opportunities. Mrs.
                                                                                                       Wedekind pitches in at a local hospital,
                                                                                                       and Dave serves as chaplain for the De-
                                                                                                       Pere police and fire departments.
                                                                                                         • Backyard Bible Clubs. LifeWay’s Back-
                                                                                                       yard Bible Club curriculum is simple and
                                                                                                       affordable. Calvary’s clubs have resulted in
                                                                                                       17 decisions for Christ in two years –

                                                                                                       equal to one decision for every charter
                                                                                                       member of the church.
                                                                                                         • Community involvement. Last year,
                                                                                                       Wedekind went to the Green Bay Plan-
                                                                                                       ning Commission and asked if there were
                                                                                                                             people in the com-
                         Sunday school at Calvary
                         involves a lot of discussion.
                                                            “We’re not a big congregation, but we munity his church
                         Deacon Robert Phillips, upper    understand that every life touches other could help. Home
                         center, has been a teacher for                                                                      renovation and fix-up
                         many years.                      lives in a variety of ways each day.”                              projects resulted. The
                                                                                                    — Dave Wedekind Wedekinds posted
                                                          not what you believe. As a result, South-                          signs as volunteer
                                                          ern Baptist churches in northeastern Wis- crews from Texas came to help: “This is a
                                                          consin average just 60 members – and         partnership between Calvary Baptist
                                                          even that’s up from 20 members a decade Church and Birchman Baptist Church of
                                                          ago.                                         Fort Worth, Texas,” raising the awareness
                                                            People don’t flock to Southern Baptist     of Calvary’s outreach.
                                                          churches here, and that’s fine with the        • Advertising. The Wedekinds placed a
                                                          Wedekinds. “God’s call to us is to win the large ad in the Yellow Pages – a big expen-
                                                          lost and disciple them,” Mrs. Wedekind       diture for this small community church.
                                                          said. “It’s not so much getting them into    And the church partnered with Gospel
                                                          your church, but going out and meeting       Publishing to produce a bi-monthly evan-
                                                          them where they live.” This is where the     gelistic newsletter to 3,500 homes in the
                                                          Wedekinds thrive and Calvary’s people        church’s neighborhood. The newsletters
                                                          follow their lead. Specifically, the mem-    feature information about Calvary as well
                                                          bers of Calvary use:                         as easy-to-read articles about faith in
                                                            • FAITH opinion polls. “LifeWay’s          Christ.
                                                          FAITH training is a wonderful way to           “We place a real emphasis on everybody
                                                          share Christ with our community, and the doing their part,” Wedekind said. “We’re
                                                          opinion surveys associated with FAITH        not a big congregation, but we under-
                                                          give us a good opportunity to introduce      stand that every life touches other lives in
                                                          ourselves to the community,” Mrs.            a variety of ways each day.”
                                                          Wedekind said.
                                                                                                 Facts & Trends

                                                                          LifeWay products essential
                                                                          to church planting efforts
                                                                          D     ave and Jeanne Wedekind of Calvary Bap-
                                                                                tist Church, DePere, Wis., say LifeWay
                                                                          Christian Resources is an indispensable partner
  Calvary also took a step of faith in 2002 when it                       in church planting. Their LifeWay essentials
purchased a building in downtown DePere. The one-                         are:
time grocery store and meat market was being used by
another church, which closed its doors. Calvary’s small                     • The Family Bible Series for Sunday school.
membership was able to put down $35,000 – nearly                          “These are wonderful lessons,” Wedekind said,
all of it from its own church members. Birchman Bap-                      “and they provide a consistent, biblically sound
tist then provided additional funds for remodeling and                    curriculum for all ages.”
sent work crews to DePere.                                                  • www.lifeway.com. The Wedekinds order
  Despite its small number, the church thinks big on                      church materials online, get ministry helps and
missions, pledging six percent of its budget to the Bay                   find out what’s new. They also used LifeWay
Lakes Baptist Association and 11 percent to the Coop-                     Link to develop Calvary’s own Web site.
erative Program. “Look what God has done for us,”                           • Undated Backyard Bible Club materials.
Wedekind said. “We have to keep investing where                           “These are simple to understand and easy to
God is working, and we can’t let ourselves get com-                       use,” says Mrs. Wedekind, “and they don’t cost
fortable.”                                                                a lot of money. We have hosted Backyard Bible
  Looking toward the next year, Calvary wants to help                     Clubs in several neighborhoods – and in a park
start four other churches in northeastern Wisconsin.                      just down the street from our building.”
  But, there is still work to do today. Right now, Cal-                     • Discipleship materials. Evening discipleship
vary’s members are in discussions with a startup con-                     classes at Calvary have featured “Experiencing
gregation of Hmong                                                        God” and “Sharing Jesus without Fear.” “It’s so
believers and working                                                       important that our people be grounded bibli-
with Hansen to enable                                                       cally and be challenged to grow in their walk
the southeast Asian be-                                                     with the Lord,” explained Wedekind, who
lievers to meet in their                                                    currently is leading Calvary members through
facilities. The effort fits                                                 a study of “The Baptist Faith & Message,”
their mission-minded                                                        published by LifeWay.
vision.                                                                       • LifeWay music and drama materials.
  “Our goal for this                                                        “We’re a small church that until recently
building,” Mrs.                                                             didn’t even have a piano,” Mrs. Wedekind
Wedekind said, “is for                                                      said, “but music and drama are such impor-
it to be used to God’s                                                      tant ways to involve our people in worship,
glory every day of the                                                      and the LifeWay materials allow us to use
week.”                                                                      CDs and audio tapes to enhance our live
                                                                            music capabilities.”
Dennis Hansen, director of                                                    • Free stuff. “LifeWay helped us get started
missions for the Bay Lakes                                                  by allowing us order our first quarter of mate-
Baptist Association, said mis-                                              rials at no charge,” Mrs. Wedekind said.
sions in Wisconsin is not for
the faint of heart with its ratio
                                                                            “What a blessing!”
of more than 1,000 people for
every Southern Baptist.
                                    PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE

                                                             April 2003
                                 Layman celebrates 30 years of teaching
                                 LifeWay curriculum to prison inmates
                                                                                             liberation – forgiveness and redemp-
                                      S              unday afternoons in Packerland
                                                     are normally spent glued to the
                                                 television set or shoehorned into the
                                                                                             tion through faith in Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                “The biggest challenge is over-
                                                 hallowed confines of Lambeau                coming the belief that God can’t –
                                                 Field, where boisterous cheeseheads         or won’t – forgive them for what
                                                 venerate one of professional foot-          they’ve done,” says Phillips. “It takes
                                                 ball’s most storied teams. But for          time, patience and sharing the
                                                 more than 30 years, Robert Phillips         Word of God without compromise.
                                                 has preferred another venue: the            Unfortunately, so many inmates are
                                                 Green Bay Correctional Institution.         exposed to watered down religion,
                                                   Phillips has spent every Sunday af-       designed to make them feel good
                                                 ternoon since the Vince Lombardi            about themselves, rather than the
                                                 era in this maximum security                raw truth of Scripture that leads to
                                                 prison, teaching the Bible. Scores of       redemption – and that’s what they
                                                 inmates have been won to Christ.            really need.”
                                                 Dozens more are on the waiting list            Phillips is prohibited from bring-
                                                 to get into his class. One inmate           ing literature into the prison, except
                                                 softly calls him “a legend around           for his Bible, but he always teaches
                                                 here.” The 79-year-old layman just          the same LifeWay curriculum he
                                                 calls himself “fortunate to be serving      uses to lead his Sunday school class
                                                 the Lord.”                                  at church. He’s currently using the
Calvary deacon Robert Phillips, left, has been
going to prison every Sunday for more than 30      Phillips, a deacon at Calvary Bap-        Family Bible Study series.
years to minister to inmates. Prison chaplain    tist Church in DePere, Wis., got his           The questions come hard and fast
Mike Donovan, center, and pastor Dave            first exposure to prison life in the        – about capital punishment, for-
Wedekind lend support to Phillips’ work.         late 1960s while servicing the facili-      giveness, baptism, eternal security,
                                                 ty’s heating and air conditioning           judgment and a host of other doc-
                                                 systems. He struck up a friendship          trinal issues. Phillips encourages,
                                                 with the chaplain, who was having           prods, challenges and corrects, al-
                                                 trouble answering inmates’ ques-            ways careful to build up his fellow
                                                 tions about non-Catholic doctrinal          believers in their faith.
                                                 issues. The chaplain invited Phillips          No one in class today was there
                                                 to help him, and he did so well the         30 years ago, when Phillips began.
                                                 chaplain turned the class over to           Most have been transferred to other
                                                 him. He’s been teaching ever since.         institutions. Some have died in
                                                   The inmates come into the class-          prison; others have been released.
    “Some of these men                           room single file, 15 in all – convict-      Follow-up is difficult because the
                                                 ed murderers, child molesters,              state shares little information about
  will never see freedom,                        armed robbers – all of them now             its inmates. “Some of these men will
                                                 professing faith in Christ. They            never see freedom,” says Phillips,
  but they are determined                        greet Phillips with a handshake, an         “but they are determined to be used
     to be used by God                           embrace and a warm, “Brother                by God wherever they are.”
                                                 Bob.” While the afternoon sun may              That’s what brings Phillips back
    wherever they are.”                          stream through the barred windows,          every week, and keeps the waiting
                 — Phillips                      reminding them they are captives,           list long.
                                                 Phillips’ message is always one of

                                                                            Facts & Trends

Camp Ridgecrest celebrates
75 years of ministry and fun
By Mandy Crow

I  n 1929 when most of the country was
   dealing with the onset of the Great De-
pression, Southern Baptists had reason to
celebrate! That was the year they banded
together to offer a new, and different,
kind of ministry – Camp Ridgecrest.
  The camp celebrates its 75th summer
this year with a little pomp and circum-
stance, including an anniversary celebra-

                                                                                                                                PHOTO BY POLLY HOUSE
tion weekend in late July, sponsored by
Camp Ridgecrest Alumni and Friends.
More than 200 alumni are expected to at-
  “Camp Ridgecrest began operating in
1929 as a two-week trial session,” said          “I was at the 50th and 60th anniversary      Strong friendships are formed
Ron Springs, camp director. “It was so         celebrations, and I remember just listen-      at Camp Ridgecrest among the
successful that they immediately began         ing to all the memories and experiences        campers. This group of guys
planning for the 1930 season. Many of          others share,” he said. “These folks were      from the Sioux tribe spent days
our camp families have made Camp               the doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers      together hiking and camping
Ridgecrest a family tradition, with second                                                    on mountain trails. These
                                               and others who were shaping our genera-        young men follow thousands of
and third generations now attending.”          tions. I remember thinking what an awe-        others who look back at their
  That tradition is also true for Springs,     some privilege it was to be a part of a        camp experience as pivotal in
who began working at the camp as a             place where God was molding the lives of       their Christian growth.
counselor 27 years ago. He spent his first     not only present generations, but those to
summer at Camp Ridgecrest in Cabin 1,          come. I’m praying that God will allow me
leading a group of boys that included          to be a part of the 100th celebration.”
Brad Johnson, now starting quarterback           Trey Davis, a former camper and staffer,
for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this year’s      now attending Wake Forest Divinity
Superbowl champions. “He was a seven-          School, describes the 75th anniversary as a
year-old in Cabin 1, where I was the           “big deal.”
counselor,” Springs recalled.
                                                 “My grandfather was a camper there in
  “It’s great for me to see campers attend-    the 1930s and ‘40s, and my father was a
ing camp now whose fathers or mothers          staffer in the 70s,” he said. “It’s the only
were campers at our camps when I first         place that each of the past three genera-
started here,” Springs said. “We have even     tions of my family has spent meaningful
had campers whose grandparents were            time. As I grow older and more removed
campers or on staff in the past.”              from my parents, it’s so reassuring to have
  Chris Shirley, associate pastor at Wedg-     things that we can share. Ridgecrest fits
wood Baptist Church in Fort Worth,             with who I am. It helps define me.”
Texas, a former camper, staffer and associ-      According to Springs, Camp Ridgecrest
ate director of the camp, knows the im-        for Boys and its sister camp, Camp Cre-
portance of the milestone anniversary.         stridge for Girls, are designed to provide
                                          April 2003
                                                                          children, and what a tremendous respon-
                                                                          sibility we have to share Christ’s love with
                                                                          each child that attends.”
                                                                            Springs sees Camp Ridgecrest’s responsi-
                                                                          bility to share the gospel, along with its
“Our goal is to show our campers that you can live a                      dedication to fun, extending far into the
Christian life and have fun at the same time.”                              “Kids are rushed around all year long in
      — Ron Springs, Camp Director                                        today’s world, and rarely have time to just
                        campers ages 7 to 16 with a safe and fun-         be kids,” he said. “Camp Ridgecrest and
                        filled atmosphere that glorifies Christ.          Camp Crestridge offer campers the op-
                           “Our goal is to show our campers that          portunity to just have fun and be a kid,
                        you can live a Christian life and have fun        without the stresses of school, home and a
                        at the same time,” Springs said. “Our staff       busy schedule. While our program is
                        members are Christian role models for the         structured and we have many activities
                        boys and girls that attend.”                      going on, we feel we offer a non-stressful,
                                                                          fun, exciting atmosphere.”
                           Approximately 1,200 campers partici-
                        pate in the camps each summer, most                 For Davis, those exciting days at Camp
                        from the Southeast. Almost 40 percent of          Ridgecrest won’t be soon forgotten. Be-
                        the campers come from Florida. Campers            sides attributing his ability to interact and
                        attend two-, four-, six- or eight-week ses-       work well with other people to his experi-
                        sions and participate in a variety of activi-     ences at the summer camp, Davis also de-
                        ties, including horseback riding, archery,        cided to ask Christ into his life while at
                        soccer, swimming, canoeing, weight lift-          Camp Ridgecrest.
                        ing, rock climbing, mountain biking, bas-           “Ridgecrest is where I decided formally
                        ketball, softball, tennis and other sports.       to become a Christian, when I was a
                           While sports and fun may be part of the        camper in cabin nine,” he said. “It had
                        Camp Ridgecrest agenda, Springs said the          been a pretty shaky summer for me, but
                        staff ’s foremost goal throughout the years       the words of the staff were so alive and so
                        has been to share the gospel.                     real that I felt them inside me for the first
                                                                          time. … In an age when families move
                           “One striking moment for me in the             around a lot and don’t have ties to a com-
                        last few years was when a camper from             munity or a church beyond the nuclear
                        1930s came up to camp to look around,”            family, it’s nice to have a place like that.”
                        he said. “He had not been to camp since
                        then, and shared with me how much                   And that’s sure to go down in the histo-
                        camp had meant in his life.                       ry books.
                           “We went into the Lake Lodge, where
                        all the camp pictures from the various              For more information about Camp
                        years hang, and he found the one he was           Ridgecrest and Camp Crestridge, go to
                        in. After 60-plus years, he still remem-          www.ridgecrestcamps.com, or contact
                        bered the name of his counselor. It was an        Camp Director Ron Springs at
                        amazing moment, and one that reminded             ron.springs@lifeway.com.
                        me what an impression we make on these
                                                                Facts & Trends

Protect yourself during grief ministry
These tips can help pastors minister to people who are grieving
By Dallas Speight                           • Do I tend to ignore or spiritual-    may vary from loss to loss.
                                          ize the losses in my life or those in
M      inistry to people who are
       grieving is not unusual for
the pastor. It seems to come with
                                          my immediate family?
                                            • Do I allow myself and members
                                                                                      Be aware that grief is cyclical.
                                                                                     Unlike many experiences in life,
the territory. Although it is a part                                               grief is cyclical and not linear. Be-
                                          of my family to grieve their losses?
of the pastor’s work, it is often spir-                                            cause of this process it is not un-
                                            Failure to cope with loss issues in    common to experience a repetition
itually and emotionally demanding         one’s life can become obstacles to
and draining.                                                                      of emotions within the period of
                                          healthy functioning and a compas-        healing. For example, some may ex-
  Many are familiar with the stages       sionate heart with caring for others.    perience a variety of emotions more
of grief and the process of healing,                                               than once. These include anger,
but seldom take into account the                     Be aware of the
                                                 relationship to the loss.         sadness and depression during the
important work of taking care of                                                   time of healing. It is important to
self in the process of this important       In my opinion, the most helpful
                                          theory regarding loss has to do with     give yourself the necessary time to
ministry.                                                                          grow through these varied experi-
  Here are suggestions for pastors        the intensity and the relationship to
                                          the loss. In other words, you may        ences during the grief process.
when ministering to someone expe-
riencing grief.                           experience the loss of a family                Be patient with yourself.
                                          member, yet feel little sadness. It        You, as a pastor, have a great and
       Be aware of grief issues           could be that you had little emo-        awesome ministry in helping others
   in your own life and ministry.         tional investment in this relation-      in times of their grief. However, the
  Death is far too often the image        ship besides the fact that you were      most effective caregivers are those
that one considers when thinking          related.                                 who have walked similar paths and
about grief; however, there are ad-         On the other hand, a close pastor      understand first hand the pain of
ditional grief issues in our lives.       friend may die and you find your-        the loss, but also the victory that
Some issues you might also consid-        self emotionally distraught. In the      comes in healing.
er: relocating from one ministry lo-      latter situation, you may experience       May the words of the Apostle
cation to another; adjusting to new       a greater level of sadness and de-       Paul serve as a reminder to you and
schools and friends; loss of close        spair than when a family member          those you are called to serve, “We
friendships; loss of a family pet and     passed. For the pastor friend has        do not want you to be uninformed,
loss of a dream. Take time to think       been just that; he has been one          brothers, concerning those who are
about the losses within your family.      who “stuck closer than a brother.”       asleep, so that you will not grieve
Be aware of unresolved grief issues       He has also been one with whom           like the rest, who have no hope.” I
      in your life and ministry.          you had traveled the path of min-        Thessalonians 4:13 (HCSB®)
                                          istry together since seminary days.
  There are a significant number of       You will miss the brief visits togeth-
losses that each family will face         er on the telephone and the occa-                           Dallas Speight
from time to time. Additionally,          sional humorous e-mail. Thus, it is                       is LeaderCare
there are unresolved losses that can      important to remember that you                            retreat counselor
create difficulties. Though it might      and I will experience a number of                         in LifeWay’s
seem like a minor loss, little losses     losses, but with significantly differ-                    pastoral ministries
often add up and cause distress in        ent levels of relationship. Because                       department.
all our lives. Take inventory by ask-     of those relationships the level of                       He can be reached
ing yourself the following ques-          our grief and the period of healing                       at dallas.speight
tions:                                                                                              @lifeway.com.
                                            Facts & Trends
                           At last …
                           LifeWay products affordable
                           to our Canadian neighbors
                           By Brandy Campbell                               issues have been pricing, convenience and
                             “HomeLife” magazine from www.life-             prompt delivery. Up to now when
                           way.com: $1.22. Estimated shipping and           churches ordered a church resource from
                           handling from Nashville to Canada:               our customer service department, they
                           $7.10. International handling fee: $5.00.        had to pay in U.S. dollars, wait for the
                           Estimated sales tax: $0.11. Estimated            product to clear customs and pay high
                           total: $13.43, or                                                       shipping costs associ-
                           $20.54 Canadian.                                                        ated with small or-
                             Who would be                                                          ders.”
                           willing to pay more                                                       However, LifeWay
                           than 10 times the                                                       wasn’t ready to give
                           original amount for                                                     up, and neither was
                           a magazine, no                                                          Canada. So, after re-
                           matter how good it is? What about one                                   searching possibili-
                           that more than likely will arrive well past      ties, it was determined that the most ef-
                           its publication date? Until recently, Cana-      fective, cost-efficient way to supply
                           dians had few options when ordering              LifeWay products to Canada was to find a
                           products from LifeWay church resources.          Canadian distributor.
                           Without a local distributor, customers             Enter R.G. Mitchell Family Books, Inc.,
                           were forced to pay high tariffs and ship-         a supplier of Christian and inspirational
                           ping charges for items that often took             products to the Canadian market for
                           weeks to arrive after being tied up in              nearly 70 years. Although R.G.
                           customs.                                             Mitchell, located in Toronto, Ontario,
                             “For several years we have looked for              had been partnering for several years
                           a solution to the problem of provid-                  with LifeWay International, and with
                           ing good service to our Canadian                      Broadman & Holman, the publishing
                           customers,” said Jim Cook, manag-                     arm of LifeWay, they were not yet
                           er of international sales at LifeWay                   distributing other LifeWay materials,
                           Christian Resources. “The main                         including dated Sunday school items.

Toronto, Ontario skyline

                                                                  Facts & Trends
                                                                                                     LifeWay Canada

  “R.G. Mitchell was chosen for             “We have about 190 Southern              Benson went on to explain that al-
several reasons," said Steve Blount,      Baptist churches in the Canadian         though LifeWay is a stellar represen-
director, knowledge and channel           convention,” said Cook. “This part-      tative of Christian resources in the
management at LifeWay. “First, like       nership will enable them, plus thou-     United States, the presence in Cana-
us, they are a business that exists for   sands of other churches, to have our     da has not been as large because of
the purpose of ministry. Their            LifeWay resources available to them,     the difficulties in distribution.
prayer has always been that the           as a support to their ministries.”         “We feel the timing is perfect to
products they distribute will touch         Warren Benson, director of suppli-     spread the recognition of LifeWay
people throughout Canada and              er development at R.G. Mitchell,         Canada,” said Benson. “We are ex-
leave an indelible imprint of God’s       was equally excited about the part-      cited to be able to bring respectable,
love on their lives.                      nership with LifeWay.                    quality resources to the Canadian
  “Working with R.G. Mitchell will          “The strength of our two organi-       market.”
allow us to have higher customer          zations working together will cer-         LifeWay Christian Resources has
satisfaction in Canada than at any        tainly be superior to trying to work     continued to offer support to Life-
time in the past decade,” added           separately,” said Benson. “LifeWay       Way Canada, sending experts to
Blount. “Greater use of our re-           Canada will undoubtedly help us          Ontario, as well as hosting R.G.
sources will impact kingdom growth        from a pricing standpoint, and our       Mitchell representatives at LifeWay’s
and ministry expansion in Canada.”        customers will not have to do men-       headquarters in Nashville, Tenn.,
  R.G. Mitchell will operate a new        tal gymnastics when placing orders.      where they were able to learn about
unit under the banner of LifeWay            “More importantly, it is a tremen-     LifeWay products and go through
Canada, Cook said. As LifeWay’s           dous support to be able to work          customer service training.
exclusive representative in Canada,       with a strong partner who has the          “It is not often that LifeWay gets
it has hired telephone customer ser-      same vision,” continued Benson.          the opportunity to partner with an-
vice representatives and consultants      “We are not only expanding prod-         other company whose core values
who will be representing all of Life-     ucts, but also transferring a business   mirror so closely those that we have
Way’s church resources products to        model, including systems, computer       at LifeWay,” said Cook. “We believe
the Canadian churches and individ-        issues and logistics. The only word      we’ve found one in R.G. Mitchell.”
uals.                                     to describe what is going on is awe-

                                              April 2003
                                                                                                               GETTY IMAGES
                         LifeWay holding ground despite sluggish economy
                                                                                                           • The inclusion of Scripture from the
                                                                   L    ifeWay stands to see an in-
                                                                        crease in overall revenue for
                                                                    2003, Ted Warren, LifeWay’s
                                                                                                         Holman Christian Standard Bible® into
                                                                                                         all Sunday school curriculum by the fall
                                                                    executive vice president and         of 2003. The King James Version will
                                                                    chief operating officer, told        still be available in selected curriculum
                                                                    trustees during their semian-        lines.
                                                                    nual meeting Feb. 10-11 in
                                                                                                                     B&H on schedule
                                                                                                                    with Holman CSB®
                                                                      He added, however, that first
                                                                                                           Ken Stephens, vice president of Broad-
                                                                    quarter revenues were down

                                                                                                         man & Holman Publishing division, told
                                                                    across the board within Life-
                                                                                                         trustees the Holman Christian Standard
                                                                    Way’s business units due to the
                                                                                                         Bible® is progressing on schedule.
                                                                    sluggish national economy.
                                                                                                           “The entire Old Testament is all the
                                                                      The international depart-
                                                                                                         way through the third and final draft,
                                                                    ment was especially hard hit,
                                                                                                         and the final manuscript is due July 1,”
                         Ted Warren, LifeWay’s execu-    said Warren, with revenues deeply affect-
                         tive vice president and chief
                                                                                                         he said. “The completed Bible will be
                                                         ed by the continuing economic crises
                         operating officer, addresses                                                    available in April 2004.”
                                                         throughout many countries in South
                         LifeWay trustees during their
                         semiannual meeting.
                                                         America.                                                  Retail division reports
                                                           “Companies have been searching for                       strong holiday sales
                                                         years for ways to deal with the fluctua-          Mark Scott, vice president of the Life-
                                                         tion in foreign economies and that is one       Way Christian Stores division, reported
                                                         of the challenges we face as well,” War-        that despite a national economic slow-
                                                         ren said.                                       down, the stores achieved a solid perfor-
                                                                                                         mance in the first quarter of 2003.
                                                              Trustees approve price increase
                                                                                                         Christmas sales were strong in spite of
                                                               in Sunday school curriculum
                                                                                                         the fact the holiday season was billed as
                                                           Trustees approved a recommendation            one of the worst in 32 years for retailers.
                                                         to increase by as much as 3.7 percent the
                                                                                                           The number of LifeWay stores has
                                                         price of all dated and undated Sunday
                                                                                                         reached 115 with two more planned in
                                                         school curriculum, effective in the spring
                                                         of 2004. The actual price and percentage
                                                         increase, if any, will be determined dur-              Corporate affairs highlights
                                                         ing budgeting this summer.                              conference centers, capital
                                                           Gene Mims, vice president of the                         resource development
                                                         church resources division, cited increased        Mike Arrington, corporate affairs divi-
                                                         production costs and unit declines as the       sion vice president, reported that a com-
                                                         reasons for a possible rate increase.           mittee is continuing to study water avail-
                                                           Mims reported church resource divi-           ability for a proposed land development
                                                         sion highlights of 2002, including:             project at the LifeWay Glorieta Confer-
                                                                                                         ence Center near Santa Fe, N.M.
                                                           • Vacation Bible School growth in sales
                                                         and impact.                                       Attendance at both Ridgecrest and
                                                                                                         Glorieta conference center should in-
                                                           • Success with a new Beth Moore In-
                                                                                                         crease when renovations are completed,
                                                         ternet study, “Believing God.”
                                                                                                         Arrington said. Improvements include

                                                                                                 Facts & Trends

completion of year-round youth        professions of faith.                     International department
facilities and multi-level meeting      Carter said LifeWay is working             forges partnerships
spaces at Glorieta.                   to alert churches and Southern              in Brazil and Canada
   Web use increases; first-time      Baptist organizations about the        Luis Aranguren, director of
       visitors to Lifeway.com        significant savings available        LifeWay’s international depart-
              on the rise             through the newly named South-       ment, said in 2002 his co-workers
                                      ern Baptist Purchasing Alliance      sponsored 549 leadership work-
  Tim Vineyard, vice president of
                                      (SBPA).                              shops that trained 57,428 pastors
the technology division, said
                                        Formerly known as the Cooper-      and leaders in 4,811 local church-
more than 7.6 million Web user
                                      ative Purchasing Agreement, the      es from 50 different denomina-
sessions were recorded in the first
                                      SBPA utilizes SBC entities’ rela-    tions. He said LifeWay now has
quarter of 2003, a growth of 156
                                      tionships with several large com-    publishing partnerships with two
percent from the previous quarter.
                                      panies, including Microsoft, Dell    countries, Brazil and Canada.
He said 350,000 of those were
first-time users of the newly re-     and Toshiba, to provide high-                  Officers elected
designed lifeway.com site.            quality software, hardware, equip-
                                                                             Trustees re-elected George
                                      ment, furniture and supplies to
  LifeWay mission trips impact                                             Iwahiro, a layman and retired
                                      Southern Baptist churches and
      lives around the world                                               utility executive from Honolulu,
                                      members at discounted rates.
                                                                           as chairman. They also elected
  Jim Carter, vice president of the     Since its inception in 1998, the   Roger Willmore, pastor of First
finance and business services divi-   SBPA has saved Southern Baptist      Baptist Church, Boaz, Ala., as
sion, reported 98 people partici-     entities about $13 million, Carter   vice chairman, and re-elected Tim
pated in nine LifeWay-sponsored       said.                                Marrow, pastor of Taylor Ranch
evangelistic trips in 2002, result-
                                                                           Baptist Church, Albuquerque,
ing in 18 church starts and 8,770
                                                                           N.M., as recording secretary.

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This & That
briefs on a variety of subjects

Marriage Impact conferences
set for Glorieta, Ridgecrest

L     ifeWay’s Glorieta Conference
      Center near Santa Fe, N.M.,
and Ridgecrest Conference Center
near Asheville, N.C., will host Mar-
riage Impact 2003, an “extreme ad-
venture” that combines outdoor ad-
ventures with Bible study and
worship. About 250 couples are ex-           PHOTO BY KENT HARVILLE

pected to attend the May 23-25 re-
                       “Marriage Impact
                     is designed to help
                     couples get out of
                     the rut of daily liv-
                     ing by combining                                 Ministry Multipliers
                     high adventure                                   Bob and Larue McDaniel, members of City Church in Oklahoma City, were among
                     with meaningful                                  109 people who attended the Ministry Multipliers conference sponsored by LifeWay
      Clay Crosse
                     worship,” said                                   Christian Resources’ church resources division Jan. 21-23, 2003.
                     Brian Daniel, na-                                The McDaniels and other conference participants represent the “best of the best” of peo-
                     tional sales and                                 ple who, while not being LifeWay employees, lead LifeWay church resources division-
                     event planner for                                sponsored training events around the country, according to Tom McMinn, leader devel-
                     LifeWay confer-                                  opment specialist in LifeWay’s church leadership training area.
                     ence centers.                                    These ministry multipliers are an enlisted group of trained people from local churches
                       “In addition to                                with expertise in a specific ministry area. LifeWay has seen in them a passion to effec-
                     enjoying nationally                              tively model and communicate their particular area of interest.
                     known Christian                         NBC’s sitcom “Facts of Life,” and                      Ridgecrest event.
  Jeff and Joy Earle speakers and musi-                      her husband, Steve, an associate                         For more information go to
                     cians, couples will                     pastor, will lead the Bible study                      www.lifeway.com and click on the
                     have opportunities                      portion of Marriage Impact at Glo-                     conference centers tab or e-mail
                     to spend time to-                       rieta.                                                 debbie.carter@lifeway.com.
                     gether enjoying                           Clay Crosse, 1995 Dove Award
                     outdoor activities                      Male Vocalist of the Year, will lead                   Art of LifeWay
                     that include rock                       praise and worship Friday night                        now in Cambodia
                     climbing, hiking,                       and Saturday at Glorieta.
                     rafting, rappelling,                                                                             Clyde Kakiuchi, leadership devel-
   Lisa Whelchel-    tennis, volleyball                        At Ridgecrest, nationally known                      opment director for the Hawaii Pa-
        Cauble       and miniature                           husband and wife speakers Jeff and                     cific Baptist Convention, contacted
                     golf,” Daniel                           Joy Earle will combine humor,                          LifeWay when he learned about
                     added.                                  music, drama and biblical teaching                     The Art of LifeWay, a new collec-
                                                             to help couples strengthen and en-                     tion of biblical illustrations based
                       Former actress                        rich their marriages.
                     Lisa Whelchel-                                                                                 on the life of Christ.
                     Cauble, best                              Steve Wiggins, former frontman                         Kakiuchi was about to leave on a
                     known for her role                      for the Grammy-nominated group                         mission trip for Cambodia, and he
                     as Blair Warner on                      Big Tent Revival, and now solo                         was anxious to take some of the il-
   Steve Wiggins                                             artist, will lead the music at the

                                                                                                   Facts & Trends
                                                                                                             This & That
                                                                                                briefs on a variety of subjects

lustrations with him. He got his          Kakiuchi said he
wish.                                   left pictures at vari-
  Gary McClure, e-business mar-         ous villages and one
keting manager, said with the help      orphanage.
of the Lebanon warehouse, he was          “The pastor at the
able to get three copies each of five   orphanage was over-
prints to Kakiuchi before he left on    whelmed and began
his mission trip.                       crying,” Kakiuchi
  “If pictures speak a thousand         wrote. “He couldn’t
words, then we are sitting on a gold    stop thanking me.
mine,” Kakiuchi told McClure.           In two villages, over
  In a note to LifeWay President        50 people in each
James T. Draper Jr., Kakiuchi           village invited Christ
thanked LifeWay:                        in their lives as Lord
                                        and Savior. The har-
  “On behalf of the Cambodian           vest is ripe.”
people, I want to thank you for                                In December, church leaders in Cambodian villages used Art of
your gift of LifeWay art to churches      McClure said,
in remote villages outside of           “What a joy to see LifeWay prints as vivid illustrations of the nativity story.
Phnom Penh. It made a huge dif-         how God can use
                                                                                       Framed and unframed prints can
ference in presenting the gospel by     these beautiful illustrations to have
                                                                                     be purchased online at
using pictures. The children’s eyes     such a dramatic, immediate impact.
were glued to the pictures as the       And better yet, to bless people of a
Christmas story was being told.”        third world country on the other
                                        side of the globe.”

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                                           April 2003
New                                    For more information or to place an order, call (800) 458-2772, or visit us on the Web at www.lifeway.com.
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    ■ “A Heart Like His”               cover, “Rest Stops for Busy        Graduate,” B&H product # 0-
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    Moore draws                          by Brian Ray                     Fred, Texas, from Fort Worth
    spiritual                                 This book presents a                      via a brief stay in
    insight and                            quick reference analy-                           Ohio. He has
    understanding                          sis of the status of                             followed his
    from a man                             homeschooling                                   father who is
    who slew a                             worldwide, with a                               pastor to a 100-
    giant and saved a kingdom.         focus on the United                                 member church
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      A CBA best seller since its      and personal profiles                            with which he             Everything They Need
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    Word” is a topical prayer guide    B&H product # 0-8054-2598-         little in common. In this jour-         Bible”
    addressing 14 strongholds and      5, $10.99                          ney he finds more than him-
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    2760-0, $19.97                                                        by Stephen Bly                         by Edward Buchanan
                                                 the Graduate”
                                                                         The saga of the Fortune fam-            Growing out of a conviction
    ■ “Rest Stops for                               ■ “Bible          ily doesn't come to a close but          that we need to provide our
       Busy Moms”                                       Promises for instead turns another corner in           children with a greater under-
    ■ “Rest Stops                                       My Teacher” this final installment of                  standing of our Christian her-
                                                    These are new     Stephen Bly's Western epic. As           itage and the Bible, Edward
       for Teachers”                                                  the weight of all the Fortune            Buchanan has authored two
                                                 Bible promise books
    by Susan Titus                              released just in time family tradition, histo-                               educational
    Osborn                                     for the annual spring  ry and faith bears                                     resources that are
      Christian per-                          holidays and special    down upon the next                                    both educational-
    spective, humor                          occasions. Each book     generation of                                         ly and biblically
    and “been-there                          features up to 20 chap-  Fortunes, some of                                     sound. Paperback,
    understanding”                            ters of topical verses, them bear the legacy                                  “Volume 1,” B&H
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    this pair of light-                         the reader directly   miserably. Some trust                                2711-2; “Volume
    reading gift books.                          from God's Word.     in God faithfully and                                2,” B&H product
    These stories and                             Paperback, “Bible   others will wander                                   # 0-8054-9397-2,
    reflections capture                            Promises for Mom,” down the wilder and                                  $14.99 each

                                                                               Facts & Trends
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Psalms and                                                                                                   B&H product # 0-8054-3961-
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in three stylish col-                           Bulletins”
ors. This narrow                               “Graduation --                                                LifeWay Church
trim size is conve-                         Believe, Achieve,”                                               Resources
nient and can be                            B&H product # 0-
carried anywhere.                           8054-3940-4; “One
                                            Nation Under God,”
                                                                                                             ■ “Intentional Influence:
It's about the size
and shape of a per-                         B&H product # 0-                                                    Investing Your Life
sonal checkbook. It fits easily     8054-3939-0; “No Greater                                                    Through Mentoring”
into any place where light-         Love,” B&H product # 0-                                                  by Tim Elmore
weight portability is essential.    8054-3819-X; “Wedding, Your                                            Encourage and equip college
Purple bonded leather, B&H          Presence,” B&H product # 0-                                          students to become Christian
product # 1-58640-041-X;            8054-3936-6; “His                    ■ “Attendance Charts”           role models in a mentoring
Blue bonded leather, B&H            Body Given for                                  “Adam Names the      relationship. This resource
product # 1-58640-039-8; Jade       Us,” B&H prod-                               Animals,” B&H prod- deals with all aspects of men-
bonded leather, B&H product         uct # 0-8054-                                uct # 0-8054-3957-9;    toring-from defining what
# 1-58640-040-1, $12.99 each        3935-8; “Forever                            “Wonderfully Made,”      mentoring is, recognizing
                                    with the Lord,”                             B&H product # 0-8054- myths and stereotypes, match-
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by Kenneth O. Gangel and
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Stephen J. Bramer
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simply who we are -- creatures                                               Study Maps”                 on campus. May be used as
                                    B&H product # 0-8054-3944-
made in the image of God who                                               “Class Maps on Half-          part of series or as stand-alone
                                    7; “Church Dedication,” B&H
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                                    product # 0-8054-3938-2;
rienced the consequences. In                                             8054-3924-2; “Class Maps on church resources # 0-6330-
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this volume the authors                                                  Tripod,” B&H product # 0-       9940-6, $11.95
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plans and discussion starters                                            Study Maps,” set of 8, $12.99 and Ed Kerr
and offers clear Bible exposi-
                                       Bulletins and Pew
                                       Cards”                                                                Arranged by Kim Noblitt and
tion and applications. Printed                                           ■ “Wall Posters: Maps and Robert Elkins
hardcover, B&H product # 0-          “The Good Shepherd
                                    Bulletin,” B&H product # 0-             Charts”                 In sound, it’s upbeat, rhyth-
8054-9461-8, $19.99                                                        “Modern Political Division        mic, and even a little Celtic. In
                                                      April 2003
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    message, it’s truth! Based on     sing, "Everything                              ■ “How Deep              tracks, # 0-6330-8998-2,
    Romans 10:17, this song from      works together for                                the Father’s          $19.98; Orchestration, # 0-
    Kim Noblitt’s “You Saved Me”      our good."                                        Love for Us”          6330-8994-X, $54.95
    proclaims that we are saved by      SATB anthem,                              Words and music by
    faith!                            # 0-6330-8985-                                                          ■ “Valley of the Shadow”
                                                                                  Stuart Townend
      SATB anthem, # 0-6330-          0, $1.40; CD                                                            Words and music by Robbie
                                                                                 Arranged by J. Daniel
    8987-7, $1.40; CD anthem          anthem tracks,                                                          Hiner
    tracks, # 0-6330-8982-6,          # 0-6330-8981-                               This popular praise
                                                                                                              Arranged by Russell Mauldin
    $19.98; Orchestration, # 0-       8, $19.98;                                 and worship hymn               A haunting penny-whistle
    6330-8984-2, $54.95               Orchestration, #                          beautifully expresses the     introduction leads us into this
                                      0-6330-8986-9, $54.95              sacrifice our Father made for        truly poignant song. Written
    ■ “Cross for a Crown”                                                                                     by Robbie Hiner and recorded
                                                                         us. Richly arranged for choir,
    Words and music by Steve          ■ “Freedom”                                                             by Old Time Gospel Quartet,
                                                                         this selection from “Offerings
    Amerson and Steve Wilkinson       Words and music by Roger           of Praise” will become one of        “Valley of the
    Arranged by Keith Christopher     Bennett                            your favorites.                      Shadow”
      With a dazzling sound and a     Arranged by Russell Mauldin                                             describes the
                                                                           SATB anthem, # 0-6330-             sheltering arms
    cool, contemporary feel, this       Celebrate our freedom in         8978-8, $1.40; CD anthem
    song from Steve Amerson’s lat-    Christ as you share this upbeat,                                        of Jesus that
                                                                         tracks, # 0-6330-8979-6,             will enfold us
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    our redemption! Rhythm-dri-       recorded by Legacy Five.                                                as we pass
                                                                         6330-8980-X, $54.95                  through death
    ven and full of excitement,       "Freedom" reminds us that
                  “Cross for a        Christ has loosed the shackles                                          into eternity.
                                                                         ■ “If Anybody Knows”                 Colorful
                  Crown” is sure to   of sin for those who believe!
                                                                         Words and music by Geron Davis       orchestration
                  be a favorite!      Great for Easter or any time of
                                      year.                              Arranged by Russell Mauldin          adds richness
                    SSATB                                                  With a gentle, Southern            to this message of the comfort
                  anthem, # 0-          SSATB anthem, # 0-6330-          gospel feel, this song from “So      we find in our Lord. SSATB
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                  Orchestration,      ■ “He’s Been There”                remember God’s constant
    # 0-6330-8993-1, $54.95           Words and music by Roger and       faithfulness.                        ■ “You Saved Me”
                                      Debbie Bennett                                                          Words and music by Kim Noblitt
    ■ “For Our Good”                                                       SATB with solo anthem, # 0-
                                      Arranged by Camp Kirkland          6330-8975-3, $1.40; CD               and Joel Engle
    Words and music by Kim Noblitt       With tremendous power and       anthem tracks, # 0-6330-8976-        Arranged by Kim Noblitt and
    and Ed Kerr                       emotion, this brilliantly          1, $19.98; Orchestration, # 0-       Robert Elkins
    Arranged by Kim Noblitt and       arranged anthem, originally        6330-8977-X, $54.95                    “No more guilt and shame;
    Robert Elkins                     recorded by Legacy Five, testi-
                                                                                                              you took my sin away.” Sing
      From Kim Noblitt’s “You         fies of God’s unending faithful-   ■ “O Wondrous Love”                  about the freedom redemption
    Saved Me,” this beautiful         ness. An excellent choice for      Words and music by Steve and         brings! The title song from
    praise and worship song pro-      your Sunday “special,” the
                                                                         Vikki Cook                           Kim Noblitt’s worship collec-
    vides comfort                          words of this song will
                                                                         Arranged by Bruce Greer              tion, this contemporary,
    to believers as                        resound within the hearts
                                                                           From the writers of “Before        acoustic song arranged as solo
    they remem-                            of all who hear it.
                                                                         the Throne of God Above,”            with choir is sure to have lis-
    ber God’s                                SSATB anthem, # 0-                                               teners on their feet in celebra-
    promise in                                                           this masterful blend of poetry
                                           6330-8990-7, $1.40; CD        and music will fill your soul        tion!
    Romans                                 anthem tracks, # 0-6330-
    8:28. Invite                                                         with the joy and peace we find         Solo with SATB anthem,
                                           9001-8, $19.98;               in our Savior’s love. It’s quiet,
    the congrega-                                                                                             # 0-6330-8999-0, $1.40; CD
                                           Orchestration, # 0-6330-      majestic and beautiful. Don’t
    tion to join                                                                                              anthem tracks, # 0-6330-8988-
                                           8991-5, $54.95                miss it.
    in on the                                                                                                 5, $19.98; Orchestration, # 0-
    chorus and                                                             SATB anthem, # 0-6330-             6330-9000-X, $54.95
                                                                         9002-6, $1.40; CD anthem
                                                                              Facts & Trends
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Upcoming Events at
LifeWay Conference Centers
                                                                                                                          Facts & Trends is published by LifeWay
                                                                                                                        Christian Resources of the Southern
                                                                                                                        Baptist Convention, One LifeWay Plaza,
                                                                                                                        MSN 192, Nashville, TN 37234.

LifeWay Glorieta                                        LifeWay Ridgecrest
Conference Center                                       Conference Center
Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near          Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Santa Fe, N.M.                                          near Asheville, N.C.

Cross to the Other Side May 5-8                         Butterfly Princess May 2-4
Marriage Impact May 23-25                               Marriage Impact May 23-25
Glorieta Reservations                                   Urban Student Week June 16-20
(800) 797-4222
                                                        Ridgecrest Reservations
                                                        (800) 588-7222

                                                          Each conference center offers a great
                                                        opportunity for churches to develop their own
                                                        customized staff or leadership training event.


LifeWay Church Leadership Training Center
For more information call (800) 254-2022.
• National Conference for Ministry Assistants. April    Church. For additional information go to www.life-
23-26, 2003, Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four          way.com/ev_ldr_nasbs.asp. $200.
Seasons, Joseph S. Koury Convention Center,             National Collegiate Ministries Leadership Summit,
Greensboro, N.C. Empowered in His Service is the        May 1-4, 2003. Sheraton Music City, Nashville.
theme for this year’s national conference. Hear top     Designed with the heart of a collegiate leader in mind, it
national conference leaders cover a variety of topics   will challenge, motivate and develop the ministry God has
designed to boost personal and spiritual development    entrusted to you. The event is designed just for leaders, not
while increasing workplace skills. Conferences, for     students. Speakers are Leonard Sweet, Voddie Baucham
both new and experienced ministry assistants, in-       and Tim Elmore, with music by Kyle Matthews. Package
clude Setting up Youth Church Office, Ethics in the     price includes three nights at the Sheraton Music City, four
                                                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                Nashville, TN

                                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 2

                                                                                                                                                  Non profit

Workplace, Church and Legal Issues, Financial Man-      meals, program fee, conference materials and access to all

agement, Microsoft and Dealing with Conflict in the     exhibits. $298 double occupancy or $436 single.

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