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					August 16th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: tfpetersen12

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                                                                     Experts take hours to deliver courses about what you should
  This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook              say to people when you call them. The real answer is to do the
  Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,             opposite. Be well prepared, yes, but listen.
  ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.                                Find out what they are looking for. You should ask open
                                                                     questions – those that require a full answer, and not closed
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                                                                     Find out what they can do. If the person has been severely
                                                                     savaged by the recession you will know that they are probably
How To Convert Your Leads                                            looking for a small entry fee into network marketing. They
August 16th, 2012                                                    will not be looking for a MacDonald’s franchise costing ¾ of
When time is against you as your family calls on you to prepare      a million dollars. You might meet the occasional person who
their meals, fix the leaking sink and organize their differing       has awesome funds, but no luck in the market recently. They
social lives, you know that when you have a positive lead            will be as scarce as people who have walked on the moon.
source, you cannot chance wasting the opportunity to convert         Sometimes you will meet with people who are already working
the prospect.                                                        in network marketing, often quite successfully, but are looking
How can you make sure that your conversion rate is high as           to see how they can best leverage their limited time. That is the
your personal time availability has to be so carefully managed?      time to go forward to your greatest product.

The telephone or Skype through your computer can become              What are you going to offer your
your new best friend. It represents the best way to make
personal contact with your potential leads, without leaving          prospects?
them hanging in cyber space as you would have done if you            You are offering your prospects, solutions to their problems.
had tried to use email, messaging and texting as your source         You will show them a roadmap to their success. It will not
of communication.                                                    always be easy, but it can be most rewarding.
Let us be clear; you cannot and should not try to convert people     You will be aware that people are waiting to help you at
purely by using modern methods of communication; you must            every stage of your career in network marketing. If you wish
revert back to the days when the telephone was king.                 to make the most of your education, contact the people at
                                                                     MyLeadSystemPRO to find the right tools and resources to
How do you approach people from                                      guide you further along the way.
leads you have purchased?
Using the phone for a personal conversation with your
prospects is a superior and financially effective tool. You don’t
waste time setting up meetings with people who fail to arrive
because they couldn’t be bothered, or found something else to
occupy their time.
The first rule of action is the simplest one of all. Call them as
quickly as you can. Even if you are a single mother or father,
you can still find those few quiet minutes necessary to make
your calls, even if you can only spare a few minutes a day.
Leads are called hot leads for a reason – the person is burning
to hear from you. Leads go cold very quickly if you wait too long
to call people. They might forget completing the information
request and expressing a level of interest, if you wait until they
are ice cold.
It is a known fact that the longer you leave the time to call
the lead you have purchased, your chances of success reduce

This rule is easy to learn
Do not try and sell – listen!

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