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									                      organized by                                                      Oral sessions
                      Croatian Geological Society                                       Strictly 20 minutes are allotted to every paper (including discussion).
                      Europrobe                                                         Use transparencies and/or slides. Please contact the Organising
                      European Science Foundation                                       committee if you have special demonstration requirements.
                      Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering,
                                                                                        Poster sessions
                      University of Zagreb
                      Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb                          Poster size must not exceed 1 m in width and 1 m in height including
                                                                                        the title, author(s) name, and affiliation(s). Each poster board will be
                                                                                        identified by the abstract title and author's name placed at the top of
                      sponsored by
                                                                                        the board. Velcro tape can be used. The posters can be mounted any
                      University Computing Centre (SRCE)                                time before discussion.
       and                                                                              Important Deadlines
                      Organising Committee
                                                                                        June 1st 2000 Submission of abstracts.
                      Dražen Balen, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb            May1st 2000 Submission of registration form
                      Josip Halamić, IGI Zagreb                                         May 1st 2000 Payments of registration fee and excursion fee
                      Dubravko Lučić, INA Naftaplin, Zagreb
                                                                                        Provisional programme
                      Tihomir Marjanac, Faculty of Science,University of Zagreb
                      Ladislav Palinkaš, Faculty of Science,University of Zagreb        (updated 21.12.99.)
                      Jakob Pamić, Croatan Academy of Sciences and Arts                 28 SEPT. 2000, THURSDAY - EXCURSION THROUGH THE
                      Bruno Saftić, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum            DINARIDES,
                      Engineering, University of Zagreb
                      Čestmir Tomek, Universität Salzburg                               PART I - INTERNAL DINARIDES
                      Bruno Tomljenović, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum       Arrival of excursion participants to Zagreb
                      Engineering, University of Zagreb                                 15.00 Start of excursion with two outcrops of ophiolites and
                                                                                        associated sediments on Mt. Medvednica near Zagreb
  welcome you to      Meeting site
                                                                                        18.00 Leaving for Slavonski Brod, night accommodation
                                                                                        29 SEPT. 2000, FRIDAY
                      The meeting sessions will be held at the Hotel Lapad, Dubrovnik   8.00 Leaving for Bosnia, fieldwork
                      from October 1 - 3.                                               14.00 Lunch break
                                                                                        15.30 Fieldwork
                                                                                        Arrival to Žepče or Kiseljak near Sarajevo, night accommodation
                                                                                        30 SEPT. 2000, SATURDAY
                      The official language of the PANCARDI Meeting will be             8.00 Visit to outcrops along the Neretva river valley
                      English.                                                          14.00 Lunch break
                                                                                        15.30 Fieldwork
                                                                                        Arrival to Dubrovnik in the evening, registration at Hotel Lapad
                      Global accommodation includes 4 nights in Hotel Lapad,            1 OCT. 2000, SUNDAY
                      Dubrovnik. Participants not taking part in the field excursion    7.00 - 9.00 Breakfast
                      must notify the Organising committee of the arriving time (we     8.00 - 10.00 Registration of participants at Pancardi 2000
Dubrovnik, Croatia    will reserve the room for you) and arrange accommodation          Registration Desk
                      directly with the Hotel personnel.                                10.00 Opening session
                                                                                        11.30 - 12.00 Coffee break
October 1 - 3, 2000                                                                     12.00-14.20 Late morning session
                      Social events                                                     14.30-16.00 Lunch
                      Ice-breaker party, guided tour of Dubrovnik, farewell dinner.     16.00-18.00 Poster session + coffee break
                                                                                        18.00-19.40 Afternoon session
20.30 - Welcome party                                                   Costs                                                                   scientific programme and abstract volume for the meeting in
2 OCT. 2000, MONDAY                                                                                                                             collaboration with the EUROPROBE project leaders.
8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast                                                   REGISTRATION FEE: 220 DEM
9.00 - 11.00 Morning session                                            Includes: abstract volume, ice-breaker party, refreshments              INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS
11.00-11.30: Coffee-break                                               during coffee breaks, farewell dinner, guided visit to Dubrovnik        Texts for abstract volume have to be written in English and should be
11.30-13.30 Late morning session                                        Old Town.                                                               language reviewed. The authors are fully responsible for the contents
14.00-15.00 Lunch                                                       ACCOMODATION IN DUBROVNIK: 220 DEM                                      of their articles.
15.00-17.00 Poster session + coffee break                               Includes: full accommodation for 3 days and 1 night with                Each article should be submitted both in paper (one copy) and
17.00-19.00 Afternoon session                                           breakfast in Hotel "Lapad", Dubrovnik (the price is for double          electronic form (on 3.5 '' floppy disc or CD-ROM) by ordinary mail.
19.30 Dinner                                                            room accommodation - additional charge for single room is 15            If you use e-mail or WWW form please send a paper copy, too
3 OCT. 2000, TUESDAY                                                    DM/day)                                                                 (just for emergency case).
8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast                                                   EXCURSION THROUGH THE DINARIDES: 360 DEM                                Please use one of the most common word processors WordPerfect or
9.00 - 11.00 Morning session                                            Includes:                                                               Microsoft Word for PC.
11.00-11.30 Coffee-break                                                Part I Internal Dinarides field excursion by bus from Zagreb to
11.30-13.30 Late morning session                                        Dubrovnik through Bosnia and Hercegovina (2 nights with                 Text style should be as follows:
14.00-15.00 Lunch                                                       meals and accommodation; first night at Slavonski Brod and the          Author/authors: first names (lower case) and surnames (upper case)
15.00 Guided visit to Dubrovnik Old Town                                second at Kiseljak or Žepče near Sarajevo) and,                         of all authors
20.00 Farewell dinner                                                   Part II External Dinarides field excursion from Dubrovnik to            Title: lower case
                                                                        Zagreb (1 night with meal and accommodation at the Plitvice             Addresses of all authors (lower case), use number (1, 2 ...) for more
4 OCT. 2000, WEDNESDAY EXCURSION THROUGH THE                            National Park) + excursion guidebook for both part I and II.            addresses
DINARIDES,                                                                                                                                      Text (maximum 3000 characters, lower case)
PART II - EXTERNAL DINARIDES                                               IN TOTAL: 800 DEM (for those who will take part both                References (see bellow)
6.00-7.00: Breakfast                                                        in excursion and meeting)                                           References in text: surnames are written in capitals without initials of
7.00 Start of excursion, visit to outcrops                              ayments can be done in DEM by bank transfer to:                         the name e.g.(AUTHOR, 1995), surnames of the co-authors are
13.00 Lunch break                                                                                                                               separated e.g. (FIRST & SECOND, 1992). If there are more than two
17.00 Arrival at the Plitvice National Park, visit to lakes, night      VARAŽDINSKA BANKA d.d.                                                  authors, first name should be followed by "et al." and year of
accommodation                                                           VB DD HR 2X (SWIFT)                                                     publication e.g. (FIRST et al., 1997). All references mentioned in the
5 OCT. 2000, THURSDAY                                                   2500-71-280-3207005                                                     text should be cited in alphabetical order, as in the following
7.00-7.45 Breakfast                                                     Please mark that it is for PANCARDI 2000!                               example:
8.00 Leaving for Zagreb                                                                                                                         AUTHOR, J.J. (1995): Title.- Journal, 10/1, 101-102, Zagreb.
12.00 Arrival to Zagreb                                                 Payments from Croatia (in kunas)                                        FIRST, J.J. & SECOND, B.T.(1992): Title.- Journal, 7/1, 1-23,
THE END                                                                 Kunske uplate na račun: 30102-603-35384                                 Zagreb.
                                                                        Molimo navedite da je uplata za PANCARDI 2000, a iznos
                                                                        preračunajte prema srednjem tečaju na dan uplate!                       Figure (map, drawing, photography) has to be of a high-standard,
Registration                                                                                                                                    black and white or grayscale (colour figure can be printed, but only
All participants must fill and send by ordinary mail a signed form to                                                                           providing that the additional costs are met by the author). Figure
                                                                        PANCARDI 2000 Abstract Submission                                       should be referred to in the text. Figure caption should be given
the Organising Committee before May 1st.
Mailing address:                                                        To submit your abstract use one of the three ways:                      consecutively at the end of the text file. Figures should not be
Bruno Saftic                                                                                                                                    included into the text file - they should be submitted in separate file.
For PANCARDI Organising Committee                                       1) E-mail us at with text and figure as         Each illustration prepared by computer should be submitted in
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering                    attachment. Use Subject: abstract via E-mail.                           electronic form (TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP ...) together with laser-printed
University of Zagreb                                                    Use this way if you send a picture!                                     paper copy. File format should be preferably EPS, JPEG or TIFF.
Pierottijeva 6/IV                                                       2) Use CGI form or mailto form .                                        The figure should have a graphical scale bar.
HR-10000 Zagreb                                                         3) Fax or ordinary mail (one hard copy + 3.5 '' diskette with text
CROATIA                                                                 in MS Word or Word Perfect format and figure recommended                A 10 USD fee will be charged at conference registration for
                                                                        .tiff, .jpg, gif with caption). No figures are accepted in the fax or   processing the abstract, that was received by fax or regular mail
                                                                        regular mail version without diskette. Abstracts must be sent by        without a diskette.
                                                                        June 1st (deadline) to the organizers who will compile the

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