Curing Tinnitus-The High Pitched Ringtone

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					Curing Tinnitus: The High Pitched Ringtone
Tinnitus is that annoying, high pitched ringing you get in your ears after going to a concert, or hearing an
exceptionally loud noise. It is commonly characterized by a ringing sound, but has also been known to
sound like buzzing, hissing, or chirping.

The sound differs based on the person and often follows a person home after being exposed to loud
noises, such as music or pounding and it is only noticeable to you. It often becomes noticeable as you
return to a quieter location.

What Causes Tinnitus
Tinnitus can become especially annoying as you’re trying to fall asleep. The volume of the ringing is
based on the intensity and longevity of the loud sound.

You damage your ear when exposed to extremely loud noises. The physical structure is changed in such
a way as to cause the ringing.

                            It can take time for your hearing to return to normal, but your hearing will
                            never be quite the same again. Although each experience is not going to
                            make a noticeable difference to your everyday hearing, if you continually
                            expose yourself to it, you’ll begin to notice a significant difference as the days
                            go by.

                            Marching drummers, rock band members, construction workers, and jet
                            operators endanger their hearing every day they practice or work. If they
                            don’t wear the right ear protection, they will only be able to yell stories at
                            their grandchildren as they can no longer hear their own voice.

Although there are no real cures to tinnitus yet, you can do certain things to avoid or reduce your
symptoms. If you’re one of those people that has to have your nightly beer or hourly coke, then you’ll
want to find a way to cut back.

What Does and Doesn’t Help Tinnitus
Alcohol and caffeine have a tendency to encourage the Tinnitus instead of allaying it. For similar
reasons, smokers should stop smoking.

The nicotine drug hinders blood flow, reducing the likelihood of your body being able to send any
healing substances to the problem area. Limit uses of over-the-counter drugs as these also mess with
your blood flow.

Exercise regularly. The best way to strengthen your body and improve blood flow is to find an enjoyable
way to exercise and do it regularly.
You are never too old, or out of shape to start. You can start today and start seeing results as soon as
tomorrow morning.

Exercise and eating right seem to be the number one deterrent to most things that ail our bodies. Wear
proper ear protection when going into loud places.

We understand that you likely won’t stop going to the
places, or doing the things that cause Tinnitus. You are
not helpless when you do these things though.

There are some really nice ear plugs that will diffuse a
lot of those harmful influences. And don’t worry about
them being unsightly.

There are some these days that are hardly even
protrude from your ear. If anyone were to notice them,
they would hardly call them ugly.

If you can’t afford the nicer brands, don’t be shy to buy a cheaper set meant for sleep. You can cut them
down if they protrude too far out.

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