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           May 18-21, 2007 – UBC – Hosted by the Unitarian Church of Vancouver

Make the rainbow                         ACM 2007 gives participants of all     LOCATION
connection                               ages a chance to connect with          The University of British Columbia is
                                         fellow UUs from across the country     located at the western most point of
The place where you belong isn't
                                         to exchange ideas, re-energize and     the city of Vancouver and is
somewhere way up high or far
                                         have fun. This year's gathering        surrounded on three sides by
away, but right here inside our
                                         promises to be the biggest ever: a     beautiful beaches that meet with the
rainbow in Vancouver.
                                         springboard to a period of growth      Pacific Ocean. The campus is
                                         and optimism for Unitarian             separated from the City of
Make the rainbow connection at
                                         Universalism across the country. So    Vancouver by Endowment Lands
ACM 2007 and celebrate Diversity
                                         go ahead, make the rainbow             but has excellent public
in Community. Held over the May
                                         connection. See you in Vancouver.      transportation service with single
long weekend in Vancouver, this
                                         Most of the conference will occur in   bus service to just about anywhere
dynamic gathering puts you inside
                                         the Student Union Building with        in the city.
the wonderfully diverse rainbow of
                                         exhibits in the concourse area.
Canadian Unitarian Universalism.
From May 18 to May 21, you'll
                                         CUC Friends Breakfast and the          ACCOMMODATION &
                                         International Lunch will be in Sage    LOGISTICS
        Diverse speakers, from the      Bistro.                                The conference will be held at the
         compassionate and
                                                                                University of British Columbia with
         controversial Rev. Bill         We have the First Nations House
                                                                                key venues being SUB (Student
         Phipps to the ecstatic          of Learning Longhouse booked for
                                                                                Union Building) and Gage Towers.
         naturalism of Prof. Robert      Saturday afternoon and evening.
                                                                                A range of accommodation is
                                         Sunday banquet will be outdoors of     available from dorm rooms at
        Diverse workshops, from         the Museum of Anthropology and
                                                                                approximately $22/night to single or
         the “Cakes for the Queen of     will include admission to the          double rooms and suites.
         Heaven Celebration,” to the     galleries.                             Reservations: (604) 822-1000
         “World Cafe: Imagining
                                                                                Toll Free: 1-888-822-1030
         Sustainability.”                And.. Sunday worship will be in the    email:
                                         beautiful Chan Centre – You’re all
        Diverse delegates of all                                               Mention you are with the CUC
                                         invited!                               conference.
         ages and backgrounds

        Diverse surroundings in                                                Book online:
         Vancouver: a multi-cultural,                                           conference/2007/
         multi-faith metropolis set on                                          accommodation.htm
         the water and framed by

    email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                              2

Pre-Conference Shared                    Press, 2000) extends his categorical        Credit – register through Vancouver
Ministry Days                            scheme into the foundational                School of Theology
Ministry is the act of serving. Shared   structures of the world and presents        Note. Dr. Corrington will be sharing
Ministry is what we* do to serve our     a semiotic cosmology.                       the pulpit with parish minister, the
congregation and the broader                                                         Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson at the
community, individually and              Currently he is working on a larger         Unitarian Church of Vancouver, 949
together. Each individual brings         project for Cambridge University            West 49th Avenue (at Oak) on
unique gifts to contribute.*includes     Press as well as other book projects        Sunday, May 13. All are welcome.
members of the congregation, paid        that will further ramify and extend
staff and ordained minister(s).          ecstatic naturalism. This involves a
This title nicely sums up the purpose    continuing exploration of Hinduism,         Wednesday - friday
of the pre-conference sessions—to        Buddhism, and theosophy as they
connect, educate, support and            all intersect with the liberal strains in
                                         Western metaphysics and theology.           Multicultural Renaissance
encourage all those participating in                                                 Religious Education Module
our Shared Ministry.                     Professor Corrington is an active
                                         member of the Unitarian Universalist        Location: Camp Alexandra, Surrey
                                         Association and The Theosophical            BC
Tuesday-Thursday                         Society of America. He lectures and         Dates: May 16-18. Wed 6:00 - 9:00
                                         gives classes for both organizations        pm; Thursday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm;
ECSTATIC NATURALISM:                     and travels to India for the Congress       Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
NATURE, GOD, AND THE NEW                 of the International Theosophical           The goals for participants in this
COSMOLOGY                                Society in Chennai (Madras).                module are:
Professor Corrington has developed       Location: Vancouver School of                Creating a climate that invites,
his philosophic perspective of           Theology, UBC, Vancouver, BC                    honours and celebrates diversity
ecstatic naturalism out of an            Hours: Tuesday, May 15, 6:30-                Fostering positive attitudes
ongoing dialogue between                 9:30pm; Wed, May 16 & Thursday,                 toward diversity as enriching and
Continental phenomenology on the         May 17 - 9:30-4:30pm                            enabling our religious community
one side and classical Euro-             Vancouver School of Theology                 Enhancing the ability to value
American pragmatism on the other.        Associate Professor Sharon Betcher              and affirm one’s own culture and
The metaphysical perspective of          will be meeting with those taking the           that of others
ecstatic naturalism is anti-             course for credit and conducting the         Helping participants acquire
supernaturalist while remaining          evaluation for the course for those             knowledge and develop their
open to the religious dimensions of      students.                                       willingness to work toward
nature as these dimensions are           Audit – register through Canadian               change for social justice
manifest in sacred folds (semiotic       Unitarian Council                            Promoting social structural
orders with special numinous and         018-1179A King Street West,                     equality and cultural pluralism
archetypal power). Animating the         Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C5                     Discovering how diversity and
dialectic between phenomenology 1-888-568-5723/416-                  pluralism expand our
and pragmatism (or pragmaticism)         489-4121 fax: 416-489-9010 email:               understandings and enrich our
is his work with depth psychology,                                     lives together
especially that of Reich and Jung.       Registration Fees: $200                      Helping prepare participants for
Professor Corrington not only writes     This course is available for degree             deeper meaning and authentic
on these issues but has lectured on      or certificate credit through                   participation in a diverse world
Jung at the C.G. Jung Institute in       Vancouver School of Theology.
Zurich, Switzerland as well as at        Credit fees: $337.50 for degree             Module Coordinator: Sylvia Bass
Drew University. His book on             students and $387.50 for Continuing         West 519-472-7073
Wilhelm Reich is forthcoming.            Education credit
His metaphysics of ecstatic              Contact for more
naturalism is concerned with             information
exhibiting the utter vastness of         Participants are strongly                   Module Leaders:
nature as that nature manifests its      encouraged to attend the entire             Cathy Tauscher 360-579-6024
own unconscious potencies and the        class. Those who are not able to do
religious orders of meaning that         so will be on a wait-list and if space      Cathy Tauscher has been a
intersect with the human                 and the presenter agrees, will be           religious educator in the state of
unconscious. His seventh book, A         accepted. However, there is no              Washington for the past 20 years,
Semiotic Theory of Theology and          discount from the full-course fee.          and is currently the DRE at the
Philosophy, (Cambridge University                                                    Woodinville Unitarian Universalist

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                          3

Church. She has a masters’ degree                                                  Universalist Association
in Human Development from Pacific         Program details:                         ( will be
Oaks College of Pasadena with a                                                    conducting this workshop to train
specialization in Leadership in           This module prepares us for the          WCCD leaders for cluster events
Education. A formative experience         overall ACM 2007 theme of                and individual congregations, based
in her program at Pacific Oaks,           Diversity in Community.                  on his experience with the UUA's
which led to a strong commitment to       Renaissance training is a very           "Beyond Categorical Thinking"
anti-oppression work, was studying        valuable experience for DREs,            program which is offered to
the social and political context of       Program or Volunteer Coordinators        Ministerial Search Committee
human development. She is a               serving religious education, RE          Members. Representatives of other
trained leader of the UUA                 Committee members, ministerial           ethnic groups will be sought to
Renaissance Program’s                     students and RE supporters in            participate.
Multicultural Module.                     general. As with all trainings, you’ll   Date: Thursday, May 17, 2006
Cathy is currently serving on the         be sharing and learning with a group     Time: 9:30-4:30
Liberal Religious Educators               of UUs passionate about justice and      Location: Unitarian Church of
Association (LREDA) Credentialing         equity in human relations and            Vancouver
Mentoring Committee. For the past         building communities of spiritual
ten years, she has been the director      growth and lifespan faith                CUC Board Meeting
of the yearly Puget Sound Middle          development. Some attendees may
                                          have familiarity with the issues and     The CUC Board Meets Thursday
School Conference. Cathy lives on                                                  evening and Friday during the day.
Whidbey Island where she cares for        resources around multiculturalism,
                                          and others may have done a               Most of our meetings are open to
her family’s miniature show horses                                                 observers. We appreciate a note to
and a pony.                               number of related trainings. Each
                                          participant brings their own gifts and   the CUC Board Secretary Nora
Audrey O’Callaghan (613) 283-                                                      Prosser ( if you plan
6055                    understandings and takes with them
                                          some new understanding of the            to attend so we can ensure
Using her Early Childhood                                                          sufficient space.
Education and Social Service              value of community, lifespan
                                          religious education, and collegial       More about the CUC board can be
Training, Audrey began a career as                                                 found at:
a welfare worker, then continued          connections.
training and became a life skills                                                  Location: UBC SUB
coach. Life Skills coaching involved      Registration:
facilitating groups of adults who         No further registrations
were re-entering the work force.
Audrey was the first Director of
Religious Education at the Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa.
                                          Thursday                                 Lift Up Your Voice!
Audrey has held many roles within                                                  A Gospel and World Music
UU community, including serving on        Welcoming and Celebrating                workshop
the St. Lawrence District RE              Congregational Diversity                 With Brian Tate
Committee. She is now a CUC               The CUC Racial and First Nations         Experience the passion and the
lifespan learning service consultant.     Equity Monitoring Group will be          power of gospel and world music
Audrey writes, “It excites me to meet     unveiling this new congregationally-     with acclaimed conductor, pianist,
and create friendships and shared         based program at the ACM. The            and vocalist Brian Tate. Director of
kinship with others involved in           WCCD workshop is intended to be          Vancouver's 80-voice Universal
religious education. I can trace my       one step in helping congregations        Gospel Choir, Brian leads exciting
enthusiasm in accepting challenges        be more welcoming to people of           and fun-filled choir workshops
in life as being directly related to my   diverse racial and ethnic                across North America. All voices
ongoing involvement with religious        backgrounds, and to encourage the        welcome - join us for an inspiring
education and how I feel about            development of relations with            day of singing!
lifespan learning. I look forward to      groups representing such diversity.
connecting with you to share my
experience and enthusiasm”.
                                          For more information,                    Biography
                                          ity/racial_firstnations_equity.htm       A native of
                                          Facilitator: Rev. Keith Kron,            Vancouver,
                                          Director of the Office of Bisexual,      Canada, Brian Tate
                                          Gay, Lesbian and Transgender             is an award-
                                          Concerns at the Unitarian                winning composer
                                                                                   and arranger. Many

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                          4

of his choral works have been             Testimonials                            Leadership Program
published and his music is
performed worldwide. Brian's choral       Many thanks for the inspiration and
                                          the learnings that you shared with      We often offer a one day program
writing reflects his love for music                                               for congregational leaders. This
from African and African-American         us. It is uncommon to discover a
                                          superb musician and a gifted            year we will be offering for the first
traditions. He directs Vancouver's                                                time this new program which is part
multi-faith, multicultural Universal      educator in the same person. Your
                                          workshop was inspiring, motivating      of the Canadian Unitarian
Gospel Choir, performs as a                                                       Universalist Leadership program.
vocalist, and is in high demand           and great fun You are a gifted
across North America as a choral          teacher!
                                          Judy Herrington, director, Tacoma       Human Resources for UU
and vocal clinician and facilitator. A                                            Congregations
passionate advocate of music-             Youth Chorus
making at all levels, Brian believes                                              This one-day course will help
that music has a fundamental role in      Thank you so much for sharing your      congregational leaders, ministers
learning, communication,                  enormous talent and your sensitive      and staff understand human
understanding, community, health,         approach to singers. You are rare       resources “best practices” and to lay
and wholeness.                            indeed and we have all been             a foundation
                                          touched by you.                         for developing
                                          Clare Mathias, director, Pender         your own tools
My approach:                              Island Choir                            and policies.
I believe that people need to feel                                                Information will
safe and welcome to sing freely. I        Brian's energy and connection to the    be posted at:
take a very informal approach, with       human spirit are inspiring and          http://www.cuc
a lot of humour, fun, and                 inviting. We were very blessed to       .ca/programs/l
playfulness. I encourage folks to         have had such an awesome                eadership.htm
solo, to find their own voice and         musician here. Thank you Brian for
style. I work with all types of choral    the gifts of your original talent and   Facilitator: Monica Bennett
repertoire, but my niche is in gospel     your infectious energy.                 Monica is a Service Consultant in
and world music, particularly African     "Undercurrents" (Bowen Island           Congregational Wellness & Vitality
and African-derived music. I am also      newspaper)                              (Growth & Conflict Management,
a percussionist, and have studied                                                 Leadership) for the CUC in the
West and South African music. All         "Thank you so much for all of your      Eastern Region. She will enhance,
music of this style I teach orally, in    work with us. It was a blast!! One      nurture and promote the
the traditional manner, with              long-term member of our church told     development of Unitarian and
emphasis on singing in the authentic      me that he thought your service was     Universalism in congregations from
style. With music in a gospel style, I    the best ever at our church. That's     Sarnia to Peterborough. She is
work with the congregation/               high praise indeed!"                    available to provide workshops,
audience to create a participatory        Donna Brown, Choir Director,            training, coaching and consultative
and joyful atmosphere.                    Unitarian Church of Vancouver           services to congregations as
                                                                                  requested by congregations.
Quote                                     Monica’s background includes the
                                          Date: Friday, May 18, 2007              development and implementation of
"Choral music should be riveting,                                                 resources, training and consultation
                                          Time: 9-4:30
thrilling, ecstatic, and unforgettable,                                           services for voluntary organizations
                                          Location: Unitarian Church of
and this is the kind of singing I                                                 and their volunteer programs. She
                                          Vancouver, Sanctuary,949 West
endeavour to bring to choirs. I feel         th                                   has worked with many Boards of
                                          49 Avenue (at Oak) Vancouver BC
that choir should be a place where                                                Directors and their committees to
singers can feel secure so that they                                              establish policies, procedures and
                                          Registration fee: $75
can stretch themselves, take risks,                                               program priorities including issues
                                          Includes morning and afternoon
expand their voices and self-                                                     related to volunteer management,
                                          coffee break refreshments and
expression, discover something                                                    screening and risk management.
about themselves and others, go
beyond their idea of themselves                                                   Monica became a Unitarian
both as individuals and as a group.                                               Universalist in 1997. Since then she
Choir should be nothing short of a                                                has become a trainer for all five
transformational and life-changing                                                curricula of the positive,
experience."                                                                      comprehensive lifespan sexuality
                                                                                  education program, Our Whole

 email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                      5

Lives. This work has given her much      9:00 - 9:30 am                         Stephen Turnbull (the CUC’s first
insight into congregational life and a   Warm-up, Check-in, Intro, Agenda       Youth Observer – now young adult)
greater appreciation for our                                                    has served on the ACM Program
denomination. Her background in          9:30 - 12:30                           Planning committee to help select
sexuality includes working as a                                                 concurrent sessions of interest to
                                         Speaking to Bereaved Families
volunteer at the University of                                                  young adults. Contact young-
                                         (with Self-Empathy Exercises)
Waterloo Birth Control Centre and                                     
                                         Wayne Ulian, Lay Chaplain, and         Michael Tino, UUA Director of
as senior staff at Planned
                                         Margaret Fletcher, UCV Member
Parenthood in both Hamilton and                                                 Young Adult/Campus Ministry will
                                         and Bereavement Counsellor
Kitchener. She also has a strong                                                be at the ACM delivering workshops
background and experience in the                                                and available for consultation.
anti-sexual violence movement            12:30 - 1:30 pm
which she says grounded her in           lunch
anti-oppression theory and practice.
She has 20 plus years of solid           1:30 - 4:30 pm
experience in community                  Creating the Sacred Journey of
development work. “I believe in the      Ritual: Deepening Rites of
power of community. I’ve seen            Passage and Planning New
myself how people transform their        Rituals
lives through their involvement and       (By UCV Lay Chaplains: Katherine
personal investment their                Roback, Shoshanna Wiley and Dan
community.”                              Enright)
Monica lives in Dundas, Ontario.         (Some may choose to have dinner
Location: Unitarian Church of            together before the ingathering at
Vancouver, Sanctuary,949 West            UBC)                                   Devin Murphy and Joel Fox,
49 Avenue (at Oak) Vancouver BC          No fee for current, retired lay        CUC ACM 2007 Soulful
604-261-7204                             chaplains and lay chaplains-in-        Sundown Coordinator.
Registration fee: $75                    training, ministers, ministerial
Includes morning and afternoon           students and lay chaplaincy            Soulful Sundown worship service
coffee break refreshments and            committee members (but must pre-       will be led by (mainly) young adults
lunch.                                   register)                              on Sunday night after the banquet. If
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm                  Location: Unitarian Church of          you are able to help plan the
                                         Vancouver                              worship, contact soulful-
                                         Go to     
Lay Chaplaincy Day                       lay_chaplaincy/upcoming_               More information at:
                                         training.htm for details of this and   conference/2007/ youngAdults.htm
                                         other training events for Unitarians
—for those who officiate at              and Universalists who officiate at
Unitarian and Universalist               rites of passage.
Rites of Passage
                                         Canadian Unitarians for Social
Open to current, retired and
prospective lay chaplains, ministers,
ministerial students and lay             Canadian Unitarians for Social
chaplaincy committee members.            Justice (CUSJ) have their annual
Friday is sponsored by the CUC’s         meeting and program on the Friday
Lay Chaplaincy Committee                 before the CUC’s conference.
providing enrichment training            Check for details as
opportunities.9:00-5pm                   they become available.
The day is being planned and             CUSJ is an Associate Member of
coordinated by the Lay Chaplaincy        the CUC.
team at the Unitarian Church of          Location: UBC SUB Room 207
Vancouver.                               President: Bob Stevenson
                                         Young Adult Programming

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                   6

Registration                         8:15 – 8:45 am

Friday                               Spiritual practice 1A
2:00 pm                              Stretching, Chanting and
Registration opens at UBC            Reflective Writing
Location: SUB 2 Floor South          Stretch and chant: Light warm-up
Foyer                                exercises and chanting practice
                                     includes reflective writing. By
12:00-4:00 Exhibits set-up           experiencing calm, connected and
Location: SUB Concourse              inspired feelings, we act from a
                                     grounded and centred state of mind
FRIDAY EVENING                       that allows us to consider the uni-
Events begin at ubc                  ness of life including all points of
                                     view. (community, universe,
                                     Unitarian) Wake up to who you are!
7:00 - 7:45 pm
                                     For over 30 years David Embry           A fearless social justice advocate
ACM ORIENTATION                      Solest has studied flute,
Come and learn the basics about                                              and outspoken theologian,
                                     composition and the yoga of voice.      passionate about peace and a
how the ACM happens.                 He facilitates vocal workshops,
Location: UBC – Student Union                                                candidate who has gone toe-to-toe
                                     leads chanting and is the director of   with Stephen Harper on the
Building                             the I AM Choir. He has studied          hustings.
                                     Gregorian chant with Iegor              The compassionate, controversial
7:30 – 8:00 pm                       Reznikoff, vocal facilitation with      and engaging Rev. Bill Phipps will
Banner carriers assemble with        Chloe Goodchild and Mantra/Nada         be the keynote speaker at the
Parade Marshall                      yoga practice with Swami                Canadian Unitarian Council's
                                     Sivananda Radha.                        Annual Conference and Meeting
8:00 – 9:00 pm                                                               2007 in Vancouver this spring.
Ingathering and Banner Parade        SP1B - The Everything Seed –            Phipps is International President of
Hosted by the Unitarian Church of    Readings and Story in English and       the World Conference on Religion
Vancouver                            French.                                 and Peace and a former Moderator
                                     Rev. Carole Martignacco is author       of the United Church of Canada.
9:00 – 10:00 pm                      of The Everything Seed & Nancy          "I expect Rev. Phipps to challenge
Sacred Circle Dancing                Labonte has translated the story        us as Unitarians about the work of
                                     into French.                            truly living diversity within our
10:00 – 11:00 pm                                                             religious communities," said
Labyrinth walking at the Vancouver                                           Canadian Unitarian Council
School of Theology outdoor           KEY NOTE SPEAKER                        Executive Director Mary Bennett.
Labyrinth                            Rev. Bill Phipps                        "He has walked the walk of
                                                                             speaking his truth and engaging
9:00 – 10:30 pm                                                              with a diversity of responses."
                                     9:00 - 10:15 am including Q&A
Reception hosted by UU United                                                Phipps experienced quite a diverse
Nations Office (cash bar)                                                    response when he spoke his truth
UBC SUB                              Compassionate, controversial            shortly after becoming United
                                     and engaging: Rev. Bill                 church Moderator in 1997. He said
                                                                             he didn't believe Jesus was God,
SATURDAY,                            Phipps to give keynote speech           nor did he consider the resurrection
                                                                             a scientific fact. He was also
                                                                             agnostic on the question of an
7:30 - 8:45 am
                                                                             afterlife. This sparked a debate
VIP Breakfast for ACM Concurrent                                             which continued to the end of his
Session presenters and Volunteer                                             term in 2000.
Liaisons with ACM Program                                                    In 2002, Phipps was the New
Planning members. By invitation.                                             Democratic Party candidate in the
Please RSVP to                                               Calgary Southwest by-election
                                                                             contested by newly-elected

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                        7

Canadian Alliance leader (currently      unprecedented; and how increased         been described as the energizer
Prime Minister) Stephen Harper.          surveillance is being 'policy            bunnies of membership.
Phipps has also worked as a              laundered' through international
poverty lawyer, pastor, community        forums.                                  A5. Religion on the Internet
organizer, hospital chaplain and an      Micheal Vonn is the Policy Director      Unitarian Church of Calgary's former
adult educator. He was trained as a      of the BC Civil Liberties Association.   webweaver takes participants on a
lawyer at Osgoode Hall Law School        She has spoken extensively on a          tour of websites that provide
in Toronto before entering               range of privacy/surveillance issues     overviews of various faiths and
theological college. He was              including new technologies, closed       spiritual paths.
ordained in 1969. Between 1974           circuit television cameras in public     Penney Kome is an award-winning
and 1983, he was minister of Trinity-    space, data mining, internet             journalist and author, and Editor of
St. Paul's United Church in Toronto.     surveillance, no-fly lists and the, Canada's
He's been a minister at Scarboro         USA Patriot Act. She is also             leading independent online
United Church in Calgary since           working on the privacy implications      newsmagazine. She is co-chair of
1993. He's currently active with the     of electronic health records.            the UCC Church Services
Interfaith community's Faith and the                                              committee and served as
Common Good project in Canada.           A3. Exploring the Inconvenient           webweaver for several years.
Bennett says Phipps will bring his       Truth
wealth of experience in balancing        Following the success of his film,       A6. Practicing Empathy -
conflicting and competing views to a     "An Inconvenient Truth”, in              Compassionate Communication
diverse CUC crowd in Vancouver           increasing awareness of Global           In Everyday Living
this May.                                Warming, Al. Gore has trained 1000       Learn a simple, practical
"In our very diverse congregations,      people to present and discuss his        compassionate communication
where we welcome those who               slide show. Dr. Jim Stephenson,          method (
identify as Humanist, Christian,         one of Gore's 1000, will present         Alone and in pairs, you'll identify
Pagan, Buddhist and more, we need        parts of the slide show, including       troublesome concerns "objectively"
to continually revisit our Living        some additional Canadian content,        AND make the connection between
Tradition," Bennett says. "We need       and lead a discussion of this crucial    negative feelings and unmet needs.
to meet the challenges that come         issue.                                   Experience the benefits of "deep
with both speaking our own truth         Dr. Jim Stephenson’s PhD. is in          listening" (empathy), which can
and truly celebrating the diversity of   economics with environmental             open channels of communication
our fellow members and friends."         economics one of his areas of            with more effective and satisfying
                                         study. Prior to "An Inconvenient         relationships the outcome.
Concurrent sessions                      Truth", Jim presented a course on        Wayne Ulian, a Vancouver school
Select one in each category.             Global Warming at the NSUC.              teacher, has led Compassionate
                                                                                  Communication workshops and
Saturday                                 A4. Membership - the Art of              practice groups for over 5 years.
                                         Information and Invitation               His is currently a Lay Chaplain at
10:30 am - 12 noon                       Membership begins at the front           the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.
                                         door. We will look at the processes
                                         used in Victoria and Saskatoon that      A7. OWL at a UU Camp Setting -
A1. ANNUAL MEETING, Part I               take newcomers from the front door       Does It Work?
Introductions, Reports, General          to being part of our congregations.      Going to camp is a summer tradition
Business                                 We will share ways to organize the       for many of us - but sexuality
Chair, CUC President, Vyda Ng            way you contact and provide              education at camp? Isn't this a
                                         information to new people through        recipe for disaster? Well, we did it
A2. Fighting for Privacy in a            all the stages of becoming a             at UniCamp in August of 2006 with
Surveillance Culture                     member, from that first visit, through   twenty-six 13-15 year old youth, not
Post 9/11 security culture has           being a friend and becoming a            all U*U’s. And it worked
leveraged public fears to justify        member. We will also provide             wonderfully! Let’s discuss what
vaguely described, vast surveillance     copies of all program materials and      worked and what could be done
measures. This workshop will             resources we use through the whole       better. Bring your ideas and let us
discuss surveillance programs            membership process.                      workshop together.
including telecommunications and         Lisa Greenly and Liz James have          Neal denHollander is an OWL
traveller surveillance (i.e. "no-fly)    been chairing their membership           facilitator and trainer. He co-
lists; how new technologies have         committees for 2 years and have          facilitated the Unicamp OWL (Grade
created surveillance potential that is                                            7-9) with Deirdre Yates. A former

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                        8

DRE at South Peel, he is currently       A picnic with games will be on the     churches for two practices and sing
active with YRUU locally, regionally     Field near Gage, UBC, for lunch.       with us during the Sunday morning
(QuOM), and nationally.                  Lunches will be provided for           service.
                                         purchase in advance, or bring your     Donna Brown has conducted the
A8. Creating a Unitarian Buddhist        own.                                   Chalice Choir of the Unitarian
Sangha                                   Coordinated by the North Shore         Church of Vancouver for the last
This session outlines a process for      Unitarian Church ($15/adults;          eight years. Under her direction, the
setting up a Unitarian spiritual small   $10/child under 12)                    choir has performed a wide variety
group in the Buddhist tradition. It                                             of music, from Bach and Mozart to
focuses not on just finding your         SATURDAY                               Gershwin.
cushion, but also maintaining your
                                         2:00 - 3:00 pm
seat (which often proves more                                                   B2. Welcoming the May! -
difficult, given the strong Unitarian                                           a Beltane Ritual
                                         CUC Board and Friends presents
sense of individual rights!)                                                    Modern Pagans view the world as a
                                         the Go-4-It Strategy
Gillian Burton is a member of two                                               great Circle of life, majestically
                                         Kalvin Drake, Coordinator
UU Buddhist sanghas. A UU Lay                                                   turning from season to season.
Chaplain, lawyer, mediator, hearing                                             Dance with us around the Maypole
officer and educator.                                                           as we welcome the coming of
                                         1:30 - 9:00 pm
                                                                                Spring and the reawakening of the
A9. Inter-spiritual Chanting as a                                               Earth. Join us as we celebrate the
Personal and Congregational                                                     rhythms of nature with ritual, song,
Meditation Practice                                                             and enthusiastic merriment.
We will explore singing and                                                     Louise Bunn an artist, has been a
meditating together. Chants are                                                 practicing Pagan for 25 years and a
from a variety of traditions including                                          Unitarian for the past 10 years. She
non-dualist and English. We look at                                             wrote the Unitarian curriculum
the questions: 'What does it mean to                                            "Paganism 101". Fritz Muntean is a
attune ourselves?' 'What is the                                                 member of the UCV Board of
value of a shared experience in a        Vancouver Street Retreat               Trustees. He has a recent MA in
conscious state of love and peace?'      Select this event INSTEAD of           Religious Studies, and has been a
The workshop includes a brief            B & C concurrent sessions              practicing Pagan for over 40 years.
explanation of mantras.                  The Street Retreat is a chance to
David Embry Solest studied flute,        bring our intentional presence to a    B3. Moving from Youth
composition, voice and was a             day in the streets of Vancouver’s      Programming to Youth Ministry
member of the Univ. of Victoria          Downtown Eastside. Based on a          Through the Consultation on Youth
Choir and Chamber Singers. He            Zen Buddhist practice of walking       Ministry, our youth are telling us that
facilitates vocal workshops, leads       meditation, we spend a day walking     they want and need deeper spiritual
chanting and is the director of the I    in non-judgment, bearing witness to    connections. We will take a closer
AM Choir.                                the joy, suffering and absurdity of    look at what this means and how
                                         life on the streets.                   UU congregations can better serve
SATURDAY                                 Laura Friedman is a candidate for      the spiritual needs of youth. "What
                                         Unitarian Universalist ministry. She   are the roles of ministers, religious
                                         has been working for the last couple   educators, lay leaders and youth
12:00 - 1:30 pm
                                         of years founding the Faithful Fools   themselves in making our faith a
Mini-plenary to discuss the Social                                              religious home”?
                                         of Vancouver, an interfaith street
Responsibility resolutions on Racial                                            Jesse Jaeger, has served as Youth
                                         ministry in the Downtown Eastside.
and First Nations Justice.                                                      Programs Director, UUA for 5 years.
                                                                                Before that he served the
MULTIGENERATIONAL DAY                    SATURDAY                               Association for 2 years in the Young
Youth from CanUUdle arrive on site                                              Adult and Campus Ministry Office.
at UBC for lunch and stay for the        3:15 - 4:45 pm
day until the youth-led worship ends                                            B4. U*U Perspectives on Sexual
at 10:00 pm.                             B1. CUC ACM 2007 Choir                 Orientation & Gender Identity /
                                         Practice. Must also attend D2.         Expression
                                         What better way to celebrate           "Welcoming Congregations" have
12:00 - 1:45 pm                                                                 completed a program and held a
                                         diversity than through song! Join
Multigenerational Picnic                                                        congregational vote affirming that
                                         choir members of the Vancouver

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                          9

they welcome persons regardless of      She has been making natural soap         Richard Kirsh has been organizing
their sexual orientation, gender        products since 1999.                     volunteer construction trips to
identity or expression. When did                                                 Central America since 1994. Over
your congregation complete the          B8. Restless Unitarians                  400 Unitarians from across Canada
program? Is once enough? If your        Eighteen thousand Canadians told         have participated, many of them
congregation has not run the            Statistics Canada that they're           returning more than once.
program, does it need to? Come to       Unitarian, though we have only           Panelists include Robbie Brydon
discuss and learn!                      6,.000 in our congregations. Twelve      and Sara Maki.
Art Brewer is Chair of the CUC's        thousand potential participants in
Gender and Sexual Diversity             our movement need to connect with        SATURDAY
Monitoring Group. He is an adult        you! Using the insights from
trainer by profession, and a long       Reginald Bibby's latest study,
time champion of the Welcoming          "Restless Churches," in which the        Simple Souper
Congregation program.                   Canadian sociologist of religion         Saturday Supper
                                        sees the emergence of a religious        Choose either
B5. Deep Ecology and 'The Work          renaissance, this workshop will
that Re-connects'                       explore ways our Unitarian and
                                                                                 5:00 – 5:45 pm or
We can meet concerns about the          Universalist congregations can be
                                                                                 6:15 - 7:00 pm sitting.
very future of our planet with fear     reaching out to Canadians already
and anguish, or with deep caring        sympathetic to Unitarianism.             $20/adult; $10/children under 12.
and a radical embrace of our 7th        Rev. Peter Boullata is currently the     Included in Youth and Junior Youth
principle. This experiential            interim minister with the Unitarian      program No additional fee.
workshop will introduce participants    Fellowship of Peterborough.              Junior Youth and Youth will be at
to the work of deep ecologist                                                    the 1st sitting. Families with young
Joanna Macy, and explore its            B9. SGM - Building Bridges               children might prefer the early time.
resonance for U*U’s.                    Between Our Divisions
Nicoline Guerrier is a Ministerial      Rev. Jane Bramadat and DLL
Student and Social Worker who has       Sylvia Bass West will share this
been designing and leading              multigenerational experiential
workshops since 1989. She has           workshop using small group ministry
twice studied with Joanna Macy.         process. The workshop group will
                                        break into age-appropriate Small
B6. How Shall We Go-4-It! ?             Group Ministry circles of under 8
This interactive workshop follows       people. Each will reflect on a similar
the plenary session - where we will     diversity issue, using a reading
have heard the feedback from the        appropriate to the age group, There
Congregational Workshops held           will be time for reflection, and for
across the country. Now it's time to    children, an associated creative
start brainstorming the specifics...    exploration with art materials. Then
creating the future for Unitarianism    we all rejoin to share our experience
                                                                                 We again invite congregations to
and Universalism in Canada!             within the larger group.
                                                                                 bring a special bowl – filled with
CUC Board Trustees.
                                                                                 money for a charity that’s hunger-
Board members bios can be found         B10. Volunteering in the
                                                                                 related. You will exchange your
on the CUC website                      Developing World: Lessons
                                                                                 bowl with that from another
B7. Balance and Self Care               Have you ever wondered what it
In today's busy world, balance is not   would be like to volunteer overseas?
                                                                                 Location: First Nations Longhouse,
something that many of us are able      Three young Canadians, who have
to achieve. Come and share your         volunteered overseas with different
ideas with others striving for the      organizations, will inspire you with
                                                                                 5:45 – 6:15 pm There will a bowls
same. We will also make some            their stories drawn from experiences
fabulous "tools" to take home with      on three continents. Why did they
you.                                    go? How did reality meet their
Caroline Farley is the Director of      expectations? What did they learn?
Lifespan Religious Exploration at       How have their lives changed as a
the UCV and "president" of              result. Share the adventure, ask
Replenish All Natural Bath Products.    questions. A video may be shown.

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                        10

Saturday                                                                         together with people who see the
                                         C5. Make it Local Then Take it          world differently than we do. It is
                                         Global: Citizen Advocacy                based on the ways in which humans
7:15 - 8:45 pm
                                         Our cumulative actions to improve       interact. Its application ranges from
                                         the world can make a difference, but    the most intimate of human
C1. Confluence Lecture 2007              how do we ensure our voice is being     relationships to all levels of human
Presented this year by                   heard. This workshop will look at       interactions.
Rev. Christine Hillman.                  some success stories and                Philip Bone Campbell is a clinical
“The “H” Word”                           challenges around advocacy work         counsellor and program manager
“Where do we come from? Who are          that have risen to the global arena.    with Interlock. In this role he
we? Where are we going?”                 Bring your questions and share          frequently presents workshops and
These words from a chant sung by         experience on how change                has presented numerous lay
many, speak to the direction of this     happens.                                services, one on this topic.
year’s Confluence Lecture. Where         Susan Walsh, Executive Director,
does our religious tradition come        USC Canada is an engaging leader.       C9. Intersecting Circles - the
from? Who are we now? And where          Susan has 25 years experience in        Integration of Modern Paganism
are we going?                            activism, in Canada, the developing     Pagans at the Unitarian Church of
Christine is in the sixth year of her    world and at the global policy level.   Vancouver are creating a model for
ministry at the historic Unitarian       She was part of the grassroots          integrating into the life and practice
Universalist Church of Olinda in         mobilization, and lobbying of the UN    of their congregation that may be
Southwest Ontario, and on                Convention to Conserve Bio-             unique in our movement. From an
sabbatical from January to early         diversity - where the global Ban        historical perspective, this may be
June. A long time Unitarian              Terminator was confirmed for 2008.      the latest working through of a
Universalist, she currently chairs the                                           creative tension that has contributed
CUC Theological Education Funds          C6. “Think Peace” Documentary           much to our denomination's
Committee and has co-led the UU          Film                                    success.
History Module for religious             This documentary was filmed during      Fritz Muntean is a member of the
educators in Canada.                     the World Peace Forum, Vancouver,       UCV Board of Trustees. He has a
                                         BC, June 23-28, 2006.                   recent MA in Religious Studies, and
C2. Cakes for the Queen of               Approximately a 50 minute long film     has been a practicing Pagan for
Heaven Celebration                       presentation. It brings a message of    over 40 years. Louise Bunn is an
A participatory evening ritual to        peace and hope.                         artist and has been a practicing
celebrate the 21st anniversary of the    David Maidman                           Pagan for 25 years and a Unitarian
popular feminist theology curriculum                                             for the past 10 years.
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven.           C7. By Bits and Bytes -
Rev. Shirley Ranck, Ph.D., is the        UU Congregations Join                   C10. Youth Community Games
author of “Cakes for the Queen of        the Information Age                     From light and easy to deep and
Heaven” curriculum; UU minister.         A workshop to explore and share         even provocative, come participate
                                         ideas about the use of computers in     (or just watch) as we take you
C3. Consultation on Youth                our churches, both for internal use,    through some ice breakers,
Ministry                                 for outreach and to attract new         energizers, group building and
The Canadian Unitarian Council has       members. Hardware, software,            group stretching games and
been partnering with the UUA for         networking, web sites, email, e-lists   activities our youth communities
the past two years to deeply             and other topics will be discussed.     enjoy.
examine how we support youth in          Come with your questions and your       Communities that play together,
our faith. As this process               church computer usage stories.          stay together!
culminates, join us in seeing what       Bert Christensen is CUC                 Youth Advisory Group & Terre
we have learned so far and what the      webweaver. John Michell is a            Commune Leaders
next steps are in this important         seasoned computer network
process.                                 consultant and trainer and CUC
Jesse Jaeger, Youth Programs             board member contact to the
Director, UUA. and Canadian Youth        technology advisory group.
                                         C8. Incorporating Diversity - How       9:00 - 10:00 pm
CANCELLED: C4. Back in                   to Practice What We Preach              Youth-led Worship
School?                                  This workshop presents a model          The Symphony of Modern
CANCELLED                                that provides a roadmap for living      Humanity

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                       11

Coordinator: Chris Michell, youth-      the Unitarian Church of                 past 15 years. He has organized                          Vancouver During the Inter-war          workshops for the Unitarian
                                        Period of the 1920's and 1930's"        Congregation and Community
                                        The time between the two world          Organizations for the past 10 years.
SATURDAY                                wars brought great change for
                                        women. This talk describes what         D4. Hook, Line and Zinger:
                                        we know of the work of Rev. Ada         How to Write So the Media
10:00 pm on
                                        Tonkin and Rev. Wilna Constable at      Takes Notice (Part One)
Coffee House presented by Beacon        the Unitarian Church of Vancouver,      A practical guide to writing effective
Unitarian Church.                       and leadership provided by women        press releases, feature articles,
The Unitarian Home Companion old        of the congregation during that time.   news stories and other materials
time radio show, featuring the "Play    Tonkin and Constable were the first     that will get media attention and
As You Are Able Orchestra," the         female Unitarian ministers settled in   raise the profile of your
"Carry the Flame Players" and           Canada.                                 congregation. Emphasizes basic
special guests.                         Diana Ellis is a Unitarian Church of    story structures, Canadian Press
Written by Don Hauka, the show          Vancouver member, UCV Archives          style, establishing healthy relations
features lots of music, laughter, an    Committee Chair, feminist, and          with media outlets and how thinking
exciting action serial and "The         consultant on planning and              small can yield big results.
Unitarian's Guide to the Orchestra,"    evaluation. Rev. Phillip Hewett and     Don Hauka has 25-plus years of
a comic look at instruments and the     Patience Towler assisted with           experience as a journalist, teacher
musicians who play them. If you still   research.                               and communicator. He's held many
have energy after that, there may                                               workshops on writing and media
just be time for a sing-a-long.         D2. CUC ACM 2007 Choir                  relations. He's currently president of
                                        Practice. Must have attended B1.        Beacon Unitarian Church. Tom
                                        What better way to celebrate            Poiker is a recently retired
Sunday                                  diversity than through song! Join       Professor of geography. He has
                                        choir members of the Vancouver          developed and presented numerous
7:30 - 8:45 am                          churches for two practices and sing     workshops; in recent years, he has
                                        with us during the Sunday morning       developed expertise in online
CUC Friends Breakfast
                                        service.                                learning and collaborative work.
All those who have supported the
                                        Donna Brown has conducted the
CUC Friends financial campaign in
                                        Chalice Choir, UCV for the last eight   D5. Programming for Young
the past year are invited – Please
                                        years. Under her direction, the choir   Adults
pre-register or notify
                                        has performed a wide variety of         A balanced model of young adult
so we can confirm numbers.
                                        music, from Bach and Mozart to          programming has spiritual growth at
                                        Gershwin.                               its core and includes justice and
Location: Sage Bistro
                                                                                social bonding. Learn ways to
                                        D3. Building Support for Unitarian      create young adult programming
Sunday                                  Universalist Fellowship in              that meets all of these needs.
                                        Havana, Cuba                            Discuss a new way to host young
8:15 – 8:45 am                          Panel presentation supporting Efrain    adult conferences to attract more
                                        Espinosa and the Unitarian              people to our faith.
                                        Fellowships in Havana, Cuba is one      Michael Tino is UUA Director of
SP2. Unitarian Universalist
                                        of the greatest challenges for          Young Adult and Campus Ministry
Fellowship in Havana, Cuba
                                        members of the Canadian Unitarian       and has presented workshops at
Gather for early morning spiritual
                                        Council. Our workshop will focus on     several ACMs.
practice before workshop D3.
                                        the challenges to get the Unitarian
                                        Fellowship admitted to the Council      D6. Attending U*U Meetings via
                                        of Churches of Cuba and how the         the Internet
Sunday                                  Canadian and American Unitarian         Great strides have been made in
                                        Congregations can support this          "distance-learning" technologies in
9:00 - 10:30 am                         effort and the work of our brothers     business. Companies are
                                        and sisters in Cuba.                    conducting "webinars" (web-based
                                        Wilson Munoz is chair of the UCV        seminars), making corporate
D1. Canadian UU Historical              Social Justice Committee for the        announcements, and holding
Society AGM and Mark Mosher             past two years and President of         conferences where some or all of
DeWolfe Lecture: Diana Ellis,           Community Organizations for the         the attendees are not physically
"Women in Leadership Roles at

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                          12

present at the conference site. Can     taught me to balance head and            Members of local congregations are
churches do the same? Could you         body, research and creativity.”          welcome but must pre-register and
"attend" the next ACM with others       30 min. on eco-spiritual practice, 30    wear their church name tag.
from your congregation in one of        min. on Enviro C'tee joys and
your church's meeting rooms?            sorrows, 30 min. net-working             Which Way Do We Look?
John Michell is a seasoned              Karl Perrin is Chair of the UC
computer network consultant and         Vancouver Enviro C'tee since 1994        What values and aspirations do
trainer. CUC board member contact       and a charter member of the CUC          Unitarians in Canada share that can
to the technology advisory group.       Enviro Monitoring Group. He wrote        enable us to act effectively for the
                                        and delivered four homilies,             well-being and common good of our
D7. Would You Like Better               memorials, weddings, infant              nation? Which way do we look?
Meetings?                               namings; parent/staff training; 2        Provocative and sustaining
For most of us, meetings are a bore     eco-spirituality courses; 13 years of    inspiration as we dream and work to
and an aggravation. This can be         organic gardening, church based          promote and embody our
changed, and this workshop will         enviro study and action: Clayoquot       values/aspirations? Provocative and
point the way. Participants will play   Sound, GreenPeace, David Suzuki          sustaining inspiration may well
scripted roles in a hypothetical        Foundation                               come from arts, literature, our UU
illustrative congregational board                                                heritage, our domestic life, from a
meeting. while discussing the tools     D10. UU- UNO: Initiatives to             progressive Canadian political and
and attitudes that make for more        Bridge UUs and the United                moral narrative, or from the abiding,
productive, shorter and more            Nations                                  authoritative voice within us.
democratic meetings.                    This is an Intergenerational/
Bruce Partridge is a practicing         Congregational customized
parliamentarian, recovering lawyer,     workshop. Cultivating partnerships
former university administrator and     among youth, young adults and
college teacher: has facilitated more   adults is vital to peacebuilding and
than 40 workshops: has planned          celebrating diversity. Veteran
and facilitated countless meetings      activists will share models for
and suffered through many others.       promoting global citizenship and
Bruce is presently writing a book on    leadership development and lead
meeting skills.                         small group discussions to continue
                                        initiatives through lifespan learning,
D8. Communion Service                   CUC Monitoring Groups, and UU-
A liberal Christian Unitarian           UNO Envoys.
Communion service will be offered       Jim Nelson, UU-UNO Executive
to anyone who would like to             Director, Janet Hillen and Raman
participate.                            Kumar, Envoy and Youth Envoy,
Rev. Felicia Urbanski first became      Hamilton. Marilyn Mehr, President,
involved with Unitarians in Canada      UU-UNO. Eryl Court, Envoy
through the Lakehead Unitarian          Coordinator (Canada) and peace
Fellowship. She is interim Minister     activist. Former interns have been
at the First Unitarian Congregation     invited.
of Waterloo, was interim Minister of                                              “The young men in North America
Pastoral Care last year at All Souls                                             at this moment take little thought of
Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK and       Sunday
                                                                                 what men in England are thinking
served three years as Minister of the
Unitarian Universalist Church of                                                 and doing. That is the point which
                                        11:00 am - 12:00 noon
Stillwater, OK. She is a 2001 M.Div.                                             decides the welfare of the people;
                                        Prelude starts at 10:45 am
graduate of the Univ. of Winnipeg.                                               which way does it look?... We have
D9. Environmental Action as             Sunday Worship                           come to feel that "by ourselves our
Personal Practice                       at the Chan Centre                       safety must be bought;" to know the
Gandhi practiced satyagraha and
                                        With Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson
                                                                                 vast resources of the continent, the
voluntary simplicity. “Sunday school                                             good-will that is in the people, their
                                        and the CUC ACM Choir under
inspired me with Gandhi and Lao
Tzu. Later, Gaia, Buddhism,
                                        direction of Donna Brown.                conviction of the great moral
composting, and Earth Day services                                               advantages of freedom, social

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                            13

equality, education, and religious       about ways to hold them in our faith     Diana in particular is skilled at
                                         into adulthood. Bridging these gaps      facilitation, and Forrest has
culture, and their determination to      should be central to any                 experience in Sustainability
hold these fast, and, by them, to hold   congregation's growth plan. Come         Strategies for large organizations.
fast to the country... " - Emerson       join us to learn how to build these
                                         bridges.                                 E5. Hook, Line and Zinger:
                                         Jesse Jaeger has served as the           How to Write So the Media
Sunday                                   Youth Programs Director for the          Takes Notice (Part Two)
                                         past 5 years at the UUA.. Before         Building on Part 1, this workshop
12:00 - 2:00 pm - Lunch                  that he served the Association for 2     includes a seminar on how many
                                         years in the Young Adult and             different ways you can use the
Beyond Our Borders                       Campus Ministry Office. Michael          same article and how many different
                                         Tino has served the Association for      media you can send it to (for free). It
Canadians participate in our global      the past 6 years as the Director of      also features a group exercise on
faith community through the              Young Adult and Campus Ministry.         harnessing the full power of the
International Council of Unitarians                                               Internet to spread the words and
and Universalists. Come for lunch        E3. Sacred Circle Dance for All          how to teach others these basic
and meet our international               Ages                                     skills.
representatives, our Conference          Sacred Circle Dance consists of          Don Hauka has 25-plus years of
visitors, and our allies in other        simple, yet spirited dances suitable     experience as a journalist, teacher
organizations. We'll share stories,      for all ages, singles and families.      and communicator. He's held many
news and inspire adventure!              We dance to celebrate our joys,          workshops on writing and media
Coordinated by Rev. Brian Kiely,         grieve our sorrows and experience        relations. He's currently president of
co-chair of the North American           the sacredness of life in community.     Beacon Unitarian Church. Part Two
Committee of the International           Margaret Rao is a founding               (advanced) participants who attend
Council of Unitarians and                member of the Dance Choir at             both sessions will receive a
Universalists.                           Toronto First U. Congregation. She       communicator's citation (we also
Location: Sage Bistro                    leads Sacred Circle Dances at            plan to offer this course in more
Ticketed event.                          Toronto First and also weaves            detail online, and successful
                                         Dances for the larger Sacred Circle      graduates will earn a certificate).
                                         Dance community in Toronto.
Sunday                                                                            E6. Healing Towards Wholeness:
                                         E4. World Cafe:                          An Introduction to Healing
2:00 – 3:30 pm                           Imagine Sustainability                   Pathway for U*Us
                                         Sustainability: a journey and/or         An introduction to Healing Touch for
                                         destination? There are a number of       self and as a congregational
                                         perspectives on sustainability:          ministry. This workshop will offer,
Social Responsibility Presentations
                                         'Social Justice", Social                 through a U*U lens, both overview
and Resolutions and General
                                         Responsibility", the "Triple Bottom      and a time of practice of one
                                         Line"; "Corporate Social                 specific type of energy work, the
Resolution from the Racial & First
                                         Responsibility" etc. All these "file     philosophy and methods of Healing
Nations Monitoring Group will be
                                         folders" deal with the related issues:   Touch as used in the Healing
                                         human dignity, love, peace, security,    Pathway programme offered
                                         the interconnected web and the           through the United Church of
Chair, CUC President, Vyda Ng.
                                         economy. This World Cafe offers a        Canada's Naramata Centre, BC.
                                         chance for small group dialogue          Rev. Heather Fraser Fawcett, with
E2. Bridging the Gaps: Helping
                                         focused on key questions designed        a long interest in therapeutic touch,
Our Young People Stay in Our
                                         to evoke dreams, stories, ideas and      and complementary healing
                                         imaginative solutions. This is an        practices, has trained to become a
Anecdotal evidence shows that
                                         interactive conversation where all       regular practitioner in a healing
nearly 80% of the members of our
                                         participants have a voice and a          ministry with the United Church. She
congregations joined our faith as
                                         contribution.                            has offered introductory workshops
adults. That begs the question,
                                         Forrest and Diana Smith of EcoSol        in Healing Pathway in both United
where have all our young people
                                         Consulting Inc, Victoria BC, are         Church and U*U settings.
gone? In this workshop, we will
                                         partners in life and business. They
identify the holes in most churches'
                                         have a wealth of experience in           E7. The Art of Spiritual Direction
current programming that let our
                                         social and environmental activism.       for Unitarians
young people slip away, and talk

 email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                             14

The Art of Spiritual Direction, an         Sunday                                   made a notable contribution to the
ancient form of spiritual renewal, is                                               furthering of liberal religious
seeing a resurgence of interest in                                                  principles in Canada.
                                           4:00 - 5:15 pm
North America. Spiritual direction
offers you a very personal and             Congregational Showcase!
profound means to explore and              Come Show And Tell!                      9:00 - 9:30 pm
deepen your daily experience of the        Trends, highlights, last year and
sacred. Come and discover how it           coming year. Meet with others from
                                                                                    Coordinated by the Unitarian
might challenge and excite you.            your region and share your stories.
                                                                                    Church of Vancouver
Debra Thorne is a retired Lay              Facilitated by CUC Staff and
Chaplain, lay chaplaincy trainer,          Regional Network Group members.
workshop facilitator and spiritual
director. Debra offers spiritual           Sunday
direction to individuals and a             5:30 - 6:30 pm                           9:30 - 11:00 pm
workshop introducing Unitarians to         Poetry Reading                           Soulful Sundown
the themes of spiritual direction          You are invited to Shoreline:            Worship Service
entitled, "A Deepening Path".              Water Poems the first ever CUC           Contact if
                                           Poetry Anthology book launch:            you are a young adult who would
E8. The Internet and Religious             Hear contributing poets: Helen           like to help create and facilitate this
Education                                  Iacovino, Franci Louann, Carole          worship service.
CANCELLED                                  Martignacco, Diane Stevenson             Soulful Sundown Coordinator:
                                           Schmolka, Cassy Welburn and              Joel Fox
E9. Paganism 101 - Ten Years               Keith Wilkinson read their original
of Teaching Paganism in a                  work, and the work of Anne
Unitarian Congregation                     Swannell and Sterling Haynes.
This 9-week course for Unitarians,         Come celebrate the theme of water
written by Vancouver's Louise Bunn         and the rich creativity welling up in
and now used in many other North           our midst. For more information,
American Unitarian Churches. Join          contact
us for a discussion of what we, as
Unitarian Pagans, have learned             5:00 pm on                               Monday
about curriculum and institutional         Museum of Anthropology open to
development over the past decade.                                                   8:15 - 8:45 am
                                           registered conference participants
E10. Re-invigorating Your                                                           SP3. Lectio Divina With a Twist!
Planned Giving Committee                   Sunday                                   An ancient form of contemplative
Encouraging congregational                                                          practice. The tradition originates
members to think about leaving a                                                    with the Christian Desert Fathers
                                           7:00 - 9:00 pm
legacy is a fine art. It requires                                                   and Mothers, but we will use the
building relationships amongst             Banquet at Museum of                     Sufi mystic poetry of Hafiz.
members with abiding interest in the       Anthropology includes Knight             Debra Thorne is a retired Lay
Church's mission and welfare, and          Award Presentation for long-term         Chaplain, lay chaplaincy trainer,
facilitating their estate planning. This   service to our religion in Canada        workshop facilitator and spiritual
workshop focuses on essential                                                       director. Debra offers spiritual
building blocks, and brings a guest        The Victor and Nancy Knight Living       direction to individuals and a
expert in relevant estate planning         Tribute Award Is presented at the        workshop introducing Unitarians to
vehicles                                   CUC Annual Meeting. Funds were           the themes of spiritual direction
Rainer Borkenhagen has served at           received in 1996 for the purpose of      entitled, "A Deepening Path"
UCV in the various capacities as           establishing a perpetual fund to
treasurer, chair of canvass and chair      honour the ideals exemplified by the     Space set aside for Spontaneous
of planned giving committee.               lives and work of Nancy and Victor       Spiritual Practice
                                           Knight in furthering the principles of
                                           Unitarianism in Canada. As an
                                           encouragement for others to follow
                                           their example, an award is to be
                                           made annually from the income of
                                           the fund to a living person, who has

 email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                        15

Monday                                   labyrinth and bring in some of the      Participation is expected from
                                         3,500-year history of labyrinths as     representatives of The Social
9:00 - 10:30 am                          well as the wealth of symbolism.        Investment Organization, Kairos,
                                         Participants will go home with a        Canadian Business for Corporate
                                         deeper appreciation of this spiritual   Responsibility and the UUA,
F1. ANNUAL MEETING, Part III             practice that they can bring to any
Financial stewardship: CUC               future labyrinth they walk closer to    F7. Christian Voices in
financial statements and budget.         home.                                   Unitarianism
Chair, CUC President, Vyda Ng            Helen Iacovino an active UU for 25      Based upon the book edited by Rev.
                                         years, has served as Board member       Kathleen Rolenz, entitled "Christian
F2. Invisible Influence:                 and convenor and has chaired the        Voices in Unitarian Universalism"
Claiming the Contributions               RE, Membership and Nominating           (Skinner House Books, 2006), this
of Unitarian and Universalist            Committees, organized a retreat         interactive session will draw upon
Women in Canada                          and taken leadership courses.           the various personal stories in the
This workshop will highlight the         Helen is also a poet with a degree in   book to generate discussion and
"how" of recovering the lost,            English literature.                     personal sharing. Topics explored
neglected, overlooked and                Location: Meet in SUB. Will include     will be: How does one practice
undocumented contributions of U*U        an outdoor labyrinth walk (at           Unitarian values and espouse a
women in Canada. There will also         Vancouver School of Theology) –         Christian theological perspective?
be an introduction to feminist           rain or shine. Bring your rain gear.    What are the exciting new "cutting
methodology.                                                                     edge" ideas in liberal Christianity
Rev. Heather Fraser Fawcett, B.A.                                                today? How can one find
History and Canadian Studies.                                                    community and support following
CUC Board member Jean                                                            Jesus' teachings within our
Pfleiderer, Ph.D. English, teaches                                               Canadian Unitarian congregations?
Women's Studies, Queen's.                                                        Rev. Felicia Urbanski currently
                                                                                 serves as Interim Minister at the
F3. Singing Your Way Home                                                        First Unitarian Congregation of
Join well-known UU singer and                                                    Waterloo. She was Interim Minister
songwriter Joyce Poley in an                                                     of Pastoral Care last year at All
inspirational session of group                                                   Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa,
singing. Using selections from our       F5. Campus Ministry in Canada           Oklahoma, and served three years
hymnal, as well as our newer             Why do we do campus ministry?           as Minister of the UU. Church of
resource, Singing the Journey,           What are the spiritual needs of         Stillwater, OK. She is a 2001 M.Div.
participants will have the opportunity   students? How can a small,              graduate of the University of
to deepen their experience of            committed group make a big              Winnipeg. Felicia first became
“diversity in community” through the     difference in the lives of students?    involved with Unitarians in Canada
use of songs and hymns.                  Learn organizing tips and best          through the Lakehead Unitarian
All voices welcome!                      practices from around the continent     Fellowship in Thunder Bay, where
Vancouver based singer/ songwriter       and discuss how established             she met her husband Larry Squire.
Joyce Poley has traveled                 models can adapt to serve
extensively presenting workshops         Canadian students better.               F8. Sondage sur les attitudes
and worship services that focus on       Michael Tino is UUA Director of         spirituelles French speakers
congregational singing and its           Young Adult and Campus Ministry         (even slightly)
importance to the worship                and has given workshops at several      Douglas Campbell a élaboré une
experience. She is probably best         ACMs.                                   grille de dialogue sur les attitudes
known for her CD/songbook Let            Joseph Santos-Lyons is the UUA's        spirituelles (religious temperaments)
Your Heart Sing, and her two             campus ministry expert.                 et nous allons nous en servir pour
pageants, Spirit of the Christmas                                                explorer notre religion unitarienne
Tree and Would You Like to Hold          F6. Nukes in Your Endowment             en français.
the Baby.                                Fund?                                   Nancy Labonté. Poète et
                                         Interim Review of the CUC Action        webmaster au RFUU et au MUUQ
F4. Walking the Labyrinth -              Study on Socially Responsible
UU Approaches to Labyrinth               Investing: Getting to the Starting
Symbolism                                Line.
Unitarians love labyrinths! This         Ahti Tolvanen, study group
workshop will focus on the               chairperson, will act as facilitator.
meditative aspects of walking a

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                       16

F9. IARF AGM -                         your fellow UUs across the country!
Diversity in Dialogue                  G2. What’s Next? CUC Racial
For all interested in inter-faith      and First Nations Equity
national and international dialogue    Following the plenary session
at the levels. Local members of        discussions, it’s time to consider,
inter-faith organizations have been    “What’s Next”.
invited.                               CUC Monitoring Group members
View the latest Human Rights
vignettes from India and a colourful
                                                                                Designed by Wolfgang Gerson and
PowerPoint of the 2006 World           Monday                                   constructed in 1964, the Unitarian
Congress in a Taiwanese monastery."
                                       Tours arranged by the Unitarian          Church of Vancouver sanctuary
Christine Johnston is President of
                                       Church of Vancouver                      and buildings have been designated
the Canadian IARF Chapter, a
                                       Contact for more            by the City of Vancouver as Class A
former CUC Board member, and a
                                       information.                             on their Heritage Register as an
past president of First Victoria and
                                                                                example of modern architecture in
First Toronto congregations
                                       Tour A                                   this City. The church was the first
                                       2:00 - 4:30 pm                           post-1940s building added to the
                                       Heart of the City Tour                   City of Vancouver heritage register.
10:45 – 12:00 noon                                                              The building complex, clustered
                                       Despite the one dimensional media
Transitions Ceremonies                 publicity about Vancouver’s              around a beautiful open courtyard,
Junior Youth to Youth                  Downtown Eastside as a “war zone”        features cubic composition,
Youth to Young Adult                   this walk about will illustrate the      overhanging flat roofs and floor-to-
                                       strengths and triumphs of local          ceiling windows. (Erika and Kate
                                       residents against considerable odds      Gerson to lead tour)
                                       in renewing their community through      No charge. Must pre-register.
                                       community arts and community
                                       activism. Now the Olympics are at        Multifaith Calendar Launch &
                                       hand. Will the community gain or         Multifaith Concert
                                       lose? The Olympics were sold as          5:00 pm – Reception
                                       the “inclusive Olympics” so              6:30 pm – Concert
Closing Worship and                    Canada’s reputation is at stake in       At Unitarian Church of Vancouver
CUC Board Installation.                this issue. Michael Clague, former       Reception with cover artist
                                       Director of Carnegie Community           George Littlechild. Other artists
                                       Centre in the Downtown Eastside          will also be present
                                       (and UCV member) will lead this
                                       tour. It’s an opportunity to hear from   Featuring:
                                       some of the people who live and          Vancouver Jewish Men's Choir
                                       work in the community.                   Usman Malik and Group
                                       Cost $10
                                                                                Rajkanwal Kaur and Friends
                                       Tour B
Monday                                 2:00 – 3:00 pm
                                       Unitarian Church of Vancouver
                                       Buildings and Landscape Tour
2:00 - 5:00 pm
G1. The CUC Board & You
Come meet with members of the
CUC Board and share your thoughts
regarding CUC direction, policy and
services. See what dreams and
concerns you have in common with

 Exhibit Tables Open at various times throughout the weekend.

 The exhibit tables will be in the SUB open area – great exposure and space for browsing.

            CANADIAN UNITARIAN COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & MEETING email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
ACM FOR YOUNG                            SATURDAY PICNIC AND                             CanUUdle VII
                                         SOUP DINNER TICKETS                             Youth Conference
PEOPLE                                   The ticket price for these two special          (planned and run by CanUUdle
                                         events is not included in the                   staff)
Where:                                   registration for child care.
                                         Saturday’s picnic would be a great              Youth (age 14-20) and their
Child care (for children up to age 5                                                     advisors from across the country will
                                         chance for your young children to be
or kindergarten age) will take place                                                     be invited to this exciting annual
                                         with everyone in community so
in a suite at Gage residence which                                                       conference May 18-21, 2007.
                                         please consider this option when
is at UBC, across from the Student                                                       CanUUdle VII will have a home
                                         you register! Young Fun, Junior
Union, our main conference site,                                                         base at the Unitarian Church of
                                         Youth and CanUUdle all will attend
providing easy access to families.                                                       Vancouver (UCV) with
                                         the picnic as part of their program.
Young Fun Children’s Program                                                             multigenerational events taking
                                         Saturday Soup Dinner is a ticketed
(for children from age 6 or Grade 1                                                      place at University of British
                                         event and included in the junior
up to age 11) will have a “home                                                          Columbia (UBC)
                                         youth and CanUUdle youth program
base” for most of their program at
                                         fees ONLY.
the Gage residence as well.
Please contact Caroline Farley with                                                      Friday evening begins with whole
questions, or to request any                                                             community joining together at the
exceptions.                              Check in:                                       ACM Ingathering, UBC Student
                                         Families register at the main CUC               Union Building. Buses will take
                                         registration table at the UBC                   CanUUdle participants back to UCV
                                                                                         following the Ingathering
When:                                    Student Union Building, second floor
                                                                                         Ceremonies. Multigenerational Day
                                         – please ensure that children are
Child care Saturday May 19 and                                                           Saturday begins at lunchtime with a
                                         fully pre-registered and that we have
Sunday May 20, 8 am – 5 pm,                                                              Picnic at UBC, workshop choices
                                         all necessary information regarding
Monday May 21 8 am – 11 am                                                               after lunch, a multigenerational
                                         any special needs. Young Fun
                                         information packs will be available             Soup dinner Saturday – and
Young Fun Saturday May 19 8 am           outlining what we are doing for the             additional evening workshops. All
– 5pm, Sunday May 20 8 am – 9 pm         young fun time!                                 multigenerational day costs are
and Monday May 21, 8 am until 11                                                         included in CanUUdle VII
am.                                                                                      registration fee. Youth-led worship,
                                         FRIDAY NIGHT                                    a highlight for many, is Saturday
                                         Children will attend Friday evening’s
Cost:                                    banner parade and ingathering with

Child Care: $50 per child includes       their families. Morning drop off                Sunday’s CanUUdle programs and
supervised activities and snacks. All    throughout the weekend is after kids            meals are at UCV. Buses will take
meals are with families.                 have eaten breakfast with their                 CanUUdle participants back to UBC
Pre-registration required by April 1     families, but in time for parents to            for closing Monday, where a
If space allows, registration will be    get to early programs. Children can             transitions ceremony for youth
accepted until May 1 with an             be dropped off at rooms for Young               bridging from ‘youth to young adult’
additional $25 late registration fee.    Fun or Child Care between 8 and                 may participate.
                                         8:30 am.
Young Fun: $65 per child for
includes all materials and activities,                                                   Youth can choose to attend a
field trips, site entry fees, snacks .
                                         FIELD TRIP!                                     variety of inspiring, challenging and
Also includes lunch Saturday and         Children attending Young Fun will               FUN workshops during ACM
Sunday, and an optional Sunday           be expected to attend the full                  multigenerational day and at their
pizza and movie night.                   program including any pre-planned               CanUUdle conference. At
NO FURTHER REGISTRATIONS                 field trip. If a child is ill or unwilling to   CanUUdle VII there will be updates
ACCEPTED AFTER MAY 1..                   attend planned Young Fun events it              from Terre Commune-Winds of
                                         will be the parent’s responsibility to          Change, the consultative
                                         make alternate arrangements.                    conference held over the labour day
                                                                                         weekend in Winnipeg. Terre
                                                                                         Commune leaders may speak to
                                                                                         certain proposals they hope will
                                                                                         bring positive change in youth

    email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121
  COMPLETE SCHEDULE INCLUDING CONCURRENT SESSIONS CUC ACM 2007                                                            18

  ministry systems and structures for                                                 Vancouver for time with the
  the CUC.                                  Alicia Gladman,                           CanUUdle Youth Conference.
  This conference includes a business       Steven Hart,                              Costt:: $75 for junior youth ages 12-
                                                                                      Co s
  meeting of our Canadian UU youth,               14 or advisors attending with their
  speeches for Youth Observer to the                                                  congregation’s junior youth .
  Board, election of YRUU Canadian          UCV Lifespan Learning contact
  at Large representative to UUA            (adult): Caroline Farley                  NO FURTHER REGISTRATION
  YRUU Youth Council and national                   AFTER MAY 1.
  youth Social Action Coordinator
  (NatSac).                                                                           We will have a full complement of
  Details will be sent out on youth lists                                             volunteer staff for this rally, AND we
                                            Junior Youth Rally                        welcome junior youth advisors to
  as “news breaks” and updates will
  be posted here as well.                   ages 12 to 14                             join us. Advisors who sign up to
                                                                                      attend the junior youth rally will be
                                            Through fun activities, many great        expected to stay with the junior
  It is the responsibility of each youth    workshops, field trips, touch groups,     youth throughout their program as
  attending and their youth group to        time with CanUUdle youth and a            we will be building and deepening
  ensure appropriate sponsorship at         multigenerational day interacting         our sense of community. Advisors
  CanUUdle. If advisors are not             with all ages we guarantee you’ll         will also complete appropriate
  attending with their congregation’s       have an unforgettable time, in a          screening for this high trust position.
  youth, the youth MUST arrange for         fabulous setting at the University of     Price includes all programming,
  an advisor from another                   British Columbia                          picnic lunch Saturday and lunch
  congregation to sponsor them.             This is the third year for our national   Sunday, and the Souper Saturday
                                            junior youth rally at the CUC ACM.        Supper meal Saturday evening.
  All advisors and adult staff attending    Last year we had 17 participants          Some junior youth may choose to
  a CUC national youth conference           and this year we hope for 25!             dine with their family at the banquet
  must have a completed Police              Datte:: Friday May 18, 2007
                                            Da e                                      Sunday (ticket required) otherwise
  Records Check.                            beginning with the Banner Parade          please bring money for supper out.
                                            and Ingathering in the Student
  Separate additional registration          Union Building through Monday May         Closing: An opportunity to
  required                                  21, with our closing.                     participate in a transition ceremony
  Email:                   Parents/sponsors and junior youth         during closing worship will be
  Pre-registration by April 1, 2007.        will be asked to attend an                available to those transitioning to
                                            orientation Friday evening                Youth (14)
  Cost: $85 youth $45 advisors.             approximately 9 pm, at the Fireplace      Questtiions? Contact Teresa
                                                                                      Ques ons?
  If space allows, registration will be     Lounge in Gage residence, following       Liliom, Junior Youth program leader
  accepted from April 1-May 1, 2007         the ingathering.                          this year. e-mail
  with an additional $25 late               Place: The ACM site, University of
  registration fee.                         British Columbia, will be where most
                                            of our program takes place. Gage          Please complete form (one form per
  Host Logistics Contact: (youth)           Residence Fireplace Lounge is our         person) and arrange appropriate
  Isobel Gibson-Flader                      Junior Youth Rally central gathering      payment on the ACM registration,             space. It is your family’s                payable to the Canadian Unitarian
  CanUUdle VII co-deans (youth):            responsibility to make your               Council. Mail to the CUC, 018 -
  Annelise Iversen,                         accommodation arrangements.               1179A King Street West, Toronto                        Junior youth stay with their parents.     ON M6K 3C5
                                            We may also be spending some
                                            time at the Unitarian Church of

Registration forms are available at:
A variety of convenient and affordable housing is available at UBC, from $22/night to hotel-style suites.
Toll Free Reservations 1 888 822 1030 Hotel Operator & Reservations: 604 822 1000

   email: phone: 1-888-568-5723/416-489-4121

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