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									   BOOT CAMP

 Book By Todd Strasser
Presentation By Austin H
• Garret is taken from his home in the
  middle of the night, he does not know
  where is going. He’s taking to a behavioral
  boot camp. He will leave until he believes
  he was wrong.
• When everything around you became
  different and came crashing down, could
  you hold your true self?
          The bible sais…
• “You are now a member of the Lake
  Harmony community. You will be released
  when you are judged to be respectful,
  polite, and obedient enough to return to
  your family.”
             So I thought…
• “From then on I was no longer brilliant. I
  was now too smart for my own good.”
         Straight into hell…
• “Lake Harmony has your parents’ consent
  to administer whatever punishment is
  deemed necessary”
• “But…I deserved it, sir”
• Would you let them brainwash you?
• Could you keep yourself?
• Could you find the true you. When it all
  came crashing down, could you be the last
  man standing?

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