Boot Camp 1012 by hedongchenchen


AP Literature
Language Arts Standard I: Students read and understand a variety of materials.
Language Arts Standard II: Students write effectively and correctly for a variety of audiences and purposes.
Language Arts Standard V: Students read, recognize and explore literature as an expression and record of human experience and thought.

                                             Short Story Boot Camp
At the end of this unit, you will have written four short (250-500 words) papers and one longer paper, read 12
short stories, and discussed literature to your heart’s content. Please review the information below in order to
have a successful boot camp!

Stories and Literary Elements: All page numbers refer to your Kennedy anthology.
  Emphasized Short Story Element                             Short Story
Setting                                Greasy Lake (pg. 128)
                                       Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (pg. 693)

Characterization                                                                                                            The Interpreter of Maladies (handout)

Point of View                                                                                                               A Rose for Emily (pg. 28)
                                                                                                                            The Tell-Tale Heart (pg. 35)

Symbolism                                                                                                                   Young Goodman Brown (pg. 606)

Irony                                                                                                                       The Storm (pg. 112)
                                                                                                                            The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Tone/Style                                                                                                                  Hills Like White Elephants (handout)
                                                                                                                            Happy Endings (pg. 510)

Theme                                                                                                                       The Moths (handout)
                                                                                                                            Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (pg. 267)

Short Analyses: For most of the emphasized short story elements, you’ll have to write a short analysis on one
of the selected stories (your choice) for that element. These analyses should be between 250-500 words and
typed. While the specifics you will discuss are open, you must analyze the short story element—not only how it
develops in the text, but what effect it has on the work as a whole. To help you with this task, keep this
definition of an analysis in mind.
        From the Perrine text—“An analysis, instead of trying to examine all the parts of a work in
        relation to the whole, selects for examination one aspect or element or part that relates to the
        whole…A literary work may be usefully approached through almost any of its elements…so long
        as you relate this element to the central meaning of the whole” (1373).
As for the structure of your analysis, it does not need to be a formal five-paragraph essay. You’ll want a brief
introduction that ends with your thesis statement. (No “hook” is necessary.) The body paragraphs are the most
important—how well do you analyze the emphasized element? Remember to stay focused on the element and
your selected text. End your analysis with a clear conclusion. Think of these mini essays as polished timed
writings. A brief warning, while this not a formal essay, do not think that the rules of formal writing have been
relaxed! (For example, some errors to avoid include: informal pronouns and phrasing such as “I think,” “you”
or “we,” not double-spacing your paper, incorrect spelling and usage, improper punctuation of quotes, etc.) All papers must be uploaded to Please bring a “hard copy” of your paper as well
to class on the due date.
Rewrite Policy: You may rewrite ONE of the four short analyses if you so choose, after a brief conference
with me. Make sure to submit the original essay with the rewrite.

Rubric: Each short analysis is worth 50 points.
      A clear, meaningful thesis statement                    10 points
      Smoothly integrated examples, and support               10 points
      Strong analysis, explanation, and clear thinking        15 points
      Quality of writing and good mechanics                   10 points
      Meaningful conclusion                                   5 points
                                                              50 points

Schedule: Please pay attention to our reading schedule—you may read ahead, but remember to focus on the
appropriate emphasized short story element for the stories.
       Date           Activities                                             Homework
       Thurs. 8/25                                                           Read “Greasy Lake”
       Fri. 8/26      Assign boot camp; Setting notes/lecture; discuss       Read “WAYG”
       Mon. 8/29      Discuss “WAYG,” thesis work/brainstorm                 Write Analysis #1—Setting
       Tues. 8/30     Collect Analysis #1—Setting, Character                 Finish “Interpreter of Maladies”
                      notes/lecture, begin “Interpreter of Maladies”
       Weds. 8/31     Discuss “Interpreter”
       Thurs. 9/1     Intro. Capstone, start “A Rose”                        Write Analysis #2—Character
                                                                             Finish “A Rose for Emily”
       Fri. 9/2       Collect Analysis #2—Character                          Read “Tell-Tale Heart”
                      POV notes/lecture                                      Write a thesis statement and one
                      Discuss “A Rose for Emily”                             body paragraph for both “Rose”
                                                                             and “Tell-Tale”.
       Tues. 9/6      Share thesis statements and body paragraphs, discuss   Read “Young Goodman Brown”
                      “Tell-Tale,” Simpsons’ clip
       Wed. 9/7       Symbolism notes/lecture                                T-chart of symbols in “YGB”
       Thurs. 9/8     Share t-chart, discuss “YGB,” key quotes,              Write Analysis #3—Symbolism
       Fri. 9/9       Collect Analysis #3—Symbolism, assign Capstone         Read “The Storm” and “Life You
                      NF book, LMC                                           Save May Be Your Own”
       Mon. 9/12      Irony notes/lecture, discuss irony stories
       Tues. 9/13     Tone/style notes and lecture; read “Happy Endings”     Read and annotate “Hills”
       Weds. 9/14     Discuss “Hills”
       Thurs. 9/15    Theme lecture/notes, “Moths”                           Read “Ones Who Walk”
       Fri. 9/16      Discuss Theme stories, thesis practice                 Write Analysis #4—Theme
       Mon. 9/19      Collect Analysis #4—Theme, wrap up boot camp           Bring Kennedy Text
                      and review
       Tues. 9/20     Boot Camp Exam                                         Pick a story for analysis
       Weds. 9/21     Assign extended essay                                  Analyze story—quote chart
       Thurs. 9/22    Rough Draft Writer’s Workshop--Computer Lab            Continue extended essay
       Fri,. 9/23     Rough Draft Writer’s Workshop--Computer Lab            Finish RD, upload to
       Mon. 9/26      Peer review—extended essay                             Final draft due Friday 9/30

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