Torskolan by hedongchenchen


									Torsås - Sweden
The kingdom
of woodcraft

               •   The
                   – our
       Torskolan –some facts
                                     • Optional Time
• Our school                          We start school at 8.00 every
 Torskolan, is in south Sweden        morning and finish at 15.00.
                                      Many of our children come here
 in a village called Torsås. It is    by school bus. They have six
 very near the east coast right       periods every day and they are
 between the two cities Kalmar        most often 60 minutes long. At
 and Karskrona. Our school is a       our school we have something
 state-school and the students        that is called Optional Time. In
 are 13-16 years. We are only         these classes our students can
 about 300 at the senior level so     choose among different
 all the students and teachers        subjects. One of the intentions
                                      for the optional classes is that
 know each other well.
                                      the children should learn to
                                      take responsibility for their
                                      learning and studies. They work
                                      much by themselves and the
                                      teachers are more like tutors.
                                      • Grades
• School lunch                          Swedish students get their first
                                        grades when they finish the
  Here in Sweden all students get       autumn term in grade 8. There
  free lunches. They are served         are three different grades G,
  in the canteen and the food is        VG and MVG. They get G if they
  very tasty considering that it is     have managed the course, a
  an institutional kitchen. In our      VG if they have done well and a
  school we also have a                 MVG if they have done
  recreation centre with a              excellent.
  cafeteria. Many children go
  there in their breaks to meet
  their friends, play table tennis
  or pool. In the cafeteria they
                                      • Terms
  can buy freshly baked rolls (the
  students help to bake them),          We have two terms in Sweden:
  soft drinks and fruit. It is very     autumn term and spring term.
  good to have such a meeting-          Spring term is this year from 9
  place for the kids.                   Jan. to 18 June. Then we have
                                        summer vacations for about 8
                                        weeks. Other holidays are
                                        sports holiday (in February),
                                        autumn holiday (in November)
                                        and Easter holiday (most often
                                        in April). All of them are for one

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