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									            Proposal for a terrain park to be built on Ben Lomond

This proposal, by the Ben Lomond Terrain Park Inc. (BLTP), is for the creation and maintenance of a
terrain park for skiers and snowboarders on Ben Lomond.

A terrain park is an area of a ski field specially designated for skiers and snowboarders to ride non-
natural objects, mostly metal and plastic boxes and rails. These objects provide a great challenge
above and beyond natural terrain, and terrain parks can be found on virtually every snow resort on
the planet.

The BLTP is a non-profit community group, run by passionate members of the local community and
funded by sponsorship and public fundraising. We will work in conjunction with existing commercial
operators and the governing body, Parks and Wildlife Services (PWS), to realise the goal of an area of
man made, non-natural terrain for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy on Ben Lomond. This proposal
will cover all the details required to build and run the park on Ben Lomond.


For years now, many interested parties in the Ben Lomond community and elsewhere have
discussed the lack of any park features on Ben Lomond. The demand for use has grown to the point
where home-made features are being dragged onto the slopes under cover of darkness, with the
result that the safety and maintenance associated with these objects is being left to Ski Patrol, AE or
anyone who cares. The situation cannot continue as it has, however the commercial entities on Ben
Lomond cannot commit the funding or time necessary to the creation and running of a snow park.

This is where the BLTP will come in. The organisation would be responsible for all aspects of the
park’s creation and upkeep. Beyond any small commitments (like on-mountain storage of some
gear, like snow-rakes), the BLTP will not need any help from the mountain’s commercial entities.
With the trial of snow-making on Ben Lomond this year, it is a perfect time to give the mountain a
boost in entertainment value. Clearly the user base would view any upgrade to the mountain as an
increase in value for money, and hence all parties value from the creation of a snow park.


The initial proposal calls for a tiered approach to build the park up over a period of three to five
years, adding features and changing the layout annually.

The first year (2011) will be a trial to assess the commercial viability of the project, and to gauge
public reaction. The trial would include between 4-8 features, of varying grades of difficulty,
allowing beginners and advanced snow users to enjoy the park. For the trial, all features would be
moveable, and not affixed to the ground in any way.

After consultation with Alpine Enterprises (AE), an area of the mountain has been chosen as the site
for the park. This area is within the bounds of one of two areas listed in the PWS Ski Slope
Management Plan (SSMP). The area is not a major traffic area of the slopes and hence will not
degrade non-users enjoyment of the ski slopes. The area is shown on the map in the appendix.

The area will be fenced and a sign will be erected at the entrance to the park with appropriate
warnings, including the alpine code. All features, signage and fencing will be temporary, removed
from the mountain at the end of the season. This will be constructed with star pickets, driven into
the snow & earth. This will cause minimal damage to the environment.


All the features that will be built will be built from engineer approved plans and constructed by
professional tradespeople. The plans are based off plans provided by a generous mainland resort.

We want the terrain park to be a permanent feature on the mountain, and not just a temporary
novelty, and to this end we are focussing on quality of our construction and planning. We have
qualified boiler-maker/welders, builders and engineers who have given up their time to help
construct the features. Our plans have been approved by engineers, and the materials to be used
have been used successfully on numerous other resorts in Australia and around the world.

The features will be primarily built of steel, pressure treated wood and high-density plastics. As part
of our agreement with our sponsors, they will have branding displayed on them. All the features (as
much as possible) will adhere to the same colour scheme for aesthetic enjoyment.

Below is a list of the features that will be built prior to the park opening. After these initial features
are constructed, the BLTP will follow the same thorough methodology to produce further features
for the terrain park.
2 x Straight Box – 300mm x 600mm x 3000mm

1 x Long Box – 300mm x 600mm x 6000mm

1 x Butters Box – 1000mm x 300mm x 1000mm

1 x Flat-Down Box – 300mm x 600mm x 4500mm

Plans and reference pictures are provided in the appendix of this proposal to give an indication of
what the finished product will look like.

A great boost to the rideability of the park would be the potential to groom the selected site,
removing rocks and bushes as necessary to provide a smoother surface and more enjoyable
experience for the users of the park.

However, as the area is inside the Ben Lomond National Park, and environmental impacts are
extremely important, we feel that this is an optional extra – if we could get the approval to do some
grooming it would be excellent, but we still believe the park can be run fine without it.


BLTP will be responsible for all maintenance involved with the park. Volunteers have already been
recruited to maintain the quality of the features throughout the snow season, and to block off (with
orange safety poles) any dangerous features if, for example, the snow levels fall too low for a feature
to be ridden safely.

Ski Patrol have agreed, as part of their daily morning check of the mountain, to block off any
dangerous features, again providing a double safety net to ensure safe use of the park.

We propose that if this does not provide a satisfactory level of safety, the park can be closed off
every night, and only opened by a BLTP volunteer in the morning. This will ensure that the park is
only open when the features are safe and rideable.

Used carpet will be sourced and used as a ground buffer; placed under the features on and off
ramps, so that if the snow levels fall too low, a rider will hit the carpet instead of harsh rock,
maximising safety.

Maintenance will be conducted annually on the features before the commencement of the snow
season, to ensure that they have not degraded from use and storage, and to repair any damage.

As mentioned before, all materials relating to the park will be moved off the slopes at the end of
every season.
Liability and Ownership

AE has agreed to insure public liability for the use of the park with their existing insurance coverage.
This will mean that, in order to be covered, every person who enters the park must carry a valid lift
ticket. AE, in conjunction with Ski Patrol will be responsible for ensuring that only people with valid
lift passes enter the park.

BLTP reserves the right to temporarily (24 hrs) ban any member of the public who is behaving
dangerously on the park features or not obeying the alpine code. The dual patrolling of the park by
Ski Patrol and BLTP volunteers will gaurantee the safety of the public on the park features and
ensure a good time is able to be had by all.

All the features, fences, equipment and signage relating to the park will remain the property of the


If you have any questions or comments regarding this proposal, please do not hesitate to get in
contact with the President or Public Officer of the incorporation, details are listed below.

Jono Rogers – President – - 0419 621 868


Chris Terry – Public Officer – - 0424 875 687

Map of proposed area
Reference pictures of proposed features

Butters Box

Straight Box

Long Box – same as the straight box above, but twice the length

Flat-Down Box
Plans of proposed features

Straight Box 600mm x 300 cross section – used for all “Box” designs.
Butters Box
Framing for all features

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