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Cara'Powerpoint Project


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									Cara’s Case
              The Case Fan
• My Product helps your computer not to over

• My part is needed for example if you are in the
  middle of a report that you are almost done with it
  and your computer overheats and shuts down on you
  would have to start all over again because if you
  don’t save it and your computer shuts down on you
  would have to start over.
Why is it so important?
It is important because heat is bad for
your computer and that is why we have a
case fan. It cools down your computer
doesn’t shut down, slows down, or
freezes. If your computer gets really hot
you could get burnt easily. This usually
happens when you use your computer for
a long time.
                    Case Fans
• Regular case fans
  usually cost $500.00
  just for one case fan!
  But Cara’s case fan only
  cost $ 50.00! Our case
  fans have the power of
  two so forget about
  your computer shutting
  down on you.
              Cara’s Case Fans
  – I always have what you’ll need here at Cara’s case
    fans. We get over 1,000 case fans in stock every

• We have blue, black, orange, red, and purple. I
  have Large and medium sizes. My case fans are
  only $ 50.00!
           Satisfied Costumer
• I love my new case fan. I bought mine
  yesterday and it was so easy to set up. I didn’t
  need anyone's help. I recommended it to all
  my friends and they loved it!

                      Nicole Green
           Cara’s Case Fans
                     Cara’s Case Fans
• Cara’s Case Fans   108 Walnut Street
                     Waltham, Massachusetts 02452
                     1 800- 555-0121
• Cara

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