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Online Revolution Effects

Did you ever stop to think how the web has changed the way we stay informed about news worthy
events? How about the way the online revolution affects how people do even the simplest of
things? Do you even remember that just a decade ago to find out the latest news on any subject
you had to watch the news casts on TV, listen to them on the radio, or read daily papers and

The online revolution has made those other news methods almost obsolete. Today you simply
type a search term on Google, Bing, or any other web search service if you want to find info on
any subject. You get a lot more data than you could ever expect to get from the traditional news
methods of the past. The best thing is that the results are almost instant. No more waiting for the
5 PM news or the next days newspaper.

The web has made knowledge available to any person with an Internet connection for free. Thus,
the online revolution gives a new meaning to the term knowledge is power as we no longer need
to subscribe to daily print news media to get the latest scoop on any subject.

In addition to regular news events the web makes all types of visual content available to view at
the click of the mouse. On traditional TV if you want to see a video that appeared on the news you
have to wait until the news are repeated. On the web you view it when you like or download it so
you can view it as many times as you like.

But, is the ability to get news online without the help of news media good or bad? Well, it depends
on us as readers.

Overload of Information

One problem readers are faced with is an overload of information. Because a single search can
return thousands of results readers end up with a lot more data than they really need. A lot of
extra data is useful for a person writing a book or an article but not for the average person who
only needs to know the basic info on any subject.

Online News Dangers

When we read news online we must know if the source of the news can be trusted or not. We
cant just read one piece of news and accept it as gospel. We need to check to see if the news
can be confirmed. When you get the news from your TV news anchor, or a daily newspaper, at
least you know the news have been checked by a news editor before they were made public.
When you read an article online you dont know if the person who wrote the piece researched it
well or just put his own opinions on a blog page.

The online revolution makes the reader liable to verify the data he or she sees on web pages.
Blind acceptance of online news can turn readers into pawns of those whose job is to pass on
rumors and supply false data.


The web makes many things possible that were not even on our radars just 15 or 20 years ago
such as receiving TV On Your PC. But with all these new technologies come new duties.

As publishers of online data we must insure the news we publish are both true and verifiable. We
must insure our web pages have been well researched even if they refer to our own opinion on a
subject. We owe our readers that much.

If we are the readers then we need to insure we dont become prey to false information. We need
to know the source of the data and make sure we dont pass it on if it cant be verified. Only this
way can we insure that the online revolution helps us instead of hurt us.

About the author: C. Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several
online sites. You can visit his primary site at

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News, tips, ideas, and OFFLINE MARKETING solutions for a web based world.

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Description: The world wide web has made other news and information gathering methods almost obsolete. With a simple search term you can get quite a large amount of data on almost any subject. However, there are some important considerations we need to watch out for to insure the data we gather is valid and newsworthy.