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									                  Stephens College Alumnae Association
                     Student Organization Boost Grant
                             Application Form
To be eligible for the Boost Grant, the student organization must be a “recognized” group by the college
and have a faculty/staff advisor.
         The definition of a “recognized” student organization can be found at the bottom of this
             webpage: http://www.stephens.edu/campuslife/activities/
         The Boost Grant supports needs up to $500 and will be distributed at the discretion of the
             Alumnae Association Board.
         Applicants chosen to move forward with the selection process must have a representative
             from the organization available to interview during the Stephens College Reunion in April.
         If awarded a Boost Grant, funds must be used the following school year.
         The student organization must submit a recap report of how the funds were used by April 1 of
             the following year. (recaps can be submitted to the Stephens College Director of Alumnae
             Relations). Recap Template (insert link to document)

PLEASE NOTE: Prior recipients are eligible to reapply yearly for funding.

Student Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Campus Box #:
Cell Phone:
Faculty Sponsor:
Faculty Sponsor Extension:

1. In one sentence, describe your organization.

2. What impact have your organization had on the Stephens College community (50
words or less)?

3. What amount of funds is your organization requesting (up to $500)?

4. Please provide details about how the organization intends to spend the funds (50
words or less). For example:
      Dance Costumes: $80/each x 6 = $480
      National Conference travel costs: $285/person x 1 = $285

5. Describe the impact these funds would have on your organization.

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