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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix by alicejenny


									Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource               Summary                                           Resources on Web                 Other/Key Words
BC Centre for Disease Control      Focuses on preventing          The BCCDC is a provider of specialty health       Health Alerts                    Disease                      and controlling                support and resource services for the                                              Health
                                   communicable disease           prevention, detection and control of                                               Research
                                                                  communicable disease and food, drug and
                                                                  radiation information services.                                                    Links to other Health sites
BC Coalition of People with        The coalition is a             The BCCPD has established a group the             Emergency Preparedness           Disabilities
Disabilities                       provincial, cross-disability   Emergency Preparedness for People with            documents include:               Emergency Preparedness                    advocacy organization.         Disabilities Committee (EPPDC). The group has     • A Road Map to Emergency
                                                                  been working to incorporate the needs of            Planning for People with       Links to other Disability
                                   One of their many              people with disabilities into emergency             Disabilities;                  sites
                                   programs is Emergency          planning, response and recovery.                  • Workplace Emergency
                                   Preparedness.                                                                      Planning for Workers with
                                                                                                                    • Checklist to Facilitate
                                                                                                                      Health Emergency Planning
                                                                                                                      are At-Risk People
                                                                                                                    • Public Safety Education
                                                                                                                      Plan for Vulnerable, At-risk
                                                                                                                      and Multicultural
BC Housing                         Emergency Shelter              The Emergency Shelter Program provides            • What is the Emergency          Emergency Shelters                  Information                    funding to homeless shelters and drop-              Shelter Program?               Extreme Weather
                                                                  in centres providing temporary shelter, food
                                                                  and other services for individuals who are
                                                                  homeless. There are approximately
                                                                  56 homeless shelters and drop-in
                                                                  agencies funded by the government in BC.

                                                                  BC Housing also supports provincial emergency
                                                                  management and local communities with their
                                                                  emergency accommodation and lodging needs:
                                                                  BC Housing Role in Emergency Social Services
BC Hydro                           Safety Around Electricity      BC Hydro educates their customers to stay safe    • Be Safe at Home                Personal Preparedness                                                   around electricity and to prepare for emergency   • Power Outage Safety            Safety Around Electricity
                                                                  situations.                                                                        Youth

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource             Summary                                            Resources on Web                 Other/Key Words
BC Hydro cont’                                                                                                     • Safety in Emergency
BC Safety Authority                Public safety information    The BC Safety Authority is an independent, self-   • BCSA Fact Sheet                Carbon Monoxide brochure             on topics such as:           funded corporation that provides cost-effective    • BCSA FAQs                      published in cooperation
                                   • amusement rides and        and essential safety services to business,                                          with Fire Commissioner,
                                                                                                                   • Carbon Monoxide Safety
                                      recreational railways     industry and the general public throughout the                                      Terasen and Pacific
                                   • boilers, pressure          province.                                                                           Northern Gas. Also
                                      vessels and piping                                                                                            available in Chinese and
                                   • electrical
                                   • elevators                                                                                                      Personal Preparedness
                                   • gas                                                                                                            Safety Around Electricity
                                   • passenger ropeways                                                                                             and Gas
                                   • railways
BC Search and Rescue               Resources for search and     The association enhances the provision of          Search and rescue links and      Education
Association                        rescue volunteers in BC      search and rescue services in BC by accessing      other safety information links   Serach and Rescue                                                  funding for training, providing occupational       such as Adventure Smart          Youth
                                                                health and safety support, educating the public
                                                                on outdoor safety, and acting as a common link     Links to BC Search and Rescue
                                                                to information and resources for volunteers.       groups.
Canadian Centre for                Personal Preparedness        The Canadian Centre for Emergency                  Personal Preparedness Plan:      This site also includes:
Emergency Preparedness                                          Preparedness (CCEP) is a not-for-profit            Get Ready Program                Links to Other Preparedness                                                     organization that improves the capabilities of                                      Sites
                                                                those with responsibility for disaster
                                                                management through the development and
                                                                transfer of knowledge.                                                              Community Preparedness
                                                                                                                                                    Personal Preparedness
Canadian Council of                Course on developing an      Preparing for emergencies protects lives,          E-Course Emergency Response      Course available in French
Occupational Health and            emergency response plan      property, and the future of your organization.     Planning                         and English
Safety                             for the workplace            This introductory course provides guidance for                                      Emergency Planning                                                    developing and implementing a response plan
                                                                for workplace emergencies.
Canadian Disaster Child Care       Guidelines and training      Canadian Disaster Child Care is a national         Brochure Trauma Brochure         Course/Training
Society                            for parents and caregivers   network of individuals who prepare to reach out    Volunteer Training Manual        Youth    after traumatic events       and comfort young children in disaster             Training Manual
childcare                                                       situations.

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource           Summary                                               Resources on Web                Other/Key Words
Canadian Red Cross                 Be Prepared Not Scared     This 24 page guide to emergency planning              Be Prepared Not Scared          Resource available in                                               outlines what to do before, during and after an                                       alternate formats by calling
                                                              emergency.                                            How to be Prepared for          1-800-788-8282
                                   Expect the Unexpected™     The Expect the Unexpected™ program                    Expect the Unexpected           Web site also provides link
                                                              provides a variety of teaching and                                                    to Quebec resources for
                                                              communication aids for teachers or educators,         A total of 3 modules aimed at   youth on disasters
                                                              students and their parents, including facilitator’s   7-8, 10-11 and 12-13 age        Civil Protection for Youth
                                                              guides, transparencies, activity booklets,            groups.
                                                              briefing notes for parents, videos, posters and                                       Personal Preparedness
                                                              participation certificates for students.                                              Education
                                   Quakesafe                  Quakesafe is personal preparedness workshop           Quakesafe Fact Card             The fact card is also
                                                              that educates the public on what to do before,                                        available in Chinese
                                                              during and after an earthquake strikes.                                               Course/Training
                                                                                                                                                    Personal Preparedness
                                   SmartStart: Personal       A 2.5 hour workshop, participants learn               SmartStart                      The program is available in
                                   Disaster Preparedness      practical skills in their own language or in ESL                                      ESL or French, Cantonese,
                                                              and in a culturally appropriate manner to help                                        Mandarin, Farsi, Spanish,
                                                              their families.                                                                       Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil,
                                                              This workshop is particularly relevant to parents                                     Korean, Vietnamese, Dutch,
                                                              and caregivers of children and the elderly.                                           German, Arabic, Amharic.

                                                                                                                                                    Personal Preparedness
Centre for Emergency               The Centre for Emergency   The Centre:                                           Emergency Preparedness and      Disease
Preparedness and Response          Preparedness and           • develops and maintains national emergency           Response links                  Emergency Preparedness          Response (Public Health       response plans for the Public Health Agency                                        Emergency Response
cmiu/index.html                    Agency of Canada) is          of Canada and Health Canada;                                                       Health
                                   Canada's central           • monitors outbreaks and global disease                                               Research
                                   coordinating point for        events;
                                   public health security     • assesses public health risks during
                                   issues.                       emergencies;
                                                              • contributes to keeping Canada's health and
                                                                 emergency policies in line with threats to
                                                                 public health security and general security

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource           Summary                                             Resources on Web             Other/Key Words
Centre for Emergency                                             for Canadians in collaboration with other
Preparedness cont’ d                                             federal and international health and security

City of Coquitlam                  Education Program for      H.E.R.O.S. is a community initiative aimed at       H.E.R.O.S.                   Education                   Coquitlam’s Emergency      providing emergency preparedness training                                        Hazards
                                   Planning Program           opportunities to the residents of Coquitlam. This                                Personal Preparedness
                                   H.E.R.O.S.                 information is offered through educational
                                                              displays and seminars given to members of the
                                                              community, businesses, citizen organizations
                                                              and specialty groups.
EComm 911                          “Helping to Save Lives     EComm is the regional emergency                     Outreach includes:           Tips and information card                    and Protect Property”      communications centre for southwest British                                      available in English, Punjabi
                                                              Columbia and provides 9-1-1, radio and              Safety Tips                  and Chinese. (Translators
                                   Safety tips                dispatch communications services and support        Information Card             available for 170+
                                                              systems to emergency responders and the more        differentiating between an   languages for callers to
                                                              than two million residents they serve.              emergency and non-           911)
                                                                                                                  emergency                    Emergency Preparedness
Edmonton – Office of               Emergency Guide            An emergency guide produced by the City of          Emergency Guide              Available in multiple
Emergency Preparedness                                        Edmonton and ATCO gas. Simple information on                                     languages                                           home and personal preparedness.                                                  Personal Preparedness
Emergency Management               Emergency Preparedness     This 24 page guide provides special emergency       Emergency Preparedness       Copies available in both
Ontario                            Guide for People with      preparedness considerations and advice for          Guide for People with        English and French.            Disabilities and Special   people with disabilities and/or special needs,      Disabilities/Special Needs
                                   Needs                      including seniors with special needs.               Emergency Management         Caregiver Preparedness
                                                                                                                  Ontario                      Disabilities
                                                                                                                                               Personal Preparedness
                                                                                                                  (Public Safety Canada is     Seniors
                                                                                                                  working to reprint guide).   Service Animals
Environment Canada Weather         Weather Warnings           Provides weather warnings for the public.           Weather Warnings for BC      Information also available
Office                                                        Topics include marine and aviation forecast,                                     in French                                       seasonal weather information, air quality
                                                              forecasts…                                                                       Extreme Weather

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource            Summary                                            Resources on Web                Other/Key Words
Emergency Social Services          ESSA provides seminars      ESSA is a non-profit association established to    The website has a learning      Community Preparedness
Association                        and workshops and           support Emergency Social Services (ESS)            section which highlights        Courses/Training                        publishes a quarterly       volunteers and communities in British Columbia     Training Opportunities.
                                   newsletter.                 in the development and maintenance of their
                                                               ESS program.
Fraser Health Authority            Disaster Preparedness       Web resource encourages personal                   Disaster Preparedness - Are     Site links back to PEP and                                            preparedness and provides further details on a     you ready?                      municipal web sites.
                                                               disaster supply kit                                Reference materials links to
                                                                                                                  information on public health    Health
                                                                                                                  and safety.                     Personal Preparedness
Greater Vancouver Shelter          The Greater Vancouver       Resources on the web include Metro Vancouver       Shelter List                    Emergency Shelters
Strategy                           Shelter Society works to    shelter directory and other documents and                        meet the needs of people    community plans
                                   who are homeless or at
Insurance Bureau of Canada         Prepare Now for an          An 8-page brochure outlining steps to prepare      Earthquake Brochure             Earthquakes                         Earthquake                  individuals and their homes to reduce risk from    Published in BC with a number   Personal Preparedness
                                                               earthquakes.                                       of partners including BC        Research
                                   Additional information on                                                      Hydro, Insurance Bureau of
                                   natural disasters in                                                           Canada
                                   Canada.                                                                        Natural disaster information
                                                                                                                  and research
Institute for Catastrophic Loss    Disaster safety research    The mission of the Institute for Catastrophic      Disaster Safety Kit             Good partner and links
Reduction                          and information             Loss Reduction is to reduce the loss of life and                                   section on the web site.                                                   property damage caused by severe weather and
                                                               earthquakes.                                                                       Extreme Weather
                                                                                                                                                  Personal Preparedness

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource              Summary                                             Resources on Web                 Other/Key Words
Justice Institute of BC            “Preparing for the Worst      JIBC Emergency Management Division                  Complete line of publications:   Courses/Training                        by Learning from the          Online resources include:                           JIBC Publications                Emergency Preparedness
                                   Best”                         Introduction to Emergency Management                                                 Emergency Response
                                                                 Introduction to emergency Social Services           Comprehensive on line library    Education
                                   Offers training for           Emergency Operations Centre Level 1                 that provides links to various
                                   Emergency Management          Emergency Operations Centre Level 2                 sites
                                   in BC – both public and       Incident Command System                             JIBC Library
                                   private sector.
Ministry of Health                 Health resources for BC       Numerous and in-depth resources to support          Emergency Preparedness such      Some language translations                                            British Columbians’ efforts to maintain and         as Fire and Life Safety,         available including Chinese,
                                                                 improve their health                                Earthquake Preparedness          Farsi, French, Punjabi,
                                                                                                                     Pandemic Influenza Tools         Spanish and Vietnamese
                                                                                                                     BC Health Guide, BC Nurse
                                                                                                                     Line, BC Health Files            Earthquakes
                                                                                                                     BC Health Guide                  Fire
                                                                                                                     Links to BC Health Authorities   Water
Ministry of Transportation         Drive BC                      Drive BC provides current road conditions –         Drive BC                         Emergency Response                                              safety alerts and seasonal Driving tips.            Seasonal Driving Tips            Extreme Weather
                                                                                                                                                      Personal Preparedness
                                   Disaster Response Routes      Disaster Response Routes: A network of pre-         Disaster Response Routes
                                                                 identified municipal and provincial roads that
                                                                 can best move emergency services and supplies
                                                                 to where they are needed in the event of a
                                                                 major disaster. Public awareness and
                                                                 cooperation is necessary to keep these Disaster
                                                                 Response Routes clear following an earthquake
                                                                 or other disaster.
Nova Scotia Emergency              Are you ready? Nova           The guide provides tips for those individuals       Are you ready?                   Available in French
Management Office                  Scotia Guide to Disaster      who may be frail or elderly, have a disability or                  Preparedness: Tips for        mobility issues.                                    Request a copy by calling the    Disabilities
                                   Persons with Disabilities                                                         Nova Scotia’s EMO at 1-866-      Seniors
                                   and Tips for Frail or Older                                                       424-5620

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource           Summary                                              Resources on Web                 Other/Key Words
North Shore Emergency              North Shore’s              Through the Neighbourhood Emergency                  NSEMO Workshops                  Community Preparedness
Management Office                  Neighbourhood              Preparedness Program, residents learn the basic                                       Education                      Emergency Preparedness     skills of both preparedness and survival,                                             Personal Preparedness
                                   Program                    enabling them to care for their own needs for at     Emergency Management for         Youth
                                   and                        least 3-5 days after a disaster. Participants        North Shore School Manual
                                   North Shore Schools        learn what to do, how to protect themselves,         (Contact NSEMO Office for
                                   Emergency Planning         and gain the knowledge to be better able to          further information).
                                                              respond together as a neighbourhood.
Office of the Fire                 Public education program   The public education program of the Office of        Position Papers                  The Fire and Life Safety
Commissioner                       around fires and fire      the Fire Commissioner provides leadership in         Public Safety Bulletins          brochures are jointly
Emergency Management BC            safety                     fire safety education, with provincial initiatives   Fire and Life Safety Brochures   produced with Terasen Gas                                    such as the Learn Not to Burn Program,                                                and others agencies.
                                                              National Fire Prevention Week activities and a
                                                              Juvenile Firesetter Intervention program.                                             Education
                                                                                                                                                    Personal Preparedness
Provincial Emergency Program       Emergency preparedness     The Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) is a          Hazard Emergency                 Site includes links to
Emergency Management BC            information.               division of the Ministry of Public Safety and        Preparedness Information         municipal and regional                                                 Solicitor General, Emergency Management BC.          Links                            district sites in BC.
                                                              PEP works with local governments year round,         Wildland Fires                   Courses/Training
                                                              providing training and support before, during        Flooding                         Community Preparedness
                                                              and after emergencies.                               Weather                          Hazards
                                                                                                                   Tsunami                          Personal Preparedness
                                                              Training Materials include BC Emergency              Earthquakes
                                                              response Management System BCERMS                    Backcountry Accidents
                                                              Community Emergency Planning, Response and           Wildlife Interface
                                                              Recovery Community.                                  Disease Outbreaks
                                                              Also information on Personal Emergency               Avalanches
                                                              Preparedness and Public Safety Life Line             HazMat and Spills
                                                              Volunteers and other safety information links        Volcanoes
                                                              such as Adventure Smart                              Drought

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                 Page 7
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource           Summary                                          Resources on Web                    Other/Key Words
PEP cont’d                         Preparedness information   Preparedness fact sheets and checklists for      Tips for People with Disabilities   Disabilities
                                   for people with            People with Disabilities.                        Mobility Disabilities               Personal Preparedness
                                   disabilities.                                                               Visual Disabilities                 Service Animals
                                                                                                               Hearing Impaired
                                                                                                               Communication and Speech
                                                                                                               Related Disabilities
                                                                                                               Cognitive Disabilities
                                                                                                               Service Animals and Pet
                                                                                                               Self Assessment Checklist
                                   Preparedness information   Personal flood preparedness and prevention.      Flood Preparedness                  All documents in this
                                   and links for floods.                                                                                           section have been
                                                                                                                                                   translated into Punjabi and

                                                                                                                                                   Personal Preparedness
Public Health Agency               When Disaster Strikes      A bulletin of the National Advisory Council on   Expression Bulletin: When           Personal Preparedness             bulletin                   Aging providing tips on what seniors can do to   Disaster Strikes                    Seniors
                                                              prepare and how they can help in times of
Division of Aging and Seniors                                 crisis.

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource            Summary                                             Resources on Web                Other/Key Words
Public Safety Canada               72 Hours – Get Prepared     An education campaign aimed at individuals          Publications:                   Publications also available             Campaign                    preparing to be alone in an emergency situation     Your Emergency Preparedness     in French and alternate
                                                               for at least 72 hours.                                  Guide                       formats (audio, Braille,
                                   Get Prepared
                                                                                                                   3 Steps to Emergency            diskette) by calling 1-800-
                                                               Topics include:                                         Preparedness                662-6232
                                                                          o Know the risks
                                                                                                                   Floods - What to do?            Partners include St Johns
                                                                          o Make a plan
                                                                          o Prepare a kit                          Severe Storms - What to Do?     Ambulance, Red Cross,
                                                                          o During an emergency                    Power Outages - What to Do?     Canadian Associations of
                                                                          o After an emergency                     Earthquakes - What to Do?       Chiefs of Police, and Fire
                                                                          o Who does what                                                          Chiefs
                                                                                                                   Emergency Preparedness for
                                                                                                                     Farm Animals                  Links to provincial
                                                                                                                   Household Emergency             Emergency Preparedness
                                                                                                                      Information Clinger          sites
                                                                                                                    Emergency Kit Shopping List
                                                                                                                                                   Extreme Weather
                                                                                                                    Activity Sheets for Children   Hazards
                                                                                                                                                   Personal Preparedness
                                                                                                                    Emergency Preparedness
                                                                                                                       Poster (bilingual)
                                                                                                                   Emergency Prep Presentation

                                                                                                                   Natural Hazards Affect Us Map

St John Ambulance                 Emergency Preparedness       Saving Lives – At work, home and play. As           Offers a prepared emergency     Site links back to Public                 kits, courses and training   Canada’s standard for excellence in first aid and   kit for purchase.               Safety Canada and their
                                                               CPR services, St. John Ambulance offers                                             publications.
                                                               innovative programs and products, ensuring          Courses and training for the
                                                               Canadians can be prepared.                          public                          Courses/Training
                                                                                                                                                   Personal Preparedness

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                 Page 9
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

Canadian Agency                    More on Resource              Summary                                            Resources on Web                Other/Key Words
Salvation Army                     The Salvation Army is the     The Salvation Army brings relief to people         Partners with Federal           Courses/Training               largest non-governmental      around the world through its emergency and         Government and others to        Emergency Response
                                   provider of social services   disaster services. Ready to deploy its resources   provide Personal Preparedness   Personal Preparedness
                                   in Canada provides            at very short notice, disaster units immediately   Kits
                                   training and kits for         work to reduce physical harm and help victims
                                   emergencies.                  regain control of their lives.
Search and Rescue Society of       SARBC is a non-profit,        Provides information on Search and Rescue          Links to related sites in BC,   Education
BC                                 organization dedicated to     programs, search management, child survival,       Canada and the US               Search and Rescue                      search and rescue in BC –     hypothermia, survival, articles, files, links,     Search and Rescue Sites
                                   provides survival and         education and public information.                  Other EM Links
                                   rescue information for the
Fortis BC                          Terasen Gas delivers          Website includes resources on safety in the        Public Safety Section           Simple Safety video also                   natural gas and piped         home, checking before you dig, information on      Safety Around the Home          available in Cantonese and
                                   propane to homes and          gas leaks.                                         Kids Education Program          Punjabi
                                   businesses throughout BC                                                         Terasen Jr
                                   – provides safety                                                                                                Personal Preparedness
                                   information for gas users.                                                                                       Safety Around Gas
Vancouver City                     Emergency Preparedness        Basic preparedness information and                 Neighbourhood Emergency         Community Preparedness           Fire Search and Rescue        Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness               Preparedness Program NEPP       Fire Safety
                                                                 workshops                                          Fire and Rescue Services        Personal Preparedness

Vancouver Coastal Health           Health resources              Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) provides a full     General resources on public     Education                                                       range of health care services ranging from         health and safety               Health
                                                                 hospital treatment to community-based              Health Education Resources
                                                                 residential, home health, mental health and        Site shared with Providence
                                                                 public health services.                            Health Care

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                 Page 10
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

US Agencies                        More on Resource            Summary                                           Resources on Web                Other/Key Words
Association of Bay Area            ABAG Earthquake Maps        Tools for home preparedness, transportation,      Home Quake Safety Kit           Earthquakes
Governments                        and Information             hazard maps and other hazard information.         Kids Zone                       Personal Preparedness                                                                                                                        Youth
American Red Cross                 Variety of preparedness     Booklets with tips on getting informed, making    Disaster Preparedness for       Information available in                   information including       a plan, assembling a kit, and maintaining these   People with Disabilities        Spanish
                                   resources for seniors and   plans for people with mobility problems or who
                                   people with disabilities.   have hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities.   Tips for Seniors and People     Caregivers Preparedness
                                                                                                                 with Disabilities               Disabilities
                                                                                                                 Children                        Personal Preparedness
                                                                                                                                                 Service Animals
                                                                                                                                                 Youth Education
                                   Disaster Education,         This comprehensive on-line library of disaster    A broad range of fact sheets
                                   Preparedness, Planning      education, preparedness, planning and             and brochures covering topics   Personal Preparedness
                                   and Mitigation Library      mitigation articles, brochures, fact sheets,      ranging from hazards to         Research
                                                               checklists and publications was compiled from     preparedness
                                                               a wide variety of sources to support disaster     Library
                                                               preparedness, planning and mitigation
                                                               activities in the home, neighborhood,
                                                               workplace, school and community.
Centers for Disease Control        Public Health Workbook      The workbook assists to define, locate and        Public Health Workbook          Emergency Preparedness
and Prevention                                                 reach special, vulnerable, and at-risk                                            Special Needs                                          populations in an emergency

                                   An online source for        Includes a section on Emergency Preparedness      Emergency Preparedness and      Available in multiple
                                   general health              and Response                                      Response resources and health   languages including
                                   information.                                                                  information                     Spanish, French, Chinese,
                                                                                                                                                 Filipino, German, Italian

                                                                                                                                                 Emergency Preparedness
Collaborating Agencies             This is an emergency        A number of tools and resources to help           Top CARD Resources:             Community Preparedness
Responding to Disasters            preparedness and disaster   communities and individuals prepare for           • Preparedness Made Simple      Personal Preparedness       response resource for       disasters such as guides and signs.                 an accessible overview of     Seniors
                                   nonprofits and community                                                        what you can do.              Special Needs

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Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

US Agencies                        More on Resource              Summary                                            Resources on Web                    Other/Key Words
Collaborating Agencies             agencies serving people       Also has a Subscribers program receive weekly      • Four things Seniors can do
Responding to Disasters cont’d     with special needs -          ideas, information and answers in easy, "bite-       to prepare themselves
                                   people who are often the      sized" pieces that allow Safety Teams to           • Information for Parents to
                                   first victims in any          increase their preparedness in a steady,             keep their children safe,
                                   disaster.                     achievable way.                                      secure and prepared
                                                                                                                    • Simple preparedness Actions
                                                                                                                      for Businesses.
Disability Preparedness Centre     The Center works to           Disaster readiness training guides and             Readiness Training Materials        Courses/Training     ensure that all individuals   individualized training to help individuals with                                       Disabilities
                                   are included in the           special needs and organizations that provide       Site also includes links to other   Special Needs
                                   development and               services to them prepare for disasters and         web sites with special needs
                                   implementation of plans       emergencies of all kinds.                          information
                                   for protection from
                                   natural and man-made

Disaster Resource                  Disaster Resource Guide       The online DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE is set          Disaster Resource Guide             Emergency Planning                                        up to help find information, vendors,                                                  Research
                                                                 organizations and resources to help prepare for
                                                                 (mitigate) or recover from any type of natural
                                                                 or other type of disaster.
Federal Emergency                  FEMA’s mission is to          Site includes emergency management                 A variety of information            Information available in
Management Agency                  reduce the loss of life and   information on preparedness, protection,           includes                            Spanish                       property and protect from     response, recovery, and mitigation.                Special Needs
                                   all hazards, including                                                           FEMA for Kids                       Disabilities
                                   natural disasters, acts of                                                                                           Education
                                   terrorism, and other man-                                                                                            Personal Preparedness
                                   made disasters.                                                                                                      Special Needs
FEMA cont’d                        Disaster Help is a            News on current disasters around the US and        Disaster Help                       Personal Preparedness              government site with          disaster assistance information and resources.                                         Emergency Planning and

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                      Page 12
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

US Agencies                        More on Resource            Summary                                              Resources on Web                   Other/Key Words
FEMA cont’                         links to information and                                                         Includes links to the Ready        Recovery
                                   services for individuals,                                                        site.
                                   families and businesses
                                   needing disaster recovery
Interagency Coordinating           Part of Homeland Security   Emergency preparedness information for               Individuals with Disabilities in   Disabilities
Council on Emergency               established to support      individuals with disabilities                        Emergency Preparedness             Emergency Preparedness
Preparedness and Individuals       safety and security for
with Disabilities                  individuals with          disabilities in disaster
prepresprecovery.shtm              situations.
June Isaacson Kailes               Disaster resources for      June Kailes is an advocate of the Functional         Moving Beyond 'Special Needs'      Community Preparedness                        people with disabilities    Needs Approach to emergency planning.                A Functional Based Framework       Disabilities
                                   and emergency               Website includes links to resources on               for Emergency Planning             Personal Preparedness
                                   managers.                   disabilities including individual preparedness,                                         Special Needs
                                                               planning and community preparedness.
King County Office of              3 Days, 3Ways – Are you     A public motivation campaign urging you, your        3 Ways includes:                   Links to key US sites
Emergency Management               ready?                      family, and the community to be ready to                1) Make a Plan
(Washington State)                                             survive on your own for a minimum of 3 Days             2) Build a Kit                  Personal Preparedness                                following a disaster.                                   3) Get Involved

Montgomery County Public           Montgomery County           Plan 9 – A simple guide to the nine essential        Plan to be safe campaign           Available in 9 languages
Health Emergency                   (Maryland) work to assist   items to help individual’s shelter-in-place in the   Plan 9
Preparedness and Response          the county and other        event of an emergency.                                                                  Personal Preparedness         public health agencies                                                                                              Shelter-in-Place
                                   across the US to PLAN TO
                                   BE SAFE.
National Fire Protection           The US authority on fire,   Many reports and publications including a Get        Includes information for youth     Many documents available
Association                        electrical and building     Ready! Preparing Your Community for Disaster         and people with disabilities       in English and Spanish                       safety.                     site and Emergency Evacuation Tips for People        Evacuation Guide for People
                                                               with Disabilities.                                   with Disabilities                  Community Preparedness
                                                                                                                    Get ready site for Community       Disabilities
                                                                                                                    Preparedness                       Personal Preparedness

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                    Page 13
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

US Agencies                        More on Resource              Summary                                             Resources on Web                  Other/Key Words
National Hazards Center,           Mission is to advance and     Using an all-hazards and interdisciplinary          Many publications and an          Hazards
University of Colorado             communicate knowledge         framework, the Center fosters information           online library:                   Education   on hazards mitigation and     sharing and integration of activities among         HazLit (Library)                  Research
/services.html                     disaster preparedness,        researchers, practitioners, and policy makers
                                   response, and recovery.       from around the world; supports and conducts
                                                                 research; and provides educational
National Organization on           The National Organization     Compelled by the attacks of September 11,           Information includes:             Disabilities
Disability                         on Disability is an           2001, NOD launched the Emergency                    • Prepare Yourself: Disaster      Emergency Preparedness                        independent federal           Preparedness Initiative (EPI) to ensure that           Readiness Tips for People      Emergency Response
                                   agency making                 emergency managers address disability                  with Disabilities
                                   recommendations to the        concerns and that people with disabilities are
                                   President and Congress to     included in all levels of emergency
                                   enhance the quality of life   preparedness- planning, response, and
                                   for all Americans with        recovery. Emergency Preparedness Initiative
                                   disabilities and their
                                   families.                     Brochures and guides prepared for Emergency
                                                                 Managers and People with Disabilities
National Resource Center           National Resource Center      Provides an online information exchange             The site features hundreds of     Over 40 language      on Advancing Emergency        designed to facilitate communication,               annotated resources, including    translations available.
                                   Preparedness for              networking and collaboration to improve             publications, courses and
                                   Culturally Diverse            preparedness, build resilience and eliminate        training curriculum, research     Courses/Training
                                   Communities.                  disparities for racially and ethnically diverse     and evaluation tools, promising   Education
                                                                 communities in public health emergencies.           programs and projects, and        Personal Preparedness
                                                                                                                     translated materials organized    Research
                                                                                                                     by various topics, languages ….
                                                                                                                     News, updates and events
                                                                                                                     within the field are also
Prepare Now                        The mission of                Independent Living Resource Center San              Earthquake Tips for People        Languages available        is to          Francisco provides the tools, expertise and         Series:                           including Spanish,
                                   ensure that the needs and     access to resources to assist anyone engaged        People with Disabilities          Japanese, Korean,
                                   concerns of vulnerable        in disaster planning for individuals with special   Collecting Emergency              Vietnamese, and
                                   people are addressed in       needs. Vulnerable people are those who cannot       Documents                         Portuguese.
                                   emergency preparedness        comfortably or safely access and use the            Creating an Emergency Health
                                   and response.                 standard resources offered in disaster              Information Card                  Disabilities

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                                     Page 14
Public Safety Education Resource and Information Sharing Matrix

US Agencies                        More on Resource           Summary                                           Resources on Web               Other/Key Words
Prepare Now cont’                                             preparedness, relief and recovery. For                                           Earthquake
                                                              example:                                                                         Personal Preparedness
                                                                  • a disabled person whose needs cannot                                       Service Animals
                                                                     be met in a shelter                                                       Special Needs
                                                                  • a non-English-speaker who does not
                                                                     understand the order to evacuate
                                                                  • a frail elder who cannot lift or carry a
                                                                     disaster supply kit
                                                                  • a recent immigrant who is reluctant to
                                                                     ask for help
Project Safe                       Project Safe focuses on    Training materials to increase awareness of       Project Safe EV-AC brochure    Also available in Spanish          the evacuation and         and familiarity with evacuation plans and to      Project Safe Library
                                   accommodation of people    increase safety in emergency situations.                                         Disabilities
                                   with disabilities.                                                                                          Emergency Planning
Ready America                      Federal site (part of      Includes special sections on Seniors, People      General emergency              Information available in                      Homeland Security)         with Disabilities and Special Needs and Kids      preparedness information and   Spanish/Instructional Video
                                   encouraging citizens to    and Teachers                                      information targeted for:
                                   “Prepare, Plan, Stay                                                         Disabled and Special Needs     Disabilities
                                   Informed.”                                                                   Older Americans                Personal Preparedness
                                                                                                                Kids                           Seniors
Safely Out                         Safely Out – a program     Program employs neighbors as first responders     Safely Out                     Features a project launch   from the Greater           to assist vulnerable populations in disasters.                                   video on
home.shtml                         Sacramento Region,         The program consists of kits which contain a
                                   California.                door tag. One side says “Need Help” and the                                      Community Preparedness
                                                              other “Safely Out.” The tags contain                                             Personal Preparedness
                                                              information which responders can use to help
                                                              reunite families.
San Leandro Triad Alliance         The alliance is a          Key elements include an annual training plan, a   Community emergency plans      Community Preparedness       partnership of San         MOU between agencies, quarterly meetings          and other resources include    Special Needs
emergency/triad/default.asp        Leandro, CARD              and a budget through the city’s emergency         information on wildfires.
                                   (Collaborating Agencies    program.                                          Hazard Mitigation Plan
                                   Responding to Disasters)
                                   and community groups to
                                   meet the needs of
                                   vulnerable population
                                   during emergencies.

Public Safety Education Advisory Group - Revised June 2011                                                                                             Page 15

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