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PRESENT:, R Martin (chair), A Denzey, , S White, R Beeson (head), C Halliday, Sister
Dorothy, C Clarke, Z Betts W Hart (vice-chair) (7.30 ish). The meeting was quorate.

   1. Opening Prayer
   The meeting was opened with a prayer at 7.05 p.m.

   2. Apologies for Absence
   H Harwin, A Caulkett, L Cowell (clerk), C Harrison, T Roberts, J Lynes, S Larham, A
   Chandler – all accepted.

    3. Declaration of Interest in any Agenda Item
    None declared.

    4.Minutes of last Meeting
    The minutes of the last meeting held on 12 October were signed by the Chair as a true

    5. Matters Arising
    Item 7. Rachel reported that even more opportunities were available to school from the
    LA. No further information regarding the building work adjacent to the school, which
    stands at 8 houses.

    6. Future Admissions to All Saints
    Sian Phillips, Education Officer attended the meeting and delivered a paper to the
    governing body detailing the future demographic pressures on primary schools in March.
    She outlined the background and stated that September 2013 is when demand at
    Reception exceeds the number of places available in the town again. She answered
    several of the governor’s questions and what the next steps were going to be – primarily a
    site assessment is to take place, then an options appraisal and then consultation. The
    results would be reported back to school in the Spring Term. The governors at the
    meeting then voted in favour of growth of the school. After more discussion it was
    decided that the school should promote itself more rigorously in the churches via the
    clergy to increase church criteria admissions. Sam Surtees, the manager of the Council’s
    School Admissions Team was also present at the meeting to answer any specific
    admissions-related issues.

    7. Changes to Curriculum and Committee structure
    An in-depth report has been produced by Chris detailing all the information gleaned from
    recent discussions to bring the Governor committees in line with the schools strands.
    This was circulated to governors on the 9 December and will be tabled at the next full
    governing body meeting.

    8. Academies
    To be discussed at next meeting.

    9 .Headteacher’s Report/School Development/ SEF
    Rachel had previously circulated her report. She mentioned that school will be mainly
    judged on data for progress and attainment and that the RAG rating is based on last year’s
    figures. A downward trend for 2 to 3 years could trigger an Ofsted by 2013. Governors
    asked what steps were being taken regarding accelerating progress of current year 6 and
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All Saints Primary School, March   Chair…………………..………Date………….….Page No……….
    requested milestone data for KS1 and KS2 Sats for January meeting. Rachel reported that
    she had recently attended the New Ofsted Regulations briefing, and she would be sharing
    this with staff first after Christmas. A governor asked a number of questions to clarify
    progress against the SSE timetable. The school had opted not to send Yr 6 Sats papers for
    marking but to make the judgement ourselves. Staff would be attending training for this.
    Rachel said that Murrow School was still needing support and mentoring.

    10. Chairman’s Report
    Ruth’s previously prepared report had not been circulated because of the Clerk’s absence
    from work so she delivered the main items verbally. This included the correct protocol to
    be followed if a Governor is approached with a concern. The report was circulated on 9

    11. Committees
    Curriculum – This group last met on 1 November. The minutes had been previously
    circulated and the next meeting is on Jan 18 at 7.00 p.m.
    Finance and Personnel – The last meeting was on 3 November and the main focus was
    low attendance at Ace Base and consequently insufficient income to cover costs. If
    matters are not improved the provision could be lost by Easter. The Terms of Reference,
    Statement of Financial Control, The Best Value Statement and the Policy on Paying
    Allowance to Governors were all recommended to the full governing body for approval.
    These documents were unanimously accepted. Next meeting 10 Jan at 7.00 p.m.
    Buildings Lettings and Safety – This group last met on the 3 November and the minutes
    were not available. Chris was thanked for his hard work on the Fire Risk Assessment, the
    reviewed Terms of Reference were then proposed and unanimously accepted by the full
    governing body. Next meeting to be on 19 Jan at 5.30 p.m.
    Church Liaison/Diocese – This group is to meet on 10 January 2012.
    Extended Schools – Preschool - Met on 3 Nov, the main discussion item was the bid for
    the new building. The next meeting is set for 19 January at 6.30 p.m.
    Friends – Zoe updated the group; the Friends were congratulated on hosting two very
    good evenings – The Fireworks and the Xmas Fayre.

    12. Circulation and Signing of Code of Conduct
    This had been previously circulated to governors, signatures to accept the policy to be
    collected at the next meeting.

   13. Governor Training
   Zoe and Steph had attended induction training. Wendy and Chris to do Headteachers
   Performance Review training

   14. Dates of Next Meetings
   Wednesday 25 January, 21 March, 9 May, 4 July 2012

    15. Any other Business
    Chris asked for governors to be contacted by text the day before a meeting to be
    reminded. Julia O’Connor is to do a talk on Academies at the next meeting.

                               The meeting was closed with a prayer.
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All Saints Primary School, March   Chair…………………..………Date………….….Page No……….
All Saints Primary School, March   Chair…………………..………Date………….….Page No……….

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