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					 Women & Money: Owning the Power
  to Control Your Destiny by Suze

                                  Great Book

Money maven Suze Ormans latest book, Women & Money addresses the
complicated (and often dysfunctional) relationship women have with
personal finance. Ormans direct, non-condescending style is perfect for
this subject matter--she begins with the premise that Women can invest,
save, and handle debt as well and skillfully as any man and then tackles
the important question--So why dont they? Designed to educate and
inspire, Women & Money also offers a Save Yourself Plan, a five-month
program that delivers genuine long-term financial security. Want to know
more? Watch a video message from Suze below, and take a gander at the
first chapter of Women & Money--youll be controlling your destiny in no
time. --Daphne Durham       Read the First Chapter of Women & Money

For Women Only

  I never thought Id write a book about money just for women. I never
thought it was necessary. So then why am I doing just that in my eighth
book? And why now? Let me explain. All my previous books were written
with the belief that gender is not a factor on any level in mastering the nuts
and bolts of smart financial management. Women can invest, save, and
handle debt just as well and skillfully as any man. I still believe that--why
would anyone think differently? So imagine my surprise when I learned
that some of the people closest to me in my life were in the dark about
their own finances. Clueless. Or, in some cases, willfully resisting doing
what they knew needed to be done. Im talking about smart, competent,
accomplished women who present a face to the world that is pure
confidence and capability. Do you mean to tell me that I, Suze Orman, who
make my living solving the financial problems of total strangers, couldnt
spot the trouble brewing so close to home? I dont think Im blind; I just think
that these women became very, very good at hiding their troubles from
me.Why not? They had years of practice hiding them from themselves.

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In my opinion, Suze Orman has done a great service for women by telling
them they have a responsibility to themselves to care about their financial
well-being. No one has done this as effectively as Suze and I applaud her
effort. Somehow, the womens movement dropped the ball after it urged
women to burn their bras, put their kids in daycar e and climb the corporate
ladder. Although I do not agree with every recommendation made, this
book, like all her previous books goes beyond the practical to the
psychology of money and how it affects women.

Readers will gain confidence while learning that money decisions they
blindly leave to others is their responsibility, and as Suze suggests will
begin to take an active interest in preserving and growing their wealth. She
wants women to love themselves as much as they love others. She hopes
they will pay themselves in a way that shows they value their work. She
urges them to have boundaries around money and limit what others can
extract from them. She has a nurturing voice and a compassionate writing
tone that engages women while simultaneously holding them accountable.
There is an urgency to her message.

I see Ms. Orman as a social engineer who by sharing this collection of
tools and teaching the language of wealth educates and empowers a
group undervalued in this society. To permanently help those who have
been outsiders to the financial world, Suze shares information using the
buzz words of the industry. She is a pioneer, giving women the ability to
negotiate and self-protect wealth they did not know they had a right to.
This is clearly a woman on a mission who has done a wonderful job
communicating to her readers.

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