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					Pretty Woman [Blu-ray] starring Julia
    Roberts, Richard Gere, Jason

                         Movie To Fall In-Love With

Like a pumpkin that transforms into a carriage, some very shrewd casting
(and the charisma of Julia Roberts, in particular) morphed this story of a
Hollywood whore into a Disneyfied Cinderella story--and a mainstream
megahit. This is the movie that made Roberts a star; the charm of her
personality helping tremendously to carry viewers over the rough spots in
the script (which was originally a cynical tale about prostitution called
3000--after the amount of money Richard Geres character pays the
prostitute to stay with him for the week). Gere is the silver-haired Wall
Street knight who sweeps streetwalker Roberts into a fantasy world of
room service at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel and fashion boutique
shopping on Rodeo Drive. The supporting cast is also appealing, including
Laura San Giacomo as Robertss hooker pal, Hector Elizondo as the hotel
manager, Jason Alexander, Ralph Bellamy, and Hank Azaria. Now, is this
something you want your sons and daughters to see? Thats entirely up to
you. --Jim Emerson

* Academy Award(R) winner Julia Roberts (Best Actress, ERIN
BROCKOVICH, 2000) and Golden Globe winner Richard Gere (Best Actor
In A Motion Picture -- Musical Or Comedy, CHICAGO, 2003) will leave you
breathless in PRETTY W OMAN -- now more irresistible than ever on Blu-
ray Disc™. Vivian (Roberts) is a spirited, streetwise diamond in the rough
when she meets shrewed, no-nonsense billionaire Edward

My companion has adored this movie since its theatrical release, and she
owned at various times a couple of previ ous editions. She never seems to
tire of it, and knows every scene and cites the pivotal dialogue as its
coming up. Thats love, folks, so I bought this Blu-ray edition for her
birthday. Knowing the movie as she does, a klaxon went off when brief
scenes were omitted. I was at first disappointed -- and a little angry --
when she told me that it was cut short by about five minutes from the 15th
Anniversary edition. However, thanks to Mr. Amiths very informative
review below (if I could have voted yes for him multiple times, I would
have), thats all cleared up, that this Blu-ray edition is the THEATRICAL
release. It hasnt been cut so much as RESTORED to its original length.
Why the studio simply didnt include both versions on the disc, as has been
done with other titles, is an obvious question, but not one that needs to be
answered to enjoy this.

For the picture quality itself, the Blu-ray improvement is only slight, as its
not the type of movie that has a real advantage in hi-def. Its a charming
story with a sleek visual style, so it merely looks sleeker, but not
necessarily more revealing. Still, if you love this movie, you should treat
yourself to the best transfer available, and, of course, this is it. As noted,
all of the bonus features from the 15th Anniversary Edition have been
brought over. If the DC is your favorite version, youll have to wait a while.
Because this is a much beloved movie, more than likely, there will be a
20th Anniversary edition -- next year -- with probably both cuts on i t.

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