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									                   Grand Theft Auto IV

              An Incredible Game...When Played With Cheat Codes!!

 started playing GTA4 after playing Burnout Paradise. For this reason, I
quickly tossed it aside because of the horrible vehicle physics early in the
game (like Romans Taxi). It was so frustrating just to drive a vehicle from
point A to B without hitting everything in sight...Fortunately, the driving gets
better as you progress through the game. Then after completing a couple
of other games Im glad I came back to GTA4 because the programmers
really did put a huge amount of thought and effort into creating one of the
BEST OPEN SANDBOX type games Ive ever played!

I like to try things in games that are, say unconventional. Most of the time
the hard code prevents you from doing these type things unless they are
actually part of the storyline. In GTA4, the interactive environment is so
completely OPEN, you can do just about anything you please and get
results...And sometimes its not what you expected! This kind of gameplay
not only improves the gaming experience, but it also extends the life of the
purchase -- A DOUBLE SHOT of getting the best Bang for your video
game Buck!

The first thing you notice after Niko starts doing jobs is how quickly the
LCPD cops are all over you and they either take you in or do you in,
depending on your level of cooperation. Unfortunately, the only way to
lose your Wanted Level is to outrun the cops...Like I said before, the
vehicle physics make this a pretty frustrating exercise, especially after
about the 20th time. MY SOLUTION: USE CHEAT CODES.

This is one game where I believe gameplay is actually enhanced by liberal
use of basic cheat codes. That way you can focus on following the
storyline and completing chapters or just creating general mayhem
wherever Liberty City takes you without being outgunned or driving a
beaten up vehicle or spending half your time outrunning the LCPD. Cheat
codes RULE in GTA4 and once you start using them, youll never go
The storyline is well integrated with excellent voice talent and very good
cut scenes...Youll always feel like youre right in the middle of the action in
this game and will never be left clueless about whats going on around you.
Just key in the cheat codes and learn your way around the cellphone and
Liberty City will be your oyster. Weapons are GREAT...Sound effect s and
explosions are GREAT...Reactions of pedestrians, other drivers and
victims are frequently priceless. Niko has more one-liners than James
Bond. This is a relatively long game which I imagine is dozens of hours
longer without taking advantage of the cheat codes.

FAVORITE CHEAT CODES: 482-555-0100 Restore health, armor &
ammo; 486-555-0100 Get a selection of weapons; 486-555-0150 Different
selection of weapons; 267-555-0100 Remove wanted level; 468-555-0100
Change weather; 359-555-0100 Spawn an Annihilator; 938-555-0100
Spawn a Jetmax; 625-555-0100 Spawn an NRG-900; 227-555-0100
Spawn an FIB Buffalo; 227-555-0147 Spawn a Turismo. Enter these into
your cellphone then use them when needed and youll absolutely OW N
Liberty City and everyone in it!

Now near the end of the game, there are 2 different paths you can
take...Youll know youre there when confronted with the Revenge or The
Deal decision. I recommend going to a safehouse and saving the game at
this point so you can play it through to the end on e way, then come back,
reload and play it the other way. (I turned off autosave at this point to
prevent an unwanted overwrite.) You can always go to a safehouse and
save progress in an open save slot. The 2 endings are similar, but still
vary enough to warrant playing both ways.

My favorite off the beaten path things to do in GTA4:

1) Drive up to Jimmy Pegorinos house and go past the pool in the back to
the covered deck area with the wooden benches. Use your cheats to load
up on health and ammo for the RPG/Rocket Launcher. Then look over the
wall to the street below and unload an RPG on an unsuspecting vehicle.
The cops/FIB/SWAT start arriving and you just blow their vehicles up with
RPGs. Then the LCPD choppers move in and you crouch down and do a
little target practice on them. If you get tired of RPGing the choppers, take
out the M16 and shoot the gunners out instead. Reload on health & ammo
as needed and keep an eye out for FIB and SWAT as they try to flank you
by the swimming pool. Stay alive long enough and youll actually shoot
down ALL of the LCPD choppers...They wont have any more to send after
you! A pretty cool diversion...

2) Pick a park or some other spot with lots of pedestrians and walk around
spawning Jetmax after Jetmax right on top of people, then collect their
cash...Listen to their reactions when the boats just appear out of nowhere
and start dropping on their friends! I did this one night outside of Bernies
apt on both sides of the street. Then I just ran up one side of the street,
crossed over to the other side and some of their money respawned. Then
I crossed the street and ran to the other victims and some of their money
respawned. I did this repeatedly and money randomly respawned each
time! But simply spawning a Jetmax on a helpless pedestrian, a cop car or
some guy on a chopper is just good times...

3) Go inside a Cluckin Bell and blow away the order-taker (its a BONUS if
the employee wearing the chicken head is there...Torch the chicken with a
Molitov Cocktail.) Then put your back to the wall facing the front doors. As
the cops come in, mow them down with the M16. Refill on health and
ammo as needed. Soon, the SWAT team arrives. Once they start coming
in, take them down with the M16. When it gets quiet for a mo ment, use
your cheat to Remove Wanted Level...Then stroll outside, go to the SWAT
truck and get in. Drive off and Remove Wanted Level. Congratulations!
Youre now the proud owner of a SWAT truck! Park it in the YELLOW
parking area outside of one of your safehouses and it will stay there unless
a cop arrests someone and uses it to take them in, which I actually caught
one doing one time!

4) Go to a pedestrian overpass at one of the highways. Climb the fence
and jump into the speeding cars below. This will create a HUGE traffic jam
(sometimes on both sides of the highway). Reload your health and go
back up to the overpass. Shoot RPGs into the vehicles below for some
gigantic explosions!

5) Steal a chopper from the heli tours pad. Fly to Liberty Islan d and just
when youre hovering near her feet, jump out. If done right, youll land on a
square area just below the statues feet. Run around until you find the door
that says, NO HIDDEN CONTENT HERE. Walk THROUGH the door and
climb the ladder. Youll see a huge beating heart inside thats held in place
by chains...Snap a couple of souvenir photos with the cellphone to show
your friends back home!

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