Making Learning Visible Term 3 2012 QLD

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					 Making Learning Visible
 By Cathryn Stephens

 Friday                    Venue                             Cost –
                                                                                                Cost includes morning tea
 24 August 2012            Mt Alvernia College               Early Bird: $198                   And lunch.
 9.00am – 3.00pm           82 Cremorne Road                  Full Price: $242
                           Kedron QLD 4031                   EB: register by Friday 27 July

National Curriculum Series
With the National Curriculum fast approaching (and already beginning to be implemented in Queensland)
teachers and school leadership are looking for professional learning workshops that go beyond the
documentation on the ACARA or state organised websites. We partner teachers to develop National Curriculum
Documentation into practical, dynamic curriculum that teachers can readily implement in their school context

Workshop Outline
       This workshop is designed to explore the key findings of John Hattie’s ground-breaking research into
       what impacts learning. We will look at the top Effect Sizes and discuss the implications for the
       classroom teacher.
       You will build on your understanding of the importance of quality, varied feedback in the design
       process. Explore Learning Goals and Success Criteria as tools for placing the student at the centre of
       the learning process.
       We will look at Peter Skillman’s Marshmallow Challenge as an activity that provides great insight into
       the iterative process and how feedback plays a critical role in improving the final product, this links
       with John Hattie’s Visible Learning concept powerfully, as his research identifies feedback as the single
       most powerful influence over student learning.
       The National Curriculum emphasises the need for students to develop capability in monitoring their
       own learning, and for teachers to provide different types of feedback, whilst nationally regulated tests
       (such as NAPLAN) focus on summative assessment of progression.
       The workshop is highly practical and will enable teachers to walk away with:
             A clear understanding of the top impacts on student learning,
             How to implement Learning Goals and Success Criteria into their classroom
             Ideas about how to use a range of feedback mechanisms throughout the learning process.
             A unit/s of work that they have been able to develop using the Visible Learning framework for
              more effective learning
             A feeling of being reinvigorated about how we can build genuine learning partnerships with
              our students.

About Cathryn Stephens
              Cathryn is our Lead Educational designer. Cathryn has taught in secondary schools across all major sectors and at
              both co-educational and girls’ schools. During her time in the classroom she has worked on a broad range of both
              government and independent initiatives, focusing on immersion tasks and student-centred learning.
              Cathryn is an energetic and creative personality with a passion for innovative educational practice and a strong
              educational philosophy based on the view that teaching is, at its core, a relational vocation. Cathryn believes that
              educational institutions can and must lead societies into a rapidly expanding future. She is a dynamic and energetic
              speaker and inspirer for your school or workplace.
              Cathryn holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), a Bachelor of Arts (English and History), as well as a
              Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism, with units in Professional Writing and Public Relations .
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      To be held on Friday 24 August 2012 9.00am – 3.00pm
      @ Mt Alvernia College, 82 Cremorne Rd, Kedron Qld 4031

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Return to                                              Payment details
Please complete this form and email to:                Upon receipt of the registration form you will be
                                                       Forwarded a TAX INVOICE for GST and payment.
Rachel Manneke-Jones                                   Early bird $198                         Full price $242
Phone 0411 270 277                                     Discounts available
                                                       5% discount for 2-4 teachers.                            10% discount for 5 or more.
                                                       EARLY BIRD registration by Friday 27 July*

    By submitting this form you are confirming that you have been given financial approval by your school to attend this
    Email details to to register.
    Cancellation fees apply.
    Payment methods are via EFT, cheque or your schools preferred method.
    All payments must be made prior to workshop commencement.
    *Early Bird Rate must be paid by the invoice due date, otherwise reverts to full price.
    If registered person unable to attend you may transfer to another person to attend the date booked.

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