Zoot Suit by ert554898


									           Zoot Suit
             The Pachuco as…
                 In Lak’ech
Pachuco as the antithesis of the American hero
        The Pachuco as…
Archaeological project: rediscovery through
    historical investigation
Alienation: represents rebellion and social
    exclusion from mainstream and Latino
Affirmation: represents culture, pride,
    biculturalism, bilingualism, cultural
    transformation, valorization of the Pachuco.
Cultural Archive: middle 20th century Chicano
    identity through dress, language, behavior,
    attitude of affirmation and resistance.
         The Pachuco as...
Universal Archetype: pride, integrity,
New Possibilities: affirmation of a pre-
    Chicano identity, against assimilation,
    against dissolution of the culture, identity.
Isolationist: self-definition, self-protective, in
    contrast to mainstream.
Reductionist: minimalistic and reductionistic
    characterization of the Chicano experience
 Zoot Suit and Polyvocalism
Polyvocalism: communication through
  various media: language, dance,
  dialogue, music, official and unofficial
Multiple voices/vocalities.
     Zoot Suit and Inlak’ech
Neo-Mayan Valdezianism
“tu eres mi otro yo.” “you are my other me”
    unity of the character and the “other”,
Universalizes the Chicano experience
    through el Pachuco.
Hank as being, el Pachuco as myth,
    unconscious, alter-ego, fantasy, wisdom.
Spacial, behavioral manifestations
El Pachuco as the antithesis of
      the Amrican hero
1940s United States at war, defense of the
   American democratic example against
   facism, totalitarianism.
American heroic ideal: emphasis on
   sacrifice, conformity, allegiance, youth
   as idealistic examples of orderliness.
Pachucos as: anarchistic, non-conforming,
   narcissistic, ambiguous, rebellious,
   self-absorbed, defiant.

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