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					                                                                                Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
                                                                                     Now Avail-
                                                                                Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Shopping Guide -
                                                                                Ranked in the BEST Category!
                                                                                The creme de la creme of coconut oils! Our
                                                                                coconut oil is produced in the Philippines
                                                                                and Thailand from fresh coconuts opened
                                                                                within 48 hours of being picked from the
                                                                                trees, and immediately processed into oil!
                                                                                • Centrifuge extracted
                                                                                • Cold pressed
                                                                                • No solvents, bleaches or deodorizers
                                                                                • All nutrients retained
                                                                                See Page 2

                                                                                Pure Krill Oil
                                                                                One of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids!
                                                                                                        Radiant Life Krill Oil contains 100% pure oil
                                                                                                        from Antarctic Krill (Euphausia Superba), pro-
                                                                                                        viding optimal amounts of Omega-3 fatty ac-
                                                                                                        ids bound to phospholipids and critical anti-
        Customer Favorites!                                                                             oxidants including astaxanthin. Unlike fish oil,
                                                                                                        the Omega-3 fatty acids in Radiant Life Krill Oil
Radiant Life Desiccated Liver                                                                           are absorbed and carried to the body’s cell in
                                                                                                        phospholipid form. Since phospholipids form
Containing more nutrients, gram for gram, than                                                          the structural basis of cell membranes, they
any other food!                                                                 are effectively utilized by the body. See Page 2
• An excellent source of high-quality protein
• Nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A                                Vitamin D3 Serum
• All the B vitamins in abundance, particularly
  vitamin B12                                                                   Your reliable, rich, live source for the healthiest
• One of our best sources of folic acid                                         natural Vitamin D3. 2000 IUs in just one drop! At
• A highly usable form of iron                                                  less than $0.07 per serving there is no need to be
• Trace elements such as copper, zinc and chromium; liver is our best source    Vitamin D deficient.
  of copper                                                                     #02122 0.5 oz liquid $10.95
• CoQ10, a nutrient that is especially important for cardio-vascular function
and good source of purines, nitrogen-containing compounds that serve as         Vitamin C Complex
precursors for DNA and RNA
See Page 11                                                                     A proprietary blend of “beyond organic”, nonhybrid natural vitamin
                                                                                                   C sources including South American Camu-
Nourishing Superfood Kit                                                                           Camu, acerola, Bulgarian rose hips, pristine
                                                                                                   barley grass concentrate and other nutritional
The highest quality essentials for par-                                                            co-factors — this exquisite blend contributes
ents who want their children to have                                                               highly beneficial phytonutrients including bio-
the best nutrient dense foods available                                                            flavonoids, quercetin, limonene, chlorogenic
based on Nourishing Traditions Home-                                                               acid, silymarin (and much more) to activate
made baby Formula. See Page 5                                                                      powerful antioxidant protection. No synthetic
                                                                                vitamin C. Absolutely no excipients, additives, fillers, corn or gluten.
Are you electron deficient?                                                     #02108 60 Caps $19.95

Can you benefit from grounding? Beneath you feet outdoors is not just a
mere patch of grass, dirt, sand, or concrete. It is an omnipresent source of
natural healing energy. Consider staying in touch with the earth while:


See Page 9
                                    Dr. Price’s Legendary Duo
      Fermented Cod Liver Oil                                                                         High Vitamin Butter Oil

                                                             Dr. Weston A. Price

                                  Synergy of Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil
Research shows that butter oil and cod liver oil, taken together, provide complementary factors leading to proper essential fatty acid balance.
High-vitamin butter oil contains arachidonic acid (AA), an omega-6 fatty acid, while cod liver oil is rich in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), an omega-3.
Moreover, the saturated fatty acids in the butter oil promote efficient utilization of the unsaturated fatty acids in the cod liver oil. Finally, butter oil
contains a broad and deep range of important quinones including Vitamin K, E and CoQ enzymes while cod liver oil is rich in Vitamins A and D.

Our High-Vitamin Butter Oil is extracted from dairy milk produced by Guernsey and Devon cows (high butterfat producers) that graze exclusively
on irrigated grass in the northern Great Plains. This specific combination of climate and irrigation produces a rapidly growing specialized forage,
ensuring optimal levels of Activator X as discovered by Dr. Price. Activator X and other nutrients are then further concentrated by putting the but-
terfat through a specialized, low-temperature, centrifuge process.

                                                       See Page 1 for more details

       Butter Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend                                                               Kid Tested Cod Liver Oil!

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                                  Our Mission                                             	           	TABLE OF CONTENTS
Our	mission	at	the	Radiant	Life	Company	is	to	offer	transformative	prod-                  Healthy	Fats	&	Oils							               1	
ucts,	information,	and	resources	that	promote	optimal	health	and	sustain-                 			
able	living.	By	combining	the	best	traditions	and	insights	from	our	human	
                                                                                          Radiant	Baby						       	               5
past	with	the	latest	findings	of	independent	scientific	research,	Radiant	Life	
serves	 those	 who	 wish	 to	 discern	 the	 truth	 underlying	 conflicting	 health	
opinions	and	fads.                                                                        Earthing						        	         	        9

We	are	dedicated	to	helping	people	realize	the	full	expression	of	their	ge-               Superfood	Supplements						 11
netic	potential,	as	optimal	physical	development	is	the	foundation	for	our	
highest	mental	and	spiritual	evolution	as	a	species.                                      Water	Purification						 	               17

                                Our Philosophy                                            Water	Filtration						          	        19
Never	 before	 have	 there	 been	 more	 dietary	 philosophies	 and	 divergent	
health	 perspectives	 clamoring	 for	 our	 attention.	 From	 vegetarianism	 to	           Energetic	Hydrotherapy						 22
veganism;	from	high-carb	and	low	fat	philosophies	to	the	Atkins	diet;	from	
the	Zone	diet	to	the	South	Beach	diet,	everyone	seems	to	have	found	“the	                 Fitness						  	                	        23
truth”	about	nutrition.	Those	who	try	fitting	themselves	into	one	mold	after	             	
another,	time	after	time,	often	find	that	such	“food	dogma”	is	exhausting	                Personal	Care						             	        24
them,	leaving	them	confused	and	overwhelmed.

About	fifteen	years	ago,	Radiant	Life	came	across	a	body	of	revolutionary	
                                                                                          More	Great	Foods						 	                 25
health	information	that	cut	right	through	the	confusion	of	all	the	conflict-
ing	dietary	approaches	in	today’s	marketplace.	The	wisdom	found	is	based	                 Home	Products						             	        28	
not	 on	 the	 latest	 fad	 or	 isolated	 study,	 but	 rather	 upon	 dietary	 practices	   				
that	have	nourished	humans	for	99.999%	of	our	genetic	history.	We	call	this	              In	the	Kitchen						            	        29
wisdom	“native	nutrition”	based	on	the	work	of	Dr.	Weston	A.	Price.
                                                                                          Books	&	DVDs						              	        31	
An	 abundance	 of	 archaeological	 and	 multidisciplinary	 research	 demon-
strates	that	it	is	possible	to	enjoy	very	high	levels	of	strength,	vitality,	lon-
gevity,	and	vibrant	health.	In	fact,	perfect	health	is	our	birthright,	encoded	           VioLivTM	Glass	Containers						 32	
in	our	genes.

Native	nutrition,	while	extremely	important,	is	just	one	part	of	total	well-
ness.	 Human	 beings	 depend	 on	 nourishment	 from	 many	 levels	 and	 ulti-
mately,	human	health	is	a	by-product	of	a	balanced	planetary	ecology.		It	
will	take	a	healthy	biosphere	to	allow	our	species	to	thrive	and	evolve.	The	
restoration	of	our	health	as	a	species	depends	upon	the	restoration	of	our	
soil,	our	farms	and	our	ecology,	and	will	require	a	large-scale	shift	toward	
                                                                                                     We	are	proud	to	support	the	
sustainable	lifestyles.	Toward	this	end,	Radiant	Life	supports	and	promotes	                           important	work	of	the	
the	 emerging	 cultural,	 environmental,	 economic,	 and	 indigenous	 sover-                         Weston	A.	Price	Foundation
eignty	movements	that	seek	sustainability	for	person	and	planet.                            

This	catalog	is	the	result	of	many	years	of	research.	We	offer	you	the	finest	                For the latest information, please subscribe
nutritional	 foods	 and	 supplements,	 air	 and	 water	 purifiers,	 personal	 care	                            to our blog:
products,	health	equipment	and	information	available.		It	is	our	hope	that	                 
these	can	help	you	and	your	future	generations	live	a	more	radiant	life.

                                                                                              Statements	made	herein	have	not	been	evaluated	by	
                      Norman	&	Kathleen	LeMoine                                                        the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.
                     Directors,	Radiant	Life	Company                                          These	products	are	not	intended	to	diagnose,	treat	or	
                                                                                                               cure	any	disease.

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      emulsifier (fermented hyaluronic acid).          Heathy	Fats	&	Oils              Product & Flavor Descriptions*
                                                              Have you had your fat today?
       Non-Gelatin Capsulesheard,those body prefer to takefat. Not just any fat, it needs high-quality, unprocessed fats and oils to supply its requirements for
Despite what you’ve probably     - For your who is hungry for their cod
        cell oil in capsule form, this is simply nervous system. We oil, a bit
energy,liver building and repair, and a healthy fermented cod liverhave been snookered into eating low-fataddition interests that don’t have our health in mind.
                                                                                       *Please note: The foods by of natural flavors is meant to offer a
       of cranberry seed oil as an antioxidant and unbleached beeswax as               varied relied on for superior health for millennia. accept returns for
Furthermore, we have been deceived about animal fats: they are essential fats that humans havetaste experience. However, we cannotTo fully debunk the low-
       a thickener. Capsules are made from
fat paradigm, read Nourishing Traditions. plant cellulose.                             open bottles based on flavor preferences.
                     These Oils are Recommended in The Weston A. Price Foundation’s Shopping Guide Best Category
      Non-Gelatin Capsules (Orange) - This is the same as our regular                      Non-Gelatin Capsules - For those who prefer to take their butter
      capsule with the addition of organic orange oil.
Fermented Cod Liver Oil                                                                   High Vitamin Butter Oil - New Flavors & Caps!
                                                                                           oil in capsule form, this is simply butter oil with unbleached
Buy 3 to 5 bottles, get 5% off. Buy 6 or more, get 10% off!                                 beeswax added as a thickener.
                                                                                          Buy 6 or more and get 5% off! Capsules are made from plant
        Ginger Liquid - Kid Tested! - Includes natural ginger essential oil,
        organic apple pectin, purified water, cellulose, trehalose, vegetable
Blue	Ice	fermented	cod	liver	oil	is	produced	                                             From	the	fertile	soils	and	green	grasses	of	the	Mid-
        glycerin and a bit of non-GMO sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier.
using	ancient	traditional	methods	of	extrac-                                                Butter Pecan Liquid - Delicious and nutritious! Consists simply of
                                                                                          west	 comes	 a	 most	 precious	 whole	 food	 supple-
        Mix well before each use.
tion,	 yielding	 an	 extremely	 pure,	 high	 vita-                                        ment:	raw,	grass-fed,	X-Factor	butter	oil!	It	is	the	job	
                                                                                            butter oil and organic butter pecan flavor oil.
min	oil	that	has	never	been	heated!	No	syn-                                               of	 happy	 Milking	 Shorthorn	 &	 Devon	 cows	 (high	
        Licorice Liquid - Kid Tested! -
thetic	vitamins	of	any	kind	are	added.		 Includes natural anise essential oil,            butterfat	 producers)	Ato	 munch	 growing	 butter oil and organic
                                                                                            Raspberry Liquid - tasty combination of green	
        organic apple pectin, organic whole
This	oil	is	a	rich	source	of	vitamins	A	and	D,	 leaf stevia, purified water,              grasses	 and	 to	 produce	 rich	 creamy	 milk,	 which	
                                                                                            raspberry flavor oil.
        cellulose, trehalose, vegetable glycerin
both	of	which	are	not	easy	to	obtain	optimal	 and a bit of non-GMO                        is	then	skimmed	and	centrifuged	to	make	beauti-
        sunflower lecithin diet	 emulsifier. Mix
levels	 of	 in	 our	 modern	 as anand	 lifestyle.	 well before each use.                         05814
                                                                                          ful,	 golden	 butter	 oil.	 Dr.	 Weston	 Price	 found	 the	
                                                                                            Non-Flavored Liquid - A favorite of those who enjoy the natural
Increasing	numbers	of	studies	indicate	that	
                                                                                          health-promoting	properties	of	raw	butter	oil	and	
                                                                                            butter taste of a super dairy product.
deficiency	 of	 vitamin	 D	 is	 incredibly	 com-
        Peppermint Liquid - Kid Tested! - Includes natural peppermint                     high	 grade	 cod	 liver	 oil	 to	 be	 truly	 extraordinary.	
mon	among	Americans,	and	that	the	lack	of	
        essential oil, organic apple pectin, organic whole leaf stevia,
this	crucial	nutrient	may	be	related	to	a	vari-vegetable glycerin and a bit of            You	owe	it	to	yourself	to	read	Nutrition and Physi-
        purified water, cellulose, trehalose,                                             cal Degeneration.	More	than	a	half	century	after	Dr.	Price	last	produced	
ety	of	health	issues.	Additionally,	high	vitamin	cod	liver	oil	is	a	good	source	            Butter Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend
        non-GMO sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier. Mix well before each                 it	himself,	X-Factor	butter	oil	is	available	to	you!	
of	the	essential	fatty	acids	EPA	and	DHA,	otherwise	known	as	the	“Omega	3s.”	
This	oil	is	thick	and	rich,	full	of	naturally	occurring	nutrients.	                         Item #          Description                                Price
                                                                                          Rich	 in	 essential	 fatty	 acids	 and	 conjugated	 linoleic	 acid	 (CLA),	 this	 oil	
                                                                                          offers	a	rare	concentration	of	the	“X-Factor,”	which	Dr.	Price	found	to	be	
                                                                                                            Flavor/Antioxidant-Free Liquid
        Product                         500mg 
      High Vitamin Butter Oil - New Flavors & Caps! Kid Tested                              05807                                                      $48.95
                                                                                          important	in	supporting	the	uptake	of	minerals	in	the	diet.	Additionally	
                          Liquids                                                                           Gel
      Comparison                        Capsules       Flavors                            this	oil	contains	“the	Wulzen	factor,”	(aka	“anti-stiffness	factor”)	which	pro-
      Item #     Description                     Price                                    motes	flexibility	and	supple	muscles	and	tendons.	Refrigeration	is	recom-
  Contents               8 oz        120 caps      8 oz                                     05808           Chocolate Cream Liquid Gel                 $48.95
                                                                                          mended	to	keep	out	light	and	for	flavor,	however	the	oil	is	very	stable	at	
                         2 ml        2
  Serving Size Non-Gelatin Capsules - 120 ct
                                                   3/4 tsp
                                                 $44.95                                   room	temperature.	
  Vit A IU               3750        1750          4500                                    05809           Cinnamon Tingle Liquid Gel               $48.95
  Vit D IU               760         360           920                                    Recommended	serving	size	is	1/2	tsp	or	2	capsules	for	all	ages.	
      05804      Butter Pecan Liquid - 8.1 oz.   $59.95                                   96	servings	per	jar	of	liquid	or	60	per	jar	of	capsules.	
  Price per serving      $0.37       $0.50         $0.61                                   05810           Non-Gelatin Caps                         $46.95
                                                                                          #05803 Non-Gelatin Capsules - 120 ct                          $44.95
     05805          Raspberry Liquid - 8.1 oz.           $59.95                           #05804 Butter Pecan Liquid - 8.1 oz                           $59.95
#05811 Flavor/Antioxidant Free Liquid               $43.95
#05812 Cinnamon Tingle Liquid                       $43.95                                #05805 Raspberry Liquid - 8.1 oz                              $59.95
#05813 Arctic Mint Liquid
     05806          Non-Flavored Liquid - 8.1 oz. $43.95 $59.95                                                             - 8.1 oz
                                                                                          #05806 Non-Flavored Liquidcount, 750 mg caps) or liquid gel form
                                                                                           Available in either capsule (120                             $59.95
#05814 Oslo Orange Liquid                           $43.95                                 (Gel form reduces spills when taken with a spoon). Liquid gels are 8.1
     From the fertile soils and
#05815 120 Non-Gel Caps green grasses of $29.95     the Midwest comes a                    oz and Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend
                                                                                          Butter are available in original unflavored style or in a favorite flavor.
     most precious whole food supplement: raw, grass-fed, X-Factor
#05816 120 Non-Gel Caps (Orange)                    $29.95                                 The blend Combo!
                                                                                          The Perfectconsists of 2/3 Cod Liver Oil and 1/3 Butter Oil.
     butter oil! Liquid - Kid happy
#05817 GingerIt is the job ofTested!Milking Shorthorn & Devon cows
     (high butterfat producers) to munch growing green grasses and to
#05818 Licorice Liquid - Kid Tested!                $38.95                                  
**Please the extreme synergy between
                                                                                          Experience note that liquid gels solidify when refrigerated. To
#05819 Peppermint Liquid - Kid Tested! skimmed and centrifuged
     produce rich creamy milk, which is then $38.95                                       high vitamin butter oil and traditional cod
                                                                                            prevent this from occurring, store at room temperature in a dark
     to make beautiful, golden butter oil. Dr. Weston Price found the                     liver oil in one product!
                                                                                            place such as a kitchen cabinet. Product can also be frozen for
     health-promoting properties of raw butter oil and high grade cod                     Buy 3 to 5 bottles and get 5% off. Buy 6 or
                                                                                            long term storage and can be stored up to 6 months after
                   Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil:
     liver oil to be truly extraordinary. You owe it to yourself to read                  more and get 7% off!
                                                                                            opening at room temperature.
                            A Degeneration. For
     Nutrition and Physical Legendary Duothe first time, more than a
     half century after Dr. Price last produced it himself, X-Factor butter               The	blend	consists	of	2/3	Cod	Liver	Oil	and	1/3	
     oil is available to the general public!
  The	X-Factor	is	a	potent	fat-soluble	catalyst	discovered	by	Dr.	Weston	
                                                                                          Butter	Oil.	 is a comparison of the products: 

   Price.	The	X-Factor	is	not	found	in	cows	fed	cottonseed	meal	or	high	
        Buy 6 or more and get 5% off!
   protein	soy-based	feeds,	and	is	almost	impossible	to	find	in	any	ani-                   Product Comparison                    Liquid Gels         Non-Gelatin Caps
   mal	products	in	the	U.S.,	even	organically	raised	cows.	It	is	only	found	               Contents                              8.1 oz              120 caps, 750 mg ea
   in	organ	meats	and	butter	from	animals	raised	on	green	grass,	and	in	
        Rich in essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), this             Serving Size                          2.5 ml              2
   some	seafood.	Dr,	Price	felt	that	the	X-Factor	could	help	one	absorb	
        oil offers a rare concentration of the "X-Factor," which Dr. Price                 Vitamin A IU                          3000                1165
   minerals,	which	would	support	strong	teeth	and	bones.	Rich	X-Factor	
        found to be important in supporting the uptake of minerals in the                  Vitamin D IU                          600                 240
   butter	produced	from	grass-fed	cows	is	a	deep	yellow	color,	unlike	the	
        diet. Additionally this oil contains "the Wulzen factor," (aka "anti-
   pale,	pasty-colored	butter	found	in	stores.	In	his	work	with	patients	in	 and           Price per serving                     $0.51               $0.78
        stiffness factor") which promotes flexibility and supple muscles
   the	 field,	 Dr.	 Price	 had	 extraordinary	 results	 mixing	 raw,	 centrifuged	
        tendons. Refrigeration is recommended to keep out light and for
   grass-fed	butter	oil	with	cod	liver	oil.	In	fact,	those	substances	were	the	           #05807 Flavor/Antioxidant-Free Liquid Gel            $48.95
        flavor, however the oil is very stable at room tempertature.                       Product & Flavor Descriptions*
   main	tools	in	his	healing	bag!	To	read	more	about	Dr.	Price,	cod	liver	                #05808 Chocolate Cream Liquid Gel                    $48.95
   oil,	and	butter	oil,	read	Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,	especially	
        Recommended serving size is 1/2 tsp or 2 capsules for all ages.                   #05809 Cinnamon Tingle Liquid Gel                    $48.95
   chapter	22.	The	legend	of	Dr.	Price’s	X-Factor	and	the	union	of	cod	liver	
        96 servings per jar of liquid or 60 per jar of capsules.                           *Please note: The addition
                                                                                          #05810 Non-Gelatin Caps of natural flavors is meant to enhance
   oil	and	butter	oil	continues	to	grow	as	more	and	more	people	have	the	
   chance	to	incorporate	these	precious	products	in	their	lives.

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                                                        Heathy	Fats	&	Oils
“The idea that saturated fats cause heart disease is completely wrong, but the statement has been published so many times over the last three or more
decades that it is very difficult to convince people otherwise unless they are willing to take the time to read and learn what... produced the anti-saturated
fat agenda.” - Dr. Mary Enig
Radiant Life Extra Virgin, Centrifuge Extracted, Organic                                   Bariani Unfiltered Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil                                                                                The	Best	of	the	Best!

                           According	to	Dr.	Mary	Enig,	coconut	oil,	rich	                  The	olive	oil	you	buy	may	not	be	as	wholesome	
                           in	 lauric	 acid,	 is	 antimicrobial,	 antibacterial,	          or	 pure	 as	 you	 think.	 Even	 if	 it	 is	 certified	 or-
                           antiparasitical,	 and	 antiviral.	 It	 supports	                ganic,	 first-pressed	 olive	 oil,	 if	 your	 olive	 oil	 is	
                           good	 thyroid	 function,	 radiant	 skin,	 heart	                clear,	it	has	been	filtered	or	it	may	not	even	be	
                           health,	 and	 even	 weight	 loss.	 The	 medium	                 100%	olive	oil.	If	it	were	the	real	thing	it	would	
                           chain	fatty	acids	in	coconut	oil	are	converted	                 be	 completely	 cloudy	 and	 you	 could	 not	 see	
                           in	your	body	into	quick	energy,	and	are	not	                    through	it.	Bariani	is	a	supremely	high-quality	
                           stored	 as	 fat.	 Polynesians,	 who	 consume	                   olive	 oil:	 harvested	 and	 processed	 the	 way	 it	
                           coconut	oil	regularly,	have	among	the	lowest	                   was	 done	 for	 thousands	 of	 years.	 Virtually	 all	
                           rates	 of	 heart	 disease.	 You	 can	 learn	 more	              olive	 oils	 are	 machine	 harvested,	 extracted	
                           about	 the	 benefits	 of	 coconut	 oil	 in	 Eat	 Fat,	          with	 heat,	 and	 filtered,	 all	 of	 which	 remove	
Lose	Fat	,	by	Dr.	Mary	Enig	and	Sally	Fallon	as	well	as	in	three	excellent	                important	 nutrients	 and	 antioxidants.	 	 This	
books	by	Dr.	Bruce	Fife:	The Coconut Oil Miracle, Oil Pulling Therapy and                  first-pressed	 olive	 oil	 is	 hand-picked,	 milled	 with	 a	 stone	 wheel	 within	
Eat Fat, Look Thin.                                                                        48	hours	of	harvesting,	and	pressed	with	a	hydraulic	press.	Grown	on	a	
                                                                                           small	family	farm	in	the	Central	Valley	of	California	by	an	extended	Italian	
The	creme	de	la	creme	of	coconut	oils!	Our	coconut	oil	is	produced	in	the	                 family	that	moved	to	the	US	in	the	1990s,	Bariani	olive	oil	is	pesticide-free	
Philippines	and	Thailand	from	fresh	coconuts	opened	within	48	hours	of	                    and	packaged	in	a	dark	glass	bottle	to	protect	from	oxidation.			Bariani	
being	picked	from	the	trees,	and	immediately	processed	into	oil!	The	oil	                  olive	oil	starts	its	life	not	in	the	bottle	or	after	the	olive	pressing	but	at	the	
is	extracted	by	centrifuge,	without	using	any	heat	in	the	process,	with	no	                root	of	their	trees.	The	Bariani	family	gives	particular	care	to	the	entire	
solvents,	bleaches	or	deodorizers.	This	retains	all	the	nutrients,	including	              extraction	process	from	the	tending	of	the	orchard	to	the	bottling	of	the	
enzymes.	 This	 coconut	 oil	 is	 very	 creamy	 and	 smooth	 with	 a	 lovely	              oil,	opting	for	quality	rather	than	quantity.	Their	process	of	extraction	is	
coconut	taste	and	aroma.	It	can	be	used	in	most	cooking	applications	and	                  true	to	the	origins	and	art	of	olive	oil	making.		Bariani	Organic	Olive	Oil	
will	not	overpower	other	flavors.	Additionally,	what	sets	this	centrifuged	                is	Stone	Crushed,	Cold	Pressed,	Decanted	and	Unfiltered	California	Extra	
oil	apart	from	all	other	virgin	coconut	oils	is	its	high	lauric	acid	content.	             Virgin	Olive	Oil.		Exquisite!
Lauric	acid	is	the	fatty	acid	consisting	of	12	carbon	atoms.	Most	coconut	
oils	contain	46-49%	lauric	acid,	although	some	coconut	oils	test	out	as	                   For	the	perfect	combination,	consider	complementing	Bariani	Olive	Oil	
low	 as	 42%.	 Our	 special	 centrifuged	 oil,	 unlike	 all	 the	 others,	 contains	       with	Bariani	Balsamic	Vinegar.
a	 whopping	 57%	 lauric	 acid!	 Also,	 please	 note	 that	 this	 coconut	 oil	 is	
higher	in	medium	chain	fatty	acids	than	any	other	coconut	oil	we	have	                     #02801               1/2 liter (16.9 oz)                           $13.95
seen	(almost	75%),	and	it	contains	virtually	no	polyunsaturated	fats.	                     #02802               Liter (33.08 oz)                              $25.95
                                                                                           #02803               Balsamic Vinegar - 1/2 Liter                  $16.95
Pint and quart sizes in glass containers; gallons are in inert plastic.

#01301                Pint - 16 oz          $16.95
#01302                Quart - 32 oz         $24.95                                         Radiant Life Pure Krill Oil
#01303                Gallon - 128 oz       $69.95
#01304                Pail Opener           $4.95                                                                                Unlike	 fish	 oil,	 the	 Omega-3	 fatty	 acids	
                                                                                                                                 in	Radiant	Life	Krill	Oil	are	absorbed	and	
                                                                                                                                 carried	to	the	body’s	cell	in	phospholipid	
Organic Flax Oil                                                                                                                 form.	Since	phospholipids	form	the	struc-
                                                                                                                                 tural	 basis	 of	 cell	 membranes,	 they	 are	
Our	 Organic	 Flax	 Oil	 contains:	 57%	 polyunsaturated	
                                                                                                                                 effectively	 utilzed	 by	 the	 body.	 	 Radiant	
ALA,	 or	 Alpha-linolenic	 acid	 (omega-3),	 21%	                                                                                Life	Krill	Oil	provides	optimal	amounts	of	
monounsaturated	 Oleic	 acid	 (omega-9),	 14%	                                                                                   Omega-3	fatty	acids	bound	to	phospho-
polyunsaturated	Linoleic	acid	(omega-6).                                                                                         lipids	 and	 critical	 antioxidants	 including	
This	unrefined	oil	freshly	pressed	from	flax	is	incredibly	
rich	 in	 both	 omega-3	 and	 omega-6	 essential	 fatty	                                                                          “One of the best sources of omega-3
acids.	 These	 two	 EFAs	 are	 important	 for	 supporting	                                 fatty acids is krill oil. Krill is a small shrimp-like crustacean considered a
the	 immune	 system,	 good	 digestion,	 healthy	 brain	                                    delicacy and source of protein in Japan. It’s abundant in EPA and DHA and
function,	soft	and	smooth	skin	and	good	circulation.	                                      has vitamins A and E. The best krill oil to get is from Antarctica...The phos-
                                                                                           pholipids in krill oil seem to be absorbed better into the brain and work bet-
EFAs	such	as	omega-3s	and	omega-6s	are	needed	by	our	bodies,	but	the	                      ter for ADHD than conventional fish oils. Krill oil has also been shown to
body	cannot	make	them	on	its	own.	They	must	be	obtained	from	dietary	                      benefit brain, cardiovascular and vision development, and may even help
sources.                                                                                   joint function and the symptoms associated with PMS.”

#01807                8 oz                  $10.99                                         Robert Bernardini, M.S., Author of Everlasting Health

#01808                17 oz                 $20.49                                         #10401 60 Softgels (500mg)                  $23.95

                                   SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                                                           Heathy	Fats	&	Oils
Grassfed Organic Ghee                                                                          Fermented Skate Liver Oil
By	far,	this	grassfed	organic	ghee	stands	alone	among	                                         Abundant	 in	 Vitamin	 A,	 D,	 E,	 K2,	 the	 full	 range	 of	
all	 the	 ghee	 products	 we	 have	 tasted!	 Known	 as	 the	                                   omega	fatty	acids,	plus	chondroitin,	squalene,	and	
“Royal	Oil”,	clarified	butter	is	excellent	for	cooking,	with	                                    Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation's 2011 Shopping Guide
                                                                                               alkoxglycerols.	Skate	Liver	Oil	is	lower	in	Vitamin	A	
snacks,	and	even	on	skin	as	a	moisturizer.	With	all	the	                                       but	higher	in	Vitamins	D	and	E	than	cod	liver	oil.	
milk	 solids	 removed,	 ghee	 is	 casein	 and	 lactose	 free,	                                   Abundant in Vitamin A, D, E, K2, the full range of omega fatty acids, plus chond
making	it	easy	to	digest.	It	is	rich	in	healthy	fat	soluble	                                     but higher in Vitamins D and E than cod liver oil.
                                                                                               Buy 3 to 5 bottles and get 5% off. Buy 6 or more
vitamins	 which	 aid	 in	 the	 absorption	 of	 nutrients	 in	
                                                                                                 Buy 3 10% off!
                                                                                               and get to 5 bottles and get 5% off. Buy 6 or more and get 10% off!
foods.	Our	ghee	is	proudly	made	in	the	USA	from	non-
homogenized	 milk	 and	 it	 is	 USDA	 Certified	 Organic.	
Use	measure	for	measure	in	recipes	calling	for	butter.	                                          Product Comparison                   Liquid     Non-Gelatin Caps

#09901 7.5 oz          $12.95                                                                    Contents                             8.1 oz     120, 500 mg ea
                                                                                                 Serving Size                         2 ml       2
                                                                                                 Vitamin A IU                         1800       900
Organic Sunflower Oil                                                                            Vitamin D IU                         840        420
                                                                                                 Price per serving                    $0.37      $0.50
                  Flora	uses	only	certified	organic	seeds	and	utilizes	a	special	
                  press	to	extract	oil	at	low	temperatures	(95	-	105	degrees),	
                  yielding	just	a	few	quarts	per	hour.	Their	atmosphere	control	               #05801 note: The8.1 oz of natural$43.95 is meant to enhance the taste
                                                                                                 *Please         addition        flavors
                  system	keeps	the	oil	free	from	exposure	to	light	and	oxygen.	                                 120 based       $29.95
                                                                                               #05802 accept returnsCaps on flavor preferences.
                  Unfiltered,	retaining	all	the	nutrients,	and	bottled	in	amber	
                  glass,	this	delicate	oil	is	the	purest	you	can	find.                         Organic Sesame Oil
                                                                                                 Item #   Description                                                              Pric

                                                                                               The	 tiny	 seeds	 of	 sesame	 have	 been	 known	 as	 a	
                                                                                                   05801          Spicy Orange Liquid - 8.1 oz.
                                                                                               source	of	food	oil	for	over	4,000	years	in	many	Asian	                            $43.95

#01801 8.5 oz          $8.95                                                                   countries.	Unfortunately,	in	industrialized	countries,	
#01802 17 oz           $14.95                                                                  Sesame	Oil	is	mostly	produced	in	vast	quantities	in	
                                                                                                   05802          Capsules - 120 ct                                              $29.95
                                                                                               what	is	called	a	chemical	extraction	method,	using	
                                                                                               hexane,	bleaching,	refining,	and	deodorizing,	which	
Red Palm Oil                                                                                   results	in	a	bland	and	tasteless	oil.	In	contrast,	Flora	
                                                                                               Sesame	 Oil	 is	 a	 truly	 cold-pressed	 oil,	 pressed	 at	
                                                                                                   Organic Sesame Oil
Palm	 oil	 is	 back!	 After	 years	 of	 exile	 by	 misinformation,	
                                                                                               temperatures	below	45°C	yielding	just	a	few	quarts	
health-conscious	 people	 are	 embracing	 palm	 oil	 for	 its	
many	unique	qualities.	
                                                                                               per	 hour.	 Their	 atmosphere	 control	 system	 keeps	
This	 unrefined,	 extra-virgin	 palm	 oil	 comes	 from	 wild,	 for-                                Recommended exposure	 to	 light	 and	 oxygen.	
                                                                                               the	 oil	 free	 from	in the Weston A. Price Foundation's 2011 Shopping Guide!
est-grown	west	African	dura	palm	trees.	Harvested	in	Africa	                                   Unfiltered,	 retaining	 all	 the	 nutrients,	 and	 bottled	 in	 amber	 glass,	
                                                                                                   The tiny seeds of sesame have been known as a source of food oil for over 4,00
in	small	villages	where	palm	has	been	grown,	extracted	by	                                     this	 delicate	 oil	 is	 the	 purest	 you	 can	 find.	 Sesame	 seeds	 contain	
                                                                                                   countries, Sesame Oil is mostly produced in vast quantities in what is called a c
hand,	and	pressed	into	oil	for	centuries,	fair	trade	practices	                                    deodorizing, which results in a bland and tasteless sasamolin.	When	
                                                                                               the	 natural	 preservatives	 known	 as	 sesamol	 and	oil. In contrast, Flora Sesame
ensure	the	economic	sustainability	of	the	villagers.	A	fabu-                                   refrigerated,	Flora	Sesame	Oil	will	partially	solidify,	which	shows	that	
                                                                                                   yielding just a few quarts per hour. Their atmosphere control system keeps the o
lous	source	of	carotenoids,	vitamin	E,	and	luscious	thick	red	                                     has	 a	 high	 percentage	 of	 monounsaturated	 and	 saturated	 you
                                                                                               it	 nutrients, and bottled in amber glass, this delicate oil is the purestfatty	can find.
oil	that	is	excellent	for	frying,	sautéing,	or	baking.	Refrigera-                                  sasamolin. When refrigerated, Flora Sesame Oil will partially solidify,
                                                                                               acids.	This	makes	Sesame	Oil	more	stable	with	a	longer	shelf	life. which sho
                                                                                                 acids. This makes Sesame Oil more stable with a longer shelf life.
tion	is	not	required.		
                                                                                               #01803 8.5 oz         $9.95
Enjoy	red	palm	oil	in	your	kitchen	and	celebrate	the	return	of	another	native	                   Item #               Description                                                     P
food	to	our	modern	diet!                                                                         01803                Organic Sesame Oil                                              $
                                                                                               EFA Oil Blend
#06901 14 oz           $15.95
                                                                                               An	outstanding	blend	of	4	great	nutrient	dense	oils!	
Pumpkin Seed Oil                                                                               Olive	Oil,	Flaxseed	Oil,	Borage	Oil	and	Sesame	Oil.
                                                                                               •	Clinically	proven,	nutrient	dense,	life-essential	fatty	
                                                                                                  Flora Organic Sunflower Oil
                     Not	 all	 pumpkin	 seeds	 are	 suitable	 for	 oil	 pressing.	The	
                     species	 predominantly	 used	 for	 Flora	 Pumpkin	 Seed	 Oil	             •	100%	pesticide-free	oil	blend	containing	ideal	ratios	
                     are	cucurbita	stilbo	and	cucurbita	maxima,	both	of	which	                 of	GLA	(gamma	linolenic	acid),	Omega	3,	6	and	9	es-
                     are	grown	in	pesticide-free	areas	of	Austria	and	Hungary.	                sential	fatty	acids
                     Pumpkin	 seeds	 produce	 a	 dark	 green,	 excellent-tasting	              •	extra	virgin,	cold-pressed,	unrefined	olive	oil	from	
                     oil.	The	unique	Flora	method	of	cold	pressing	retains	the	                sun-ripened	Moroccan	olives
                     original	rich	flavor	of	pumpkin	seeds	while	the	dark	color	               •	unrefined,	unfiltered,	organic	flaxseed	oil	
                     of	 the	 natural,	 unrefined	 oil	 signifies	 a	 high	 content	 of	       •	English	borage	oil,	the	highest	source	of	GLA	
                                                                                                  Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation's 2011 Shopping Guide!
                     chlorophyll.                                                              (gamma	linolenic	acid)
                                                                                               •	“beyond	organic”	sesame	oil	 seeds and utilizes a special press to extract oil
                                                                                                  Flora uses only certified organic
                    Flora	Pumpkin	Seed	Oil	lends	a	delicate	flavor	to	all	kinds	                  hour. Their atmosphere control system keeps the oil free from exposure to light
                                                                                               Delicious,	full-bodied	gourmet	taste:	mix	in	salads,	soups,	entrees	
                    of	salads,	especially	green	leaf	and	potato	salads.	Pump-                     glass, this delicate oil is the purest you can find.
                                                                                               and	beverages
kin	Seed	Oil	contains:	43%	polyunsaturated	Linoleic	acid	(omega-6),	36%	mo-
nounsaturated	 Oleic	 acid	 (omega-9),	 14%	 polyunsaturated	 Alpha-linolenic	                   Item #            Description                      Price
                                                                                               #02123                8 oz                  $12.50
acid	(omega-3),	8%	saturated	fatty	acids.	                                                     #02124                120 Caps              $18.95
                                                                                                 01801             8.5 oz                           $8.95
#01805 8.5 oz          $14.49	
                                                                                                 01802             17 oz                            $14.95
                                     SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                                                           Heathy	Fats	&	Oils
Organic Evening Primrose Oil                                                                                                 Chew the Fat!
The best known source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) A recommended
Superfood in Nourishing Traditions!                                                            We	all	seem	to	understand	the	need	for	vitamins,	but	the	terms	
                                                                                               fatty	acids,	essentials	fatty	acids,	as	well	as	their	types-	saturated,	
                     The	 Organic	 Evening	 Primrose	 Oil	 used	 by	 Efamol®	 is	              monounsaturated	and	polyunsaturated-can	be	confusing	when	it	
                     gently	 extracted	 through	 a	 superior,	 one-step	 process,	             comes	to	meal	planning.	
                     which	 retains	 all	 the	 natural	 antioxidants	 and	 natural	
                     components	to	assure	a	stable,	long	shelf	life.	It	also	has	
                                                                                               Our	bodies	need	a	blend	of	certain	high	quality	healthy	fats	for	
                     been	rigorously	tested	in	toxicology	trials	and	has	dec-
                     ades	 of	 clinical	 use.	This	 product	 is	 free	 of	 sugar,	 corn-
                                                                                               two	main	reasons:
                     starch,	 yeast,	 gluten,	 wheat,	 milk	 derivatives,	 artificial	
                     colors,	flavors	and	preservatives.	U.K.-based	Efamol	Ltd.	
                                                                                               •		Fats	contain	important	naturally	occurring	vitamins
                     is	the	world’s	leading	specialist	in	the	field	of	fatty	acids,	
extensively	researching	the	health	benefits	of	these	important	nutrients.                      •		Fats	supply	different	types	of	essential	fatty	acids	

“The body produces GLA from omega-6 linoleic acid by the action of special                     Following	is	a	list	of	nutrient	dense	foods	that	all	contain	a	blend	
enzymes. In many individuals the production or effectiveness of this enzyme is                 of	fats.	For	simplicity	purposes,	these	foods	are	categorized	
compromised, especially as we grow older. Conditions such as malnutrition, dia-                within	a	fat	category	based	upon	their	relative	percentage	of	
betes as well as the consumption of hydrogenated oils inhibit the conversion of                saturated,	monounsaturated	and	polyunsaturated	fat.
omaga-6 linoleic acid to GLA. GLA-rich oils have been used to treat cancer, PMS,
breast disease, scleroderma, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and cystic fibrosis.           Saturated fats:	animal	fats	including	butter	and	tropical	oils	like	
GLA-rich oils have also been shown to increase liver function and mental acuity.”              coconut	oil	and	palm	oil.	
-Nourishing Traditions,	Sally	Fallon.	p.	619
                                                                                               Monounsaturated fats:	olive	oil,	sesame	oil,	peanut	oil,	
“...GLA, which, like DHA and EPA, plays an important role in cellular metabolism.              avocados,	red	meats	and	nuts	(almonds,	cashews	and	pecans).
These special fatty acids simply do not occur in modern processed foods and
many health conditions improve when we add them to our diets in supplement                     Polyunsaturated fats: cod	liver	oil,	most	seafood,	flax	oil,	
form.”                                                                                         evening	primrose	oil,	black	currant	oil	and	borage	oil.
-The Fourfold Path to Healing, Thomas	S.	Cowan,	M.D.	p.17

#01809 180 Capsules               $47.99

Organic Almond Oil                                                                             Super Nutrient Trio
An	 organic	 cold-pressed	 oil	 made	 with	 selected	
                                                                                               Use the Super Nutrient Trio as your Daily Nutritional Foundation
California	almonds!	
                                                                                                                                  Consisting	 of	 our	 Radiant	 Life	
Flora	 Almond	 Oil	 contains:	 71%	 monounsaturated	
                                                                                                                                  Desiccated	 Beef	 Liver,	 Radiant	 Life	 Krill	
Oleic	 acid	 (omega-9),	 21%	 polyunsaturated	 Linoleic	
                                                                                                                                  Oil	 and	 an	 all	 natural	 source	 Vitamin	
acid	(omega-6),	5%	saturated	fatty	acids.	Flora	Oils	are	
                                                                                                                                  D3	 serum,	 our	 Super	 Nutrient	 Trio	
truly	cold-pressed,	unrefined	and	unmodified.	Almonds	
                                                                                                                                  is	 an	 outstanding	 and	 synergistic	
used	in	this	oil	are	grown	organically	by	Canadian	and	
                                                                                                                                  combination	 of	 our	 most	 essential	
U.S.	farmers	and	are	selected	for	their	high	quality	and	
                                                                                                                                  nutrients.	 Beef	 liver,	 the	 most	 nutrient	
abundance	 of	 Essential	 Fatty	 Acids,	 EFAs.	 EFAs	 such	
                                                                                                                                  dense	food	is	available	in	both	powder	
as	omega-3s	and	omega-6s	are	needed	by	our	bodies,	but	the	body	cannot	
                                                                                                                                  and	 capsule	 form	 is	 a	 powerhouse	 in	
make	them	on	its	own.	They	must	be	obtained	from	dietary	sources.		Great	on	
                                                                                                                                  terms	of	Vitamin	A,	all	of	the	B	vitamins	
salads	and	applied	to	your	skin.
                                                                                                                                  and	a	great	source	of	essential	minerals.	
                                                                                                                                  Likewise	 our	 sustainably	 sourced	 krill	
#01804 8.5oz           $30.79
                                                                                               oil	provides	an	unmatched	source	of	EPA	and	DHA	in	phospholipid	form	
                                                                                               coupled	with	a	powerful	antioxidant	known	as	astaxanthin.	The	third	leg	
Organic Walnut Oil                                                                             of	this	wellness	trio	consists	of	the	most	concentrated	natural	source	of	
                                                                                               Vitamin	D3	with	2000	IU	is	a	single	drop!	
                Freshly	pressed	and	unrefined,	using	a	unique	Europe-
                an	Hydro-Therm	cold-pressing	technique.
                                                                                               Overall,	 our	 Radiant	 Life	 Super	 Nutrient	 Trio	 provides	 the	 perfect,	 all	
                Walnut	Oil	contains:	58%	polyunsaturated	Linoleic	acid	
                                                                                               natural	combination	of	wholesome	nutrients	available	on	the	planet.	
                (omega-6),	 12%	 polyunsaturated	 Alpha-linolenic	 acid	
                (omega-3),	 22%	 monounsaturated	 Oleic	 acid	 (ome-                           Priced	to	save	you	13%	compared	to	purchasing	the	items	separately.
                ga-9),	8%	saturated	fatty	acids.
                Truly	cold-pressed,	unrefined	and	unmodified.	Walnuts	                         #KIT-016 180 Liver Caps (500 mg each, 90 grams total)            $47.70
                used	in	this	oil	are	grown	organically	by	Canadian	and	
                                                                                                          60 Krill Oil Softgels (500 mg each)
                U.S.	farmers	and	are	selected	for	their	high	quality	and	
                abundance	of	Essential	Fatty	Acids,	EFAs.	EFAs	such	as	                                   0.5 oz D3 Serum (1 drop=2000 IU)
omega-3s	and	omega-6s	are	needed	by	our	bodies,	but	the	body	cannot	
make	them	on	its	own.	They	must	be	obtained	from	dietary	sources.                              #KIT-017 6.3 oz Liver Powder (180 grams total)                   $59.90
                                                                                                         60 Krill Oil Softgels (500 mg each)
                                                                                                         0.5 oz D3 Serum (1 drop=2000 IU)
#01806 8.5 oz          $17.49

                                     SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                                                                    Radiant	Baby
As anyone knows who has read Nourishing Traditions or Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, it takes super nutrition to make a radiant baby. Whether you want to
embark on a preconception nutrition program, whether you are already pregnant and want to increase the richness of your diet, or whether you are a parent and
want your children to have the best nutrient dense foods available, our Radiant Baby selection of products offers essentials of the highest quality. For best results,
please consult Nourishing Traditions or a health care professional familiar with Nourishing Traditions before embarking on any nutritional program.
Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Baby Formula                                             The standard formula kit (Item #KIT-001) will make approximately
                                                                                                37 days worth of 36 oz batches	 with	 many	 of	 the	 ingredients	 lasting	
Includes:	                                                                                      much	longer	(see	table	below).	
1	8	oz	Cod	Liver	Oil	Liquid	
1	8.5	oz	Sunflower	Oil                                                                                                                 Amount      # of Days             Item
1	6	oz	Acerola	Powder	                                                                                       Ingredient              Required per Supply per           Found on
1	16	oz	Coconut	Oil                                                                                                                     Batch     Container              Page
1	16.9	oz	Olive	Oil                                                                             Infant Bifidum 1.25 oz                 1/4 tsp.        70                  5
1	14	oz	Gelatin                                                                                 Lactose (4‐1 lb bags)                   4 TBS          37                  6
1	16	oz	Nutritional	Yeast
                                                                                                Cod Liver Oil 8 oz                     1/2 tsp.        96                  1
1	1.25	oz	Infant	Bifidum
4	16	oz	Lactose	Powders                                                                         Sunflower Oil 8.5 oz                    1 tsp.         51                  6
                                                                                                Olive Oil 1/2 Liter                     1 tsp.         98                  6
KIT-001     Nourishing Superfood Kit
                                                                                  $172.50       Coconut Oil 16 oz                       2 tsp.         48                  6
            Save 11% including 2 day Bifidum shipping!**
KIT-002     Nourishing Superfood Kit-3 month supply                                             Nutritional Yeast 1 lb                  2 tsp.         84                  6
            Save 14% including 2 day Bifidum shipping!**
KIT-003     Nourishing Superfood Kit - 6 month supply
                                                                                                Gelatin 14 oz                           2 tsp.         39                  6
            Save 17% including 2 day Bifidum shipping!**                                        Acerola Powder 6 oz                    1/4 tsp.       188                  6
KIT-004     Nourishing Superfood Kit - International Version
                                                                                  $143.99       *Butter Oil 8.1 oz                     1/4 tsp.       192                  1
            Save 3% compared to purchasing individual items.
KIT-005     Nourishing Superfood Kit - International Version - 3 month supply
                                                                                  $227.99       *Butter Oil, Item # 05806	is	an	optionalal	item	to	to	be	purchased	separately.
            Save 6% compared to purchasing individual items.
KIT-006     Nourishing Superfood Kit - International Version - 6 month supply
            Save 9% compared to purchasing individual items.
                                                                                                Evenflo Glass Baby Bottles
The	International	versions	of	this	kit	(Item	#s	KIT-004,	KIT-005,	KIT-006)	do	not	
contain	the	Infant	Bifidum.	                                                                                                      You	 take	 the	 time	 to	 give	 your	 baby	 the	
                                                                                                                                  best	nourishment	possible,	so	don’t	deliver	
The	kit	ingredients	correspond	to	the	Feeding	Babies	section	of	Nourishing                                                        it	in	plastic!	Hard-to-find	glass	baby	bottles	
Traditions	on	pages	598-603.	For	additional	information,	we	offer	the	                                                            are	 now	 available	 through	 Radiant	 Life.	
Healthy Baby Issue	 of	 the	Wise	Traditions	 Journal	 (see	 bottom	 of	 this	 col-
                                                                                                                                  Evenflo’s	 glass	 bottles	 come	 	 in	 3-	 packs	
                                                                                                                                  with	4	oz	and	8	oz	sizes	with	standard	la-
                                                                                                                                  tex	 nipples.	 We	 recommend	 custom	 flow	
Due	to	the	different	amounts	used	of	each	product,	and	the	size	they	come	
in,	the	products	will	run	out	at	different	frequencies.	To	make	things	easier	for	                                                silicone	nipples	to	maximally	mimic	Mom.
our	customers,	we	recommend	ordering	the	following	products	at	the	recom-
mended	times	after	purchasing	a	KIT-001:
                                                                                                #05301 3-Pack 4 oz Glass Nurser $7.99
30	Days:	4	–	00402,	1	–	01801,	1	–	01301,	&	1	–	01501                                           #05302 3-Pack 8 oz Glass Nurser $8.99
63	Days:	4	–	00402,	1	–	01801,	1	–	01301,	1	–	01501,	1	–	00102,	1	–	05811,		                    4-Pack Custom Flow Nipples         $3.99
																	1	–	02801,	&	1	–	02301                                                         [#05303: 0-3mos., #05304: 3-6 mos. #05305: 6+ mos.]
105	Days:	4	–	00402,	1	–	01301,	&	1	–	01501
133	Days:	4	–	00402,	1	–	01801,	1	–	01501,	1	–	00102,	&	1	–	02301
                                                                                                Natren Life Start Probiotic
The	 Life	 Start	 Infant	 Bifidum	 (#00101/#00102)	 has	 the	 shortest	 shelf	 life	 (6	
months).	So	to	save	on	the	shipping	costs,	consider	ordering	the	30	Day	&	63	                   Life	 Start	 is	 a	 probiotic	 designed	 specifi-
Day	recommendations	at	the	30	Day	point,	and	the	105	Day	&	133	Day	recom-                       cally	 for	 infants.	 	 It’s	 made	 from	 Bifidobac-
mendations	at	the	105	Day	point.	                                                               terium	 infantis	 strain,	 the	 friendly	 bacteria	
                                                                                                most	 prominent	 in	 infants	 and	 children	 up	
Healthy Baby Issue of Wise Traditions Journal                                                   to	four	years	old.	Life	Start	promotes	proper	
Over	100	pages	devoted	to	optimal	diet	for	children’s	health:	                                  digestion	 and	 absorption,	 encourages	 the	
                                                                                                formation	of	antibodies	against	undesirable	
•	Homemade	Baby	Formula	FAQs                                                                    bacteria,	 viruses	 and	 allergens	 --	 especially	
•	Reproductive	Health                                                                           important	for	babies	delivered	by	caesarean,	
•	Gut	and	Psychology		Syndrome                                                                  and	 is	 recommended	 for	 both	 breast-fed	
•	Vitamins	for	Fetal	Development	                                                               and	formula-fed	babies.	Cultured	from	dairy.	       	
•	Wrong	Advice	in	Baby	Books                                                                    140/70	servings.	Refrigeration	required.	
•	Vaccinations	
•	Baby	Food                                                                                     #00101 2.5 oz $26.95
•	Traditional	Remedies	for	Childhood	Illness                                                    #00102 1.25 oz $16.95
•	Soy	Infant	Formula	and	Male	Development                                                       This	product	will	be	shipped	separately	via	UPS	2nd	Day	Air	in	a	
                                                                                                Cold-Pack	Carton.	Product	only	ships	MON-WED	and	additional	ship-
#03601 $12.00                                                                                   ping	charges	apply.

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Lactose	                                                                                 Radiant Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Lactose,	or	milk	sugar,	is	derived	from	whey	and	                                        This	lovely	oil	is	extracted	by	centrifuge,	with	no	solvents,	bleaches	or	
like	whey,	it	is	useful	in	assisting	in	the	growth	of	                                   deodorizers.	Coconut	oil,	rich	in	lauric	acid,	
beneficial	bacteria	such	as	Lactobacillus	aci-                                           is	antimicrobial,	antibacterial,	antiparasitical,	
dophilus	in	the	G.I.	tract.	Included	in	Nourishing	                                      and	antiviral.
Traditions	baby	formulas,	lactose	is	an	essential	
addition	to	cow’s	milk	as	mother’s	milk	is	richer	in	                                    For	more	information	and	additional	sizes	see	
lactose	than	cow’s	milk.	                                                                page...

Lactose	is	about	20%	as	sweet	as	sugar	and	is	a	                                         #01301                16 oz      $16.95
great	milk	additive	for	children.	It	is	an	easily	dis-                                   #01302                32 oz      $24.95
solving	powder.		

#00402 16 oz         $5.19
                                                                                         Olive Oil
Fermented Cod Liver Oil                                                                                          A	 supremely	 high	 quality	 olive	 oil,	 handpicked,	
                                                                                                                 milled	with	a	stone	wheel	within	48	hours	of	har-
                                   Blue	 Ice	 fermented	 cod	 liver	 oil	 is	 pro-
                                                                                                                 vesting,	and	pressed	with	a	hydraulic	press--Bariani	
                                   duced	 using	 ancient	 traditional	 meth-
                                                                                                                 Olive	Oil	is	certified	organic	and	packaged	in	a	dark	
                                   ods	of	extraction,	yielding	an	extremely	
                                                                                                                 glass	bottle.	Unfiltered	and	naturally	cloudy,	retains	
                                   pure,	 high	 vitamin	 oil	 that	 has	 never	
                                                                                                                 all	vital	nutrients.
                                   been	 heated!	 No	 synthetic	 vitamins	 of	
                                   any	kind	are	added.	
                                   High	 vitamin	 cod	 liver	 oil	 is	 a	 good	
                                   source	 of	 the	 essential	 fatty	 acids	 EPA	
                                   and	DHA,	otherwise	known	as	the
                                                                                         #02801 1/2 Liter (16.9 oz) $13.95
	“Omega	3s.”	This	oil	is	thick	and	rich,	full	of	naturally-occurring	nutrients.	
                                                                                         #02802 1 Liter (33.8 oz) $25.95
This	oil	is	regularly	independently	tested	in	small	batches	to	international	
purity	standards,	so	you	can	rest	easy	knowing	that	even	with	the	most	
minimal	processing	of	any	cod	liver	oil,	there	is	no	compromise	on	purity.	              100% Beef Gelatin
#05811     8 oz Flavor/Antioxidant Free Liquid $43.95                                    Our	 100%	 pure	 gelatin	 is	 produced	 from	 US	
                                                                                         Grade	A	cows	tested	negative	for	BSE/mad	cow	
Acerola Powder                                                                           disease.	 Used	 for	 years	 by	 Dr.	 Jensen	 with	 his	
                                                                                         patients,	 this	 gelatin	 can	 be	 added	 to	 stocks	
Acerola	powder	is	derived	from	the	acerola	cher-                                         to	thicken,	and	will	assist	in	the	digestion	of	all	
ry,	one	of	nature’s	highest	sources	of	vitamin	C.	                                       foods.	One	level	tablespoonful	will	gel	one	pint	
Originally	from	Central	America,	the	Acerola	fruit	                                      of	liquid.	The	highest	grade	of	gelatin	available!
change	 their	 color	 during	 ripening	 from	 green	
to	yellow,	to	dark	red.	A	single	acerola	fruit,	the	                                     14	oz	powder.	26	servings	per	container.	
size	of	a	cherry,	contains	28	times	the	vitamin	C	                                       Recommended	serving	size	1	Tbsp.
as	a	lemon!	Acerola	powder	also	contains	numer-
ous	co-factors,	including	bioflavonoids	and	rutin,	                                      #01501                14 oz      $15.95
making	it	a	full	spectrum	vitamin	C	that	the	body	
can	optimally	use.	Acerola	Powder	is	a	4:1	extract	that	yields	180	mg	of	                Nutritional Yeast
vitamin	C	per	teaspoon.	
                                                                                                                              This	 excellent	 nutritional	 yeast	 is	
#00401     6 oz      $10.65                                                                                                   grown	 from	 molasses,	 is	 processed	
                                                                                                                              at	low	temperatures,	and	is	naturally	
Organic Sunflower Oil                                                                                                         packed	 with	 natural	 B	 vitamins	 and	
                                                                                                                              minerals.	 Don’t	 confuse	 nutritional	
Flora	uses	only	certified	organic	seeds	and	uses	a	                                                                           yeast,	which	is	deactivated,	with	ac-
special	press	to	extract	oil	at	low	temperatures	(95	                                                                         tive	 forms	 of	 yeast,	 like	 the	 kinds	
-	105	degrees),	yielding	just	a	few	quarts	per	hour.	                                                                         bakers,	 brewers,	 and	 winemakers	
Their	atmosphere	control	system	keeps	the	oil	free	                                                                           use.	 This	 nutritional	 yeast	 will	 not	
from	exposure	to	light	and	oxygen.		Unfiltered,	re-                                                                           contribute	to	candida	growth.	It	dis-
taining	all	the	nutrients,	and	bottled	in	amber	glass,	                                                                       solves	 easily	 and	 is	 recommended	
this	delicate	oil	is	the	purest	you	can	find	for	baby.                                   for	people	of	all	ages.	It	has	a	pleasant-tasting,	nutty	flavor	and	can	be	
                                                                                         used	directly	on	vegetables,	baked	potatoes,	popcorn	and	other	foods	
#01801     8.5 oz liquid        $8.95                                                    as	a	condiment.	
#01802     17 oz liquid         $14.95
                                                                                         #02301                16 oz      $17.45
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                                                  ~ New Stainless Steel Items for the Little Ones! ~
Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray                                                                   Children’s Stainless Steel Utensil Set
                                This	 durable	 high	 quality	 stainless	 steel	 ice	                                        Put	the	universe	in	a	child’s	hands!	Our	brand	new,	
                                cube	 tray	 has	 been	 thoroughly	 tested	 and	                                             and	long-awaited,	Children’s	Stainless	Steel	Uten-
                                will	keep	your	freezer	foods	healthy	and	safe.	                                             sils	are	delightfully	adorned	with	a	smiling	moon	
                                Plastic-free,	BPA-free,	lead-free.                                                          and	sun	reclining	in	a	sea	of	stars.	The	fork’s	blunt	
                                                                                                                            tines	and	the	knife’s	gently	rounded	edge	are	safe	
                            Welcome	back	to	the	fifties	(but	with	stainless	                                                for	 small	 mouths,	 and	 the	 spoon	 is	 generously	
                            steel	instead	of	aluminum)!	This	ice	cube	tray	                                                 deep	to	hold	the	ideal	gulp	of	cereal,	yogurt	and	
                            will	remind	you	of	the	one	your	grandmother	                                                    everything	 in	 between.	They	 are	 the	 perfect	 size	
used	to	have	and	is	perfect	for	freezing	small	portions	of	food	--	chopped	                     for	small	hands,	yet	large	enough	to	grow	with	a	child.
herbs,	crushed	garlic,	pesto,	baby	food,	and	of	course	ice	cubes!	A	perfect	
companion	product	to	our	14-Stage	Water	Purifier!	The	pull	lever	folds	                         Each	utensil	is	made	of	high	quality	18-10	stainless	steel	and	packaged	in	an	
                                                                                                elegant	recycled	cardboard	gift	box.	Consider	keeping	the	box	for	future	stor-
snugly	down	into	the	mechanism	so	you	can	stack	the	tray	and	save	valu-
                                                                                                age	when	your	child	outgrows	the	set	and	you	want	to	pass	it	on	to	the	next	
able	space	in	the	freezer.	Don’t	settle	for	anything	less	when	it	comes	to	
                                                                                                generation.	Makes	an	excellent	gift.
well-being	and	peace	of	mind.	
                                                                                                Lead	 free,	 BPA-free,	 phthlate-free,	 plastic-free!	 Non-toxic	 paint.	 Dishwasher	
This	ice	cube	tray	is	made	of	high	quality	food	grade	stainless	steel	#	304	                    safe.	 Consumer	 Product	 Safety	 Information	 Act	 (CPSIA)	 compliant.	 Dimen-
(18-8).	It	is	dishwasher	safe.	We	caution	you	about	using	aluminum	ice	                         sions:	fork		6.3”,	spoon	6.3”,	knife	6.7”,	shipping	weight:	0.5	lb.		Made	in	Korea.
cube	trays	available	on	E-bay	or	at	a	garage	sale	as	tiny	particles	of	toxic	
aluminum	could	end	up	in	your	iced	tea.		Dimensions:	11”	X	4	3/4”	X	1	3/4”                      #10606 $19.95
Made	in	India.
                                                                                                Baby Dish Set Stainless Steel
#10601 $32.95
                                                                                                Unique baby dish set features a high quality stainless steel interior.
Stainless Steel Plate - 8”                                                                      Lead-Free, BPA-Free.

Do	 away	 with	 those	 un-safe	 and	 wasteful	                                                  Parents	want	to	enjoy	mealtime	with	their	kids	without	stressing	over	leach-
plastic	 and	 disposable	 party	 dishes!	 Du-                                                   able	 toxins	 present	 in	 many	 mainstream	 products	 intended	 for	 baby’s	 use.	
rable,	 classic	 and	 versatile	 stainless	 steel	                                              This	funky	baby	dish	set	is	made	from	#304	high	quality	stainless	steel	(not	
tableware	 is	 great	 for	 all	 occasions:	 cel-                                                from	China!)	on	the	inside.	The	outside	is	made	of	du-
ebrations,	 family	 gatherings,	 camping	 or	                                                   rable	 acrylonitrile	 styrene	 plastic	 (AS	 -	 safe	 #7)	 which	
everyday	 casual	 use.	 Made	 of	 high	 grade	                                                  never	comes	in	contact	with	any	food	or	drink.	This	type	
304	 (18-8)	 stainless	 steel.	 It	 is	 dishwasher,	                                            of	plastic	is	considered	stable	and	has	no	known	asso-
stove-top	and	oven	safe.	Not	recommend-                                                         ciated	health	risks.	Kids	will	love	the	fun	color	and	the	
ed	for	microwave	use.	Lead-Free,	BPA-Free.	        	                                            friendly	frog	design.	The	name	of	the	frog	on	the	set	is	
Made	in	Thailand.
                                                                                                bowl	-	approx.	21oz;	5”	diameter;	3	1/4”	height	
#10605 $8.95
                                                                                                mug	-	approx.	14	oz;	3	1/4”	diameter;	4	1/4”	height	
                                                                                                plate	-	approx.	16	oz;	6	3/4”	diameter	(+	1’’	handle	on	one	side)
                                                                                                P.S.	Some	customers	told	us	the	set	is	also	great	for	winter	camping!	
Stainless Steel Tumbler - 8oz                                                                   Made	in	Thailand.

                                    This	tumbler	is	made	of	high	quality	stain-                 #10602 $27.95
                                    less	 steel	 304	 (18-8).	 It	 holds	 8	 oz	 of	 liq-
                                    uid	 and	 makes	 a	 great	 addition	 to	 other	             Austin Air Purifiers
                                    stainless	 steel	 tableware	 items.	 It	 is	 dish-
                                    washer,	stove-top	and	oven	safe.	Not	rec-                   Baby’s breath available in either pink or blue - Free Ground Shipping to
                                    ommended	for	microwave	use.	Lead-Free,	                     lower 48 States!
                                    BPA-Free.		Made	in	Thailand.
                                                                                                The	best	overall	product	line	and	company	in	our	selection	of	Austin	Air	
                                                                                                Systems.	No	other	set	of	of	personal	air	purifiers	comes	close	to	the	level	
                                                                                                of	performance	that	we	have	seen	with	Austin	Air.	At	
#10604 $6.95                                                                                    the	heart	of	the	cleaning	process	is	the	#1 ranked fil-
                                                                                                ter in the world	as	determined	by	a	number	of	con-
                                                                                                sumer	and	commercial	tests.	All	nine	models	remove	
                                                                                                99.97%	 of	 all	 airborne	 contaminants	 larger	 than	 0.3	
           Be sure to view free WAPF videos on                                                  microns,	while	eliminating	over	3000	toxic	gases	and	
        How to Make Homemade Baby Formula                                                       odors.	
     and other helpful information for ways to achieve
                                                                                                #04209 $358.99
                      radiant health.                                                           For more models & complete info, see p. 28.

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                                                               Radiant	Baby
Healing Our Children                                                                     The Truth About Children’s Health-
by Ramiel Nagel, Foreword by Sally Fallon                                                The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reversing
Do	you	want	to	have	a	radiant	child?	Do	you	                                             by Robert Bernardini, M.S.
have	a	child	and	want	to	offer	the	very	best	
support	 to	 their	 wellbeing?	 Do	 you	 know	                                           Thumbs	up	review	in	Wise Traditions	Journal!
someone	with	children	who	might	want	the	
definitive	 book	 on	 raising	 healthy	 children?	                                       Discover	the	true	causes	of	the	most	serious	and	
                                                                                         prevalent	 health	 challenges	 you	 face	 and	 what	
This	is	the	book	we	have	been	waiting	for!	
                                                                                         you	 can	 do	 about	 them.	 Save	 your	 child	 from	
                                                                                         becoming	a	victim	to	cancer,	asthma,	behavioral	
Healing our Children: Sacred Wisdom for Pre-
                                                                                         problems,	 autism,	 ADHD,	 learning	 disabilities,	
conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting is	                                           diabetes,	obesity	and	more!	If	you’d	like	to	ensure	
a	tour	de	force	by	author	Ramiel	Nagel.	                                                 your	and	your	family’s	immediate	and	long	term	
                                                                                         health	 so	 as	 not	 to	 become	 a	 victim	 of	 disease,	
Frankly,	 the	 existing	 field	 of	 books	 in	 this	                                     violence	 or	 learning	 disabilities,	 this	 is	 a	 must-
area	is	extremely	contradictory	and	usually	full	of	misinformation.	When	                read	for	you.
it	comes	to	our	children,	this	is	a	real	tragedy.	
                                                                                         392	pages,	softcover	
Healing Our Children	is	unique	because	it	is	infused	with	the	research	of	               #04601 $24.95
Dr.	Weston	Price,	and	the	wisdom	of	our	indigenous	ancestors.	It	is	also	
up	to	date	with	the	latest	understandings	about	such	things	as	vaccines,	                Real Food for Mother and Baby
mercury	amalgams,	and	the	latest	research	on	child	development.	                         by Nina Planck

This	book	is	a	treasure	-	we	highly	recommend	it!	                                       The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods

400	pages,	softcover                                                                     Following	the	success	of	Real	Food,	Nina	Planck’s	Real	Food	for	Mother	and	
#07001 $27.95                                                                            Baby	explains	why	real	food	is	better	for	a	woman	and	her	child.	Nina	Planck,	
                                                                                         one	of	the	great	food	activists,	changed	the	way	we	view	old-fashioned	foods	
                                                                                         like	butter	with	her	groundbreaking	Real	Food.	Then	she	got	pregnant.	
Nourishing Traditions
by Sally Fallon with Mary Enig, PhD                                                                                   Never	one	to	accept	conventional	wisdom	blindly,	
                                                                                                                      Nina	found	the	usual	advice	about	pregnancy	and	
                       The	 Cookbook	 that	 Challenges	 Politically	 Correct	                                         baby	food	riddled	with	myths	and	misunderstand-
                                                                                                                      ings.	 In	 Real	 Food	 for	 Mother	 and	 Baby,	 Nina	 ex-
                       Nutrition	 and	 the	 Diet	 Dictocrats.	 	 Get	 ready	 to	
                                                                                                                      plains	 why	 many	 modern	 ideas	 about	 pregnancy	
                       throw	some	of	your	most	cherished	dietary	assump-
                                                                                                                      and	infant	nutrition	are	misguided	and	why	tradi-
                       tions	out	the	window	as	you	learn	about	the	fasci-
                                                                                                                      tional	foods	are	best.	
                       nating	 crosscultural	 research	 on	 the	 “nourishing	
                       traditions”	of	our	ancestors.	More	than	a	cookbook,	                                           While	Nina	can	be	controversial—her	op-ed	in	the	
                       700	 sumptuous	 recipes	 are	 sandwiched	 between	                                             New	York	Times	on	vegan	diets	for	infants	was	one	
                       extraordinary,	inspiring	morsels	of	wisdom	and	sci-                                            of	 the	 paper’s	 most	 e-mailed	 articles—	 she’s	 no	
                       entific	 research	 which	 make	 this	 book	 an	 ongoing	                                       contrarian.	Readers	applaud	her	candor;	they	also	
feast	that	will	inspire	for	years.	Learn	the	healthy	truth	about	animal	fats	                                         trust	her	research	and	welcome	her	advice.		
and	proteins,	and	the	real	culprits	behind	our	modern	day	diseases.	Also	
a	 wonderful	 section	 on	 foods	 for	 babies.	 Dr.	Weston	 Price,	 Dr.	 Edward	         272	pages,	softcover	
Howell	 and	 other	 nutrition	 pioneers	 play	 a	 prominent	 role	 in	 this	 diet	       #09101 $17.00
wisdom	masterpiece.	The	most	life-changing	nutritional	guide	we	have	
ever	had	the	pleasure	to	read	and	use.		                                                 A Compromised Generation
                                                                                         by Beth Lambert
668	pages
Softcover			#01901 $27.00                                                                Understand	 the	 underlying	 factors	 compound-
Hardcover #01902 $48.00                                                                  ing	 problems	 like:	 chronic	 constipation,	 fre-
                                                                                         quent	 fevers,	 chronic	 diarrhea,	 eczema,	 food	
Vaccine Epidemic                                                                         sensitivities,	 chronic	 infections	 (ear,	 strep,	 vagi-
by Louise K. Habakus and Mary Holland                                                    nal,	 urinary,	 colds,	 etc.),	 colic,	 reflux,	 sensory	
                                                                                         problems,	 obsessive	 compulsive	 behaviors,	 or	
Featuring	 more	 than	 twenty	 experts	 from	 the	                                       developmental	delays.
fields	 of	 ethics,	 law,	 science,	 medicine,	 business,	
and	 history,	 Vaccine	 Epidemic,	 	 is	 the	 essential	                                 You	can	then	better	advocate	for	your	child.
handbook	for	the	vaccination	choice	movement	
and	 required	reading	for	all	 people	contemplat-                                        358	pages,	sofcover
ing	vaccination	for	themselves	and	their	children.	                                      #00717 $18.95
Includes	 a	 review	 of	 eight	 advice	 books	 on	 vac-
cines	that	span	the	gamut.
                                                                                         See page 35 for a full list of books
368	pages,	hardcover
#00716 $24.95

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Connect to the Earth with earthing technology and feel better!                                   Top 10 Questions
#05401 Earthing                $11.99	                                                           1. What is earthing? Earthing	 is	 a	 way	 of	 reconnecting	 to	 the	 earth’s	
by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., & Martin Zucker                                       energy.	This	connection	can	be	made	freely	by	walking	barefoot	on	the	
                                                                                                 earth.	Electrically	speaking,	electrons	have	a	negative	charge,	while	free	
Are	You	Electron	Deficient?	Can	you	benefit	from	grounding?	If	you	have	sick-                    radicals	have	a	positive	charge.	Free	radicals	are	constantly	in	search	of	
ness,	 pain,	 or	 inflammation,	 consider	 connecting	
                                                                                                 negatively	charged	electrons	to	which	they	can	attach	themselves.	What	
to	the	Earth.	Beneath	your	feet	outdoors	is	not	just	
                                                                                                 makes	free	radicals	dangerous	is	that	they	will	strip	electrons	from	mol-
a	mere	patch	of	grass,	dirt,	sand,	or	concrete.	It	is	
                                                                                                 ecules	in	healthy	tissue	if	necessary.	But	reconnecting	to	the	Earth	allows	
an	omnipresent	source	of	natural	healing	energy.	
Learn	 how	 Nature’s	 original	 anti-inflammatory	                                               for	the	transfer	of	free	electrons	into	the	body	where	they	can	neutralize	
-	the	Earth	itself	-	can	remedy	your	electron	defi-                                              the	positively	charged	free	radicals	that	cause	inflammation.	
ciency	and	improve	your	health,	energy	and	sleep.	                                               2. Does earthing conflict in any way with technologies such as mag-
After	 your	 read	 this	 book,	 you	 will	 never	 look	 at	                                      netics or IR? Earthing	 is	 the	 equivalent	 of	 simply	 walking	 barefoot	 on	
the	ground	in	the	same	way!	                                                                     grass	or	the	beach	as	well	as	swimming	in	lakes,	rivers	and	oceans.	Sleep-
                                                                                                 ing	grounded	or	earthed	has	the	same	effect	as	sleeping	in	constant	con-
Earthing,	also	known	as	grounding,	may	be	as	                                                    tact	with	the	earth’s	surface.	Although	the	use	of	magnets	produce	some	
fundamental	 as	 sunlight,	 air,	 water	 and	 nutri-                                             therapeutic	effects	when	properly	applied,	magnets	cannot	provide	free	
ents.	Our	ancestors	for	most	of	history	did	not	                                                 electrons,	 nor	 can	 they	 connect	 the	 body	 with	 the	 naturally	 balancing	
wear	shoes	and	had	this	type	of	regular	contact	with	the	earth,	either	by	                       electric	 frequencies	 of	 the	 Earth.	 Earthing	 technology	 is	 the	 only	 way,	
walking,	running	or	sleeping	on	the	ground.	In	other	words,	they	were	                           without	standing	directly	on	the	Earth,	to	connect	with	the	Earth’s	elec-
grounded	through	much	of	the	day,	while	most	of	us	today	are	not.	Wear-                          trons.
ing	 shoes	 blocks	 the	 beneficial	 electromagnetic	 radiation	 of	 the	 earth,	                3. Will earthing protect me from the effects of cell phone EMFs?	
which	actually	has	an	anti-inflammatory	effect.	                                                 The	protective	potential	of	Earthing	has	not	been	fully	tested	yet	on	cell	
                                                                                                 phone	 exposure.	 What	 we	 know	 is	 that	 Earthing	 reduces	 significantly	
The	 scientific	 theory	 behind	 the	 health	 benefits	 seen	 from	 this	 simple	                the	 induced	 body	 voltages	 generated	 by	 simple	 exposure	 to	 common	
practice	 is	 that	 your	 body	 absorbs	 negative	 electrons	 from	 the	 Earth	                  household	60	Hz	EMFs	continuously	emitted	by	all	plugged-in	electrical	
through	the	soles	of	your	feet.	That	is	the	grounding	effect.                                    cords	(even	if	the	appliance	is	off ),	internal	wiring,	and	all	ungrounded	
                                                                                                 electrical	devices	in	the	home	or	office.	Based	on	the	cases	we	have	seen	
Approximately	10	studies	performed	over	the	past	12	years	by	Clint	Ober,	                        of	people	extremely	sensitive	to	such	EMFs,	it	is	prudent	to	be	grounded	
co	author	of	Earthing: The most important health discovery ever? 	support	                       as	much	as	possible	in	the	home	or	office.
this	hypothesis.                                                                                 4. How does earthing affect the body’s ability to heal? The	simplest	
                                                                                                 explanation	is	that	aches	and	pains	and	other	disturbances	in	our	bodies	
The	studies	indicate	we	can	just	touch	the	earth	with	our	bare	feet	or	our	                      are	often	caused	by	inflammation.	Electrons	from	the	Earth	have	natural	
bare	skin;	sit	down	on	the	grass,	and	the	transfer	of	free	electrons	from	                       anti-inflammatory	effects	and	are	conducted	relatively	fast	throughout	
the	earth-	a	grounding	effect-	is	one	of	the	most	potent	antioxidants	we	                        the	body,	which	is	a	good	conductor.
know	of.	Unfortunately,	few	people	ever	walk	barefoot	anymore	to	ex-                             5. How many minutes or hours per day of earthing should one re-
perience	it.                                                                                     ceive? People	with	pain	often	feel	relief	in	varying	degrees—from	a	little	
Walking	barefoot	can	also	help	ameliorate	the	constant	irritation	caused	                        to	a	lot,	and	to	even	disappearance	of	the	pain—just	by	planting	their	
by	 EMFs	 and	 other	 types	 of	 radiation	 on	 our	 bodily	 systems	 from	 cell	                bare	feet	on	the	ground	outside	for	a	half	hour	or	so	twice	a	day.	Sleep-
phones,	computers	and	Wi-Fi.	By	getting	outside,	barefoot,	touching	the	                         ing	grounded	through	the	night	produces	many	beneficial	results,	such	
earth,	and	allowing	the	excess	charge	in	your	body	to	discharge	into	the	                        as	better	and	deeper	sleep,	more	energy	during	the	day,	and	less	pain.	
earth,	you	can	alleviate	some	of	the	stress	put	on	your	system.                                  The	degree	of	benefits	 run	 from	 slight	to	dramatic,	 from	immediate	to	
           “I highly, HIGHLY recommend you invest in this technology, not just for               gradual.	
           you and your spouse, but your children as well. In fact, with all the EMF             6. How long does it take to experience its effects? Earthing	does	not	
           pollution these days, I don’t think it’s possible to attain truly great health,       cure	anything.	Contact	with	the	Earth	helps	restores	the	body’s	natural	
           or heal quickly, if you do not discharge the energy and get a fresh supply            electrical	 balance	 and	 reduce	 stress	 and	 inflammation.	 By	 doing	 these	
           of the earth’s electrons on a daily basis. Being grounded will certainly              things,	 Earthing	 can	 have	 both	 short-term	 and	 long-term	 effects,	 and	
           make getting healthy faster and easier.”                                              sometimes	quite	dramatic	and	quick.	We	have	had	many	reports	of	im-
                                                                                                 proved	sleep	and	decreased	stress	after	only	one	or	two	nights	of	sleep-
           Robert Bernardini, M.S., Author of Everlasting Health
                                                                                                 ing	grounded.	Generally,	the	longer	you	use	Earthing	products,	the	more	
So,	if	there	is	a	local	park	or	a	beach	nearby	where	you	can	easily	get	your	                    benefits	and	vitality		become	apparent.	
shoes	off	and	take	a	walk,	this	is	really	powerful	in	terms	of	helping	to	lessen	                7. Will I experience any side effects? Initially,	 some	 people	 may	 feel	
inflammation	in	your	body.	Since	most	of	us	cannot	go	barefoot	on	the	beach	                     some	 temporary	 discomfort	 or	 even	 flu-like	 signs,	 pain	 or	 achiness.	 In	
every	 day,	 you	 may	 want	 to	 consider	 grounding	 while	 you	 are	 working	 or	              practically	all	cases,	this	experience	is	fleeting.	This	effect	stems	from	a	
sleeping!                                                                                        normalization	of	the	body’s	“electrical	system.”	In	the	majority	of	cases,	no	
                                                                                                 discomfort	is	felt	at	the	beginning.	
Earthing Basic Starter Kit                                                                       8. Could Earthing do further damage to any existing medical con-
                                                                                                 dition?	 Not	 any	 more	 than	 sleeping	 or	 walking	 barefoot	 on	 the	 Earth	
Individually	valued	at	$138.70,	save	$58.85	while	intro-                                         would	cause	damage.		
ducing	yourself	to	the	concept	of	earthing.	This	Starter	                                        9. What’s the number one way to benefit from Earthing? The	 best	
Kit	 includes	 two	 earthing	 mats	 (one	 for	 the	 desktop	                                     opportunity	to	gain	the	many	benefits	of	Earthing	is	to	sleep	grounded.	
with	a	cotton	cover	and	one	w/o	the	cover	for	the	feet),	                                        10. How do I know if my home is indeed grounded? An	outlet	checker	
an	Outlet	Checker	and	the	book,	Earthing.                                                        will	confirm	if	an	outlet	is	grounded.

#05402 $79.95

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                                                       Earthing	Products
Earthing Sheets: Ground while you sleep!                                                    Earthing Recovery Bag
Placing	your	bare	feet	or	any	part	of	your	body	on	the	sheet	grounds	your	                  The	 Earthing	 Recovery	 Bag	 was	 ini-
body	to	the	Earth	during	sleep.	The	earthing	sheet	connects	to	the	Earth	with	              tially	designed	for	Tour	de	France	cy-
a	ground	cord.	One	end	of	the	cord	snaps	onto	                                              clists	 and	 has	 become	 popular	 with	
the	 sheet.	 The	 prong	 end	 of	 the	 cord	 inserts	                                       many	athletes	and	travelers.	The	bag	
into	the	ground	port	of	an	electrical	outlet	or	                                            is	earthtone	in	color	and	is	90	inches	
connects	 to	 a	 ground	 rod	 (purchased	 sepa-                                             long	 and	 80	 inches	 wide	 when	 fully	
rately).	                                                                                   open	 and	 can	 accommodate	 two	
                                                                                            people	sleeping	on	top	of	it.	The	bag	
Earthing	Connection	Fitted	Sheets	are	natural	                                              can	also	be	zipped	up	and	used	as	a	
color,	made	from	240	thread	count	50/50	poly	cotton	fabric	with	conductive	                 sleeping	bag	for	one	person,	you	just	slip	between	the	top	and	bottom	sheet	
silver	fibers.	The	earthing	sheets	fit	the	mattress	similar	to	a	regular	bottom	            just	as	you	would	a	sleeping	bag.	When	zipped,	the	bag	is	40	inches	wide.
fitted	sheet.	Available	in	the	six	different	sizes:	
                                                                                            #05413 $289.00
#05407               Cal-King             $319.00
#05408               King                 $319.00                                           Earthing Premium Starter Kit
#05409               Queen                $279.00
#05410               Full                 $269.00                                           Individually	 valued	 at	 $297.80,	 save	
#05411               Twin XL              $229.00                                           $107.85	while	introducing	yourself	to	the	
#05412               Twin                 $219.00	                                          concept	of	earthing.	This	Premium	Starter	
                                                                                            Kit	includes:
Earthing Pad (Half-Sheet)                                                                   •	Earthing	Half	Sheet
	                                                                                           •	Earthing	Mat	(w/o	cover)
Ground	while	you	sleep!                                                                     •	Outlet	Checker
The	 Earthing	 Pad	 (also	 known	 as	 a	 half-sheet	 or	 Bedpad)	 conveniently	             •	Product	Tester
grounds	your	body	during	sleep.	                                                            •	Earthing	Book

The	Earthing	Half-Sheet	is	placed	                                                          #05403 $189.95	
at	foot	end	of	bed,	over	the	bot-
tom	 fitted	 sheet,	 and	 tucked	
around	 and	 under	 the	 mattress.	                                                                                  Earthing Body Band/Patch Kit
Placing	 your	 bare	 feet	 or	 any	
part	 of	 your	 body	 on	 the	 sheet,	                                                                               The	Earthing	Body	Band/Patch	Kit	comes	with	three	
grounds	 your	 body	 to	 the	 Earth	                                                                                 (torso,	knee/thigh	and	wrist/foot)	1	inch	wide	adjust-
during	 sleep.	 The	 Earthing	 Half-                                                                                 able	elastic	body	bands,	a	20	foot	coil	cord	and	fifty	
Sheet	can	also	be	placed	length-                                                                                     patches.	The	 bands	 and	 patches	 contain	 conductive	
wise	on	the	bed	as	well.	The	sheet	                                                                                  silver	fibers	on	the	inside	that	ground	the	body	when	
connects	to	the	Earth	with	a	ground	cord.	One	end	of	the	cord	snaps	onto	the	                                        the	coil	cord	is	connected	to	the	grounding	system.	
sheet.	The	prong	end	of	the	cord	inserts	into	the	ground	port	of	an	grounded	                                        The	patches	allow	convenient	localized	grounding	at	
electrical	outlet	or	connects	to	a	ground	rod.	If	you	are	unsure	if	your	resi-                                       any	point	on	the	body.
dence	has	grounded	outlets,	we	highly	recommend	ordering	an	outlet	check-
er	(Item#	05424).                                                                           #05404    Earthing Body Band/Patch Kit - Pink                  $69.95
Half-Sheet	is	36”	x	120”	and	accommodates	all	mattress	sizes.	                              #05416    Earthing Torso Band - Pink                           $19.95
                                                                                            #05417    Earthing Knee/Thigh Band - Pink                      $9.95
#05406               $169.00	                                                               #05418    Earthing Foot/Wrist Band - Pink                      $4.95
                                                                                            #05415    Earthing Patches - Set of 50                         $29.95
                                                                                            #05419    20ft Coil Cord for Band/Patch System                 $12.95
Earthing Mat with cover
Ground	while	working	or	relaxing!	Made	from	sturdy	conductive	carbonized	                   Car Seat Pads
rubber,	the	universal	earthing	mat	can	be	used	anywhere	as	a	barefoot	floor	
mat,	desk	mat,	mouse	pad	or	on	a	chair,	couch	or	bed.	                                      The	Earthing	Connection	Car	Seat	Pad	(2	pads	includ-
                                                                                            ed)	neutralizes	micro-electrical	charges	on	the	body.	
                              The	 Earthing	 Mat	 offers	 broad	 flexibility.	 Use	         With	these	charges	eliminated,	drivers	report	feeling	
                              it	 anywhere	 in	 the	 house	 or	 office.	 The	 10	 x	        better	and	more	alert	when	driving.
                              20	inch	mat	with	a	15	ft.	wire	serves	as	a	floor	
                              mat	to	place	your	bare	feet	on	as	you	work	at	                Scientific	 evidence	 now	 confirms,	 road	 vibration	
                              the	computer,	or	as	a	desk	mat	to	ground	your	                and	related	body	motion	on	vehicle	seats	generate	
                              hands	 while	 typing	 or	 using	 the	 mouse.	 The	            micro-electrical	 charges	 on	 the	 body.	 The	 Earthing	
                              mat	comes	with	a	conductive	fabric	sleeve-like	               Connection	Car	Seat	Pad	(2	pads	included)	neutral-
                              cover.	You	can	slip	the	mat	into	the	cover	if	you	            izes	micro-electrical	charges	on	the	body.
                              choose,	 for	 use	 while	 sitting	 in	 your	 favorite	        *	Each	pad	measures	10”	x	10”.	
                              chair	or	lying	on	the	couch.

                                                                                            #05414               $39.95	
#05405 $59.95

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           Superfood	Supplements:	Nature’s	Nutrients
We feature whole food nutritional products based on the belief that synthetic or fractionated vitamins, supplements, and
oils simply do not support optimal health over the long term, because these things do not occur in nature. Research con-
tinues to show that nature in all its wisdom has made available a veritable pharmacy of health-promoting nutrient dense
food within the plant and animal worlds - what traditional cultures have always known.
Radiant Life Desiccated Liver                                                             High-Energy CoQ-10
Highly	recommended	by	Sally	Fallon	as	a	staple	to	everyone’s	diet!                        No	 amount	 of	 ordinary	 CoQ-10	 can	 equal	
So	what	makes	this	liver	so	wonderful?                                                    the	effects	of	even	one	dose	of	High	Energy	
                                                                                          CoQ-10,	 known	 as	 CoQ-Quinol,	 a	 fully	 re-
One	of	the	world’s	most	sacred	foods,	this	liver	is	of-
                                                                                          duced	ubiquinol.	Recently	made	available,	
fered	without	supplemental	iron	or	other	additives.	
                                                                                          CoQ-Quinol	is	produced	through	a	proprie-
Radiant	 Life	 Desiccated	 Liver	 comes	 from	 healthy	
young	 cattle	 grazing	 on	 the	 lush	 pastureland	 of	                                   tary	probiotic	fermentation	and	nanization	
Argentina	without	the	use	of	hormones,	pesticides	                                        process	that	brings	key	nutrients	into	a	su-
or	 antibiotics,	 carefully	 processed	 to	 preserve	 all	                                per	biologically	available	form.	Serving	size	
the	fragile	nutritional	elements.		This	is	simply	and	                                    is	1	tsp	resulting	in	12	servings	for	the	2	oz.	
purely	all	beef	liver.	Regularly	tested	to	ensure	that	                                   bottle	and	48	servings	for	the	8	oz.	bottle.
it	is	arsenic-free.
A	convenient	way	to	enjoy	all	the	legendary	health	and	nutritional	benefits	              #02130 2 oz $31.95
of	liver!                                                                                 #02131 8 oz $95.95

#10201 180 Capsules (90 gram bottle)                      $19.95                          Daily Multi
#10202 Powder (180 gram Powder)                           $33.95
See	Super	Nutrient	Trio	on	page...
                                                                                          The Perfect Natural-Source Daily Product...
Max B-ND Live Source B Vitamins                                                           for the Whole Family!

B-Vitamins	 are	 crucial	 for	 optimal	 health,	                                                                          Quantum	 Daily	 Multi	 is	 a	 world-class	 for-
energy,	 handling	 stress,	 liver	 detoxifica-                                                                            mula	 that	 provides	 living	 vitamins,	 miner-
tion,	 heart	 health	 and	 mood	 balance,	 yet	                                                                           als,	 amino	 acids,	 fatty	 acids,	 enzymes	 and	
deficiencies	are	very	common.	For	greatest	                                                                               chlorophyll	 from	 a	 premier	 selection	 of	
effect,	it	is	generally	recommended	to	sup-                                                                               grade	 10	 herbs,	 phytonutrient	 complexes	
plement	with	the	whole	vitamin	B-complex	                                                                                 and	 highly	 ionized,	 one-of-a-kind	 coral	
family,	 rather	 than	 isolated	 B	 (and	 often	                                                                          minerals.	 It	 delivers	 every	 nutrient	 essen-
synthetic)	 vitamins.	 This	 is	 a	 very	 unique	                                                                         tial	for	life	in	the	most	biologically	available	
product	 as	 it	 offers	 the	 whole	 B-complex	                                                                           form.	
family	in	a	live-source	form;	using	a	unique	
probiotic	 fermentation	 process.	 Max	 B-ND	                                             Specially	 formulated	 to	 build	 power,	 strength	 and	 endurance.	 It	 is	 ex-
is	the	most	efficient	way	we’ve	discovered	                                               tremely	beneficial	in	helping	to	metabolize	fat	and	cholesterol,	as	well	as	
to	supplement	our	dietary	intake.	Because	                                                containing	key	nutrients	in	all	essential	categories:	the	Best	of	the	Greens,	
of	its	liquid	oral	delivery	system,	this	is	a	product	that	most	people	feel	right	
                                                                                          the	Best	of	the	Alkalinizers,	the	Best	of	the	Antioxidants,	the	Best	of	the	
                                                                                          Fat	Metabolizers,	the	Best	of	the	Intestinal	Regulators,	the	Best	of	the	Mi-
Nutrients	per	1/2	tsp:                            #02116 2 oz       $21.95
Vitamin	B1	1.7mg	111%                                                                     crobial	Zappers	and	the	Best	of	the	Mycelial	Extracts	for	performance	and	
                                                  #02117 8 oz       $79.95                immune	protection...clearly	the	Best	of	Everything!	
Vitamin	B2	1.7mg	98%
Vitamin	B3	25	mg	100%
Vitamin	B5	2.6mg	100%                                                                     #02121 60 Caps $19.95
Vitamin	B6	2.6mg	100%
Vitamin	B12	6mcg	100%                                                                     Power Pack
Folate	Acid	417mcg	105%
Biotin	338mcg	113%                                                                        Our	 Power	 Pack	 brings	 together	 the	 best	 su-
                                                                                          perfoods	 for	 high	 performance,	 energy,	 and	
Quantum Probiotic Complex                                                                 mental	clarity!			Pure	Synergy	is	rich	in	the	best	
                                                                                          superfoods	 in	 a	 potent	 green	 powder	 which	
Broad-spectrum,	 quantum-state	 probiotic	 cultures	                                      you	can	add	to	smoothies	or	drinks	to	start	your	
from	Premier	Research	Labs:                                                               morning	 right.	 Gold-360	 is	 a	 legendary	 blend	
-12	different	viable	strains	of	beneficial	flora	                                         of	two	rich	botanical	blends,	based	on	ancient	
-Unique	 Japanese	 process	 using	 92	 different	 natu-                                   wisdom,	which	are	designed	to	rejuvenate	and	
ral	 herbs	 and	 barks,	 cultured	 for	 5	 years	 to	 produce	                            energize.	Noni	is	one	of	nature’s	most	powerful	
healthy,	 mature	 flora	 and	 highly	 bio-available	 nutri-                               superfoods,	 and	 supports	 regeneration	 and	 overall	 wellbeing.	 Max	 B-vita-
ents                                                                                      mins	are	profoundly	supportive	of	overall	wellness	as	both	stress	and	exer-
-Certified	as	6.5	times	stronger	than	any	other	lactic	                                   tion	deplete	our	B-vitamin	supplies	very	quickly.		
acid	bacteria                                                                             Pure	Synergy	-	12.5	oz,	Max	B-ND	Live	Source	B	Vitamins	-	2	oz.,	Noni	Capsules	
                                                                                          and	Gold-360
#02125 30 Capsules $39.95
                                                                                          #KIT-014             $118.62
#02126 60 Capsules $69.95

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                                              Superfood	Supplements
Coral Legend                                                                                       pH and Mineral Absorbtion: One Key to Great Health
Legendary Ionic Minerals from the Sea
Coral	 Legend	 is	 a	 natural	 mineral	 powder	 made	 from	 coral	 harvested	                    If	 your	 body	 is	 acidic,	 it	 becomes	 harder	 and	 harder	 for	 you	 to	 absorb	
from	 the	 clear	 ocean	 bottom	 off	 beautiful,	 semi-tropical	 Japanese	 is-                   nutrients.	The	key	is	to	establish	the	proper	acid/alkaline	balance	in	your	
lands.	Because	the	coral	ingests	a	large	spectrum	of	natural,	sun-radiated	                      body.	An	acidic	pH	creates	a	hostile	internal	environment,	like	a	raging	
minerals	from	the	ocean	water,	the	powder	made	from	the	coral	contains	                          storm,	making	the	body	struggle	to	get	the	nutrients	it	needs.	The	more	
a	rich	concentration	of	these	naturally-occuring	minerals	in	a	unique,	ion-                      acidic	you	are,	the	worse	you	will	most	likely	feel.	Feeling	lousy,	pessimis-
ized,	highly	assimilable	form.		                                                                 tic,	angry,	irritable,	and	fatigued	are	often	symptoms	of	an	acid	system.	
                                                                                                 As	your	pH	comes	into	balance	your	body	can	easily	assimilate	minerals	
Easy to absorb, Coral Legend alkalizes the body too!                                             that	were	very	difficult	to	absorb	at	a	more	acidic	pH.	And	you’ll	feel	bet-
                                                                                                 ter	too!
                                   The	body	must	reduce	any	form	of	calcium	into	
                                   its	ionic	form	in	order	to	use	it.	Since	Coral	Leg-                           Coral Legend Helps You Alkalinize
                                   end	contains	calcium	already	in	ionic	form,	the	              In	an	alkaline	environment,	you	have	abundant	oxygen.	But	as	the	pH	of	
                                   body	 can	 use	 the	 calcium	 immediately	 with-              the	blood	and	urine	drops,	becoming	more	acidic,	less	and	less	oxygen	
                                   out	 having	 to	 break	 it	 down.	 (Great	 news	 for	         is	available	to	the	tissues.	Small	changes	of	0.1	to	0.2	in	pH	can	mean	10	
                                   those	with	poor	digestion.)	A	key	role	of	ionic	              to	20	times	more	oxygen	availability.		Ionized	calcium	is	the	key	mineral	
                                   calcium	is	to	neutralize	acidic	compounds	any-                to	help	keep	the	pH	near	ideal.		Coral	Legend	and	Coral	Complex	excel	at	
                                   where	in	the	body,	before	damage	takes	place.	      	         alkalinizing	your	body	over	any	other	form	of	calcium!
Coral	Legend	is	naturally	balanced	with	ionic	magnesium	and	many	trace	
minerals	for	optimal	mineral	absorption.	Unlike	many	other	coral	supple-                                          Vitamin D Completes the Picture
ments	on	the	market,	this	one	has	nothing	added,	and	has	no	preserva-                            Fermented	Cod	Liver	Oil	is	another	important	part	of	the	mineral	absorp-
tives,	 fillers,	 or	 binders	 -	 Just	 pure	 marine-grade	 coral.	 Sustainably	 har-            tion	equation,	as	it	is	rich	in	natural	vitamin	D,	an	absolute	requirement	
vested	without	harming	reefs.		1/4	teaspoon	contains:	300	mg	Calcium,	                           for	 absorbing	 calcium.	 Dr.	Weston	 Price	 found	 that	 the	 healthiest	 non-
150	mg	Magnesium	plus	many	trace	minerals.                                                       industrialized	 peoples	 around	 the	 world	 consumed	 10	 times	 more	 fat-
                                                                                                 soluble	vitamins	(i.e.	A	&	D)	than	Americans.	He	attributed	their	superior	
#02101 2 oz (44 servings) Powder                          $19.95                                 bone	structures,	perfect	teeth,	and	well-formed	features	to	this	fact.	
#02102 8 oz (196 servings) Powder                         $69.95
                                                                                                 Capra Mineral Whey
Coral Complex                                                                                   We	love	this	product,	and	we’re	not	alone!	Dr.	Bernard	Jensen,	renowned	
                                                                                                nutritionist,	 enthusiastically	 endorsed	 it	 too.	 Capra	 Mineral	 Whey	 is	 a	
Similar	to	Coral	Legend,	this	formulation	includes	Cal-                                         mineral	 rich,	 golden	 brown,	 low-heat	 dried	 natural	 food	 powder	 from	
cium	and	Magnesiun	from	Sango	Marine	Coral	as	well	                                             goat	milk	whey.	In	addition	to	its	yummy	taste,	it	offers	excellent	support	
as	Noni	and	a	fermented	blend.	                                                                 to	prevent	or	help	correct	diet	caused	mineral	deficiencies	and	resulting	
3	capsules	contain:	449	mg	Calcium,	225	mg	Magne-                                               problems.	The	plentiful	electrolytes	in	Capra	Mineral	Whey	make	up	the	
sium	 plus	 Noni,	 a	 fermented	 blend	 for	 whole	 body	                                       electrically	charged	ions	that	help	regulate	water	balance,	acid-alkaline	
immune	support,	stabilized	rice	bran	and	vegetable	                                             balance,	 osmotic	 pressure,	 nerve	 impulse	 conduction,	 muscle	 contrac-
cellulose	capsule.	                                                                             tion	and	transport	into	and	out	of	cells.

#02103 90 VCaps                   $24.95                                                        Capra	Mineral	Whey	is	especially	rich	in	bio-organic	sodium,	(not	to	be	
#02104 300 VCaps                  $79.95                                                        confused	with	refined	table	salt,	NaCl,	
                                                                                                which	 is	 very	 toxic	 to	 the	 body),	 as	
Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops                                                           well	 as	 bio-organic	 potassium,	 both	
                                                                                                of	which	are	essential	to	neutralizing	
A very low sodium, all natural sea mineral concentrate
                                                                                                acid	 wastes	 in	 the	 body.	 Its	 mineral	
                                                                                                composition	 also	 includes	 calcium,	
                   We	 are	 pleased	 to	 introduce	 Anderson’s	 Concentrated	
                                                                                                magnesium,	zinc,	iron,	and	a	host	of	
                   Mineral	 Drops	 (CMD),	 from	 Utah’s	 Great	 Salt	 Lake.	 An-
                                                                                                other	essential	minerals.	Capra	Whey	
                   derson’s	is	rich	in	magnesium,	an	essential	mineral,	and	
                                                                                                has	been	used	to	replenish	necessary	
                   naturally	contains	the	full	spectrum	of	naturally	occur-
                                                                                                mineral	reserves	lost	through	mental	
                   ring	elements	in	trace	and	ultra-trace	amounts	for	body	
                                                                                                and	 physical	 stress,	 and	 devitalized	
                   balancing	and	full	spectrum	resonance.	It	is	the	perfect	
                   complement	to	the	pure	water	produced	from	our	Radi-
                   ant	Life	Biocompatible	Water	System.	Add	just	a	drop	or	
                                                                                                #06301 12.7 oz $22.95
                   two	and	experience	a	dramatic	increase	in	remineraliza-
                                                                                                #06302 25.4 oz $37.95

#09001 4 oz            $18.98                                                      pH Paper
                                                                                   Take	charge	of	your	health!	The	majority	of	people	are	too	“Acidic”.	Any	sign	of	illness,	dis-
                                                                                   ease	or	pain	is	a	sign	that	you	are	too	Acidic.	Regular	testing	of	your	Saliva	and	Urine	with	
                                                                                   a	pH	Test	Kit	will	give	you	an	indication	of	the	Acid/Alkaline	balance	of	your	body.	All	dis-
                                                                                   eases	thrive	in	an	Acidic	environment.
                                                                                   Test	your	first	morning	urine	to	determine	your	acid/alkaline	balance.

                                                                                   #02109 15 feet $9.95

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                                              Superfood	Supplements
Pure Synergy                                                                                Unique Vitamin E - Tocopherols
This	superfood	formula	is	truly	the	gold	standard	for	green	                                These	Vitamin	E	Mixed	Tocopherols	gel	capsules	have	the	
superfoods.	 Great	 for	 energy,	 mental	 clarity,	 increased	                              highest	concentration	of	pure	vitamin	E;	alpha,	beta,	delta	
mood	 uplift.	We	 love	 it	 because	 it’s	 a	 balancing,	 rebuild-                          and	gamma	isomers.	This	all-natural,	pure	vitamin	E	con-
ing,	detoxifying	food	all-in-one,	suitable	for	all	body	types.	                             centrate	 consists	 of	 the	 natural	 form	 of	 vitamin	 E	 as	 ob-
                                                                                            tained	through	the	diet	and	as	used	by	the	body.
#01601 5 oz Powder                $35.95                                                    The	concentrated	formula	provides	the	synergistic	benefits	
#01602 12.5 oz Powder             $68.95                                                    of	the	complete	vitamin	E	tocopherol	complex	(d-alpha,	d-
                                                                                            beta,	d-gamma	and	d-delta	tocopherols)	and	delivers	the	
Pure Radiance C                                                                             highest	biological	activity	by	providing	the	optimum	pro-
                                                                                            portions	of	the	complex	in	the	body.		Contains	the	highest	
                       Natural	whole	food	source	Vitamin	C	has	been	found	to	               concentrations	of	pure	vitamin	E	available.
                       be	 more	 potent	 and	 available	 than	 ascorbic	 acid,	 and	
                       much	more	healthy	for	you.	Pure	Radiance	C	combines	                 #08601 180 Caps $48.99
                       the	very	best	natural	vitamin	C	sources	for	the	ultimate	
                       synergy	 and	 greatest	 effect.	 Includes	 camu,	 amla,	 ac-         Unique Vitamin E - Tocotrienols
                       erola,	rosehips,	lemon,	and	more!	
                                                                                                                    Unique	 Tocotrienols	 softgel	 capsules	 are	 naturally	
                                                                                                                    derived	 from	 the	 Brazilian	 annatto	 bean	 growing	 on	
                                                                                                                    achiote	trees	and	contain	the	highest	concentrates	of	
                                                                                                                    tocotrienols	(Vitamin	E	isomer)	at	125	mg	per	gel	cap-
#01604 90 Caps                    $21.95                                                                            sule.	These	tocotrienols	contain	no	tocopherols,	which	
#01603 120g Powder                $26.95                                                                            have	been	shown	to	inhibit	assimilation	of	tocotrienols	
                                                                                                                    in	 the	 body.	 Research	 shows	 maximum	 benefits	 are	
                                                                                                                    achieved	 when	 taken	 separately	 from	 tocopherols,	 as	
Gold-360                                                                                                            Alpha-tocopherol	has	been	shown	to	inhibit	the	assim-
                                                                                                                    ilation	of	tocotrienols	in	the	body.	Health	professionals	
A	 synergistic	 blend	 of	 herbal	 mastery	 from	 both	 Ay-                                                         recommend	taking	tocotrienols	with	the	evening	meal.
urvedic	 and	 Oriental	 Medicine,	 this	 remarkable	 formula	
contains	 powerful	 adaptogenic	 and	 anti-aging	 herbs	 to	                                #08602 90 Caps $69.99
support	every	aspect	of	human	physiology.	A	deep,	rich	                                                                                                                       		
flavor	which	includes	raw	honey,	royal	jelly,	and	coconut	
oil.		A	whole	body	anti-aging	tonic.		
                                                                                            Exceptional Probiotic - Trenev Trio from Natren
                                                                                                                     Trenev	 Trio	 is	 a	 probiotic	 designed	 specifically	 for	
#02120 12 oz           $29.99                                                                                        both	adults	and	children.	For	infant-related	probiotics,	
                                                                                                                     please	refer	to	our	Life	Start	Infant	Bifidum.	This	amaz-
Aloe Powder                                                                                                          ing	 three-in-one	 capsule	 system	 provides	 30	 billion	
                         Aloe	 Powder	 is	 made	 from	 100%	 organic	 aloe	                                          colony	forming	units	of	three	strains	of	effective	bene-
                         and	 pomegranate	 powder,	 energy-accelerated	                                              ficial	bacteria	per	capsule.	Trenev	Trio	promotes	proper	
                         to	 maximum	 electron	 spin	 for	 ideal	 absorption.	                                       digestion	 and	 absorption,	 encourages	 the	 formation	
                         It	contains	the	full	spectrum	of	polysaccharides,	                                          of	antibodies	to	maximize	immune	function.	Made	by	
                         naturally	preserved	with	organic	herbal	particles;	                                         Natren,	 which	 produces	 superior	 probiotic	 formulas	
                         without	 the	 unwanted	 and	 sometimes	 allergy-                                            with	the	most	potent	and	stable	strains	available.	Re-
                         provoking	compounds.                                                                        frigeration	required.	Serving	size	is	one	capsule.	
                         Research	 on	 aloe	 with	 fully	 active	 enzymes	 and	
                         polysaccharides	 shows	 its	 outstanding	 help	 for	
                                                                                            #00104                 15 Capsules            $31.95
many	 conditions	 such	 as	 poor	 digestion,	 poor	 appetite,	 excess	 mucus	
                                                                                            #00105                 30 Capsules            $62.95
production,	mucus	congestion	and	colon	inflammation.	It	can	help	re-                        #00106                 60 Capsules            $114.95
duce	 parasitic	 infection,	 yeast/fungus,	 bacteria	 and	 viruses,	 reduce	 in-            #00107                 90 Capsules            $159.95
flammation	and	boost	the	immune	system.

#02107 7.2 oz          $25.95
                                                                                            Pure Chlorella
                                                                                            Chlorella	 contains	 the	 highest	 percentage	 of	
Melatonin                                                                                   chlorophyll	of	any	known	plant	on	earth	and	is	
                                                                                            one	of	nature’s	most	powerful	cleansing	agents.	
Melatonin	is	being	hailed	as	the	miracle	hormone	with	                                      Sixty	percent	of	Chlorella	is	high	quality	protein	
thousands	 of	 research	 papers	 published	 showing	 its	                                   that	is	easy	to	assimilate.	It	supports	the	body’s	
remarkable	 effects...	 a	 phenomenal	 antioxidant	 for	                                    tissues,	 metabolism	 and	 immune	 system	 with	
anti-aging,	sleep	and	rejuvenation	support.	                                                nucleic	 acids	 and	 key	 RNA	 and	 DNA	 factors	
Melatonin	appears	to	be	a	basic,	global	master	bioreg-
                                                                                            that	help	protect	every	cell.	It	is	rich	in	vitamins,	
ulator,	intercoordinating	all	the	body’s	many	complex	
                                                                                            minerals,	 enzymes,	 antioxidants	 and	 many	
systems.	Studies	show	melatonin	to	be	a	master	anti-
oxidant,	a	powerful	immunoprotector,	sleep	regulator,	                                      other	 naturally	 occurring	 nutrients,	 including	
cancer	inhibitor,	jet	lag	preventer	and	sexual	rejuvena-                                    the	powerful	antioxidant	lipoic	acid.	It	is	also	an	
tor.						                                                                                  excellent	source	of	iron	and	B12.
#02119 0.5 oz          $21.95                                                               #02112 60 Caps $19.95

                                    SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                                          Superfood	Supplements
Royal Maca                                                                               Premier Noni
There	is	so	much	to	say	about	Maca!	The	fact	that	one	                                   Noni	 is	 a	 sacred	 healing	 herbal	 fruit	 used	 by	 native	
of	the	many	names	for	it	is	“Peruvian	Ginseng”	gives	                                    healers	for	many	centuries.	Noni	(Morinda	citrafolia)	is	
a	clue	about	its	nature.	Eaten	as	a	traditional	food	for	                                indigenous	to	India,	Malaysia,	Australia	and	Southeast	
thousands	of	years,	the	Maca	root	has	been	used	by	                                      Asia.	Known	as	a	super	enzyme	activator,	it	is	high	in	
traditional	peoples	to	enhance	libido,	energy,	as	well	                                  proxeronine	which	your	body	converts	to	xeronine,	a	
as	numerous	therapeutic	uses.	                                                           key	regulator	of	all	cellular	proteins	and	enzymes.	Noni	
Available	 in	 powder	 and	 capsule	 form,	 this	 is	 the	                               has	 the	 highest	 proxeronine	 content	 of	 any	 known	
highest	 grade	 of	 Maca	 available.	 Make	 a	 warm	 tea	                                source.	Your	 body	 naturally	 produces	 xeronine	 when	
out	of	it,	sprinkle	it	on	foods,	mix	it	into	smoothies;	                                 you	are:	relaxed,	laughing,	being	creative,	and	feeling	
add	Maca	to	your	life	and	put	on	your	seatbelt!	                                         happy.	And	accordingly,	your	body	uses	up	xeronine	quickly	when	you	are:	
                                                                                         stressed,	angry,	irritated,	fighting	illness,	in	pain,	or	exposed	to	toxic	sub-
#06203 P 6.17 oz Powder                   $35.95                                         stances.		Premier	Noni	is	free	of	pesticides,	solvents,	and	is	never	fumigated	.
#06204 180 count VegiCaps                 $32.95
                                                                                         #02118 60 Caps $19.95
Immune-Power Colostrum
                                                                                         Topical Magnesium Supplementation
                          Colostrum	 is	 the	 pre-milk	 fluid	 produced	 by	 all	        Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray
                          mammalian	 mothers	 for	 the	 first	 few	 days	 after	
                          giving	birth.	(Its	composition	is	very	different	than	         Ancient	 Minerals	 Magnesium	 Oil	 is	 considered	 the	
                          milk	 and	 most	 people	 with	 milk	 allergies	 have	          gold	standard	by	practitioners	for	rapidly	restoring	
                          no	 problem	 with	 it.)	 Bovine	 Colostrum	 has	 been	         cellular	 magnesium	 levels	 and	 is	 easily	 absorbed	
                          found	 to	 have	 virtually	 identical	 immune	 and	            into	the	skin	and	underlying	tissues.	One	teaspoon	
                          growth	factors	as	human	colostrum.	                            contains	 approximately	 560mg	 of	 elemental	 mag-
                          Colostrum	 naturally	 contains	 a	 broad	 range	 of	           nesium.
amazing	immune	boosters:	immunoglobulins,	your	first	line	of	defense	
(IgA,	 IgF	 and	 IgM),	 hormones,	 enzymes,	 growth	 factors,	 peptides,	 and	           #06403 8 oz          $29.00
nucleotides.                                                                             #06404 64 oz         $119.00
Immune	Power	Colostrum	is	from	organic,	grass-fed,	healthy	cows	that	
have	never	been	ill,	with	no	hormones,	antibiotic	residues	or	other	drugs.	              Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes
The	key	to	good	colostrum	is	that	it	is	“first	milking”	colostrum	drawn	in	              How do you get YOUR Minerals?
the	first	6	hours	after	birth,	when	the	immune	factors	are	most	potent.	
After	6	hours,	colostrum	will	contain	transitional	milk	and	cannot	be	con-                                     Ancient	Minerals	Magnesium	Bath	Flakes	are	the	dry	
sidered	true	colostrum.	You	can	tell	that	this	is	“the	good	stuff”	because	it	                                 flakes	 of	 magnesium	 chloride	 and	 other	 naturally	
is	very	fatty	and	doesn’t	dissolve	easily	in	water.	Other	colostrums	do	mix	                                   occurring	 trace	 minerals,	 in	 a	 convenient	 and	 eco-
with	water	and	the	milk	proteins	fall	to	the	bottom	of	the	glass.                                              nomical	 form	 for	 utilization	 in	 baths	 and	 foot	 soaks.	
Third	party	testing	has	shown	our	colostrum	to	have	the	highest	immune	                                        Magnesium	 Bath	 Flakes	 are	 also	 highly	 effective	 for	
factors	compared	to	other	colostrums,	including	New	Zealand	colostrum.	                                        healing	 skin	 conditions	 such	 as	 psoriasis,	 eczema,	
Calves	are	never	deprived	of	all	they	need	as	no	dairy	farmer	could	risk	                                      and	dermatitis.	Soaking	in	magnesium	salts	has	been	
their	cows’	health.                                                                                            shown	 to	 markedly	 improve	 skin	 hydration,	 speed	
                                                                                                               wound	 healing,	 enhance	 skin	 barrier	 function,	 and	
#03101 2.5 oz Powder            $32.95                                                                         decrease	inflammation.		Great	for	kids	bath	time!
#03102 6.5 oz Powder            $62.95
#03103 180 Caps                 $32.95                                                   #06405 1.65 lb       $9.75
                                                                                         #06406 6.5 lb        $55.00
                                                                                         #06407 32 lb         $150.00
Pregest Cultured Enzymes
These	 superior	 full	 spectrum	 cultured	 enzymes	 provide	 high	 potency	              Greens Mix
digestive	 power	 to	 assist	 the	 body	 in	 the	 as-
similation	 and	 utilization	 of	 food	 nutrients.	                                      “Beyond	 Organic”	 Nonhybrid	 Nutrient	 Dense	 Grass-
Consumption	 of	 enzyme	 deficient	 foods	 and	                                          es	 for	 Optimal	 Health!	 Greens	 Mix	 delivers	 over	 70	
the	 bypassing	 of	 natural	 predigestion	 marks	                                        known	antioxidants	and	literally	every	biological	vi-
the	beginning	of	the	putrefactive	process	and	                                           tamin	and	mineral	in	their	food-grade	forms.	
                                                                                         Because	they	contain	a	broad	array	of	fully	bio-avail-
promotes	 conditions	 conducive	 to	 degen-
                                                                                         able,	naturally	occurring	minerals,	especially	calcium	
erative	 disease.	 Take	 before	 meals	 to	 replace	
                                                                                         and	 magnesium,	 they	 help	 keep	 the	 body	 alkaline.	
the	 naturally	 occurring	 enzymes	 lost	 during	
                                                                                         Alkalinizing	 the	 body	 helps	 protect	 against	 ravag-
cooking,	 processing,	 and	 preparation	 of	 the	
                                                                                         ing	diseases	that	result	when	the	body	becomes	too	
average	mixed	diet.		Contains: 500 mg of highly                                          acidic.
concentrated protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, sucrase, lactase, maltase,            Grasses	also	contain	a	large	array	of	phytonutrients	and	antioxidants,	with	
papaya leaf, & 02 factor.                                                                more	 vitamin	 C	 than	 oranges,	 more	 calcium	 than	 milk,	 more	 iron	 than	
                                                                                         spinach	and	more	betacarotene	than	carrots.	No	wonder	grasses	are	many	
#02401 100 Caps $19.95                                                                   times	more	protective	than	the	well	known	vitamins	C	and	E!
#02402 500 Caps $87.95
                                                                                         #02105               8 oz Powder           $29.95
                                                                                         #02106               150 Caps              $19.95
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All-Natural Hawaiian- Grown 100% Spirulina Powder                                       Acerola Powder
                           Used	as	a	sacred	power	food	by	the	Aztecs	and	                                        Acerola	powder	is	derived	from	the	acerola	cher-
                           considered	 the	 perfect	 food	 for	 space	 travel	                                   ry,	 one	 of	 nature’s	 highest	 sources	 of	 vitamin	 C.	
                           by	NASA,	Spirulina	is	the	superior	micro-algae.	                                      Originally	from	Central	America,	the	Acerola	fruit	
                           Grown	absorbing	lots	of	Pacific	solar	energy	in	                                      change	 their	 color	 during	 ripening	 from	 green	
                           Hawaii,	this	Spirulina	is	bathed	in	mineral-rich	                                     to	 yellow,	 to	 dark	red.	 A	single	acerola	fruit,	the	
                           deep	ocean	water	as	well	as	pure	spring	water.	                                       size	of	a	cherry,	contains	28	times	the	vitamin	C	
                           Cool	 dried,	 packed	 in	 dark	 glass,	 and	 flushed	                                 as	a	lemon!	Acerola	powder	also	contains	numer-
                           with	nitrogen	to	preserve	enzymes	and	nutri-                                          ous	co-factors,	including	bioflavonoids	and	rutin,	
                           ents.	Tablets	are	cold-pressed.                                                       making	it	a	full	spectrum	vitamin	C	that	the	body	
                                                                                                                 can	optimally	use.	NOW	Acerola	Powder	is	a	4:1	
#01201 16 oz Powder            $49.95                                                                            extract	that	yields	180	mg	of	vitamin	C	per	tea-
#01202 400 Tabs                $32.95                                                                            spoon	and	it	tastes	great!	Children	and	adults	will	
#01203 200 Tabs                $21.95                                                                            both	like	it.	
                                                                                        #00401 6 oz $10.65
Royal Camu
                                                                                        Amla-C Plus
Camu-camu	 is	 a	 fruit	 that	 comes	 from	 a	 bush	
which	 grows	 close	 to	 the	 river	 banks	 in	 the	                                    Mother	 Nature	 gave	 us	 excellent	 source	 of	
Amazonian	 rain	 forest	 of	 South	 America.	 The	                                      Vitamin	 C	 in	 the	 Amla	 berry	 -	 the	 Indian	
camu-camu	fruit	has	a	purplish	red	skin	with	a	                                         gooseberry	(Emblica	officinalis).	Amla,	honored	
yellow	 pulp.	When	 dried,	 the	 pulp	 becomes	 a	                                      for	 over	 5,000	 years	 in	 Ayurvedic	 medicine	 for	
beautiful	pink	in	color.	Traditionally	made	into	                                       its	tonifying,	anti-aging	and	immune	enhancing	
a	juice	by	people	of	the	rainforest	to	help	main-                                       properties,	is	packed	with	whole	food	Vitamin	C	
tain	their	health,	camu-camu	has	more	Vitamin	                                          and	naturally	occurring	bioflavonoids.	Research	
C	 than	 any	 other	 known	 botanical.	 The	 high-                                      shows	 that	 Amla	 is	 12	 times	 more	 assimilable	
est	quality	camu-camu	contains	30	to	60	times	                                          and	creates	more	potent	medicinal	effects	than	
more	Vitamin	C	than	an	orange,	plus	bioflava-                                           synthetic	Vitamin	C.	Two	tablets	of	Amla-C	Plus	
noids,	 and	 a	 combination	 of	 phytonutrients	                                        contain	800	mg	of	Amla,	with	54	mg	of	vitamin	
unique	to	the	camu-camu	fruit.	Unfortunately,	                                          C.	These	54	mg	of	Amla-C	are	equivalent	to	600	
most	of	the	commercially	prepared	camu-camu	has	a	negligible	amount	                    mg	of	ascorbic	acid	Vitamin	C.
of	Vitamin	C,	which	has	led	to	a	lack	of	appreciation	of	this	most	potent	
fruit.	 Camu-camu	 also	 contains	 bioflavanoids,	 the	 amino	 acids	 serine,	          #01701 200 Tabs                 $17.00
valine,	and	leucine,	as	well	as	small	amounts	of	thiamine,	riboflavin	and	              #01702 400 Tabs                 $39.95
niacin.	                                                                                #01703 4 oz Powder              $13.25

Camu-camu	is	traditionally	used	to	support	the	immune	system,	to	ward	                  ConcenTrace Ionic Minerals
off	viral	infections,	and	to	help	maintain	optimal	health,	especially	under	            Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Food Guide
conditions	of	stress	and	anxiety,	which	tend	to	deplete	the	immune	sys-
tem.	Camu-camu	helps	to	promote	healthy	gums,	eyes,	and	skin	and	sup-                                        Trace	 minerals	 are	 essential	 for	 optimal	 body	 func-
ports	the	functions	of	the	brain	(nervous	system)	and	heart	(circulatory	                                    tioning.	Trace	minerals	are	essential	for	optimal	body	
system).	Amazingly,	it	even	has	anti-depressant	properties!	                                                 functioning.	 ConcenTrace	 is	 pure	 sea	 water	 with	
                                                                                                             most	of	its	sodium	removed.	It	is	excellent	for	rem-
#06201 3.5 oz Powder          $49.95                                                                         ineralizing	 purified	 (demineralized)	 water	 and	 for	
#06202 140 VegiCaps           $37.95                                                                         general	supplementation.		The	minerals	in	Concen-
                                                                                                             Trace	 are	 highly	 ionic,	 and	 therefore	 help	 optimize	
Super Greens + Dunaliella                                                                                    your	body’s	electrical	system.	26	times	more	concen-
                                                                                                             trated	than	other	liquid	trace	mineral	supplements,	
                                 This	superfood	product	is	a	great	way	to	                                   ConcenTrace	 contains	 dozens	 of	 minerals	 in	 a	 bal-
                                 get	the	most	nutrient-dense	green	foods	               ance	natural	to	the	body.	Just	40	drops	give	you	the	equivalent	of	1/2	cup	
                                 along	with	one	of	the	most	potent,	syn-                of	sea	water	(with	99.5%	of	the	sodium	removed	using	a	natural	process).	
                                 ergistic	probiotic	complexes	ever	discov-              Our	preference,	however,	is	to	use	Concentrace	to	taste	which	varies	by	
                                 ered.	 From	 the	 Grainfields	 Company	 out	           the	person	(too	much	and	the	water	gets	bitter).	Some	like	1	drop	per	8	
                                 of	 Australia,	 which	 means	 no	 artificial	          oz,	which	imparts	essentially	no	taste;	others	like	more.	
                                 colorings,	flavorings	or	preservatives,	just	
                                 great	fuel	for	your	body!	                             Utah’s	 Great	 Salt	 Lake,	 where	 ConcenTrace	 comes	 from,	 is	 the	 largest	
                                                                                        body	of	concentrated	sea	water	in	the	world	and	is	particularly	rich	in	
#07201 75g Powder              $46.96                                                   certain	minerals	and	trace	minerals	like	magnesium,	selenium,	lithium,	
#07202 60 Caps                 $19.96                                                   and	boron	which	are	vitally	important	to	human	health.	The	part	of	the	
#07203 150g Powder             $82.95                                                   Lake	that	ConcenTrace	is	harvested	has	been	dammed	off	from	the	rest	
                                                                                        of	the	lake	for	over	80	years,	and	remains	very	pure.

                                                                                        #01101 4 oz          $21.00
                                                                                        #01102 8 oz          $30.00

                                 SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
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Tranquinol                                                                                     Super Green Tea
Tranquinol™	 is	 a	 truly	 unique,	 botanical	 formula	 that	                                  Highly	 Bioavailable	 Immune	 and	 Anti-Aging	 Support!	
promotes	deep	restful	sleep,	supports	mental	tranquil-                                         Delivers	 unmatched	 bioavailability	 and	 concentrated	
ity,	 calm	 mood	 and	 focus	 throughout	 the	 day.	 Most	                                     polyphenols	 with	 all	 their	 multiple	 health	 benefits.	
importantly,	 Tranquinol™	 promotes	 deep,	 restful	 REM	                                      Super	 Green	 Tea	 is	 a	 natural	 choice,	 unleashing	 all	 of	
sleep	 and	 improved	 quality	 of	 sleep	 so	 you	 wake	 re-                                   green	 tea’s	 powerful	 benefits	 for	 literally	 everyone!	 It	
freshed.	 It	 also	 helps	 increase	 daytime	 energy	 levels	                                  is	 designed	 to	 promote	 efficient	 absorption	 of	 the	 full	
and	 can	 even	 overcome	 the	 adverse	 effects	 from	 the	                                    spectrum	of	green	tea’s	awesome	polyphenols	that	have	
prior	use	of	sleep	or	mood	medications.	This	is	a	natu-                                        been	pre-digested	into	extremely	small	particles,	mak-
ral,	nonaddictive	supplement	which	will	not	cause	day-                                         ing	it	easily	absorbed	into	the	bloodstream.	A	Proprie-
time	sluggishness	or	drowsiness.                                                               tary	Blend	of	Green	Tea	Extract,	Resveratrol,	Bifidobacte-
                                                                                               ria	Species,	Enterococcus	Species,	Lactobacillus	Species,	
#02114 60 Caps $25.95                                                                          and	Streptococcus	thermophilus.

Neuro-ND: DHLA Resveratrol Formula                                                             #02127 2 oz                          $18.95
                                                                                               #02128 8 oz                          $56.95
                            Unparalleled	 Anti-Aging	 and	 Energy	 Support!	
                            DHLA	 from	 PRL,	 the	 world’s	 first	 and	 only	 stable,	         Turmeric Capsules
                            live-source,	 reduced	 form	 of	 DHLA,	 is	 vastly	 su-
                            perior	 to	 alpha-lipoic	 acid	 (ALA),	 R-lipoic	 acid	 or	                                                       The	 Super	 Antioxidant!	 Only	 the	 finest	 Organic,	
                            R-DHLA	 in	 long	 term	 DNA	 rejuvenation	 and	 free	                                                             Grade	10	quality	Indian	turmeric	is	ground	in	Pre-
                            radical	quenching	capacity.	DHLA	can	deliver	more	                                                                mier	 Research	 Lab’s	 non-toxic	 grinder	 and	 then	
                            comprehensive	reduction	in	oxidative	stress	for	lit-                                                              immediately	encapsulated	in	100%	vegetable	cap-
                            erally	every	organ	and	gland,	especially	the	brain	                                                               sules	 without	 any	 toxic	 excipients.	 Our	 turmeric	
                            and	nervous	system.                                                                                               must	 pass	 photoluminescent	 near-infrared	 spec-
                                                                                                                                              trum	analysis	to	ensure	that	it	is	non-irradiated	or	
Serving	size	is	1/4	tsp	resulting	in	48	servings	for	the	2	oz.	bottle                                                                         contaminated	with	pesticide/insecticide	residues.

#02129 2oz            $39.95                                                                                              Turmeric	can	be	taken	daily	in	capsule	form	or	en-
                                                                                                                          joyed	 as	 an	 everyday	 spice	 you	 add	 to	 your	 food.	
Zinc Assay                                                                                                                Try	 adding	 it	 your	 oatmeal,	 grains	 and	 beans,	 or	
                                                                                               vegetable	dishes.	Whichever	way	turmeric	is	consumed,	it	will	provide	many	
Highly	Absorbable	Liquid	Zinc	for	Brain,	Adrenal	&	Whole	Body	Support!	An	                     wonderful	benefits,	especially	for	those	with	health	issues	related	to	inflam-
essential	mineral	for	life,	zinc	holds	the	center	position	                                    mation,	digestive	issues,	and	skin	issues.
in	 healthy	 RNA	 and	 DNA.	 If	 zinc	 is	 deficient,	 optimal	
health	is	difficult	to	achieve.	Everyone	is	vulnerable,	es-                                    #02115 60 Caps $14.95
pecially	children	through	adolescence.	Zinc	is	the	sec-
ond	most	abundant	trace	mineral	in	the	human	body	                                             Reishi Complex
and	is	found	in	every	bodily	tissue	and	tissue	fluid.	Bio-
chemical	functions	in	which	zinc	plays	an	integral	role	                                       Reishi	is	unrivaled	in	its	long	history	as	one	of	the	most	
include	 enzyme	 function,	 protein	 synthesis,	 nucleic	                                      powerful	herbs	to	help	ensure	a	long,	healthy	life.	
acid	 metabolism,	 the	 immune	 system,	 brain	 develop-                                       Hundreds	of	scientific	studies	have	confirmed	that	Rei-
ment/function	and	adrenal	function.                                                            shi	(Ganoderma,	its	pharmaceutical	name)	can	be	used	
                                                                                               to	 build	 physical	 resistance	 to	 disease	 and	 to	 treat	 a	
#02113 8 oz           $14.95                                                                   wide	 range	 of	 ailments,	 including	 liver	 disease,	 hepa-
                                                                                               titus,	autoimmune	disorders,	allergies,	depression,	and	
                                                                                               even	 cancer.	The	 primary	 constituents	 responsible	 for	
                                                                                               Reishi’s	medicinal	actions	are	polysaccharides	and	trit-
Maitake Complex                                                                                erpenes.	More	than	a	hundred	different	triterpene	mol-
                                                                                               ecules	have	been	identified	in	Reishi.	Poor	quality	Reishi	
Immune-specific	support	for	the	brain,	nerves	and	blood!	Maitake	complex	                      will	not	produce	the	powerful	healing	benefits	as	seen	in	the	research.	Wild,	
contains	 raw	 and	 fermented	 Maitake,	 Noni	 and	 Marine	 Coral.	 Maitake,	 as	 a	           mountain-grown	Reishi	(Ganoderma	lucidum)	from	the	deep	hills	of	Asia	de-
                       whole	food	and	as	an	extract,	has	been	shown	to	boost	                  livers	the	most	ideal	synergistic	balance.
                       heart	health,	lower	the	risk	of	cancer,	reduce	cancer	me-               Each	capsule	contains:
                       tastasis,	 improve	 blood	 sugar	 levels,	 support	 healthy	
                       weight	 and	 fat	 levels,	 promote	 immune	 function	 and	              Wild	Reishi	Blend™	(75	mg)
                       support	the	body’s	detoxification	mechanisms.	Most	of	                  Chinese	 Reishi	 (raw	 concentrate,	 fermented	 mycelial	 extract	 and	 spore)
                       maitake’s	health	benefits	seem	to	come	from	grifolan,	an	               (Ganoderma	luc.)
                       important	 beta-glucan	 polysaccharide	 compound	 that	                 Reishi	Immune	Blend™	(175	mg)
                       assists	 the	 immune	 system	 by	 activating	 effector	 cells	          Bilberry	 (fruit)(Vaccinium	 myrtillus),	 Self	 Heal	 (leaf )(Prunella	 vulg.),	 Golden	
                       like	macrophages,	natural	killer	cells,	and	T	cells.	In	ad-             Thread	(rhizome)(Coptis	chinensis),	Guggul	(resin)(Commiphora	muk.),	Blue	
                       dition	to	their	role	in	general	immunity,	these	types	of	               Green	 Algae	 (whole)(Aphanizomenon	 flos-aquae),	 Hyssop	 (leaf )(Hyssopus	
antibodies	also	act	against	cancer.	The	polysaccharide	is	also	thought	to	be	                  off.),	Turmeric	(rhizome)(Curcuma	longa)
the	 source	 of	 the	 mushroom’s	 ability	 to	 control	 blood	 sugar,	 help	 manage	
diabetes	and	improve	weight	loss.
                                                                                               	#02111 90 Vcaps                                         $19.95
#02110 60 caps $19.95

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                                                    Water	Purification
  What is the best water to drink?	Good	water	is	essential	to	your	body’s	health	-	after	all,	your	body	is	made	up	of	over	2/3	
  water!	But	not	all	water	is	created	equal.	How	do	you	sort	through	all	the	claims	out	there	about	water	filters	and	water	purifiers?	
  We	can	help.

                     Things To Consider When Buying A Drinking Water System:
•	 Mineral	 water	 is	 best,	 right?	 Actually	 your	 body	 cannot	 utilize	           •	One	important	measure	of	good	water	is	called	Ohm	value,	mea-
the	inorganic	minerals	found	in	many	mineral	and	spring	waters,	                       sured	by	putting	an	electric	current	through	water.	Good	drinking	
as	well	as	in	most	tap	waters.	Your	body	can	only	efficiently	utilize	                 water	 should	 have	 an	 Ohm,	 or	 resistance	 value	 of	 at	 least	 6,000	
minerals	in	organic	form	(such	as	those	found	in	fruits,	vegetables,	                  Ohm.	Tap	 water	 and	 most	 mineral	 waters	 have	 a	 value	 between	
and	animal	products).	Inorganic	minerals	in	ordinary	water	deposit	                    1,500	and	2,500	Ohm	because	of	their	dissolved	solids	content.	The	
themselves	in	your	arteries	and	joints,	creating	calcification	in	your	                higher	 the	 Ohm	 value,	 the	 more	 healthpromoting	 and	 cleansing	
joints	and	plaquing	of	the	arteries.	                                                  the	 water.	 Good	 RO	 systems	 take	 out	 most	 dissolved	 solids,	 and	
                                                                                       create	water	with	a	high	Ohm	value.	Our	14-stage	system	creates	
•	 You	 may	 also	 hear	 that	 water	 without	 minerals	 (such	 as	 water	             water	that	is	free	of	the	kind	of	minerals	you	don’t	want,	while	con-
treated	 with	 reverse	 osmosis)	 leaches	 minerals	 from	 your	 own	                  taining	just	the	right	amount	of	those	you	do.
body.	This	 is	 true,	 which	 is	 why	 we	 recommend	 adding	 back	 or-
ganic,	ionic	minerals	to	water	either	by	hand,	(with	ConcenTrace	or	                   •	Professor	L.C.	Vincent	of	the	Anthropological	Institute	at	the	Uni-
Coral	Legend)	or	with	an	in-line	remineralizer	such	as	our	14-stage	                   versity	of	Paris	has	proven	in	13	years	of	research	that	test	animals	
drinking	water	system.                                                                 live	considerably	better	and	longer	if	they	receive	high	Ohm	water	
                                                                                       as	their	drinking	water.	However,	when	they	are	given	normal	wa-
•	 Distilled	 water	 takes	 the	 inorganic	 minerals	 out	 of	 water,	 but	 is	        ter	or	water	rich	in	minerals,	they	suffer	health	disturbances	more	
not	a	good	choice	as	toxic	trihalomethanes	(THM)	can	condense	                         frequently	and	die	sooner.	
and	 concentrate	 in	 distilled	 water	 during	 the	 distillation	 process;	
high	heat	and	pressure	may	force	stainless	steel	parts	to	leach	lead	                  •	You	can	buy	cheap	RO	systems	from	discount	outlets,	but	remem-
into	the	water,	and	distillers	render	water	thoroughly	“cooked”	and	                   ber	-	you	get	what	you	pay	for.	These	systems	are	made	with	flim-
lifeless.	Randomized	distilled,	chaotic	water	is	not	well-received	by	                 sy	 membranes	 and	 components	 which	 often	 break	 or	 wear	 thin	
your	body,	which	must	“restructure”	it	to	utilize	it.		                                quickly,	and	then	you	are	back	to	tap	water,	without	knowing	it!

•	Solid	carbon	block	filtration	is	effective	for	certain	contaminants,	
but	 not	 others.	 This	 is	 why	 it	 forms	 one	 important	 part	 of	 the	
14-stage	RO	system	we	offer	here.

                                                             Why Triple Purification?
And	now	for	the	most	important	point	of	all!	Filters	(carbon,	ceramic,	etc.)	remove	certain	contaminants	from	water.	Purifiers	(reverse-osmosis,	
deionization,	&	distallation)	remove	90%+	of	everything	from	the	water.	Given	the	toxic	state	of	our	water	today,	purification	is	a	must.	How-
ever,	90%	efficiency	is	not	enough	given	that	new	toxic	chemicals	are	discovered	in	our	water	every	year.	Add	to	this	the	fact	that	all	reverse	
osmosis	membranes	decline	in	efficiency	over	time.	These	were	some	of	the	factors	that	went	into	the	design	of	our	14-stage	triple	purifica-
tion	drinking	water	system.	Only	with	triple	purification	(using	three	purifiers	in	sequence)	can	you	take	out	over	99.9%	of	all	contaminants	
from	water	-	and	do	this	consistently	over	time!	It’s	not	cheap	to	make	a	system	like	this	-	which	is	why	no	one	else	does	it	(it’s	more	profitable	
to	take	the	easy	way	out!).	However	it’s	a	small	price	to	pay	for	truly	pure	water	that	your	body	thrives	on!	See	next	page	for	more	information.

                                               Water Purifier Installation
                                               Installation	of	this	system	is	straightforward	for	a	plumber	who	has	installed	reverse	osmosis	
                                               systems	before.	It	should	take	such	a	plumber	between	1	and	2.5	hours	to	install	depending	
                                               on	ease	of	access	and	type	of	plumbing	encountered.	Handy	homeowners	can	install	as	well.
                                               Water Purifier Maintenance
                                               The	system	comes	with	a	total	dissolved	solids	(TDS)	meter	which	allows	you	to	determine	ex-
                                               actly	when	you	need	to	change	filters.	The	first	filter	changes	happen	at	the	18-24	month	mark,	
                                               and	average	annual	maintenance	costs	amount	to	around	$140.
                                               Water Purifier Accessories
                                               Please	see	our	website	for	replacement	filters,	distribution	pumps,	and	other	acccessories	for	
                                               our	Biocompatible	Water	System.

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                                             Water	Purification
                  Radiant Life Biocompatible Drinking Water System

                                                              Water doesn’t get any more perfect than this!

                                                              -	Completely	Pure	(triple-purified,	triple-filtered)
                                                              	      -	UV-Sterilized
                                                              	      -	Balanced	with	Ionic	Minerals
                                                              	      -	Alkaline
                                                              	      -	Hydrating
                                                              	      -	All	this	and	the	system	is	low	maintenance!
                                                              Give	your	body	what	it’s	thirsting	for:
                                                              biocompatible	water-for	rapid	hydration	and	optimal	health.

            Radiant Life offers the best drinking water system money can buy.
                      Fluoride, lead, chlorine, chloramines, MTBE, pesticides, microorganisms, you name it:
                                This is the only system that can take out whatever is in your water!

                      Fourteen Stages of Purification Perfection
  Stage 1 - 5 Micron Pre-Filter:			This	filter	takes	out	larger	sedi-            Stage 6: Holding Tank			
  ment	and	particles	to	prolong	the	life	and	effectiveness	of	the	               Next,	the	water	is	stored	here	(2-1/2	gallon	capacity)	until	you	
  remaining	stages.                                                              push	the	spigot	to	get	a	glass	of	water,	and	send	the	water	
                                                                                 into	stage	seven.
  Stage 2 - Solid Carbon Block Filter:			This	filter	absorbs	chlo-
  rine	and	other	volatile	organic	compounds	(VOC’s)	as	well	as	                  Stage 7: Ultraviolet Light:	Kills	any	bacteria	that	could	make	
  tastes	and	odors.                                                              it	through	the	system	itself.	(This	is	a	stainless	steel	UV;	most	
                                                                                 other	home	units	don’t	have	a	UV,	or	if	they	do,	use	a	plastic	
  Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Purifier #1):                               housing	that	can	leach	plastic	into	the	water!)	
  Ultra	 fine	 pores	 (.0000002	 inches)	 remove	 99%	 of	 even	 the	
  smallest	impurities.	Unsurpassed	rejection	of	total	dissolved	                 Stage 8: Homeopathic Restructuring:	 36,000	 gauss	 mag-
  solids.	 (This	 membrane	 is	 superior	 to	 any	 other	 membrane	              netic	field	erases	energetic	signature	of	toxins.
  available,	and	has	an	exceptional	4	year	warranty	-	most	oth-
  er	systems	offer	only	a	1	year	warranty	on	membranes.	This	                    Stages 9-12: Far-infrared Reprogramming:	Patent	pending	
  membrane	can	last	even	longer	than	seven	years	depending	                      system	mimics	the	dynamics	of	water	flowing	over	rocks	in	a	
  on	the	condition	of	your	water.)                                               stream.	Water	picks	up	natural	mineral	properties	as	well	as	
                                                                                 flow	form	dynamics,	increases	energetic	coherence	and	low-
  Stage 4: 100% Deionization Cartridge (Purifier #2):                            ers	surface-tension.
  Removes	90%	of	whatever	is	left	in	the	water	after	the	reverse	
  osmosis	 membrane.	 (This	 system	 uses	 100%	 deionization	                   Stage 13: Triple Acid Wash Coconut Shell Carbon Filter:	
  filters,	 which	 have	 33%	 more	 capacity	 than	 standard	 mixed	             Polishes	 the	 water	 and	 removes	 any	 last	 traces	 of	 contami-
  deionization	media.)                                                           nants.	

  Stage 5: Deionization Cartridge (Purifier #3):                                 Stage 14: Alka-Min:		In	order	to	add	back	just	the	right	bal-
  Removes	 90%	 of	 whatever	 is	 left	 in	 the	 water	 after	 stage	 4.	        ance	 of	 organic,	 ionic	 minerals,	 the	 water	 is	 sent	 through	 a	
  (Most	other	home	units	use	just	one	purifier	-	this	system	uses	               bed	of	coral	calcium.	The	water	goes	from	pH	5.5	to	pH	8	-	and	
  three!	This	is	why	it	can	offer	99.9%+	effectiveness.)                         is	now	perfect,	biocompatible	water!

                  (*A	“purifier”	is	defined	by	the	EPA	as	a	component	that	takes	out	90-95%+	of	all	contaminants	from	water.)	
            Weight:	40	lbs.	Tank	Size:	5	gallons	Rate:	1.5	gallons	per	hour	Dimensions:	(Tank	16”h	x	11”w);	(Unit	18”h	x	16”w	x	7”	deep)	

#02901 Complete 14-Stage Biocompatible Water System $1595
BETTER	THAN	EVER!	-	Now	with	even	more	powerful	purification	processes,	faster	water	flow	from	spigot,	added	test	valves;	&	includes	free TDS
meter	to	determine	when	to	change	your	filters!		

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                 Water	Filtration	-	Whole	House	Systems
                                                               Get a Filter or - be the Filter!
     Did you know that by putting your fingers for 15 seconds into an ordinary glass of municipal tap water you absorb over 80 percent of the chlorine into your
     body? Imagine how much chlorine you absorb in a 10 minute shower! What’s more, chlorine is not only absorbed by your skin, but inhaled from the steam
     and spray, where it goes directly into your bloodstream. Chlorine creates dry hair, flaky skin, accelerated aging from free radical damage, reduced oxygen
     transport in lungs, and destruction of vitamins in the body. If you have chlorinated water and want to be healthy, a shower filter is a must.
We	offer	a	variety	of	highly	effective	filters	for	point	of	use	(POU)	applica-           Whole House Water Filtration System
tions	including	drinking	water,	showering,	bathing	and	gardening/land-
scaping.	We	also	offer	whole	house	water	treatment	systems	which	are	                    Over	the	last	few	years,	most	water	districts	have	started	add-
an	excellent	choice	for	homeowners	who	want	to	make	their	water	more	                    ing	chloramines	(chlorine+ammonia)	to	our	water.	This	dra-
suitable	 for	 bathing,	 laundry	 and	 other	 household	 uses	 and	 attack	 the	         matically	changes	the	landscape	of	water	filtration	and	puri-
problem	at	the	point	of	entry	(POE).	There	are	two	main	reasons	a	whole	                 fication	because	unlike	chlorine,	chloramines	are	very	hard	to	
house	system	may	be	right	for	you:	Contaminants	and	High	Mineral	con-                    remove,	and	they	leach	metals	like	copper	and	lead	from	your	
tent.                                                                                    pipes	into	your	water.	

Contaminants	such	as	chlorine	represent	free	radicals	that	can	damage	                   Our	whole	house	chloramine	system	is	designed	to	remove	
our	hair,	skin,	and	lungs	when	we	bathe	or	shower.	A	whole	house	carbon	                 chlorine,	 chloramines,	 and	 a	 broad	 range	 of	 chemicals	 to	
system	 removes	 chlorine	 very	 effectively	 for	 your	 whole	 house	 needs.	           create	 excellent	 bathing	 water	 and	 healthy	 water	 for	 your	
Another	 contaminant	 called	 Chloramine	 is	 now	 being	 added	 to	 nearly	             garden,	while	protecting	your	plumbing	from	the	ravages	of	
all	municipal	water	districts,	and	it	is	formed	by	the	combination	of	chlo-              chloramines.	
rine	and	ammonia.	Chloramine	is	a	nasty	chemical	that	is	much	harsher	
than	chlorine	alone.	Chloramine	is	so	strong,	in	fact,	that	it	tends	to	dis-             It	has	never	been	more	important	to	protect	ourselves	from	
solve	the	inside	of	your	pipes	and	fixtures,	not	only	damaging	them,	but	                the	toxins	in	our	water!	Animal	studies	show	that	rats	given	water	con-
damaging	your	body	when	you	come	into	contact	with	it.	Recent	labora-                    taining	 chloramines	 that	 was	 run	 through	 copper	 pipes	 developed	 Al-
tory	studies	suggest	that	animals	given	water	with	chloramines	delivered	                zheimer’s	 symptoms!	 Autopsy	 revealed	 copper	 in	 their	 brains.	 Fish	 can	
through	copper	pipes	develop	Alzheimer’s	symptoms,	presumably	due	                       live	in	chlorinated	water,	but	die	in	water	containing	chloramines.	So	we	
to	 the	 elevated	 metal	 content	 of	 the	 water.	 Chloramine	 is	 harder	 than	        really	need	to	take	this	very	seriously!	
chlorine	to	remove,	but	it	can	be	done	with	our	special	carbon	system.	
See	our	Whole	House	Water	Filtration	Systems.                                            #03801    1.0 cu.ft.   $895.00
                                                                                         #03802    1.5 cu.ft.   $1195.00
High Mineral	content	results	in	hard	water	and	can	cause	problems	for	                   #03803    2.0 cu.ft.   $1547.00
homeowners	as	it	tends	to	plaque	up	plumbing,	is	hard	on	water	puri-                     #03804    2.5 cu.ft.   $2253.00
fiers,	is	not	healthy	to	drink,	and	in	the	washing	machine	it	can	wear	out	              #03805    3.0 cu.ft.   $2704.00
your	clothes	much	more	quickly.	A	conditioner	is	a	great	investment	in	
your	home,	in	your	health,	for	your	drinking	water	system,	and	for	your	
wardrobe!	See	our	Whole	House	Water	Conditioning	Systems.
                                                                                         Whole House Special Purpose
Radiant	 Life	 offers	 complete	 solutions	 for	 people	 interested	 in	 whole	          Water Systems
house	water	treatment.	These	systems	are	the	best	whole	house	units	on	
the	market,	and	are	designed	for	incredibly	long-lasting	service	and	low	                Whole	House	Special	Purpose	Water	Systems	are	often	
maintenance.		Place	your	order	online	or	call	Our	Water	Purification	Divi-               required	in	situations	where	difficult	to	remove	chemi-
sion	at	(888)	593-9595	Option#	3	with	any	questions	or	to	order.                         cals	such	as	arsenic	or	fluoride	are	present.

                                                                                         #03815   Arsenic removal - .66 cu.ft. $910.00
Whole House Combination Water Filtration &
                                                                                         #03816   Arsenic removal - 1 cu.ft. $1147.00
Conditioning System                                                                      #03817   Fluoride removal - .66 cu.ft. $865.00
                                                                                         #03818   Fluoride removal - 1 cu.ft. $1081.00
The perfect combination!
If	you	are	looking	to	have	both	whole	house	wa-
ter	 filtration	 and	 whole	 house	 water	 condition-                                    Whole House Water
ing,	 our	 dual	 chamber	 combination	 systems	 are	                                     Conditioner System
an	excellent	choice.	Remove	chlorine,	chloramine	
and	a	whole	host	of	other	chemicals	and	sediment	                                        If	you	have	water	that	is	high	in	minerals	such	as	calcium	and	magnesium,	
in	 your	 water	 while	 simultaneously	 conditioning	                                    this	will	result	in	what	is	known	as	“hard”	water.	You	will	see	and	experi-
your	water.	                                                                             ence	evidence	including	sub-optimal	sudsing	or	lathering,	water	stains,	
                                                                                         calcification	on	water	fixtures,	and	possibly	clogged	fil-
Each	Item	#	represents	two	cylinders	as	                                                 ters	in	your	washing	machine	and	other	fixtures.	If	these	
pictured.	                                                                               conditions	 are	 present,	 a	 whole	 house	 water	 softener	
                                                                                         may	be	the	appropriate	solution	for	you.

#03811    1.5 cu. ft.   $2864.00   (City Water)                                          #03807   10 GPM    $1546.00
#03812    2.0 cu. ft.   $3854.00   (City Water)                                          #03808   12 GPM    $1931.00
#03813    1.5 cu. ft.   $3809.00   (Well Water)                                          #03809   15 GPM    $2109.00
#03814    2.0 cu. ft.   $4289.00   (Well Water)                                          #03810   20 GPM    $2857.00

                                   SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
               Water	Filtration	-	Drinking	Water	Systems
                                                                         Doulton Water Systems
     Doulton water filters are among the most famous and well-respected in the world today. Created originally to quell outbreaks of cholera in 19th century England, the Doul-
     ton ceramic filter has evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. A variety of systems are available which utilize combinations of ceramic, carbon, bacteriostatic silver, and
     other media to address specific problems such as chlorine, lead, fluoride, parasites and other microorganisms, bad taste, odors, and sediment. Although the Doulton will not
     provide the highly polished and purified water of our 14-Stage Biocompatible Water System, some find this type of filtration desirable if their water is known to have desirable
     organic minerals, and because of its simple installation, low-cost maintenance, and portability.

Doulton Countertop Water Filter                                                                    Drinking Water - Gravity Filter
                                 A	 single-chamber	 countertop	 Doulton	                           Clean water never looked so good!
                                 filter	 is	 a	 good	 choice	 for	 people	 whose	
                                 primary	concern	with	their	water	involves	                                                     Gravity	 filtration	 is	 an	 excellent	 choice	 for	 those	
                                 chlorine	 and/or	 parasites,	 and	 who	 don’t	                                                 looking	 to	 improve	 their	 drinking	 water	 with	 a	
                                                                                                                                highly	portable,	simple	to	use	system	requiring	no	
                                 want	 to	 install	 an	 undercounter	 system.	
                                                                                                                                installation	 to	 existing	 plumbing.	 The	 very	 attrac-
                                 Easy	 to	 install.	 Does	 not	 address	 chlo-
                                                                                                                                tive	stainless	steel	device	rests	comfortably	on	any	
                                 ramines.	 The	 single	 chamber	 system	 is	                                                    counter	top.
                                 equipped	with	an	Ultra-Carb	Filter.	The	Ul-
                                 tra-Carb	Filter	removes	cysts	such	as	cryp-                                                  A	 gravity	 filter	 enables	 you	 to	 have	 clean	 filtered	
                                 tosporidium	 and	 giardia	 and	 other	 solid	                                                drinking	 water	 on	 tap.	 Water	 is	 poured	 manually	
                                 matter,	the	carbon	core	removes	chlorine	                         into	the	upper	chamber.	It	passes	through	the	filter	candles	under	pressure	
                                 and	 other	 unpleasant	 tastes	 and	 odors,	                      of	gravity	into	the	lower	chamber	where	the	filtered	water	can	be	accessed	
                                 and	the	system	also	works	to	remove	toxic	                        via	a	tap	on	the	front	of	the	filter.	Made	from	high	grade	polished	stainless	
lead.	However,	for	those	living	in	communities	that	have	fluoridated	their	                        steel,	the	SS	Gravity	Filter	is	a	portable,	robust	model,	which	is	easy	to	keep	
water	supply,	we	highly	advise	adding	a	second	chamber	with	a	Fluoride	                            hygienically	clean.	The	SS	is	very	popular	with	aid	organizations	and	private	
Filter	to	the	Ultra-Carb	as	the	Ultra-Carb	filter	alone	(see	below)	does	not	                      customers	alike.	
filter	out	fluoride/chloramines.                                                                   For	Camping/Recreational/Emergency	Use
                                                                                                   Produces	approximately	10	gallons	of	clean	water	in	24	hours.
#03823   Single Chamber/UltraCarb Filter                              $175.00
#03824   Double Chamber/Fluoride & UltraCarb Filters                  $267.00                      #03846 Stainless Steel/2 Filters $279.00
#03825   Stainless Steel Single Chamber/UltraCarb Filter              $293.00
#03826   Stainless Steel Double Chamber/Fluoride &                                                 Drinking Water - Personal Gravity Filter
         UltraCarb Filter                                             $524.00                      A great gift idea!
                                                                                                   This	personal	drinking	water	unit	is	both	simple	to	use	and	highly	attractive.	
Doulton Under-Counter Water Filter                                                                 Its	stainless	steel	construction	will	provide	years	of	durable	use	and	it	encom-
                                                                                                   passes	a	single	easy	to	change	filter.	
                               The	 Under-Counter	 System	 helps	 you	 to	 keep	
                               your	 counter	 free,	 and	 allows	 you	 to	 draw	 your	             The	 personal	 gravity	 water	 filter	 has	 been	 specifi-
                               water	 from	 a	 convenient	 spigot	 next	 to	 the	                  cally	designed	for	travel	and	the	outdoors.	The	water	
                               kitchen	faucet.	Includes	all	the	fittings	for	under-                in	 the	 upper	 chamber	 passes	 through	 the	 Doulton®	
                               counter	installation.	If	you’re	handy	you	can	do	                   SuperSterasyl™filter	 candle	 into	 the	 lower	 cham-
                               this	yourself,	or	call	a	plumber.	Does	not	address	                 ber	 where	 the	 filtered	 water	 is	 collected.	The	 unit	 is	
                               chloramines.	Filter	life	is	typically	twelve	months,	               made	from	high	grade	polished	stainless	steel	and	is	
                               depending	 on	 usage.	 Special	 filters	 are	 avail-                extremely	 compact,	 small	enough	to	take	anywhere	
                               able	for	removing	excessive	heavy	metals,	MTBE,	                    yet	able	to	provide	the	cleanest,	safest	drinking	water	
                               strong	odors,	elevated	chemical	content,	and	ni-                    possible	in	any	situation	or	location	around	the	world.
                               trates.	Municipal	and	rural	systems	also	available.	
                                                                                                   #09201 $79.00

                                                                                                   Water Storage
                                                                                                   KOR ONE Hydration Vessel - 750 ml
#03827 Single Chamber/UltraCarb Filter $                198.00
#03828 Double Chamber/Fluoride & Ultra Carb Filters     $273.00                                                                                  Finally,	 A	 Water	 Bottle	 for	 the	 21st	
#03829 Triple Chamber/Fluoride, UltraCarb, &                                                                                                     Century!...
       Scale/KDF Filters                                $427.00                                                                                  Beautifully	 designed	 and	 well	 built	
#03830 Stainless Steel Single Chamber/UltraCarb Filter $305.00                                                                                   for	 longtime	 use,	 this	 water	 bottle	
#03831 Stainless Steel Double Chamber/Fluoride                                                                                                   was	 made	 to	 protect	 and	 celebrate	
       & UltraCarb Filters                              $545.00                                                                                  pure	water.	We	searched	diligently	for	
#03832 Stainless Steel Triple Chamber/Fluoride, UltraCarb,                                                                                       a	 great	 water	 bottle	 made	 in	 North	
       & Scale/KDF Filters                              $785.00                                                                                  America.	 The	 manufacturer	 adheres	
                                                                                                                                                 to	environmental	standards	far	strict-
Doulton Replacement Parts                                                                                                                        er	 than	 those	 required	 by	 law	 using	
An	average	sized	family	should	plan	to	replace	their	filters	annually.	                                                                          health	 safe	 materials	 and	 manufac-
Please	call	888-593-9595	Option	#2	to	order	replacement	filters	&	parts.                                                                         turing	processes.	
                                                                                                   #08801      Blue                    $29.95
                                                                                                   #08802      Green                   $29.95
                                                                                                   #08803      Orange                  $29.95
                                                                                                   #08804      Orchid Pink             $29.95

                                     SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                    Water	Filtration	-	Point	of	Use	Products
Rainshow’r Filter                                                                             New Century Shower Filter
Relax & enjoy a healthy shower!
                                                                                              The	New	Century,	a	non-cartridge	shower	
Chlorine	creates	dry	hair,	flaky	skin,	accelerated	                                           filter	 removes	 toxic	 chlorine	 from	 your	
aging	from	free	radical	damage,	reduced	oxygen	                                               shower	 with	 the	 best	 in	 style	 &	 technol-
transport	 in	 lungs,	 and	 destruction	 of	 vitamins	                                        ogy.	 The	 result	 is	 better	 skin	 conditions,	
in	 the	 body.	 If	 you	 have	 chlorinated	 water	 and	                                       more	 manageable	 hair	 and	 reduction	 of	
want	to	be	healthy,	a	shower	filter	is	a	must.	                                               itches	 and	 rashes.	 It	 is	 the	 most	 environ-
                                                                                              mentally	correct	filter	because	it	uses	less	
The	 Rainshow’r	 CQ-1000	 is	 unique	 for	 two	 rea-
                                                                                              plastic	 and	 lasts	 longer.	When	 used	 with	
sons.	 First,	 it	 utilizes	 the	 most	 potent	 KDF	 filter	
                                                                                              the	water	saving	Bernoulli	Power	Shower	
material	on	the	market,	which	changes	chlorine	
                                                                                              head	 it	 combines	 eco-consciousness	 with	 a	 healthy	 and	 invigorating	
into	a	harmless,	biodegradable	compound.	This	
is	also	the	only	filter	to	include	Crystalline	Quartz	                                        shower	experience.	It	has	been	tested	and	certified	by	the	Water	Quality	
technology,	in	which	specially-cured	crystals	act	upon	the	water	to	create	a	                 Association	and	meets	NSF	Standard	177	for	performance.
softer,	 more	 energized	 shower	 feeling,	 as	 well	 as	 improved	 lathering	 and	
sudsing.	                                                                                     •	Healthier,	Younger	Looking	Skin	
                                                                                              •	Softer,	More	Manageable	Hair	
To	 enjoy	 softer	 hair,	 younger-looking	 skin,	 and	 angst-free	 showers,	 breathe	         •	Reduces	Fading	of	Color-treated	Hair	
easy	again	with	the	Rainshow’r	CQ-1000!	Rated	for	15,000	to	20,000	gallons,	                  •	Relief	From	Dry	Skin	and	Scalp	
it	takes	out	90+%	of	chlorine	in	your	water,	and	should	last	a	family	of	four	                •	Improved	Lathering	and	Sudsing	
about	a	year,	depending	on	the	condition	of	your	water.	                                      •	Great	for	Those	With	Chlorine	Sensitivity	
                                                                                              •	18	oz	of	KDF-55,	Largest	Shower	Filter
#03301 CQ-1000 Filter Assembly $51.99
#03309 Filter Replacement Cartridge $24.99                                                    #03302 New Century Shower Filter $53.99

Garden Gro                                                                                    Water Conservation
Keep your garden plants happy and healthy!
                                                                                              Bernoulli Power Shower Head
                                  Keep	your	garden	plants	happy	and	healthy!                  Save water while enjoying a softer, yet more powerful shower
                                  You	won’t	drink	it	-	so	why	spray	it	on	your	               experience!
                                  garden	plants?	Rainshow’r’s	Garden	Gro	fil-                                                  Rainshow’r	 brings	 you	 the	 most	 in-
                                  ter	 incorporates	 the	 same	 proprietary	 KDF	                                              novative	 shower	 head	 available,	 the	
                                  and	 quartz	 technology	 as	 in	 their	 shower	                                              Bernoulli	Power	Shower.	
                                  filter	 so	 your	 garden	 can	 be	 as	 healthy	 as	
                                  possible.	 Remember,	 healthy	 soil	 is	 made	                                                       •	 The	 first	 shower	 head	 specifically	
                                  of	 beneficial	 bacteria,	 molds,	 fungi,	 and	                                                      designed	 for	 use	 with	 a	 shower	 filter	
                                  microbes;	 the	 very	 things	 chlorine	 is	 used	                                                    yet	it	works	great	in	showers	without	
                                  to	 kill!	 Rated	 for	 20,000	 gallons.	 10”L	 x	 2	                                                 a	filter	as	well.	
                                  1/2”Dia.;	3lb.	2oz                                                                                   •	 Italian-influenced	 design	 employs	
                                                                                              the	 scientifically	 recognized	 Bernoulli	 principle	 of	 pressure	 changes	 in	
#03308 Complete Unit $59.95                                                                   fluids	at		increasing	flow	rates.	
#03311 Replacement Filter $29.95                                                              •	 Building	 this	 principle	 into	 the	 Bernoulli	 allows	 a	 very	 strong	 water	
                                                                                              spray	combining	air	and	water	without	the	needle-like	feeling	of	other	
                                                                                              shower	heads.	
Crystal Bath Ball -                                                                           •	A	wonderful	showering	experience	with	half	the	water:	2.5	GPM	spray	
Make your bath pleasurable again!                                                             that	feels	like	5	GPM.	
                                                                                              •	Solid	brass	(6.7	oz)	shower	heads	crafted	by	American	workers	in	the	
This	little	innovation	allows	you	to	enjoy	                                                   United	States.	
baths	without	breathing	or	absorbing	all	                                                     •	Fits	all	standard	American	plumbing.	Conforms	to	U.S.	Energy	Policy	Act	
that	 nasty	 chlorine!	 Just	 hang	 it	 under	                                                —	2.5	GPM	at	80	psi.	
the	 water	 running	 into	 your	 tub,	 then	                                                  •	First	U.S.	made	fixed-action	shower	head	introduced	to	the	American	
swish	it	around	for	a	minute	before	you	                                                      market	in	over	20	years.	
get	 it	 -	 that’s	 all	 there	 is	 to	 it!	 Great	 for	                                      Combine	with	either	the	New	Century	or	the	Rainshow’r	filters	for	an	im-
your	 own	 bathing	 needs,	 but	 especially	                                                  proved	shower	experience!	
important	 for	 infants	 and	 children.	 Also	
take	it	with	you	when	you	travel	and	stay	                                                    The	new	Bernoulli	shower	head	is	now	available	in	four	beautiful	finishes	
in	hotels!	One	ball	lasts	for	at	least	200	baths,	&	replacement	filters	are	                  to	match	almost	any	decor:
                                                                                              #03304     Polished Chrome       $31.99
Don’t	forget	-	if	you	absorb	a	lot	of	chlorine	standing	in	a	shower,	imagine	                 #03305     Polished Brass        $35.99
how	much	you	absorb	immersed	for	20	minutes	in	a	hot	bath!	Get	the	                           #03306     Brushed Brass         $35.99
Crystal	Bath	Ball	and	your	skin,	hair,	lungs,	and	organs	will	thank	you!                      #03307     Brushed Nickel        $37.99

#03303 Complete Unit $41.50
#03310 Filter Replacement $31.99

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                                    Energetic	Hydrotherapy
For millennia, people have understood the value of bathing in special waters. Writing found on walls of Roman bath houses includes the Latin
phrase ‘’solus per aqua’’ which can be translated as ‘’energy from water.’’ Today, as in ancient times, people travel long distances to enjoy the reju-
venating benefits of special healing waters, such as those of Beppu Hatto (Eight Spas) in Japan, Spa in Belgium, Baden Baden in Germany, Manitou
Springs in Colorado, and Bath in England.

These special waters do not draw multitudes just because it is relaxing to bathe in hot water. The human body is able to absorb measureable
amounts of energy through water, and that is the key element these special waters offer, in endless quantities. People flock to these waters for res-
toration and rejuvenation. We are excited to announce that you can now recreate the energetic effects of these special waters in your own home!
We strongly recommend ‘’the Q’’ after two years of our own research, and after seeing it prove itself remarkably in some of the most advanced
health clinics in the country!

                                             Your Body’s Battery!

                                      With the Q2 Water Energy Spa
Our bodies have incredible self-healing abilities. So	why	is	it	that	even	though	we	may	eat	well	and	exercise,	we	are	not	always	radiantly	
healthy	and	energetic?	One	big	piece	of	the	puzzle	is	that	in	order	for	our	innate	healing	intelligence	to	do	its	job,	it	needs	a	full	‘’battery.’’	
Most	of	us	don’t	have	one;	it’s	that	simple.	Our	lives	have	changed	a	lot	over	the	last	century:	we	don’t	spend	much	time	outside	with	the	
sun	and	fresh	air	anymore;	we	rarely	touch	the	Earth;	and	instead	we	sit	on	chairs	on	the	fifth	floor	all	day;	we	are	surrounded	by	indoor	
air,	artificial	lights,	electromagnetic	fields,	and	synthetic	clothing;	we	drive	home	through	smelly,	stressful	traffic;	and	too	often	we	deal	
with	draining,	overwhelming	stress.	Consider	that	even	organic	meat	and	produce	are	usually	many	days	away	from	harvest	when	you	buy	
them,	and	then	sit	in	our	refrigerator,	continuing	to	lose	any	energetic	properties	they	still	had.	Most	of	us,	whether	we	feel	exhausted	or	
not,	are	running	around	with	3-6	volts	in	our	‘’12-volt	battery.’’	Under	these	sub-optimal	energy	circumstances,	our	innate	intelligence	may	
‘’want’’	to	do	a	lot	of	things	for	us,	like	detoxifying	heavy	metals,	completely	healing	wounds	and	scars,	balancing	meridians,	repairing	or-
gans	and	glands,	etc.	However,	in a low energy state our innate intelligence is forced to merely keep our body alive;	i.e.	get	us	through	
our	day,	storing	away	those	toxins	and	putting	off	those	healing	priorities	until	some	day	when	we	have	the	energy	we	need.	

What	happens	when	your	innate	intelligence	gets	the	energy	it	needs	to	get	out	of	survival	and	to	start	addressing	the	many	healing	priori-
ties	it	has	had	to	put	on	the	back	burner?	You	would	be	amazed	to	hear	the	stories	of	people’s	experiences	all	over	the	country	in	the	last	
two	years.	It	is	not	the	Q	system	that	is	doing	the	healing,	however.	The	Q	is	simply	giving	your	body	and	innate	intelligence	the	energy	it	
needs	to	heal	and	repair	whatever	is	most	important.	Only	your	innate	intelligence	knows	how	you	got	to	the	state	you	are	in	today,	and	
only	that	intelligence	knows	exactly	how	to	bring	you	back	to	radiant	health,	at	precisely	the	right	speed.	

The	genius	behind	the	Q	is	that	its	inventor,	an	extraordinary	physicist	from	Australia,	has	figured	out	a	way	to	convert	abundant	grid	en-
ergy	into	a	form	of	energy	that	our	bodies	can	absorb,	without	any	stress	or	side	effects,	including	no	measurable	EMFs.	Is	it	as	simple	as	
putting	DC	current	into	water?	No,	there	are	very	intricate	quantum	physics	involved,	and	the	unit	works	on	more	than	just	the	physical	
level.	Available	in	the	US	for	just	a	few	years	now,	we	believe	that	the	Q	may	well	change	the	face	of	self-care	health	care.	

                                                                                   What is a Q session like?
                                                           It’s	as	simple	as	plugging	in	the	unit	and	putting	the	Orb	into	a	hand	bath,	foot	bath,	
                                                           or	a	full	bath	with	you.		Just	sit	back	and	relax	while	your	body	absorbs	the	energy.		The	
                                                           recommended	length	and	frequency	of	Q	sessions	is	as	you	need	them:		from	infre-
                                                           quently,	to	every	other	day	for	up	to	30	minutes.

                                                           #03901        Q2 Model 2500 Entry-level unit                               $1699
                                                           #03902        Q2 Model 3100 Most Popular unit (UL Listed)                  $2349
                                                           #03903        Q2 Model 4105 Practitioner unit (UL Listed)                  $3425

   Please	call	Customer	Service	to	order	or	for	more	information	on	specifications,	benefits,	and	specific	models

                           SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
Every imaginable form of exercise is available to us today, and yet many of us still find resistance and excuses for avoiding this essential
component of good health. Although our favorite form of exercise is hiking outdoors, we have discovered an amazing exercise method that
ensures we always get movement and increased oxygenation, even when schedules or weather don’t permit much time outdoors. These are
not just “rainy day exercises” however, because they offer unsurpassed lymphatic circulation, which is key to a vital, healthy immune system.
(Few other exercises come close to the lymphatic cleansing offered by rebounding!) Their movements detoxify, are extremely gentle on joints,
and create an increased sense of well-being and aliveness in just a few minutes a day.

                                                                      The Perfect Exercise
Most	of	us	have	been	trained	to	believe	that	to	have	toned	muscles	and	
a	healthy	heart,	we	must	challenge	our	muscles	with	heavy	weights	and	
work	out	with	aerobic	exercise	for	long	stretches.	
                                                                                                               Success Stories!
The	Cellerciser	offers	a	fun	and	easy	way	to	not	only	accomplish	these	                   -	“As	a	long-term	health	enthusiast,	I	have	been	enjoying	re-
two	objectives,	but	also	to	increase	the	metabolic	efficiency	of	every	cell	              bounding	for	over	a	decade.	In	recent	years	however	I	have	
in	 your	 body,	 to	 rid	 your	 body	 of	 waste	 by	 stimulating	 your	 lymphatic	        developed	 terrible	 back	 and	 knee	 problems	 and	 I	 couldn’t	
system,	and	to	improve	your	balance	and	coordination	-	all	in	the	comfort	                understand	why.	When	I	found	out	from	Radiant	Life	about	
of	your	own	home	or	office!	                                                              the	 trouble	 that	 cheap	 rebounders	 can	 cause	 in	 the	 body,	
                                                                                          my	mystery	pains	started	to	make	sense.	I	have	switched	to	
Rebounding,	or	jumping	on	a	                                                              the	Cellerciser	now	and	am	a	believer	about	the	importance	
small	trampoline,	is	a	favorite	                                                          of	the	soft	bounce!	I	have	noticed	a	big	difference	in	just	the	
exercise	 of	 more	 and	 more	
                                                                                          first	couple	of	months	using	it	-	it	allows	me	to	jump	with-
people	 today	 because	 it	 is	 so	
convenient	 and	 its	 benefits	                                                           out	hurting	myself!	I	wish	I	had	found	it	sooner!”	-	Edward	J,	
are	 so	 profound.	 Rebounding	                                                           Oregon
is	 one	 of	 the	 best	 all-around	
exercises	 because	 it	 is	 so	                                                           -	“As	a	past	world	trampoline	champion	and	university	gym-
gentle	on	the	body,	yet	tones,	                                                           nastics	coach,	I’ve	always	enjoyed	the	joys	of	jumping,	but	
strengthens,	and	cleanses	due	                                                            now	appreciate	the	profound	health	benefits	of	Cellercising	
to	 the	 variable	 influence	 of	                                                         as	described	by	David	Hall,	“Mr.	Rebounder.”	I	find	his	enthu-
gravity	 as	 you	 jump.	 You	 can	                                                        siasm	 and	 dedication	 both	 contagious	 and	 inspiring.	 I	 flex	
rebound	 while	 you	 watch	 TV	
                                                                                          my	 cells	 regularly	 as	 an	 important	 part	 of	 my	 exercise	 re-
or	listen	to	music,	and	it	really	
only	takes	10	minutes	a	day	to	                                                           gime,	and	recommend	that	you	do	the	same.”	-	Dan	Millman,	
see	and	feel	real	results!	                                                               author	“Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”	and	“Everyday Enlighten-
The	Cellerciser	is	a	dramatic	improvement	over	the	typical	hard-bounce	
rebounders	found	in	most	sporting	goods	stores	for	a	                                     -	 Perhaps	 the	 greatest	 Cellercise	 success	 story	 comes	 from	
number	of	reasons,	including	the	fact	that	these	cheap-                                   94	year	old	Ruth	Mary	McDowell	of	Seattle,	WA.	She	was	fea-
er	 units	 can	 actually	 cause	 serious	 long-term	 spinal	                              tured	in	the	Seattle	Times,		as	a	testament	to	the	life	alter-
and	nerve	damage	due	to	their	construction	and	hard	                                      ing	effects	of	Cellercising.	Her	story	is	one	of	triumph	over	
bounce.	The	special	material	used	on	the	Cellerciser	sur-
                                                                                          the	effects	of	aging.	She	now	enjoys	the	health	she	once	had	
face	does	not	allow	pronation	of	the	feet,	so	it	supports	
proper	alignment	and	eliminates	stress	on	the	feet	and	                                   decades	ago.	Suffering	from	an	inability	to	maintain	weight,	
legs	that	can	occur	with	other	rebounders.	                                               she	constantly	struggled	to	stay	above	80	pounds,	a	prob-
                                                                                          lem	that	robbed	her	body	 of	valuable,	life	giving	nutrients	
Recommended	 by	 chiropractors	 and	 physical	 therapists	 for	 years.	 The	              and	minerals.	Now,	after	Cellercising,	she	holds	steady	at	90	
Cellerciser,	created	by	David	Hall,	is	the	very	best	rebounder	available.	                pounds.		Ruth	wrote	to	us	saying	that	she	believes	the	Celler-
                                                                                          ciser	saved	her	life.	She	went	on	to	say	that	the	Seattle	Times	
#03201    Tri Fold Cellerciser Kit with Balance Bar              $499.00                  has	had	more	requests	for	duplication	of	the	article	than	any	
#03202    Half Fold Cellerciser Kit with Balance Bar             $393.00                  other	article	they	have	ever	printed!
#03203    Half Fold Cellerciser Kit without Balance Bar          $325.00
#03204    Balance Bar                                            $79.00
#03206    Cellerciser Exercise Chart                             $4.25                    ”I	can	honestly	say	that,	in	my	31	years	of	rebounding	--	on	
#03207    Don’t Exercise, Cellercise VHS Tape                    $19.50                   perhaps	 half	 a	 dozen	 brands,	 including	 ReboundAir,	 SunK-
#03208    Don’t Exercise, Cellercise! DVD                        $19.50                   ing	 and	 Needak	 --	 the	 Cellerciser	 gives	 the	 softest,	 silkiest	
#00601    Looking Good - Feeling Great Book                      $9.95                    and	most	supportive	and	stress-free	bounce	I’ve	ever	experi-
#05101    Smart Bounce-Beyond Basics DVD                         $21.95                   enced...	virtually	soundless!”	
                                                                                          –Joseph	Marcello	

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                                                                  Personal	Care
                     Traditional Detoxification                                                                        Dental Care ~ Smile!
                                                                                               The nutrition of your parents before your conception has a lot to do with
                                                                                               the kind of teeth you were endowed with. However, there is much you can
     Castor Oil - Save over $7 with Kit purchase!                                              do about maintaining and improving your dental health now — most of
Quantum Castor Oil                                                                             all embracing a nutrient-dense diet. As our dental care selection grows, our
                     The ancient remedy - in its purest form!                                  commitment will always be to provide only the best technology, ingredients,
                     Castor	 oil	 has	 been	 used	 throughout	 the	 world	 for	                and resources.
                     millennia	 for	 skin	 conditions,	 detoxification,	 and	
                     general	 health.	 Valued	 by	 ancient	 Egyptians	 for	 its	
                                                                                               Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator
                     cleansing	properties	who	drank	it	with	beer,	castor	
                     beans	 were	 found	 inside	 Egyptian	 tombs	 dating	
                                                                                               The	Hydro	Floss¨	Oral	Irrigator’s	patent-
                     back	 to	 4000BC!	 Edgar	 Cayce	 brought	 castor	 oil	 to	
                                                                                               ed	 design	 combines	 hydromagnetics	
                     20th	 century	 America,	 resulting	 in	 amazing	 health	
                                                                                               with	oral	irrigation	to	reverse	the	polar-
                     recoveries	for	many	people.	Dr.	William	McGarey	de-
                                                                                               ity	 of	 the	 ions	 in	 the	 water	 at	 the	 mo-
                     tails	in	The	Oil	That	Heals	many	impressive	stories	of	
                                                                                               lecular	 level.	 This	 process	 inhibits	 the	
                     health	and	recovery	for	a	wide	range	of	conditions,	
                                                                                               bacteria’s	ability	to	attach	to	the	tooth’s	
                     including	chronic	headaches,	low	back	injury,	trau-
                                                                                               surface	 and	 reach	 a	 critical	 mass.	 The	
                     ma,	digestive	and	liver/gallbladder	problems,	infer-
                                                                                               minerals	 that	 normally	 combine	 with	
tility,	menopause,	and	menstruation.	
                                                                                               the	 decayed	 plaque	 to	 form	 tartar	 are	
                                                                                               kept	in	a	liquid	state	long	enough	to	drastically	inhibit	the	ability	of	tar-
Castor	oil	is	applied	to	the	body	in	a	“pack”	which	includes	three	layers	
                                                                                               tar	to	form.	(Each	Irrigator	is	shipped	with	four	irrigation	tips;	additional	
of	organic	cotton	flannel	saturated	with	oil,	then	covered	with	a	sheet	of	
                                                                                               irrigation	tips	available.)
plastic,	or	our	special	wrap	that	comes	with	the	kit,	then	a	heating	pad	or	
                                                                                               What	is	the	difference	between	the	Hydro	Floss	Oral	Irrigator	and	ordi-
hot	water	bottle.	For	general	health	apply	to	abdominal	area	or	low	back	
                                                                                               nary,	non-magnetic	irrigators?		-	A	44%	greater	reduction	in	plaque	and	
or	directly	to	a	skin	condition,	joint,	kidneys,	or	other	area	of	discomfort.	
                                                                                               tartar	 measured	 by	 volume	 and	 42%	 greater	 reduction	 measured	 by	
                                                                                               area.		(Journal	of	Clinical	Periodontology)
As	is	always	the	case	in	the	health	and	nutrition	world,	it	is	important	to	
be	discriminating	about	not	only	what	you	put	in	your	body	but	what	
                                                                                               #04301 Complete system                    $129.95
you	put	on	your	body.	Unfortunately,	much	castor	oil	currently	available	
                                                                                               #04302 Oral Irrigator Tips (4)            $8.95
is	 derived	 from	 castor	 oil	 beans	 that	 have	 pesticide	 residues,	 which	 is	
                                                                                               #04303 Sulcus Jet Tips (4)                $8.95	
poorly	grown	(thus	having	few	or	no	healing	properties),	or	which	have	
been	solvent-extracted	or	deodorized.	
                                                                                               Radical Medicine
The	 best	 castor	 oil	 comes	 from	 India.	 There,	 nonhybridized	 castor	 oil	               by Louisa L. Williams, M.S.,D.C.,N.D.
beans	are	still	grown	by	traditional	herbal	masters	in	the	dense,	central	
forests	 in	 fertile,	 luxurious	 soil	 and	 pure	 air.	This	 premier	 quality	 castor	        New, Expanded Edition! - Cutting Edge Natural Therapies that Treat
oil	is	guaranteed	to	contain	the	full	range	of	highly	active,	undamaged	                       the Root Causes of Disease
healing	phytochemicals	including	ricinoleic	acid	and	undecylenic	acid.	
                                                                                               Dr.	 Louisa	 Williams’	 trailblazing	 new	 work	 is	 a	
Experience	all	of	the	benefits	of	a	castor	oil	pack	with	the	convenient	aid	of	                much-needed	 guide	 to	 creating	 radiant	 health.	
wrap	around	holder.		Two	velcro	strips		secure	the	flannel	over	your	abdomen	                  With	over	700	pages	of	monumental	research,	Dr.	
while	an	ample-sized	pouch	holds	your	heating	pad	in	place.		Flannel-lined	                    Williams	 leaves	 no	 stone	 unturned.	 Radical	 Medi-
vinyl	protects	your	heating	pad	and	clothing	from	the	oil	so	that	you	can	sim-                 cine:	Cutting	Edge	Natural	Therapies	that	Treat	the	
ply	relax.                                                                                     Root	Causes	of	Disease	is	a	rare	gift	to	health	seek-
                                                                                               ers	and	practitioners	alike.	
#KIT-019     Complete Wrap Around Castor Oil Kit                     $66.50                    712 pages, hardcover
#02132       Quantum Castor Oil - 8 oz.                              $12.95
#02133       Organic Cotton Flannel 20” x 59”                        $15.95                    #04102 $75.00
#05201       Wrap-around Pack                                        $44.95

Oil Pulling Therapy                                                                            The Fourfold Path to Healing
                                                                                               by Thomas Cowan, MD., with Sally Fallon
by Bruce Fife, ND
                                                                                               A	companion	book	to	the	best-selling	Nourishing	
Dr.	Bruce	Fife’s	newest	book	Oil	Pulling	Therapy	is	a	
                                                                                               Traditions	 by	 Sally	 Fallon,	 Dr.	 Cowan	 merges	 the	
major	contribution	to	the	field	of	health	and	nutri-
                                                                                               wisdom	 of	 traditional	 societies,	 the	 most	 modern	
tion,	and	fills	in	a	crucial	gap	in	understanding	that	
                                                                                               findings	 of	 western	 medicine	 and	 the	 esoteric	
most	of	us	never	even	knew	existed.	
                                                                                               teachings	of	the	ancients	as	he	answers	this	impor-
                                                                                               tant	question:	How	do	we	obtain	true	health?
Used	 for	 centuries	 in	 India,	 oil	 pulling	 involves	
                                                                                               188 pages, softcover
swishing	a	vegetable	oil	around	in	one’s	mouth	for	
a	period	of	time,	and	has	the	effect	of	dramatically	
                                                                                               #01903 $25.00
reducing	bacterial	loads	in	the	mouth	which	then	
has	a	cascading,	beneficial	effect	on	the	body.	
188 pages, softcover
                                                                                               See page 35 for a full list of books
#01003 $15.95	
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                                                          More	Great	Foods
                                                        Let Nutrient Dense Foods Be Thy Medicine!
               Check out these wonderful nutrient dense food choices and integrate them into your healthy lifestyle
                                               Recommended	in	the	Weston	A.	Price	Foundation’s	2011	Shopping	Guide!
Dried Anchovies                                                                                 Better Than Roasted Nuts, Seeds & Nut Butters
Highly	recommended	by	Sally	Fallon!
                                                                                                Finally, an exquisite line of soaked, sprouted, dehydrated & certified-
Delicious	and	nutritious,	these	delicate	and	tiny	dried	anchovies	are	imported	                 organic raw nuts!
from	Japan.	Dr.	Weston	A.	Price	witnessed	the	ancient	                                          Better	Than	Roasted™	products	are:
wisdom	 of	 preserving	 the	 nutrients	 in	 fish	 through	                                      •	Whole,	Premium,	Raw	Nuts	
drying.	Great	for	healthy	snacks,	to	add	to	salads,	for	                                        •	No	Preservatives,	Non-GMO
school	 lunches	 or	 to	 take	 with	 you	 when	 traveling	                                      •	USDA	Certified	Organic
or	on	the	go.	Contains	only	healthy	fats	and	protein,	
                                                                                                •	Certified	Kosher
nothing	else	added.	This	is	a	nutritious	powerhouse!	
                                                                                                •	Sprouted	Superfoods
Each	serving	size	of	0.35	oz.	contains	10	grams	of	pro-                                         •	Made	Fresh	in	Small	Batches
tein,	1	gram	of	fat	and	less	than	0.3	grams	of	naturally	                                       •	A	Peanut-Free	and	Soy-Free	Facility	
occurring	sodium.	Each	bag	is	2.1	oz.
                                                                                                Nothing	added...	Just	nuts	and/or	seeds!		
#01401 21 oz         $4.95                                                                      Recommended	in	the	Weston	A.	Price	Foundation’s	2011	Shopping	Guide	-	
                                                                                                Ranked	in	the	BEST	Category!

Anchovies in Olive Oil                                                                          Careful	preparation	maximizes	the	bioavailability	of	essential	vitamins,	min-
                                                                                                erals,	and	nutrients	in	both	the	nuts	and	seeds.	The	process	begins	with	pre-
New!	Enjoy	Anchovies	Health	Benefits	with	these	ultimate	superfoods!                            mium	nuts	and	seeds	that	are	raw,	whole,	and	certified	organic.	They	are	then	
                                                                                                hand	sorted,	soaked,	rinsed,	and	dried	at	a	low	temperature,	not	exceeding	
                        Fished	off	the	coast	of	North	Africa	and	processed	in	                  108°	F,	preserving	temperature-sensitive	enzymes	and	nutrients.
                        Morocco	in	glass	jars,	rather	than	in	tins.	Cole’s	Ancho-
                        vies	are	of	excellent	quality,	carrying	less	salt	than	the	             The	end	result	is	sprouted	and	dehydrated	nuts	and	seeds	that	not	only	taste	
                        majority	on	the	market	today.                                           great,	but	are	easier	to	digest.	The	process	reduces	the	amount	of	phytates	in	
                                                                                                nuts	and	seeds,	which	have	been	found	to	inhibit	digestion.
                        Two	great	varieties:	sliced	flat	anchovies	packed	in	ol-
                        ive	 oil	 (item	 07708)	 and	 rolled	 anchovies	 in	 olive	 oil	
                        with	capers	(item	07709).                                               Better Than Roasted Nuts

#07708 Regular                              $4.99                                               #10112    Almonds 6.5 oz                 $12.00
#07709 Rolled with Capers                   $4.99                                               #10113    Almonds 14 oz                  $24.00
                                                                                                #10114    Cashews 6 oz                   $12.00
Wild Mackerel - 3 Pack                                                                          #10115    Cashews 15.5 oz                $26.00
                                                                                                #10116    Pistachios 7 oz                $17.00
Present	your	palate	with	Spanish	boneless	and	skinless	                                         #10117    Pistachios 16 oz               $37.00
mackerel	bathed	in	a	zesty	Portuguese	piripiri	(an	indig-                                       #10122    Brazil Nuts 8 oz               $15.00
enous	pepper	plant)	sauce,	for	a	gourmet-quality	treat	                                         #10123    Brazil Nuts 17.5 oz            $31.00
with	 a	 distinct	 difference.	 	 Alternatively,	 select	 them	
packed	in	olive	oil	for	a	traditional	taste	treat!		Harvested	                                  Better Than Roasted Nut Butters
using	the	traditional	line	and	hook	fishing	method	from	
the	coastal	waters	of	Portugal,	this	delicious	ocean	fish	                                      #10101   Almond 8 oz                $16.25
is	skinned	and	boned	while	retaining	maximum	taste	and	freshness.                               #10102   Italian Almond 8 oz        $17.55
                                                                                                #10103   Cashew 8 oz                $16.25
#KIT-012             Mackerel in Piripiri Sauce - 3 Pack            $17.99                      #10104   Hazelnut 8 oz              $16.25
#KIT-011             Mackerel in Olive Oil - 3 Pack                 $17.99                      #10105   Macadamia 8 oz             $19.25
                                                                                                #10106   Pecan 8 oz                 $21.25
Wild Sardines - 3 Pack                                                                          #10107   Pumpkin Seed 8 oz          $13.65
                                                                                                #10108   Walnut 8 oz                $17.55
                          Caught	 by	 local	 boats	 off	 the	 northern	 Portugal	               #10109   Brazil Nut 8 oz.           $17.25
                          shore	utilizing	environmentally	friendly	fishing	prac-                #10110   Almond-Pecan-Walnut Combo 8 oz             $17.95
                          tices,	these	delicious,	wild	caught	sardines	are	sealed	              #10111   Just 4 Nuts Combo 8 oz                     $17.55
                          with	 their	 freshness	 intact.	 Available	 in	 three	 tasty	                  (almond, cashew, pecan, walnut)
                          varieties.	A	wholesome	and	nutritious	meal	or	snack	                  #KIT-013 3-Pack Sampler, 4 oz each                  $25.00
                          that	is	truly	a	special	gourmet	experience.	The	best	                          (almond, cashew, walnut)
                          tasting	sardines	we	have	ever	had!	
                                                                                                Better Than Roasted Seeds
#KIT-007             Packed in Olive Oil                $14.95
#KIT-008             Packed in Piripiri Sauce           $14.95                                  #10118    Pumpkin 8 oz         $12.00
#KIT-009             Packed in Tomato Sauce             $14.95                                  #10119    Pumpkin 17.5 oz      $25.00
#KIT-010             Variety (one of each flavor)       $14.95                                  #10120    Sunflower 7.5 oz     $10.00
                                                                                                #10121    Sunflower 16 oz      $20.00

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                                                          More	Great	Foods
Frontier Nutritional Yeast                                                                  Stevia
Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping                               This	sweet	herb,	shown	again	and	again	to	
Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category!                                                        be	 completely	 safe	 and	 even	 beneficial	 to	
                                                                                            health,	is	the	answered	prayer	to	those	who	
                             This	excellent	nutritional	yeast	is	grown	from	                are	 sensitive	 to	 sugars	 but	 desire	 a	 little	
                             molasses,	 is	 processed	 at	 low	 temperatures,	              sweetness	in	their	life.	Even	most	diabetics	
                             and	 is	 packed	 with	 B	 vitamins	 and	 miner-                can	use	stevia	with	no	change	in	blood	sug-
                             als.	 Don’t	 confuse	 nutritional	 yeast,	 which	 is	          ar	 levels.	 A	 South	 American	 herb	 used	 for	
                             deactivated,	 with	 active	 forms	 of	 yeast,	 like	           centuries,	it	comes	in	a	white	powder	and	
                             the	 kinds	 bakers,	 brewers,	 and	 winemakers	                clear	liquid,	extracted	from	the	whole	herb,	
                             use.	This	nutritional	yeast	will	not	contribute	               and	is	also	available	in	the	green	(whole)	herb	form	(item	4611).	Stevia	is	
                             to	 candida	 growth.	 It	 dissolves	 easily	 and	 is	          so	concentrated	that	a	teaspoon	of	the	clear	liquid	extract	equals	a	cup	
                             recommended	 for	 people	 of	 all	 ages.	 It	 has	             of	sugar	in	sweetness;	while	a	tablespoon	of	the	dark	whole	herb	concen-
                             a	 pleasant-tasting,	 nutty	 flavor	 and	 can	 be	             trate	equals	a	cup	of	brown	sugar	in	sweetness!	Stevita	Organics	uses	no	
used	 directly	 on	 vegetables,	 baked	 potatoes,	 popcorn	 and	 other	 foods	              alcohol,	chemicals	or	bleaches	in	its	extraction	process	of	the	Steviosides.	
as	a	condiment.	
                                                                                            Stevia	Supreme	is	combined	with	Erythritol,	a	fermented	sugar,	present	
#02301 16 oz           $17.45                                                               in	fruits	such	as	pears,	melons	and	grapes,	which	has	no	effects	on	blood	
                                                                                            sugar	or	tooth	decay.	Erythritol	is	used	as	a	flowing	agent	and	has	a	mild	
Pure Whey Protein Powder                                                                    sweet	taste	that	complements	the	sweetness	of	concentrated	stevia.	

Contains the full range of fragile immune modulating and regenera-                          #00207     Stevia Concentrate - 2 oz liquid whole herb             $15.95
tive protein components naturally present in fresh, raw milk from cows                      #00208     Stevia Clear 3.3 oz Liquid Extract                      $12.95
grass-fed year-round on natural pastures!                                                   #00209     Stevia Ultimate - 1 oz. white powder extra              $13.95
                                                                                            #00210     Stevia Supreme - 5.4 oz powder shaker                   $13.50
Vital	Whey	is	a	delicious,	100%	natural	                                                    #00211     Stevia Supreme Packets - 50 pack                        $7.25
nutritional	 protein	 supplement.	 It	 is	
perfect	 for	 adults	 and	 children.	 It	 can	                                              Goji Berries-Certified Organic
be	 taken	 before	 meals	 or	 between	
meals	to	help	manage	hunger	and	en-                                                         An antioxidant-rich superfruit containing important phytochemicals
ergy	levels.                                                                                such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, betaine, polysaccharides, trace
                                                                                            minerals and vitamins!
Vital	Whey	is	a	proprietary,	non-dena-                                                                                  Our	Goji	berries	are	grown	naturally	in	the	
tured, native whey protein produced                                                                                     pristine	foothills	of	Heaven	Mountain,	a	re-
to maintain the full range of all the                                                                                   mote	mountain	range	in	Central	Asia.	The	
fragile immune-modulating and re-                                                                                       virgin	land	is	rich	in	minerals,	and	there	is	
generative components naturally present in fresh, raw milk! The milk                                                    virtually	no	industry	for	a	thousand	miles.	
for Vital Whey comes from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-                                                       In	this	pristine	area,	water,	air,	climate	and	
round on natural pastures. Our whey does not contain genetically                                                        soil	have	the	precise	qualities	needed	for	
engineered materials. It is hormone-treatment-free, pesticide-free,                                                     producing	the	best	Goji	berries	on	Earth!	
chemical-free, and undergoes minimal processing. No wheat, gluten                                                       They	 contain	 an	 extraordinary	 and	 bal-
or preservatives.                                                                                                       anced	phytonutrient	profile!

#00501 21 oz           $49.95                                                                                                 Used	for	thousands	of	years	in	Traditional	
                                                                                            Chinese	Medicine,	the	Goji	berry	has	long	been	regarded	as	an	antioxi-
Manuka Honey                                                                                dant-rich	superfruit,	having	one	of	the	highest	ratings	recorded	by	the	
                                                                                            Bovis	 Energy	 Scale.	To	 this	 day,	 Goji	 berries	 are	 revered	 in	 Asia	 and	 re-
From	 New	 Zealand’s	 pristine	 nature	 pre-                                                garded	as	one	of	the	elite	tonic	herbs	in	the	world.	
serves	 comes	 a	 honey	 so	 utterly	 delicious,	
so	 beneficial	 in	 its	 health	 properties	 –	 it	 is	                                     Heaven	Mountain™	Goji	Berries	are	the	only	Goji	berries	that	are	Snack	
classified	as	a	Therapeutic Good in Austra-                                                 Grade	Delicious	and	Herb	Grade	Serious.	They	are	plump,	juicy,	naturally	
lia. 	Soothing,	Scrumptous	and	Restorative!                                                 sweet,	and	absolutely	delicious!

Raw	 Manuka	 Honey	 with	 its	 fully	 certified	                                            #01810 8 oz           $14.99
Manuka	15+	activity	is	truly	one	of	nature’s	
nectars	 with	 special	 immune	 supporting	                                                 Gelatin
properties	that	it	alone	possesses.	No	other	
honey	 has	 these	 special	 properties.	 In	 fact,	 less	 than	 1%	 of	 all	 manuka	        Used	for	years	by	Dr.	Bernard	Jensen	with	his	patients,	
honey	contains	this	extremely	rare,	15+	activity	that	is	scientifically	prov-               this	Bovine	gelatin	can	be	added	to	stocks	to	thicken	as	
en	to	have	immune	supporting	and	protective	properties.	How	wonder-                         well	as	assist	in	the	the	digestion	of	all	foods!	One	Table-
ful	to	have	a	treat	like	Healing	Honey	that	the	whole	family	can	both	en-                   spoon	will	gel	one	pint	of	liquid.		The	highest	grade	of	
joy	and	benefit	from	at	the	same	time!                                                      gelatin	available!
#01605 12 oz           $24.95                                                               #01501 14 oz          $15.95

                                      SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595
                                                       More	Great	Foods
Celtic Sea Salt - Fine & Coarse                                                           Nature’s Cargo Himalayan Salts
Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping                             Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping
Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category!                                                      Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category
                                                                                          From	 the	 Himalayan	 Mountains	 -	 naturally	
                             Modern	conventional	salt	is	refined	and	highly	              preserved	for	over	250	million	years.	Hand	
                             heated,	 which	 robs	 it	 of	 its	 natural	 minerals	        extracted	and	unrefined.	No	chemical	addi-
                             and	 trace	 elements	 while	 fusing	 sodium	 and	            tives	-	the	highest	quality	available!		Avail-
                             chloride	into	a	toxic	mixture	that	poisons	our	              able	in	natural	coarse	or	fine	‘stone-ground’	
                             bodies.	 Celtic	 Sea	 Salt	 is	 harvested	 from	 the	        for	your	convenience!
                             ocean	off	Brittany,	France	in	an	age-old	tradi-
                             tion.	Never	refined,	Celtic	Sea	Salt	provides	the	
                             body	 with	 needed	 natural	 sodium,	 magne-                 #09711    Coarse 1/2 lb                 $4.99
                             sium,	 calcium,	 phosphorus,	 iodine,	 and	 such	            #09712    Coarse 1 lb                   $7.99
                             trace	 elements	 as	 silver,	 zinc,	 selenium,	 and	         #09713    Coarse 5 lb                   $34.99
manganese,	among	many	other	nutrients.	As	a	natural	salt,	it	is	an	impor-                 #09714    Fine 1/2 lb                   $5.99
tant	source	of	sodium	chloride	which	in	small	amounts	is	vital	for	good	                  #09715    Fine 1 lb                     $9.99
                                                                                          #09716    Fine 5 lbs                    $41.99
health.	The	Fine	Ground	salt	is	the	same	salt	as	the	Light	Grey,	only	dried	
                                                                                          #09719    Coarse Shaker 1/2 lb          $7.01
at	a	low	temperature	and	then	finely	ground.	An	incredible	healing	nutri-
                                                                                          #09720    Fine Shaker 1/2 lb            $12.99
ent.	Use	Celtic	Sea	Salt	-	your	body	will	thank	you!
                                                                                          Bariani Balsamic Vinegar
COARSE                             FINE
#00202 1 lb          $8.50         #00201 Shaker Bottle - 8 oz $11.95
                                                                                          Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping
#00203 5 lbs         $33.50        #00205 1 lb                 $15.50
                                                                                          Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category
#00204 22 lbs        $94.50        #00206 5 lbs                $63.50
                                                                                                              Bariani	 Balsamic	 Vinegar	 is	 made	 from	 California	
                                                                                                              grown	Trebbiano	grapes	and	aged	in	barrels	of	vari-
Nature’s Cargo Sea Salts                                                                                      ous	woods.	Its	complex	and	semi-sweet	flavor	make	
                                                                                                              it	a	favorite	in	salads,	with	peaches	or	as	a	vinaigrette.	
Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping                                                 The	perfect	complement	to	our	Bariani	Extra	Virgin	
Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category!                                                                          Olive	Oil.	Available	only	in	a	500	ml	size.		See	Page...

Nature’s	 Cargo™	 Sea	 Salt	 is	 what	 “salt”	 is	 sup-
posed	 to	 be	 -	 an	 authentic,	 natural,	 unrefined	
and	unprocessed	sea	salt.	This	wonderfully	bal-
anced	 mixture	 of	 essential	 minerals	 is	 in	 the	
correct	 proportion	 that	 closely	 resembles	 our	                                       #02803 1/2 Liter (16.9 oz) $16.95
body’s	own	chemical	make-up.
From	the	pristine	coastal	areas	of	Central	Amer-                                          Arrowroot Powder
ica,	Nature’s	Cargo™	Sea	Salt	is	hand-harvested	
by	 skilled	 salt	 farmers,	 using	 time	 honoured,	                                      Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 2011 Shopping
hand-crafted	 methods	 dating	 back	 centuries.	                                          Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category
Each	 spring,	 ocean	 waters	 are	 collected	 into	 natural	 man-made	 salt	
ponds.	In	combination	with	the	skill	of	the	salt	farmer,	and	the	action	of	               Arrowroot	 is	 a	 white	 powder	 extracted	
the	sun	and	the	wind,	these	ponds	yield	the	precious	crystals	known	as	                   from	 the	 root	 of	 a	 West	 Indian	 plant,	
Nature’s	Cargo™	Sea	Salts.	                                                               Marantha	arundinacea.	It	looks	and	feels	
Our	ongoing	search	for	the	highest	quality,	most	carefully	produced	sea	                  like	cornstarch,	and	is	an	excellent	thick-
salts	available,	means	you	can	enjoy	“salt”	just	the	way	nature	intended	-	               ening	 agent	 for	 cooking	 and	 baking.	 It	
with	nothing	added	and	nothing	removed!                                                   thickens	 at	 a	 lower	 temperature	 than	
                                                                                          flour	 or	 cornstarch	 and	 1	 teaspoon	 of	
Nature’s	Cargo™	Sea	Salt	is	the	authentic,	natural,	unrefined	and	unpro-                  arrowroot	can	be	substituted	for	1	table-
cessed	salt	of	ancient	times	-	use	it	for	it’s	goodness,	love	it	for	it’s	taste!          spoon	of	flour.	Often	hard	to	find,	even	
                                                                                          in	health	food	stores	that	seem	well-stocked.	
COARSE                               FINE
                                                                                          The	only	starch	product	with	a	calcium	ash,	Arrowroot	is	a	nutritious	food	
#09701 1/2 lb        $3.99           #09704     1/2 lb               $5.39                that	assists	in	the	body’s	maintenance	of	acid	and	alkaline	balance.	
#09702 1 lb          $6.49           #09705     1 lb                 $9.99
#09703 5 lb          $22.39          #09706     5 lb                 $35.19               Arrowroot	only	thrives	on	tidal	flats	where	the	sea	minerals	are	available.	
                                     #09709     Shaker 1/2 lb        $5.84                Its	known	health-building	properties	may	be	due	to	trace	minerals	from	
                                     #09710     Shaker 1/2 lb        $8.49
                                                                                          the	sea,	as	well	as	from	the	calcium	it	gets	from	the	sea	water.	Arrowroot	
                                                                                          is	not	a	refined	product;	it	is	simply	the	dried	and	powdered	root.

                                                                                          #00212 1 lb         $4.50
                                                                                          #00213 5 lbs        $18.95

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Everything Mill Adjustable Grinder - Black                                                   A Breath of Fresh Air
This	versatile	mill	provides	an	adjustable	dial	that	allows	                                 Indoor air quality is one of the most complex issues confronting every person
fine	 to	 coarse	 grinds,	 while	 the	 cap	 keeps	 spices	 dry	 in	                          living and working in today’s world. Did you know that recent research has
humid	conditions.	The	grinding	mechanism	is	made	from	                                       found that the quality of air in our homes and work environments is often
an	advanced	ceramic	(close	in	hardness	to	diamond)	that	                                     3 to 5 times worse than the outdoor air? If you stop to consider the amount
will	never	rust,	providing	flavorful	results	and	ultra	long-                                 of time spent indoors, you quickly realize the threat that indoor air quality
life	performance.	Excellent	for	sea	salt,	rock	salt,	wet	salt,	                              poses to your health. Please don’t be fooled by where you are living... whether
peppercorns	and	seeds.	The	clever	upright	design	of	the	                                     in the mountains, near the ocean, on a farm or in a city, the air inside your
mill	will	keep	your	shelves	&	counters	clean	from	residual	                                  space is polluted. Toxic substances go unseen and yet they pose the single
grinds.	 The	 reusable	 glass	 container	 is	 dishwasher	 safe.	                             greatest threat to your health.
Stands	6	inches	tall	and	holds	about	four	ounces	of	salt.
                                                                                             Breathing clean air is the essence of human life. There is nothing more im-
Not	intended	for	grinding	nuts	or	larger	food	elements.                                      portant to one’s immune system and overall well being. Clean air and the
#07303 Everything Mill Adjustable Grinder - Black                  $19.95                    immune system are inextricably linked. Breathing clean air affords your im-
                                                                                             mune system the time it needs to rest and rejuvenate. If you are sleeping or
                                                                                             working in a polluted environment, your immune system never gets a chance
Ceramic Mill                                                                                 to rest up. This can make life a struggle as we battle with allergies, chemical
                           Grinding	 coarse,	 moist	 salt	 requires	 special	                sensitivities, fatigue, asthma, bronchitis and the like.
                           equipment,	 because	 any	 metal	 in	 the	 grinder	
                           would	 quickly	 corrode.	 This	 grinder	 has	 an	                 Austin Air Purifiers
                           attractive	 design	 with	 a	 glass	 base	 and	 a	 heavy	          Free	Ground	Shipping	to	lower	48	States!	
                           duty	ceramic	grinder	mechanism.	Choose	white	
                           top,	 or	 black	 top	 -	 or	 both	 for	 grinding	salt	and	        No	 other	 set	 of	 personal	 air	 purifiers	 comes	
                           pepper.                                                           close	 to	 the	 level	 of	 performance	 that	 we	
                                                                                             have	seen	with	Austin	Air.	At	the	heart	of	the	
                           Dimensions:	2”	dia	x	5”	h                                         cleaning	 process	 is	 the	 #1 ranked filter in
                                                                                             the world	as	determined	by	a	number	of	con-
#07301                Black Top              $17.95                                          sumer	and	commercial	tests.	All	nine	models	
#07302                White Top              $17.95                                          remove	99.97%	of	all	airborne	contaminants	
                                                                                             larger	 than	 0.3	 microns,	 while	 eliminating	
                                                                                             over	3000	toxic	gases	and	odors.
Stainless Steel Tiffin, 2-Tier
These	stainless	steel	storage	containers	are	the	perfect	lunch	box	solu-
                                                                                             #04205                Bedroom Machine                  $694.99
Known	as	a	tiffin,	these	two	compartments	are	                                               #04201                Allergy Machine                  $518.99
made	of	high	quality,	food	grade	304	stainless	                                              #04202                Healthmate                       $488.99
steel.	This	kind	of	lunch	box	has	been	used	for	                                             #04203                Healthmate+                      $588.99
years	in	Asia	to	transport	various	types	of	food	                                            #04204                Pet Machine                      $538.99
to	school	or	to	work.	Each	compartment	can	be	                                               #04206                Allergy Machine Jr.              $358.99
re-heated	separately	or	used	as	a	bowl.	It	works	                                            #04207                Healthmate Jr.                   $338.99
really	 well	 for	 carrying	 rice,	 salad,	 veggies	 and	                                    #04208                Healthmate+ Jr.                  $378.99
sandwich,	 etc.	 Great	 for	 camping!	 Compart-                                              #04209                Baby’s Breath                    $358.99
ments	 are	 not	 watertight.	 Dishwasher,	 stove-
top	and	oven	safe.	Lead-Free,	BPA-free.	                                                     Backed	by	the	best	warranty	in	the	industry,	you	can	take	pleasure	know-
                                                                                             ing	you’ve	made	a	sound	investment	in	your	Austin	Air	Purifier.
Dimensions:	7.5”	high	to	top	of	handle,	each	compartment	is	2.5	“	high,	
5.3”	diameter.	                                                                              30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
                                                                                             In	the	unlikely	event	that	you’re	not	completely	satisfied	with	your	Austin	
#10603 Stainless Steel Tiffin, 2-Tier $27.95                                                 Air	Purifier,	return	it	within	30	days	to	Austin	Air,	no	questions	asked.
                                                                                             5-Year Mechanical Warranty
                            Green Star Juicer                                                Each	 Austin	 Air	 model	 is	 warranted	 to	 be	 free	 from	 defects	 in	 material	
                                                                                             and	workmanship	for	a	period	of	5	years	from	the	date	of	purchase;	pro-
                            The	most	versatile	and	easy	to	use	juicer	on	the	                vided	it	was	operated	under	normal	residential	use	and	that	your	warran-
                            market.	Revolutionary	twin	gear	slow-triturating	                ty	registration	card	was	completed	and	returned	to	Austin	Air	Systems.
                            extraction	 system	 ensures	 the	 least	 oxidation,	
                            with	maximum	nutrients	and	enzymes	retained.	                    5-Year Pro-Rated Filter Warranty
                            Juices	wheatgrass	and	tough	greens	too!	Make	                    Austin	Air	offers	a	5-year,	pro-rated	filter	warranty;	the	most	comprehen-
                            incredible	juices,	live	desserts	and	baby	food.	All	             sive	in	the	industry.	No	more	costly	filter	replacements	every	few	months	
                            this	and	it	is	extremely	quiet!	1/4	h.p.	motor,	110	             or	years.	Austin	Air	filters	are	designed	to	last	up	to	5-years,	under	normal	
                            rpm,	5	year	warranty.	                                           residential	use.

#04501 Green Star Juicer $469.00

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                                                         In	The	Kitchen
The Harsch Ceramic Pickling Crock                                                     Stainless Steel Dehydrator

                                                                                      You	 want	 to	 dehydrate	
                                                                                      summer’s	 abundance	 as	
                                                                                      part	 of	 a	 healthy	 lifestyle;	
                                                                                      however	 nearly	 all	 dehy-
                                                                                      drators	 are	 made	 out	 of	
                                                                                      plastic.	We	looked	for	years	
                                                                                      to	 find	 a	 safer	 alternative,	
                                                                                      and	finally	succeeded!	

                                                                                      Our	 stainless	 steel	 dehy-
                                                                                      drators	are	proudly	built	here	in	the	USA	out	of	rugged	high	
                                                                                      grade	stainless	steel,	with	stainless	steel	shelves	(not	chrome	
                                                                                      or	teflon)	to	ensure	high	quality	dehydrated	foods.	

                                                                                      Fan/heater	blows	horizontally	for	even	drying.	10	tray	model	
                                                                                      comes	with	timer.	Temp	range:	90F-150F.		Enjoy	the	fruits	of	
                                                                                      summer	all	year	long!
A breakthrough in fermentation!
                                                                                      5	Tray	Dimensions:	18	3/4”D	x	16	1/2”W	x	9”H.	
The	 ultimate	 home	 fermentation	 aid	 is	 the	 Harsch	 Ceramic	 Crock!	             #05601 5 Tray Stainless Steel 369.99 	
Make	fabulous	sauerkraut	for	pennies	a	pint!	The	exclusive	Harsch	
water	 seal	 allows	 natural	 fermentation	 gases	 to	 escape,	 while	 not	           10	Tray	Dimensions:	17”W	x	19”D	x	16	1/4”H.	
permitting	outside	air	to	re-enter	the	crock.	This	allows	for	clean	and	              #05602 10 Tray Stainless Steel w/ Timer $479.99
efficient	fermentation	and	eliminates	the	yeast	buildup	in	both	short	
and	long	fermentations	which	can	occur	in	the	mason	jar	method.	
                                                                                      NOTE:	This	product	is	drop-shipped	directly	from	the	manu-
Longer	 fermentations	 produce	 incredible,	 rich	 flavors	 and	 more	                facturer	and	may	take	up	to	2	business	days	to	process	the	
complete	fermentation.	                                                               order.	Thank	you!	

Please	note:	Crocks	are	heavy	to	ship	and	therefore	a	shipping	sur-                   Additional	note:	Dehydrators	are	heavy	to	ship	and	therefore	
charge	of	$29.00	is	assessed	to	the	5	and	7.5	liter	sizes	and	$39.00	to	              a	shipping	surcharge	of	$17.50	will	apply.
the	15	liter	size.	
                                                                                      Samson 6 in 1 Juicer
Raw	sauerkraut	can	cost	over	$7.50	a	pint	in	health	food	stores!	Make	                                                     Extremely	 quiet	 and	
your	 own	 for	 less	 than	 $20	 for	 two	 gallons!	You	 save	 84%!	 If	 your	
                                                                                                                           very	durable,	this	juicer	
served	your	family	just	8	oz.	per	day	of	raw	sauerkraut,	you	would	
spend	around	$1370	a	year	buying	it	from	the	store,	or	just	$370	to	                                                       features	 a	 low-speed	
make	it	yourself	-	and	that	includes	the	price	of	the	crock!	That’s	a	                                                     mill	 type	 single	 gear	
savings	of	$1000!	This	is	truly	an	investment	that	pays	for	itself!	                                                       designed	 to	 minimize	
                                                                                                                           oxidation	 and	 heat.	 In	
The	Harsch	Crock’s	2-gallon	capacity	(7.5L	size)	allows	you	to	make	                                                       addition	 to	 fruits	 and	
enough	sauerkraut	for	months	at	a	time,	saving	you	time!	Now	kraut-                                                        vegetables,	 it	 juices	
making	can	be	a	fun	seasonal	ritual	rather	than	a	weekly	routine!	                                                         wheat	 grass,	 leafy	
                                                                                                                           greens,	 and	 aloe,	 and	
7.5L	(2	gallon)	Harsch	Ceramic	Pickling	Crock	(12”	diameter,	12.5”	tall,	
                                                                                                                           can	 also	 homogenize	
25	lbs.,	ceramic	clay	with	lead-free	glaze)	
                                                                                                                           and	 make	 sorbets,	
5.0L	(1.3	gallon)	Harsch	Ceramic	Pickling	Crock	(12”	diameter,	10.5”	                                                      baby	 foods,	 pasta,	
tall,	19	lbs.,	ceramic	clay	with	lead-free	glaze)	                                    and	nut	butters.	Made	of	FDA	approved	polycarbonate	and	
                                                                                      melamine.	Features	a	built-in	device	to	prevent	overheating.	
#02603 15 Liter $184.95                                                               10-year	warranty	on	motor,	5	year	warranty	on	parts.
#02602 7.5 Liter $124.95
#02601 5 Liter $114.95                                                                NOTE:	This	product	is	drop-shipped	directly	from	the	manu-
                                                                                      facturer	and	may	take	up	to	2	business	days	to	process	the	
NOTE:	This	product	is	drop-shipped	directly	from	the	manufacturer	
                                                                                      order.	Thank	you!	
and	may	take	up	to	2	business	days	to	process	the	order.	Thank	you!	

                                                                                      #08501 Samson Juicer (black) $249.00
                                                                                      #08502 Samson Juicer (Ivory) $249.00

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                                                       In	The	Kitchen
 Family Grain Mill                                                                  Grain Mill Features:
                                                                                    •	 Variable	 settings	 on	 grain	 mill	 can	 produce	 fine	 flour	 to	
                                                                                    cracked	wheat.	
                                                                                    •	Can	handle	grains	as	well	as	oily	seeds.
                                                                                    •	Steel	burr	wheels	are	easy	to	clean.

                                                                                    •	Hand	Base:	Clamps	to	any	countertop	or	table	with	at	least	
                                                                                    1.5”	overhang.	Also	great	to	have	in	emergencies!	
                                                                                    •	Motorized	Base:	Top	of	the	line,	quiet	Bosch	(Jupiter)	motor.	
                                                                                    •	Low-rpm	motor	operation	preserves	enzymes	and	nutrients	
                                                                                    (flour	only	reaches	@	83F).	
  Motorized Base with                                                               •	Motorized	base,	including	grain	mill,	is	5”w	x	9.5”	d	x	16.5”h	
  Attachments                                                                       (hopper	is	6”	wide);	weight	is	5	lbs.	

                                         Hand Base with                             Other Attachments: On & off with the flick of a wrist!
                                         Attachments                                •	 The Mill	 attachment	 is	 needed	 for	 making	 flour	 or	 corn	
                                                                                    •	The Flaker	easily	flakes	whole	oats	or	other	grains	for	oat-
  The	Family	Grain	Mill	is	the	best	value	in	the	grain	mill	mar-                    meal,	breakfast	cereals,	snacks,	cookies.	
  ket.	Its	range	of	uses	with	its	many	attachments,	its	lifetime	                   •	 The Slicer/Grater	 processes	 vegetables	 for	 salads	 &	 cole-
  warranty,	its	reasonable	price,	and	its	low-rpm,	quiet	motor	                     slaws;	slice	cabbage,	cucumbers,	radishes,	onions,	potatoes,	
  have	made	it	a	favorite	all	across	America.	It	is	a	low-rpm	mill	                 carrots;	and	fine	grate	hard	cheese,	nuts,	and	bread	crumbs.	
  system,	so	it	maximizes	the	preservation	of	nutrients	in	your	                    Great	for	making	sauerkraut!
  grains.	                                                                          •	 The Meat Grinder	 allows	 you	 to	 make	 your	 own	 ground	
                                                                                    beef	or	chicken	-	or	peanut	butter!	

  Attachments                                        Discounted Packages                                                         NEW
                                                                                                                                 Flat Rate Shipping
  #03708 Hand Base $105.00                           #03701 Motorized Base/Grain Mill $279.00                                    -	only	$20	shipping

  #03709 Motorized Base - 110V $205.00               #03702 Motorized Base/Grain Mill + One Attachment ** $328.95                -	only	$20	shipping

  #03710 Grain Mill Attachment $105.00               #03703 Motorized Base/Grain Mill + Two Attachments ** $396.95               -	only	$25	shipping

  #03711 Flaker Attachment $96.00                    #03704 Motorized Base/Grain Mill + Three Attachments $464.95                -	only	$30	shipping

                                                     #03705 Motorized Base + One Attachment (No Grain Mill)** $275.00            -	only	$20	shipping
  #03712 Slicer Attachment $96.00
                                                     #03706 Motorized Base + Two Attachments (No Grain Mill) ** $349.00 -	only	$25	shipping
  #03713 Meat Grinder Attachment $96.00
                                                     #03707 Motorized Base + Three Attachments (No Grain Mill) $429.00 -	only	$30	shipping

                      Buy a motorized base and at least one attachment, get a hand base for free!
                              ** Please enter your attachment selection in the “COMMENTS” section during checkout

         NOTE: This product is drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take up to 2 business days to process the order.

Making Sauerkraut & Pickled Vegetables at Home Juicing for Life                                                      Preserve It Naturally
by Kaufmann & Schoneck                                    by Cheri Calborn                                           by Robert Scharff
             This	 illustrated	 book	 includes	 a	 his-              ‘’A	 Guidebook	 to	 the	 Health	 Benefits	 of	               A	 complete	 guide	 to	 natu-
             tory	 of	 fermentation,	 great	 recipes,	               Fresh	 Fruit	 and	 Vegetable	 Juicing.’’	 Pro-               ral	deydration.	Provides	de-
             and	 helpful	 instructions	 for	 using	 the	            vides	complete	nutritional	programs	for	                     tailed	 instructions,	 recipes	
             Harsch	Ceramic	Pickling	Crock!		                        dealing	 with	 over	 75	 health	 problems.	   	              and	color	photos.
             61 pages, softcover                                     350 pages, softcover

                #00301 $13.95                                         #07902 $14.95                                               #07801 $29.95

                                                             See page 35 for a full list of books

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                                            Books	&	DVD’s
Title                                                     Author                 Pages/Time     Item #   Price
A Comromised Generation                                   Lambert                358          00717      18.95
Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic Common Sense Solutions     Killeen                400          00718      25.99
Case Against Flouride: How Hazardous Waste, The           Connett/Beck/Micklem   372          00714      24.95
Cereal Killer                                             Watson                 140          09401      12.95
Coconut Lover's Cookbook                                  Fife                   234          01001      15.95
Coconut Oil Miracle, The                                  Fife                   224          07901      14.95
Could it be B-12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses             Pacholok/Stuart        323          00713      14.95
Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities w/ Nutrition    Nagel                  234          07002      28.95
Diet Cure, The                                            Ross                   402          00706      16.00
Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love, The - Hard Cover   Kimball                276          00715      25.00
Don't Exercise, Cellercise! - DVD                         Hall                   32 MIN       03208      19.50
Earthing                                                  Ober/Sinatra/Zucker    258          05401      18.95
Eat Fat Look Thin                                         Fife                   208          01004      15.95
Eat Fat Lose Fat                                          Enig/Fallon            296          00707      16.00
Enzyme Nutrition                                          Howell                 175          00701      16.00
Everlasting Health                                        Bernardini             512          04602      24.95
Fourfold Path to Healing, The                             Cowan                  448          01903      25.00
Good Calories, Bad Calories                               Taubes                 640          00710      16.95
Healing Our Children                                      Nagel                  400          07001      27.95
Healthy Traditional Diets - 4 CD Set                      Fallon                 ~ 5 HRS      KIT-020    49.95
Juicing for Life                                          Calborn                350          07902      14.95
Liberation Diet, The                                      Brown                  242          08901      24.95
Looking Good - Feeling Great                              Kuhn Truman            166          00601      9.95
Magnesium Miracle                                         Dean                   309          06402      16.00
Making Sauerkraut & Pickled Vegetables at Home            Kaufmann/Schoneck      61           00301      13.95
Meat: A Benign Extravagance                               Fairlie                322          00712      24.95
Nourishing Traditional Diets with Sally Fallon - DVD      Fallon                 5.5 HRS      01905      49.95
Nourishing Traditions                                     Fallon/Enig            668          01901      27.00
Nourishing Traditions - Hard Cover                        Fallon/Enig            668          01902      48.00
Nutrition & Physical Degeneration                         Price                  527          02201      27.95
Oil Pulling Therapy                                       Fife                   188          01003      15.95
Oiling of America, The - DVD                              Fallon Morell          123 MIN      01906      24.95
Our Daily Meds                                            Petersen               432          09103      16.00
Palm Oil Miracle, The                                     Fife                   190          01002      15.95
Performance Without Pain                                  Pirtle                 160          04901      15.95
Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition                    Pottenger              123          02202      11.95
Preserve It Naturally                                     Scharff                196          07801      29.95
Primal Blueprint, The - Hard Cover                        Sisson                 276          10001      26.99
Primal Body - Primal Mind                                 Gedgaudas              391          04101      24.95
Radical Medicine - Hard Cover                             Williams               712          07401      75.00
Real Food for Mother & Baby                               Planck                 272          09101      17.00
Root Canal Cover-Up                                       Meinig                 227          02203      19.95
Schwarzbein Principle, The                                Schwarzbein            364          00703      15.00
Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer, The              Salatin                315          00705      25.00
Sleep Interrupted - Hard Cover                            Park                   241          00719      24.99
Smart Bounce - Beyond Basics - DVD                        Black                  37 MIN       05101      21.95
Solved: The Riddle of Illness                             Langer                 220          00711      18.95
Sugar Blues                                               Duffy                  255          00708      6.99
Sugar...Stop the Addiction                                Genzlinger             141          09501      14.99
Suicide by Sugar                                          Appleton/Jacobs        180          00709      15.95
Super Natural Home                                        Greer                  222          09102      15.95
Sweetener Trap and How to Avoid It, The                   Trum Hunter            426          08402      19.95
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy                             Sircus                 369          06401      18.95
Truth About Children's Health, The                        Bernardini             392          04601      24.95
Vaccine Epidemic - Hard Cover                             Habakus/Holland        268          00716      24.95
Vegetarian Myth, The                                      Keith                  309          00704      20.00
Whole Foods Primer, The                                   Trum Hunter            192          08401      15.95
Wild Fermentation                                         Katz                   200          00702      25.00
Yoga of Eating, The                                       Eisenstein             192          01904      13.95

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                                              VioLiv Glass Containers

                                                            ViolivTM glass provides the finest containment possible to store
                                                            your light-degradable foods, herbs, water, essential oils, and
                                                            seeds. ViolivTM glass increases vitality and ionic balance in all
                                                            stored organic goods. It completely blocks the deteriorating ef-
                                                            fects of visible light, while absorbing the sun’s beneficial violet,
                                                            UV(a) and infrared rays.
                                                            Empty your packaging into the technology of vitality containment!

VioLivTM Glass Apothecary Jars                                                           VioLivTMGlass Charging Bowl
- Glass-lidded Apothecary Jars are perfect for bulk
baking flours, powders, grains, nuts, seeds, cereals,                                    Charging Bowl for EVERYTHING! Handmade,
granolas & trail mix blends. Also excellent for super                                    this bowl has a fitted bio-violet glass lid, maxi-
foods, spices, infusions, seaweeds & algae. Hand                                         mizing beneficial light exposure to energize
ground, tapered fit lid. These glass-on-glass jars                                       medicines, vitamins and foods before con-
will last essentially forever!                                                           suming them! They are wonderful culinary
                                                                                         pinch bowls for mixing fresh ingredients. Dimensions: 4 3/4” x 1 3/4”
Oprah’s Set of Vitality Glassware                                                        Orderable VioLivTM Products
NEW!     VioLiv Glass featured in O! Magazine.
Oprah’s Set of Vitality Glassware includes one of
                                                                                         #KIT-018 Apothecary Jars - Set of 3             $198.00
each of the following: 2 Liter apothecary jar, 1 Liter
& 500 ml round bottle, 250ml square bottle, 500ml,                                       #KIT-015 Oprah’s Set of Vitality Glassware      $244.00
200ml & 100ml tall Jars.                                                                 #10501 Apothecary Jar - 2 Liter                 $120.00
                                                                                         #10502 Apothecary Jar - 1 Liter                 $60.00
VioLivTM Glass Tall Jars                                                                 #10503 Apothecary Jar - 0.5 Liter               $45.00
- Great for storing a wide array of your favorite                                        #10504 Tall Jar - 500 ml                        $25.00
kitchen items including herbs, powders
seeds, spices. PET laboratory grade plastic                                              #10505 Tall Jar - 300 ml                        $22.00
(Euro standard for food grade) with violet-                                              #10506 Tall Jar - 200 ml                        $16.00
blocking LDPE foam liner. Our “tall” series                                              #10507 Tall Jar - 100 ml                        $15.00
jars have slightly more pronounced shoul-
                                                                                         #10508 Tall Jar - 50 ml                         $10.00
ders in their design, just right for smaller/
finer items like grains, seeds, protein pow-                                             #10509 Wide-mouth Jar - 400 ml                  $24.00
der, trail mix, and easier to pour matter. Caps have traditional domed lid.              #10510 Wide-mouth Jar - 250 ml                  $20.00
                                                                                         #10511 Wide-mouth Jar - 100 ml                  $18.00
VioLivTM Glass Square Bottles                                                            #10512 Wide-mouth Jar - 50 ml                   $11.00
- Our square series, for cooking, dipping and                                            #10513 Wide-mouth Jar - 30 ml                   $9.00
specialty oils, etc., delays rancidity in oils and vin-
                                                                                         #10514 Wide-mouth Jar - 15 ml                   $8.00
egars, to maximize flavor retention and shelf life.
Also great as water bottles that won’t roll around                                       #10515 Wide-mouth Jar - 5 ml                    $7.50
in your car! This glass restructures damaged mol-                                        #10516 Round Bottle - 1 Liter                   $30.00
ecules and kills bacteria, so water tastes better                                        #10517 Round Bottle - 500 ml                    $21.00
and hydrates more effectively.
                                                                                         #10518 Square Bottle - 1 Liter                  $30.00
                                                                                         #10519 Square Bottle - 750 ml                   $24.00
VioLivTM Glass Round Bottles
- VioLiv glass restructures damaged molecules and kills                                  #10520 Square Bottle - 500 ml                   $21.00
bacteria, so water tastes better and hydrates more effec-                                #10521 Square Bottle - 250 ml                   $14.00
tively. VioLiv glass filters out damaging light rays, yet al-                            #10522 VioLivTM Glass Charging Bowl             $60.00
lows UV(A) and FarIR (infared) waves to restructure the
deformed H2O clusters. Its antibacterial effects slow the
growth of any pathogens in your water to keep it fresher
tasting and more vital. In as little as two hours in room
light, VioLiv glass begins restructuring your water to its
correct molecular configurations, for proper intercellular
hydration and more efficient consumption of healthier

VioLivTM Glass Wide-mouth Jars
- Our wide-mouth jars are excellent for bulkier and
larger items. The shoulder is almost flush with the
opening for easier pouring of contents. These jars
are perfect for larger herbs and spices, nuts, dried
fruit, etc. The 100, 30, 15 and 5 ml jars come with a
modern flat lid. The 400, 250 and 50 ml jars come with a traditional domed lid.
The 30, 15 and 5 ml jars are traditional salve/cosmetic jars that have a rounded
inner corner for clean wiping. All caps are PET laboratory-grade plastic (Euro.
standards for food grade) with violet-blocking LDPE foam liner.

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                          Get a Filter or Be the Filter!
Eliminate Chlorine from Your Water! See pages 17-21
                                    No More Chlorine-Induced...
                                    - Bad taste
                                    - Bad smell
                                    - Dry skin
                                    - Brittle hair
                                    - Irritated respiratory system

                                                                        The Water You Shower with is
     Keep Your Garden Soil Alive!                                       just as important as the Water
                                                                                  You Drink!

                                          For Vibrant Health,
                                    Start with the Water You Drink!

                                                                       Discover the Pleasure of Taking
          Enhance Your Cooking!                                       Chlorine-Free Showers and Baths!

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3721 Santa Rosa Avenue Suite B4
Santa Rosa, California 95407

                                                 VioLiv 	Glass	Containers

                                                                    ViolivTM	glass	provides	the	finest	containment	possible	to	store	
                                                                    your	 light-degradable	 foods,	 herbs,	 water,	 essential	 oils,	 and	
                                                                    seeds.	 	ViolivTM	 glass	 increases	 vitality	 and	 ionic	 balance	 in	 all	
                                                                    stored	organic	goods.		It	completely	blocks	the	deteriorating	ef-
                                                                    fects	of	visible	light,	while	absorbing	the	sun’s	beneficial	violet,	
                                                                    UV(a)	and	infrared	rays.
                                                                    Empty your packaging into the technology of vitality containment!

VioLivTM Glass Apothecary Jars		                                                                    VioLivTMGlass Charging Bowl
-	Glass-lidded	Apothecary	Jars	are	perfect	for	bulk	
baking	flours,	powders,	grains,	nuts,	seeds,	cereals,	                                              Charging	 Bowl	 for	 EVERYTHING!	 Handmade,	
granolas	&	trail	mix	blends.	Also	excellent	for	super	                                              this	bowl	has	a	fitted	bio-violet	glass	lid,	maxi-
foods,	 spices,	 infusions,	 seaweeds	 &	 algae.	 Hand	                                             mizing	 beneficial	 light	 exposure	 to	 energize	
ground,	 tapered	 fit	 lid.	 These	 glass-on-glass	 jars	                                           medicines,	 vitamins	 and	 foods	 before	 con-
will	last	essentially	forever!	                                                                     suming	 them!	 They	 are	 wonderful	 culinary	
                                                                                                    pinch	bowls	for	mixing	fresh	ingredients.	Dimensions:	4	3/4”	x	1	3/4”
Oprah’s Set of Vitality Glassware	                                                                  Orderable VioLivTM Products
NEW! 	 VioLiv	 Glass	 featured	 in	 O!	 Magazine.	
Oprah’s	 Set	 of	 Vitality	 Glassware	 includes	 one	 of	
                                                                                                    #KIT-018 Apothecary Jars - Set of 3             $198.00
each	of	the	following:	2	Liter	apothecary	jar,	1	Liter	
&	500	ml	round	bottle,	250ml	square	bottle,	500ml,	                                                 #KIT-015 Oprah’s Set of Vitality Glassware      $244.00
200ml	&	100ml	tall	Jars.                                                                            #10501 Apothecary Jar - 2 Liter                 $120.00
                                                                                                    #10502 Apothecary Jar - 1 Liter                 $60.00
VioLivTM Glass Tall Jars                                                                            #10503 Apothecary Jar - 0.5 Liter               $45.00
-	 Great	 for	 storing	 a	 wide	 array	 of	 your	 favorite	                                         #10504 Tall Jar - 500 ml                        $25.00
kitchen	 items	 including	 herbs,	 powders	
seeds,	 spices.	 PET	 laboratory	 grade	 plastic	                                                   #10505 Tall Jar - 300 ml                        $22.00
(Euro	 standard	 for	 food	 grade)	 with	 violet-                                                   #10506 Tall Jar - 200 ml                        $16.00
blocking	 LDPE	 foam	 liner.	 Our	 “tall”	 series	                                                  #10507 Tall Jar - 100 ml                        $15.00
jars	 have	 slightly	 more	 pronounced	 shoul-
                                                                                                    #10508 Tall Jar - 50 ml                         $10.00
ders	 in	 their	 design,	 just	 right	 for	 smaller/
finer	 items	 like	 grains,	 seeds,	 protein	 pow-                                                  #10509 Wide-mouth Jar - 400 ml                  $24.00
der,	trail	mix,	and	easier	to	pour	matter.	Caps	have	traditional	domed	lid.                         #10510 Wide-mouth Jar - 250 ml                  $20.00
                                                                                                    #10511 Wide-mouth Jar - 100 ml                  $18.00
VioLivTM Glass Square Bottles	                                                                      #10512 Wide-mouth Jar - 50 ml                   $11.00
-	 Our	 square	 series,	 for	 cooking,	 dipping	 and	                                               #10513 Wide-mouth Jar - 30 ml                   $9.00
specialty	oils,	etc.,	delays	rancidity	in	oils	and	vin-
                                                                                                    #10514 Wide-mouth Jar - 15 ml                   $8.00
egars,	to	maximize	flavor	retention	and	shelf	life.	
Also	great	as	water	bottles	that	won’t	roll	around	                                                 #10515 Wide-mouth Jar - 5 ml                    $7.50
in	your	car!	This	glass	restructures	damaged	mol-                                                   #10516 Round Bottle - 1 Liter                   $30.00
ecules	 and	 kills	 bacteria,	 so	 water	 tastes	 better	                                           #10517 Round Bottle - 500 ml                    $21.00
and	hydrates	more	effectively.		
                                                                                                    #10518 Square Bottle - 1 Liter                  $30.00
                                                                                                    #10519 Square Bottle - 750 ml                   $24.00
VioLivTM Glass Round Bottles	
-	 VioLiv glass	 restructures	 damaged	 molecules	 and	 kills	                                      #10520 Square Bottle - 500 ml                   $21.00
bacteria,	so	water	tastes	better	and	hydrates	more	effec-                                           #10521 Square Bottle - 250 ml                   $14.00
tively.	VioLiv	 glass	 filters	 out	 damaging	 light	 rays,	 yet	 al-                               #10522 VioLivTM Glass Charging Bowl             $60.00
lows	 UV(A)	 and	 FarIR	 (infared)	 waves	 to	 restructure	 the	
deformed	 H2O	 clusters.	 Its	 antibacterial	 effects	 slow	 the	
growth	of	any	pathogens	in	your	water	to	keep	it	fresher	
tasting	 and	 more	 vital.	 In	 as	 little	 as	 two	 hours	 in	 room	                                             	
light,	VioLiv 	 glass	 begins	 restructuring	 your	 water	 to	 its	
correct	 molecular	 configurations,	 for	 proper	 intercellular	
hydration	 and	 more	 efficient	 consumption	 of	 healthier	

VioLivTM Glass Wide-mouth Jars	
-	Our	wide-mouth	jars	are	excellent	for	bulkier	and	
larger	items.	The	shoulder	is	almost	flush	with	the	
opening	for	easier	pouring	of	contents.	These	jars	
are	perfect	for	larger	herbs	and	spices,	nuts,	dried	
fruit,	etc.	The	100,	30,	15	and	5	ml	jars	come	with	a	
modern	flat	lid.	The	400,	250	and	50	ml	jars	come	with	a	traditional	domed	lid.	
The	30,	15	and	5	ml	jars	are	traditional	salve/cosmetic	jars	that	have	a	rounded	
inner	corner	for	clean	wiping.	All	caps	are	PET	laboratory-grade	plastic	(Euro.	
standards	for	food	grade)	with	violet-blocking	LDPE	foam	liner.

                                      SHOP 24/7: • Customer Service: (888) 593-9595

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