Intro to MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UIO by hedongchenchen


									MSc in Innovation and
Entrepreneurship at UIO

   Introduction to the program’s
  2nd-4th semester and ENT4400
The goal of the program
   To help develop theoretical and practical knowledge
    in the ’disciplines of innovation and
    entrepreneurship’, in order to prepare students to:

       Work in innovation projects in the large or small firm
       Make innovation strategy in/for the large or small firm
       Work with innovation support in public or private
        organizations, or in government policy
       Work as independent consultants
       Conduct doctoral research in innovation and
The idea of the program
   Grunderskolen + 1,5 years of study
   Mixed theoretical and practical or ”problem-
    based” approach – Make a contribution to
    innovation already during study
   Retain connection with home discipline
    – the idea is to develop a complementary innovation
      expertise without losing touch of your technical
   Flexible tool-box and flexible thinking enables
    a variety of future applications
Structure of the program
   First term: Grunderskolen
       Start-up theory
       Business planning
       Internship experience
Structure of the program
   Second semester:
       Theoretical course in Innovation Management and
            Focus on theories and models of innovation dynamics
             and technological change
            Focus on management and strategy in the (large)
             technology-based firm
            Case studies and applied work with Birkeland and Simula
       Venture finance, accounting and marketing
            Theory and ’lab-work’
       Elective
Structure of the program
   Third semester:
       Research-based innovation and field work
            ENT4410 Jan 22 - March 13 (exam): What is the relation
             between science and innovation? Analysing the
             relationship between the economy and the processes of
            Tools and models for developing and managing
             emerging technologies.
            ENT4320 March 18 - May 27: Internship course: Connect
             back to first term  Use of theoretical and practical
             approaches to develop an innovation project in a firm.
       Elective
Structure of the program
   Fourth semester: Writing of MSc-thesis.
       Build on your previous work in the program
        or do something new.
       Work with a partner if possible
       Chose qualitative case study, statistical or
        analytical approach.
       It is possible to develop a business plan
Structure of ENT4400
   Part 1 (Focus on innovation models and
       Meetings at SFE on Tuesdays and thursdays 13.15-15.00
       First 45 minutes lecture and discussions
       Second 45 minutes case discussions – come prepared!
       For each meeting: Read chapters in book and prepare case
        reflections and questions for class
       For examination: Write case reports on three cases of your
        choice. Use a problem oriented question which you pose to
        the case. 3 pages for each case. Hand in by examination
        day. Accounts for 50% of grade.
Structure of ENT4400
   Part 2 (Focus on strategy and case
    discussions – also applied work):
       Teacher: Tronn Å. Skjerstad
       Half day meetings every week Tuesdays.
       Applied case work in groups
       Obligatory hand-in of report
Structure of ENT4400
   Examination:
       Active participation (obligatory)
       Obligatory hand-in for part 2 (passed/not passed)
       Written exam at end of course 50%
       50% of the grade is based on the case reports from part 1.
       Key dates:
            Part 1: 4/9-27/9 every Tuesday and Thursday 12.15-14.00
            Part 2: 2/10-1/11, every Tuesday 12.15-16.00
            Sit down exam: 13/11, 12.00-15.00
            Hand in of case work: Thursday 15/11, 12.00
       Silvia is your contact (

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