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									                                      Coolest Celebrity Car Owners

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It’s hard for most people to imagine what it’s like to get paid 1,400 times as much as a
school teacher, but it is in fact a reality for a lucky few. Movie stars and other big time
celebrities have an unimaginable amount of money; enough to keep their great, great
grandchildren set for life; enough to save countries and to build empires. Famous
people often have a lot of loot to play around with.

When you have more money than you know what to do with, the world becomes your
oyster for how you want to spend it. You can travel; you can buy big, beautiful mansions
all over the world; you can invest and make more money; you can do whatever you
want when you’re accustomed to getting $10 million paycheques.

Many big celebrities like to show their feathers in the cars they drive. A universal status
symbol, the fancy car represents a level of wealth that most people can only dream of.
And when you’ve got as much money as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars do, you
don’t just buy fancy cars – you buy entire collections of them.

Here are a few of the coolest celebrity car owners:

    1. A personal favourite of many (both the star and the car) is Jerry Seinfeld, and his
       Porsche collection. Seinfeld is an automobile enthusiast and avid collector, with
       a total of 46 Porsches. He even rented a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport for a
       time in the 1990’s to store some of the vehicles.

    2. Simon Cowell doesn’t seem like the modest type, so it’s only fitting that his
       recent vehicle of choice is the Bugatti Veyron. This car is currently the most
       expensive street legal car in the entire world, and you need about $1.19 million
       in pocket change to get yourself one.

    3. It’s hard to make a list of celebrity car owners without including Mr. Jay Leno. A
       well-known enthusiast, Leno is the proud owner of a garage full of vehicles –
       about 107 of them. While he indulges in the supercars of the present day, his
       collection also includes models like the 1913 Owen Magnetic: a piece of history
       more than hog.

    4. Matt LeBlanc is a motorcycle fanatic, and even hosted his own TV show in the
       early 2000’s called The Five Coolest Things. Each episode focused on the five
       coolest things within a certain specialty, such as Off Road, Motocross, Road
       Racing and Freestyle.
   5. Just one of the many examples of hip-hop stars and their love for cars is T-Pain.
      His fleet of 32 vehicles includes a Chevrolet Chevelle SS and a Ferrari 430, and he
      owns the first Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe ever made for North

When it comes to celebrity car owners, they certainly aren’t a rare breed. Everyone
from movie stars to TV producers to famous musicians wants to make their presence
felt. And what better way to do it than sporting the kind of ride most of us won’t ever
even get the chance to sit in?

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