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The word breakfast means to break the fast after a long time. It originally started in England where they used to have a lot of courses. In the breakfast cooked items such as Ham, Bacon, Fruit juices, Cereals are served Times of Breakfast Breakfast time starts from 7am to 10am CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

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Choices of fruit juices / Canned mango, pineapple, tomato, orange, grapes
Choices of Bread: Toast (white, brown), rolls, croissant, muffins, doughnuts, danish pastry served with preserves jams, honey, marmalades and butter. Tea or Coffee: Various types of tea are offered for breakfast. The coffee is served along with this breakfast then it is known as cafe’s complete.

Cutlery required for continental breakfast are as follows

• A side plate • Side knife • Butter dish with under liner • Butter spreader • Toast rack • Tea / coffee pot, sugar pot, milk pot AMERICAN BREAKFAST • Choices of Juices

Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Grapes, Tomato, Carrot, Grapes fruit
• Choices of Cereals Corn flakes, Choco flakes, Frosted flakes, muesli, fruit leaps, oat meal, rice crispies, cream of wheat, along with cold or hot milk and sugar. • Egg to order Boiled, Poached, Semi side, scrumbled, Omelets with various stuffing served along with bacon, ham, sausages.

• Choices of Bread

Toast, rolls, croissant, muffying, band, white bread, brown bread along with preserves butter, jam marmalade and honey.
• Tea or Coffee Tea or Coffee is also served in this breakfast.

Cutlery required in this Breakfast
• Large knife • Dessertspoon ENGLISH BREAKFAST

• Choices of Stewed fruits
Apple, Guava, Pears, Hard fruits • Choices of Cereals Cornflakes, wheat flakes, Rice flakes, Daliya, Choco flakes with hot or cold milk with sugar or honey.

• Choices of Egg

Poached, Scrumbled, Boiled egg, stuffed omelet
•of Meat Ham, Bacon Choices of Fish Fish cake, Kippers, Tuna (Round fish) • Choices • Choices of Bread • Choices of Preserves •Choices of Sweet / Savory cheese Pastry, Ice fruit cake • Choices of Fresh fruits • Tea or Coffee

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