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									Santa Lucia Day
 Santa Lucia day is a Christian holiday that’s
 celebrated in Denmark, Norway, Finland,
 and Sweden.
This Swedish tradition of St.
Lucia day takes place on
December 13th
 The 13 is considered the darkest day of the
year. The Christians say Santa Lucia brings
light to there town’s.
    The traditions of Santa Lucia are that the eldest
girls in the family wear a long white dress robe with
a belt and a crown with lit candles on it. The tradition
for boys is that they wear a paper bag on their head.
Then everyone forms a circle and sings “Santa Lucia”
in the tune of “Are You Sleeping” .
O, Santa Lucia,
O, Santa Lucia,
Wearing white,
Lighting up the darkest
Lighting up the darkest
Winter night,
Winter night
Santa Lucia lasts two
months long. The
Christians make ornaments
out of straw.
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