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					Lot Name Customer returns GSM and CDMA cell phones that have been powered up and data wiped.

Item         Desc                                  Name                      Qty
----------   -----------------------------------   --------------------      ------
 11702345    Samsung A437 AT&T                     Tandy Consumber MDSE                1
 11703344    AT&T MOTOROLA C168 GO PHONE           AT&T Wireless                       1
 11704422    Samsung S30 Instinct                  SPRINT                              1
 11704934    Moto Z9 SCK ATT                       Motorola                           11
 11705144    Samsung Flight - Red                  AT&T Wireless                       1
 11704610    Boost BB 8330 CDMA                    Boost Mobile                        2
 11705296    BST Sanyo Incognito CDMA              Boost Mobile                        5
 11705546    AT&T Sam a107 Go w/$15                AT&T Wireless                       1
 11705643    BST Sams Seek CDMA                    Boost Mobile                        3
 11701236    PayLo M340                            Virgin Mobile                       1
 11704691    TMO Moto RAZR2 SCK                    Motorola                            2
 11705593    Samsung Gravity T Blk 01              T-MOBILE                            1
 11705625    Samsung M910 Intercept Pink           SPRINT                              1
 11705584    Samsung Epic SPH- D700                SPRINT                              1
 11705326    Sanyo Zio 8600                        SPRINT                              1
 11200260    WEATHER RADIO                         GS-CN-TANDY RADIO SH                1
 11700420    TMO TAP PPD                           T-MOBILE                            2
 11704343    HTC S511                              SPRINT                              1
 11705548    AT&T LG Prime GO w/$50                AT&T Wireless                       1
 11705528    Samsung Seek Pink                     SPRINT                              3
11705710     TGT ATT Samsung Impression            AT&T MOBILITY                      1
11703166     BLACKBERRY CURVE 8310 RED             AT&T Wireless                      1
11200491     Sirius Starmate 5                     GS-CN-WISTRON NEWEB                1
11704873     Samsung Solstice                      AT&T Wireless                      1
11705470     Samsung Sunburst                      AT&T Wireless                      1
11701363     LG Optimus S Gray                     SPRINT                             1
11703322     VMU LG165 Flare                       Virgin Mobile                      2
11703494     Blackberry 8350i Nextel               SPRINT NEXTEL                      1
11705297     BST Sanyo Mirro CDMA                  Boost Mobile                       6
11705509     KO Verizon LG 5600                    Brightstar US Inc.                 1
11705845     Blackberry 9330 Purple                SPRINT                             1
11704548     Sony Ericsson W518                    AT&T Wireless                      1
11705446     AT&T Nok 2680 Go SCK RFSH w/$30       AT&T Wireless                      1
11705335     Blackberry Bold 9650                  SPRINT                             1
11705687     VMU Rumor Touch                       Virgin Mobile                      2
11705270     HTC Evo                               SPRINT                             1
11705425     BST Sanyo Juno                        Boost Mobile                       1
11700094     (4)SAM T209 T-MOBILE PPD              T-Mobile                           3
11705222     Samsung Impression SCK                AT&T Wireless                      1
11705332     Blackberry Curve 8530 Red             SPRINT                             1
11704943     WHITE/SILVER EXCLAIM M550             SPRINT                             2
11705197     Att Blackberry Curve 8520             AT&T Wireless                      1
11705483     LG rumor Touch Purple                 SPRINT                             3
p and data wiped.

                    Reserve Price

                    Condition & Packaging

                    Customer returns GSM and CDMA cell phones that have been powered up and data wiped.

                    All units are customer returns.
                    Handsets powered up and memory cleared of any potential customer data.
                    Products may have minor cosmetic wear but are whole, completely assembled and free of major physical damage.

                    All stock is sold As Is.
                    Please note that all stock is sold as is and there will be no refunds for any stock that is missing, damaged or destroye

                    Pallet Count
                    1 pallet

                    All merchandise will come in Gaylord containers on pallets

                    All the stock is sold "As Is" without any warranty.

                    Freight terms FOB Fort Worth, TX. The supplier can not ship outside the US.
                    Buyer pays all freight charges.
                    Bidder is responsible for arranging pick up and paying for freight.
                    Inventory will be available for pick up within 6 working days after payment is received.
                    Please note below pick up requirements:
                    The product must be collected within 5 working days after the pickup details are issued
                    All pickups must be made in a vehicle that is capable of accepting full Gaylord/palletized shipments. It is not allowe
Vendors are not allowed to break down palletized Gaylord shipments into smaller packages for loading into vehicles
Personal vehicles and flat bed trailers are not acceptable

Payment Method
Payment should be made by:
Bank Transfer to Freeflow
Credit Card – note that there is a 3% handling fee when paying by this method. Credit cards that can be accepted are
PayPal – note that there is a 3.9% handling fee when paying by this method. Please also note that the maximum am
Payment must be received prior to shipping within 14 working days after the auction closure otherwise bidder will b
p and data wiped.

and free of major physical damage.

 hat is missing, damaged or destroyed.

 alletized shipments. It is not allowed to enter the premises in cars, pickups, SUVs or other personal transfers.
er packages for loading into vehicles.

Credit cards that can be accepted are Visa & MasterCard only.Please also note that the maximum amount that can be charged from PayPal is
ase also note that the maximum amount that can be charged from PayPal is $5,000.
ction closure otherwise bidder will be removed from the site.
nt that can be charged from PayPal is $5,000.

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