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					             12 Secrets an Emergency Locksmith Won’t Tell You
                    Do you really need this or that? Don’t get fooled.

1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists posing as an emergency locksmith in the
phone book. Some will quote you a fair price over the phone, but once they’ll get there,
they’ll fool you into believing that your locks are special and need to be drilled open.
Then they’ll charge you £80 for a replacement lock you can buy at hardware stores for

2. You can look for a reputable emergency locksmith at locksmiths.co.uk, the official
website of the Master Locksmith Association (UK).

3. Service calls that are normally £35 will automatically be £65 at night. Night calls
usually start from early midnight to sunrise.

4. It is easy to defeat cheap locks from wholesale stores. In fact, to some extent, you may
not need to hire a locksmith Enfield, a London borough in north London, England, for
instance, usually has locks that passed very high standards. Always make sure that you’ll
look for at least a grade 2 standard for your locks.

5. Dead bolts are usually the best locks, especially if they are properly installed. These
locks should have at least a 1 inch “throw”. A security plate screwed at least 3 inches all
the way into the door’s wood frame should also be on the “strike side”.

6. Thumb-turn dead bolts won’t usually do much good, if used on a window or near your
door. They can be turned, just by knocking out the glass and sticking a hand in. Instead,
make use of a double cylinder lock that needs to be keyed on the inside.

7. Even though keys are stamped with “Do not duplicate”, they can be duplicated any
time. Rather, ask for tips on how to choose high-security locks with keys that can’t be
duplicated from hardware stores or from a friendly locksmith. Locksmith Balham, a
popular neighborhood of South West London, England, sees to it that the locksmiths that
come from that area are not just friendly, but also helpful.

8. A car dealer who claims that only he can duplicate keys is usually lying. Most often,
automotive locksmiths can make you a key for a lot less than what a car dealer charges.

9. Do you have a housekeeper who’s in need of a key? You can have your locks re-
keyed, so your key works on both the dead bolt and the doorknob, but your
housekeeper’s will just work on the knob. On the day your housekeeper arrives, just lock
the knob only.

10. Try opening the back door. Locksmiths will still charge you for a service call even if
your door is not locked. It’s not easy to become a locksmith. Locksmith Camden and
the rest of London, require locksmiths to undertake courses. With that, locksmiths need to
charge you just to get to your home.
11. If your key won’t turn, try graphite powder or silicone spray. There are instances
when pins get jammed up, and half of the time that will solve your problem.

12. If you’re locked out, just call one locksmith. Locksmith Windsor or any part of
London has a lot of other locksmiths. Calling more than one locksmith at a scene is
undoubtedly inconsiderate on your part.

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