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					The Rotary Foundation Global Grant Calculator for D5450
Answer the following six questions in the green boxes and this calculator will tell you how much matching funds
you will receive in DDF from District 5450 and in World Funds from The Rotary Foundation.
If the amount is zero you must place a zero in the cell.

 1   Cash contributed from your Club?                                                      $         5,000
 2   Cash contributed from other D5450 Rotary Clubs                                        $         5,000
 3   Cash contributed from Rotary Clubs outside D5450                                      $           -
 4   DDF from D5450 (1:1 match or total amount allowed by contributing Clubs)              $        10,000
 5   DDF contributed from other Districts                                                  $           -
 6   Cash contributed from non-Rotarian sources                                            $           -

     Cash from Rotary Clubs within D5450                                  $      10,000
     Cash from Rotary Clubs outside D5450                                 $         -
     DDF from D5450                                                       $      10,000
     DDF from Other Rotary Districts                                      $         -
     Total Funds from the World Fund                                      $      15,000 Must be a minimum of $15,000.
     Total Rotary Funds                                                   $      35,000
     Non-Rotary Funds                                                     $         -
     Total Funds Available for the Project                                $      35,000

     Your Clubs contribution to the total Project funds                          14.29%
     Your Clubs financial leverage                                        $        7.00 to $1

     A Global Grant is granted on a first-come-first serve basis provided funds are available and must:
     1. Qualify under the Grant Guidelines as established by TRF
     2. Meet all District Guidelines
     3. Use a minimum of $15,000 of funds from the World Fund
     4. Be approved and accepted as provided by TRF and District guidelines
matching funds

be a minimum of $15,000.

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