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					                                                               OFFICE OF THE PROVOST

TO:              Deans and Department Heads, All Purdue Faculty and Teaching Staff,
                 and Head Academic Advisors

FROM:            Christine M. Ladisch, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
                 Marne G. Helgesen, Director, Center for Instructional Excellence

DATE:            August 2, 2005

RE:              New Campus Requirements for Bubble Testing Sheet Usage for the
                 Grading of Tests and Exams

In response to recent information security incidents at Purdue, Instructional Data Processing
(IDP) is eliminating all uses of social security numbers (SSNs) as means of identification – this
includes those of faculty as well as students. More specifically and as a matter of policy, IDP
has permanently modified its processing of bubble testing sheets effective August 22, 2005
(the first day of the fall semester).

The newly designed bubble sheets will allow for the ten-digit PUID number. New ten-digit
sheets are available as of August 8 and can be ordered by phone (4-5112) and/or picked up in
Stew G39. With the new policy, the new IDP test scoring system will reject all old bubble
testing sheets with the nine-digit ID capability. The new system will also reject new, ten-digit
forms where a SSN has been used or modified to be used in place of the ten-digit PUID.
Rejected forms will be returned to the instructor for modification before they will be accepted for

We strongly encourage all Purdue instructors who use the bubble testing sheets to inform
students that they will need to know their ten-digit PUID number in order to complete a bubble-
sheet exam. This will insure that their test forms can be processed. PUID numbers are printed
on student identification cards, and on course rosters distributed to instructors.

For questions on the new IDP system, contact Marge Halsema at mjh@purdue.edu or 4-5108, or
access the CIE website www.cie.purdue.edu and click on Test Scoring & Analysis under
Instructional Data Processing. We also ask departmental administrative assistants and/or PICES
designees to search their supply cabinets and closets for the old nine-digit bubble forms and
dispose of them immediately upon conclusion of the summer 2005 session. Thank you.

cc:     Administrative Assistants
        PICES Designees
        Hovde Hall of Administration, Room 100 ■ 610 Purdue Mall ■ West Lafayette, IN 47907-2040
        (765) 494-9709 ■ Fax: (765) 496-2031