7 - Experience the Private Jet Difference by ArisDaCunha


									                       Experience the Private Jet Difference
Traveling for business or pleasure can be a fun and simple experience- or it can be a nightmare of long lines,
missed connection and rude security personnel. The difference in how much you enjoy your trip and in whether it
goes smoothly or not is all going to depend upon how you travel. Whenever you fly on a commercial airline, you take
the risk of many things going wrong that can make your trip a nightmare. When you fly on a private jet, however,
you eliminate a lot of those potential issues and you can experience traveling the way it was meant to be

What's the Difference?

When you choose to fly on a private jet instead of on a commercial airline, there are many major differences
between flying private and flying commercial. Once you experience the private jet difference, you'll never want to
go back to your old way of traveling, but if you need some help convincing you to take the leap into private jet
charter, consider the following benefits of using a private jet:

       You can fly to where you want to fly. A private jet charter can allow you to fly into as many as 5500
        different airports. Commercial airlines only fly into around 550 airports. This means you are much more
        limited in where your final destination will be when you fly commercial, and you may also have to make
        connections in inconvenient airports. This can all make your trip take much longer than it should. Wasted
        time causes stress and wastes money.
       You can fly when you want to fly. You are not going to be tied to the schedule of commercial airlines when
        you charter your own jet. This means that if you want to fly in for just a simple meeting, you don't have
        to waste hours waiting for a return flight home. You also never have to worry about missing your
        connection since the plane leaves when you are ready.
       You can have a more pleasant traveling experience. Say goodbye to rude security agents, airlines that
        nickel and dime you for every checked bag or snack consumed, seats that are too small and cramped aisles
        with no leg room. When you fly on a jet charter, you can instead enjoy the comfort that comes with being
        on your own private aircraft with room to spare.
       You can turn travel time into productive time. You don't have to worry about people overhearing business
        discussions or about being distracted from your work by a crying baby on the plane. Instead, you can get
        down to business and focusing on getting work done in the air. This is such a major benefit that some
        studies have shown that people are actually more productive when working on a corporate jet than they
        are in their offices.

These are just a few examples of the key differences between flying private and flying on a commercial airline. To
experience the private jet difference for yourself, charter a private jet for your next business or personal trip.

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