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Accessibility testing checklist and questions

      After reading Section 508 (the Rehabilitation Act Amendment [RAA]) of the Workforce
       Investment Act of 1988, do you notice particulars that apply to your application?
      Will your application be made Section 508 compliant?
      Can the application be used without a mouse? This means keyboard-only navigation and
       the use of the Tab key to navigate. Try placing the mouse behind the computer to force
       you to try this.
      Is the tab order through the application logical (TabIndex attribute)?
      Does the focus default to the most logical place when a user enters a page?
      Are there any keyboard shortcuts in the product (AccessKey attributes)?
      Are these shortcuts unique on each page compared to any other access key, browser
       hotkey, or system command? You cannot have duplicates.
      Do all pages, tables, columns, frames, forms, graphics, links, animations, applets, and
       controls have a descriptive real-language label (ALT text and TITLE text)?
      Do all tables have header attributes? (<TH> with a real-language description.)
      Do all links, buttons, and graphics have tooltips?
      Do all images used as anchors for links have a text-based alternative?
      Is the application able to function with all graphics turned off? With the sound turned
      Can the application function when the user has turned off style sheets in the browser?
      Is color or sound the only method of communicating information to the user in any place?
      Are the user's specified colors of fonts, links, and the background applied?
      Are the user's specified font face and size applied?
      Can the application be used while in High Contrast mode?
      Does the application or site provide the appropriate properties for the controls in MSAA?
      If any text edit boxes are used, can you change the value in the box and have MSAA
       recognize the new input?

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