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									WEEK 3
God’s Motivation
Chick-fil-A is a unique fast-food restaurant for different reasons. First, they
have the original chicken sandwich (at least that is what they say). Second,
they have persons dressed up in cow costumes prompting you to eat more
chicken. Third, when you tell an employee “Thank you,” their immediate reply
is, “It’s my pleasure.”

What does it mean for you to tell someone, “It’s my pleasure”?

Of all the amazing people in history—in the present and in the future—no
one has or will ever do more for you than what God did when He sent His
Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sin. God’s demonstration of His love for the
world exceeds anything anyone else is capable of achieving.

According to Colossians 1:19-20, how could God do such a merciful, selfless
service for mankind?

Another verse reassuring us of God’s pleasure in reconciling us to Him is
Ephesians 1:5. With what two conditions did God choose to adopt believers?

Get a hold of this: the next time you thank God for what He has done for you,
His response will be, “It’s my pleasure.” For what can you thank God today?
Spend some time right now doing just that.

My Prayer
Thank You, God, for saving me from my sin.


Thanks in Everything
One family’s true story of devotion and heroism during the Holocaust is
recorded through the eyes of the survivor, Corrie Ten Boom, in “The Hiding
Place.” Ten Boom’s unforgettable journey inspires readers to live out their
faith even in the darkest of times. Ten Boom survived the harshest elements
at the hands of the Nazi’s in concentration camps in Germany. We may not
ever have to endure such hardships as the Ten Boom family, but we will
have our own problems.
Read John 16:33. What does Jesus say we will all have?

What does that mean to you?

The path from troubles to peace is possible through thanksgiving. That’s
what Ten Boom did at each and every moment of her horrific ordeal. When
her sister, Betsy, chose to be thankful for the overcrowded rooms infested
with fleas, Ten Boom didn’t know if she could. Later she learned it was the
fleas that kept the guards away from their room providing opportunities to
read aloud from their New Testament Bible allowing the other women to

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18. In what kind of circumstances does God call us
to give thanks?

It’s tough to give thanks when things aren’t going as you plan. Know that
circumstances may not change, but you can have peace when you thank
God for everything.

My Prayer
I give You thanks always.


Thanks in Faith
Have you ever prayed about something you were sure it was God’s will and
yet you hadn’t received any answer after continuous prayer? You have the
faith to believe God is capable to give you what you are asking for, but
wonder how much longer you can keep believing.

What do you do to keep hope alive in uncertain circumstances?

King Jehoshaphat faced a life and death predicament for himself and his
people. He received bad news that armies were on their way to make war
against Judah. Jehoshaphat inquired of the Lord and proclaimed a fast. The
people of Judah gathered together and sought divine answers. They acted
not on their dismay, but instead set their eyes on what God could do for
them. With the leadership of King Jehoshaphat, singers were instructed to go
ahead of the army and sing a song of thanksgiving.

Read 2 Chronicles 20:21. What song did the people sing?

How are those words comforting to you in times when you could lose hope?

One thing we can do when it seems God isn’t answering our requests is to
give thanks to God for His answer ahead of time. Lead your emotions with
powerful words of hope giving thanks to God who is able.

My Prayer
Your love endures forever.

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