MR16 FINAL by Dance Gavin Dance


									High-Powered LED

              The LED MR16 lamps are equivalent to 50 Watt halogen lamps but use up to 80% less energy
              and last up to 25 times longer. These new LED bulbs are engineered to handle the variations in
              voltages that may accompany “noisy” AC power supplies. This eliminates burnout from incom-
              ing voltage that is higher than the lamp’s capacity. These LEDs remove the need to stock a va-
              riety of MR16 LED bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that may present with 12V-24V
              DC power supplies.

• 4 Watt High Output LED
• Input voltage: 100—260VAC
• Feature three High-Power LEDs and are offered in cool white and
  warm white temperatures (2700k—6500k)
• Generate less heat than halogen MR16 bulbs and will not waste en-
  ergy or cause burning bulbs and fires
• Excellent solution for maintenance-free and low-voltage applications
• Ultra long life of a minimum 50,000 hours (5 1/2—6 years powered 24
• Easy installation using 2 pin MR16 fixture
• Generate little heat, are safe to the touch and will reduce fires
• Easy installation using the existing MR 16
• They use approximately 10% of the energy consumed by regular in-
  candescent lamps which result in major cost savings

                         Payback Period Calculator
                     Comparing LED to Conventional Lamp

                                                           Conventional Bulb         LED Bulb
                                      Bulb Example           Halogen 50W            LED MR 16

                                 Cost of Bulb ($CAD)                      $1.95             $28.49
                          Average Bulb lifetime (hours)                   2000               50000
              Number of Bulbs needed for equal lifetime
                                                                             25                  1
                     Cost of Labour to replace one Bulb                   $4.00              $4.00

TOTAL cost over equal lifetimes (Without Energy)                      $101.95              $32.49

                                             Wattage (w)                     50                  4
                     Cost of electricity per kWh ($CAD)                   $0.14              $0.14
                      TOTAL Energy cost ($CAD)                        $350.00              $28.00

                              Overall cost per Bulb                   $451.95              $60.49

             Savings per LED Bulb over equal hours of operations                          $391.46

                                         Annual SAVINGS per LED Bulb ($CAD)                $68.58
                                                      Payback period (in months)                  6

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