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									                                                                                 Anastasia Gruzdova
                                                                                            4th Block
                                                                                 December 21, 2011


         Suddenly your body activates the nervous system. The little hypothalamus that lies in
your brain signals your adrenaline glands to send out hormones of adrenaline and cortisol into
your bloodstream. Boom-boom, boom-boom! Your heart speeds up, your breathing speeds up,
as well as your blood pressure and metabolism; all of these are stress responses, the effect of
stress. Caused by others giving people a hard time, uncontrollable dilemmas, or maybe even
miscellaneous distractions, a great amount of teens are dealing with stress and if not resolved,
the teens can make countless decisions, possibly emotionally or physically harming their being.
If not stopped, things like anxiety or panic attacks, pressure, moodiness, headaches and chest
pain, sleeping disorders, depression, addictions to drugs or alcohol, or even allergic reactions
like eczema or asthma may appear! Stress isn’t just “Oh, I have a test tomorrow and I didn’t
study”; it’s damaging.

        A solution? I suggest you use a stress toy. Just a simple squishy ball will do, nothing all
fancy and expensive is necessary—although, the more complex the better. Your mind will start
to focus on the toy, paying less attention to the hectic problems you have going on. According
to, people who have dealt with situations for far too long can develop stress
overload, which is very hard on a person. Also, teens that have anxiety tend to overreact on the
slightest predicament. But these stress toys offer these teens to calm down and fidget around
with its variety of uses and gadgets. However, although it surely does occupy your time, others
may say it’s just a waste of time! Teens could get agitated by spending their money on an
object, and find it useless.

        What if you discuss your difficulties? It’s possible it’ll help you…even though not each
and every one of you. What you could do is gather a group of supporting friends—or maybe
even just one friend that you trust the most—and tell them your problem. It might be that once
you say something about it instead of keeping it all bottled inside, tempting you to spill it out,
you’ll be relieved of what’s been bugging you all along. Your friend(s) probably will try to help
you out in some sort; maybe a pep talk was all that was needed to boost your confidence up to
get rid of that pesky stress. On the other hand, if you keep on talking about what’s bothering
you, you’ll seem to get reminded of it over and over again, leaving you more stressed or angry.
Or to some people, if others just give you a pep talk, it won’t help at all, even if you try your
hardest for it to.

     If all else fails, I’m pretty sure this works all the time. I, for one, have to deal with a great
amount of stress, at school, with friends, and home. Everywhere, all I hear and witness are
homework, class work, nagging, complaining, relationship problems—stressors here and there!
It very so may seem that the world’s fate is depending on you, but truth be told, it isn’t. And to
realize that, all you must do is very simple actually; get an ice cold, refreshing drink, sit down in
a nice, comfy chair, close your eyes, take in a deep, long breath, and relax! It might seem as
though you’re procrastinating at the moment and you need to hurry and get your stressors
done and finished with, but this is actually helpful. If it gets to where we have to strap you
down to chill out, let it be!

        As you relax, think of a happy place, somewhere you’d like to be out of anywhere. If it’s
a quiet, beautiful ocean, then imagine the breezy, salty air hitting your face, hearing the crashes
of the waves and the cries of the seagulls. You’re in your bathing suit, sucking in the pleasurable
rays of warmth tanning your skin.

       When you go through this mental process, you clear your mind of all stressors and focus
on happy thoughts. Know that you have time on your hands at the moment. As says, too many stressors or a problem that you’ve been dealing with for quite
a while can leave you weary and depleted. But this technique will slowly build up your strength
to the way it was.

        You look at life and you see that stress attacks you from left and right, day to day. It
causes horrendous results and situations that can be left as it is permanently or end up
dangerous to your health. It is best to take care of stress at the beginning, and the best way is
to take a pause in juggling between school, work, personal issues, events, activities, and more.
Just take a pause. Take a break. You hear on TV where a character says to find your happy
place; do it and find that happy place of yours. For a minute or for an hour, take some time out
to relax. During that time, you can think about everything and sort it all out to find the time to
manage it all out. Try it. Try relaxing. Try getting rid of stress. It works.

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