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									The Psychoanalytic
• Psychoanalysis has three applications:
  – a method of investigation of the mind;
  – a systematized set of theories about human
  – a method of treatment of psychological or
    emotional illness.
• Five psychosexual stages of child
            A bit about this
• Believed in unconscious motivation.
• In Freud's view, each stage focused on
  sexual activity and the pleasure received
  from a particular area of the body.
                 Stage 1
•   Birth to 18 months
•   Oral
•   Obsession with mouth
•   Sucking and biting
                  Stage 2
•   18 months to 3 years
•   Anal
•   Obsession with Anus
•   Bowel and bladder control
                 Stage 3
•   3 years to 6 years
•   Phallic
•   Obsession with Genitals
•   Self stimulation
•   Oedipus and Electra Complex.
                  Stage 4
•   6 years to puberty
•   Latency
•   Repression or
•   Relative dormancy of sexual excitation
                 Stage 5
• Puberty to adulthood
• Genital
• Mature sexual functioning or fixation
         Id, Ego and Superego
• Another part of Freud's theory focused on identifying the
  parts of consciousness.
• All babies are initially dominated by unconscious,
  instinctual and selfish urges for immediate gratification
  which he labeled the Id.
• As babies attempt and fail to get all their whims met,
  they develop a more realistic appreciation of what is
  realistic and possible, which Freud called the "Ego".
• Over time, babies also learn about and come to
  internalize and represent their parents' values and rules.
  These internalized rules, which he called the "Super-
  Ego", are the basis for the developing child's conscience
  that struggles with the concepts of right and wrong and
  works with the Ego to control the immediate gratification
  urges of the Id.
          Defending the ego
• Defense mechanisms developed by ego to
  protect itself.
  – Fixation
  – Regression
  – Repression
  – Denial
  – Distortion
  – The list goes on
              Funny haha
• By today's rigorous scientific standards,
  Freud's psychosexual theory is not
  considered to be very accurate. However,
  it is still important and influential today
  because it was the first stage development
  theory that gained real attention, and
  many other theorists used it as a starting

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