mining boom by hedongchenchen


									Mining Boom/Railroad
       Chap. 18.1
• Pikes Peak- Gold rush area in Colorado
• Lodes-rich streak of ore sandwich between
  layer of rocks
• Ore-minerals that can contain silver
• Comstock Lode- lode of silver bearing ore by
  Carson River, NV
• Boomtowns- towns that grew in response to
• Virginia City, Nevada- First major boomtown-
  Comstock lode
           Vocabulary Cont
• Vigilantes-Citizens who took up law into own
• Subsidies- finical aide and land grants from
• Transcontinental- span the length of country
• Promontory Point- point where two railroad
  lines met in Utah
• Time zone- separating the nation into areas
  where they share the same time
• After civil war people
  looking for new way of life.
• Mining expedition found
  gold at Pikes peak and set
  off “gold rush”
• Henry Comstock found ore
  in Nevada and started
  Virginia City, NV.
          Life in Mining towns
• Boomtowns sprang up in
  response to rapid growth of
  people around a mine
• Towns often lawless and rough,
  law enforcement left up to
• Most boomtowns busted after
  mines where done and became
  ghost towns
• Some towns survived and later
  became state in Union;
  North/South Dakota, Washington,
  Montana, Wyoming
• Needed a way to get to the
  new mine towns in the west.
• Idea came about to build
  transcontinental railroad.
• Government helped
  subsidies this with money
  and land grants.
• Had to go through harsh
  Native American territory
         Connecting Railroad
• Union Pacific Railroad
  started building from
  Omaha Nebraska
• Central Pacific from-
  Sacramento, CA.
• They competed against
  each other
• Central Pacific use
  Chinese labor, Union
  Pacific used Irish and
  African American labors
            Railroads Meet
• May 10, 1869 the two
  tracks met in
  Promontory Point,
  Utah. Golden spike
  used to connect them
         Results of Railroad
• Connected West to
  rest of country;
  workers, resources
  ect came west.
• Towns sprang up all
  along rail tracks
• Established time
  schedules and time

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