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                Name of Publication                 Publisher/Author           ISBN Number         Copyright Date   Media Type:
Where Can I buld My Volcano?                          Pat Van Doren            0-615-11641-8            1998           Book
A Place Of Our Own                                    Pat Van Doren                                     2008           Book
A Family of Five or Six                               Pat Van Doren                                     2008           Book
How to Steal A Dog                                  Barbara O'Connor         978-0-312-56112-3          2007           Book
Waiting for Normal                                     Leslie Connor         978-0-06-089090-2          2008           Book
Educating Children Without Housing                American Bar Association   978-1-60442-556-7          2009           Book
Lawyers Working to End Homlessness                American Bar Association     1-59031-690-8            2006           Book
Crossing th Line: Taking Steps to End
Homelessness                                           Diane D. Nilan          1-59113-836-1            2005           Book
Serving Homeless Students: A Practical Guide to
Title I and Other Federal Programs                    LRP Publications                                  2009           Book
Runaway and Homeless Youth and the Law:
Model State Statutes                              American Bar Association     1-60442-432-X            2009           Book
Imagine the Possibilities                                  WestEd              0-914409-07-7            2001           Book
Homelessness Comes to School                               Corwin            978-1-4129-8054-8          2011           Book
Nobody Don't Love Nobody                                 Stacey Bess           1-882723-10-4            1994           Book
Also Known As Harper                                 Ann Haywood Leal        978-0-8050-888I-6          2009           Book
America's Invisible Children                            Presented by
The Homeless Education Crisis in America              Feed the Children                                 2007            DVD
My Own Four Walls                                       HEAR US Inc.                                    2008            DVD
Homeless to Harvard (The Liz Murray Story)         Warner Home Video Inc                                2004            DVD
Beyond the Blackboard                                     Hallmark                                      2011            DVD
Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County          HBO/Alexandra Pelosi                                 2010            DVD
Saily's Journey                                     Ralph da Costa Nunez        0-9724425-3-7           2002            Book
Cooper's Tale                                       Ralph da Costa Nunez       978-964178478-4          2000            Book
Voyage to Shelter Cove                              Ralph da Costa Nunez        0-9724425-3-7           2005            Book
Voyage to Shelter Cove (Activity Book)              Ralph da Costa Nunez      978-0-9724425-5-8         2006        Activity Book
Our Wish                                            Ralph da Costa Nunez       978-0-961784-1-0         1997            Book
Our Wish (Activity Book)                            Ralph da Costa Nunez     0-978-0-9724425-5-8        1997        Activity Book
Mango's Quest                                       Ralph da Costa Nunez      978-0-9724425-8-9         2008            Book
Mango's Quest (Activity Book)                       Ralph da Costa Nunez      978-0-9724425-9-6         2008        Activity Book
The McKinney-Vento Act in Our Schools                 Patricia Julianelle                               2011            DVD
A Shelter Is Not a Home. . .Or Is It?                 Ralph da Costa Nunez       9780-9825533-0-5              2010              Book

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