John Searcy Bio by hedongchenchen


									John Searcy

John ‘No Mercy’ Searcy, as he is known by most, is a natural born
drummer, who has been honing his craft since the age of three. Born into
a musical family, John received his first Slingerland set, when he was just
five years old. It was a gift from the drummer in his parent’s band, where
he often sat in during jam sessions at home. John went on to spend his
high school years as a drummer in the marching band, however, it wasn’t
until he went to Belmont College that he would decide music was what
he would pursue as a career.

Through the years, Searcy has continued to develop into one of
Nashville’s premier drummers, playing with such artists as The Fox Brothers,
Spencer Crossing and former James Brown Soul General, Waldo Weathers
and his band The Mix. In 2002, John met Brandon Giles, and agreed to
play “one gig” with him. They have been ripping up the stage together,
in Nashville and across the country, ever since.

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