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             Chapter One
On Sunday I woke up. Sundays were boring days.
“Do your chores” yelled my mum.
“Please mum, let me play with my computer, it’s
Sunday ! ” I pleaded. Mum changed her mind and
told me, “ you can play for an hour but you have
to do your chores later.”
I skipped downstairs and jumped onto our comfy
brown leather chair, I picked up the controller of
my brand new XBOX (which I got at Christmas)
and turned it on.
The t.v. stayed blank. My game was not showing
up, suddenly a flash of light shot across the
screen. “What was that?” I asked.
In a blink of an eye, I saw another flash shoot
across the room then a strong hand grabbed my
arm and pulled me towards the t.v. screen.
                 Chapter Two
 I opened my eyes and found myself standing in a
large field. In the distance I could see the top of
two turrets belonging to a castle.
Suddenly I could hear gun shots, I ducked! ,
When I looked up I could see people running
everywhere. It was just like my XBOX game, It all
felt really strange.
I crawled along the ground until I came to a large
rock, “hello” came a voice from behind me, I
turned round quickly and saw a little goblin sitting
next to me. He was green and scruffy with
pointed ears and big round eyes.
“Who are you” I said.
“I am Michael” said the goblin.
The goblin then said “you shouldn’t be here it’s
                             dangerous, stay here
                             until I get back.”
                             I watched him walk
                     Chapter Three
I decided to follow him. I started to walk after
him, he was a fast walker. The goblin suddenly
looked behind him, I ducked! , he turned back and
I stood up. I started to follow once again.
Finally after walking for over 30 miles the goblin
reached a mountain. I went in after him, he
turned and saw me.
He said “what are you doing here”
“I thought you might need some help” I said
“Okay” said the goblin “you need to find a key”.
So we set of, we found the key after an hour.
“Make a funny noise” he said
So I did “vig vig blig blig “.
All of a sudden a bird came flying in.”Hop on said
the goblin so I did, it flew us to our destination
“thank you” I told the bird.
We got off, the castle was
massive, evil and it was
grey and blue with a flag at
the top. I knocked on the
door, it opened.
               Chapter Four
We went inside and the door slammed shut, I
jumped. It was dark, I ran with the goblin tucked
in my pocket. I heard a voice.
“How dare you enter my castle” said the voice.
“Do you want to fight me” he said.
I felt frightened but I knew I had to fight.
I said “yes”, so he gave me a sword and we
started to
I ran,
He ran,
I stabbed,
He stabbed me in the arm,
I lived,
He died.
The goblin said “well done, but we need to get
out, the castle will explode.
We ran and pushed the door open, we jumped
back on the bird and he started to fly.
Chapter Five

The colourful bird flew
high over the town,
after flying for about
fifty miles we came to
a port hole.
The goblin said “this is where I pulled you in”.
“Is it, it looks different” I said.
“Thank you for all your help” he said.
“That’s ok, can I come back” I asked.
“Maybe” he replied.
I flew through the port hole, 15 minutes later I
woke up on my comfy leather chair, I did not
know if it was a dream or not.
Then my mum shouted “breakfast”.
“Just coming” I shouted back.
I took the game out and put it in its case and put it
back on the shelf and ran into the kitchen.

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