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									                                       Burlington Dismas House
                                 Restoring former prisoners to our community for the greater good of all!

                                                                           Locations at:
                                                      96 Buell St, Burlington & 103 East Allen St, Winooski

                                                                                 N E W S L E T T E R ,      S U M M E R      2 0 0 9

                                            The Summer Resident Retreat!
                                 he plan is set. Staff and    Next, we’ll decide during

Moving On           2
                           T     residents alike can’t wait
                           for the weekend of July 24-26,
                                                              house meetings what
                                                              equipment we need, what
                           2009, when we will go              the menu will be, and who
                           camping at Grand Isle State        will be in charge of each
Paint for a                Park. We can’t wait to swim,       meal. We will air out the
                    2      fish, and challenge each other     sleeping bags and tents, get
“Painted Lady”
                           in games of volleyball and         our bathing suits packed, and
                           horseshoes.                        make sure we have all the
East Allen—First                                              cooking pots we need. It will
                    3      It’s taken weeks of planning,      take five vehicles to transport
Anniversary                starting with picking dates
                           and a camp ground. Grand           the residents and staff of both
                                                              houses, 24 of us, along with
Dismas is Where            Isle State Park won out with       our equipment and a canoe
                    3      its nearby lake front lean-tos,
the heart Is                                                  to Grand Isle!
                           swimming beach and Nature
                           Center.                            We are all excited by the
Volunteers Make            Our camp sites are booked at       prospect of getting away
                3                                             from the city, relaxing and     Residents prepare a meal for everyone
it Special                 this serene and beautiful          having a great time with the     while camping together in Grand Isle
                           park. There’s a great place for    people we have grown to see                  State Park.
Dinner Auction             picnics adjacent to one of our     as family. Of course we’re
                    4      lean-tos, and each site has                                        we are planning on having a
Thank You’s                                                   hoping for good weather, but fantastic weekend together!
                           barbeque grill fire pits.
The Aikman’s &
Dwight Donation
                                               The Chew Chew’s Last Stop!
                               elling fresh squeezed
Please Send us your        S   lemonade, corn-on-
                           the-cob, and more
                                                                                                            We have many folks to
                                                                                                            thank. Without John
                                                                                                            Crabbe of Vermont Tent
  Email Address            recently, Whoopie Pies at                                                        Company we never
We are collecting the      Burlington’s Chew Chew                                                           would have had this
                           Festival has been one of                                                         fundraising opportunity.
email addresses of our     our traditions - going                                                           John lent us the
  supporters to save       back 24 years, to the                                                            equipment and space,
 postage, paper costs,     earliest days of Dismas in                                                       paid our booth fees, and
   and a few trees.        Vermont.                                                                         made a sizeable donation
                           The Chew Chew has                                                                toward our expenses
 BDH never sells or        been a fundraising and                                                           every year. George from
                           community building                                                               Newton’s Gas Station
  shares its email or                                                                                       came by one year with a
                           tradition for Dismas staff,
mailing lists. Send your   residents and volunteers,                                                        new four burner stove he
                                                          Chew Chew volunteers: & Dismas Staff: from        built because he felt ours
   name and email          all working and having          Left, Richard Gagne, Roger Gibeault, Mary
                           fun together. Fresh                                                              was getting too old. The
      address to                                         Golek, Mary McGinely, Lucy Ring, Earl Drollette, Pepsi Company always
                           squeezed lemonade was                          Mike Sintoni
                           our signature item. When                                                         donated the use of 5                                                                                    gallon tanks and other
                           the weather was hot and the
                           crowd was huge, we could          reward. It was still fun, just not a    equipment to hold water for
                           raise over $12,000 in three       good recipe for a fundraiser. We        lemonade. Mike Parent from
                           days.                             hated to part with our tradition, Pepsi was a particularly good
                                                             but this was to be our last year.       friend and we appreciate his
                           A decline in attendance,          (Coincidentally, the Festival           many kindnesses. Event
                           coupled with big increases in organizers made the same                    organizer, Rick Norcross always
                           produce costs eventually          decision!)                              went out of his way to
                           caused the event to be a lot                                              accommodate us.
                           of work with little financial
                                                                          ….Continued on Page 2
           PAGE 2

                                       Buell Street Dismas House
                                        ike many families
                                                            short blocks the
      Wish List                   L     eager for summer, we
                                  grilled burgers and hotdogs
                                                                satellite apartment for
                                                                our weekly house
Buell Street Dismas
House is in need of the           over Memorial Day             meeting and leave
                                  weekend. But we also had      there feeling like that
following items:                  a special reason to           was the best part of
                                  celebrate as three Dismas     my day. We would
♦ New Electric Range              House members were            often visit about work,
♦ Large Microwave                 moving on. We said good       friends and family, but
                                  bye to Jeff, Deria and Star   sometimes had to talk
♦ Large Glasses                   who have been a part of       about more serious
♦ Tupperware Sets                 the Dismas family for more    issues like problems
♦ A New Gas Grill                 than two years. They first    with a concerned neighbor         was that it had not been an
♦ Pillows                         lived at Dismas House on      who had found out that they       easy journey, that it was often
                                  Buell Street and then         had been in prison, or how        hard and no one was sure if
♦ Twin Bed Sheets                 moved to the Dismas-run       that same neighbor had            they would make it, but that it
♦ Towels                          satellite apartments for      baked them bread.                 was the Dismas community that
♦ Blankets & Comforters           folks who are ready to take                                     gave them the chance to try.
                                  the next step. And now a      Our send-off barbeque was a
♦ Flatware                                                      lively celebration with stories   We were able to help them with
  Patio Chairs                    year later, they are moving                                     landlord references, and gave
                                  into apartments of their      of their first days at Dismas
♦ Camping Gear                                                  House and jokes about living      them a good send off with a gift
                                  own.                                                            card and some used furniture.
♦ End Table                                                     together, but there was also a
                                  I feel privileged to have     tinge of seriousness as we        And what they gave us, over
♦ X-Country Ski &                 known each of them. There     gave thanks before the meal,      and over, was the sense that
  Snowboard Gear                  were many hectic days         like we do at every evening       they couldn’t have done it
♦ Fans                            when I would drive the few    meal. The overriding theme        without Dismas House.

Please call 658-0381.
We are grateful for
                                  Gift from the Richard E. & Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation
donations of any of the                     We are proud to announce that Buell St. Dismas received $5,000 from the Richard
above. Because we                           E. & Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation in support of basic human services. We are
don’t have storage                          pleased to partner once again with the Richard E. & Deborah L. Tarrant
space we are unable to                      Foundation to accomplish our mutual goals of enhancing the quality of life and
                                            our communities.
accept donations of
                                                                 Paint for a “Painted Lady”
                                                              require more costly repairs.        “Painted lady” to her former
                                                              The structure is over 100 years     splendor.
    Buell Street Dismas                                       old. The ornate Victorian           The Chew Chew’s Last
       96 Buell Street                                        siding and scallops were
    Burlington, VT 05401                                                                          Stop! ...Continued from page 1
       (802) 658-0381                                         repaired 15 years ago when
                                                              we received a grant to              Some volunteers helped year
     Fax (253) 322-8847                                                                           after year: Roger and Mary
                                                              replace about 10% of the
                                                              siding that had water               brought their garden cart and
              Staff                                                                               always worked a shift; Kay, Phil,
       Kimberly Parsons                                       damage. Since then we have
                                                              been advised that the exterior      Vera, and Leo, joined us on
           House Director
         Cielo Mendoza                                        contains lead paint that            Friday mornings to husk corn;
       Assistant House Director                               needs to be removed by              and we could count on Sven
           Janet Grant                                        licensed professionals prior to     and crew for the busy Saturday
       Development Director                                   painting. This makes it             night shift. This year, volunteers
                                       uell Street Dismas
           Mary Golek
           Office Manager         B    House, a large,
                                  restored Victorian home,
                                                              difficult for us to use
                                                              volunteer labor as we do with
                                                                                                  from Green Mountain Coffee
                                                                                                  Roasters joined us. We’ve had
                                                                                                  many wonderful volunteers
                                  needs to be re-painted. We many maintenance projects.           over the years.
                                  received a Community        We are very grateful to the     Development Block Grant City of Burlington for this             Next summer, on the third
                                  from the City of Burlington grant which will allow us to        weekend in June, we will be free
                                  to paint the exterior this  hire a lead certified painting      to do whatever for the first time
                                  summer so that exposed      contractor to restore our           in 24 years, but I think we will
                                  wood will not rot and                                           also be missing something
            PAG E       3

      Wish List
                                          East Allen Dismas House
                                         East Allen Dismas—First Anniversary
  East Allen Dismas               ast Allen Dismas has              as well. It’s hard to see
  House needs the
  following items:
                              E   been around now for a
                            full year! It certainly has
                                                                    someone you care about
                                                                    hurting so much.
  ♦ Blender                 had its challenges but it has           But our struggles and
  ♦ Stand Mixer             also been incredibly                    sorrows have been far
                            rewarding. We started out               outweighed by our joys and
  ♦ Weights/Dumbbells       a group of 7 strangers, and             celebrations. We have
  ♦ Tabletop Fans           bit by bit we became a                  celebrated with our
  ♦ Picnic Tables           family. Not just a small                statewide Dismas family at
  ♦ 13”-20” Televisions     family of residents but a               our Dedication held at
                            large extended family that              Landry Park in Winooski last
   East Allen Dismas        includes volunteer cooks                fall. We barbequed at the
   103 East Allen Street    and Board Members.                      beach on the 4th of July, got
    Winooski, VT 05404                                                                                 member’s accomplishment when
                            Like a year in the life of              dressed up in costumes and
                                                                    danced together on                 they made parole or moved out to
      (802) 655-0300        many families, our East                                                    the Satellite Apartment or to their
    Fax (802) 497-0516      Allen Dismas family also has            Halloween, we feasted on
                                                                    turkey at Thanksgiving,            own place.
                            challenges. A few of our folks have not been                     shared gifts at Christmas,         So, after one year, we’re just living
                            successful in their struggle to         and held an Easter egg hunt.       life, doing all the things most families
           Staff            stay clean or sober. They               We welcomed new members            do. It does not make us special or
       Richard Gagne        have suffered for it and we             to our home, celebrated            different, but for most of us, it is a
         House Director                                             birthdays and recognized a         real triumph.
                            all have been affected by it

                            Dismas Is Where the Heart Is                                               by Randy Mitchell
        t     I felt
     Aoffirst and arriving at
        overwhelmed coming
     out jail
                                      goals positively.
                                      Dinners at Dismas are
                                                                            staff, residents and volunteer
                                                                            cooks. The friendships are
                                                                            gratifying, and make me feel
                                                                                                                 I am very appreciative of
                                                                                                                 the volunteers that cook
                                                                                                                 wonderful meals and
     East Allen Dismas. Kim           something to look forward             trusted and worthy. There is         spend time with us around
     and Richard had                  to. A time to get to know             always someone to help when I        the Dismas dinner table,
     explained what my                one another, build on                 am down, keep me on track            and also for the volunteers
     obligations and                  community, get to know the            towards staying positive and         that support the events
     responsibilities would be at     volunteers and create                 achieving my goals.                  that make Dismas House
     Dismas, but I didn’t really      friendships. It’s nice to feel                                             possible. I have called
     know what to expect.                                                   Because of Dismas House, I           Dismas House home for
                                      wanted and cared for by the           have become a completely
     What I have found is that        volunteers, and I like getting                                             over a year, and now I
     Dismas is about making                                                 different person – I can reach       know I have a home
                                      advice from them.                     positive goals – I’ve gotten a
     commitments, showing                                                                                        where people genuinely
     responsibility, creating         I feel that I am giving back          car and my license back, I           care about me and how I
     community, and achieving         to the community through              have money in savings: it's a        do.
                                      creating friendships with             fresh start.

                                                                   Volunteers Make It Special
                                                                        very so often a very special    irreplaceable member at our
                                                                   E    person joins the Dismas
                                                                   community, one who makes a
                                                                                                        dinner table each month. The
                                                                                                        always-cheery Marykate livens up
                                                                   big difference just by being the     the Dismas House every chance she
                                                                   wonderful person that they are.      gets. If you hear bouts of laughter
                                                                                                        at East Allen, you know Marykate
                                                                   Marykate Rowan, a Burlington         is entertaining! Her Holiday dinners
                                                                   Dismas House Board member            are truly special meals, and a sight
                                                                   and volunteer cook at East           to behold. Thank you Marykate.
                                                                   Allen Dismas, has become an
                            Marykate Rowan, third from left,
                            livens up the holidays with the East
                            Allen Crew!
                PAGE 4

Board of Directors                  Burlington Dismas House Dinner Auction
                                he 24th Annual Dinner
Hon. Edward Cashman
                           T    Auction was a great
                           success! A fun evening of
                                                              A resident commented after the
                                                              event how moving the evening
                                                                                                     Thank you to our Key Note
                                                                                                     Speakers Mark and Marybeth
                                                                                                     Redmond, and to everyone
                                                              had been for him “To see that
Board Members              recognition, fellowship,           room full of people rooting for me.    who participated in the
                           learning and friend-raising.       Everyone there in support of           planning, sponsored a
Daniel Cahill– Secretary   Our thanks to all our Dinner       former prisoners – amazing”. It is     resident, donated auction
Adrianne Carr              Auction Sponsors, and              amazing, and that’s what               items, made a financial
Lynn Clauer Foster
                           especially to Bob and Cindy        Burlington Dismas House is about       contribution, and attended
                           Hoehl, and Amy Tarrant for         – community in support of              our very special event.
Richard Gagne              their generous support.            reconciliation.
Dennis Moore
Stephanie Noakes                                           The Aikman & Dwight Donation
                                                            he members of the Aikman          financial company, Dwight, and not
Kimberly Parsons
Richard Perez
                                                       T    family have been volunteer
                                                       cooks at East Allen Dismas since
                                                                                              long ago, he called to say that
                                                                                              Dwight was donating $1,000 to
Carmen Portelli                                        the opening last summer. Cathy         Dismas House – a surprise and an
                                                       comes every month with                 honor! It’s great when friends of
Marybeth Redmond                                       daughters Samantha and Macey,          Dismas use their connections to
Marykate Rowan                                         and prepares a wonderful meal,         fundraise, or share the Dismas story,
                                                       often including food grown in their    or get their work or church group
Peter Rowan                                            garden. Bill, their husband/dad,       involved with us. Thanks to all the
Chris Trapeni- Treasurer                               works late but usually makes it for    Dismas volunteers and supporters
                                                       dinner. We appreciate his coming       who help us in so many ways.
Elizabeth Whitmore            Cathy Aikman &           to be a part of our evening
                                                       mealtime. Bill works for the
Dismas of Vermont, Inc.
                             Daughters, Macey &
                                 Samantha                                             BDH 2009 Plant Sale
Rita Whalen McCaffrey      Want to Know More?                                                T    he Plant Sale in May raised
                                                                                                  $5,650 and so much more.
Executive Director                                     Learn how Dismas House makes
                                  e’d be happy to
                           W      schedule a
                           presentation at your
                                                       a real difference in the lives of
                                                       former prisoners– helping to
                                                                                             Volunteers from Chittenden Bank,
                                                                                             IBM and the United Way Volunteer
                                                                                             Center, spent hours digging and
 An Agency of                                          break the “revolving door” of re
                           church, business, service                                         potting plants, along with Dismas
                           organization or             -incarceration. Learn how you         residents and staff. Intervale Compost
                           classroom. There is no      and your group can become             Products donated two truckloads of
                           cost or obligation for a    actively involved in change, and      compost to give the plants a good
                           Dismas speaker – we         making our community safer.           start! Lots of people get exposed to
                           believe it is crucial to    Help us share the word. Contact       Dismas through the Plant Sale. Our
                           engage our                  Richard Gagne to schedule a           thanks to organizers Roger Gibeault
                           community in the            presentation: 655-0300, or            and Mary McGinley, and all those who
                           work of reconciliation.

 Burlington, VT                                                                                Burlington, VT 05401
 Permit #815                                                                                   96 Buell Street
 U.S. Postage Paid
 Non-Profit Org.                                                                               House
                                                                                               Burlington Dismas

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