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									Hoedown throwdown                Step and slide
Miley Cyrus                      Lean in left,
                                 Clap 3 times
                                 Shake it out
Boom Boom Clap                   Head to toe
Boom de Clap de clap (3x)        Throw it all together
                                 That's how we roll
Try it with me; Here we go!
                                 Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Boom Boom Clap                   (3x)
Boom de Clap de clap             Throw it all together
Thats Right!                     That's how we roll
Boom de Clap de clap
Boom Boom Clap                   We get to 4, 5, 6
Boom de Clap de clap             And you're feelin' busted
1! 2! 3! Everybody               But it's not time to quit
C'mon off your seats!            Practice makes you perfect
I'm gonna tell ya 'bout a beat
That's gonna make ya move        Pop it, Lock it,
your feet.                       …

I'll Give The Barbecue,          Do the hoedown (throwdown)
Show and Tell You How To         (3x)
Move                             Throw it all together
If you're 5 or 82                That's how we roll
This is somethin' you can do!
                                 Boom de Clap de clap
Pop it, Lock it,                 Boom Boom clap
Polka dot it                     C'mon, here we go
Countrify then hip hop it.       Boom boom clap
Put your hawk in the sky         Boom de clap de clap
Side to side                     Boom boom clap
Jump to the left                 Boom de clap
Stick it, glide.
Zig zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits,
Hands on your hips
One foot it, 180 twist
And then a, zig zag,

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