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					CFC Audits

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
Review Expectations and Processes.
  2010 Audit Changes and Impacts

               MDRT 2011, Presentation by Ron Denson, EscaRosa CFC Director
CFC Audits

Notification of selection is made by
the Office of the Inspector General
    (OIG) in January/February.
 (On 1/4/2011, OPM OIG was presenting the final selection list to OPM CFC.
   Campaigns may have been notified by the time of this presentation.)
CFC Audits

 The audit will be conducted on the
 upcoming closing year’s campaign.
Notification of an audit in Jan/Feb 2011 will be on the
CFC 2009 campaign year, which final distributions are
conducted in March 2011. However the OIG will also
review the previous year’s CPA Audited Review.
CFC Audits

  The notification letter will provide
 details of the visit and directions in
 providing advance read materials.
Site visits generally start on the first weeks of June
     and should last no longer than one week.
CFC Audits

Unless otherwise directed (and based on the size of
the campaign being reviewed) usually only one
Inspector will report on site. OPM/OIG will make all
travel and hotel arrangements. It is recommended
that the PCFO make contact with the visiting
Inspector to offer any assistance needed.
CFC Audits

Advance read materials will vary from year to year
but are often hard copies and electronic copies of;
- Reports                   - Letters
- Minutes                   - Printed Materials
- Expense Details                                - Bank Details
                                        - Etc.
(Basically any and all materials which the CPA would need to conduct the AUP, which are
available at the time of the OIG’s request. OPM/OIG give you about 30 dates to gather and
submit the materials to them. DO NOT DELAY. If you are having any problems, communicate
your concerns in advance.)
CFC Audits

 Prior to arrival, the Inspector may
provide additional information about
 other materials to be reviewed on
CFC Audits

The Inspector will also give a rough
timeline starting with an in-brief and
planned out-brief.
          (Flexibility is paramount.)
CFC Audits

In the OPM CFC confirmation letter,
the CFC Office will advise you to
budget accordingly.
(Prior to the inspection, you should have already
completed your final distribution for the audited
campaign and withheld expenses planned for the audit.)
CFC Audits

    The OIG Inspector may bill the
    Campaign for his/her expenses.
(Plan for additional staff support which may be required,
additional expenses occurred for the advance materials
preparation, mailings, etc. These are all reimbursable
CFC Audits

  Review OPM Memorandum 2008-9
(OPM Memorandum 2008-9 provides guidance on handling
expenses exceeding the planed audit expense or handling
money left over from an audit.)
CFC Audits

   Maintain the Utmost Professional
         Posture at all times.
(Either during the audit or at the final out brief, the Inspector
may present findings which either the LFCC and/or PCFO may
not agree with. First and MOST importantly, remember the
Inspector is making a decision on the bases of the information
presented and his/her understandings of the guidelines.)
CFC Audits

       Presenting facts not myths.
If the LFCC and/or PCFO does not agree with the Inspectors
finding. You may want to challenge the opinion however it is
recommended that unless you have facts to support your
actions, such as guidelines, memorandum changes, or other
supporting OPM CFC documentation, do nothing other than to
accept the opinion and state your position in your LFCC/PCFO
remarks. Let OPM CFC Office provide a position statement.
CFC Audits

     Presenting facts not myths

Facts are not;
That's how it has always been.
That’s what other CFC Directors told me.
CFC Audits

  OPM, OIG Audits have identified
weaknesses and discrepancies which
     caused policy changes or
OPM Memorandum 2008-9 is an example of a clarification
CFC Audits

COMMENTS ON 2010 Audit Changes
Preliminary reviews indicates the 2010 AUP policy changes are

Found   weaknesses    in   LFCC    and   PCFO    procedures.

(LFCC’s having the PCFO’s conduct the Assessment reviews, not
clearly understanding it is the responsibility of the LFCC.)
CFC Audits

COMMENTS ON 2010 Audit Changes.
LFCC’s having the PCFO’s conduct the Assessment reviews, not
clearly understanding it is the responsibility of the LFCC.
CFC Audits

 What changes can we expect to see
             in 2011?
No procedural changes are currently planned (as of 1/4/2011).
Only tweaking of wording for better clarification of the intent.
CFC Audits

        Thank You

       Ron Denson
      EscaRosa CFC #0194
        Pensacola, Florida
         (850) 452-2029
CFC Audits

Comparative Data if made available
will be presented at the conclusion
        of this presentation.

       Average audits based on campaign size.
 What percentage of large campaigns did 2010’s policy
changes cause and increase, parentage of increase, etc.
              Other data will be offered.

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