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Five Day Lesson Plan Boom Town


									Story— Boom Town                             Unit 1 Story 1
Day One: -   (date)

Introduce Question of the Week:
      When would hard work be the way to strike it rich?

Introduce Vocabulary:
      Concept Vocabulary: Use “Build Concept Vocabulary” section of manual p. 12l. Be sure to make
       web with class.
      Tested Vocabulary: 1)manual p. 14b— Use the “Introduce Vocabulary” lesson as explained in the manual.
      Especially make use of the Homonyms—Multiple Meaning Words section. For more help teaching the
      homonyms in this story, see Vocabulary Strategy section of manual p. 41c.
      Be sure to use the Graphic Organizer 2 with today’s vocabulary discussion.
Introduce Skill(s) of the Week: Realism/ Fantasy, Prior Knowledge
      *Use Skills Transparency 1—1) Read p. 12 as a class 2) Project skill
       Trans. 1 to read/discuss as a class 3) Review the Skill/Strategy Notes on the transparency as a class
      4) Guide the class through doing Write Question 1 on p. 12. For p.12 question 2, students could tell other t
      things Pecos Bill might do instead of write them.
      Doing this activity will help students prepare for some of the comprehension questions on the end of the
      story selection test.

Building Background Activities:
      Activating Prior Knowledge: use manual p. 14a
      Background Building CD Selection: This week’s selection explores a boom town during the California
      Gold Rush.
Focusing on the Story:
•     Genre: Historical Fiction
      Play the audio CD of this story for students to listen to. As they listen to the story, have them focus on
      whether or not the events could really happen.
Story— Boom Town                            Unit 1 Story 1
Day Two:    - (date)

Discuss Question of the Day:
      What type of person is well suited for living in a new town?

Practice Vocabulary:
Activity or Game—
1)Use Vocabulary Matching Activity from Prince’s Post. Provide each student with a copy of the activity.
2) Students work individually or in pairs to cut the pieces apart and place them in one mixed up pile.
3) Students then sort the pieces to match the terms with the definitions.
4) Go over answers as a class, then have students use their matches to aid them in completing Practice Book
    p. 4.

Practice Skill(s) of the Week: Realism/ Fantasy, Prior Knowledge
       Use Practice Book p. 3— Do the page with students, placing a copy on the document camera to fill in
       with the class.

Reading for Comprehension:
     Comprehension Strategy—
• Small group activity -Use the fluency phrase cards from Prince’s Post website
  with students who struggle with fluency to build skills before reading whole group. Also, send the cards
  home with same students to continue practicing fluency skills.
• Read the story as a whole group to focus on the skills that run down the sides of the story pages in the
  teacher’s manual.

Make sure students are studying vocabulary and practicing reading the story at home during the week.
The dominoes, vocabulary match pieces and fluency phrase cards may be very helpful for this.
Story— Boom Town                            Unit 1 Story 1
Day Three:   - (date)

Discuss Question of the Day:
      How do towns and cities grow?

Practice Vocabulary:
       Activity or Game: 1) Use the Vocabulary Dominoes from Prince’s Posts
                         2) Do Voc. Context Clues Practice Book p. 5

Practice Skill(s) of the Week: Realism/ Fantasy, Prior Knowledge
1) Place students in pairs to complete Practice Book p. 7. When completed, discuss as a class.
       Students can complete Practice Book pp. 6 and 8 as needed (whole group, pairs, individually, only
        certain students working with the teacher for remediation)

Reading for Fluency:

     __*_ Choral Reading ___ Paired Reading while teachers monitors each pair
___ Small Group Reading (while teacher works with one group) ___ Other: Echo Reading
     (Use activity as explained on
       Manual p. 41a Day 2)
    Activities -
          ___ 10 Important Sentences
          _*_ Flip Book
          ___ Chart or Organizer
          ___ Other:
Story— Boom Town                                   Unit 1Story 1
Day 4: _____(date)____________

Teachers may choose to spend this day by placing students in small groups and differentiating assignments according to need.
For example, some students may work more independently at stations doing the activities suggested on manual pp. 12j—k while
the teacher does a leveled book with another group.
Also, this “small group day” would be a good time for teachers to do their Fresh Reads fluency check with the group that the text-
book indicates should be tested.
The rest of this day’s plan maps out activities from which to pick and choose to meet your students’ needs.
Fluency Assessment: (See manual p. 41a)
       Check the following group for fluency using Fresh Reads:
               Week 1- Advanced Students
                  *** Current Fluency Goal— 80—90 wcpm
                      Year-End Goal: 120 wcpm
Weekly Selection Test Practice and Scaffold Constructive Response Practice:
Scavenger Hunt Activity from Prince’s Posts and Constructed Response Activities from Prince’s Posts
Paired Selection Materials:
Manual pp. 38—41 (This is a good source for another selection to use to practice the skills of the week.)
Leveled Readers:
See manual pages 12f—12g for the Titles and the Practice Worksheets that reinforce vocabulary and comprehen-
sion skills for the week using the leveled reader books.
Other small group activity ideas:
Story— Boom Town                              Unit 1 Story 1
Day Five    - (date)

Review Question of the Week:
     When would hard work be the way to strike it rich?

Assess Story:
Use Weekly Selection Tests for Boom Town

Remember, these tests can be done paper and pencil or the multiple choice items 1-17 can be accessed on-
line using SuccessNet. The Success Net version grades all of the multiple choice items for you! Please give
the written response items as well. This provides wonderful writing practice.
Do Paired Selection Activities:

See manual pp. T38—T41 .
These activities are good to reinforce the skills that were taught and tested on during this week.
Since these are the skills that are spiraled through the whole year and that address the West Virginia CSOs, it is
important to teach these skills as much as possible.

Other Activities:

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