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									Passenger Boats

                                                                       City Cruises
                                                                       City Cruises are a leading provider of riverboats in the UK. They
                                                                       have been actively involved with the planning of the Pageant
                                                                       through the core working group.
Arcadian King Edward                                                   Vessels: City Alpha, City Delta, City Gamma, Eleanor Rose,
Operated by Kingcruises, she was the last commercial                   Eltham, Mayflower Garden, Millennium Of London, Millennium
passenger vessel built at Tough’s Boat Yard at Teddington.             City, Millennium Dawn, Millennium of Peace, Millennium Time,
                                                                       Princess Rose, Witheycombe

Capital Pleasure Boats
Formed by four partners with the aim of providing exceptional
boat parties on the Thames, CPBS is now in its tenth year and
one of the leading boat hire companies on the River Thames.
                                                                       Cockney Sparrow
                                                                       Operated by Maynard Launches this family run boat has spent
Vessels: Golden Flame, Golden Jubilee, Golden Star, Golden
                                                                       her whole working life on the Thames. Built at Eel Pie Island in
                                                                       1976, in true patriotic style she was painted red, white and blue
                                                                       for the launch of the Silver Jubilee, the colours she retains
                                                                       today. Over the years, three generations of the same family of
                                                                       Thames Watermen have worked on the Cockney Sparrow and
                                                                       at present she is regularly crewed by father and son as she
                                                                       carries passengers from Westminster up to Hampton Court and

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
                                                                       Kingwood Launches
                                                                       Vessels: Chay Blythe, Hollywood.

Clifton Castle
Built in 1926 and now operated by Colliers Launches. The vessel
has historic association with the World War II, acting as a
hospital ship. She is a beautifully maintained vessel.

                                                                       Livett’s Launches
                                                                       Over the past nearly 30 years Livett's Launches has developed a
                                                                       strong reputation on the Thames. The Livett family have
                                                                       worked the tidal River Thames in London since 1710 and the
                                                                       Managing Director, Chris Livett, Watermen to H.M. Queen
                                                                       Elizabeth II, is actively involved in encouraging the positive
                                                                       usage and development of our great river. Vessels: Erasmus,
                                                                       Thames Swift

Crown River Cruises
Started as a small, family run charter based company in 1986,
they began with one vessel and slowly built the business to
become a schedule service provider in 1992 from Westminster
to Tower Bridge. Vessels: Salient, Sarah Kathleen.

                                                                       London Belle
                                                                       Built in 1948 and operated by London Party Boats, this vessel is
                                                                       the last rivet-built boat on the River Thames

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
London Duck Tours
                                                                       London RIB Voyages
The duck tours vessels (DUKW) were the answer to a touch
                                                                       Operated by London RIB Voyages, which was created in 2006
tactical problem in the early days of World War II. How could
                                                                       to forge out a new niche on the river combining British made
the allies unload cargo and men from their ships in places
                                                                       RIBS (rigid inflatable boat), a British innovation for tough British
where the dock facilities had been destroyed, simply did not
                                                                       Waters. The vessels have been converted for passenger use
exist or to coastlines that were heavily guarded? The answer
                                                                       and are comfortable and fast. They combine this with a guided
was to unload cargo directly on to the beach with a half boat/
                                                                       tour by aspiring London Stand Up comedians ensuring a topical
half truck vessel that could run on land and water, the DUKW.
                                                                       engaging witty tour of London (it also give them regular
Vessels: Cleopatra, Portia, Rosalind, Miranda
                                                                       incomes to pursue their stage dreams). Whilst their vessels may
                                                                       not look like 'old english cruisers' they could not a better
                                                                       example of British innovation and ingenuity. This new type of
                                                                       boat trip is drawing a new wave of customers and interest to
                                                                       the Thames and British built boats.
                                                                       Vessels: Island Adventurer, Island Explorer, Thames Challenge,
                                                                       Thames Flyer, Thames Voyager

London Eye Barracuda
Built in 1975 and originally part of Wood’s Silverfleet, the
London Eye Barracuda is now owned by the EDF Energy London
Eye. The cruiser’s art deco design exudes luxury and comfort;
the lower dining deck highlights original woodwork features
with curved windows framing the river beautifully. The boat
features intimate booth seat dining and mirrored 1930s bar
with decorative iron grille facade, leather sofas, chaise lounges
and retractable roof.                                                  Mercedes
                                                                       Built in 1960 and operated by Westminster Party Boats.

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
The Pride of London                                                    Princess Pocahontas
Purchased by Mr & Mrs Woollacott in December 2007. The                 Built in 1962 and operated by Lower Thames & Medway
family come from five 5 generations of Watermen &                      Passengerboat Company. The owner is a Freeman of the River
Lightermen on the river Thames. The Pride of London is a               Thames and was apprenticed to the Company of Watermen &
family run vessel; she is known as the “Pride” by the other boat       Lightermen in 1959. He has worked the River Thames for 53
operators and is known to be the best party boat on the river!         years and operated the only passenger vessel in the Lower
She has recently had a lot of refurbishment done to her which          Thames for 23 years.
is an on-going project. She has the St George flag painted in on
her roof which can be seen from above and bridges along the
Thames. The family take a special pride in her as this was their
late sons dream to own this boat.

                                                                       Queen Elizabeth
                                                                       Built in 1926 and operated by Colliers Launches. The Queen
                                                                       Elizabeth has been chartered on Pageant day by the Royal
                                                                       Overseas League of which HM The Queen is the patron. The
Princess Freda                                                         passenger body will comprise members travelling from
Built in 1926 and operated by Colliers Launches. The Princess          different countries of the Commonwealth.
Freda is a genuine Dunkirk Little Ship and she rescued many
British and allied servicemen in 1940 and holds a pride of place
in our fleet. The crew are all Thames Watermen and Freemen
of the River Thames.

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
Royalty                                                                Built in 1968 and operated by London River Cruises, a family-
                                                                       run vessel charter business.
Built in 1913 and operated by Absolute Party Cruises. The
Royalty is a River Thames passenger vessel with a fully qualified
crew with local knowledge. The vessel is also a registered
historical ship.

                                                                       Thames Clippers
                                                                       Operated by Thames Clippers, London's fleet of high speed
                                                                       passenger catamarans serving commuters and tourists alike.
                                                                       Vessels: Aurora Clipper, Cyclone Clipper, Hurricane Clipper,
                                                                       Meteor Clipper, Monsoon Clipper, Moon Clipper, Sky Clipper,
                                                                       Star Clipper, Storm Clipper, Sun Clipper, Tornado Clipper,
Rum Jungle Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire                               Typhoon Clipper
A 23m luxury charter motor yacht licensed to carry up to 40
passengers. It is very well known on the UK South Coast where
it is a regular at Cowes Week and many major sailing events
throughout Northern Europe. Each year Rum Jungle operates
for a few months on the Thames.

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
                                                                       The River Princess
                                                                       Built in 1985 and operated by Gasworks Dock Partnership. The
                                                                       River Princess is the new Docklands Community Boat managed
                                                                       by the waterways and regeneration charity Gasworks Dock
                                                                       Partnership. This community lead project runs its own fully
                                                                       licence and insured passenger craft that provides trips to
                                                                       schools for cross-circular field studies and boat handling
                                                                       training for those who show interest in working on our
                                                                       waterways or just want to give something back to their
                                                                       communities. Our charity concentrates its activities around the
Thames Executive Charters                                              Lower Lea River and the Royal Docks. We aim to encourage
Vessels: Golden Salamander, The High Society, The Pink                 people to discover our rivers and explore the rich waterways
Champagne, Walton Lady, Southern Comfort, Walton Monarch,              heritage that helped shaped London. The River Princess is
The John Harriott                                                      already being operated within the Royal Docks and we will be
                                                                       officially launching the service and its website in July 2011.
                                                                       There are already a great deal of people we feel deserve to join
                                                                       the pageant who have worked tirelessly to make this project
                                                                       happen and we would also like to offer further places to school
                                                                       children and their families as part of our wider aims of
                                                                       strengthening our communities sense of ownership of the
                                                                       Thames and its tributaries.

Thames RIB Experience
Launched by its London born and bred owners in July 2008, the
impressive fleet of three black and yellow ribs that are British
designed and built for Central London are the biggest, newest,
fastest and loudest on the River.
Vessels: Ultimate, Adrenaline, Experience.

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.
                                                                       which enables her to slide through bridge arches even at high
                                                                       tide. The Woods family run a fleet of luxurious river 'yachts'
                                                                       based at Savoy Pier and have been Thames Watermen since
                                                                       1866, Chairman Alan Woods, is an Extra Waterman to the
                                                                       Queen. The Silver Sturgeon is usually a privately chartered for
                                                                       events, over the years she has welcomed many famous names
                                                                       aboard from The Prince of Wales to Baroness Thatcher, Stella
                                                                       McCartney to Vogue Magazine.

Turks Launches
A family of Royal Watermen have run Turks Launches as a river
boat company for over 300 years. On the day of the Pageant
they will be represented by two of their vessels; Yarmouth
Belle and New Southern Belle.

The Yarmouth Belle is a traditional English side wheeler which
was built in 1892 for services in Norfolk. She was brought to the
Thames in 1946 after serving as a floating hospital during
wartime in the Port of London. She was converted at the Turk’s         Viscount
boatyard from steam to diesel and is now one of the prettiest          Built in 1908 and operated by Complete Pleasure Boats,
boats operating on the upper Thames.                                   Viscount is a Dunkirk Little Ship.

The New Southern Belle is a Mississippi styled paddle steamer
built by Turks in 1982. She was the first American styled paddle
steamer seen on the Thames and has since become an iconic
figure, bringing a flavour of Old New Orleans to the London

                                                                       Viscount Cruises
                                                                       A family run business operating on the Thames for over 25
                                                                       years. The London Rose was built in 1977 in Germany and
                                                                       Avontuur IV was built in 1988 in Holland.
The Silver Sturgeon                                                    Vessels: The London Rose, Avontuur IV.
Built in 1997 in Lowestoft, designed by Alan Woods and
operated by Woods' Silver Fleet. The 61m Silver Sturgeon is the
largest passenger vessel ever to operate through the bridges of
the River Thames due to her clever hydraulic wheelhouse

Please note that only vessels that have agreed to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Data Protection Notice are listed here.

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