PAE Parent Letter 2012 by hedongchenchen


									       Park Avenue Elementary School
           Summer Reading 2012
Dear Parents,

One of the most crucial activities you can do this summer with your
child is to spend time reading good books. This will help your child to
keep all the important reading skills learned over the school year. In
fact, research has shown that students who read during the summer or
have parents/guardians read to them can actually improve reading
skills. It is important that students are encouraged to read “just right”
books they can understand.

This summer, we ask that your child spends time reading each day. The
lists on the back of this letter include a variety of suggested authors.
If you find a book for your child to read and the author is not on the
list, please feel free to read it. Keep in mind that some students may
not be able to independently read the selections. You are encouraged
to read the selections to or with your child. After you have read a
book to your child or if your child has completed reading a book, please
have them record the title and author on the “Reading Log” attached to
this letter. Please remember to send your child to school next year
with his/her “Reading Log”. We will be having an ice cream party for all
students who participated in our summer reading program.

The goal of the summer reading program is to foster a love of reading.

             Have an enjoyable summer and happy reading!

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