Childrens book Cold War by hedongchenchen


									Children’s Book on The Cold War                                   Due: Wednesday, April 25th

Use Ch. 33 Sections 1 and 4 in Patterns of Interaction to complete the following assignment:

    Here is the situation: The year is 1980. A young son asks his father: “Dad, are we at
     war with the Russians?” Not having a simple answer, he decides that the best way to
     explain the answer to this question is to create a simple “children’s book” that
     explains the history of the cold war up to that point.
    Your task is to give a brief explanation of the history of the cold war in simple
     language by creating this book.

   1. Your “book” must have a cover and at least 6 pages of writing. (a page is a ½ piece of
   2. Your book must briefly explain (in 2-3 sentences) all of the topics below. There should
      also be some simple transitions to connect one topic with the next.
   3. The book should be written in language easy for a 5th Grader to understand.
   4. The book must also contain at least 4 pages of artwork. Artwork should relate to the
      topics in the book.

You must include these topics in your book:
   1.   Differing U.S. and Soviet Goals                 8. Warsaw Pact
   2.   The Iron Curtain                                9. Brinksmanship
   3.   Policy of Containment                           10. Fighting for Third World
   4.   The Truman Doctrine                             11. Cold War Strategies
   5.   Marshall Plan                                   12. Cuban Revolution
   6.   Berlin Airlift                                  13. Cuban Missile Crisis
   7.   N.A.T.O.                                        14. Afghanistan

Pages should look like this:

         (Text)                   (Artwork)

Other Details:
1. You will have two full class periods to work on this.
2. You may work alone or in pairs. If you work in pairs, you will both receive the same grade.
3. This assignment will count as a quiz grade—meaning 50 points in the Test category.

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