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					                      UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13                         UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13


every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this prospectus
is correct. the coMsats Institute of Information technology, however,
reserves the right to make changes wherever and whenever necessary.
In the event of inconsistency between the information contained in
the prospectus and the Institute’s regulations or programs, or where an
interpretation of the prospectus is required, the decision of the Institute
shall be final. The prospectus does not form any part of a contract between       COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
any person and the Institute.
                 coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                                                   I would like you to read the              and research degree programs. By         I personally extend to you an
                                                                                                   prospectus carefully and if you find      offering a broad range of disciplines,   invitation to come, visit us at
                                                                                                   anything you wish to know in more         cIIt encompasses issues that are         any of our seven campuses, and
                                                                                                   detail, do not hesitate to contact        of real interest to professionals,       experience the difference that
                                                                                                   any of our faculty members or the         prospective employers and to you         opens your minds and unleashes

                                           greetings                                               admission office on the campus
                                                                                                   of your choice, who can help and
                                                                                                   clarify your queries.
                                                                                                                                             as students. our institution has
                                                                                                                                             1,800 academic and active research
                                                                                                                                             scientists. Many of our faculty are
                                                                                                                                                                                      your hidden talents and energies. Be
                                                                                                                                                                                      a part of the best to bring out the
                                                                                                                                                                                      best. needless to say, the future and

                                     from the rector
                                                                                                                                             of world renown, who are doing           destiny of pakistan is its bright and
                                                                                                   In    contemporary       times,    the    research at the cutting edge of          energetic youth. nothing less than
dr .s.M. Junaid Zaidi (sI)                                                                         transformation in the world economy       their respective disciplines. their      an educated and skilled citizenry is a
                                                                                                   is perennial; technologies evolve         expertise is reflected in our teaching   sine quo non of a modern, tolerant,
                                                                                                   at neck breaking speeds. these            and has made this institution a          pluralistic and developed pakistan.
                                                                                                   are extra ordinary times requiring        credible centre of excellence both       and, I am proud to report that cIIt
                                                                                                   extra ordinary preparations and           in quality teaching and in research,     has already contributed more than
                                                                                                   efforts. students and parents alike       and their extension for the benefit of   12,000 graduates so far to the rising
                                                                                                   acknowledge the changing trends and       society at large through production      number of such well educated and
                                                                                                   are eagerly seeking out institutions      of goods and services.                   well skilled pakistanis.
                                                                    am delighted that you are      of higher learning where their thirst,
                                                                                                   curiosity and drive for knowledge         the higher education commission’s
                                                           holding a copy of our undergraduate
                                                           prospectus in your hands and            are adequately quenched; where            (hec) research assessment exercise       our motto:
                                                           seriously thinking to make coMsats      all round personality development         has confirmed our Institute’s position   learn to excel!
                                                           Institute of Information technology     takes place holistically, abreast with    among the top research institutions,
                                                           (cIIt) your choice destination for      knowledge and managerial skills           with faculty undertaking research With Best Wishes,
                                                           higher studies. cIIt chartered          and the drive to lead and succeed;        of national and international
                                                           in 2000, started with a single          where they can take charge of their       excellence. since 2006, cIIt has
                                                           classroom,     meagre     resources,    futures with an open mind, not            consistently earned the singular
                                                           offering a few certificate courses      fearful of anything while exploring       honour of being ranked among top
                                                           and a postgraduate diploma in           their chosen fields.                      10 institutions of higher education in
                                                           computer studies; today stands at                                                 the country on account of research
                                                           an enviable position, with a choice     since its establishment in 2000 as        output by its qualified faculty. In the
                                                           of seven campuses, five Faculties,      a degree awarding Institute, cIIt         year 2010 cIIt rose to number six
                                                           sixteen    departments      and   67    has always been at the forefront of       position among all 134 institutions
                                                           programs to its prospective students.   innovation and has played proactive       of higher education in pakistan, as
                                                           In a little over a decade since its     role in shaping and pushing the           certified by the Higher Education
                                                           inception, cIIt today has continued     modern day higher education scene         commission. this success has led
                                                           its forward march, never looking        in pakistan. It has more than 18,000      to an ever increasing number of
                                                           back, committed to excellence in        full time students studying in a wide     students joining the cIIt every year.
                                                           teaching and research.                  range of undergraduate, graduate
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                                Lahore                              58       engineering                         95    Department of Biosciences              137
                                                                                •	 history                          58    •	 Bs electrical (telecommunication)         •	 Bs Biosciences                      138
                                                                                •	 academic programs                59       engineering                         96    •	 Bs Bioinformatics                   138
                                                                                •	 facilities                       62    •	 Bs electrical engineering           96
                                                                                •	 extra curricular activities      64    •	 Bs electrical (electronics)               Department of environmental
                                                                                •	 celebrating success              65       engineering                         97    Sciences                               141
                                                                                                                          •	 Bs electrical (power) engineering   97    •	 Bs environmental sciences           141
                                                                                Attock                              66    •	 Bs computer engineering             97    •	 Bs Biotechnology                    142
                                                                                •	 history                          66
                                                                                •	 academic programs                67    Department of Civil engineering        98    Department of earth Sciences           142

                                                                                •	 facilities                       67    •	 Bs civil engineering                99    •	 Bs earth sciences                   143
                                                                                •	 extra curricular activities      71
                                                                                •	 celebrating success              71    Department of Chemical engineering 107       Department of pharmacy                 144
                                                                                                                          •	 Bs chemical engineering         107       •	 doctor of pharmacy (pharm – d)      145
                                                                                Sahiwal                             72
                                          ChApter 1: introDuCtion               •	 history                          72    Department of mechanical                     Faculty of Architecture and Design     146
                                                                                •	 academic programs                73    engineering                            111
                                          •	   Welcome to cIIt             8    •	 facilities                       73    •	 Bs Mechanical engineering           111   Department of Architecture             146
                                          •	   degree awarding Institute   10   •	 extra curricular activities      75                                                 •	 Bachelor of architecture (B.arch)   147
                                          •	   Board of governors          15   •	 celebrating success              75    Faculty of Business Administration     112   •	 Bachelor of design (B.des)          147
                                          •	   Mission                     16                                                                                          •	 Bachelor of fine art (Bfa)          148
                                          •	   achievements                18   Vehari                              78    Department of management Sciences 112
                                          •	   faculties and departments   27   •	 history                          78    •	 Bs Business administration        113     Section – ii: Dual Degree
                                          •	   academic programs           30   •	 academic programs                79    •	 Bs economics                      114     programs at Lahore Campus              151
                                                                                •	 facilities                       79    •	 Bs commerce                       116     •	 computer science                    156
                                                                                •	 extra curricular activities      80    •	 Master of Business administration         •	 Business administration             157
                                          ChApter 2: CAmpuSeS                   •	 celebrating success              81       (MBa 3.5 years)                   116     •	 electrical (telecommunication)
                                                                                                                          •	 Master of public administration   117        engineering and
                                          islamabad                        34
                                                                                ChApter 3: ACADemiCS                                                                      computer engineering                158
                                          •	 history                       34
                                                                                                                          Department of Development Studies 122        •	 software engineering                159
                                          •	 academic programs             35
                                                                                Section – i: programs                     •	 Bs development studies         124
                                          •	 facilities                    35
                                                                                                                          •	 Master of development studies             Chapter 4: Admissions
                                          •	 extra curricular activities   41
                                                                                Faculty of information Sciences &            (Mds)                          124
                                          •	 celebrating success           43
                                                                                technology                          82                                                 application procedure                  162
                                                                                                                          Department of humanities               126   special seats                          165
                                          Abbottabad                       46
                                                                                Department of Computer Science      83    •	 Bs psychology                       126   International students                 165
                                          •	 history                       46
                                                                                •	 Bs computer science              83    •	 Master of arts in english           127   scholarships                           166
                                          •	 academic programs             47
                                          •	 facilities                    47   •	 Bs telecommunication and                                                            campuses location guide                167
                                                                                   networking                       86    Faculty of Science                     129   contacts                               169
                                          •	 extra curricular activities   49
                                          •	 celebrating success           50   •	 Bs software engineering          86
                                                                                •	 Master of computer science       87    Department of mathematics              129
                                                                                                                          •	 Bs Math                             130
                                          Wah                              51
                                                                                Faculty of engineering              95    •	 M. sc (Math)                        130
                                          •	 history                       51
                                          •	 academic programs             54
                                                                                Department of electrical                  Department of physics                  134
                                          •	 facilities                    55
                                                                                engineering                         95    •	 Bs physics                          134
                                          •	 extra curricular activities   56
                                                                                •	 Bs electrical (computer)               •	 Bs electronics                      134
                                          •	 celebrating success           57
            coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                                               their performance by reducing
                                                                                               costs, innovating products and
                                                                                               processes, and improving quality,
                                                                                               productivity and speed to market to
                                                                                               compete effectively.

                                                                                               human resources were increasingly
                                                                                               being taken as the major and
                                                                                               essential asset of countries and

chapter 1                                    Introduction                                      multinationals. a skilled and well
                                                                                               trained human resource adept
                                                                                               with the new techniques of It
                                                                                               applications was becoming the norm
                                                                                               and a necessary accompaniment.

                                                                                               pakistan was no exception but
                                                                                               there was hardly any reputable
                                                                                               Information technology institute
                                                                                               to cater to the demands of the
                                                      Welcome to Ciit                          changing times. as It applications
                                                                                                                                    staff. The certificate courses began
                                                                                                                                    in august 1998. a website was also
                                                                                                                                                                           group of professionals specializing
                                                                                                                                                                           in customized software solutions to
                                                                                               were      non-existent   and     onlydeveloped to mark the arrival of       industry and commerce.
                                                      cIIt began its voyage in the midst       insignificant vendor industry existed
                                                      of challenges posed by the ever                                               cIIt on the scene. In 1999 post
                                                                                               in the country, the young, aspiring  graduate diploma in computer           the year 1999 marked the beginning
                                                      growing demands emanating from           and ambitious students in pakistan
                                                      the changing environment in the                                               science was started. these courses     of regular classes in Bachelor of
                                                                                               found scant facilities for quality Itwere aimed at training qualified       science in computer science,
                                                      global economy. the trends in the        education. hence the establishment
                                                      world economy were marked by                                                  engineers, scientists and graduates.   Bachelor of science in computer
                                                                                               of cIIt with the primary objectives  the diploma course enabled the         engineering and Master of software
                                                      the phenomena of diversification,        of providing quality education and
                                                      relocation, mergers, restructuring,                                           students to play a productive role     Engineering. CIIT was affiliated with
                                                                                               training in the field of Information in the It market. the campus began     sir syed University of engineering
                                                      outsourcing,         ever-increasing     technology became a necessity. cIIt
                                                      product market competition and                                                these pioneering courses, working in   and technology, Karachi. admissions
                                                                                               became functional in april 1998,     a single class room and one computer   were announced and the faculty was
                                                      deregulation of markets; and the         and started operating in a rented
                                                      new era of Internet and Information                                           lab with 16 computers. at the          hired side by side. professional short
                                                                                               building of the erstwhile University arrival of the second batch another    courses were also introduced to
                                                      technology was driving and forcing       grants commission (now higher
                                                      every nation on the planet to                                                 office was hired from the National     build competence in implementing
                                                                                               education commission).               Institute for science and technical    new technologies. these courses
                                                      innovate, transform and evolve
                                                      itself to changing conditions. In this                                        education. permanent and visiting      were designed and structured
                                                                                               cIIt was launched with the teachers were hired for the purpose              to fuse It innovatively with the
                                                      emerging scenario, organizations         initial hiring of system assistants, of running these courses. Moreover,
                                                      were driven to continually improve                                                                                   business industry to create and
                                                                                               programmers and other professional cIIt assembled and groomed a core        sustain competitive advantage.
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                       UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

In less than two years, infused with     Its ranking in the top ten Institutions and students alike are benefiting
success, cIIt earned for itself a        of higher learning in pakistan is a from the world class universities.
degree awarding charter from the         distinction cIIt is proud of.           These efforts in turn benefit
government of pakistan in august                                                 pakistani society where a rich pool
2000. Wah and abbottabad campuses        cIIt is aware of its responsibilities of its human resource is being
came up in June 2001. lahore             and is making every effort to keep its developed to make the dreams come
campus followed in March 2002. In        academic excellence and research true, envisioned by the founding
august 2002, all departments were        top notch. It has inked various fathers of pakistan and cIIt.
moved to h-8 campus in Islamabad.        Memoranda of Understandings for
the attock campus was established        different educational and research
in april 2004, followed by sahiwal       purposes, where its young faculty
campus in december 2006 and Vehari
campus in august 2008. Within the
initial years of its establishment,        Charter of Degree Awarding institute (DAi)
cIIt’s latest course structure, state-
of-the-art facilities and dedication       the coMsats Institute of Information technology (cIIt) was granted
to quality started to make ripples in      status of degree awarding Institute (daI) by the federal government
the It education sector. the result        of pakistan vide presidential ordinance no. XXXVIII issued on august
of this has been an overwhelming           12, 2000.
demand that is being satisfied with
the establishment of new campuses.         the president of Islamic republic of pakistan is the patron and the
the governments of aJK, sindh and          federal Minister for science & technology is the chancellor of the
Baluchistan have indicated their           Institute. the cIIt functions under the guidance of the Board of
willingness for the establishment          governors (Bog) headed by the executive director, commission on
of cIIt campuses in their provinces.       science and technology for sustainable development in the south
In addition to this, on the advice of      (coMsats).
the federal government, efforts
are also underway for opening an           the Board of governors has representation from the Ministry of
overseas campus in the gulf region.        science and technology, Ministry of education, higher education
                                           commission (hec), educational ngos and distinguished academia.
thus, with the modest beginnings,
cIIt has gradually placed itself in        The principal academic and administrative officer of the Institute is
an enviable niche among the higher         the rector, who performs his functions in accordance with the general
education institutions of pakistan.        policy guidelines of the cIIt, laid down in the charter and enforced by
today it comprises of seven                the Board of governors.
campuses, five faculties and sixteen
departments, offering 67 programs          the cIIt is now slated for up gradation as a university, to be called
in a wide array of disciplines to its      “ComSAtS university” through an act of the parliament.
current and prospective students.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                     UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                              Board of Governors
                                              executive director, commission on science & technology for sustainable development in    chairman
                                              south (coMsats)
                                              secretary, Ministry of science and technology, Islamabad or his nominee                  Member
                                              secretary, Ministry of education, Islamabad or his nominee                               Member
                                              chairman higher education commission or his nominee                                      Member
                                              one nominee of educational ngos                                                          Member
                                              three persons of outstanding Merit nominated by the Managing committee of the            Members
                                              rector, coMsats Institute of Information technology                                      Member
                                              campus directors, coMsats Institute of Information technology                            Members
                                              two deans of faculties of coMsats Institute of Information technology nominated by the   Members
                                              Managing committee of the coMsats
                                 coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

registrar, coMsats Institute of Information technology                         Member /
                                         total                                    19

   cIIt, founded in the belief that understanding enriches all people, is dedicated to
   the search for truth through advancement of learning and extending the frontiers of
   knowledge; to the sharing of this knowledge through education in an academically
   diverse range of disciplines; and to the application of this knowledge to benefit the
   people of pakistan in particular, and the Muslim Ummah and the world, as a whole.
   the Institute’s mission is threefolds:
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Achievements                                                                                                           ii. national mous

Linkages with national and                                                                                              S. #   name of institution/
international institutions                                                                                                     organization

the cIIt in its brief history of                                                                                        1.     shifa college of Medicine,
ten years has made landmark                                                                                                    Islamabad.
achievements by signing almost four                                                                                     2.     scisoft Inc.
dozen Memoranda of Understanding
(MoUs) with national and some of                                                                                        3.     pakistan
the world’s renowned educational                                                                                               telecommunication
institutions. the nucleus rationale                                                                                            authority (pta)
of getting into linkages is to                                                                                          4.     Islamabad camber of
encourage exchange of students and                                                                                             commerce & Industry
faculty to pursue higher education,                                                                                            (IccI)
to organize joint conferences,
                                         5   tWas-Unesco                          14   alma Mater studiorum –           5.     national center for physics
workshops and seminars, to arrange
                                                                                       University of Bologna (Italy)           (ncp)
joint research activities, to workout    6   north dakota state                                                                                               programs. We believe that strength      eight major criteria subdivided into
on staff development programs and            University (ndsU), Usa               15   harbin Institute of              6.     national Institute of          in research is important in its own     related standards to be achieved.
other academic related activities.                                                     technology (hIt), china                 Banking and finance
                                         7   University of Bedfordshire,                                                                                      right because it sustains progress
                                                                                                                               (nIBaf)                        and identifies ways of overcoming       Qec is aggressively working in this
the list of some of the prominent            UK                                   16   Queen Mary, University of
                                                                                       london, U.K                      7.      pakistan Meteorological       the barriers to progress. But it also   direction for developing policies
MoUs is as follows:                      8   Berjaya University college                                                         department (pMd)              benefits teaching, by challenging it    and procedures. assessment is a
                                             of hospitality, Kuala                17   Merseburg University of                                                to respond to the changing needs of     systematic process of gathering,
i. international mous                        lumpur, Malaysia                          applied sciences, IBK,
                                                                                       germany                         1. Quality enhancement Cell students and also to the changing                  reviewing and using important
                                         9   sumgayit state University,                                                                                       nature of society, especially in the    quantitative and qualitative data
 S.#      name of institution                azerbaijan                           18   University of Illinois,         at cIIt, we are always in the exciting workplace.                              and information from multiple and
                                                                                       Urbana-champaign, Usa           process of dynamic change. during                                              diverse sources about educational
  1    consortium of Universities       10   simon fraser University,
       from afghanistan                      canada                               19   the University of essex, UK     the previous ten years, for instance cIIt     established    the    Quality    programs, for the purpose of
                                                                                                                       we have risen surely and steadily      enhancement cell (Qec) to introduce     improving student learning, and
  2    Karlsruhe Institute of           11   University of British                20   school of Management,           and still striving to be the number and implement the procedures and           evaluating whether academic and
       technology (KIt), germany             columbia okanogan,                        University of surrey, U.K       one. It gives us an opportunity to systematic standards for monitoring         learning standards are being met.
  3    lancaster University, UK              canada
                                                                                  21   tampere University of           make self appraisals. our rankings and evaluation of the various               the process culminates when

                                        12   University of Sheffield, UK               technology (tUt), finland       have been sustained by consistently aspects of a degree program, a             assessment results are used to
  4    Institute of technology                                                                                         outstanding scores for the quality of project, a service, or a facility to     improve student learning as well as
       petronas sdn. Bhd,               13   azerbaijan national                  22   helsinki university of          our teaching but the additional boost ensure that standards of quality are     enhance delivery and assessment
       Malaysia                              academy of sciences,                      technology (tKK), Finland       has been due to an increase in the being met. hec has designed a self-         mechanisms.       a      successful
                                             azerbaijan                                                                quality and quantity of our research assessment Manual, which also gives       assessment     program     includes
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                  UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

measurements      and     evaluation    of international organizations in been established in pursuance of              projects. some of the initiatives that    employment and for scholarships at it Faculty hiring program
design, outcomes identification,        pakistan. currently, the following the decision by the coMstech                 have become full-fledged programs/        advanced levels of education.
data collection, analysis and           initiatives are being pursued by cIIt: taken in february 2002. the InIt         projects were the launching of the                                              the cIIt collected data from the
evaluation and decision making                                                 is an independent, self-governing        Virtual University (2002), national       projects undertaken                   public and private sector universities
regarding actions to be taken.          edward De Bono Foundation              organization working for utilizing,      Institute of electronics (2002) and                                             for human resources needs in It and
                                        pakistan:                              directing, and encouraging the use       Isesco center for promotion of            cIIt has also facilitated initiatives simultaneously established linkages
2. international Liaison                                                       of Information and communication         Scientific Research (2004).               undertaken by the government with expatriate faculty through
   Office                               this is an internationally recognized technologies and associated systems                                                 of pakistan for skills and human public solicitation and informal
                                        organization, which is committed among the oIc member states. the               national testing Service                  resource development. a few of contacts. the services of highly
as we continue our journey, we once     to the promotion of teaching and InIt has been operational at cIIt                                                        these projects include training qualified IT faculty were acquired
again confirm our commitment in         training of ‘thinking’ skills at since June 2002.                               the national testing service was          of data entry operators, Medical on short term and were placed in
transforming cIIt into an excellent     all levels, and to encourage the                                                established in July 2002. the             transcription     training,     legal different universities of pakistan. It
institution of academic learning        inclusion of ‘thinking’ as part of the 4. Catalyzing role                       prime objective of nts is raising         transcription training, It training helped to provide access to quality
and research. With regard to this,      curriculum.                                                                     the overall quality of education          for federal government employees, instruction, new insights into the
we have devised strategies for                                                 the cIIt, although relatively young,     in the country through credible           training of school teachers, training discipline and research trends in
promoting greater international         inter islamic network on               has highly competent and dedicated       and technically appropriate and           developers in Java technology, and It and strengthened relationships
exchange and to overcome the            information technology:                professionals working for it, who        accurate systems of performance           postgraduate diplomas for students between local and expatriate
upcoming challenges in higher                                                  continue to play a critical catalyzing   and skills evaluation for students of     from Baluchistan.                     faculty. the program has been so
education. We are committed to          the Inter Islamic network on role in conceiving new initiatives,                various educational institutions at                                             successful that the government
achieving our goals and for this        Information technology (InIt) has which have gelled into successful             various levels, including testing for                                           of pakistan has approved a much
purpose an International liaison                                                                                                                                                                        larger foreign faculty hiring program
Office (ILO) has been established.                                                                                                                                                                      in other fields of science and
the     Ilo   is   responsible    for                                                                                                                                                                   technology, at the higher education
initiating,     negotiating,     and                                                                                                                                                                    commission.
sustaining international dialogue
with counterpart education and                                                                                                                                                                           establishment of CiSCo Academies
research institutions with the                                                                                                                                                                           the Ministry of science and
ultimate objective of entering into                                                                                                                                                                      Technology taking benefit of CIIT
mutually beneficial collaboration,                                                                                                                                                                       being a regional cIsco networking
resulting into faculty development                                                                                                                                                                       academy has launched a project for
and training opportunities and                                                                                                                                                                           the establishment of ten cIsco local
collaborative research endeavours.                                                                                                                                                                       networking academies in public
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and private sector universities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         the initiative has been successful
3. Chapters of international                                                                                                                                                                             in newly established networking
   organizations in pakistan                                                                                                                                                                             academies, spread across the
cIIt has also been successful in
establishing a number of chapters
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                           UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

technology resource                     telecommunication Manufacturing         Institute of Scientific Information
mobilization unit                       in pakistan, simulation software,       (IsI) Web of knowledge (Usa). It
                                        Industrial automation cad/caM/          further improved its position and
                                        cae, and Model It districts.            rose to number six ranking during
                                                                                2010, as notified by the Higher
                                        ranking                                 education commission.

                                        since its inception, independent        research output
                                        entities have evaluated cIIt and
                                        the quality of its programs, such as    faculty members are quite active in
                                        the higher education commission,        research in their respective fields. To
                                        pakistan engineering council (pec),     encourage the research environment
                                        national    computing     education     at cIIt, the management has also
                                        accreditation     council   (nceac)     announced ‘cash awards’ for
                                        and the Institute of Scientific         publications of research articles
                                        Information (IsI) Web of Knowledge.     by cIIt’s employees i.e. rs. 5, 000
Taking benefit of intellectual                                                  & rs. 10, 000 for research articles
resource available at cIIt, the         It is a matter of pride for the cIIt    published in national & international
Ministry of science and technology      that it has been able to record         journals, respectively. cIIt has
instituted an arrangement for           remarkable achievements in terms        awarded four yearly cash awards till
establishing and hosting think tanks    of ranking of its engineering degree    date. the total number of research
in selected areas of It. the areas      programs as well as research            articles published by them till 2010
were selected on the basis of their     productivity of the faculty members.    is more than 1,000.
relevance to the national economy
and mobilized technical expertise       the higher education commission           faculty of science            835
of private and public sectors. the      (hec) has carried out an exercise for
                                                                                  faculty of engineering        99
program also facilitated outreach for   the ranking of institutions of higher
the promotion of It and helped the      education in pakistan. according          faculty of Business           134
government and civil society alike      to hec’s ranking of engineering           administration
in deploying It for gainful purposes.   universities, cIIt is at number 8         faculty of Information        48
the think tanks were instituted in      among the engineering institutions        sciences & technology
the areas of accreditation system       of higher education.
                                                                                  faculty of architecture       02
for education in It, computers in
                                                                                  and design
schools, call centers, It law forum,    In terms of research output, cIIt has
geographical Information systems,       been consistently ranked at number        total                       1,118
Urdu and regional languages             seven among all the institutions of
software development, Venture           higher education numbering more
capital, e-government, Women in         than 134 in the country since 2006,
technology, computer hardware and       as notified by HEC, based on the
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                              Faculties                                department of humanities         department   of environmental
                                              Departments &                           Faculty of Science                 department   of earth sciences
                                              Centers                                  department of Mathematics
                                                                                                                         department
                                                                                                                         department
                                                                                                                                       of Meteorology
                                                                                                                                       of pharmacy
                                                                                       department of physics
                                              so far, the following faculties,
                                                                                        l center for Quantum physics    Faculty of Architecture & Design
                                              departments and centers have been
                                              established under the provision of
                                                                                       department of Biosciences        department of architecture and
                                              section 26(1) of the cIIt ordinance:
                                                                                        l Inter disciplinary research     design
                                                                                           center in Biomedical
                                              Faculty of information Sciences &
                                                                                           Materials (IrcBM)

                                              	department of computer
                                                l health Informatics Unit

                                              Faculty of engineering

                                               department of electrical
                                                l center for advanced studies
                                                   in telecommunication (cast)
                                                l center for professional
                                                   development (cpd)
                                               department of chemical
                                               department of Mechanical
                                               department of civil engineering

                                              Faculty of Business Administration

                                               department of Management
                                                l Business Incubation centre
                                               department of development
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                       coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                       UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Academic programs                            location of their preference. the cIIt
                                             has its principal seat in Islamabad.
                                                                                       more campuses will be established
                                                                                       in the near future. presently, the     17
                                                                                                                                    electrical (telecommunication)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              *
cIIt is a world-class institution of         other than Islamabad, there are           Institute in the respective campuses
higher learning with multi-campuses          six fully functioning campuses at         offers the following undergraduate     18    environmental sciences                                      
across the country. It aims to benefit       Wah, abbottabad, lahore, attock,          degree programs:                       19    earth sciences                                              
youth of various regions and to give         sahiwal and Vehari. With the
a chance to the students to opt for          expected government support,                                                     20    Mathematics                                    
undergraduate programs offered for 2012-2013
                                                                                                                              21    Mechanical engineering                                                               
 ##           Academic programs                 islamabad      Abbottabad        Wah    Lahore   Attock   Sahiwal   Vehari
                                                                                                                              22    physics                                                                    
                                                        Bachelor of Science in                                                23    psychology                                                                  
1     Bioinformatics                                                                                                        24    software engineering                                                     *
2     Biotechnology                                                                                                          25    telecommunication & networking                                                      
                                                                                                                                    Bachelor of
3     Biosciences                                   
4     Business administration                                                         *                        
                                                                                                                              26    architecture                                                               
5     chemical engineering                                                               *
                                                                                                                              27    design                                                                     
6     civil engineering                                                         
                                                                                                                              28    fine arts                                                                  
                                                                                                                                   Doctor of
7     computer engineering                                                               *                                  29    pharmacy (pharm – d)                           
8     computer science                                                                *                                      master of
9     commerce                                                                                                              30    arts in english                                                                          
10    development studies                                                                                                    31    Business administration (3.5 years)                                                
11    economics                                                                                                            32    computer science                                                                      
12    electronics                                                                                                            33    development studies                                         
13    electrical engineering                                                                                                 34    economics                                                                                
14    electrical (computer) engineering                                               *                                   35    public administration                                                           
15    electrical (electronics) engineering                                                                                  36    Mathematics                                                                         
16    electrical (power) engineering                                            
                                                                                                                              * Under dual degree program with lancaster University, U.K.
            coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                     the coMsats Institute of Information at present seven campuses are More campuses are also in the
                                                                     technology (cIIt) offers its students functioning at:              process    of  establishment    in
                                                                     a wide array of study programs at its                              azad Jammu Kashmir, sindh and
                                                                     seven campuses across the country.         Islamabad              Baluchistan. on the advice of the
                                                                     currently around 18,000 students           abbottabad             federal government, efforts are
                                                                     are enrolled in the Bachelor, Master,      Wah                    underway on the opening up of an
                                                                     Ms and phd programs at cIIt. the           lahore                 overseas campus in the gulf region
                                                                     CIIT has well qualified faculty,           attock                 as well.
                                                                     trained staff, adequately stocked          sahiwal

chapter 2                                                 campuses   library resources and latest research
                                                                                                                Vehari
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          islamabad Campus                           Academic programs

                                                                                     the    following     undergraduate
                                                                                     programs are on offer at Islamabad:
                                          coMsats Institute of Information
                                          technology (cIIt), Islamabad was            Bioinformatics
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(BI)
                                          established in 1998 to promote              Biosciences
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(Bs)
                                          Information technology and to
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(Ba)
                                          reduce the ever-growing gap
                                          between     the    developed    and
                                          developing world through useful             Computer Science
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(cs)
                                          applications    of   science    and         Design
                                                                                     §	                        B.des
                                          technology. During the first year
                                                                                                                            Facilities                             campus is a prime example of
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(eco)                                              cIIt’s commitment to providing its
                                          of its establishment, the Institute                                                                                      students with optimum learning
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(elec)      the campus is spread over 43 acres
                                          offered only a few certificate                                                                                           facilities. all workstations are
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(ece)       with a total covered area of 425,668
                                          courses and a postgraduate diploma                                                                                       networked to cIIt’s lan and a high
                                                                                      (Computer)                            sft. the campus comprises of 56
                                          in computer studies with a single                                                                                        bandwidth connection provides
                                                                                      engineering                           class rooms, 45 laboratories and the
                                          class room and limited resources.                                                                                        connectivity to internet round the
                                                                                                                            central library with a covered area
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(ete)                                              clock. Major labs are electronics,
                                                                                                                            of 52,771 sft.
                                          Islamabad campus, the main campus           (telecomm-                                                                   Microprocessor, VlsI and dsp and
                                          of cIIt is situated at chak shahazad,       unication)                                                                   Biosciences laboratories.
                                                                                                                            Lecture theatres:
                                          Islamabad. currently around 5,000           engineering
                                          students are enrolled in various            Fine Arts
                                                                                     §	                         Bfa                                                Library:
                                                                                                                            cIIt Islamabad has 56 spacious
                                          degree programs at this campus.
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(Math)      lecture theatres, with a total
                                                                                                                            covered area of 35,000 sft. each       the library supports the academic
                                          Islamabad campus provides what a            master of Business
                                                                                     §	                       MBa (3.5
                                                                                                                            theatre has a capacity for 100-120     programs of cIIt through collections,
                                          discerning student is looking for in        Administration           years)
                                                                                                                            students. all lecture theatres are     technology and services, which
                                          a learning environment, academic            physics
                                                                                     §	                       Bs(phy)                                              enables students and faculty to
                                                                                                                            It enabled, air-conditioned, well
                                          excellence, quality teaching, and                                                                                        access digitized knowledge and
                                                                                     §	                        B.arch       furnished, and well maintained.
                                          constructive      leisure    activities.                                                                                 information resources. this support
                                          We appreciate that it is crucial            Software
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(se)
                                                                                      engineering                           Computer Labs:                         empowers our students to develop
                                          for today’s student to work in a                                                                                         the information and technological
                                          physical environment conducive              telecommunication
                                                                                     §	                        Bs(tn)                                              competencies necessary to achieve
                                                                                                                            the campus has deployed state-
                                          to study. here the faculty not only         and networking                                                               their educational, research and
                                                                                                                            of-the-art It infrastructure with a
                                          teaches but mentors the young and                                                                                        professional goals. this enables
                                                                                                                            total number of 45 computer labs
                                          impressionable minds. the newly                                                                                          them to succeed in the workforce,
                                                                                                                            with a total covered area of 38,000
                                          built campus is fully equipped with                                                                                      apply lifelong learning skills; and
                                                                                                                            sft. More than seven hundred
                                          facilities of international standards.                                                                                   participate productively in society.
                                                                                                                            & fifty computers at Islamabad
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

the library is spacious, well planned,   engineering, Mathematics, physics,    library resources, online booking      interlibrary Loan and Searching research Cubicles                              digital library program. students
and offers tranquil environment. It      Biosciences, computer science,        and reservation of library material,   Facility                                                                       and faculty can access these
is fast developing into one of the       Business & Management, design &       digital library, electronic Journals                                           specially designed for research,       resources from inside and outside
richest information resource centers     architecture, english language and    and      databases,     audio/Visual   an inter-library searching option is these cubicles are available only to      the campus through Ip address
in Islamabad. the library subscribes     literature. our target of books is    facilities, dedicated computer         also available in the library. Users phd scholars and faculty members.         and Vpn respectively. at present
to a large number of periodicals and     about 750,000 for the faculty and     systems for research and use for       can search material available in the Situated at the second floor of           access through Virtual private
journals, which have educational         students.                             digital and electronic resources,      libraries of different campuses of library these research cubicles             network (Vpn) is only available to
value for students. In addition, it                                            wireless    internet     connection.   cIIt, through Union catalogue, and can be reserved by contacting the           senior faculty. later on this facility
also offers its users a rich learning    Library Automation:                   Video conferencing room is another     can request for desired literature library staff at second floor.              could also be offered for the use
environment complemented with                                                  unique feature of this library.        from them. Users can request                                                   of students as per the policy of
electronic information access and the process of equipping this library        equipped with latest audio video       library staff to help them in getting the library is also subscribing to the   cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,
                                  with most modern technologies
services. the library has circulation,                                         equipment and with a capacity of       their required literature from other following on-line services:               the library is also giving access to
‘reserve’ and reference sections. like rfId system and library                 accommodating around 100 people,       libraries through interlibrary loan.                                           around 50,000 online books through
Internet facilities in the libraryManagement System is in final                this facility provides excellent                                               Digital and e Library:                 12 different databases that have
connect users to libraries around stages and once fully operational            opportunity of remotely organizing     international Library Loan and                                                 also been made available through
                                  will provide users facilities like,
the world for reference, assistance                                            and participating in lectures,         photocopying Service                    the library is providing complete      the hec’s national digital library
and consultation.                 self check in and check out for              workshops, seminars, discussions                                               access to more than 32,000 high        program. the e-books support
                                  borrowing and returning of library           and meetings.                          library     provides    facility    for quality, peer-reviewed journals,       program will allow researchers to
the stock consists of about material, drop box for returning of                                                       international        lending       and conferencing      proceedings     and   access most of the important text
36,000 latest books on a variety borrowed library material, online reference Services                                 photocopying       service     through articles through 22 different online    and reference books electronically
of   disciplines like  electrical public access catalogue (opac) of                                                   British library document supply databases under the hec’s national             in a variety of subject areas. apart
                                                                        cIIt library has dedicated staff              center in UK and library of congress
                                                                        to provide efficient and reliable             in Usa. this service provides users
                                                                        reference services and users can              opportunity to access books,
                                                                        make queries by filling “Research             journals and information resources
                                                                        Inquiry form” and submitting it to            which are not available locally.
                                                                        services department of library.               library also provides facility of
                                                                                                                      photocopying those items within the
                                                                               Bibliographic and Book information     provisions of the copyright act.
                                                                                                                      Discussion rooms
                                                                               library compiles bibliographies
                                                                               for users on request and provides      specially designed discussion rooms
                                                                               information about national and         are one of many facilities being
                                                                               international publishers and book      provided by cIIt library. Users can
                                                                               traders.                               reserve discussion room by filling
                                                                                                                      out a form and submitting it to staff
                                                                                                                      at circulation counter.
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                    UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

from this there are more than 10,000    breaks over a cup of coffee or tea.      photocopying Facility:                   extra Curricular Activities:              find good company to give vent to updated with developments in
e-books on different subject areas      for faculty members and visitors,                                                                                           their unbridled spirits.              the computing industry. for this
are currently available on the cIIt     a state-of-the-art food hall has         presently,    6    machines       are    extensive extracurricular activities                                            purpose, software competitions and
e-library which is in ever-growing/     been established, where a variety        working and over 10,000 pages            are a way to soften tough and             Bazm-e-Adab                           seminars are organized regularly.
developing stage and will become        of hot meals are available on ‘self-     are photocopied every day. the           grilling academic rigor. It also                                                our students are encouraged to
more and more exemplary/perfect         service’ basis in a clean and relaxing   photocopy centre is working on           provides opportunities to make new        public speaking is a rewarding art acquire new skills by attending
with the passage of time.               environment on subsidized rates.         subsidized rates. the photocopy          friends. Islamabad campus is very         that one acquires through sheer workshops and short courses in
                                                                                 center has also the facility of spiral   active in extra-curricular activities,    practice. the objective of having the contemporary computing areas.
a team comprising a number of           mosque:                                  binding, stapler binding and hard        as would be clear in the following        Bazm-e-adab is to create interest in Members have brought back several
professional staff is assigned to                                                binding.                                 paragraphs.                               public speaking in the students by prizes won at competitions, held in
download the relevant books        regular prayers are held on the                                                                                                  instilling in them confidence, self other institutions.
relevant to our taught courses fromcampus mosque. at one time                    hostels:                                 Adventure Club                            assuredness and among presentation
the open source and upload these   almost 500 persons can pray inside                                                                                               skills. each semester members take Dramatics Club
books for use by the faculty, staffthe mosque. now plans have been               although Islamabad campus does           the adventure club organizes              part in intramural and external
and students.                      finalised to construct a land mark            not have dormitories on campus;          adventurous activities for students.      competitions and events.              an exciting variety of musical
                                   mosque on Islamabad campus with               it has arranged rented hostel            the activities include excursions,                                              programs, exhibitions and dramas
Common room for Girls:             capacity to accommodate more                  accommodation for 300 male and           hiking and trekking, visits to            Computer Science Society (CSS)        are organized by dramatics club,
                                   than 1,000 people, with separate              150 female students. further             historical places, hill stations and                                            throughout the year. this provides
to facilitate our female students, facility for females and people with          information on residential facilities    geological sites. the adventure club      computer science society was fun time for students.
the campus has established a special needs.                                      is available from the Provost Office     currently has more than 250 student       established to provide a platform
spacious and comfortable common                                                  at the Islamabad campus.                 members. here the adventurous will        for cIIt students to keep themselves electronics Society
room. this space has been designed
to give female students a place                                                                                                                                                                         electronic        society      provides
to relax, offer prayers, study,                                                                                                                                                                         opportunities to students to take
have informal discussions in free                                                                                                                                                                       part in internal, regional and
time available. daily newspapers,                                                                                                                                                                       national activities. It aims to
magazines, periodical and journals                                                                                                                                                                      develop the concepts of our students
are available for leisure reading.                                                                                                                                                                      by linking theoretical knowledge to
female students appreciate this                                                                                                                                                                         practical experience by executing
facility a great deal.                                                                                                                                                                                  many activities that are part of
                                                                                                                                                                                                        the society’s function. this greatly
Catering Services                                                                                                                                                                                       helps our students to carve a niche
                                                                                                                                                                                                        for themselves in the market as
a food-street style catering service                                                                                                                                                                    professionals.      the     electronics
consisting of shops and kiosks having                                                                                                                                                                   society also organizes industrial
a wide range of quality snacks and                                                                                                                                                                      visits as well as exhibitions to display
meals, at modest prices, is available                                                                                                                                                                   electronics projects of the students.
throughout the day on the campus.
students can relax and enjoy their
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

english Literary Society                                                                                               the principal pivot around which the    as they say a step at a time and in    Celebrating Success:
                                                                                                                       core dogma of cdc revolves is the       time marks the start of a journey.
effective speaking skills combined                                                                                     veracity and actuality that careers     We are sure that this step will go a   since its inception cIIt Islamabad
with sound knowledge are key                                                                                           are not established by mere degrees     long way in developing the students    has produced 6,053 graduates. so
ingredients to professional success.                                                                                   and diplomas. It is much more than      of our institution. so we invite you   far nine convocations have been
providing assistance to students in                                                                                    that, much broader in spectrum          to be a part of the saga and let’s     organized.
developing english language skills                                                                                     and much holistic in disposition. at    make the world dance to our own
is the main objective of our english                                                                                   cdc, cIIt we tend to channel our        tunes.
literary society, which is very active                                                                                 vigor, energy and efforts for the
in various english language and                                                                                        career development of student in        We encourage you in taking the
literary activities on campus.                                                                                         a way that they shine out to be an      opportunity to meet our professional
                                                                                                                       employee of an employer choice.         team face to face at the career
Fine Art and photographic Club                                                                                         for the said, we aim to initiate        development center or during one
                                                                                                                       career development processes for        of our many special events. our
the fine arts and photographic club                                                                                    students which embrace objects          team, programs, and resources are
was formed in 2001 to enhance                                                                                          like career awareness, career           available to you every step of the
the creative skills of students and                                                                                    exploration, career preparation,        way.
develop their aesthetic sense. the                                                                                     and work experience.
club focuses on sketching, poster telecom Society                                  Career Development Center                                             Welcome, we look forward                to
painting, portraits, landscapes and                                                                                    our purpose is to expose the helping you and meeting you!
photography.                         telecom      society    has     been      Wherever you are in your academic       students to options that best fit
                                     established to provide a platform to      career, freshmen through phd, we        their individual career needs. to
Sports Club                          the students to pursue their interest     are here to help you navigate your      that end, our services include:
                                     in the field of telecommunication         career during your years at cIIt,
sports club arranges all sorts of beyond          academics.     through       from choosing a major, to exploring      a) personal, academic and
sports competitions to channel various activities, this society                different career options, to finding        professional help
boundless energies of our students. aims to increase in its members.           internships, to looking for part-time    b) part-time and full-time job
It provides opportunities for sports the understanding on dynamic              and full-time employment through            listings
enthusiasts to share their interests developments taking place in the          career development center.               c) Internships and co-op
and participate in events. sports telecommunication industry and                                                           opportunities
club organizes tournaments in also understanding of ways and                   coMsats Institute of Information         d) personality development
cricket, football, Badminton, table means to benefit from it. Core             technology,      through     career      e) Job fairs
tennis, hockey and athletics, etc. activity areas are participation            development center, aspires to           f) etiquette workshops
Besides regular sports activities and organization of seminars and             cater to the personal, academic and      g) résumé and interview
in each semester, the club also exhibitions,         establishment      of     professional needs of the students          preparation
organizes friendly, inter-campus career advisory centre for students           of cIIt.                                 h) In-house trainings
matches from time to time.           and arrangements for jobs and                                                      i) campus interviews and
                                     internships.                                                                          employer contacts
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Abbottabad Campus                       the natural climatic advantages of
                                                                                  abbottabad city, large land area,
                                                                                                                           makes cIIt abbottabad campus a Facilities
                                                                                                                           perfect place to study with complete
                                                                                  sports and recreation facilities and     peace of mind.                       Accommodation and housing:
                                          history                                 above all, a secure and friendly
                                                                                  environment, have all combined           the     academic       culture    and   there are four on-campus hostel
                                          the abbottabad campus became
                                                                                  to make the abbottabad campus            environment are both challenging        buildings       to     accommodate
                                          functional in July 2001, and the
                                          first academic session started in       more of a resort. the campus is an       and exciting and since its start,       approximately 800 male and 150
                                          september 2001. this campus is          ideal place to study, live and work.     the campus has maintained a fast        female students. our hostels have
                                          ideally situated in the vicinity of     the campus area also encompasses         pace of development and is now an       been established on international
                                          pakistan Military academy, Kakul.       parks, orchards and grounds, the lush    ideal seat of learning, research, and   standards and contain central
                                          the campus is built on 308 Kanals of    green grounds, blooming flowerbeds       recreation. It has truly emerged as a   heating and cooling system, a mess,
                                          land donated by the pakistan army       and trees. set in these environs,        regional leader in hands-on learning    a gym, recreation rooms and round-
                                          at tobe camp.                           with a panoramic background view         and innovation in many areas of         the-clock security. also, hostel
                                                                                  of thandiani and galiat mountains,       science and technology.                 rooms are spacious and made for
                                          the abandoned army barracks were                                                                                         comfortable living. Boarders have
                                          converted into a living campus
                                                                                  Academic programs                                                                access to a 24-hour campus store
                                          within a short period of two months     the following undergraduate programs are on offer at abbottabad:                 and a mosque. cIIt hostels are
                                          by the cIIt team. the premises of       §	Business Administration                                      Bs(Ba)            managed by wardens who also look
                                          the campus comprise 19 old military                                                                                      after the safety and security of
                                          buildings. these buildings are          §	Biotechnology                                               Bs(Bty)            students. cultural and traditional
                                          comprised of classrooms, library,       §	Computer Science                                             Bs(cs)            norms are strictly followed in the
                                          labs, faculty offices, administrative   §	Civil engineering                                           Bs(cee)            hostels. a separate hostel for the
                                          offices, hostels for boys and girls,                                                                                     faculty is also under construction.
                                                                                  §	Development Studies                                          Bs(ds)
                                          and a cafeteria. later on, few new
                                          academic blocks have also been          §	economics                                                   Bs(eco)            ComSAtS Community Development
                                          added to the campus building. the       §	electrical (Computer) engineering                           Bs(ece)            unit (CCDu)
                                          first academic session started with     §	electrical (electronics) engineering                        Bs(eee)
                                          student strength of 121 and only                                                                                         coMsats community development
                                          three undergraduate programs. soon      §	electrical (power) engineering                              Bs(epe)            Unit (ccdU) is an integral part
                                          abbottabad emerged as a leading         §	environmental Sciences                                       Bs(es)            of abbottabad campus. ccdU
                                          institute of the region. today it       §	earth Sciences                                              Bs(ers)            is engaged in the provision of
                                          has eight departments, more than                                                                                         quality consultancy services to
                                                                                  §	pharmacy                                                   pharm – d
                                          5,000 students, 11 undergraduate                                                                                         different organizations in the
                                          programs, qualified faculty strength    §	Software engineering                                         Bs(se)            specialized fields of management,
                                          of 442 including 80 phds, and 42        §	telecommunication & networking                               Bs(tn)            organizational         development,
                                          modern laboratories. our physical       §	master of Development Studies                                 Mds              finance, re-structuring, Information
                                          infrastructure emulates the best                                                                                         technology, software-development,
                                          educational institutions of the         §	master of Business Administration                        MBa(3.5years)         assistance in the planning and
                                          country.                                                                                                                 implementation, monitoring
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

and evaluation of organizational         Library                                  of up to date information using the     databases under the hec’s national        and reference books electronically     Common room for Girls
activities, and, importantly, in-                                                 latest reference and information        digital library program. students         in a variety of subject areas. apart
house capacity building through          library is the most important facility   techniques, as well as books and        and faculty can access these              from this there are more than 10,000   this space has been designed to give
the provision of specifically tailored   at any educational institution. cIIt     periodicals in relevant subject and     resources from inside and outside         e-books on different subject areas     female students a place to relax,
training workshops.                      abbottabad has provided its students     interest areas. library services        the campus through Ip address             are currently available on the cIIt    offer prayers, study, have informal
                                         with comfortable, spacious and           include reference and information       and Vpn respectively. at present          e-library which is in ever-growing/    discussions in free time available.
ComSAtS technology Centre (CitC)         peaceful environment in its library.     services, current awareness services,   access through Virtual private            developing stage and will become       daily newspapers, magazines and
                                         It spreads over an area of 10,000        periodicals     and     newspapers,     network (Vpn) is only available to        more and more exemplary/perfect        periodical journals are available
cItc is a well-sized technology          sft, contains over 27,050 books and      photocopying facilities, access to      senior faculty. later on this facility    with the passage of time.              for reading. female students
concern having a large number of         is growing rapidly. It subscribes to     cd-roMs, bookshop for students,         could also be offered for the use                                                appreciate this comfortable facility
skilled professionals. cItc has a        more than 26 research journals and       cyber station (Internet), hec digital   of students as per the policy of          Cafeteria                              a great deal.
successful history of projects and       magazines. computers have been           library, etc.                           cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,
a long list of satisfied clients. CITC   provided for browsing the web and                                                the library is also giving access to      the cafeteria remains open for         Career Development Center
promotes, develops, delivers and         the digital library. photocopy and       Digital and e Library:                  around 50,000 online books through        students and faculty the whole day,
facilitates the use of Information       bookshop facilities are also present                                             12 different databases that have          seven days a week. to ensure quality   the aim of career development
technology services and resources,       at the library. the library remains      the library is providing complete       also been made available through          and hygienic food, a students mess     center is to support students
including application and web            open for students from morning till      access to more than 32,000 high         the hec’s national digital library        committee is formed which monitors     in optimizing the value of their
development, data warehousing,           midnight.                                quality, peer-reviewed journals,        program. the e-books support              menu selection and ensures quality     academic     experience     and   in
network design and configuration,                                                 conferencing     proceedings    and     program will allow researchers to         of service.                            achieving successful transitions
inter access, corporate training, cIIt library provides a wide range              articles through 22 different online    access most of the important text                                                to the workforce and further
multimedia solutions, and testing                                                                                                                                                                          educational endeavours. this center
services.                                                                                                                                                                                                  provides quality career development
                                                                                                                                                                                                           programs and employment-related
electronics/Computer engineering                                                                                                                                                                           services in order to empower
Facilities                                                                                                                                                                                                 students to actively engage in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                           integration and implementation of
cIIt abbottabad is maintaining seven                                                                                                                                                                       their academic and employment
major state of the art laboratories                                                                                                                                                                        choices. this center develops
to facilitate students and keep them                                                                                                                                                                       positive faculty, staff and employer
up with the latest technologies                                                                                                                                                                            relations that result in access to
in the sector of electronics and                                                                                                                                                                           career information and career
engineering. these labs include                                                                                                                                                                            opportunities for the students. the
digital logic/microprocessor lab,                                                                                                                                                                          long-term objective is to achieve a
telecommunication / dsp lab,                                                                                                                                                                               high status among our competitors.
control/instrumentation lab, VlsI
lab, Machine lab, and power systems                                                                                                                                                                        extra Curricular Activities
                                                                                                                                                                                                           extra curricular activities are a vital
                                                                                                                                                                                                           part of any educational process.
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                 UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

sports, drama, creative writing,
etc, all help individuals to develop
                                                                                                                      Wah Campus
balanced personalities by taking
healthy breaks from academic
rigors. teamwork and competition
                                                                                                                      the opening of a new campus of
also help in building character.
                                                                                                                      coMsats Institute of Information
students’ week is held annually at
                                                                                                                      technology in the historical and
the campus. this week is dedicated
                                                                                                                      industrial town of Wah was a joint
to competitions and tournaments
                                                                                                                      effort of the cIIt and pof (pakistan
held among different classes and
                                                                                                                      ordnance factories) Wah.          cIIt
departmental teams. as a tradition,
                                                                                                                      started its campus at Wah in a record
faculty and the student body
                                                                                                                      period of 70 days. the Minister for
enthusiastically participate in this
                                                                                                                      science and technology/chancellor
weeklong event.
                                                                                                                      cIIt, formally inaugurated the
                                       dramatic,    scientific,   software     dramatics     society   named     as   Institute on september 14, 2001.
Clubs and Societies
                                       and photographic activities. the        ‘funkada’, coMsats literary society,
                                       societies regularly organize poetry     Bazm-e-adab, art and painting          the campus is situated on Quaid
clubs and societies are very
                                       reading competitions, debates,          society, photography society, Qirat    avenue at the Mall, Wah cantt. It
important for creative activities
                                       quiz shows, concerts, naat and          and naat society, eco-adventure        is a place where people from all
on campus. a large number of
                                       Qirat competition, photographic         club, cricket club, football club,     over pakistan are exhibiting their
clubs and societies are active at
                                       competitions       and     scientific   athletics club, Badminton club,        unique skills. due to its location,
the abbottabad campus. these
                                       gatherings. presently, software         table tennis club, girls sports        Wah is easily accessible to the
societies are involved in literary,
                                       development society, It society,        club, Volleyball club, green thumb     students coming from Wah, taxila,
                                                                               society, entrepreneurial society are   rawalpindi, hassanabdal and other
                                                                               quite popular among students.          surrounding areas.

                                                                               Celebrating Success:                   Wah cantt. is considered as the hub
                                                                                                                      of industrial activity in the region.
                                                                               since its inception cIIt abbottabad    It is a place having high potential
                                                                               has produced 4,023 graduates.          for the utilization of Information
                                                                               so far six convocations have been      technology and its incorporation in
                                                                               organized.                             the industry. pof itself is a market
                                                                                                                      with very high potential. a world
                                                                                                                      class It institute in the region has
                                                                                                                      paved the way for knowledge and
                                                                                                                      learning of It, thus proving its worth
                                                                                                                      and adding value to the region and
                                                                                                                      to the country as a whole.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

The campus was the first of its       the combined covered area of the       rawalpindi, the campus is ideally    Facilities                            subject areas. We are in close        network (Vpn) is only available to
kind in Wah cantt at the time         two blocks is approximately 75,000     suited for students who wish to                                            contact with leading book importers   senior faculty. later on this facility
of its establishment. It has a        sft that are now operational to meet   seek education in a conducive        Lecture rooms                         to ensure a proper and timely up      could also be offered for the use
modern infrastructure and highly      the ever-increasing requirements       environment.                                                               gradation in library resources.       of students as per the policy of
professional teachers. cIIt Wah       of an expanding campus. currently                                           cIIt Wah has 22 spacious lecture there are over 15,500 hard copies          cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,
is fully equipped to handle the       more than 1,700 students are           Academic programs                    rooms which are fully furnished, air- of books and almost 5,500 non-book    the library is also giving access to
dynamics of the fast paced It         enrolled in the disciplines of                                              conditioned and nicely maintained. materials (cds, audio/Video).            around 50,000 online books through
industry and to meet the challenges   Business administration, computer      the    following     undergraduate   teaching aids such as projector and                                         12 different databases that have
of the future. here the dedicated     science and electrical engineering.    programs are on offer at Wah:        multimedia facilities are available Digital and e Library                   also been made available through
faculty ensures students to succeed   for the establishment of a                                                  in every classroom.                                                         the hec’s national digital library
and encourages them to benefit        permanent campus the Institute has                                                                                the library is providing complete     program. the e-books support
                                                                                §	                      Bs(Ba)
from the innovative education.        recently purchased a piece of land                                          Labs                                  access to more than 32,000 high       program will allow researchers to
                                      near Brahma Bahtar, Interchange on                                                                                quality, peer-reviewed journals,      access most of the important text
the campus is housed in spacious      Motorway, M-1. the ground breaking         Computer Science
                                                                                §	                      Bs(cs)    Keeping in view the importance of conferencing        proceedings    and    and reference books electronically
buildings. the campus provides        ceremony was held on March 01,             Civil engineering
                                                                                §	                      Bs(cee)   practical training, Wah campus has articles through 22 different online     in a variety of subject areas. apart
state-of-the-art facilities for the   2011. In the first phase one block         electrical
                                                                                §	                      Bs(ece)   established 14 modern computer databases under the hec’s national           from this there are more than 10,000
acquisition of knowledge and skills   will be constructed for Wah Business       (Computer)                       and electrical engineering labs, digital library program. students          e-books on different subject areas
in the field of IT. A 20-year lease   school which will accommodate              engineering                      which have around 330 state-of-the- and faculty can access these            are currently available on the cIIt
agreement was signed between pof      2,000 students and one Mosque for                                           art computers connected through resources from inside and outside           e-library which is in ever-growing/
and cIIt, in 2003 for renting two new 500 persons.                               electrical
                                                                                §	                      Bs(ete)
                                                                                                                  lan and Wan. theses labs including the campus through Ip address            developing stage and will become
academic blocks. the total area of                                               (telecommunication)
                                                                                                                  electronics (analogue and digital), and Vpn respectively. at present        more and more exemplary/perfect
the campus is 168,700 sft, whereas, only     45   minutes    drive   from        engineering
                                                                                                                  communication           engineering, access through Virtual private         with the passage of time.
                                                                                 electrical (power)
                                                                                §	                      Bs(epe)   Microprocessors,             control
                                                                                 engineering                      engineering, machine labs, etc.
                                                                                 Software engineering
                                                                                §	                      Bs(se)    have state-of-the-art equipment
                                                                                §	                      Bs(tn)    to give practical exposure to the
                                                                                 & networking                     engineering students. proper lab
                                                                                                                  manuals,      attendance,    quality
                                                                                 master of Computer
                                                                                §	                       Mcs      assurance and supervision are
                                                                                 Science                          ensured by the department during
                                                                                 master of Business
                                                                                §	                      MBa(3.5   use of labs.
                                                                                 Administration          years)
                                                                                 master of public
                                                                                §	                       Mpa      Library
                                                                                                                  the library at Wah campus
                                                                                                                  provides a wide range of up-to-
                                                                                                                  date information using the latest
                                                                                                                  reference and information, as well
                                                                                                                  as books and periodicals in different
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                  UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Cu-online (Campus Based internet          bodies. Many events are organized                                              there are a number of activities
                                          Services Setup)                           to involve young minds ensuring                                                organized at Wah. every semester,
                                                                                    full participation in character                                                a sports week is held where,
                                          Swift and efficient communication         building activities and personality                                            competitions in volleyball, football,
                                          services are needed to connect to         development.                                                                   basketball, badminton, table tennis,
                                          the rest of the world. this not only                                                                                     cricket, squash and athletics are
                                          affects the sharing of knowledge and      Adventure Club                                                                 arranged. the Institute also actively
                                          latest techniques but also makes the                                                                                     participate at national level mega
                                          student aware of the advancements         adventure club has been established       alumni to work in suitable areas of events and has earned many laurels,
                                          taking place in the world. cIIt Wah       at cIIt Wah that arranges a variety       engineering and technology.          such as, the Champion of youth
                                          has developed its own Isp containing      of outdoor activities. different clubs                                         carnival 2010.
                                          latest cIsco routers and fast-            have been created under adventure         Visio Spark
                                          servicing equipment. cIIt provides        club such as hiking, trekking,                                                 Celebrating Success:
                                          this facility over the lan. all these     photography, shooting, camping and        Visio spark, the computing gala,
                                          facilities are provided to our faculty,   rowing, etc.                              a tradition of Wah, provides an since its inception cIIt Wah has
                                          staff and students round the clock                                                  opportunity for young learners to produced around 2,215 graduates.
                                          on campus. this facility will soon be     Job Fair/ placement                       polish their newly acquired skills. so far eight convocations have been
                                          provided to the faculty and students                                                every year Wah holds this exhibition organized.
                                          at home as well.                          Wah campus organizes annual job           in collaboration with local industry
                                                                                    fairs and expos. leading national         to display talents of cIIt students.
                                          Book Shop                                 and international companies and
                                                                                    corporations, both public and Sports Week
                                          In any It Institute, latest and updated   private, attend these fairs to the
                                          editions of the subject books are         graduating meet students and assess considering the importance of
                                          a necessity. a formal bookshop is         their skills. through these fairs, our sports in an academic institution,
                                          therefore present on the premises         students have been hired for various
                                          of the campus where updated books         important projects and to entry
                                          are available at reasonable prices.       level positions.

                                          extra Curricular Activities               the Wah campus actively works for
                                                                                    the placement of their students by
                                          cIIt Wah provides an excellent            strengthening the contacts between
                                          academic    atmosphere     to    its      industry and cIIt. this give the
                                          students. the faculty puts in             students an opportunity to work on
                                          maximum efforts to groom and              the latest technical problems and
                                          nourish young scholars placed             designs in their final year projects
                                          under their care. We at Wah try           and to present themselves in
                                          our best to contribute significantly      effective manner before prospective
                                          to build healthy minds in healthy         employers. the campus guides its
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                 UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Lahore Campus                            engineering, computer engineering,
                                                                                   chemical engineering, Management
                                                                                   sciences, physics, architecture and
                                          history                                  Bio-Medical Material sciences.
                                          the lahore campus is located on
                                                                                   the campus consists of one
                                          defence road, off raiwind road and
                                                                                   administration      block,        five
                                          is 30 minutes drive from the main
                                                                                   workshops, five academic blocks, a
                                                                                   mosque, boys and girl’s hostels and
                                                                                   a number of residential units for the
                                          this campus was established in
                                          January 2002. the sprawling campus
                                          is purpose built and is spread over an
                                                                                   the location of the campus is
                                          area of 185 acres with constructed
                                                                                   strategically chosen to provide the
                                          area of 420,000 sft.
                                                                                   Academic programs
                                          the campus is equipped with
                                          state-of-the-art computers and           the following undergraduate programs are on offer at lahore:                  students with an ideal environment,
                                          electronics labs. during a short span                                                                                  which is not only conducive for their
                                          of time, the continuous efforts of the    Architecture
                                                                                   §	                                                              B.arch        educational pursuits but would also
                                          dedicated faculty have made cIIt                                                                                       ensure that the students are well
                                          lahore synonymous with academic           Business Administration*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(Ba)        abreast of the latest developments
                                          excellence, which forms strong            Chemical engineering*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(che)       in the It sector.
                                          foundations for a bright career for
                                          its alumni. here the young minds          Computer Science*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(cs)        the campus offers 30% seats to
                                          can really create a bright future for     Design
                                                                                   §	                                                               B.des        children of industrial workers free
                                          themselves.                                                                                                            of cost, besides other scholarships.
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(eco)
                                          the environment at the campus is          Fine Arts
                                                                                   §	                                                                Bfa         Ciit – Lancaster university
                                          vibrant, creative and challenging,
                                          for both teachers and students.           Computer engineering*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(ce)        Dual Degree program (DDp):
                                          the campus intends to excel in            electrical (telecom) engineering*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(ete)
                                          its research capability, which will                                                                                    In addition to its own degree
                                          open new frontiers of knowledge in        physics
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(phy)       programs, cIIt in collaboration with
                                          Information technology. In a city of                                                                                   lancaster University (lU), UK is also
                                                                                   §	                                                          Bs(psychology)    offering the dual degree program
                                          learning as lahore, the campus caters
                                          for the ever-increasing demands of        Software engineering*
                                                                                   §	                                                              Bs(se)*       (ddp) at its purpose built lancaster
                                          students in the fields of Computer                                                                                     block, lahore. the ddp provides an
                                                                                    master of Business Administration
                                                                                   §	                                                          MBa (3.5 years)   alternate path to a highly regarded
                                          science,         telecommunication
                                                                                                                                                                 foreign degree at highly reduces
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

and without physical displacement.     at present, four undergraduate           around 640 male students and            including the Isp, which provides          digital library program. students        developing stage and will become
students enrolled in ddp at lahore     programs are on offer, i.e. Business     around 320 female students. for         computing and networking services          and faculty can access these             more and more exemplary/perfect
campus are considered as the           administration, computer science,        further details, warden office on the   to the campus as a whole. there are        resources from inside and outside        with the passage of time.
“external students” of LU with         electrical     (telecommunication)       campus may be contacted.                41 labs including 6 air conditioned        the campus through Ip address
full access to all online academic     engineering       and       electrical                                           computer labs, each equipped with          and Vpn respectively. at present         ComSAtS Students Services (CSS)
facilities available to the other      (computer)       engineering.      on    transport                               fifty workstations with internet           access through Virtual private           and Job placement Cell (JpC)
regular students at lancaster          successful completion of all degree                                              facility, along with server room           network (Vpn) is only available to
University.                            requirements, students shall be          cIIt provides pick and drop services    have been setup at the campus. a           senior faculty. later on this facility   css has been established at cIIt
                                       offered 02 degrees; one from cIIt        to facilitate the students and          number of multimedia and overhead          could also be offered for the use        lahore campus to provide students
It is pertinent to mention that cIIt- and the other from lancaster              employees of the campus. eleven         projectors are also available.             of students as per the policy of         with a range of services designed
lU dual degree program has been University, UK.                                 buses and four coaches have been                                                   cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,    to help and assist them adjust
launched in line with the commitment                                            arranged to provide this service        Library                                    the library is also giving access to     to university life and to achieve
of government of pakistan to the complete details of dual degree                between campus and inner city on                                                   around 50,000 online books through       potential in terms of their personal,
establish professional linkages with program and its requirements are           subsidized rates.                       the library functions as an                12 different databases that have         educational, social and professional
prestigious international universities available in section II of chapter 03                                            information resource center for the        also been made available through         goals. highly skilled staff is
and research and development at page no. 151.                                   Lecture rooms                           campus. students are encouraged            the hec’s national digital library       specialized in providing students
institutions.                                                                                                           to make full use of it. the library        program. the e-books support             with comprehensive solution to
                                        Facilities                            the campus has spacious 47                houses an open shelf collection that       program will allow researchers to        their everyday problems including
further, the ddp has been the part                                            furnished lecture rooms. each has a       includes books, films, CDs, journals       access most of the important text        their adjustment to university
of the strategic direction set by the   Accommodation                         capacity for fifty or more students       and newspapers. the library staffs         and reference books electronically       environment, handling of academic
prime Minister of pakistan in March                                           and is properly maintained. Most of       provide one-on-one training and            in a variety of subject areas. apart     as well as peer pressure etc. css
2009 to emphasize the need for cIIt     the campus provides hostel facility these classrooms are furnished with         group instruction. If students need        from this there are more than 10,000     achieves these goals through
to develop into a ranking university    for both boys and girls students. the multimedia facility for teaching          help in finding books, identifying         e-books on different subject areas       implementation of many programs,
of pakistan, having international       facility is available on first-come- purposes.                                  authors or titles, the library staff is    are currently available on the cIIt      both within and outside the campus.
standards and competing globally.       first-serve basis and accommodates                                              happy to assist. the library is open       e-library which is in ever-growing/      css arranges many co and extra-
                                                                              Computing, networking Services            from morning till evening six days a
                                                                              and Labs                                  week. collections of more than 16,
                                                                                                                        500 books, 30 journals, 16 magazines
                                                                                computing and networking services       along with cds and videos have been
                                                                                (cns) are charged with overall          provided for the students.
                                                                                responsibility for the computing
                                                                                & networking infrastructure and         Digital and e Library
                                                                                technical support, necessary to
                                                                                sustain the campus programs,            the library is providing complete
                                                                                instructions,     research   and        access to more than 32,000 high
                                                                                administration. In addition to          quality, peer-reviewed journals,
                                                                                providing many services directly,       conferencing     proceedings    and
                                                                                cns also serves as liaison with         articles through 22 different online
                                                                                other campus computing offices,         databases under the hec’s national
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

curricular activities in order to bring health Center:                        Institute at several forums and         Sports Society
the best out of students and prepare                                          competitions, and have brought
them to the rigors of competition To provide first aid and medical            back honours & prizes.                  the sports society organizes
and fair play.                          facilities to students and faculty                                            competitions in cricket, football,
                                        members, a health centre has been     electronics Society                     table tennis, badminton, basketball,
the mission of Job placement cell established near the girls’ hostel                                                  chess and athletics. the society
(JPC) is to assist students in finding under the supervision of a qualified   the electronics society organizes       facilitates both male and female
employment through a variety of Resident Medical Officer.                     competitions,     quiz      programs,   students’ participation in the sports
services and also assisting them in                                           seminars and other related events in    events.
locating employment opportunities. mosque:                                    the field of electronics. This is one
Jpc offers students grooming                                                  of the most popular societies and       ComSmAG
sessions, job hunting skills, job central mosque located between              has a regular activities calendar.      An annual magazine reflecting the
data bank, resume development, academic building and boys’ hostel                                                     whole academic year activities in a
interviewing skills and students provides a serene facility for prayers       prismic, Art and Culture Society        nutshell is a newest addition. the
profile directory.                      including Juma congregation.
                                                                                                                      pages of the magazine depict the         about various academic and extra- of constantly providing practical
                                                                              this society organizes art, drama,      essence of artistic and academic
Common room for Girls                   extra Curricular Activities           and singing competitions, seminars,                                              curricular purposes.                 exposure to the students regarding
                                                                                                                      abilities harboured by the students                                           the course contents. to achieve
                                        Computer Science Society              quiz programs, debates, mushaira,       of lahore. one newsletter is a
a comfortable and spacious common                                             naat and qirat competitions,                                                     Seminars                             this objective, guest speakers from
                                                                                                                      semester wise output that focuses                                             corporate and industrial sectors
room has been established in the        the computer science society          movie shows and current affairs         on day-to-day milestones reached.
academic Block. this space has been                                           competitions.      It     promotes                                               one of the key features of education are regularly invited to the campus
                                        organizes seminars, quiz programs                                             It also highlights various events
designed to give female students a                                            development of innate talents                                                    at cIIt is a visionary approach in order to share their practical
                                        and other events related to
place to relax, offer prayers, study                                          of students apart from academic                                                                                       wisdom and experiences with the
                                        computer sciences. Members of
and have informal discussions in free                                         excellence.                                                                                                           students.
                                        the society have represented the
time available. daily newspapers,
magazines and periodical journals                                                                                                                                                                  Celebrating Success:
are available for reading.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   since its inception cIIt lahore
Cafeteria                                                                                                                                                                                          has produced more than 4,854
                                                                                                                                                                                                   graduates. so far ten convocations
the     cafeteria   is    responsible                                                                                                                                                              have been organized.
for catering meals, snacks and
beverages for the faculty, staff and
students at reasonable rates. It has
two portions, one for faculty and
staff and the other for students.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Attock Campus                           Academic programs                  its existing resources. the detail of teaching and research on the
                                                                                                                     the resources is given as follows:    campus, but they also include some
                                                                                  the    following     undergraduate                                       general books for leisure reading.
                                          history                                                                    Lecture rooms:
                                                                                  programs are on offer at attock:
                                                                                                                                                           Digital and e Library:
                                          april 04, 2004 was a historic day
                                                                                                                     all 9 lectures rooms are fully
                                          for the residents of attock city         §	Business                Bs(Ba)
                                                                                                                     furnished, well equipped and well the library is providing complete
                                          when a new campus of the cIIt               Administration
                                                                                                                     maintained. all modern teaching access to more than 32,000 high
                                          was launched, to make it possible        §	Computer Science        Bs(cs)  and learning aids are provided, quality, peer-reviewed journals,
                                          for the students of the far flung
                                                                                   §	electrical              Bs(ee)  with seating capacity in sufficient conferencing       proceedings     and
                                          and under developed areas to take
                                                                                      engineering                    numbers to accommodate all articles through 22 different online
                                          advantage of the opportunities of
                                                                                   §	Computer                Bs(ce)  students.                             databases under the hec’s national
                                          state-of-the-art education.     the
                                                                                      engineering                                                          digital library program. students
                                          event was important for both cIIt
                                                                                                                     Library:                              and faculty can access these
                                          and attock city because the dream        §	master of                 Mcs
                                                                                                                                                           resources from inside and outside
                                          of an It institute was a distant            Computer Science
                                                                                                                     the library is airy, well lighted the campus through Ip address
                                          dream come true. cIIt’s presence in      §	master of         and provides an ideal place for and Vpn respectively. at present
                                          attock has ensured the availability         mathematics            (Math)  quiet study and has around 4,700 access through Virtual private
                                          of professional academic skills not
                                                                                   §	master of Business MBa (3.5 books. networked pcs provide network (Vpn) is only available to
                                          only to the locals of punjab but
                                                                                      Administration          years) access to a wide range of online senior faculty. later on this facility
                                          also the adjoining areas of Khyber
                                                                                   §	master of public          Mpa   journals, databases, cds and library could also be offered for the use of
                                          pukhtoonkhawa. It throws open an
                                                                                      Administration                 catalogues. the library’s holdings students as per the policy of cIIt. In
                                          opportunity to the city of attock
                                                                                                                     are chosen mainly to support addition to 32,000 journals,
                                          becoming a hub of burgeoning jobs        §	telecommunication Bs (tn)
                                          and business ventures entirely on its       and networking
                                          own strength in the near future.
                                          the attock campus has gained
                                          a commendable reputation in a           higher education in emerging
                                          short time. attock’s good teaching      fields requires huge investment in
                                          reputation ensures that brilliant       infrastructure and facilities that
                                          academicians are attracted to work      are made available to achieve
                                          here. this subsequently enables         the international standards of
                                          our academic departments to offer       education. despite its young age,
                                          innovative and exciting teaching        the campus has arranged adequate
                                          environment, led by experts at          resources to facilitate the students,
                                          the cutting edge of their varied        teachers and staff members. the
                                          specializations.                        campus is in a continuous process of
                                                                                  progress and is making addition to
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

the library is also giving access to   Cafeteria:                           50 males and 20 females. the           instruments/equipment has also          extra Curricular Activities           Funfairs
around 50,000 online books through                                          accommodation is available on first-   been established at cIIt attock.
12 different databases that have      a proper cafeteria has been set up cum-first-serve basis.                    the lan of cIIt provides high-speed     Sports                                funfairs at the campus are organized
also been made available through      where quality eatables are provided                                          Internet connectivity, printing and                                           annually. students as well as outside
the hec’s national digital library    to faculty and students at reasonable Common room for Girls:                 data storage facility. there are two    students participate in many indoor   vendors set up stalls to display food
program. the e-books support          rates throughout the day.                                                    general purpose computer labs, one      and out door games including          items, handicrafts, etc., which
program will allow researchers to                                           a comfortable and spacious common      project lab and three electrical        badminton, table tennis and           students set up semester projects.
access most of the important text     transport:                            room has been made available in        engineering labs for the students.      cricket. Both male and female         sports activities and drama club
and reference books electronically                                          the academic Block. this space         the labs are fully equipped with        students actively participate in      events are also an integral part of
in a variety of subject areas. apart  cIIt attock provides pick and drop has been designed to give female          latest computers and with all           sports activities.                    these funfairs.
from this there are more than 10,000  services to facilitate the students students a place to relax, offer         the necessary facilities. all the
e-books on different subject areas    and employees. two vehicles have prayers, study and have informal            labs are available throughout the       Seminars                              Celebrating Success:
are currently available on the cIIt   been arranged to provide this service discussions in free time available.    week. student help desk is always
e-library which is in ever-growing/   between campus and surrounding daily newspapers, magazines and               ready to provide friendly and           organization of seminars is a since its inception cIIt attock has
developing stage and will become      area/inner city on subsidized rates. periodical journals are available for   expert guidance/assistance, so the      regular feature at attock campus. produced 455 graduates. so far four
more and more exemplary/perfect                                             reading.                               students can make good use of most      seminars’ content is mostly related convocations have been organized.
with the passage of time.             hostel:                                                                      of the resources.                       to academic subject matters. these
                                                                            Labs and network Department:                                                   forums have always provided a good
Computing network:                    the campus provides hostel facility                                          the     network      department      is opportunity for healthy debates and
                                      for both male and female students an        electronics   lab   equipped     providing campus wide information discussions.
on campus, every student is separately               and    accommodates with latest test and measuring            &      communication       technology
assigned a computer account                                                                                        service,     including     but     not
and work space, allowing access                                                                                    limited to the Internet access.
to central computing facilities.                                                                                   the network department is also
the open access computers are                                                                                      providing corporate level technical
connected to the campus network                                                                                    consultancy to banks and various
and to the internet. computing,                                                                                    government department of district
printing and technical assistance are                                                                              attock. the attock campus was
available throughout the week. the                                                                                 declared as a cisco local academy
computing service web page also                                                                                    in 2007. as a cisco local academy
provides useful information to make                                                                                the cIIt attock is offering cisco
good use of computing facilities.                                                                                  Certified Network Associates (CCNA)
                                                                                                                   certificate to its students. The
mosque:                                                                                                            program on the whole has presented
                                                                                                                   a unique blend of advanced
prayers are held at our campus                                                                                     theoretical as well as practical
Mosque regularly. the sound of the                                                                                 sessions via latest interactive course
‘azan’ adds a sobriety to our campus                                                                               curriculum.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Sahiwal Campus                          the enrolment of 100 students with specialization in agri-business and
                                                                                  quite an attractive 30 percent ratio entrepreneurial management for its
                                                                                                                                                            cds. It has a rich collection of latest
                                                                                                                                                            publications on all the business
                                                                                  of female students. currently, the business administration students.      related subjects. It is equipped
                                          history                                 campus has a total enrolment of                                           with all the latest titles & issues,
                                                                                  more than 1,000 students.            Facilities                           covering broad range of subjects.
                                          cIIt campus situated at sahiwal,
                                                                                                                                                            the library subscribes to both local
                                          a city with a population of about
                                                                                  Academic programs                      Campus                             and foreign newspapers and national
                                          two million, located on the lMQ
                                                                                                                                                            and     international      periodicals,
                                          road, half-way between lahore and
                                                                                  the     following    undergraduate the purpose built campus is being      journals and magazines. In addition
                                          Multan, was formally inaugurated
                                                                                  programs are on offer at sahiwal:  constructed on 36 acres of land        to latest issues of newspapers, the
                                          in september 2007. sahiwal and
                                                                                                                     with a covered area of 69,000 sft.     back dated issues of newspapers
                                          its surroundings are known for
                                                                                                                     currently, there are 7 spacious        and magazines are also available
                                          wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maize          §	Bioinformatics        Bs(BI)
                                                                                                                     lecture rooms equipped with all the    on request. library has a wide and
                                          and rice crops. Main fruits are          §	Business              Bs(Ba)
                                                                                                                     modern facilities like multimedia,     diversified range of helping material
                                          citrus, mangoes and guava. sahiwal         Administration
                                                                                                                     air conditioners and modern            for faculty members and students.
                                          is a green and fertile town and
                                                                                   §	Computer              Bs(cs)    teaching aids.
                                          agriculture is important to the local
                                                                                     Science                                                                Digital and e Library:
                                          economy. sahiwal is also famous for
                                          its water buffaloes and milk-rich        §	Commerce                Bs      Library
                                                                                                        (commerce)                                          the library is providing complete
                                          cows. the establishment of cIIt
                                                                                                                     cIIt sahiwal hosts a reference         access to more than 32,000 high
                                          campus at sahiwal besides providing      §	mechanical            Bs(Me)
                                                                                                                     library with a more than 6,000         quality, peer-reviewed journals,
                                          higher education facilities in the         engineering
                                                                                                                     books, 15 journals and a number of     conferencing proceedings and
                                          highly demanded market oriented          §	telecom. &            Bs(tn)
                                          disciplines also provides state-of-        networking
                                          the-art facility for research and
                                          development in these fields. Sahiwal     master of
                                                                                  §	                     MBa (3.5
                                          campus intends to augment the            Business               years)
                                          academic and socio-economic role         Administration
                                          in imparting quality education with      master of
                                                                                  §	                       Mcs
                                          the help of cutting-edge technology      Computer
                                          and     contemporary      managerial     Science
                                          practices.                               master of
                                                                                  §	          (Math)
                                          sahiwal campus has surfaced as the
                                          most vibrant educational institution    considering the need of educated
                                          in sahiwal. It has been able to         professionals    in   the     much-
                                          fetch the record high intake ever       neglected fields of agriculture and
                                          witnessed at any cIIt campus for        entrepreneurship, sahiwal campus
                                          its pioneer batch. It started with      is also considering to introduce
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                 UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

articles through 22 different online     program. the e-books support           software packages. a state-of-           for fully concentrating on studies
databases under the hec’s national       program will allow researchers to      the-art computer lab has been            with conducive environment.
digital library program. students        access most of the important text      established. Broadband Internet
and faculty can access these             and reference books electronically     connectivity plays an important          extra-curricular Activities
resources from inside and outside        in a variety of subject areas. apart   role in facilitating the faculty
the campus through Ip address            from this there are more than 10,000   and students for academic as well        cIIt sahiwal provides numerous
and Vpn respectively. at present         e-books on different subject areas     as research and development              opportunities to its students for
access through Virtual private           are currently available on the cIIt    activities. students are provided        grooming them mentally and
network (Vpn) is only available to       e-library which is in ever-growing/    with facility of free internet access.   physically. these facilities include
senior faculty. later on this facility   developing stage and will become       computer lab is equipped with            formation     of     clubs/societies
could also be offered for the use        more and more exemplary/perfect        latest multimedia facilities like        which organize a wide range of
of students as per the policy of         with the passage of time.              multimedia projectors, scanner, cd       different extra-curricular activities
cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,                                           writers and printers.                    like adventure club, sports club,
the library is also giving access to     Computer Labs                                                                   magazine committee, debating
around 50,000 online books through                                        hostel Facility                                society, and many more.
12 different databases that have         sahiwal campus offers the most
also been made available through         modern computing facilities with cIIt sahiwal has provided the                  Career Development Cell
the hec’s national digital library       the latest operating systems and students (100 males, and 55
                                                                          females) with a furnished hostel               cIIt   sahiwal    has  a   career
                                                                          where their stay is made quite                 development      cell  established
                                                                          comfortable. It caters for all those           since september 2007. this cell
                                                                          facilities that a student needs for a          fosters liaison between academia
                                                                          decent living. Keeping the safety,             and industry. career development
                                                                          security and comfort of students in            cell facilitates the students in
                                                                          view, an effort has been made to
                                                                          allow students to fully concentrate                                                                                       internship and job placement. this
                                                                          on their studies on the one hand                                                                                          cell also works for the training and
                                                                          and ensure peace of mind for their                                                                                        personality development and is
                                                                          parents living far away from them,                                                                                        proactively engaged in arranging
                                                                          on the other hand. facilities                                                                                             different seminars, workshops and
                                                                          provided at the hostel include clean                                                                                      fairs for the students in collaboration
                                                                          and spacious rooms on sharing basis                                                                                       with public and private sector
                                                                          by two/three students, a dining hall                                                                                      organizations.
                                                                          equipped with requisite facilities,
                                                                          a recreation room equipped with                                                                                           Celebrating Success:
                                                                          tV, newspapers and internet, games
                                                                          facilities like carom-board, table                                                                                        since its inception cIIt sahiwal has
                                                                          tennis and badminton, adequate                                                                                            produced 441 graduates.
                                                                          security facility, study room facility
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                  UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                          Vehari Campus                            cIIt Vehari plans to impart quality
                                                                                   education in order to make students
                                                                                                                              Facilities:                 the Vehari campus is about to
                                                                                                                                                          switch its data storage to cU-online,
                                                                                   capable professionals, sensitive   Computer Labs                       which is an in-house developed
                                          history                                  intellectuals      and      responsible                                version of coMsIs, to automate the
                                                                                   citizens. driven by market forces, Vehari campus is equipped with two institutional functionality.
                                          coMsats Institute of Information
                                                                                   technological       revolution     state-of-the-art general purpose Library
                                          technology has achieved yet another
                                                                                   globalization, cIIt Vehari aims to computer labs with most updated
                                          milestone by opening its 7th campus
                                                                                                                      computer systems and operating library is expected to be the
                                                                                   instil a research culture for economic
                                          at Vehari. located in the heart of the
                                                                                   and human resource development in  environment.      our     computer treasure-house of knowledge. the
                                          country’s biggest province punjab,
                                                                                   this region.                       networks connect internally at lan campus has procured more than
                                          and famous for its fertile lands,
                                                                                                                      &Wan connectivity with extended 2,000 books and cds on various
                                          Vehari is the center piece of diverse
                                                                                   Academic programs                  broadband width of 4Mbps for disciplines and contemporary issues.
                                          socio-economic life in the region.
                                                                                                                      students and faculty members. It subscribes to both top national and
                                          Vehari district was established in
                                          1976. It has an area of 4,373      the     following    undergraduate Modern     computer     accessories international newspapers. library
                                                                                   programs are on offer at Vehari:   like color printers, scanners, dVd has diverse range of reference
                                          and an estimated population of
                                                                                                                      writers, multimedia projectors, material available for both faculty
                                          3.5 million. the district shares
                                                                                                                      digital camera are also available and students.
                                          its borders with Bahawalnagar             §	Business              Bs(Ba)
                                                                                                                      for the students. to enhance the
                                          and Bahawalpur districts on the             Administration
                                                                                                                      efficiency of staff, computer Digital and e Library:
                                          southern side, pakpattan district on      §	Computer              Bs(cs)    note books are also provided. to
                                          the eastern, lodhran district on the        Sciences                        maintain an uninterrupted working the library is providing complete
                                          Western and sahiwal and Khanewal
                                                                                    §	Commerce                Bs      environment, network is backed access to more than 32,000 high
                                          districts on the northern side.
                                                                                                         (commerce) with high-tech Ups, and generator. quality, peer-reviewed journals,
                                                                                     telecom. &
                                                                                    §	                        Bs(tn)
                                          Vehari campus was inaugurated on           networking
                                          17th august, 2008. Vehari campus           master of
                                                                                    §	                          Mcs
                                          started with an enrolment of 45            Computer
                                          students in MBa and now has more           Science
                                          than 200 total enrolled students.         §	master of              MBa (3.5
                                          presently, a temporary campus is           Business                 years)
                                          functioning in a hostel building           Administration
                                          of the government college for
                                          Boys Vehari. however for the              §	master of Arts in Ma (english)
                                          establishment of the permanent             english
                                          campus at Vehari, government of           §	master of    (eco)
                                          punjab has transferred more than 52        economics
                                          acres land located at two different
                                          places in the Vehari city.
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

conferencing      proceedings    and     one kilometer from the campus and       games and sports. Indoor games           committee. thus, student’s time        achievement and responsibility. the
articles through 22 different online     in a safe residential area near the     like carom board and table tennis        at cIIt can never be dull. on the      specific subject they study should
databases under the hec’s national       city main market, the hostel provides   are provided in common rooms.            contrary, it is difficult to choose    be one they are passionate about
digital library program. students        male students an ideal living and       adequate security arrangements are       which activity to join. Whatever       and want to enhance that passion in
and faculty can access these             study place. hostel is furnished with   also available for hostel residents.     their level of expertise, they         their practical lives. Vehari campus
resources from inside and outside        dining hall, refrigerator, microwave    other hostel facilities include Ups      can become involved in any club        offers a Job development cell (Jdc)
the campus through Ip address            oven, tV, newspaper and internet        & generator as power backup for          or society that interests them.        to assist students for internship and
and Vpn respectively. at present         points to help students augment         power load shedding.                     In addition, industrial tours are      jobs in leading public and private
access through Virtual private           their research capabilities and                                                  arranged for the students so they      organizations in the country.
network (Vpn) is only available to       meet their assignment deadlines         extra Curricular Activities              may learn how commercial and
senior faculty. later on this facility   on time. Water coolers and water                                                 industrial undertaking works.         proctorial board is a regulatory body
could also be offered for the use        purifiers have also been installed in   Vehari campus offers each student                                              holding responsibility of maintaining
of students as per the policy of         the hostels to provide safe drinking    a future of significance -- not only     Career Development Cell               discipline among the students
cIIt. In addition to 32,000 journals,    water to hostel residents. Mess and     education of sheer prestige but                                                and taking necessary corrective
the library is also giving access to     procurements are also managed by        also provides opportunities to its       all employers hire people who measures wherever needed.
around 50,000 online books through       the students themselves under the       students for sprucing them mentally      are well-qualified, passionate and
12 different databases that have         supervision of wardens, on purely       and physically. for this purpose,        interested to work in a challenging celebrating success:
also been made available through         no profit, no loss basis. A healthy     guilds are made for organizing           environment, who want to achieve
the hec’s national digital library       mind resides in a healthy body.         different extra-curricular activities,   targets and take full responsibility. since its inception cIIt Vehari has
program. the e-books support             Keeping this in context, hostel         like sports club, adventure club,        this applies across the board, from produced 35 graduates and so far
program will allow researchers to        provides ample facilities for various   the debating society and magazine        large multinational corporations has held its maiden convocation.
access most of the important text                                                                                         to small ngos. studying at Vehari
and reference books electronically                                                                                        campus will equip students to
in a variety of subject areas. apart                                                                                      demonstrate     passion,   interest,
from this there are more than 10,000
e-books on different subject areas
are currently available on the cIIt
e-library which is in ever-growing/
developing stage and will become
more and more exemplary/perfect
with the passage of time.

hostel for male & Female Students

Vehari campus is committed to
providing students with furnished
hostels that cater for all those
facilities that a student needs. With
an accessible location of less than
            coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                                            Department of                            We are aware of everyday Academic programs
                                                                                                                                     breakthroughs in modern technology
                                                                                            Computer Science                         and thus committed to equipping following programs are being
                                                                                                                                     and imparting our students with offered by the department of
                                                                                            the department of computer               advanced competencies required computer sciences:
                                                                                            science was established in 1999          managing the growing needs of
                                                                                            at Islamabad and enrolled the            science and technology, especially Bachelor of Science in
                                                                                            pioneer batch of students in fall        computer sciences, in almost every
                                                                                            1999. the department made a              professional field today.
                                                                                                                                                                        Computer Science: BS(CS)

chapter 3                                           academics                               modest beginning and is now
                                                                                            proud of its excellent facilities and
                                                                                            internationally qualified faculty
                                                                                                                                     research activities have been given
                                                                                                                                     high priority within the department.
                                                      (Section – i)                         members along with its presence at
                                                                                            campuses of cIIt.
                                                                                                                                     this has resulted in national and
                                                                                                                                     international recognition for our
                                                                                                                                                                                          or equivalent
                                                                                                                                                                                          with minimum
                                                                                                                                     faculty and students alike. a number                 50% marks, from
                                                                                            the department aims to impart            of research papers of national and                   an accredited
                                                                                            competitive skills in effective          international repute have been                       institution.
                                                                                            development and application of           published in leading journals and      Session       fall and spring
                                                                                            modern technology to groom its           presented at conferences all over
                                                      Faculties,                            students as excellent programmers,       the world. the department has          Semesters     8
                                                      Departments and                       outstanding    researchers,  extra       dedicated research groups working in   number of     four years
                                                                                            ordinary analysts and innovative         the areas of databases, algorithms,    Years
                                                      programs                              designers.                               Artificial Intelligence, Computer      Credit        133
                                                                                                                                     Vision and security systems.           hours
                                                      Faculty of information
                                                                                                                                                                            Campus        Islamabad,
                                                      Sciences & technology                                                                                                 offering      abbottabad, Wah,
                                                                                                                                                                                          lahore (under
                                                      the faculty of Information sciences                                                                                                 ddp), attock,
                                                      and technology is comprised of                                                                                                      sahiwal & Vehari
                                                      department of computer science
                                                      and health Informatics Unit.                                                                                          the program focuses on instilling
                                                      however,     the     undergraduate                                                                                    comprehensive computer science
                                                      programs are being offered in                                                                                         knowledge among students and
                                                      department of computer sciences                                                                                       exposing them to issues involved
                                                      as follows.                                                                                                           in the development of scientific,
                                                                                                                                                                            educational     and    commercial
                                                                                                                                                                            applications of computer science.
                                                                                                                                                                            the degree lays emphasis on an
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

integrated approach to meet the telecommunication and networking           develop high quality software           programs      BS (Se)                     programs      mCS                      that our program contents are
hardware and software needs of the (tn) is aimed at catering to the human  applications. the program will be                                                                                        relevant and very much in demand
industry.                               resource needs in the fast growing offered as local cIIt program (which    eligibility   Intermediate with           eligibility   Bachelor degree          in all areas related to Information
                                        industry of telecommunications     can be offered at cs department                       mathematics with                          or equivalent            technology. International markets
the purpose of this program is to and networking. In the program,          of various cIIt campuses) and as a                    50% marks                                 with minimum             are expanding their businesses and
produce graduates with a sound the focus is on application of              dual degree in collaboration with       Session       fall and spring                           50% marks, from          research interests in pakistan which
knowledge of computer science, technology solutions to business            lancaster University of UK and it                                                               an accredited            have not only increased the scope
                                                                                                                   Semesters     8                                         institution.
contemporary technologies, and problems in telecom service sector          will ensure international quality                                                                                        of employment but also expanded
                                                                                                                   number of four years                      Session       fall and spring
professional skills. It is a four years and it requires additional domain  standards set by allied partner                                                                                          local opportunities through market
program of eight semesters, each knowledge in communication and            University. software engineering                                                  Semesters     4-6                      competition.leading institutions and
semester running for sixteen weeks. networks, along with a strong          graduates prepared will have            Credit        139                                                                organizations in pakistan and abroad
                                                                                                                   hours                                     number of     two-three years
the degree is awarded to students mathematical background.                 grounding     in     communication,                                                                                      seek computer science graduates
on the successful completion of a                                          mathematics, sciences, cultural,        Campus        Islamabad,                                                         for entry to mid level management
minimum 133 credit hours, including It is a four years program consisting  ethical, and social issues that         offering      abbottabad, Wah,            Credit        73                       and research positions in the fields
six credits for the project, with a of eight semesters. the degree is      influence and affect to the                           lahore (under ddp)          hours                                  of Information technology.
minimum cgpa of 2.0/4.0.                awarded on completion of minimum   development of high quality software                                              Campus        Wah, attock &
                                        134 credit hours, including six    systems. Bsse program is designed      master of Computer Science:                offering      Vehari                   Learning enhancing Activities
Bachelor of Science in                  credits for the project, with a    by following curricula of lancaster
telecommunication and                   minimum passing cgpa of 2.0/4.0.   University and guidelines of higher                                              relevance of programs                   the department has been arranging
                                                                           education commission, govt. of                                                                                           various It events to promote
networking: BS(tn)                                                                                                Master of computer science is
                                      Bachelor of Science in               pakistan to produce future agents
                                                                                                                  designed for students who wish
                                                                                                                                                            the department of computer              awareness and healthy professional
                                      Software engineering                 of change, individuals who will lead                                             science offers competitive degrees      activities among the students.
                                                                           and improve the software industry      to improve their knowledge of
programs      BS(tn)                                                                                                                                        in rapidly expanding areas of study.    Visio spark, a regular annual event
                                                                                                                  recent developments in information
eligibility   Intermediate or         software engineering bridges gap and state of the art practices in the      technology and to deepen their
                                                                                                                                                            Our qualified faculty and excellent     arranged at cIIt Wah, comprises
              equivalent with         between computer science theory coming years.                               understanding        in     computer
                                                                                                                                                            facilities ensure that students have    project displays, quiz competition
              minimum 50% marks,      and its practical applications using                                                                                  a solid technical grasp on their        and     on-the-spot    programming
                                                                                                                  science. It is a two years program
              from an accredited      different technologies and tools.                                                                                     subject that enables them to apply      competition. research conferences
                                                                                                                  consisting of four semesters. the
              institution.            se discipline focuses on imparting                                                                                    this knowledge in practical work        like    ‘coMsats     Workshop    on
                                                                                                                  degree is awarded on completion
                                      the practical knowledge and                                                                                           settings.                               research and computing’ (cWrc)
Session       fall and spring                                                                                     of a minimum of 73 credit hours,
                                      technical training which should                                                                                                                               and ‘frontiers of Information
Semesters     8                                                                                                   including six credits for the project,
                                      enable students to harmonize                                                                                          our liaison with the higher education   technology’ (fIt) encourage our
                                                                                                                  with a minimum passing cgpa of
number of four years                  theory with practice, concepts with                                                                                   commission and Ministry of science      students to undertake research and
Years                                 applications, and problems with                                                                                       and technology help us keep up-         learning activities. currently more
Credit        134                     solutions. a software engineering                                                                                     to-date with new policy initiatives     than seventy faculty members of
hours                                 program in coMsats Institute of                                                                                       and market driven incentives being      computer science department are
                                      Information technology will prepare                                                                                   unrolled by the government and          abroad for their Ms/ phd studies.
Campus        Islamabad, Wah,
                                      professionals who have a mastery of                                                                                   private sector.                         three basic sources of scholarships
offering      abbottabad, sahiwal
                                      software development principles,                                                                                                                              available are funding by cIIt, hec
              & Vehari
                                      theory, practice, and process to                                                                                      past      experience   demonstrates     and self-support.
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Faculty members of                    Assistant professors                         (computer science), new Jersey
                                                                                   Institute of technology (nJIt),
                                                                                                                          austraila, australia
                                                                                                                       •	 asad abbass Malik, Mcs,
                                                                                                                                                                 Quantum physics), Quaid e azam
                                                                                                                                                                 University, Islamabad, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                                                                         & network security), cIIt,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Islamabad, pakistan (phd scholar
the Department of                     •	 dr. shahid nazir Bhatti, phd              Usa                                    University of arid agriculture,                                                at cIIt Islamabad)
                                         (computer science), Kepler           •	   ahmad raza shahid, Ms                  rawalpindi, pakistan                Besides, three ras are also           •	   Mussarat abdullah, Ms (software
Computer Science                         University, austria                       (computer science), Michigan        •	 asif Muneer, Mcs, Bahria            associated with this department.           engineering), Iqra University,
                                      •	 dr. shehla abbas, phd (computer           University, Usa                        University, Islamabad, pakistan                                                Islamabad, pakistan (on study
                                         science), University of              •	   Umar nauman, Ms (computer           •	 salman aslam, Bsc (computer         CASt                                       leave)
                                         Bordeaux, france                          science), national University of       science), concordia University                                            •	   najam-ul-Ikram Qazi, Mcs
                                      •	 dr. Mansoor ahmed awan, phd,              computer & emerging sciences,          Montreal, canada                    Besides, 13 lecturers and eight            (computer science), Quaid-e-
                                         Vienna University of technology,          pakistan                            •	 Mukhtar azeem Qureshi, Msc          ras are also associated with this          azam University, Islamabad,
•	 dr. sajjad Mohsin, dean fIst,
                                         austria                              •	   Muhammad Mustafa Khattak,              (computer engineering), Uet,        department.                                pakistan
   phd (production & Information
                                      •	 dr. farhana Jabeen, phd                   Msc (computer science), Quaid          taxila, pakistan                                                          •	   riaz ahmad, Ms (software
   system eng), Muroran Institute
                                         (computer science), Manchester            e azam University, Islamabad,                                              	WAh CAmpuS                               project Management), case,
   of technology Japan
                                         University, UK                            pakistan                            Besides, 59 lecturers and 07                                                      Islamabad, pakistan (phd scholar
                                      •	 dr. Malik najmus saqib, phd          •	   asad abbass Malik, Ms               ras are also associated with this      Associate professors                       at Iqra University, Islamabad
                                         (computer science), technical             (Informatics), University of        department.                                                                       campus)
                                         University, Vianna, austria               skovde, sweden                                                             •	 dr. ehsan Ullah Munir, phd         •	   tariq Umer, Mcs (computer
•	 Ikram ul haq , Ms (computer
                                      •	 dr. Muhammad tahir, phd              •	   Umar nauman, Bcs (hons),            hiu                                       (computer software & theory),           science), Bahauddin Zakariya
   science), Wales University,
                                         (computer science), ecole                 hamdard University, Islamabad,                                                harbin Institute of technology,         University, Multan, pakistan (on
   cardiff, UK
                                         national superieur des                    pakistan                            Advisor                                   china                                   study leave)
•	 syed Zulqarnain Jaffery, Msc
                                         telecommunication, france            •	   nusrat shaheen, Ms (computer                                               •	 dr. M. Wasif nisar, phd            •	   faisal azam, Ms (computer
   (computer science), Quaid e
                                      •	 dr. Muhammad asim                         science), International Islamic     •	 dr. shafaat a. Khan, Ms (public        (computer applied technology),          science), cIIt, Islamabad,
   azam University, Islamabad,
                                         noor,Ms,computer                          University (IIU), Islamabad,           health), new york Medical              graduate school of chinese              pakistan (phd scholar at cIIt
                                         science,lUMs, lahore,pakistan             pakistan                               college, Usa                           academy of sciences (gscas),            Islamabad)
                                      •	 dr. Zia uddin, phd (computer         •	   rubina adnan, Msc (computer                                                   Beijing, china                     •	   sulma rasheed, Ms (computer
Associate professors
                                         science), asian Institution of            science), gomal University,         Besides, three lecturers are also                                                 science), Iqra University,
                                         technology, pathum thani,                 d.I.K., pakistan                    associated with this department.       Assistant professors                       Islamabad, pakistan (on study
•	 dr. romana aziz, phd,
                                         thailand                             •	   omer Vikas, Ms (Information &                                                                                         leave)
   Manchester University, UK (on
                                      •	 dr. Muhammad farukh Munir,                communication engineering),         CQp                                    •	 dr. nadir shah, phd (computer      •	   Faisal Shafique Butt, MS
   study leave)
                                         phd (networks & computer                  Uet, taxila, pakistan                                                         networks), Beihang University,          (engineering Management),
•	 dr. nasro Min-allah, hod, phd
                                         science), Institute eurecom,         •	   Basit shahzad, Ms (software         Associate professor                       Beijing, china                          case, Islamabad, pakistan
   (computer science) , graduate
                                         sophia antipolis, france                  engineering), nUst, Islamabad,                                             •	 dr. Zareen Mehboob, phd            •	   Muhammad Maaz rehan, Ms
   school of chinese academy of
                                      •	 dr. naveed ahmed, phd                     pakistan                            •	 dr. ashfaq hussain Khosa, phd          (neurinformatics), University of        (networks), MaJU, Islamabad,
   sciences (gscas), Beijing, china
                                         (engineering), cambridge             •	   asif Muneer, Ms (digital Media),       (electronics), Quaid e azam            Manchester, UK                          pakistan (on study leave)
•	 dr. M. Manzoor IIlahi tamimy,
                                         University,UK                             University of applied sciences         University, Islamabad, pakistan     •	 dr. Waqar Mehmood, phd             •	   Kashif ayyub, Ms (computer
   phd (computer science),
                                      •	 dr. abid Khan, phd (computer              Bremen, germany                                                               (computer science), University          science), Iqra University,
   graduate school of chinese
                                         science), harbin Institute of        •	   Zeeshan Mehta, Ms                   Assistant professors                      of Innsbruck, austria                   Islamabad, pakistan (on study
   academy of sciences (gscas),
                                         technology, china                         (telecommunication                                                         •	 Muhammad sharif, Ms                     leave)
   Beijing, china
                                      •	 Qasim arshad choudhry, Ms                 engineering), University of south   •	 dr. fazal ghafoor , phd (laser &       (languages, data structures
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Besides, nine lecturers and three   •	 dr. tauseef gulrez, phd                   curie, france                      	AttoCK CAmpuS                       Assistant professors                  University of canberra, australia
ras are also associated with this      (robotic, sensor networks and          •	 nadeem ghafoor chaudhry, Ms                                                                                    (on eol)
department.                            computer science), University             (computer science), University     Assistant professors               • dr. Imran ali Khan, phd            •   Muhammad rashid Mukhtar,
                                       of sydney & Macquarie                     of Massachuesseitis, Usa                                                (computer science and                  Ms (computer science), fast,
	LAhore CAmpuS                        University, australia                  •	 rizwan asghar Qureshi, Ms          •	 dr. sher afzal Khan, ph.d (       technology), graduate school           Islamabad, pakistan
                                    •	 dr. saqib rasool chaudhry, phd            (computer science), cIIt,             computer science) University of   of chinese academy of sciences     •   Muhammad taimoor Khan, Msc
professor                              (Wireless communication),                 lahore, pakistan                      central punjab, lahore            (gscas), Beijing, china                (advanced distributed systems),
                                       Brunel University, london, UK          •	 Muhammad Usman akram, Ms           •	 Mr. hikmat Ullah Khan, Ms       • dr. Muhammad Waqas anwar,              University of leicester, UK (on
•	 dr. syed asad hussain, hod, phd •	 dr. Muhammad atif, phd                     (Multimedia applications &            (computer science) IIU,           phd (computer application              study leave)
   (computer networks), Queen’s        (computer science), eindhoven             Virtual environments), sussex         Islamabad                         technology), harbin Institute of   •   sardar nauman aslam, Ms
   University Belfast, UK, post        University of technology,                 University, UK                     •	 Mr. Zeeshan Iqbal, Ms (computer   technology, china                      (computer science), cIIt,
   doctorate (Wireless notworks),      netherlands                            •	 sobia Zaheer, Ms (software            engg) case, Islamabad           • Imtiaz ahmad, Ms (computer             abbottabad, pakistan
   University of sydney, australia  •	 dr. atif Manzoor, phd (computer           project), fast, Islamabad,         •	 Mr. Mehr yahya durrani, Ms        networking), University of         •   Mazhar ali, Ms (computer
                                       science), Vienna University of            pakistan                              (Multimedia & communication)      Bedfordshire, UK                       science), Kth royal Institute of
Advisor                                technology, austria                    •	 atif saeed, M.phil (computer          MaJU, Islamabad                 • Kashif Bilal, Ms (computer             technology, sweden
                                                                                                                    •	 Mr. Ishtiaq Mahmood, Ms
                                    •	 dr. Mudasser naseer, phd                  science),Uet, lahore, pakistan                                          science), cIIt, abbottabad,        •   Usama ejaz Bajwa, Ms Uet
                                                                                                                       (computer engineering), case
•	 dr. Javaid sikandar Mirza,          (pattern recognition &                 •	 aman Ullah, Ms (computer                                                pakistan(on study leave)               taxila pakistan
   phd (electrical engineering),       Intelligent systems), Beijing             science), Virtual University,                                         • eraj Khan, Ms (communication       •   safdar Zaman, Msc (computer
   University of salford, UK,          University of aeronautics &               lahore, pakistan                                                        systems), halmsted, sweden (on         science), International Islamic
                                                                                                                    Besides 06 lecturers and 01 ra
                                       astronautics, china                    •	 abdul Karim shahid, Ms                                                  study leave)                           University (IIU), Islamabad,
                                                                                                                    are also associated with this
Associate professor                 •	 dr. Muhammad ramzan talib,                (Information technology), Keele                                       • atif nauman Jamil, Ms,                 pakistan (on study leave)
                                       phd (computer science),                   University, Keele, UK
•	 Dr. Zulfiqar Habib, PhD             University of Bayeruth, germany        •	 Muhammad sohaib Mahmood, Ms
                                                                                                                    	ABBottABAD CAmpuS
   (computer science), Kagoshima •	 dr. ghulam rasool, phd                       (software technology),University
   University, Japan                   (computer science), technische            of applied sciences stuttgart,
                                       Universitat Ilmenau, germany              germany
Assistant professors                •	 dr. Usman saeed, phd (Video            •	 humera niaz, Ms (computer
                                                                                                                    • aftab hussain, Ms (computer
                                       Based face recognition),                  science), cIIt, Islamabad,
                                                                                                                      networking), University of
•	 dr. tabbasum naz, phd               University of nice-sophia                 pakistan
                                                                                                                      Bedfordshire, UK
   (computer science), Vienna          antipolis, france                      •	 rizwan ahmad, Ms (Information
   University, austria              •	 dr. ali hassan, phd (electronic           technology), nUst, Islamabad,
                                                                                                                    Associate professors
•	 dr. Muhammad Umair, phd             engineering (networks)), Queen            pakistan
   (adaptivity, emotion and            Mary University of london, UK          •	 tayyeb amin, Msc (computer
                                                                                                                    • dr. Khizar hayat, phd,
   rationality in human & ambient •	 dr. Muhammad Intizar ali, phd               science), University of punjab,
                                                                                                                      Montpellier 2 University, france
   agent Models ) Vrije University,    (computer science) University             lahore, pakistan
                                                                                                                    • dr. sajjad ahmad Madani,
   amsterdam, netherlands              of Vienna, austria                     •	 Khurram shahzad,
                                                                                                                      chairman, phd, Vienna
•	 dr. syed asim ali, phd (computer •	 dr. Muhammad adnan hashmi,                (engineering & Management
                                                                                                                      University, austria
   science), University of paris,      phd (Multi agent system)                  of Information systems), royal
   france                              University pierree & Marie                Institute of technology (Kth),
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                       UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• saadat Iqbal, Msc (computer
  science), Quaid e azam
                                      Besides 47 lecturers and 01 ras
                                      are also associated with this
                                                                              •	 syed ameer ahmad gillani,
                                                                                                                   Faculty of                          environment for studying various
                                                                                                                                                       disciplines of electrical engineering.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Academic programs

  University, Islamabad,              department.                                Ms(communication engineering),    engineering                         our curriculum is unique in that         following programs are being
  pakistan(Incharge cItc                                                         chalmers University of                                                it enables students to learn             offered by the department of
  department)                         	SAhiWAL CAmpuS                           technology goteBorg, sweden       the faculty of engineering is       techniques required to solve             electrical engineering.
• dr. danish Irfan, harban                                                    •	 Majid hussain, Msc(computer       managing      three     departments complex engineering problems and
  Institute of technology, china      Associate professors                       science),Uet, lahore, pakistan    i.e., department of electrical      at the same time equips them with       Bachelor of Science in electrical
• Jawad haider Kazmi, Ms                                                                                           engineering,     department        of
                                                                                                                                                       managerial and professional skills.     (Computer) engineering: BS(eCe)
  (computer science), cIIt,           •	 dr. shaukat Iqbal, phd, ghulam       Besides 10 lecturers and 01 ra       chemical engineering, department
  abbottabad, pakistan                   Ishaq Khan Institute, pakistan       are also associated with this        of Mechanical engineering and one of the main goals of the programs                      BS(eCe)
• Muhammad shakeel, Ms                                                        department.                          department of civil engineering.      department      is    to     actively
                                                                                                                                                                                                eligibility Intermediate
  (computer science) Korea            Assistant professors                                                                                               achieve    gender     mainstreaming
                                                                                                                                                                                                            or equivalent
  advanced Institute of science &                                             	VehAri CAmpuS                                                            in its programs. Women are
  technology, Korea south             •	 dr. sadia aziz, phd (computer
                                                                                                                   Department                            doing remarkable work in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                            with physics,
• allah Bux sargano, Ms                  science),Wuhan University of         Assistant professors                 of electrical                         engineering field today. Now fields
                                                                                                                                                                                                            chemistry /
  (computer science) cIIt                technology, china                                                                                               such as computer engineering,
  abbottabad, pakistan                •	 dr. Muhammad naeem,                  •	 dr. Muhammad ImranQureshi,        engineering                           telecommunication       engineering,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            computer science
                                                                                                                                                                                                            / computer studies
• tanveer ahmad, Ms (computer            phd(Mathematics), goveroment            phd(Mathematics), government                                            and     electronics      engineering
                                                                                                                   the department of electrical are                                                         with minimum 60%
  science) cIIt abbottabad,              college University, lahore,             college University, lahore,                                                   offering     congenial    work
                                                                                                                   engineering began its journey in environments for females. as such                       marks or dae in the
  pakistan                               pakistan                                pakistan
                                                                                                                   september 2001 at Islamabad, there is an increased demand from                           relevant field with
• Muhammad tariq, Msc                 •	 dr. Muhammad raza, phd               •	 Muhammad rehan ashraf, M.phil
                                                                                                                   abbottabad and Wah, and has the female students to enrol in the                          minimum 60% marks,
  (computer science), gomal              (Mathematics), Bahauddin                (electronics), Quaid-e-azam
                                                                                                                   made big strides in its brief span of engineering department courses.                    from an accredited
  University, d.I.K., pakistan           Zakariya University, Multan,            University, Islamabad, pakistan
                                                                                                                   existence. the peer-departments cIIt encourages and welcomes                             educational
• Usman aftab, Ms (computer              pakistan                             •	 Malik M. ali shahid,
                                                                                                                   at cIIt lahore, attock, which were female enrolment and increase                         institution.
  software engineering), nUst,        •	 dr. Muhammad ramzan,                    Ms(computer engineering),
  pakistan                               phd(Mathematics), ghulam Ishaq          case, Islamabad, pakistan         established in 2002 and 2007, in their ratio in its engineering Session                  fall and spring
• syed faisal ali, Ms (science           Khan Institute of engineering                                             respectively,    offer     conducive programs.                               Semesters 8
  computer science), IQra                science and technology, topi,        Besides 04 lecturers are also
                                                                                                                                                                                                number of four years
  University, Karachi, pakistan          swabi, pakistan                      associated with this department.
• Irshad ahmad, Ms (science in        •	 dr. Muhammad sadiq,
  Information technology), IMs,          phd(Mathematics) Islamia                                                                                                                               Credit      135-138
  peshawar, pakistan                     University of Bahawalpur,                                                                                                                              hours
• Malik adnan Jaleel, Ms (science        pakistan                                                                                                                                               Campus      Islamabad, Wah
  in Business Information             •	 azhar Manzoor, Ms(software                                                                                                                             offering    (fall only) and
  technology) Middlesex                  engineering),University of                                                                                                                                         abbottabad
  University, UK                         abertay dundee, UK
• tahir Maqsood, Msc(computer         •	 faiza samreen, Ms(computer                                                                                                                             computer engineering is one of
  and network technology)                science),International Islamic                                                                                                                         the most versatile disciplines of
  northumbria University UK              University (IIU), Islamabad,                                                                                                                           engineering. It can broadly
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                       Bachelor of Science in electrical fanfare, many universities offer              Bachelor of Science in Computer this discipline vary. In our degree     electronics engineering is the
                                       (telecommunication) engineering: only a few specialized courses in              engineering: BS(Ce)              program, we have apportioned           backbone of almost all technologies
                                       BS(ete)                           this area. With the advancement in                                             70% for electronics and 30% for        today. It is one of the oldest
                                                                         digital communication and a rapid              programs    BS(eCe)             computer science. In recent times,     disciplines of electrical engineering.
                                        programs BS(ete)                 growth in Information technology                                               the number of computer engineers       electronics engineers have a broad
                                                                         and telecommunication sector, a                eligibility Intermediate        employed by the industry involved      spectrum of knowledge base. this
                                        eligibility Intermediate         new industrial base has sprung up                          or equivalent       in asIc design or custom processor     allows them to work in areas ranging
                                                    or equivalent        which requires engineers with more                         with physics,       design is gradually on the rise.       from maintenance, management,
                                                    with physics,        specialized skills in this area.                           Mathematics,                                               design, and reverse engineering.
                                                    Mathematics,                                                                    chemistry /         Bachelor of Science in electrical
                                                    chemistry /          this new industrial base includes the                      computer science    (electronics) engineering: BS(eee)     Bachelor of Science in electrical
                                                    computer science     traditional wired communication                            / computer studies                                         (power) engineering: BS(epe)
                                                    / computer studies   companies, mobile and cellular                             with minimum 60%
                                                    with minimum 60%                                                                marks or dae in the  programs BS(eee)
                                                                         companies, wireless local loop                                                                                         programs      BS(epe)
                                                    marks or dae in the  operators, and cable and broadband                         relevant field with  eligibility Intermediate
                                                    relevant field with  communication companies.                                   minimum 60% marks,                or equivalent             eligibility   Intermediate or
                                                    minimum 60% marks,                                                              from an accredited                with physics,                           equivalent with
                                                    from an accredited   Keeping in mind the demands of                             educational                       Mathematics,                            physics, Math, and
                                                    educational          this new industrial base, the degree                       institution.                      chemistry /                             chemistry with
                                                    institution.         includes latest digital technologies           Session     fall and spring                   computer science                        minimum 60%
                                        Session      fall and spring            as well as traditional communication                                                  / computer studies                      marks or dae in the
                                                                                                                        Semesters 8
                                                                                techniques. for the graduates to                                                      with minimum 60%                        relevant field with
                                        Semesters 8                                                                     number of four years
                                                                                have deeper understanding and                                                         marks or dae in the                     minimum 60% marks,
                                        number       four years                                                         Years                                         relevant field with                     from an accredited
                                                                                appreciation for all or some of
                                        of Years                                                                        Credit      135-140                           minimum 60% marks,                      educational
be described as an amalgam                                                      the above-mentioned industries
of      electronics     engineering,    Credit       136-139                    further     sub-specializations  are    hours                                         from an accredited                      institution.
with major emphasis on digital          hours                                   offered as electives. the sub-          Campus      attock and lahore                 educational               Session       fall and spring.
electronics, computer architecture      Campus       Islamabad, Wah             specialization options may include      offering    (under ddp)                       institution.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Semesters     8
and interfacing, and computer           offering     (spring only) and          optical communication systems,                                                Session      fall and spring
                                                                                                                                                                                                number of four years
science. the ratio of electronics                    lahore(under ddp)          wireless communication systems         computer engineering is one of         Semesters 8                       Years
and computer science courses in                                                 and radar, navigational aids, radio    the most versatile disciplines
                                                                                                                                                              number       four years           Credit        135-138
this discipline vary. In our degree    this discipline has existed in many      and television technologies.           of engineering. It can broadly
                                                                                                                                                              of Years                          hours
program, we have apportioned           universities for a very long time.                                              be described as an amalgam
70% for electronics and 30% for        Its popularity as an undergraduate                                              of     electronics    engineering,     Credit       136-139              Campus        abbottabad and Wah
computer science. In recent times,     engineering      specialization    is,                                          with major emphasis on digital         hours                             offering
the number of computer engineers       however, quite recent. It is observed                                           electronics, computer architecture     Campus       abbottabad
employed by the industry involved      that     although      undergraduate                                            and interfacing, and computer          offering                         at present, one hundred places are
in asIc design or custom processor     specialization in telecommunication                                             science. the ratio of electronics                                       offered to students in the program
design is gradually on the rise.       engineering is marketed with great                                              and computer science courses in                                         of electrical power engineering. It is
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

estimated by studies conducted in the electrical engineering program             in pakistan’, ‘high speed optical        Bachelor of Science in Civil           broad foundation in structures,         industry and universities, cast has
                                  is designed to provide its graduates
the field that in the next five to ten                                           communication’,       ‘design      and   engineering: BS(Cee)                   environmental           engineering,    been developed with an aim to use it
                                  with a solid educational foundation
years the scarcity of power engineers                                            development       of    Multi-channel                                           geotechnical, materials, water          as an interface between university-
                                  on which they can build successful
will reach a critical stage. In many                                             digital filters and their applications   programs        BS(Cee)                resources,    and    transportation.    based telecommunications activities
countries, including the developedand sustainable careers in electrical          in tracking’ and ‘WiMaX’, etc                                                   considerable emphasis is placed         and regional telecom industry,
                                  engineering and related fields. The            are some of the strengths of the         eligibility     Intermediate or        on     group-based,      open-ended     government and community groups.
countries, the shortage of power
                                  curriculum of Bachelor of science in           department.                                              equivalent with        design     projects    to    provide    cast from its inception has been
engineers is felt acutely. With this
                                  electrical engineering is developed                                                                     physics, Math, and     students with the necessary skills      focused on developing strong
scenario in mind and the inevitable
                                  with the objective to facilitate                                                                        chemistry with         for creative teamwork and to            industry links, with special regard
addition of more power generation
                                  the teaching of common core                                                                             minimum 60%            prepare them professionally for         to the practical implementation and
units to be set up in pakistan, cIIt
                                  courses and selection of courses of
felt the need of offering electrical                                             Department of Civil                                      marks or dae in        diverse employment opportunities.       realization of telecommunication
                                                                                                                                          the relevant field
(power) engineering program at    a particular major area depending              engineering:                                             with minimum
                                                                                                                                                                 preparation      for     professional   technologies. In this regard cast has
undergraduate level.              upon the interest of the student.                                                                                              practice and graduate studies           established a marketing department
                                  the curriculum covers the areas                                                                         60% marks, from        is accomplished through careful         for establishing and maintaining
                                                                                 civil engineering is the oldest                          an accredited
Bachelor of Science in electrical like power, telecommunication,                 engineering       profession.    civil                                          selection of technical electives.       mutually beneficial commercial
engineering: BS(ee)               electronics, computer and control.             engineering is a professional                                                   the civil engineering program           collaboration with local telecom
                                                                                                                                          institution.           provides conducive and stimulating      industry.
                                                                                 engineering discipline that deals
                                         Learning enhancing Activities           with the design, construction and        Session         fall and spring        environment to both students and
 programs      BS(ee)
 eligibility   Intermediate or           The first two years (or four
                                                                                 maintenance of the physical and
                                                                                 naturally built environment. civil
                                                                                                                          Semesters       8
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Faculty members of
               equivalent with                                                                                            number of       four years
               physics, Math, and
                                         semesters) are common to all            engineering plays a vital role in        Years
                                                                                                                                                                 Center for Advanced Studies in          CASt
                                         streams of academic programs            the progress and development                                                    telecommunication (CASt)
               chemistry with            being offered, in which the focus                                                Credit hours 141
               minimum 60%                                                       of a modern society, for it is the                                                                                      	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS
                                         is on electrical engineering basics,    art and science of designing,            Campus          Wah & abbottabad       center for advanced studies in
               marks or dae in the       Mathematics and allied courses.                                                  offering                               telecommunication (cast) was
               relevant field with                                               constructing,      maintaining    and                                                                                   Advisor
                                         the last two years build strong         managing of infrastructure. the                                                 established in december 2007 as an
               minimum 60% marks,        basis in electrical engineering core                                                                                    autonomous research cost center
                                                                                 department of civil engineering is       the civil engineering program                                                  •	 dr. Mirza Mansoor Beg, project
               from an accredited        subjects that enable the students                                                                                       committed to quality research in
                                                                                 initially established at cIIt Wah and    provides the necessary technical                                                  dircetor,    phd,    Birmingham
               educational               to start to specialize in the area                                                                                      the area of telecommunication.
                                                                                 abbottabad campuses from session         skills  in    mathematics,    basic                                               University, pakistan
               institution.              of their own choice. to enhance                                                                                         cast has been funded by higher
                                                                                 fall 2012.                               sciences, engineering sciences,
 Session       fall and spring           learning, workshops are regularly                                                engineering design, humanities         education commission and cIIt’s         Assistant professor
 Semesters     8                         held such as ‘telecommunication         Academic programs                        and social sciences consistent with    own     resources.   establishment
                                         regulations’;    establishment    of                                             accreditation needs of the pakistan    of cast has ensured long term           •	 dr. naeem Zafar azeemi, director,
 number of four years
                                         ‘center of advanced studies in          following programs are being             engineering council (pec), the         continuity of quality and industry         phd, technical University, Vianna
                                         telecommunication       (cast)     is   offered by the department of civil       higher education commission of         relevant research.                         austria, austria
 Credit        133-140                   another step in this direction;                                                  pakistan (hec) and national needs.
 hours                                   industrial tours, ‘techno Moot &                                                                                 since there is an absence of Beside 11 lectures and 9 research
 Campus        attock                    emcot’ mega events and seminars                                                  this program at cIIt aims to any meaningful dialogue and associate are associated with
 offering                                on ‘Mobile technology development                                                provide critical learning for a collaboration between regional department.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Faculty members                             engineering), Beijing Institute of
                                            technology, china
                                                                                 •	 dr. Muhammad fasih Uddin Butt,
                                                                                    phd (electronics & electrical
                                                                                                                           (electronics), Quaid e azam
                                                                                                                           University, Islamabad, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                                  University, seoul, south Korea
                                                                                                                                                               •	 syed saud naqvi, Bsc (computer
                                                                                                                                                                                                     	ABBotABAD CAmpuS

of the Department                      •	   dr. amir hanif dar, phd                 engineering), southampton         •	   sumaya haroon, Ms (computer            engineering), cIIt, Islamabad,     professors
                                            (computer application                   University, UK                         science), Johns hopkin                 pakistan
of electrical                               technology), Beijing Institute of    •	 dr. Zeeshan ali Khan, phd              University, Usa                     •	 Zaffar haider, Ms (engineering),   • dr. shahid Khattak, chairman,
engineering                                 technology, china                       (cross layer design for energy    •	   syed tauqir haider, Ms                 liverpool University, UK             phd, technische Universitat
                                       •	   dr. shurjeel Wyne, phd (Wireless        constraint wireless sincere            (engineering), auckland             •	 taimoor afzal, Ms (electrical        dresden, germany
	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS                          communication), lunds                   network), University of nice-          University, new Zealand                engineering), University of        • dr. laiq Khan, phd, University of
                                            University, sweden                      sophia antipolis, france          •	   Khurram saleem alamgeer,               Sheffield, UK                        strathclyde, glasgow, UK
professor                              •	   Dr. Muhammad Farhan Shafique,        •	 dr. syed Irfan ahmed, phd              Bs (Information technology),        •	 faraz Janan, Bs (computer
                                            Ms (engineering), University of         (electrical and computer               hamdard University, Karachi,           engineering), cIIt, Islamabad,     Chief engineer
•	 dr. shahid ahmed Khan, phd               demarne-la-Ballee, france               engineering), carleton                 pakistan                               pakistan
   (MM-Wave communications),           •	   dr. Imran Usman, phd (computer          University, canada                •	   riaz hussain, Ms (engineering),     •	 rana liaqat ali, Msc               • dr. abdur rashid, phd (electrical
   University of portsmouth, UK             & Information system), pIeas,        •	 dr. Jamshed Iqbal, phd                 north carolina state University,       (electronics), Quaid e azam          engineering) the Victoria
•	 dr. nassrullah Khan, phd                 nilore, Islamabad, pakistan             (robotics), University of              Usa                                    University, Islamabad, pakistan      University of Manchester, UK
   (development of femtosecond         •	   dr. shahrukh agha, phd (system-         genova,Italy                      •	   azhar yasin, Ms                     •	 Babar Mansoor, Bsc (computer
   laser) , essex University, UK            on -chip design), loughborough       •	 riffat shaista, Ms (electronics        (telecommunication), Blekinge          engineering), cIIt, Islamabad,     Advisors
•	 dr. shahzad a. Malik, dean foe,          University, UK                          & communication engineering),          tekniska hogskola (Bth),               pakistan
   phd (computer networks),            •	   dr. safdar hussain Bouk, phd            University of nottingham, UK           sweden                              •	 Muhammad Zubair, Msc               • Mir salim Ullah, Ms, college
   ecole national superieur des             (engineering), Keio University,      •	 sajid hussain alvi, Mphil         •	   Muhammad Bilal Qasim, Bs               (engineering), University of         of eM&e (nUst), Islamabad,
   telecommunication, france                Japan                                   (electronics), Quaid e azam            (computer engineering), cIIt,          leicester, UK                        pakistan
                                       •	   dr. nadeem Javaid, phd                  University, Islamabad, pakistan        Islamabad, pakistan                 •	 tanveer h. syed, Ms                • Mukhtar ahmad, Ms (electrical
Associate professors                        (Wireless networks), ecole           •	 fozia ayub, Ma (power             •	   Muhammad shuja uddin, Bsc              (engineering), auckland              engineering) Uet, lahore,
                                            national superieur des                  engineering), Uet, peshawar,           (engineering), Uet, Karachi,           University, new Zealand              pakistan
•	 dr. Izhar ul haq, phd (high tech         telecommunication, france               pakistan                               pakistan                            •	 omar ahmed, Ms (computer
   superconductivity), Quaid e         •	   dr. abdul Wadood, phd (signal &      •	 tariq Bashir, Bsc (electrical     •	   omair Inam, Msc (electrical            engineering), nUst, Islamabad,     Associate professors
   azam University, Islamabad,              Imaging processing), University         engineering), Uet, peshawar,           engineering), University of            pakistan
   pakistan                                 of poitiers, france                     pakistan                               Sheffield, UK                       •	 Junaid ahmed, Ms (engineering),    • dr. Imdad Khan, phd,
•	 dr. shafayat abrar , phd            •	   dr. amir Mehmood Khan, phd           •	 ahmed naseem alvi, Msc            •	   Waqar saeed, Ms (automation),          oklahoma state University, Usa       Birmingham University, UK
   (electrical engineering),                (embedded system), University           (commerce), halmstad                   University of applied science       •	 Zaffar haider, Bs (computer
   liverpool University, UK                 of nice-sophia antipolis, france        University, halmstad                   darmstadt, germany                     engineering), cIIt, Islamabad,     Assistant professors
•	 dr. raja ali riaz , phd (electrical •	   dr. syed Waqar nabi, phd             •	 amina Qureshi, Ms(engineering),   •	   syed Mustafa pasha, Msc                pakistan
   engineering), southampton                (engineering), glassgow                 case, Islamabad, pakistan              (system engineering), pIeas,                                              • dr. ghulam Mujtaba, phd
   University, UK                           university, UK                       •	 laeeq riaz, Ms (electronics),          nilore, Islamabad, pakistan         Besides 76 lecturers and 35 ras         (computer engineering),
                                       •	   Irfan latif, Msc                        gavle University, sweden          •	   Zeeshan, Msc (system                are also associated with this           loughborough University, UK
Assistant professors                        (telecommunication                   •	 Muhammad arshad, Bsc                   engineering), pIeas, nilore,        department.                           • dr. Khurram aziz, phd (electrical
                                            engineering), University of             (engineering), Uet, Karachi,           Islamabad, pakistan                                                         engineering), Vienna University,
•	 dr. Mustafa shakir, phd                  Management and technology               pakistan                          •	   Irfan ahmed, Ms (chemical                                                   austria
   (telecommunication                       (UMt), lahore, pakistan              •	 tasawar abbas Malik, Ms                engineering), hanyang                                                     • shah riaz, Ms(Mechanical
                                 coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                         UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• engineering) Uet peshawar,           Uet, Karachi, pakistan                pakistan                            	LAhore CAmpuS                         University, UK                      •	 ahmad Mudassar, Msc (computer
  pakistan( on study leave)          • sajid aqeel Malik, Msc              • atiq ul anam, Ms(Micro Wave                                              •	 dr. saqib sarfraz, phd (remote         science), University of punjab,
• Muhammad ali faisal, Ms              (electronics), Quaid e azam           engineering)-de la salle            professor                               sensing), technical University         lahore, pakistan
  (communication technology),          University, Islamabad, pakistan       University, Manila, philippines                                             Berlin, germany                     •	 Muhammad Mubeen Masud, Ms
  University of sindh, Jamshoro,     • abdul razzaq, Ms (electrical        • alam Zaib, Ms (electrical           •	 dr. saleem farooq shaukat, hod, •	 dr. sobia Baig, phd (electronics         (signal & Imaging processing),
  pakistan                             engineering), hanyang                 engineering), University of            post doctorate (optoelectronics,     & electrical engineering),             Kth royal Institute of
• owais Khan, Ms (computer             University, seoul, Korea (on          karlsruhe, germany (on study           Microelectronics), east china        ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute            technology, sweden
  science and technology),             study leave)                          leave)                                 University of science &              of engineering science and          •	 shahid ayub, Ms (electrical
  University of sunderland, UK       • aamir Islam, Ms (plasma             • akbar ali Khan, Ms (computer           technology (ecUst), shanghai,        technology, topi, swabi,               engineering), hannover
• syed shahid Mustafa, Ms (system      physics), government college          engineering), cIIt, abbottabad,        china. phd, Brunel University        pakistan                               University, germany
  engineering), pIeas, nilore,         University, lahore, pakistan          pakistan                               london, UK                        •	 dr. Muhammad Khurram,               •	 syed Khurram Zaidi, Msc
  Islamabad, pakistan                • Muhammad amir Khan, Ms              • ch. arshad Mehmood,                                                         phd (electronics & electrical          (Information & communication
• sifat shah fani, Ms (electrical      (computer engineering), cIIt,         Ms(engineering - control            Associate professor                     engineering), University of nice-      engineering), University of
  engineering),Uet, peshawar,          abbottabad, pakistan (on study        System), Sheffield University, UK                                           sophia antipolis, france               leicester, UK
  pakistan                             leave)                                (on study leave)                    •	 dr. saleem akhtar, phd            •	 dr. asim ali Khan, phd              •	 Hafiz Muhammad Asif, MS
• sikandar M Zulqarnain Khan,        • Irfanullah, Ms (electrical          • sajjad ali Mushtaq, Ms                 (Mobile cellular networks),          (electronics & electrical              (computer science), King fahad
  Ms (electronics), hanyang            engineering),Uet, lahore,             (electronics), QaU, Islamabad,         ecole national superieur des         engineering), Manchester               University of petroleum &
  University, seoul, south Korea       pakistan                              pakistan                               telecommunication, france            University, UK                         Minerals (KfUpM), saudi arabia
• sohail uz Zaman, Ms (electrical    • abdul Majid, Msc                    • Muhammad fiaz, senior                                                    •	 dr. Mujtaba hussain Jaffery,        •	 Mirza tariq humayun, Msc
  engineering), lawrance               (electronics),University of           Manager, Bsc (electrical            Assistant professors                    phd (electronic engineering),          (control systems engineering),
  technology University, Usa           peshawar, pakistan (on study          engineering) University of                                                  University of surrey, UK               eastern Mediternean University,
• syed ayaz ali shah, Ms               leave)                                peshawar, pakistan                  •	 dr. ejaz ahmad ansari, phd        •	 yasser siddiqi, Msc (nuclear           turkey
  (electrical engineering), Uet,     • fazal Wahab Karam, Ms               • ahmad fayyaz, Ms (Mobile               (electronics), asian Institution     engineering), KInpoe, Karachi       •	 amir rashid ch., Ms
  peshawar, pakistan                   (computer networking), Kth            communication systems)                 of technology, pathum thani,         Institute of power engineering,        (Information technology), Uet,
• Zulfiqar Khatak, MS (Mechanical      royal Institute of technology,        University of surrey, UK               thailand                             pakistan                               lahore, pakistan
  engineering), Uet, peshawar,         sweden (on study leave)                                                   •	 dr. ali nawaz Khan, phd           •	 haroon ahmed Khan, Ms               •	 Kashif Imran, Msc (power
  pakistan                           • aftab ahmad Khan, Ms                Besides 86 lecturers and 02 ras          (Information & communication         (Information technology),              engineering), Uet, lahore,
• Jamil ahmad Khan, Ms                 (electronics), cIIt abbottabad,     are also associated with this            engineering), harbin Institute of    esslingen University of applied        pakistan
  (electrical engineering), Uet,                                           department.                              technology, china                    sciences, germany                   •	 Zulfiqar Khalid, MS (Electrical
  peshawar, pakistan                                                                                             •	 dr. naveed Bin rais, phd          •	 ghulam rasool Khokhar, Bs              engineering), dalarna University,
• Muhammad Imran shahzad, Ms                                                                                        (computer & software                 (Industrial electronics), ned          sweden
  (digital embeded systems),                                                                                        engineering), University of nice-    University of engineering and       •	 syed Jawwad haider gillani, Ms
  sussex University, UK                                                                                             sophia antipolis, france             technology, Karachi, pakistan          (electrical engineering), Uet
• Muhammad tahir Khan, Msc                                                                                       •	 dr. Umer farooq, phd              •	 Muhammad farooq-i-azam, Msc            lahore, pakistan
  (electrical engineering), Uet,                                                                                    (Microelectronics), Universite       (computer science), University      •	 Mr. Muhammad nadeem,
  taxila, pakistan                                                                                                  pierre et Marie cUrIe, france        of punjab, lahore, pakistan            (system on chip) royal Institute
• Muhammad tufail, Ms (electrical                                                                                •	 dr. Junaid Zafar, phd             •	 Muhammad Nadeem Rafiq, MS              of technology (Kth), sweden
  engineering) Uet taxila pakistan                                                                                  (electronics & electrical            (communication engineering),
• sajjad durani, Bs (electronics),                                                                                  engineering), Manchester             University of Sheffield, UK         Besides 35 lecturers and 09 ras
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

are also associated
                        with   this    telecommunication, china
                                    •	 dr. Muhammad saeed Khan,
                                                                               study leave)
                                                                            •	 Maliha amjad, M. sc (telecom),
                                                                                                                   Faculty members of                                                    also plans to launch full fledged
                                                                                                                                                          design, operation and management
                                                                                                                                                          of plants and processes for    programs in these areas as well as in

	WAh CAmpuS
                                       phd (optical Wireless
                                       communication), graz
                                                                               University of essex, UK
                                                                            •	 amna Mehboob, M. sc
                                                                                                                   engineering resource                                                  chemical and Materials engineering
                                                                                                                                                          economical and safe conversion of
                                                                                                                                                                                         in the near future. experiences from
                                                                                                                                                          chemical raw materials to useful

                                       University of technology, austria
                                    •	 Badar suleman, M. phil
                                                                               (telecom), University of essex,
                                                                                                                   Center                                 products.                      these areas of specialization will be
                                                                                                                                                                                         used to develop Ms and phd degree
                                       (physics), Quaid-e-azam              •	 Mr. Muhammad Bilal, M. sc                                              the department of chemical programs.
•	 dr. Muhammad amin, phd              University, Islamabad, pakistan         (electromagnetic, antennas),        	ABBottABAD CAmpuS                engineering aims to impart quality
   (electrical), Uet, taxila,       •	 fasih-ur-rehman, M. sc                  Cranfield University Swindon, UK                                       instruction in a research oriented Academic programs
   pakistan                            (electronic system engineering),                                                                               atmosphere       with    excellent
•	 Khaista gul, (computer         Quaid-e-azam University,             Besides 30 lecturers and ras           Assistant professor                opportunities     for     personal following programs are offered
   engineering), Wayne state           Islamabad, pakistan (on study        09, are also associated with this                                         and professional growth. the by the department of chemical
   University detroit Michigan, Usa    leave)                               department.                            • Saghir Ahmad, Msc, UET, Taxila   department combines academics engineering:
                                    •	 farooq a. orakzai, M. sc                                                                                       with useful work experience as
Associate professors                   (electrical engineering),            	AttoCK CAmpuS                        Besides, 13 lab engineers are also mandatory elements of the degree Bachelor of Science in Chemical
                                       Blekinge Institute of technology,                                           associated with this department.   requirements.                      engineering: BS(Che)
•	 dr. rahim dad Khan, phd             sweden                               Associate professor
   (Quantum optics), east           •	 Zarrar Javaid, Ms (computer                                                 Department of                          the department of chemical               programs      BS(Che)
   china University of science &       engineering), nUst, Islamabad,       •	 dr. Muhammad altaf, University                                             engineering is offering three areas of
   technology (ecUst), shanghai,       pakistan (on study leave)               of essex, UK                        Chemical engineering                   specialization which are of immense
                                                                                                                                                                                                   eligibility   Intermediate with
   china                            •	 Zahoor Uddin, Ms (electronics),                                                                                    national importance. these are
                                                                            Assistant professor                    the department of chemical                                                                    or equivalent with
                                       air University, Islamabad,                                                                                         textile engineering, environmental
                                                                                                                   engineering was established in fall                                                           minimum 60%
Assistant professors                   pakistan                                                                                                           engineering and polymer and
                                                                            •	 dr. Imran Murtaza, ph.d (applied    2005 at lahore campus. chemical                                                               marks, or dae in
                                    •	 Imran ahmad awan, M. sc                                                                                            rubber      technology.     state-of-
                                                                               physics ) gIK Institute, topi       engineers are involved in the                                                                 the relevant field
•	 dr. sheraz anjum, phd               (electrical engineering),nUst,                                                                                     the-art laboratories have been
                                                                            •	 dr. shujaat ali Khan tanoli, ph.d   application of knowledge gained                                                               with minimum
   (Microelectronics and solid-        Islamabad, pakistan                                                                                                established to carry out the most
                                                                               (telecom engg.) asian Institute     from basic sciences and practical                                                             60% marks, from
   state electronics), Institute    •	 atif amin, Ms                                                                                                      recent research and development in
                                                                               of technology, thailand             experience in the development,                                                                an accredited
   of Microelectronics, graduate       (telecom),University of applied                                                                                    these three areas. the department
                                                                            •	 dr. Junaid ali Khan, ph.d                                                                                                         institution.
   University of chinese academy       sciences, darmstadt, germany
   of sciences, Beijing china       •	 Muhammad Kamran fiaz, M. sc             (electronic engineering)                                                                                            Session       fall and spring
•	 dr. nadia nawaz, phd (electronic    (embedded digital systems),             International Islamic University,
                                                                               Islamabad                                                                                                           Semesters     8
   systems engineering), University    University of sussex, UK
                                                                            •	 Mr. Muhammad saqib ali, Ms                                                                                          number of     four years
   of essex, UK                     •	 aadil raza,
                                                                               (electrical engg & computer                                                                                         Years
•	 dr. sajid siraj, phd (embedded      (nanoelectronics and                    science) seoul national                                                                                             Credit        138
   systems), University of             nanomechanics), University of           University, south Korea
   Manchester, UK                      Sheffield, UK                                                                                                                                               hours
•	 dr. Muhammad Iqbal, phd (signal •	 sajjad ali haider, M. sc              Besides 11 lecturers and 06 lab                                                                                        Campus        lahore
   and Information processing),        (embedded system & control),         engineers are also associated with                                                                                     offering
   Beijing University of posts and     University of liecester, UK (on      this department.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

the department of chemical
engineering offers a four-year
                                      area of study. our strong faculty
                                      and excellent facilities ensure
                                                                               phd (chemical engineering),
                                                                               University of london, UK
                                                                                                                      technical University of
                                                                                                                      clausthal, germany
                                                                                                                                                          Department                          Academic programs

bachelor degree in chemical           that students have solid technical •	 dr. pervez Khalid Butt, phd          •	   Javed ahmad, Ms (engineering        of mechanical                       following programs are offered
engineering. the duration of this     grounding in their subjects, and to      (chemistry), Imperial college          & Internetworking), dilhousie                                           by the department of Mechanical
degree program is a minimum           apply this knowledge in practical        london, UK                             University, halifax, canada
                                                                                                                                                          engineering:                        engineering:
eight semesters. the course work      work settings.                        •	 dr. Javaid ahmad, phd             •	   aqeel ahmad Bazmi, Msc
                                                                                                                                                          the vision 2030 of pakistan envisages
in chemical engineering provides                                               (Metallurgy), University of            (chemical engineering), Mehran                                            Bachelor of Science in mechanical
                                                                                                                                                          a “developed industrialized, just
balanced training in virtually all    The first batch of Chemical Engineers    leeds, UK                              University of engineering &                                               engineering: BS(me)
                                                                                                                                                          and prosperous pakistan through
aspects of chemical engineering       graduated in 2009. the rigorous                                                 technology (MUet), Jamshoro,
                                                                                                                                                          rapid and sustainable development
principles       and     practices.   degree requirements at department Associate professor                           pakistan
                                                                                                                                                          in a resource constrained economy programs BS(me)
courses in the department are         ensure availability of high calibre                                        •	   Moazim gulzar, (computer
                                                                                                                                                          by employing knowledge inputs.” It eligibility Intermediate with
specifically designed to emphasize    graduates, who are easily absorbed •	 dr. nasir Mahmood, phd, Martin            science), Uet, lahore, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                          was decided by the cIIt management                 pre-engineering
fundamentals, which are applicable    at the earliest in the industry that     luther University of halle-       •	   Wajih Ur rehman, Msc
                                                                                                                                                          to establish the department of                     or equivalent with
to the analysis, development,         desperately seeks well trained           Wittenberg, germany                    (chemical engineering), Imperial
                                                                                                                                                          Mechanical engineering at cIIt                     minimum 60%
design and operation of a wide        professionals.                        •	 dr. Moin-ud-din ghauri, phd,           college london, UK
                                                                                                                                                          Wah and sahiwal campuses. the                      marks, or dae in the
variety of systems and processes,                                              University of Sheffield, UK       •	   abrar Inayat, Ms (sustainable
                                                                                                                                                          department at sahiwal campus has                   relevant field with
rather than technological details     Faculty members of the                •	 dr. anwar ul haq, phd, Ivanovo         energy systems), Malardalen
                                                                                                                                                          already launched the Bs program,                   minimum 60% marks,
and solutions of numerous routine                                              state University of chemistry &        University, Vasteras, sweden
problems. Besides a heavy emphasis    Department of Chemical                   technology, russia
                                                                                                                                                          whereas, in Wah, it is likely to be                from an accredited
                                                                                                                                                          started in near future.                            institution.
on chemistry and mathematics,         engineering                                                                Besides 31 lecturers and 05 ras
the curriculum includes training                                            Assistant professors                 are also associated with this                                                 Session     fall and spring
in    physics,    economics,   and                                                                               department.                                                                   Semesters 8
communication skills.                 	LAhore CAmpuS                       •	 dr. Javed Iqbal, phd (thermal
                                                                                                                                                                                               number      four years
                                                                               process technology), Martin
                                      professor                                                                                                                                                of Years
the     areas    of  specialization                                            luther University halle-
offered are oil & gas production                                               Wittenberg, germany                                                                                             Credit      140
and     processing,  fundamentals     •	 dr. asad Ullah Khan, hod,          •	 Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, PhD (Polymer                                                                                  hours
of     environmental    processes,       chairman, phd (chemical               technology), Martin luther                                                                                      Campus      sahiwal
textile processing, fuel cell            engineering), Imperial college        University of halle-Wittenberg,                                                                                 offering
technology, polymer & rubber             london, UK                            germany
technology, composite Materials,      •	 dr. robina farooq, phd             •	 dr. Muhammad nadeem Kardar,                                                                                    the department aims to attract
nanotechnology and Bio-chemical          (environmental engineering),          phd (chemistry), University of                                                                                 highly motivated students and
engineering.                             east china University of              Karachi, pakistan                                                                                              prepare them for life-long learning
                                         science & technology (ecUst),      •	 dr. Murid hussain Malik, phd                                                                                   and    practice     of    Mechanical
relevance of program                     shanghai, china                       (chemical engineering),                                                                                        engineering in industry, government,
                                                                               Korea advanced Institute of                                                                                    and academia, develop a sound
the department of chemical Advisor                                             technology (KaIst), Korea                                                                                      knowledge      through     aggressive
engineering offers a competitive                                            •	 dr. Mazhar amjad gilani, phd                                                                                   research that focuses on Mechanical
degree in a rapidly expanding •	 dr. amjad hussain dilawari,                   (synthetic organic chemistry),                                                                                 engineering related
                                 coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

science and technology as well as Faculty members of
interdisciplinary      opportunities,
                                                                           Faculty of Business                    members.                                Academic programs                       Bachelor of Science in Business
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Administration: BS(BA)
taking into account the local the Department of                            Administration                         our mission is to aspire to become      past experience demonstrates that
resources, talent and needs and mechanical engineering                                                            a reputable department with highly      our program content is relevant         programs      BS(BA)
serve as a valuable resource for                                           the     faculty   of      Business     qualified faculty and facilities        and very much in need in all areas
                                                                           administration    has       three                                                                                      eligibility   Intermediate or
the people and the industry of the 	SAhiWAL CAmpuS                                                               by providing excellence through         related to Management sciences.
                                                                           departments, i.e. department of                                                                                                      equivalent with
nation.                                                                                                           business education and research in      International markets are expanding
                                                                           Management sciences, department                                                                                                      minimum 50% marks,
                                       Assistant professors                                                       emerging fields. The future goals       their business and research interests
                                                                                                                                                                                                                from an accredited
Learning enhancement Activities                                            of   development   studies     and     of the department are to train          in pakistan which has not only
                                                                           department of humanities.                                                                                                            institution.
                                       •	 dr. afzal ahmad, phd(fluid                                              and develop professionals in many       increased scope of employment but
at present the department of              Mechanics & Mass                                                        new fields. The Department of           also expanded local opportunities       Session       fall and spring
Mechanical engineering is running         transfer),University of                                                 Management sciences emphasizes          through market competition.
activities to help both the faculty       technology, loughborough, UK
                                                                           Department of                          on uniqueness and creativity in
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Semesters     8
                                                                                                                                                                                               number of four years
members and its prospective •	 dr. Zahiruddin shaikh                       management                             its programs. therefore we are          leading institutions of pakistan
students. these activities are            phd(Mechanical                                                          always on the lookout for the latest    and elsewhere seek out cIIt
faculty development programme             engineering),University of       Sciences                               academic and professional programs      Management sciences graduates Credit             133
under which faculty members are           Sheffield, UK                                                           which are being sought out by the       for entry to mid level management    hours
sent abroad for Ms/phd degrees. a •	 dr. Kunwar Muhammad                   the department of Management           business students and professionals.    and research positions in fields of Campus       Islamabad, Wah,
Memorandum of Understanding has           asad Meraj, phd, Karl-           sciences strives to contribute to                                              Management sciences. Management offering         abbottabad, lahore
been signed between cIIt and the          franzens University, graz,       the broader social role in providing   an active research cell in the          science alumni are working in                    (Under ddp), attock,
University of Bradford, UK for the        heinrichstrasse, austria         high quality academic programs         department is assigned the task of      various national and international               sahiwal & Vehari
purpose of Ms/phd level training •	 dr. abdul shakoor Khan                 characterized by cutting edge          training of faculty and students,       companies, including commercial
of the department’s faculty, joint        phd(Mechanical engineering),     technologies and modern managerial     for writing research papers and         banks,      cellular    companies, cIIt’s bachelor programme in
research projects and faculty and         odessa state academy of          practices.                             developing research proposals. field    international food chains and the Business administration is of four
student exchanges. further, the           refrigeration, Ukrine                                                   research has been a major focus of      likes.                              years (eight semesters) duration
department has also initiated •	 hafeez ahmad, Mphil                       the department of Management           the department. some of the more                                            and 133 credit hours. students have
industrial research projects besides      (Mechanical engineering),        sciences has emerged as the most       recent research contributions made      following programs are offered by the option to specialize in one of
arranging the seminars related to         liverpool University, UK         dynamic and vibrant department.        by the faculty of department to         the department of Management the following areas:
mechanical engineering.                •	 Hafiz Syed Ahmad Waseem          Its current enrollment is among the    external parties and stakeholders       sciences:
                                          Kazmi, Msc (Mechanical           highest in cIIt. the department of     are development of Business                                                   • Finance
the department of Mechanical              engineering), lancaster          Management science is committed        Incubators, Women entrepreneurs,                                              • Human Resource Management
engineering is a vanguard of              University, UK                   to the objective of preparing          e-commerce      Management      and                                           • Information Technology
interdisciplinary    research     and •	 naveed ahmed, Msc, Mechanical     students at par with the market        its Impact on pakistan, Industry-                                             • Marketing
students are encouraged to sample         engineering, lancaster           trends. department of Management       university cooperation, technology                                            • International Business
the opportunities provided by the         University, UK                   sciences was established in 2001       adoption in oIc Members states,                                                  (abbottabad campus only)
many departments outside the                                               at Islamabad. at present, it has its   Islamic    Banking   and    Quality
Institute to participate in one of the Besides 04 lecturers are also       presence in all 07 campuses with       Management in the service sector of                                             already enjoying a good reputation
formal interdepartmental and inter- associated with this department.       strength of around 6,000 students      pakistan,                                                                       among employers, our program
disciplinary courses of study.                                             and over 316 full time faculty                                                                                         gives students a rigorous insight
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

into business administration from        a minimum 133 credits with a cgpa of eight semesters. this program            is of 3 credits and a compulsory
both a holistic and methodological       of at least 2.0/4.0.              offers a combination of theoretical         project report of 6 credit hours
perspective. emphasis is placed                                            and practical courses with economic         in the 8th semester. the minimum
throughout the program on grooming       Bachelor of Science in economics: application to illustrate the use           duration for the completion of
the personality of our students and      BS(eCo)                           of economics at work. the degree            this degree is eight semesters and
sharpening their communication                                             is based around the core courses            a maximum of twelve semesters.
skills. cIIt expects that its students    programs BS(eCo)                 of micro and macroeconomics,                the degree will be awarded on
not only become thoroughly familiar                                        focusing on behaviour of individuals        completion of minimum 132 credits
                                          eligibility Intermediate or      and firms and broader issues such
with all essential and current                                                                                         with a cgpa of 2.0/4.0.
                                                       equivalent with     as employment and inflation. The
business concepts and practices, but
                                                       minimum 50% marks   core courses of mathematics and
are also able to think analytically                                                                                    the program is for students who
                                                       from an accredited  statistics are included to familiarize
and innovatively and, above all,                                                                                       intend to undertake professional
                                                       educational         the students with quantitative
to judiciously apply their acquired                                                                                    work as economists in public
                                                       institution.        methods used in economics.
knowledge in practical situations                                                                                      or private sector; government
they may encounter in a professional      Session      fall and spring     alongside economic courses that             institutions (e.g. central Bank,
context after their graduation. the       Semesters 8                      comprise approximately three-               planning Ministries), commercial
objectives for this degree program                                         quarters of the study time, students        banks, ngos, teaching and other
                                          number       four years
are to familiarize students with the                                       are required to study courses drawn         institutions involved in training,
                                          of Years
fundamental bodies of theoretical                                          from a range of other related               consultancy, research and policy
and applied knowledge of business         Credit       132                 disciplines of social sciences.             formulation.
to learn new tools and techniques in      hours
areas such as accounting, marketing,     Campus       Islamabad,               the thrust of the course is on four
and management, to enable                offering     abbottabad & lahore      core areas: Business economics,
student integrate formal academic                                              development              economics,
learning with their business related
                                   the subject of economics develops           environmental      economics    and
experiential learning, to encouragetheories of human behaviour and             Mathematical      economics.     for
self-improvement and professional  tests them against the available            these major areas, economics
growth among students, and to      evidence drawn from real world              courses are combined with various
expose students to the global      situations. this retains an element         aspects of business, development,
business environment.              of art, as it is only by having a feel      environment and mathematics. It
                                   for how people actually behave that         allows the student to explore the
this program prepares them to economists can focus their analysis              various fields of economics with
proceed onwards to a more targeted on the right issues.                        a wide national and international
Master’s program in Business                                                   array of electives to choose from.
administration.   the    minimum the Bs economics program is
duration for completion of the designed to produce graduates with              the courses are designed with clear
degree is eight semesters and a a very sound knowledge of economic             objectives keeping in view the latest
maximum of twelve semesters. the theory and applied economics. Its             trends and requirements of higher
degree is awarded on completion of duration is of four years and consists      education commission. each course
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Bachelor of Science in Commerce:         programs  BS(Commerce)                master of Business Administration       the three and a half year program    the governance issues in the day           department has entered into a
BS (Commerce)                                                                  (3.5 years)                             will meet the increasing demand      to day management of various               number of collaborative agreements
                                                   Intermediate                                                        for advanced business education      ministries, departments and related        with foreign universities and is
the purpose of the program is to                   or equivalent,              cIIt’s    Masters      in    Business   which will not only combine text     organizations, but also plays a major      developing a research program
impart basic knowledge and skills in               with minimum                administration      curriculum    has   book learning with case study        role in running various non profit         which within a few years will
the field of Commerce to cater for the             50% marks, from             been designed to develop the            methodology but will expose          organizations. More than rs. 200           catapult it to the top position
needs of professionals accounting                  an accredited               in-depth understanding of all           students to an environment which     billions is allocated for formulating      in terms of research output by a
degrees. the graduates will also be                institution.                business functions. the curriculum      will facilitate development of their and implementing projects in all           management science department at
trained to assume the entry level                                              is based on technical, data-driven,     conceptual skills as well as personalareas of national development, the         any pakistani university.
finance and accountancy jobs in the      Session   fall and spring             quantitative skills to make objective   growth.                              efficient handling of which demands        as part of its continuous effort
national and multinational firms.        Semesters 8                           decisions with the interpersonal and                                         a competent professional force.            to impart quality education, the
the learning focus of the program        number    four                        communication skills necessary to       master’s in   public Administration: objectives of the department               department arranges seminars and
is on financial and management           of Years                              work effectively with people at all     mpA                                  of the management sciences to              lectures conducted by the foreign
accounting,     business    taxation,                                          levels and from all cultures.                                                provide management expertise in            experts. some of these subject
auditing, and business laws.             Credit    135                                                                                                      all areas of nation building activity      experts from overseas have also
                                                                                                                       programs       mpA
                                         hours                                                                                                              has so far been partially fulfilled        been nominated as persons of
                                                                                   programs      mBA(3.5 years)        eligibility    Bachelor degree (14-
                                         Campus    sahiwal & Vehari                                                                                         through degree programs in Business        eminence on the academic council
                                                                                   eligibility   fourteen years                       year) or equivalent   administration. Introduction of            of the cIIt.
                                         offering                                                of education in                      with minimum          Public Administration will fill the
                                                                                                 relevant field or                    50% marks from        void for proving management
                                                                                                 minimum 2.0/ 4.0                     an accredited                                                    Faculty members of
                                                                                                                                                            expertise in the public sector and
                                                                                                 cgpa or 50% marks                    institution.          non-profit organizations.                  the Department of
                                                                                                 (annual system)       Session
                                                                                                 from an accredited
                                                                                                                                      fall and spring                                                  management Sciences
                                                                                                                       Semesters      4                     Learning enhancing Activities
                                                                                                 institution.          number        two years                                                         	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS
                                                                                                                                                                Lectures by foreign scholars
                                                                                                                       of Years
                                                                                   Session       fall and spring                                                                                       professor
                                                                                                                       Credit        69                         the     faculty       of    Business
                                                                                   Semesters 7
                                                                                                                       hours                                    administration is making great
                                                                                   number of three and a half                                                                                          •	 dr. abdel hamid Muhammad
                                                                                                                       Campus        Wah and attock             strides towards imparting quality         nasr, phd, charles University in
                                                                                   Years     years
                                                                                                                       offering                                 education in all its teaching and         prague, Usa
                                                                                   Credit        99                                                             research-based      programs.   the    •	 dr. Khalid riaz, phd, IoWa state
                                                                                   hours                               public sector is the largest area of     department       of      Management       University, Usa
                                                                                   Campus        Islamabad, Wah,       national development. development        sciences already has a reasonable      •	 dr. M. tahir Masood, phd, texas
                                                                                   offering      abbottabad, lahore,   needs of this sector require             number of phds, all foreign-              a&M University, Usa, Usa
                                                                                                 attock, sahiwal &     educated and qualified citizens to       trained and some of whom have          •	 dr. Muhammad afzal, chairman,
                                                                                                 Vehari                contribute to the growth and well        extensive teaching and research           phd, Bahauddin Zakariya
                                                                                                                       being of national activities. public     experience in teaching at reputed         University, Multan, pakistan,
                                                                                                                       administration not only addresses        foreign universities. Moreover, our    •	 dr. Qaisar abbas, chief proctor,
                                      coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

•	 post doctorate, cardiff                   University of International             academy of sciences (gscas),      •	 Imran ghafoor, Ms, Uet, taxila,     •	 asif Khurshid Mian , MBa,          	ABBottABAD CAmpuS
   University, UK, phd, nankai               Business & economics, china             Beijing, china                       pakistan                               University of arid agriculture,
   University tianjin, china            •	   dr. husnain a. naqvi, phd,         •	   dr. shahab alam Malik , phd,      •	 Javed Iqbal, Msc, University of        rawalpindi, pakistan (on study     professors:
•	 dr. syed amjad farid hasnu,               University of abertay dundee,           harbin Institute of technology,      gothenburg, sweden,                    leave)
   dean fBa, post doctorate,                 UK                                      china                             •	 Jehangir akhtar , Ms, Indiana       •	 asim ali , MBa, International      • dr. Kh. farooq ahmad, phd,
   University of Bradford, UK, phd,     •	   dr. Iram a. Khan, phd,             •	   dr. Umara noreen, phd,               University, Blooomington, Usa          Islamic University (IIU),            University of newcastle, UK
   University of Bradford, UK                Manchester University, UK               foundation University             •	 Kamal Mustafa, Msc, University         Islamabad, pakistan ( on study     • dr. syed amjad farid hasnu,
                                        •	   dr. Malik asghar naeem, phd,            Islamabad, pakistan                  of leicester, UK                       leave)                               post doctorate, Bradford
Advisor                                      University of hong Kong, china     •	   dr. Uzma Javed, phd, cardiff      •	 Khalil-ur-rehman Malik , MBa,       •	 ayyaz Mehmood , MBa,                 University, UK, phd, Bradford
                                        •	   dr. Muhammad azhar Khan, phd,           University, UK                       University of london, UK               University of new heaven, Usa        University, UK
•	 dr. Muzaffar ali Qureshi , phd,           hokkaido University sapporo,       •	   dr. raja saquib yusaf Janjua,     •	 laeeq hassan Jaswal, MBa,           •	 aziz-ur-rehman Khan, MBa, cal
   rensselaer polytechnic Institute,         Japan                                   Vienna University, austria           International Islamic University       state University, hayward, Usa     Associate professors:
   troy, Usa                            •	   dr. Muhammad Majid Khan, phd,      •	   sarah tariq, MBa, Bahria             (IIU), Islamabad, pakistan          •	 saadia Zia , Ms, Warwick
•	 ajmal M. Qureshi, Msc, Boston             University of Massachusetts, Usa        University, Islamabad, pakistan   •	 Malik Jawad saboor, Msc,               University, UK                     • dr. Kashif rashid, phd, Victoria
   University - Boston, Usa             •	   dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal, phd,     •	   ghazala amin, Ms, Wayne state        University of strathclyde,          •	 sabeen Khurram Khan , MBa,           University, Melbourne, australia
•	 ghulam haider, Ms, University of          national University of Modern           University, Usa                      glasgow, UK                            International Islamic University   • dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Khan
   pittsburgh, pennsyluannia, UK,            languages (nUMl), Islamabad,       •	   hanniya abid, Msc, Middlesex      •	 Mansoor ahmed, MBa, leeds              (IIU), Islamabad, pakistan (on       Jadoon, phd, University of
•	 Javaid Zafar ,, QUa,                 pakistan                                University london, UK                University, UK (on study leave)        study leave)                         groningen, netherlands
   pakistan                             •	   dr. nouman afghan, phd, Vienna     •	   hasan M. ansari, Msc,             •	 Mubashira ghori , Ms, national      •	 shahid Malik, Msc, University of   • M.a nadeem Bukhari, general
•	 syed tanvir abbas Jafri, MBa,             University, austria                     University of central Missouri,      University of singapore,               central Missouri, Warrensburg,       Manager p&d, MBa (finance
   georetown University, Usa            •	   dr. shahab alam Malik , phd,            Warrensburg, Usa                     singapore (on leave)                   Usa                                  & Marketing) Birmingham
                                             graduate school of chinese                                                •	 Muhammad amir Khan Khattak,         •	 shahid Mehmood, MBa, asian           University, UK
Associate professor                                                                                                       Ms, cIIt, Islamabad, pakistan          Institution of technology,
                                                                                                                       •	 Muhammad Irfan, MBa,                   pathum thani, thailand,            Assistant professors:
•	 Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, PhD,                                                                                            University of Bradford, UK,            thailand
   Manchester University, UK,                                                                                          •	 Muhammad Khalid sohail, Ms,         •	 talat Mehmood Kiyani , Ms,         • dr. Mansoor shahab, phd,
                                                                                                                          cIIt, Islamabad, pakistan              University of copenhegan,            graduate school of chinese
Assistant professor                                                                                                    •	 Muhammad Mustafa raziq , Ms,           denmark,                             academy sciences, china
                                                                                                                          University of gotland, sweden       •	 Usman ayub , Ms, cIIt,             • dr. amjad ali, phd (Management
•	 dr. Bashir ahmed fida, phd,                                                                                            (on study leave),                      Islamabad, pakistan                  sciences), foundation University
   shanghai University of finance &                                                                                    •	 Muhammad shahid Iqbal ,             •	 Waheed Iqbal, Ms, Macquire           Islamabad, pakistan
   economics, china                                                                                                       Ma, Quaid e azam University,           University,sydney, australia       • dr. Imran naseem, phd
•	 dr. amna yousaf, phd, University                                                                                       Islamabad, pakistan                 •	 yalman Zafar ansari, , MBa,          (International relations),
   of twente, netherlands                                                                                              •	 Muhammad tahir, Msc, lancaster         thunderbird school of global         Qurtuba University of sciences
•	 Dr. Aurangzeb Zulfiqar Khan ,                                                                                          University, UK (on study leave)        Management, Usa                      & Information technology,
   phd, german University of                                                                                           •	 omer farooq Malik , MBa, Bahria                                             d.I.Khan, pakistan
   administrative sciences, speyer                                                                                        University, Islamabad, pakistan,    Beside 43 lecturer and 15 research    • dr. Muhammad saeed lodhi,
   germany, germany (on leave)                                                                                         •	 raza ullah Khan, MBa, Bahria        associates are also associated with     phd (Mathematics), hradec
•	 dr. farrukh nawaz Kiyani, phd,                                                                                         University, Islamabad, pakistan     the department.                         KraloVe
                                coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                           UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• University, czech                 • syed gohar abbas, Ms                    resource Management),               •	 ayaz ahmad, Ms                       resource Management),                  pittsburgh, pennsyluannia, Usa
• dr. Waseem Ikram, MBa(Business      (Management sciences), sarhad           graduate school of chinese             (Marketing),sZaBIst, Islamabad,      University of twente,               •	 Imran ali, M.phil (Management
  administration),Wales               University, peshawar, pakistan          academy of sciences (gscas),           pakistan                             netherlands                            sciences), federal Urdu
  University, cardiff, UK             (on study leave)                        Beijing, china                      •	 Malik faisal azeem, Ms            •	 dr. Muhammad shahbaz                   University of arts, science &
• salman ahmad, Ms (Management      • Jamil anwar, Ms (Management                                                    (technology Management),             shabbir, phd (leadership &             technology, Islamabad, pakistan
  sciences), University of            science) cIIt abbottabad,           Assistant professors                       International Islamic University,    Management), University of          •	 fahmeed Idrees, MBa, national
  strathclyde, glasgow, UK (on        pakistan                                                                       Islamabad, pakistan                  Malaya, Malaysia,                      University of california, Usa
  study leave)                      • rao Muhammad atif, Ms               •	 dr. abdul Qayyum Khan, phd           •	 Muhammad Ismail Khan, Ms          •	 Dr. Hafiz Zahid Mahmood,            •	 abdul farooq, M.phil
• syed fida hussain shah, Ms          (Management science) cIIt              (Microeconomics),University of          (Management sciences),cIIt           phd (resource distribution             (economics), Quaid-e-azam
  (Management sciences),              abbottabad, pakistan                   peshawar, pakistan                      Islamabad, pakistan (phd scholar     and productivity analysis              University, Islamabad, pakistan
  University of Bedfordshire, UK    • ghias ud din shah, MBa,             •	 dr. adnan tahir Qureshi, phd            at cIIt Islamabad)                   within pakistan’s agriculture),     •	 Muhammad Mohsin-ul-Mulk,
• Zaheer a. Khan, MBa, saint          International Islamic University       (english), national University                                               humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin,        MBa (Marketing), University of
  louis University, Usa (on study     (IIU), Islamabad, pakistan             of Modern languages (nUMl),          Besides 25 lecturers and 02 ras         germany                                punjab, lahore, pakistan
  leave)                            • Muhammad ali, Ms (Management           Islamabad, pakistan                  are also associated with this        •	 dr. abdul haque, phd                •	 ahsan Masood, MBa (finance),
• Muhammad naveed Jan,                science) cIIt abbottabad,           •	 ahsan Qamar, Ms (Management          department.                             (econometrics), huazhong               University of punjab, lahore,
  MBa, Institute of Business          pakistan                               engineering), University of                                                  University of science &                pakistan
  administration (IBa) Karachi,     • Khalid Zaman, M. phil                  Bridgeport, Usa (on study            	LAhore CAmpuS                         technology, china                   •	 abid sharif, M.phil
  pakistan                            (economics) aIoU Islamabad,            leave)                                                                    •	 dr. Waheed akhter, phd (Islamic        (Management), University of
• amjad sohail, Ms (finance           pakistan                            •	 faheem a. Khan, Ms                   professor                               finance), national University of       hertfordshire, UK
  & Business Management),                                                    (Management sciences) sZaBIst,                                               Modern languages, Islamabad,        •	 tahir aziz Khan, Msc (MIs),
  University of Bedfordshire, UK    Besides 44 lecturers and 01 ras          Islamabad, pakistan                  •	 dr. talat afza, phd (economics),     pakistan                               deMont University, UK
• aziz ullah siyal, MBa, al Khair   are also associated with this         •	 ajmal Khan, Ma(english                  Wayne state University, Usa       •	 dr. Waqar akram, phd                •	 rashid Waheed Qureshi, cost
  University, aJK, pakistan (on     department.                              (stylistics)), national University   •	 dr. ahmad Kaleem, phd (Islamic       (economics), University of             & Management accountant
  study leave)                                                               of Modern languages (nUMl),             finance), University of Malaya,      sargodha, pakistan                     (accounting & Management),
• Immad Khan Jadoon, Ms             	WAh CAmpuS                             Islamabad, pakistan (on study           Malaysia                          •	 nayyar pervaiz Butt, Ms                Institute of cost & Management
  (Management sciences)cIIt,                                                 leave)                                                                       (logistics & supply chain              accountants of pakistan
  abbottabad, pakistan              Advisors                              •	 amer rajput, MBa (Marketing),        Assistant professors                    Management), lancaster              •	 syed nauman ahmad, Ms
• Mansoor nazir Bhatti,                                                      hamdard University, Karachi,                                                 University, UK                         (finance & economics), ryerson
  Ms(Business & Management),        •	 dr. Mushtaq ahmad, phd                pakistan (phd scholar at             •	 dr. Imran haider naqvi, phd       •	 dr. faisal tehseen shah,               University, canada
  University of Bedfordshire, UK       (International trade, economic        University technology Malaysia          (human resource Management),         phd (Quality Management),           •	 ahmad Qammar, MBa
• osman sadiq paracha, Ms              forecasting), australia & UK          (UtM), Malaysia)                        national University of Modern        University of the punjab, lahore       (Management), University of the
  (Management sciences), cIIt,                                            •	 safdar nazeer, Mpa(Management           languages (nUMl), Islamabad,      •	 syed Khurram ali Jafri, Ms             punjab, lahore
  abbottabad, pakistan (on study    Associate professors                     & finance), Quaid e azam                pakistan                             (Business administration),          •	 Muhammad amir rahid, MBa,
  leave)                                                                     University, Islamabad, pakistan      •	 dr. abdus sattar abbasi, phd         Blinkinge Institute of technology      University of the lyceum,
• syed afzal Moshadi shah,          •	 dr. saqib gulzar, phd              •	 saqib Bashir Butt, Ms (finance),        (Management sciences),               Karlskrona, sweden                     Malian, philippines
  Ms (Management sciences),            (International finance), harbin       sZaBIst, Islamabad, pakistan            national University of Modern     •	 sajid nazir, Ms (finance), cIIt,
  University of central england,       Institute of technology harbin,    •	 Khurram Shafi, MS (Finance),            languages (nUMl), Islamabad,         lahore, pakistan                    Besides 45 lecturers and 11 ras
  Birmingham, UK (on study             china                                 International Islamic University,       pakistan                          •	 Kamran saeed hashmi, MBa            are also associated with this
  leave)                            •	 dr. samina nawab, phd (human          Islamabad pakistan                   •	 dr. amna yousaf, phd (human          (MIs), point park University        department.
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

	AttoCK CAmpuS                      Assistant professors                   Besides 20 lecturers and 01 ra are     department of development studies contemporary themes of the subject         on providing a sound basis for
                                                                            also associated with this departmen    during 2004.                           encompass a wide array of ideas and   conceptual understanding of issues
Assistant professor                  •	 dr. raja Irfan sabir, phd                                                                                         perspectives both from an academic    related to the study of development
                                        (Management sciences),              	VehAri CAmpuS                        While initiating the program, it was and practical standpoint. these         policy with particular reference to
•	 dr. Muhammad sajjad, ph.d            huazhong University of science                                             envisaged to foster the national ranges from broad-based multi-              pakistan.
   (Management science)                 & technology, china                 Assistant professors                   development       process     through disciplinary agendas, debates and
   foundation University,            •	 dr. rashid saeed,                                                          broad-based higher and professional knowledge sharing that directly or       Development organizations
   Islamabad                            phd(human resource                  •	 syed taqueer ahmad, MBa,            education that is responsive to indirectly bears upon development
•	 dr. shabir hyder, ph.d               Management),University of              southern Illinois University, Usa   the needs of the society; helps in issues from a global perspective          the Master in development studies
   (economics), federal Urdu            agronomic and Veterinary                                                   the socio-economic development to those embedded in specific                 program aims at developing an
                                                                            •	 Ibn-e-hassan, Ms(project
   University of arts, science &        sciences, Burchares,                                                       process (with particular focus on regional and local contexts. the           in-depth knowledge, skills and
                                                                               Management), chalmers
   technology, Islamabad             •	 Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Arshad,                                                 the region) by providing higher study encompasses the multifaceted           expertise in the development field
                                                                               University of technology
•	 dr. saddam hussain, ph.d             Mphil(statistics), Islamia                                                 level education opportunities to aspects            of      ‘development’    from an inter-disciplinary and multi-
   (Management sciences),                                                      goteBorg, sweden (on study
                                        University, Bahawalpur, pakistan       leave in Malaysia for phd)          develop a national and local talent effectively, it is necessary to draw     disciplinary perspective. such a
   University of peshawar,           •	 Muhammad Badar Iqbal, Mphil                                                pool; provide a sound foundation upon many disciplines to construct a        perspective examines and builds
•	 Mr. shaukat amer, MBa (finance                                           •	 Wasim abbas,
                                        (english), Bahauddin Zakariya          Ms(International Business &         and opportunity for specialized balanced understanding of historical         upon the existing paradigms of
   1978), gomal University, d.I.K,
                                        University, Multan,pakistan            Management),University of           education, training and skills and             contemporary     processes.   development in a highly dynamic and
•	 Mr. faisal nawaz, Ms (finance),
                                     •	 haroon rashid, MBa (MIs),              gaule, sweden                       development; assessing the changing the       Master    in   development     rapidly changing environment and its
   cIIt Islamabad
•	 Mr. Mohsin Ullah, Ms                 Maastricht school of                                                       market trends & needs to broaden studies (Mds) program offered at            relevance to pakistan. cIIt is aware
   (economics), University of           Management, netherlands             Besides 16 lecturers and 05 ras        the academic base in a bid to cIIt, include the study of social              that, in line with the institution’s
   peshawar                          •	 rana nadir Idrees,                  are also associated with this          increase options and opportunities transformation or change. emphasis        continued support to modern
•	 Mr. Muhammad anees, Ms               Ms(Management sciences),            department.                            for appropriate jobs in the private is placed on the study of societies,     education as a force of progressive
   (economics) University of            University of punjab, lahore,                                              and public sectors in the regional, economies and institutions of the        change and development, it needs
   Sheffield, UK                        pakistan                                                                   national and international arenas.     developing countries, their inter-    to play a significant role in meeting
•	 Ms. nuzhat falki, M.phil          •	 Muhammad fahad hassan, Msc          Department of                                                                 connectedness with the developed      the contemporary and emerging
   (economics) aIoU, Islamabad          (human resource), lancaster
                                        University, UK
                                                                            Development Studies                    The department offered its first world and the processes through
                                                                                                                   two-year (four semester based) which the international institutions
                                                                                                                                                                                                demands in development-related
                                                                                                                                                                                                fields and help in securing jobs for
Besides 12 lecturer and 02 ras are •	 suhail afzal Qureshi,                 Keeping the overall ambit of
                                                                                                                   Master in development studies and mechanisms impact upon the                 the pakistani workforce both at
also associated with this department    Msc (agriculture                                                           professional degree program from overall goals of development within         home and abroad. toward such an
                                                                            the vision and mission and its
                                        economics),University of arid                                              fall-2004. the degree is a well- a global context.                           end, the range of development (and
                                                                            credentials as a premier institution
	SAhiWAL CAmpuS                        agriculture, faisalabad, pakistan                                          recognized qualification for gaining                                         related) organizations include:
                                                                            of the region and on the basis of a
                                     •	 Muhammad Zia hassan,                                                       jobs, building established careers, the focus remains on perspectives
                                                                            prioritized needs assessment, cIIt
Associate Associate professors          Msc(pakistan studies), Quaid                                               or developing research expertise in that have a bearing on the               government         agencies      and
                                                                            abbottabad expanded its role to
                                        e azam University, Islamabad,                                              related fields.                        emerging and most current trends      departments, local government
                                                                            encompass development studies as
•	 dr. rana ejaz ali Khan, phd,         pakistan                                                                                                          (knowledge, skills & practices)       assemblies (elected representatives)
                                                                            a separate program of study. In view
   Bahauddin Zakariya University,    •	 ali ahmad, Mphil(english),                                                 Development Studies perspectives related to social development issues        non-governmental       organizations,
                                                                            of the present and emerging needs
   Multan, pakistan                     Bahauddin Zakariya University,                                                                                    within the overall framework of       civil society organizations, public
                                                                            of the discipline, the institution
                                        Multan, pakistan                                                           development           studies       is sustainable development and inter-    interest organizations and Bi-lateral
                                                                            took initiative and established on
                                                                                                                   an       interdisciplinary      field. related spheres. emphasis is placed   and multi-lateral institutions
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

&       organizations,     academic connectedness and importance            master of Development Studies            managers,             practitioners,   including         non-governmental     women rights on the occasion of
institutions, establishments and for pakistan; ability to approach          (mDS)                                    consultants, teachers and students     organizations (ngo’s), multi-lateral   International Women day (March
private sector organizations        and identify micro-development                                                   to equip them with transferable        and bi-lateral institutions and        8) of every year, seminars on the
                                    issues emerging from the broader            programs      mDS                    knowledge and skills necessary in      organizations, donor and support       role of volunteers in development
Academic programs                   context of globalization; economic                                               different fields and disciplines of    organizations/agencies,       multi-   of gender and globalization, and
                                    and      political    transformation;       eligibility   Bachelor degree (14-   ‘development’ and closely related      national    corporations    (Mnc’s),   different development issues in
                                                                                              year) or equivalent
following programs are offered by and social, cultural and political                                                 areas.                                 other    aid   and    development-     various ngos & colleges.
                                                                                              with minimum
the department of development changes             particularly   focusing                                                                                   related agencies, institutions and
                                    on their relevance for pakistan;                          50% marks, from        As    an   interdisciplinary    field, organizations.
studies:                                                                                                                                                                                           Faculty members of
                                    an understanding to be able to                            an accredited          development studies has a broad
Bachelor of Science in Development engage in and connect various
                                                                                              institution.           scope and encompasses differing Career opportunities                          the Department of
Studies: BS(DS)                     concepts, theories and frameworks           Session       fall and spring        perspectives and dimensions as                                                Development Studies
                                    to practical contextual situations          Semesters 4                          a program of study. the focus for the employed professionals who
 programs BS(DS)                    within a development focus;                                                      of the present Master program take up the Master’s program, it                	ABBottABAD CAmpuS
                                                                                number of two years
                                    project planning and management                                                  is on development courses that provides an opportunity to enhance
 eligibility Intermediate or                                                    Years
                                    skills and ability to carry out and                                              mostly bear on the emerging and their professional skills and prepares        professors
              equivalent with       evaluate development programs               Credit        70                     contemporary       current     trends them to take up higher positions in
              minimum 50% marks     using different planning and                hours                                (knowledge, skills and practices) their organizations.
              from an accredited                                                                                                                                                                   • dr. shehla nasreen amjad,
                                    management tools; knowledge and             Campus        abbottabad             related      to      socio-economic                                             post doctorate, University of
              educational           skills of conducting action research        offering                             development      and     interrelated for others, including fresh students,
              institution                                                                                                                                                                            Bradford, UK, phd, University of
                                    with ability to carry out social                                                 spheres within the overall framework the knowledge and skills gained            Bradford, UK
 Session      fall and spring       surveys using different methods         the aim of the two-year (four            of sustainable development. also, in both Bachelor and Masters in
 Semesters 8                        and techniques that lead to seeking     semester    based)    Master    in       the program has been designed in a development studies programs               Associate professors
                                    and evaluating new information in       development     studies    degree        way where it leads to professional can lead qualified students to
 number       four years
                                    different but relevant contexts.        is professional development of           enhancement and increased options professional careers encompassing           • dr. Bahadar nawab, phd,
 of Years
                                                                            entry and mid-level professionals,       and opportunities for the current a wide range of opportunities and             norwegian University of life
Credit       132                                                                                                     and emerging jobs in the private career prospects.                              sciences (UMB), norway
hours                                                                                                                and public sectors in the regional,                                           • dr. Musarrat Jabeen, phd,
Campus       abbottabad                                                                                              national and international arenas.     Learning enhancing activities            University of Karachi, pakistan
                                                                                                                     market relevance                        along with carrying out the academic Assistant professors
Bachelor of science in development                                                                                                                           activities, the department also
studies      includes     providing                                                                                  on completion of these programs,        conducts several other activities • dr. Zahid hussain, phd (soil
prospective students with an in-                                                                                     the graduates will have an              including research, workshops,          and environmental sciences),
depth appraisal of the current                                                                                       enhanced professional intellectual      seminars, etc. so far 20 research       agricultural University,
and     emerging       development                                                                                   grounding and practical skills as       papers have been published by the       peshawar, pakistan
paradigms, initiatives & debates;                                                                                    well as a competitive edge for          department in the hec recognized • dr. tahir Mahmood, phd (land
growing emphasis on sustainable                                                                                      job opportunities   both in the         journals.    Besides,    department     tenure structure and farming
development and their inter-                                                                                         government and private sectors          organizes    workshops      on   the    systems in northwest pakistan),
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• georg august-University             at its best, the department plays        as well as in exploring the role of       psychology is sometimes seen as a       psychology, neuropsychological and      a master’s level knowledge of
  gottingen, germany                  a pivotal role in making students        language in university teaching. the      stepping stone toward a graduate        environmental psychology. this          english language and literature and
• nadia Baig Uzbak, Mphil             aware of their religious and moral       department is planning to offer its       degree. Much of the course work for     program prepares students to a full     to improve their english language
  (economics), University of          values by teaching Islamic studies,      own degree program in near future         B.s degrees tends to overlap with       range of psychological concepts         skills and the ability to study and
  peshawar, pakistan                  keeping a track of the current           as well.                                  social science requirements and core    and applications, further graduate      evaluate literature. the course
• salma Jabeen, Ms (agriculture),     political and social issues through                                                courses, but B.s. degree graduates      studies in psychology or for many       covers the historical development
  agricultural University,            courses of pakistan studies and          Bachelor of Science in psychology:        have a higher skill concentration in    diverse career options. coMsats         of english, its various genres,
  peshawar, pakistan                  International relations, and making      BS (psychology)                           math, natural sciences and research     institute offering a Bachelor of        through the ages. the combination
• noor Illahi, Ms (anthropology),     our youth aware of the humanitarian                                                methods and thus have the benefit       Science (B.S.) in this field has a      of language and literature enables
  Quaid e azam University,            standards through sociology and          Psychology      is   the     scientific   of greater career flexibility. With     wide depth of training that prepares    students to see the integration of
  Islamabad, pakistan                 psychology.                              investigation of behaviour and mental     only 25 percent of bachelor level       students to work in clinical,           linguistic features and devices in
• ehsan Inamullah, Ms                                                          processes. It is both an applied and      graduates continuing to advanced        research,     business,    education,   literary texts. Moreover, it initiates
  (environmental protection),         the department of humanities offers      academic field that studies the           degree study, there are a host of       social services, sales, marketing and   learners into the theoretical
  University of hohenheim,            courses of english and humanities to     cognitive and emotional growth of         career avenues for ambitious B.s.       forensic sciences.                      grounding of literature and offers
  germany                             the undergraduate students. the          human beings and how they interact        psychology professionals.                                                       study of literary texts in their social
• abu tarab, Ms (environmental        department also offers designated        with their environments.                                                        master of Arts in english: mA             and historical contexts, and ways
  science), cIIt abbottabad,          courses that establish an intellectual                                             Undergraduate students at cIIt, (english)                                       of interpreting them, theories of
  pakistan                            context for academic study in the         programs      BS(psychology)             department of humanities would                                                  learning and teaching language and
• dr. adnan ahmad dogar, phd          humanities that also help students                                                 have the choice of working toward programs mA (english)                         modern concepts of linguistics. the
                                                                                eligibility   twelve years of            a Bachelor of science degree in                                                 program encourages students to
  (environmental resources            develop their written and oral
  economics), University clermonp     communication skills. all humanities
                                                                                              education from             psychology, and may choose to focus eligibility Bachelor degree (14-            study a wide range of texts, both
                                                                                              an accredited              on specific areas of interest such as              year) or equivalent          past and contemporary, and consider
  ferrand                             students are strongly encouraged
                                                                                              university and             neuroscience, social, or abnormal                  with minimum 50%             the variety of theoretical and
                                      to take business communication
                                                                                              having secured 50%         psychology, or follow a more                       marks with english           critical approaches of language and
                                      courses during their first year of
Department of                         study.
                                                                                              marks                      generalized program that covers                    compulsory from              literature available at the beginning
                                                                                                                                                                            an accredited
humanities                                                                      Session       fall and spring            a wide variety of aspects of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                         of the twenty-first century. Through
                                      our courses are grounded in               Semesters     8                          discipline. this psychology programs                                            directed reading and focused
the department of humanities          research and address practical                                                     would offer an extensive and diverse   Session     fall and spring              discussion, students would be
                                                                                number of     four years
deals with the fundamental issues     educational and language-use issues                                                selection of courses that would be Semesters 4                                  offered the opportunity to develop
of language instruction in modern     significant to learners, educators,                                                taught both in classroom settings                                               their skills in textual analysis and to
                                                                                Credit        133                                                               number      two years
languages (english and french)        policy    makers,    communication                                                 and in the field. The B.S Psychology                                            extend their awareness of different
                                                                                hours                                                                           of Years
and english as a second language,     professionals, and human resources                                                 program      focuses    on    several                                           ways of reading and creative writing.
advanced communication courses        managers. the faculty of humanities       Campus        lahore                     psychological topics such as human Credit          69
                                      is continually pioneering new ways        offering                                 development, abnormal psychology,      hours                                    the prime objective of the M.a.
for disciplines and professions,
and in-depth studies on the nature    to teach and assess language, to                                                   childhood psychology, adolescent Campus            Vehari                       in english program is to enable
of language, language use, and        research written discourse, and to       psychology degrees are actually           psychology, brain and behavior, offering                                        students to read widely and critically
language teaching and learning.       teach writing. the department has        one of the most popular options at        cognitive psychology, emotion and                                               a variety of english literary texts in
along with facilitating students to   recognized expertise in language         colleges and universities throughout      motivation, beginning statistics, This program is designed specifically         their social, political and historical
enhance effective english-usage       and writing instruction for adults       the world. a bachelor’s degree in         general psychology, and social for the students who want to attain              contexts.
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                           UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

the course also focuses on Faculty members of                                   Zakariya University, Multan,      	LAhore CAmpuS                         •	 Mudasser hussain awan, sro        Besides 05 lecturers are also
reviewing and rethinking knowledge                                              pakistan                                                                     M.a (arabic & Islamic studies),   associated with this department
and assumptions about literature the Department of                           •	 Kaneez fatima, M.phil (pakistan   •	 dr. hina Qnaber abbasi, phd             Jamia Islamia Minhaj ul Quran,
and literary meaning along with humanities                                      studies), Quaid e azam               (Western pol. philosophy),              lahore, pakistan                  Faculty of Science
acquiring knowledge of linguistic,                                              University, Islamabad, pakistan      Moscow state University, russia
literary, critical and cultural 	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS                           •	 ahsan Bashir, M.a (english),                                              Besides 12 lecturers and 01          the faculty of sciences is
theories, and to deploy these ideas                                             University of punjab, lahore,     Associate professor                     ra is also associated with this      managing seven departments i.e.
in critical analysis. since students Advisor                                    pakistan                                                                  department.
                                                                                                                  •	 dr. shazia hasan, hod, phd                                                the department of Mathematics,
entering this program need to have a                                         •	 Mudasser hussain awan, sro                                                                                     department of physics, department
                                                                                                                     (clinical psychology), University
firm base of English communication •	 dr. hina Qnaber abbasi, phd               M.a (arabic & Islamic studies),                                           	ABBottABAD CAmpuS                  of    Bio-sciences,    department
                                                                                                                     of Karachi, pakistan
skills, the first semester offers a      (Western pol. philosophy),             Jamia Islamia Minhaj ul Quran,
                                                                                                                  •	 dr. Zulfaqar ali chughtai, pro,                                           of     environmental     sciences,
foundational module of the language      Moscow state University, russia        lahore, pakistan                                                          Assistant professors                 department of earth sciences and
                                                                                                                     phd (International relations)
skills for them.                                                                                                                                                                               department of pharmacy.
                                                                                                                     University of sindh, pakistan
                                      Associate professor                    Besides 12 lecturers and 01                                                  • Dr. Zahid Shah, PhD, University
another objective of the program is                                          ra is also associated with this      Assistant professors                      of peshawar, pakistan
to familiarize students with modern •	 dr. shazia hasan, hod, phd            department.                                                                  • Dr. Nasir Ali Khan, PhD,           Department of
linguistic and grammatical theories      (clinical psychology), University                                                                                  University of Karachi, pakistan
in accordance with the approaches        of Karachi, pakistan                	WAh CAmpuS
                                                                                                                  •	 dr. filza Waseem, phd (english),
                                                                                                                     national University of Modern        • Col. (Retd.) Ikramullah Khan,      mathematics
to english language teaching. •	 dr. Zulfaqar ali chughtai, pro,                                                     languages (nUMl), Islamabad,           Ma, University of punjab,
By offering the Business english                                             Assistant professors                                                           pakistan, Ms, cIIt, abbottabad,    the department of Mathematics was
                                         phd (International relations)                                               pakistan
module, along with the two tefl                                                                                                                             pakistan                           established in 2001 at Islamabad &
                                         University of sindh, pakistan                                            •	 dr. tahira Jibeen, phd (applied
modules the course aims to equip                                             • dr. Muhammad shakeel ahmad,                                                • Babar Khan Jadoon, MCS, CIIT,      abbottabad and ever since it has been
                                                                                                                     psychology), University of                                                teaching courses of Mathematics
the entrants with the prerequisites Assistant professors                       phd (political science), Quaid        punjab, lahore, pakistan               abbottabad, pakistan
of teaching english according to the                                           e azam University, Islamabad,                                                                                   in different degree programs. the
                                                                                                                  •	 dr. Khawer Bilal Baig, phd
current market demand.                •	 dr. filza Waseem, phd (english),      pakistan                              (clinical psychology), University    Besides, nineteen lecturers are also peer departments were established
                                                                             • dr. Zahid shah, phd (central                                               associated with this department      at Islamabad & lahore in 2002 and
                                         national University of Modern                                               of Karachi, pakistan
the program is designed to develop                                             asian studies), University of                                                                                   now at Wah and attock campuses
                                         languages (nUMl), Islamabad,                                             •	 dr. Urooj sadiq, phd (clinical
the ability to initiate and carry out                                          peshawar, pakistan                                                                                              as well. hence, from fall 2002 the
                                         pakistan                                                                    psychology), University of           	VehAri
research at graduate level, leading •	 dr. tahira Jibeen, phd (applied       • dr. nasir ali Khan,phd (Islamic                                                                                 department started a four-year
                                                                                                                     Karachi, pakistan                                                         Bs(Math) program in Islamabad.
to the production of a research          psychology), University of            studies),University of Karachi,    •	 samar Kamal fazli, M.phil            Advisor
project.                                 punjab, lahore, pakistan              pakistan                              (linguistics), Bahauddin
                                                                                                                                                          •	 dr. syed ahmad Uddin hussain,     the advent of computers and data
                                      •	 dr. Khawer Bilal Baig, phd          • col. (retd.) Ikramullah Khan, Ma      Zakariya University, Multan,
                                                                               (english),University of punjab,                                               phd, Bahauddin Zakariya           acquisition facilities has stretched
                                         (clinical psychology), University                                           pakistan
                                                                               lahore, pakistan                                                              University, Multan, pakistan      the limits of what is possible in
                                         of Karachi, pakistan                                                     •	 Kaneez fatima, M.phil (pakistan                                           Mathematics to all branches of human
                                      •	 dr. Urooj sadiq, phd (clinical      • Babar Khan Jadoon, Mcs, cIIt,         studies), Quaid e azam
                                                                               abbottabad, pakistan                                                       Assistant professor                  endeavour. new developments are
                                         psychology), University of                                                  University, Islamabad, pakistan                                           taking place all the time; some as a
                                         Karachi, pakistan                                                        •	 ahsan Bashir, M.a (english),
                                                                                                                                                          •	 dr.abdul razzaq azad, phd,        result of fresh ideas or review of old
                                      •	 samar Kamal fazli, M.phil           Besides 20 lecturers are also           University of punjab, lahore,
                                                                             associated with this department.                                                Jamia Karachi, pakistan           techniques, and others prompted by
                                         (linguistics), Bahauddin                                                    pakistan                                                                  the applications to new and
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

emerging physical, biological and      Academic programs                   carried out in a timeframe of four        department       of    mathematics,     Mathematics has such a wide             • Dr. Khalida Inayat Noor, PhD,
social sciences, economics, and                                            years comprising eight semesters          statistics,   actuarial     sciences,   variety of important applications         University of Wales, UK
computing. this has given rise         following programs are offered by having 133 credits.                         mathematical        modeling      and   which       creates      continuously   • Dr. Muhammad Aslam Noor, PhD,
to new It based techniques of          the department of Mathematics:                                                cryptography; for teaching as well      increasing demand for well-trained        Brunel University london, UK
mathematical study and has created                                         the major areas of training include       as for research studies leading to Ms   mathematicians in many fields.          • Dr. Akbar Azam, PhD, Quaid e
new computational methodologies.       Bachelor of Science in mathematics: scientific computing, numerical           and further to phd.                     Mathematics has relevance to              azam University, Islamabad,
                                       BS(math)                            computation, statistical methods,                                                 fields of aerospace, oil exploration,     pakistan
the department aims to pursue                                              artificial intelligence, optimization,    relevance of program                    electronics, weather prediction,
excellence in Mathematics through       programs BS(math)                  information systems and fluid                                                     management positions, teaching          Advisor
teaching and research by developing                                        mechanics.                                Mathematics is one of the most and research, accounting and
                                        eligibility with                                                        mature        and     well-developed financial analysis and defence
appropriate curricula and teaching                                                                                                                                                                   • Dr. Akhtar Hussain, PhD, Quaid
                                                     Mathematics and       master of mathematics: m.Sc               disciplines of basic sciences. the related disciplines.
practices,    acquiring     talented                                                                                                                                                                   e azam University, Islamabad,
                                                     minimum 50%           (math)                                    study of Mathematics is not only
faculty members, and providing an                                                                                                                                                                      pakistan
                                                     aggregate marks                                                 exciting, but also important. our Bs and degree in
environment conducive to teaching                                                                                                                                                                    • Dr. Noor Muhammad Larik , PhD,
                                                     from an accredited                                              Mathematicians have an opportunity Mathematics envisages preparing
and learning of quantitative skills.                                        programs m.Sc(math)                                                                                                        southampton University, UK
                                                     institution.                                                    to make a lasting contribution students with suitable qualifications
                                        Session      fall and spring        eligibility B.a/ with                to society by helping to solve for related jobs for teaching,                   Associate professor
                                                                                           Mathematics as            problems in diverse fields such as research and managerial positions.
                                        Semesters 8
                                                                                           major subject             medicine, management, economics,                                                • Dr. Moiz-ud-Din Khan, /HoD,
                                        number of four years                               from an accredited        governance, computer sciences, Faculty members of                                 phd, Bahauddin Zakariya
                                        Years                                              educational               physics, psychology, engineering and                                              University, Multan, pakistan
                                        Credit       133                                   institution without       social sciences. thus, it is a subject the Department of                        • Dr. Shamsul Qamar, PhD,
                                        hours                                              any third division or     that can never lose its academic mathematics                                      otto-von-guericke University
                                        Campus       Islamabad                             d grade in academic       utility or professional value.                                                    Magdeburg, germany
                                        offering                                           career for admission
                                                                                                                                                             	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS                      • Dr. Muhammad Raheel
                                                                                           into program         rapid      technological     advances                                             Mohyuddin, phd, Quaid e azam
                                       the four-year Bs program in               Session    fall and spring          demand professionals who can professor                                            University, Islamabad
                                       Mathematics aims to provide               Semesters 4                         lead in emerging disciplines. the
                                       students     with      mathematical                                           need for improved development • Dr. Tahira Haroon, Chairperson,                 Assistant professor
                                                                                 number     two years
                                       skills they will need for It Based                                            in the high-end technology areas            post doctorate, University of
                                                                                 of Years
                                       application in varying areas of                                               including the industrial research and       Wales, swansea, UK, phd, Quaid      • Dr. Abdullah Shah , PhD,
                                       professional human endeavour.             Credit     66                       development work can hardly be                                                    graduate school of chinese
                                                                                                                                                                 e azam University, Islamabad,
                                       graduates of Mathematics will             hours                               over-emphasized. one of the main                                                  academy of sciences (gscas),
                                       demonstrate expertise in a number         Campus     attock & sahiwal         factors associated with this is the use • Dr. Saleem Asghar, PhD, Quaid           Beijing, china
                                       of areas like scientific computing,       offering                            of It based techniques in teaching          e azam University, Islamabad,       • Dr. Asia Majeed, PhD, East
                                       mathematical modelling, weather                                               and research of mathematics and             pakistan                              china University of science &
                                       prediction,      and       industrial   an M. sc degree in Mathematics        physics; and the department of • Dr. Aftab Khan, PhD, Quaid e                     technology (ecUst), shanghai,
                                       mathematics      and     information    will prepare students with suitable   Mathematics takes responsibility to         azam University, Islamabad,           china (on leave)
                                       systems. the Bs program is normally     qualifications for jobs in the        cope with these challenges.                 pakistan
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                       UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• Dr. Farkhanda Ikhlaq Chohan,        • Manshoor Ahmed, MS, CIIT,       • Dr. Usman Ashraf, PhD, GC             azam University, Islamabad,          • Dr. Imran Ahmad, PhD,                 academy of sciences (gscas),
  phd, Kagoshina University, Japan      Islamabad, pakistan                University lahore, pakistan          pakistan                               government college University,        Beijing, china
• Dr. Ishtiaq Ali, PhD, Graduate      • Muhammad Mushtaq, MS,           • Dr. Zahid Ahmad, PhD, University    • Syedah Maedh Kazmi, M.Phil,            lahore, pakistan (on study        •   Hassan Mahmood Chohan, MSc,
  school of chinese academy of          norwegian University, norway       of punjab, lahore, pakistan          Quaid e azam University,               leave)                                University of punjab, lahore,
  sciences (gscas), Beijing, china                                      • Ali Ahmad Farooq, Mphil, Quaid        Islamabad, pakistan                  • Dr. Imran Siddique, PhD,              pakistan (on study leave)
• Dr. Israr Ali Khan, PhD, Shanghai   Besides, 61 lecturer and 120         e azam University, Islamabad,                                               government college University,    •   Irfan Yousaf, Mphil, University of
  Jiao tong University, china         research associates are also         pakistan                           Besides, 11 lecturers are also           lahore, pakistan                      punjab, lahore, pakistan
• Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan , Post        associated with the department.   • Naila Kalsoom, MS, CIIT,            associated with this department.       • Dr. Imran Anwar, PhD,             •   Kashif Nazar, MSc, LUMS,
  doctorate, auckland University,                                          abbottabad, pakistan                                                        government college University,        lahore, pakistan
  new Zealand , phd, Brunel           	ABBottABAD CAmpuS               • Syed Zulfiqar Ali Zaidi, MS,        	LAhore CAmpuS                          lahore, pakistan                  •   M. Rafiullah, MSc, Shah Abdul
  University london, UK               Advisor                              University of peshawar, pakistan   professor                              • Dr. Kashif Ali, PhD, Government       latif University, Khairpur,
• Dr. Masood Anwar, Post                                                • Hasina Khan, MS, CIIT,                                                       college University, lahore,           pakistan
  doctorate, University of            • Dr. Mir Asadullah, PhD, Essex      abbottabad, pakistan               • Dr. M. Qaisar Shahbaz, HoD,            pakistan (on study leave)         •   Majid Hassan Khattak, MS,
  Windsor,canada , phd,                  University, UK                                                         phd, national college of             • Dr. Saman Shahbaz, PhD,               University of Wales, australia
  national college of Business        • Dr. Dost Muhammad, PhD,         Besides, 26 lecturers and two           Business administration and            national college of Business      •   Muhammad Mohsin, Mphil,
  administration and economics           Michigan University, Usa       research associates are also            economics (ncBa&e), pakistan           administration and economics          University of punjab, lahore,
  (ncBa&e), pakistan,                                                   associated with this department.                                               (ncBa&e), pakistan                    pakistan (on study leave)
• Dr. Muhammad Rauf Ahmad, PhD        Assistant professor                                                     Advisor                                • Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad, PhD,           •   Muhammad Yousaf, MSc,
  (on leave)                                                            	WAh CAmpuS                                                                   government college University,        University of punjab, lahore,
• Dr. Muhammad Saeed Akram,           • Dr. Madad Khan, PhD, Quaid e                                          • Dr. Ghulam Qanber Abbasi, PhD,         lahore, pakistan (on study            pakistan
                                         azam University, Islamabad,    Advisor                                 Mascow University, Ussr, russia
  phd, government college                                                                                                                              leave)                            •   Syed Muhammad Irfan, Mphil,
  University , lahore                    pakistan                       • Dr. Munir Akhtar, PhD, University                                          • Dr. Tajammal Hussain, PhD,            University of punjab, lahore,
• Dr. Saeed Islam , PhD, Harbin       • Dr. Saima Anis, PhD, Quaid e                                          Associate professor                      University of punjab, lahore,         pakistan
                                                                           of southampton, UK
  Institute of technology, china         azam University, Islamabad,                                                                                   pakistan
                                         pakistan                                                             • Dr. Muhammad Arif Rafiq, PhD,
• Dr. Shams-ul-Islam , PhD,                                             Assistant professor                     Bahauddin Zakariya University,       • Dr.Tariq Javaid Zia, PhD,         Besides, 10 lecturers are also
  graduate school of chinese          • Dr. Muhammad Saeed Lodhi,                                                                                      graduate school of chinese        associated with this department.
                                         Msc, University of peshawar,   • Dr. Akmal Javaid, PhD, Graduate       Multan, pakistan
  academy of sciences (gscas),                                                                                • Dr. Shahadat Ali Taj, PhD, Brunel
  Beijing, china                         pakistan                          school of chinese academy of
                                      • Dr. Abdul Sami Awan, PhD,          sciences (gscas), Beijing, china     University london, UK
• Dr. Sobia Sultana, PhD,
  government college University,         government college University, • Dr. Muhammad Kamran, PhD,           Assistant professor
  lahore, pakistan                       lahore, pakistan                  government collage University,
• Dr. Tanveer Akbar , PhD,            • Dr. Asghar Khan, PhD, Quaid e      lahore, pakistan                   • Dr. Amir Mahmood, PhD, GC
  University of strasbroug, france       azam University, Islamabad,    • Dr. Amer Rasheed, PhD,                University, lahore, pakistan
• Dr. Tazeen Athar, M.Phil, Quaid        pakistan                          european University of             • Dr. Hafiz Abdul Wajid, PhD,
  e azam University, Islamabad,       • Dr. Saqib Hussain, PhD, CIIT,      Bretagne, france                     University of strathclyde,
  pakistan                               Islamabad, pakistan            • Shabieh Farwa, M.Phil, Quaid          glasgow, UK
• Dr. Muhammad Qasim, PhD,            • Dr. Sultan Hussain, PhD,           e azam University, Islamabad,      • Dr. Ijaz Hussain, PhD, GC
  Quaid e azam University,               government college University,    pakistan (on study leave)            University lahore, pakistan (on
  Islamabad, pakistan                    lahore, pakistan               • Naila Kanwal, M.Phil, Quaid e         study leave)
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                 UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

	AttoCK CAmpuS                         Academic programs                   specializations in communications,         developments       associated     with    Faculty members of the                   University of london, UK
                                                                            control electronics (industrial), and      physics and its allied technologies.                                             • Dr. M. Zafar Iqbal, PhD,
Assistant professor                     following programs are offered by Microelectronics.                            the program pays special attention        Department of physics                    Manchester University, UK
                                        the department of physics:                                                     to work out the fundamental                                                      • Aziz Ahmed Qureshi, MSc,
• Dr. Sher Baz Khan, Phd, Quaid                                             Bachelor of Science in physics:            concepts in quantum mechanics,            	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS                       University of peshawar, pakistan
  e azam University, Islamabad,         Bachelor of Science in electronics: BS(phy)                                    statistical mechanics and electro
  pakistan                              BS(elec)                                                                       dynamics. In the final year students      professor                              Associate professor
• Dr. Muhammad Irfan Ali, Phd,                                                    programs      BS(phy)                will opt for electives in a number
  Quaid e azam University,                                                                                             of available areas like micro and         • Dr. Sajid Qamar, Chairman,         • Dr. Farida P. Tahir , Post
                                        programs      BS(elec)                    eligibility   Intermediate or                                                    phd, Quaid e azam University,
  Islamabad, pakistan                                                                                                  nanotechnologies          (electronics                                            doctorate, University of Kansas,
                                        eligibility   Intermediate                              equivalent with        and opto electronics), material             Islamabad, pakistan                   Usa, phd, Quaid e azam
                                                      or equivalent                             physics, with          science, high energy physics,             • Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti, Dean
Besides, one lecturer is also                                                                                                                                                                            University, Islamabad, pakistan
                                                      with physics and                          minimum 50% marks,     radiation physics, quantum optics           fos, phd, cambridge University,
associated with this department                                                                                                                                                                       • Dr. Ishaq Ahmad, HoD, PhD, Quaid
                                                      Mathematics or                            from an accredited     and informatics. the graduates              UK                                    e azam University, Islamabad,
                                                      equivalent with                           institution. pre-      will readily be employed by               • Dr. Ehtiram Shahaliyev, PhD, Joint    pakistan
Department of                                         minimum 50% marks,                        medical students       r&d organizations, and teaching             Institute of nuclear research      • Dr.    Ahmer      Naweed,     PhD,
                                                      from an accredited                        may be admitted                                                    (JInr), dubna, russia
physics                                               institution.                              provisionally.
                                                                                                                       institutions, and for phd studies.
                                                                                                                                                                 • Dr. Khusniddin Olimov, PhD,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         University of Massachuesseitis,
                                        Session       fall and spring                           they have to pass      relevance of program                        phd, Joint Institute of nuclear
the department of physics was                                                                                                                                                                         • Dr. Mahnaz Qader Haseeb ,
                                                                                                additional maths                                                   research (JInr), dubna, russia
established in 2002 in Islamabad        Semesters 8                                                                                                                                                      phd, Quaid e azam University,
                                                                                                course within one      the department of physics offers          • Dr. Mais Suleynanov, PhD, Joint
and started its programs in fall 2003                                                                                                                                                                    Islamabad, pakistan
                                        number of four years                                    year after admission                                               Insititute for nuclear research,
with a four-year Bs degree program                                                                                     competitive degrees in rapidly                                                 • Dr. Muhammad Anis-ur-Rehman ,
                                        Years                                                   from BIse.                                                         JInr, dubna, Moscow, russia
in electronics. the department is                                                                                      expanding areas of study. our strong                                              phd, Quaid e azam University,
                                        Credit        134-141                     Session       fall and spring        faculty and excellent facilities          • Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, PhD,         Islamabad, pakistan
rapidly expanding and aspires to                                                                                                                                   hUll University, UK
                                        hours                                                                          ensure that students have a solid                                              • Dr. Nazar Abbas Shah, PhD Quaid
excel in the formal instruction of                                                Semesters 8
physics among other institutions        Campus        Islamabad                                                        technical grasp on their subjects to                                              e azam University, Islambad,
                                                                                  number        four years                                                       Advisor
in pakistan. the peer department        offering                                                                       apply this knowledge in practical                                                 pakistan
                                                                                  of Years
at cIIt lahore was established in                                                                                      work settings.                                                                 • Dr. Sadia Manzoor, PhD, Quaid
                                        this is a four-year degree program,       Credit        137-142                                                          • Dr. Javaid Anwar , Post Doctorate,    e azam University, Islamabad,
2007. Its faculty members have                                                                                                                                     hong Kong Baptist University,
                                        with emphasis placed on producing         hours                                our invaluable linkages with the                                                  pakistan
post graduate and doctoral degrees                                                                                                                                 china, phd, Quaid e azam
from international universities and     scientists in the field of Physical       Campus        Islamabad & lahore     higher education commission help
                                        electronics. the program trains           offering                             us keep up-to-date with new policy          University, Islamabad, pakistan    Assistant professor
are considered experts in their                                                                                                                                  • Dr. Ashraf Ata , PhD, Birmingham
respective fields.                      students in the art of electronics                                             trends and job market facilitation
                                        with reference to physics and         coMsats Institute of Information         incentives being unrolled by the            University, UK                     • Dr. Mubarak Ali, Post Doctorate,
the department has entered into                                                                                                                                  • Dr. (Mrs.) Nasim Zafar, PhD,
an agreement with the department        gives them an insight into the        technology is taking a lead in           government and private sectors.                                                   technical University, Istanbul,
                                        working of devices and integrated     introducing a Bs degree in physics at    past experience demonstrates that           cambridge University, UK              turkey, phd, Universiti teknologi
of Materials science & engineering                                                                                                                               • Dr. Hameed Ahmed Khan, PhD,
at the University of Illinois, Urbana   circuits. students start working      its Islamabad and lahore campuses.       our program content is relevant                                                   peteronas, Malaysia
                                        on their own projects as early        the program is designed to train         and very much in need in all areas          Birmingham University, UK          • Dr. Amir Wali Rauf, PhD,
champaign, Usa for summer                                                                                                                                        • Dr. Kamal-ud-Din Ahmed , PhD,
research experience.                    as the fourth semester. We offer      and equip students with the latest       related to physics.                                                               edinburgh University, UK
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

• Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, PhD, Quaid e
  azam University, Islamabad,
                                        	LAhore CAmpuS                       • Dr.    Shoaib    Munir,    PhD,
                                                                                southampton University, UK (on
                                                                                                                    Faculty of Centre                     Department of                            Biotechnology based research, but
                                                                                                                                                                                                   most of this research caters for their
  pakistan                              professor                               study leave)                        of Quantum physics                    Biosciences                              unique problems, which may or may
• Dr. Muhammad Kamran , PhD,                                                  • Lt. Col (R) Javed Iqbal Abid,                                                                                      not be of primary concern of the
  graduate school of chinese            • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, HoD, Post           Mphil, University of punjab,
                                                                                                                    (CQp)                                 establishment of institutions of         developing or even underdeveloped
  academy of sciences (gscas),            doctorate,   Miyagi   national        lahore, pakistan                                                          higher learning in the fields of basic   world. It is absolutely essential
                                                                                                                    professor                             and applied sciences is one of the
  Beijing, china                          college of technology, natori,      • Nusrat Rafique, Mphil, Quaid                                                                                       that we develop our own viable
• Dr. Najeeb-ur-Rehman , PhD,             Japan                                 e azam University, Islamabad,                                             cornerstones of the policies of the      infra structure for knowledge based
                                                                                                                    • Dr. Manzoor Ikram, Director,        higher education commission. the
  Quaid     e azam        University,                                           pakistan (on study leave)                                                                                          scientific research addressing our
                                                                                                                      phd, Quaid e azam University,       government of pakistan intends
  Islamabad, pakistan                   Associate professor                   • Rashid      Najeeb,       Mphil,                                                                                   peculiar demands, using our own
                                                                                                                      Islamabad, pakistan                 to develop a large pool of high
• Dr. Umair Manzoor , PhD,                                                      government college University,                                                                                     resources, both human and material.
  Karolinska Institute, south Korea     • Dr. Muhammad Asif, PhD,               lahore, pakistan                                                          quality    scientists,    researchers    there is an acute requirement of
                                                                                                                    Associate professor                   and technicians in various fields
• Dr. Muhammad Irfan Memon ,              graduate school of chinese          • Shahzada Junaid Shareef, MSc,                                                                                      continuous training of the scientists
  phd, Bristol University, UK             academy of sciences (gscas),          government college University,                                            of sciences including computer           and researchers in the rapidly
                                                                                                                    • Dr. Ashfaq Hussain Khosa,           sciences and informatics. The field
• Dr.    Waqqar     Ahmed,     PhD,       Beijing, china                        lahore, pakistan (on study                                                                                         evolving disciplines of Microbiology/
                                                                                                                      phd, Quaid e azam University,       of Biosciences has gained immense
  University of twente, netherlands                                             leave)                                                                                                             Immunology, Molecular Biology/
                                                                                                                      Islamabad, pakistan                 importance with the development
• Dr.    Javeed     Akhtar,    PhD,     Assistant professor                                                                                                                                        Biochemistry, Molecular genetics,
  Manchester University, UK                                                   38 lecturers and 25 research                                                of the human genome project and          and developmental Biology &
                                                                                                                    Assistant professor                   modern technologies.
• Dr. Mushtaq Ali PhD, University of    • Dr. Abdul Rashid, PhD, University   associates are also associated with                                                                                  Bioinformatics. In view of this, cIIt
  camerino, Italy                         of punjab, lahore, pakistan         this department.                                                                                                     took the initiative by establishing
                                                                                                                    • Dr. Faheel Ather Hashmi, PhD,  Many       developing      countries,
• Khalid Khan , BSc, UET, Peshwar,      • Dr. Azeem Mir, PhD,                                                                                                                                      the Biosciences department in
                                                                                                                      Universite paul sabatier, france
  pakistan                              • Dr.   Mazhar     Hussain,    PhD,   	WAh CAmpuS                                                           including India, Brazil, south africa,        2003, and introducing a 4 year
                                                                                                                    • Dr. Fazal Ghafoor , PhD, Quaid cuba as well as china are rapidly
• Malik Muhammad Asif , Mphil,            government college University,                                                                                                                           degree program in Bioinformatics
                                                                                                                      e azam University, Islamabad,  expanding their Biosciences base. It
  Quaid     e azam        University,     lahore, pakistan                    three lecturers are also associated                                                                                  at Islamabad, and added another
                                                                                                                      pakistan                       is imperative that pakistan also does
  Islamabad, pakistan                   • Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad,          with this department.                                                                                                undergraduate degree in Biosciences
• Asif Iqbal Zia, MSc, Government         phd,    harbin     Institute   of                                                                          so. Many developed countries have             from 2007. cIIt in this regard was
                                                                                                                    Beside 4 research associate are already embarked upon Biosciences-
  college     University,   lahore,       technology, china                                                                                                                                        the first institution to offer such
                                                                                                                    also associated with department.
  pakistan (on study leave)             • Dr. Salman Naeem Khan, PhD,                                                                                                                              programs in and around Islamabad.
• Asif Matin , MS, University of          Zhejiang University, china
  cincinnati, Usa (on study leave)                                                                                                                                                                 the department of Biosciences has
                                                                                                                                                                                                   gathered different interdisciplinary/
Besides, 69 lecturers and 25                                                                                                                                                                       inter-departmental              groups
research associates are also                                                                                                                                                                       comprising life scientists, computer
associated with this department.                                                                                                                                                                   scientists and mathematicians, who
                                                                                                                                                                                                   collectively take part in the teaching
                                                                                                                                                                                                   and training program leading to
                                                                                                                                                                                                   the degrees in Bioinformatics and
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Academic programs offered         with a broad understanding of the
                                  molecular processes of life, an
                                                                            degree program in the field of
                                                                            Biosciences. the program perfectly
                                                                                                                   of    government     and    private
                                                                                                                   hospitals, research organizations,
                                                                                                                                                           resource world-wide. We believe
                                                                                                                                                           that our graduates with broad base
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Faculty members of
following programs are offered by understanding of the expression and       aligns with the graduate study         pharmaceutical, food, beverage and      knowledge will fill this vacuum.        the Department of
the department of Biosciences:    control of genes, an understanding        program offered by Biosciences         chemical industries. Being closely
                                  of the tools used to map and              department.                            related to biotechnology, there are     our graduates can pursue their
Bachelor of Science in            sequence genomes, Confidence in                                                  many similarities between them,         career in various domains of
                                                                                                                                                                                                   	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS
Bioinformatics: BS(Bi)            the application of statistical tests      relevance of programs                  making microbiology also a very         public and private sectors such
                                  of significance, A high level of skills                                          promising career option. a steep        as health, agriculture, genomics,
 programs BS(Bi)                  in design and use of Informatics          career        opportunities      for   rise in employment avenues for          Biotechnology,          Information
                                  techniques with an emphasis on            Bioinformatics,         Biosciences,   microbiologists is envisaged as a       technology, energy and education.
 eligibility Intermediate with                                                                                                                                                                     •	 dr. raheel Qamar, t.I., phd,
                                  the organization, display and             Microbiology    and    Biochemistry    result of growing numbers of above-     the graduating students will be
             pre-Medical, pre-                                                                                                                                                                        University of north texas, Usa
                                  interrogation of complex data.            students include the pharmaceutical    mentioned organizations.                absorbed in private/ government
             engineering and Ics                                                                                                                                                                   •	 dr. fauzia yousaf hafeez,
                                                                            and biotechnological companies                                                 organizations. there would be a
             or equivalent and                                                                                                                                                                        chairman, phd (Biosciences),
                                  Bachelor of Science in Biosciences:       and leading research institutes and    market Demand                           great demand for graduates in
             minimum 50% marks,                                                                                                                                                                       Quaid e azam University,
                                  BS(BS)                                    universities. their expertise will                                             biotechnologies, such as health
             from an accredited                                                                                                                                                                       Islamabad, pakistan
                                                                            also be used as workforce in those     the insights, products and a variety    biotechnology,           agriculture
             institution.                                                   mega projects which are in the         of biomedical and biotechnological      biotechnology,     and     Industrial
                                   programs BS(BS)                                                                                                                                                 Advisor
 Session     fall and spring                                                pipeline like center of excellence     applications emerging from the field    biotechnology.     our    graduates
                                   eligibility Intermediate with            in Microbial genomics, national        of genomics are widely considered       will have prospects of immediate
 Semesters 8
                                                pre-Medical or                                                                                                                                     •	 dr. shahzad. a. Mufti , phd
                                                                            centre for proteomics and national     to transform significantly medicine     employment      in    health     and
 number      four years                         equivalent and                                                                                                                                        (anatomy), case-Western
                                                                            center for Bioinformatics.             and biology in the coming years. an     agriculture sectors among others.
 of Years                                       minimum 50% marks,                                                                                                                                    reserve University, Usa, Usa
                                                                                                                   equitable contribution of developing    In addition, these graduates will
 Credit      139                                from an accredited     essentially all pharmaceutical and          countries, such as pakistan, in this    have better opportunity to be
 hours                                          institution.                                                                                                                                       Associate professors
                                                                       major biotechnology companies               whole process, is not only vital for    selected for already established
 Campus       Islamabad & sahiwal.   Session     fall and spring       have      internal     bioinformatics       the economic growth of the country      higher education programs leading
                                                                                                                                                                                                   •	 dr. syed habib Bokhari, post
 offering                            Semesters 8                       capabilities and programs, especially       but also of global importance to        to Ms and ph.d. degrees.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      doctorate, University of london,
                                                                       if they have significant genomics           best reap the profits of human
                                     number      four years                                                                                                                                           UK, phd (Molecular Biology) ,
the course outlines aim to produce                                     efforts underway. the rapid rise
                                     of Years                                                                                                                                                         glassgow University, UK
professionals who have the breadth                                     in the Bioinformatics market is
                                                                                                                                                                                                   •	 dr. rani faryal, post doctorate,
of knowledge and skills required Credit          133                   driven in part by strategic alliances
                                     hours                                                                                                                                                            Karolinska Institute,
for a career in Bioinformatics,                                        between companies that have a
                                                                                                                                                                                                      sweden, phd (Microbiology /
an area of science combining the Campus          Islamabad             genomics, pharmacogenomics, or
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Biotechnology), Quaid e azam
latest developments in Informatics, offering                           biochip focus, all of which rely
                                                                                                                                                                                                      University, Islamabad, pakistan
functional genomics, Bimolecular                                       heavily on efficient bioinformatics
                                                                                                                                                                                                   •	 dr. Mahmood a. Kayani, phd
structure,      proteomics,    cell at present, no other institution, applications.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      (genetic toxicology) , University
Metabolism, Biodiversity, drug and in and around Islamabad is
                                                                                                                                                                                                      of Wales, swansea, UK
Vaccine design etc.                 offering undergraduate program in Microbiologists/Microchemists find
                                    Biosciences. the cIIt has however, jobs in many places like research
It aims to produce professionals taken initiative and launched a and          development       laboratories
                                       coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Assistant professors                        Baluchistan, pakistan.               Besides 02 lecturers are also           (Biomedical Materials sciences),    essential for the survival of human Bachelor of Science in
                                         •	 dr. Muhammad nadeem                  associated with this department.        University college london, UK       beings, plants and animals. In order environmental Sciences: BS(eS)
•	 dr. Muhammad Zeeshan hyder,              hassan,Mphil,Bio                                                        •	   dr. ghulam abbas, phd               to bring a balance between human
   phd (Bio chemistry), University          technology,Quaid e azam                                                      (Inorganic chemistry), Kth          development       and    environment programs
   of arid agriculture, rawalpindi,         University, Islamabad,pakistan       Faculty of                              royal Institute of technology,      protection, there is a need for
                                                                                                                                                                                                      eligibility Intermediate
   pakistan                              •	 dr. Muhammad Imran, phd (food        interdisciplinary                       sweden                              scientific study of environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   with science or
•	 dr. Muaz niazi, phd (computer            science & nano-Biotechnology),                                          •	   dr. ather farooq Khan, phd          related    issues    and     exploring
   science), University of stirling,        Inpl - ensaIa - lIBio, nancy,        research Centre in                      (organic chemistry), Vienna         remedial techniques.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   equivalent and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   minimum 50% marks,
   scotland, UK
•	 dr. Muhammad saeed, phd,
                                            france,france                        Biomedical material                •	
                                                                                                                         University of technology,
                                                                                                                         dr. rashid amin, phd (nano-         established in 2004, the department
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   from an accredited
   Molecular Biology, Innsbruck          Besides 26 lecturers and 44 ras         (irCBm)                                 technology), sungkyunkwan           of environmental sciences has
   University, austria                   are also associated with this                                                   University, Korea                   become a hub for interdisciplinary       Session      fall and spring
•	 dr. tayyaba yasmin, phd (Bio          department.                             Associate professor                •	   dr. Muhammad yar, phd               graduate studies and research, and Semesters 8
   chemistry), pMas agriculture                                                                                          (chemistry), University of          advocacy on environmental issues.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      number of four years
   University, rawalpindi, pakistan      	SAhiWAL CAmpuS                    •	 dr. anila asif, phd (polymer             Bristol, UK                         the department has diverse faculty
•	 dr. nazish Bostan, phd                                                       chemistry & physics), east                                                   with international education and
   (Biosciences), Quaid e azam           Assistant professors                   china University of science &       Besides 03 lecturers and 10 ras          expertise. the research staff has Credit              135
   University, Islamabad, pakistan                                              technology (ecUst), shanghai,       are also associated with this            backgrounds in a variety of disciplines  hours
•	 dr. Irfan sadiq, phd (agro            •	 dr. shazia Mannan, phd(Bio          china                               department.                              including environmental studies, Campus               abbotabad
   biodiversity),pisa University,           chemistry), Quaid e azam         •	 dr. abdul samad Khan, phd                                                    Water     resource      Management, offering
   Italy                                    University, Islamabad, pakistan;    (dental Material), Queen Mary                                                Waste       Management,         energy
•	 dr. Qaiser fatimi, phd                   post doctorate (Molecular phyto-    University of london, UK            Department of                            and environmental Biodiversity, the department of environmental
   (computational chemistry),               pathology),University of york,                                          environmental                            Biotechnology, Urban planning, sciences is committed to inspire a
   Innsbruck University, austria            UK                               Assistant professors                                                            and environmental policy and law. life long commitment to the earth
•	 dr. Mustafa nawaz shafqat, phd        •	 Dr. Awais Zulfiqar, PhD (Plant                                          Sciences                                 the department of environmental for environmental responsibilities
   (soil sciences), Kansas state            pathology), Zhejiang University, •	 dr. Muhammad awais, phd                                                      sciences is committed to inspire a through research and education in
   University, Usa                          china                               (Mechanical engineering),           environment is essential to sustain      life long commitment to the earth sciences and technology that are
•	 dr. Kiran Munir, phd                  •	 dr. Muhammad asif Zahoor,           University college dublin,          life on earth. during the last two       for environmental responsibilities essential to understand and improve
   (Microbiology), Quaid e azam             phd(Microbiology),University        Ireland                             decades, the high rate of economic       through research and education in the environment at local, regional
   University, Islamabad, pakistan          of Veterinary Medicine Vienna,   •	 dr. ramla shahid, phd               growth not only resulted in boosting     sciences and technology that are and global level.
•	 dr. saadia naseem, phd                   austria                             (Biosciences), cambridge            the industrial production, but           essential to understand and improve
   (Biological science), University      •	 dr. awais Ihsan, phd (Veterinary    University, UK                      also led to higher levels of energy      the environment at local, regional the department comprises highly
   of hanorer, germany                      toxicology), huazhong            •	 dr. adeel afzal, phd (natural       consumption and air and water            and global level.                       qualified faculty and research
•	 dr. aisha naeem,                         agriculture Universitychina         sciences), Vienna University,       pollution, which pose greater                                                    staff with diverse backgrounds in a
   Mphil,Microbiology &                  •	 dr. yasmeen gull, phd (fish         austria                             risks to the environment. over-          Academic programs                       variety of disciplines. Major focus
   genetics,University of punjab,           genetics and Breeding),          •	 dr. sobia tabassum, phd (natural    exploitation of natural resources                                                areas of research and development
   lahore,pakistan                          huazhong agriculture University,    sciences), technical University     and degradation of environment           following programs are offered by include earth and environmental
•	 dr. amir Wasim, phd                      china                               of clausthal, germany               is leading to the endangerment of        the department of environmental studies, water and energy resource
   (chemistry), University of                                                •	 dr. aqif anwar chaudhry, phd        ecological infrastructure that is        sciences:                               management, solid
                                      coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

waste management and treatment,          area will continue to grow in future     agencies such as cIMMyt, acarda,       campus with consideration of             for outdoor academic learning and         sciences and technology that are
water sanitation and health,             and the graduates of biotechnology       IrrI, IcrIsat, fao, Monsanto,          its special geographic location          research that combines field work         essential to understand and improve
conventional and alternate energy,       program will, therefore, be able to      pioneer International and several      with proximity of the himalayas,         and laboratory techniques with            the environment at local, regional
agriculture, and biotechnology. the      fill the existing gaps.                  other international organizations.     Karakoram, and hindukush, the            a focus on applied geology and            and global level.
broad spectrum of the department                                                                                         World’s most active and highest          geophysics (petroleum geology,
thus provides its students a great       a biotechnology career encompasses       Based on the quality training,         mountains system.        It provides     engineering geology, environmental        the department comprises highly
flexibility in choosing the program      research, development, production,       and strong standings of cIIt, the      students an opportunity to learn         geology, hydrogeology, structural         qualified faculty and research
of their interest.                       business, law (forensics), and           graduates from our program are         about the earth and the geological       geology/tectonics,        economic        staff with diverse backgrounds
                                         community services. the graduates        expected to be highly competitive      processes in a real-time mountainous     geology and sedimentology).               in a variety of disciplines. Major
Bachelor of Science in                   and researchers produced would           in the job market.                     setting. as an earth scientist, the                                                focus areas of research and
Biotechnology: BS (BtY)                  be available to the institutions                                                students may be involved in search       following program is offered by the       development include earth and
                                         involved in teaching, research,          Learning enhancing Activities          of hydrocarbons, minerals and water      department of earth sciences:             environmental studies, water and
programs      BS(BtY)                    production and services.          the                                           resources, or may also be engaged                                                  energy resource management, solid
                                         agriculture, health, education, and      the demand for professionals           in the remediation of environmental      Bechelor of Science in earth              waste management and treatment,
eligibility   Intermediate with          industry sectors will particularly be    capable of performing tasks such as    hazards and prevention and/or            Sciences: BS (erS)                        water sanitation and health,
              science or equivalent      benefited as the graduates produced      sample collection, monitoring, data    prediction of natural disasters such                                               conventional and alternate energy,
              degree with                will be instrumental in enhancing        management,        instrumentation,    as earthquakes, landslides, and          the department of earth sciences          agriculture, and biotechnology. the
              minimum 50% marks,         efficiency and productivity of           calibration,     operation       and   floods. A good reason to choose          is committed to inspire a life            broad spectrum of the department
              from an accredited         institutions belonging to these          maintenance continues to increase.     earth sciences as an academic            long commitment to the earth              thus provides its students a great
              institution.               sectors. Qualified graduates will find   department’s teaching and research     program in abbottabad for study of       for environmental responsibilities        flexibility in choosing the program
Session       fall and spring            career opportunities in academia,        programs are designed to meet this     earth is the opportunity it provides     through research and education in         of their interest.
Semesters 8                              government, production and service       demand by providing professionals
                                                                                                                         programs                       BS(erS)
                                         industry, and overseas. some of the      to work in a wide array of positions
number        four years                                                                                                 eligibility      for geology   F.Sc. or equivalent qualification from an accredited institution with at least 50% marks.
                                         potential employers are private and      for    environmental     engineering
of Years                                                                                                                                  Major         or
                                         public sector universities, colleges     consulting firms, environmental
Credit        132                                                                                                                                       diploma in electrical, Mechanical or civil technology from an accredited polytechnic
                                         and research institutions, pakistan      laboratories,   wastewater       and                                  Institute or college of technology with 50% marks.
hours                                    atomic energy commission (paec),         water treatment facilities, various
                                                                                                                                          for           F.Sc. or equivalent qualification with Mathematics from an accredited institution with at
Campus        abbotabad                  provincial and federal government        types of manufacturing facilities,
                                                                                                                                          geophysics    least 50% marks or c-grade
offering                                 departments and Ministries such as       governmental agencies, and other                        Major         or
                                         agriculture research departments         organizations.                                                        diploma in electrical, Mechanical or civil technology from an accredited polytechnic
rapid expansion of knowledge in          and centers (parc, narc), health                                                                               Institute or college of technology with 50% marks or c-grade
life processes at molecular level has    and veterinary departments and
increased realization of the potential   research centers, ministries of          Department of earth                    Session                        fall and spring
application of biotechnology in          science and technology, seed             Sciences                               number of
                                                                                                                                                        four years
human welfare. the activity has          research industries, pharmaceutical
gained a tremendous boost in recent      industries, food and beverage                                                   Years
                                                                                  the earth sciences program was
past and will continue to grow in the    industries,    research     hospitals    initiated in fall 2008, followed by    Credit hours                   132
coming decades around the globe.         and health research centers,             the established of the department of   Campus                         abbotabad
the need of trained manpower in this     international organizations and          earth sciences in 2011 at abbottabad   offering
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Faculty members                         Assistant professors                     (KaIst), Korea
                                                                               • Dr. Muhammad Amjad Sabir, PhD,
                                                                                                                      this situation has created a huge Academic programs
                                                                                                                      demand for more professional

of the Department                       • Dr. Muhammad Qasim, PhD, Texas         University of peshawar, pakistan     pharmacists, not only for the following program is offered by the           the department of pharmacy
                                          southern University, Usa             • Dr. Qaisar Mehmood, PhD,             country, but also in the world department of pharmacy:                      is offering doctor of pharmacy
of environmental                        • Dr. Tayyab Ashfaq, PhD, Korea          Zhejiang University, china           where there is a severe shortage                                            (pharm-d)     program      to    the
Sciences and                              advanced Institute of technology     • Asim Jahangir Khan Wazir, MSc,       of pharmacists. In view of the program             pharm-d                  prospective    students     annually
                                          (KaIst), south Korea                   University of peshawar, pakistan     present and emerging needs of the                                           during fall semester. pharm-d is a
Department of earth                     • Dr. Muhammad Bilal, PhD,             • Muhammad Arfan, Mphil, Quaid         pharmacy profession, decided to
                                                                                                                                                             eligibility Intermediate or          five years degree program of ten
                                                                                                                                                                         equivalent in medical
Sciences.                                 european University of Brittany,
                                                                                 e azam University, Islamabad,
                                                                                                                      launch the department of pharmacy
                                                                                                                      at its abbottabad campus. the
                                                                                                                                                                         group with minimum
                                                                                                                                                                                                  semesters. during this period, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                  students receive rigorous training in
                                                                                                                                                                         60% marks from an        theoretical and practical knowledge
	ABBottABAD CAmpuS                     • Dr. Zahid Mehmood Khan, PhD,         • Azra Riffat Rana, MSc, University    major theme behind this idea was
                                                                                                                                                                         accredited institution   of all aspects of pharmacy. the
                                          University of British columbia         of punjab, lahore, pakistan          to play an active role to cater the
                                          (UBc), canada                        • Zulfiqar Ahmad Bhatti, MS,           national health care needs through a   session     fall                     syllabus has been designed in the
                                        • Dr. Mustafa Nawaz Shafqat, PhD,        Katholic University, Belgium         broad-based higher and professional semesters 10                            light of recommendations from hec
• Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan Jadoon,          Kansas University, Usa                                                      education of pharmacy. In order to                                          and pharmacy council of pakistan.
                                                                               Besides, 16 lecturers and 15                                                  number of five
  phd, aVh, germany, germany            • Dr. Amjad Hassan, PhD, NIIGATA                                              deliver quality education in the field                                      the degree of pharm-d is awarded
                                                                               research associates are also                                                  years
• Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Raja, PhD,           University, Japan                                                           of pharmaceutical sciences, the                                             to the students on successful
                                        • Dr. Farid Ullah, PhD, Tottori        associated with this department.       department has arranged excellent credit           192                      completion of minimum 192 credit
  University     of     strathclyde,                                                                                                                         hours
  glasgow, UK                             University, Japan                                                           facilities and has the services of                                          hours, including clerkship in the
• Dr. Muhammad Maroof Shah, PhD,        • Dr. Romana Khan, PhD, Kyung          Department of                          internationally qualified faculty campus           abbottabad               clinical setting and a project
                                          hee University, south Korea,                                                members.                               offering                             related to clinical pharmacy
  University of nebraska lincoln,
                                          south Korea                          pharmacy                                                                                                           practices. Moreover, each student
• Dr. Arshid Pervaiz, PhD, University   • Dr. Jamshaid Hussain, PhD,           pharmacists are the third largest                                                                                  has to complete a six weeks
  of Bradford, UK                         University of Verona, Italy, Italy   health care professional group                                                                                     training program in a well known
Advisors                                • Dr. Javed Iqbal, PhD, Mississippi    in the world and currently, there                                                                                  pharmaceutical firm or a teaching
                                          state University, Usa                are about 6000 pharmacists in                                                                                      hospital.
• Dr. Kiramat Khan, PhD, University     • Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, PhD,       pakistan. however, according to the
  of nebraska lincoln, Usa                chonbuk national University,         Who recommended pharmacist/
• Dr. Abdul Matin Awan, PhD,              Jeonju, south Korea                  population ratio of 1:2000 for
  University of punjab, lahore,         • Dr. Muhammad Tahir Amin, PhD,        optimal health care delivery,
  pakistan                                seoul national University, Korea     more than 75,000 pharmacists are
• Dr. Javaid Jahan Baluch, PhD,         • Dr. Muhammad Umar, PhD,              required for the current population.
  University of punjab, lahore,           University     of    Baluchistan,    further, the role of pharmacist in
  pakistan                                pakistan                             the health care system is escalating
                                        • Dr. Yusra Pervaiz Ashraf, MBBS,      day by day due to the introduction
Associate professors                      University of punjab, lahore,        of uncounted new drugs, emergence
                                          pakistan                             of new resistant microbes, and the
• Dr. Muhammad Irshad,          PhD,    • Dr. Raza Ahmad, PhD, Korea           changes in the health care delivery
  tottori University, Japan               advanced Institute of technology     systems.
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Faculty members of                        University of Karachi, pakistan
                                          (on study leave)
                                                                             program is to forge holistic thinking
                                                                             about the conceptual basis of
                                                                                                                     the    department    takes   pride
                                                                                                                     in having a strong faculty with
                                                                                                                                                       art. the intermediate level ensures
                                                                                                                                                       the ability to conceive a project as
                                                                                                                                                                                                  are integrated together and with
                                                                                                                                                                                                  other supporting courses throughout
the Department of                     •   Dr. Abdul Mannan, PhD, Quaid       design. Architecture must flow from     years of extensive experience in  a whole, its forms, always invariably      the five years.
                                          e azam University, Islamabad,      the mind of the architect, always       architecture, design and aestheticplaced in a context of the street,
pharmacy                                  pakistan                           addressing the issues of tradition,     studies.                          city and culture; and as a functional      topics such as landscape, Interior
                                      •   Dr. Sami Siraj, PhD, China         function, energy efficiency, climate                                      entity to fulfil the needs for which it    design,    housing      and     Urban
	ABBottABAD CAmpuS                                                                                                                                                                               design are integral parts of the
                                          pharmaceutical University, china   control, structural stability and any   Academic programs                 is to be built. the Final stage enables
                                      •   Fiaz Alam, MS, Gomal University,   other factor that impinges concepts                                       the students to think independently,       architectural design course instead
professors                                                                                                                                                                                        of being taught separately. detailed
                                          d.I.K., pakistan                   of the solutions to the problem. Its    following programs are offered by to experiment with form and
                                     •    Sabeeh Mohsin, Mphil, Islamia      counter part department at lahore       the department of architecture:   structure, to better understand            study of environmental factors,
• Dr. Nisar ur Rehman, Post                                                                                                                                                                       cad, presentations and model
                                          University, Bahawalpur, pakistan   has also been established since                                           contextual issues of society, to
  doctorate, school of pharmacy,                                                                                                                                                                  building are also a part of the same.
                                                                             2007.                                   Bachelor of Architecture: B.Arch  determine for themselves the future
  University of london, UK.
                                     Besides, nine lecturers are also                                                                                  directions of their development as
  phd, school of pharmaceutical                                                                                                                                                                   Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
                                     associated with this department.    the department aims to deal                  programs B.Arch                  architects.
  science, University of science,
                                                                         with questions of tradition and
  Malaysia                                                                                                           eligibility   Intermediate or           the curriculum of the degree is      Using an interdisciplinary approach
                                                                         modernity, comfort, environmental
• Dr. Izhar Hussain, Post Doctorate,  Faculty of                         sustainability,         appropriate
                                                                                                                                   equivalent with           broadly based upon three subjects    to design, this degree offers
  Kansas state University, Usa.                                                                                                    minimum 60% marks,                                             the students an opportunity to
  phd, oregon state University,       Architecture and                   architecture, not as separate
                                                                                                                                   from an accredited
                                                                                                                                                             from third semester to the ninth
                                                                                                                                                                                                  experiment in a variety of genres and
                                                                         subjects in an isolated manner.                                                     semester, i.e.
  Usa                                 Design                             every assignment or project in the
                                                                                                                                   institution.                                                   finally choose from a multitude of
                                                                         subject of architecture and design          Session       fall semester only.       • Architectural Design;              design disciplines such as graphics,
Advisors                            the department of architecture falls will incorporate these elements at                                                                                       furniture, Illustration, Interactive
                                                                                                                     Semesters 10                            • Architectural Technology;
                                    under the faculty of architecture & the simple to complex levels so that                                                 • History and Philosophy of Art and design, and Moving Image.
• Dr. Qazi Najam us Saqib, Advisor, design.                                                                          number of five years
                                                                         these issues become an integral part                                                   architecture.
  pharmacy,     post    doctorate,                                                                                   Years                                                                         programs      B.Des
                                                                         of student thinking.
  purdue University, Indiana, Usa                                                                                    Credit        174
                                      Department of                          therefore at the end of the program     hours
                                                                                                                                                             ArChiteCturAL eDuCAtion:              eligibility   Intermediate or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 equivalent with
Associate professors
                                      Architecture                           students will not set out to do a       Campus        Islamabad and             the following diagram explains the                  minimum 60% marks,
                                                                             “traditional” or “modern” design,       offering      lahore.                   integrated approach of architectural                from an accredited
• Dr.    Jamshed     Iqbal,    Post
                                      the decision to launch the             but will bring their own unique                                                 education where the core courses                    institution.
  doctorate, University of Bonn,
                                      department of architecture in          approach based on their vision          This is a five years course divided                                           Session       fall semester only.
  germany, phd, University of
                                      Islamabad was taken in 2005. It        to bear upon all designs that they      into three stages; foundation,
  Bonn, germany (on study leave)
                                      affords an opportunity to re-examine   carry out. thus, the students will      intermediate and final, spread over                                           Semesters     08
• Dr. Taous Khan, PhD, Kyungpook                                                                                                                                                                   number of four years
                                      and re-evaluate the architectural      continuously examine and re-            ten semesters.
  national University, south Korea                                                                                                                                                                 Years
                                      education prevalent in the country.    examine the context of the problem
• Assistant professors
                                      this also marks an effort to bring     at hand and will discover within        the Foundation level imparts                                                  Credit        141
• Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, PhD, Islamia
                                      back art into architecture, which      themselves solutions that are based     intensive training in verbal and                                              hours
  University, Bahawalpur, pakistan
                                      was lost in the preceding few          on personal sensitivities.              graphic communication, logical
• Dr. Abdul Jabbar ShahPhD,                                                                                                                                                                        Campus        Islamabad and
                                      centuries. the aim and focus of the                                            thinking and the ability to theorize
                                                                                                                                                                                                   offering      lahore.
                                     coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

studio practice and contextual
studies will allow the students to
                                         to produce work that is outside disciplinary, individual and team
                                         commercial constraints. After a first working approach.
                                                                                                                   top universities in the world are
                                                                                                                   including option of arts in their
                                                                                                                                                             Faculty members of                        oxford Brookes University,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       B.arch, ned University of
draw upon their material culture,        year introductory common program,                                         curriculum. the Bfa at cIIt will          the Department of                         engineering and technology,
history, sociology, literature, art      students will be offered a choice Bachelor of Fine Art: (BFA)             be a service for the betterment of                                                  Karachi, pakistan
theory and design practice. study        of specialist areas at the beginning                                      the society; it will add prestige,
                                                                                                                                                             Architecture                           •	 ar. Muhammad afzal Ibrahim,
of marketing and management              of their second year - advertising,                                       credibility to the institution as a                                                 Mep, arizona state University,
                                                                                                                                                       	iSLAmABAD CAmpuS
skills will enable the students          design, Illustration, Moving Image; programs BFA                          place of total learning, will add                                                   Usa
to    understand    the     business     or product design.                     eligibility Intermediate or        color and be a showcase of cIIt.
environment or establish their own                                                          equivalent with                                                                                         Consultant
design practice.                         the course encourages and enables                  minimum 60% marks,     In pakistan over a Million pass the
                                                                                                                                                             •	 ar. Zain ul abedin, dean/
                                         students to develop knowledge of                   from an accredited     hsc/a level exam each year and the                                               •	 ar. arif Masood, consultant
                                                                                                                                                                chairman, Ma(Urban design),
the courses will be learner-based        the context in which design occurs.                institution.           seats are limited in our Universities                                               architect, B.arch, ned
                                                                                                                                                                oxford Brookes University, UK ,
and flexible with considerable input     students will be helped to create a Session        fall semester only.    particularly in the field of arts thus                                              University of engineering and
                                                                                                                                                                MBa, oxford Brookes University,
from the industry. during the third      range of critical positions towards                                       introduction of Bfa at cIIt will                                                    technology, Karachi, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                                UK, B.arch, Uet, lahore,
year, the students will be required      a definition of their own practice Semesters 08                           fill a major gap. The emphasis on
to go through a properly monitored       and its context. the curriculum number of four years                      integrated learning will produce                                                 Assistant professors
                                                                                                                                                             •	 artist nargis Khalid, Ma, rhode
internship program, which will be        also includes opportunities to Years                                      artists who are likely to compete
                                                                                                                                                                Island , Usa
evaluated jointly by the industrial      engage with Web design, Motion Credit              138                    and succeed in the transforming                                                  •	 ar. Kifayat hussain, Incharge,
partners and the tutor.                  graphics, and photography, print hours                                    world. We expect that our artists                                                   B.arch, Uet, lahore, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                             Associate professors
                                         production and Interactive digital                                        will continue to be absorbed in                                                  •	 ar. faisal arshad, senior
                                                                                Campus      Islamabad and
During the final year the students       media. students may specialize                                            the existing job market and will                                                    architect, B.arch, Uet, lahore,
                                                                                offering    lahore.                                                          •	 artist dr. shahida Mansoor, phd
will produce a research-based            (for example in furniture) or be                                          also open new avenues. lahore                                                       pakistan
                                                                                                                                                                (fine arts) tokoyo national
design project, preferably on a          pluralists (for example multi-                                            is a centre of learning of arts and                                              •	 ar. anila Jahanzaib Khan,
                                                                               art provides a link between                                                      University of fine arts & Music,
theme related to the community.          media design). the course supports                                        Islamabad is a growing market for                                                   B.arch, national college of arts,
                                                                               humanities and sciences. the                                                     Japan
                                         open attitudes to graphic design,                                         art thus being at these two locations                                               lahore, pakistan
                                                                               world is moving towards wholesome                                             •	 ar. samra Mohsin Khan, Msc,
the B. des design course is a four-      communication design and product                                          gives us an edge in terms of intake                                              •	 artist samreen asghar, Ma,
                                                                               integrated education and all                                                     allama Iqbal open University
year full time course of 138 credits.    design;    it   encourages    multi-                                      as well utilization of our graduates.                                               University of punjab, lahore,
                                                                                                                                                                (aIoU), pakistan, B. arch,
students will be encouraged to                                                                                                                                                                         pakistan
                                                                                                                                                                national college of arts, lahore
experiment creatively and critically.                                                                              the career paths for which our                                                   •	 syed yawar abbas Zaidi, Ma
the philosophy is analytical and                                                                                   graduates will be prepared are art                                                  (design Management), Kingston
                                                                                                                                                             •	 artist aisha asim Imdad, M.a
diagnostic with emphasis on solving                                                                                education, graphics, Independent                                                    University, london, UK
                                                                                                                                                                (hons), national college of arts,
visual communication problems                                                                                      and freelance artists, art galleries,                                            •	 ar. adnan amin, B.arch, national
                                                                                                                                                                lahore, pakistan
through the development of original                                                                                simulation, movies and digital art                                                  college of arts, lahore, pakistan
                                                                                                                                                             •	 artist farrah Mehmood rana,
and often surprising solutions, rather                                                                             Media, publishing and printing,              Bfa, national college of arts,
than simply focusing on technical                                                                                  advertising, curators and managers                                               Besides 11 lecturers and 01 ras
                                                                                                                                                                lahore, pakistan.
media     or applying       formulaic                                                                              and researchers and historians                                                   are also associated with this
                                                                                                                                                             •	 ar. Uzma noreen Zainulabedin,
solutions. The students will define                                                                                                                                                                 department.
                                                                                                                                                                Ma(Urban design), oxford
their goals, experiment with ideas
                                                                                                                                                                Brookes University, UK , MBa,
and challenge current practices
                                       coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                            UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

	LAhore CAmpuS                          •	 syeda shahzeb ahmed, Ma (fine
                                            arts), University of punjab,
                                                                                     (Section – ii)                            institution need to separately meet
                                                                                                                               the eligibility criteria for admissions
                                                                                                                                                                         Ciit – Lancaster university Dual
                                                                                                                                                                         Degree program (DDp)
professor                                   lahore, pakistan                                                                   at both the institutions, i.e.
                                         •	 sadia farooq, B.arch (fine arts),        Dual Degree                               home country institution and the          a landmark agreement between
professor                                   national college of arts, lahore,                                                  partnering foreign institution.           coMsats Institute of Information
                                                                                     programs at Lahore                                                                  technology (cIIt) and lancaster
•	 dr. Khalid Wasim Bajwa, hod,          •	 sadat al sharia hosseini nasab,          Campus                                    Why a Dual Degree program?                University, UK (lU) has allowed
   phd (architecture (Urban                 consultant architect,                                                                                                   pakistani students to earn an
   design)), University of leuven,          (architecture), yazd University,         introduction of Dual Degree               the ddp has witnessed quite an            international degree from a high-
   Belgium                                  Iran                                     program                                   enormous growth in past few years,        ranking UK University in addition
•	 ejaz ahmad, M.phil                                                                                                          especially in the technologically         to their own degree from cIIt. the
   (architecture), Belleville school     Besides 07 lecturers are also               a dual degree program (ddp),              advanced and developed countries          most obvious advantage of this
   of architecture, paris, france        associated with this department.            sometimes also called a conjoint          of the world, as the gaining of           dual degree program would be the
                                                                                     degree,     double      degree,     or    qualifications from more than one         benefit of an international degree
Advisor                                                                              simultaneous    degree      program,      country is seen as an advantage           at an affordable cost without
                                                                                     is now becoming a popular                 in today’s world. typically a ddp         leaving the comfort of home. cIIt
•	 Dr. Rafiq A. Malik, PhD                                                           phenomenon with its worldwide             provides a very good value for money      and lU have agreed initially to
   (architecture), University of                                                     recognition in higher education           as the students enrolled in ddp           start the undergraduate programs
   Sheffield, UK                                                                     systems. ddp is more common in            get two degrees without having to         in three disciplines: Business
•	 hassan shahnawaz Zaidi, Ma                                                        some countries than others, and is        spend twice the time and effort that      administration, computer science
   (fine arts), University of punjab,                                                generally found in countries whose        normally is consumed in completing        & telecommunication engineering.
   lahore, pakistan                                                                  higher education systems follow           the requirements two degrees              further, it was extended by
•	 shaukat nawaz raja, B.arch                                                        the British model, but they are           separately. further, ddp provides an      launching of computer engineering
   (architecture), Uet, lahore,                                                      becoming equally popular and are          alternate path to the students, both      program from fall-2011.
   pakistan                                                                          on offer at some of the top ranked        in professional career or for seeking
                                                                                     american universities like harvard,       admissions in the higher degree           cIIt-lU dual degree program (ddp)
Associate professor                                                                  stanford, MIt, etc. as well. there        programs. students successfully           carries a lot of significance as it is
                                                                                     are various types of ddp but all of       completing the program earn two           one of its kind of program launched
•	 saba samee, Ma (archeology),                                                      them have a feature in common that        degrees and they do so in a cost-         in Pakistan for the very first time and
   University of york, UK                                                            the students participating in a “dual     effective manner by paying only a         by the two top-ranked institutions:
•	 tariq Mahmood, Ms                                                                 degree program” normally pursue           fraction of cost involved in obtaining    coMsats Institute of Information
   (architecture), carleton                                                          two different degrees in parallel.        both the degrees separately.              technology, ranking among the top
   University, canada                                                                this involves two institutions and        Moreover, two different degrees           6 institutions of higher education in
                                                                                     sometimes even two different              enlarges the canvass of choices of        pakistan, and lancaster University,
Assistant professors                                                                 countries, where less time is spent to    jobs and careers for their recipients,    ranking among the top 9 universities
                                                                                     earn both the degrees compared to         especially when the double degrees        in the UK and top 200 universities in
•	 Zamania aslam Khan, Ma (fine                                                      earning them separately. Moreover,        are earned from institutions in two       the world.
   arts), University of punjab,                                                      the prospective students for ddp          different countries.
   lahore, pakistan                                                                  in collaboration with a foreign
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology   UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                 UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

introduction of Lancaster              of its departments consistently       technology (cIIt) is in line with         london. a delegation from cIIt led           Facilities at Lancaster Block      entering into the programme receive
university, uK                         outstanding in both the recent        the commitment of government of           by the federal Minister for science                                             education at cIIt but are evaluated
                                       teaching quality assessment and the   Pakistan and has a firm focus on adding   and technology, who is also the           total Covered Area     30,324 sq.     and examined on the standards of
lancaster University (lU), founded research assessment exercise.             quality to its academic program           chancellor of cIIt, attended the                                     ft         the lancaster University (lU). In
in 1964, is now one of the most                                              as well as to all other segments of       ceremony, where it was mutually              Class rooms         8              this context, the programme, in
reputed      institutions   of    UK, the lU has acquired the status         its operations. the Institute has         agreed to formally launch the ddp         (number and area) (6,790 sq.ft)       fact, has brought the international
collaborating with many countries of a world class university on             always concentrated its efforts on        at lahore campus of cIIt from fall         Labs (number and          4          education to pakistan. according
for bringing international education the basis of: 1) high quality of        establishing professional linkages        2010. the formal                                 area)          (3,448 sq.ft)   to    the    planned    programme,
at the door steps of diverse teaching, research, and external                with     prestigious      international                                                                                   cIIt and lU award two separate
                                                                                                                                                                 Computers in Labs
communities of nations. h.r.h engagements; 2) regional, national             universities and research and             launching ceremony took place in                                      38        degrees to such students, who
                                                                                                                                                                   for students
princess alexandra was the lU’s and international repute and                 development organizations.                lahore during June 2010 and later                                               successfully complete a four-year
founding chancellor, who retired impact; and 3) the global identity          the efforts of cIIt were further          the first batch of the students was          Computers for                      study programme in the cIIt lahore
from her services after serving for and esteem of multi-cultural staff,      strengthened with the strategic           inducted in the program during                Faculty/Staff                     campus in the disciplines of Business
more than 40 years. since March students and alumni. students                direction set by the government of        July/august 2010 and classes were         Library (number of     946            administration, computer science
2005, sir christian Bonnington, from lU have excellent career                pakistan to emphasize the need for        started in september 2010.                  books and area)  (1,740 sq.ft)      and electrical (telecommunication)
Britain’s best known mountaineer, is prospects as they receive support       cIIt to develop into a high-ranking                                                 Journals in Library                   engineering and now computer
serving as the second chancellor of from the University careers service      university of pakistan, competing at      Salient Features of DDp                                               15        engineering as well. considering
the university. the motto adopted throughout their studentship. once         the international level.                                                                                                  the very high educational standards
                                                                                                                       cIIt has established separate               online Journals
by LU was “Patet omnibus veritas”, they have moved on from lU,                                                                                                                             3,000       of lU and cIIt, it has been ensured
                                                                                                                       facilities for the program at the              (number)
which means “Truth lies open to they become part of a worldwide              a Memorandum of Understanding                                                                                             that the quality of teaching and
                                                                                                                       lancaster Block. It is a sub-campus
all” reflecting the hope that the community of over 70,000 alumni in         (MoU) between cIIt and lancaster                                                          hostel                          evaluation process for the students
                                                                                                                       of the cIIt lahore where state-
expansion of higher education would over 120 countries.                      University (lU), UK, signed in 2007,                                                  Accommodation                       to qualify for dual degree should be
                                                                                                                       of-the-art academic and support                                       30
lead to the extension of education                                           was an opportunity to further the                                                    for male Students                    equally demanding.
                                                                                                                       facilities have been made available
to all.                                the dual degree program is lU’s       above objective. diligent efforts                                                         (Seats)
                                                                                                                       for the students. Video conferencing
                                       latest overseas venture. It has       resulted in the form of an agreement                                                       hostel                         the salient features of the ddp are
                                                                                                                       facility is a regular feature used by
currently, lU has over 10,000 already launched a campus in India             to start cIIt-lU dual degree                                                          Accommodation                       as follows:
                                                                                                                       both the institutions in order to                                    300
students at its UK campuses that with the gd goenka educational              program (ddp) at undergraduate                                                           for Female
                                                                                                                       ensure the quality of the program.
are recognized at national and trust where 300 students have been            level in select fields at CIIT Lahore                                                 Students (Seats)                  • LU validates, evaluates and
                                                                                                                       since lancaster University is
international level with more than admitted as its first cohort in August    campus, which was approved by                                                                                             monitors the educational
                                                                                                                       offering dual degree programs with          electronics Lab           1
1,525 academic staff including 2009. similarly, lancaster University         all the statutory bodies/fora of                                                                                          programs at cIIt to make them
                                                                                                                       other countries as well, therefore          Applied physics
347 senior academics. It has been is already running a similar dual          lU including its senate. similarly,                                                                             1         compatible with their standards,
                                                                                                                       it may enable exchange of students                Lab
ranked in the top nine universities degree program in Malaysia with the      cIIt also obtained the blessings                                                                                        • Students registered in the
                                                                                                                       among these countries for better
of UK along with oxford, cambridge, collaboration of sunway University       of its academic bodies, its Board
                                                                                                                       understanding of each other’s                Computer Lab             1         program at cIIt are considered
Imperial college and the london college.                                     of governors, as well as higher                                                     Lingual Lab (under                    ‘external students’ of lU, while
                                                                                                                       culture and peculiar educational                                      1
school of economics out of 113                                               education commission of pakistan.                                                        process)                         undertaking their studies at
universities by Times Good University history & Background of Ciit-Lu        pursuant to the approval of the                                                                                           cIIt’s lahore campus, with joint
Guide 2011. lancaster University is Dual Degree program (DDp)                ddp, the formal ceremony for                                                                                              monitoring and support of lU.
an institution that offers world class                                       signing the collaborative agreement                                                Under ddp, the lU has validated • On successful completion of the
teaching and research, with many coMsats Institute of Information            was held on 18th february 2010 in                                                  the curriculum of cIIt. the students   four years program, students
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

will be awarded two degrees, one       an international centre of excellence   by national computing education        2. Business                           school (lUMs) offers a 4-year          eligibility Criteria and program
   by lU and the other by cIIt.        in computer science research and        accreditation council (nceac) of                                             undergraduate       Dual     Degree
• The graduated students will be       100 percent of its research was         pakistan, whereas the Bsc (hons)       Administration:                       Program in the area of Business
   alumni of both lU and cIIt.         declared of “international quality”     in computing is accredited by                                                Administration.     the    program     eligibility   •	 f.a/
• The students have full access to     in 2008 research assessment.            the Institute of engineering and       the department of Management          intends to give students the                            levels with
   online resources of lU.                                                     technology, UK.                        sciences at lahore since 2002 has     opportunity to earn a world class                       minimum 60%
• Faculty, Library, Computer Labs      Under ddp, the department of                                                   been imparting an affordable, high    bachelor degree in business and                         marks
   and other facilities are at par     computer science at cIIt lahore                                                quality formal education as per       management in pakistan, which
                                                                                 eligibility Criteria and program                                                                                                •	 Ielts score of at
   with lU standards.                  campus in collaboration with                                                   international standards to increase   would provide them a competitive
                                                                                 Structure                                                                                                                          least 5.5 Band
• Quality assurance of the             department of computing at                                                     its competitiveness, and contribute   edge in the job market after                            or higher (to be
                                                                                 eligibility   •	 f.a/         to the local and global communities
   program is jointly ensured by lU    lancaster University offers a                                                                                        graduation and opens the door for                       acquired within
                                                                                                  level with          through the activities that help
   and cIIt                            4-year     undergraduate      Dual                                                                                   them to easily pursue higher studies                    first year of
                                                                                                  Mathematics         other organizations to operate at
• C-L DDP is highly cost effective     Degree Program in the area of                                                                                        in the UK and other developed                           study period)
                                                                                                  with minimum        their optimal potential. over the
   as the students only pay less       Computer Science with the prime                                                                                      countries.
                                                                                                  60% marks.          past eight years, the department                                                           •	 the students
   than 15 percent of the total        objective to prepare students
                                                                                               •	 Ielts score of at   has emerged as the most dynamic Award of Degrees:                                             must be able to
   expense, compared to what it        for entry-level computer science
                                                                                                  least 5.5 Band      and vibrant department across                                                                 communicate
   would normally cost, if they        positions in business, industry
                                                                                                  (to be acquired     the entire cIIt’s network of seven on completion of the four years                            well in english
   actually go and study at lU.        and for profit organisations. The
                                                                                                  within first year   campuses.                                                                                     language
                                       program is highly economical but                                                                                     programme, students will be
                                                                                                  of study period)                                                                                                  (mandatory)
                                       the quality of knowledge is at par                                                                                   awarded two degrees:
programs of Study                      with international standards.             Session       fall and spring        lancaster University’s Management                                            Session       fall and spring
                                                                                                                      school (lUMs) is a triple-accredited • B.Sc (Hons) in Business Studies
                                                                                 Semesters     8                                                                                                   Semesters     8
1. Computer Science:                   award of degrees:
                                                                                 number of     four years
                                                                                                                      institution of international standing    from lancaster University.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   number of     four years
                                                                                                                      which is consistently ranked among • BS in Business Administration
                                                                                 Years                                the UK’s top five business schools.                                          Years
the department of computer science     on completion of the four years                                                                                         from coMsats Institute of
at lahore campus was established       programme, students are awarded           Credit        134                    It has excellent undergraduate           Information technology.             Credit        139
in 2002 and since then it has been     two degrees:                              hours                                and graduate programmes and                                                  hours
imparting quality education with                                                 minimum    2.0                       research culture. Its mission is to accreditation:                           minimum       2.0
excellent research opportunities in    • B.Sc (Hons) in Computing from           CGpA                                 produce research outputs of world-                                           CGpA
many advance areas like computer         lancaster University.                   required                             class quality and impact through the (hons) degree in Business          required
networks, Web semantics, speech        • BS in Computer Science from             for degree                           collaboration with international, studies is accredited by the               for degree
processing, computer graphics,           coMsats Institute of Information        completion                           national and regional alliances association to advance collegiate            completion
Image       Processing,   Artificial     technology.                                                                  to enhance economic, social and school of Business (aascsB), which
                                                                                 Campus        lahore                 individual well being.                                                       Campus        lahore
Intelligence,   computer    Vision,                                              offering                                                                   is an international accrediting        offering
software engineering, databases,       accreditation:                                                                                                       agency.
robotics, etc.                                                                                                        Under ddp, the department of
                                      the   Bs    computer    science                                                 Management sciences at cIIt lahore
the department of computing at programme of the cIIt lahore has                                                       campus in collaboration with
lancaster University is recognised as been awarded best category ‘W’                                                  lancaster University Management
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                          UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

3. electrical                         the school of computing and             and electronics and computing with    eligibility Criteria and program      to harmonize theory with practice, • B.Eng (Hons) Software
                                      communications       at     lancaster   research opportunities in the areas                                         concepts with applications, and        engineering from lancaster
   (telecommunication)                University      is    internationally   like wireless systems, electronics,
                                                                                                                                                          problems with solutions. a software    University
   and Computer                       recognized for its contribution         control systems, signal processing,    eligibility     • (pre-engg)/ engineering program in coMsats • BS Software Engineering
                                      to many fields of information           data     communications,     image                         Ics/a-levels or  Institute of Information technology    from coMsats Institute of
   engineering                        and communication technology.           processing and etc.                                        equivalent with  will prepare professionals who have    Information technology
                                      the     department      carries   out                                                              minimum 60%      a mastery of software development
department of electrical engineering                                                                                                     marks.
                                      internationally leading research        award of degrees:                                                           principles, theory, practice, and    eligibility Criteria and program
at cIIt, lahore, caters to all the                                                                                                   •	 Ielts with a
                                      with research income currently in                                                                                   process to develop high quality                   Structure
needs of the current technological                                                                                                       minimum of
                                      excess of 3 million pounds sterling.    on completion of the four years                                             software applications. the program
innovations. It strives to open the                                                                                                      5.5 Band (to be                                      eligibility     •	 Intermediate or
                                                                              program, students admitted in                                               will be offered as dual degree
minds of students to knowledge                                                                                                           acquired within                                                          equivalent with
                                      Under ddp, department of electrical     Bs(ete) and Bs(ce) are awarded                                              in collaboration with lancaster
and enable them to take the best                                                                                                         first year of                                                            minimum 60%
                                      engineering at cIIt lahore campus       with two degrees respectively, as                                           University of UK and it will ensure
advantage of the educational                                                                                                             study period)                                                            marks.
                                      in collaboration with the school of     described below:                                                            international quality standards
facilities here. cIIt has a strong                                                                                                                                                                            •	 Ielts with a
                                      computing and communications                                                   Session         fall and spring      set by allied partner University.
history of providing quality, career-                                                                                                                                                                             minimum of
                                      at lancaster University offers two      • B.Eng (Hons) Communication           Semesters       8                    software engineering graduates
oriented education.                                                                                                                                                                                               5.5 Band (to be
                                      4-year undergraduate dual degree          systems with telecommunication                                            prepared will have grounding in
                                                                                                                     number of       four years                                                                   acquired within
                                      program in the area of electrical         from lancaster University                                                 communication,         mathematics,
department of electrical engineering                                                                                 Years                                                                                        first year of
                                      (telecommunication)       engineering   • BS Electrical                                                             sciences, cultural, ethical, and
is committed for quality education,                                                                                  Credit          135-138                                                                      study period)
                                      and       electrical      (computer)      (telecommunication)                                                       social issues that influence and
productive research and service                                                                                      hours
                                      engineering. the prime objective of       engineering from coMsats                                                  affect to the development of high   Session         fall and spring
to the      humanity.     It   offers
                                      the program is to provide students        Institute of Information             minimum         2.0                  quality software systems. Bsse Semesters            8
opportunities for specialization
                                      in pakistan with access to highest        technology                           CGpA                                 program is designed by following
in various areas including Wireless                                                                                                                                                           number of four years
                                      quality technical education of          • B.Eng (Hons) Computer Systems        required                             curricula of lancaster University
systems, optical communications,                                                                                                                                                              Years
                                      international standard to secure          engineering from lancaster           for degree                           and guidelines of higher education
electronics, control systems, signal
                                      competitive positions or enter into       University                           completion                           commission, govt of pakistan to Credit              136
processing, data communications                                                                                                                                                               hours
                                      programs of advanced study in the       • BS Computer Engineering from         Campus          lahore               produce future agents of change,
and Image processing etc. the
                                      areas of communication systems            cIIt                                 offering                             individuals who will lead and minimum               2.0
department has its Ieee chapter,
                                                                                                                                                          improve the software industry and CGpA
the largest forum of research for ee
                                                                                                                                                          state of the art practices in the required
engineers. student membership to                                                                                    4. Software engineering coming years.                                     for degree
Ieee is available from this chapter.
department regularly holds different                                                                                software engineering bridges gap award of degrees:
exhibitions, conferences & seminars                                                                                                                                                           Campus          lahore
                                                                                                                    between computer science theory
and also provides recognized cisco                                                                                                                                                            offering
                                                                                                                    and its practical applications using on completion of the four years
Certified trainings (CCNA, CCNP etc).                                                                               different technologies and tools. se program, students admitted in
students work under the supervision                                                                                 discipline focuses on imparting the Bs(se) are awarded with two degrees
of highly qualified faculty. Choosing                                                                               practical knowledge and technical respectively, as described below:
to study at cIIt students make the                                                                                  training which should enable students
most of their potential.
coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                         UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                              Faculty of Dual                        Admissions/mS                        Coordination Officer

                                              Degree program:                        dr. Imran haider naqvi               Mr. Muhammad arif
                                                                                     phone (off): 042-35340981-2          phone (off): 042-35340981-2
                                              • Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi, Program      ext:107                              ext:114
                                                coordinator and In-charge            email: drimranhaider@ciitlahore.     email:
                                                admissions, phd (human     
                                                resource & Management),
                                                nUMl, Islamabad
                                              • Dr. Ali Hassan, PhD (Computing),
                                                Queen Mary University, UK
                                              • Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Ansari, PhD           in Charge electrical engineering
                                                (electronics), asian Institute of    Department
                                                technology, Bangkok, thailand
                                              • Dr. Usman Saeed, PhD                 dr. ejaz ansari
                                                (computing),telecom paris tech       phone (off): 042-35340981-2
                                                (enst), france                       email:
                                              • Dr. Fasihullah, PhD (Islamic
                                                studies), Islamic University of      in Charge Computer Science
                                                Bhawalpur                            Department
                                              • Dr. Muhammad Hussain, PhD
                                                (Mathematics), gc University,        dr. ali hassan
                                                lahore                               phone (off): 042-35340981-2
                                              • Dr. Ejaz Mughal, PhD (Physics)       email:
                                              • Dr. Hani Shaker, PhD
                                                (Mathematics), gc University,        Coordination Officer
                                              • Dr. Waqar Akram, PhD                 Mr. adeel ur rehman
                                                (economics), University of           phone (off): 042-35340981-2
                                                sargodha                             ext:108
                                              • Yasser Majeed Siddiqi, MSc           email: adeelrehman@ciitlahore.
                                                (engineering), Kinpoe, Karachi

                                              Besides, five faculty members are Assistant registrar, Academic
                                              also working under ddp
                                                                                Mr. ghulam Jillani
                                              Contact details:                  phone (off): 042-35340981-2
                                              program Coordinator and in-charge
            coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                              UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

                                                                                                 displayed in these admissions              awaited, then provision of        after the last date of submission
                                                                                                 notices.                                   a “Hope Certificate” from         of admission forms, entrance tests
                                                                                               • Candidates are required to                 the college last attended         will be conducted by nts according
                                                                                                 apply on cIIt online admission             can provide the basis             to the admission schedule or on a
                                                                                                 system simply by following the             for a conditional offer           given date (for NAT) as notified by
                                                                                                 link http://admissions.comsats.            of admission at cIIt. the         nts through their website and the
                                                                                        after submitting the               offer is confirmed once the       print media. all admissions shall
                                                                                                 online application, the printed            final result is declared and      be regulated on the basis of merit
                                                                                                 copy of the same along with                eligibility criteria are fully    determined by combining the

chapter 4                                          admissions                                    the required documents must
                                                                                                 be submitted at the concerned
                                                                                                 campus either by hand or mail.
                                                                                                                                            met. a specimen of a ‘hope
                                                                                                                                            Certificate’ is provided in the
                                                                                                                                                                              weighted marks obtained in the
                                                                                                                                                                              entrance test with the weighted
                                                                                                                                                                              marks earned in the previous public
                                                                                               • Candidates must check the               • Submit the admission form          examinations, as mentioned above.
                                                                                                 eligibility criteria before                and ‘Hope Certificate’/           the weightage criteria for the
                                                                                                 submitting their online                    affidavits (if applicable) in     undergraduate and Masters’ degree
                                                                                                 application forms to confirm               the admission office of the       programs shall be as given below:
                                                                                                 that they are academically                 campus, where admission is
                                                                                                 eligible for the program of their          being sought.                       Degree programs      percentage
                                                      admission to cIIt is competitive,          choice.                              application form must be submitted                             Weightage
                                                      but those who come here enjoy            • If a candidate fulfils the           by the last due date for submission
                                                                                                                                                                                 For undergraduate Degree
                                                      the benefits of excellent resources,       prescribed eligibility criteria,     of form. late entries can not be
                                                                                                                                                                               (except Dual Degree program):
                                                      a     multi-campus     environment,        he/she may apply for admission       entertained.
                                                      and a lively and bustling student          to a degree program by                                                       Matric or equivalent      10%
                                                      life. admission to various degree          following the below mentioned        entrance test
                                                      programs is open to all eligible           procedure:                                                                  Intermediate or            40%
                                                      candidates without discrimination                                               admission to cIIt is determined equivalent
                                                      of any kind. our guiding principle          • Complete the Online               by a combination of factors one of
                                                                                                                                                                             nts test                   50%
                                                      is that of equal opportunities for all        admission form (at http://        which is the entrance test combined
                                                      and for this reason, all admissions         with the weighted marks earned in For master Degree: (mCS & mDS)
                                                      are regulated on the basis of merit.          and send the printed copy of      the previous public examinations. Matric or equivalent            10%
                                                                                                    the same along with required      the entrance test is conducted by Intermediate            or      15%
                                                      Application procedure                         documents to conecrend            the national testing service (nts). equivalent
                                                                                                    cIIt campus by hand or            for further information about the
                                                                                                                                                                             Bachelor           or      30%
                                                      • Applications are made in                    mail service. candidate           nts and its testing procedure,
                                                        response to the admission                   may mention three program         candidates can seek assistance from
                                                        notices in the press.                       preferences for admission on      the nts website In nts test                       45%
                                                      • Admissions are conducted                    one form.                         addition, the CIIT Admissions Offices
                                                        according to an admission                 • In case the final result of       also provide information in this note: for ddp students an Ielts
                                                        schedule, which is prominently              previous examination is           regard.                               score of at least 5.5 band is
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                                UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

also required within first year of Verification of Documents                     clearly printed on the back of        cancelled and the seat will be             “Opportunities of Higher            basis and welcomes applications
admission.                                                                       the photographs.                      offered to the next candidate on the       education for the students from     from all who are academically
                                     selected candidates will be asked                                                 waiting list.                              fata & Baluchistan”.                qualified. Prospective students who
the additional admission criterion to bring the following documents to        Admission offer Letter & Challan                                                 • A total of 25 Seats are reserved     have a hidden or visible disability
for B.arch & B.des is as below:      the Admissions Office for verification   Form                                     orientation Session                        as five each at Islamabad,          are requested to bring this into the
                                     within a specified time frame:                                                                                               lahore, abbotabad and Wah           notice of the Admission Officer and
• 30% weightage of General merit                                              After verification of the documents,     cIIt schedules an orientation session      for the students from gilgit        to seek advice about suitability of
   (including matric, intermediate • Original Certificates/ Detailed          applicants will be issued “Admission     for all new students to welcome and        Baltistan.                          facilities offered by cIIt to their
   and nts score)                       Mark sheets of matric or              offer” letter along with a Bank          acquaint them with general policies • There are few seats reserved for         particulars needs. this would enable
• 50% weightage of Drawing Test         equivalent examination,               challan form for payment of dues.        and services of the Institute.             the children of army personals      the applicant to make an informed
• 20% weightage of Interview            intermediate or equivalent                                                     registration for courses is also           at abbotabad campus.                decision about the feasibility of
                                        examination, and graduate             provisional Admissions                   completed at this time. attendance                                             studying at a cIIt campus.
merit List                              degree or its equivalent                                                       at this session is mandatory. this is a detailed information in this regard
                                        examination (if applicable),          candidates may apply for provisional     good chance for students to become may be obtained from respective             international Students
a list of provisionally selected        with two attested photocopies         admission if they have already taken     familiar with their new environment campuses.
candidates is displayed on specified    of each.                              the examination of the qualifying        as well as interact with instructors                                           cIIt     welcomes       international
dates on the campus notice boards • Original Equivalence Certificate          degree but have to receive their         and their peers.                        Sports Quota                           applicants for admission to its various
as well as on the cIIt website.         along with two attested               result. these applicants must                                                                                           degree programs. for this purpose
                                        photocopies.                          submit a Hope Certificate/Affidavit      Special Seats                           In compliance with the government’s    special seats have been reserved for
The Admissions Office will display • Original Migration Certificate           along with duly filled Admission                                                 directive two percent seats in each    foreign students in each discipline
the lists of applicants selected for    along with two photocopies (if        form. however, applicants who are        Special Quota                           discipline are allocated on the        at Islamabad campus. currently
admissions on the cIIt’s website.       applicable).                          provisionally admitted must ensure                                               basis of sports, for admissions in     foreign students from countries
however, applicants are urged to • Original Hope Certificate with             that their results are received in the   admissions are offered on the basis     all campuses of cIIt. to avail a seat  like syria, Iran, asean countries,
make a pro-active effort to know        two attested photocopies or           campus office within 20 teaching         of special quota in Islamabd, Wah,      on the sports Quota, a prospective     afghanistan, Indian part of Kashmir
the status of their application for     Affidavit (if applicable).            days after the commencement              lahore, abbottabad and attock           student must submit an application     etc are enrolled in different degree
admission by either visiting the • Undertaking, on Stamp Paper,               of the semester; otherwise their         campuses of cIIt, subject to the        detailing achievements in sports,      programs of cIIt.
concerned campus or cIIt’s website.     by the student and guardian           admission will be cancelled.             fulfilment of eligibility criteria      supported by relevant documents,
                                        to abide by the rules and                                                      for admission into various degree       along with the admission form.          concrete efforts are also being made
interview                               regulations of the Institute          Confirmation of Admission                programs:                                                                       by cIIt to attract foreign students
                                        (pattern is given in the                                                                                               only those candidates can apply for admissions in cIIt for different
provisionally selected candidates       prospectus).                          selected candidates are required to      • 30% seats are reserved in each        under this quota who fulfil the undergraduate and graduate degree
along with parents/guardians may • National Identity Card (or ’B’             confirm their acceptance by paying         discipline for the children of        eligibility criteria for the particular programs. e.g.: from Middle east
be asked to appear for interviews in    form) along with two attested         the non-refundable admission and           punjab workers welfare board          program to which they are and gulf regions. so to support such
respective departments to ascertain     photocopies.                          tuition fee within the specified           at lahore campus (except dual         considering to apply.                   efforts, cIIt participates at various
their suitability in the program in • Two passport size photographs.          dates. admission process will only         degree program).                                                              International education expos.
which admission is being sought.        these must be attested from           be completed after the payment           • 5% seats are resaved for              Students with Disabilities
                                        the back of the photograph. also      of fee is confirmed. If candidates         the students of fata and                                                      since the medium of instruction
                                        the name, guardian’s name, and        fail to confirm enrolment by the           Baluchistan under the hec fully       as per policy, cIIt considers at cIIt is english, intending
                                        program applied for should be         given deadline, selection will stand       funded scholarship scheme             applications entirely on academic foreign students must show sound
                                    coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                               UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

of written as well as spoken english.   such procedures can be obtained assistance.                                       e) academic excellence Incentives        be below 60%. this concession      2011 and spring-2012, under the
the academic credentials of the         from the hec website by clicking the                                                                                       will be admissible in the first    prime Minister’s Ict scholarship
foreign students will be examined       link b) Qarz-i-hasna                                   to improve the quality of the            semester, and may continue in      program fall-2011.
by the Admission Office to ascertain    academicaffairs/foreign_students_                                                 students, who are admitted at cIIt,      subsequent semesters if a cgpa
if they meet Institute’s entrance       admission.htm                          It is a loan facility recoverable within   the Board of governors of cIIt has       of 3.00/4.00 is maintained.        further details of campus level
requirements for the selected                                                  two years without any interest. It         approved the following incentives                                           financial   assistance/scholarships
degree program. If so, provisional      Scholarships                           is granted to the students of 2nd          for the fresh/enrolled students:      f) campus level financial assistance: are available at each cIIt campus
admission will be offered subject                                              semester and onwards. only those                                                                                       admission office. However, each
to clearance from the Ministry of       cIIt follows a well spelt-out modus students are eligible who in good             1. a 100% tuition fee waiver for on different campuses certain campus may have scholarship
education, government of pakistan.      operandi to provide financial academic standing with at least 80%                    the students admitted in each incentive schemes are also available schemes that are unique to it, and
International students can arrange      assistance to students who are good class attendance and no disciplinary             undergraduate degree program, for specified categories, who are may not necessarily be applicable
for clearance either through their      in studies but are handicapped due problems, and are in need of proven               which is among the top 10 position given fee concessions. In certain to all cIIt campuses. prospective
respective embassy in pakistan or       to financial constraints. A special financial help.                                  holders in their respective board cases the fee concession is as much students are therefore encouraged
with the help of the admissions         fund is allocated to cater to the                                                    examinations. this concession as 100%, like the industrial worker’s to find out from the Campus of their
Office at CIIT.                         needs of the deserving students. for c) Kinship/siblings concession                  will be admissible in the first children who are nominated by choice which types of scholarships it
                                        this purpose financial assistance                                                    semester, and may continue in the punjab Workers Welfare Board has on offer.
Applicants may find that their          committees operate on all campuses When two siblings are concurrently                subsequent semesters if a cgpa and who meet the eligibility and
qualifications are not necessarily      to look into such cases. the students of cIIt, 50% tuition                           of 3.50/4.00 is maintained.        admission criteria of the lahore Ciit Campuses map Guide
recognizable by cIIt because of         different arrays of facilities which fee concession to one sibling is             2. a 75% tuition fee waiver for the campus.
differences in educational systems      are provided under the monetary admissible provided both maintain                    top 5% students admitted in each                                         Ciit islamabad
of different countries. therefore,      assistance program are briefly good academic standing and are not                    undergraduate degree program, hec fully funded scholarships are
in addition to transcripts of their     discussed below:                       in receipt of any other concession/           who obtain top positions in the available as reserved seats for the cIIt Islamabad campus is access
latest academic qualifications, they                                           scholarship, etc.                             overall merit of all the admitted students from fata & Baluchistan. able via rawalpindi and Islamabad
must also submit an equivalence         a) financial assistance                                                              students, determined on the details of such scholarships may be
certificate obtained from the Inter                                            d) taleem fund                                basis of Board exams and nts obtained from hec website.                  • From Rawalpindi take the Murree
Board committee of chairmen             financial assistance is provided                                                     test, which in no case should                                               road crossing faizabad chowk
(IBcc) while applying for admission.    to students on need-cum-merit all the employees of cIIt contribute                   be below 75%. this concession cIIt offers twenty five scholarships          and heading straight towards
The office of the IBBC is located       basis. the students who are in 1% of gross salary in addition to the                 will be admissible in the first equal to the tuition fee for the            rawal chowk. take right to and
in the building of federal Board        good academic standing and have 2 % contributed by cIIt towards                      semester, and may continue in students from gilgit – Baltistan.             take park road that will lead you
of Intermediate & secondary             demonstrated financial problems taleem fund. this fund is distributed                subsequent semesters if a cgpa these scholarships are offered at            to the splendid campus of cIIt
education, sector h-8/4, Islamabad,     are eligible for financial assistance. in students on need-cum merit                 of 3.25/4.00 is maintained.        Islamabad, abbotabad, Wah and            located on the right side after 10
tel: 051-9235017.                       financial assistance is provided basis in every semester as financial             3. a 50% tuition fee waiver for the lahore campuses.                           minutes drive.
                                        to the students after the first assistance to meet their tuition fee                 top 5% students admitted in each                                         • From within Islamabad follow any
the foreign students after getting      semester. at least 80% attendance expenses. the student has to apply                 undergraduate degree program, cIIt being one of the partner                 route connecting to Zero point
admission in cIIt need to follow        is mandatory in all the registered through his/her department and                    who obtain top positions in the Universities with national Ict              and then take the Islamabad
guidelines as provided by hec           courses and no disciplinary action after giving interview to the taleem              overall merit of all the admitted r&d fund, Ministry of Information         highway. after reaching faizabad
for issuance/renewal of visa for        or proceedings should be in progress fund committee he/she gets a full               students, determined on the technology has been offering                    chowk take left and you will be
admission in different academic         or pending against the student at or partial waiver in the tuition fee,              basis of Board exams and nts admission/scholarship to more than             heading towards rawal chowk.
programs as well. the details of        the time of application for financial on need-cum-merit basis.                       test, which in no case should 150 candidates for the session fall-          after having reached to the
                                   coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                             UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

rawal chowk, take right and take       Ciit Attock                               beside govt degree coleege on       Ciit Wah                               Contacts                            Director, planning, Development
  park road that will lead you                                                   the right side of the road.                                                                                    &human resource Development
  to the splendid campus of cIIt       starting from Islamabad towards                                               Mrs. fatima ejaz Malik                 principal Seat
  located on the right side after 10   peshawar on grand trunk road,          Admission Office Contacts              Incharge (admissions)                                                      Mr. tahir naeem
  minutes drive.                       after crossing Wah and hassanabdal,                                           phone (off): 051-9272614~5,            rector                              phone (off): 051-90495169
                                       paf aeronautical complex Kamra         Following admission offices may be     9274056, 9314371                                                           fax (off.): 051 9247006
Ciit Abbottabad                        will be Kamra, from         contacted for any admission inquiry:   fax (off.): 051-4546850                dr. s.M. Junaid Zaidi (s.I.)        e-mail:
                                       Qutba chowk take the left road.                                            phone (off): 051-9247005 ext: 278
taking the route of Wah from           then following the Kamra road          Ciit principal Seat                                                           fax (off.): 051-9247006             Dean of research, innovation and
Islamabad you will be crossing Wah,    again take left from the crossing                                             Ciit Attock                            e-mail:       Commercialization (DoriC)
hasanaabdal and hawalian to enter      to enter attock city where ciit’s      Mr. sheikh Ishtiaq ahmed
the main city of abbottabad. then      campus is located on the right side    deputy registrar (student affairs)     Mr. Ishfaq ahmed                       registrar                           prof. dr. raheel Qamar (t.I)
on following the road leading to       before entering into the main city.    phone (off): 051-90495000              Incharge (admissions)                                                      phone (off): 051-90495036
Military academy Kakul will give you                                          fax (off.): 051-9247006                phone (off): 057-9316330 ext: 111      prof. dr. Izhar hussain             fax (off): 051-9247006
a sight to cIIt abbottabad campus. Ciit Sahiwal                               e-mail:ishtiaq_ahmed@comsats.          fax (off.): 057-9316329                phone (off): 051-90495112           e-mail: raheel_qamar@comsats.
                                                                                                     e-mail:       fax (off.): 051-9247006   
Ciit Wah                               following the motorway route or                                               pk                                     e-mail:
                                       grand trunk road from Islamabad        Ciit islamabad                                                                                                    Advisor, Quality enhancement Cell
starting from Islamabad, take the      to lahore, further take the road                                              Ciit Sahiwal                           Director of external Campuses
road to taxila. on reaching taxilla,   from lahore to Multan to approach      Ms. seemi haq                                                                                                     Mr. sarfraz pirzada
turn right and move towards Jinnah     sahiwwal city. on arrival at sahiwal   Incharge (admissions)                  Mr. safdar ali                         dr. haroon rashid                   phone (off): 051-90495132
gate. on crossing the gate, drive      city, take the tufail shaheed road     phone (off): 051-9243001-3             Incharge (admissions)                  phone (off):051-9247000-3           fax (off.): 051-9247006
further for 1 km in the Wah cantt,     and after crossing over head Bridge,   e-mail:        phone (off.): 040-9200100              fax (off.): 051-9247006             e-mail:
where cIIt campus is situated on       move towards police lines to reach                                            fax (off): 040-9200102                 e-mail:
left side of the road.                 Jail road, where cIIt sahiwal          Ciit Abbottabad                        e-mail:                                          Additional registrar (Academics)
                                       campus is situated.                                                                                                  Controller of examination
Ciit Lahore                                                             Ms. haseena awan                             Ciit Vehari                                                                Mr. nadeem Uddin Qureshi
                                       Ciit Vehari                      Incharge (student affairs)                                                          Mr. Muhamamd sohail ghani           phone (off): 051-90495079
starting from Islamabad follow                                          phone (off): 0992-383591~6                   Mr. M. ali shahid                      phone (off): 051 051-90495131       fax (off.): 051-9247006
motorway route to lahore. on • From Multan, take the Multan fax (off.): 0992-383441                                  Incharge (admissions)                  fax (off.): 051-9247006             e-mail:
reaching lahore take canal road        road to reach Vehari campus e-mail:                  phone (off.): 067-3362774              e-mail:
i.e. near to tokhar niaz Baig chowk.   located just beside govt degree                                               e-mail:                                        Additional Registrar (Office of the
from the round about turn towards      college on the left side of the Ciit Lahore                                                                          treasurer                           international Students)
the rawind road, at the end of the     road.
road, turn on right for defence road • From Bhooraywala, take the Mr. rashid najeeb                                                                         Mr. ahmed Javed Jafri               Mr. shahid Iqbal
on which the lahore cIIt campus is     bhooraywala road to reach “V” Manager (student affairs)                                                              phone (off): 051-90495145           phone (off): 051-90495059
situated.                              chowk, and from there gear on phone (off): 042-111001007                                                             fax (off.): 051 9247006             fax (off.): 051-9247006
                                       to Multan road to reach to reach fax (off.): 042-9203100                                                             e-mail:    e-mail:
                                       Vehari campus located just e-mail:
                                  coMsats InstItUte of InforMatIon technology                                                                       UndergradUate prospectUs 2012-13

Additional registrar (management) incharge (Student Affairs)                Dean, Faculty of information       Administration                        Administration                      Sahiwal Campus
                                                                            Sciences & technology
Mr. fayyaz hussain                  prof. dr. sahazad a. Malik                                                 General manager (Administration)      Additional registrar                Director
phone (off): 051-90495207           phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext:         dr. sajjad Mohsin
fax (off.): 051-9247006             317                                     phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext.    engr. nazir ahmad Khalil              Mr. rashid ahmad Khan               dr. abdul Waheed
e-mail: fayyaz_hussain@comsats.     fax (off.): 051-9247006                 303                                phone (off): 0992 383591~6            phone (off): 042 9203101, 5321090   phone (off): 067-3362774                              e-mail:           fax (off.): 92-51-9247006          fax (off.): 0992 383441               fax (off.): 042 9203100             fax (off.): 067-3365774
                                                                            e-mail:     e-mail:          e-mail:
Senior program manager (rector      Additional registrar (Academics)
Secretariat)                                                                Dean, Faculty of Business          Ciit Wah Campus                       Deputy registrar                    Administration
                                    Mr. naveed a. Khan                      Administration
Mr. ali tawab Baloch                phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext.                                            Director                              Mr. Imran Qureshi                  Assistant registrar
phone (off)51-9247000-9247003       234                                     prof. dr. syed amjad farid hasnu                                         phone (off): 042 9203101, 5321090
ext: 273                            fax (off.): 92-51-9247006               phone (off): 051-9247001-3         prof. dr. tayyab akram                fax (off.): 042 9203100            Mr. rana adeel abad
Uan: +92-51-111-001-007             e-mail:           fax (off.): 051-9247006            phone (off): 051- 9272614~5, phone (off.): 040-9200100
fax.+92-51-9247006                                                          e-mail:          9314382-3                                                                fax (off): 040-9200102
e-mail:     Academics                                                                  fax: 051 4546850                      Attock Campus            
                                                                            Dean, Faculty of Architecture &    e-mail:
islamabad Campus                    Dean, Faculty of Sciences               Design                                                                   Director Attock                     Vehari Campus
Administration                      prof. dr. arshad saleem Bhatti          arch. prof. Zain-Ul-abdin                                                dr. sherzada Khan                   Director
                                    phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext.         phone (off): 051-9247001-3         Deputy registrar                      phone (off): 057 93163327
incharge Campus                     210                                     fax (off.): 051-9247006                                                  fax (off.): 057 9316329             dr. Khair – Uz – Zaman
                                    fax (off.): 92-51-9247006               e-mail:        Mr. Jawwad ahmad                      e-mail:     phone (off): 067-3362774
prof. dr. shahid a. Khan            e-mail:                                            phone (off): 051- 9272614~5,                                              fax (off.): 067-3365774
phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext.                                             Abbottabad Campus                  9314382-3                             Administration                      e-mail:
303                                 Dean, Faculty of engineering                                               fax: 051 4546850
fax (off.): 92-51-9247006                                                   Director                            Deputy registrar                    Administration
e-mail:      prof. dr. shahzad a. Malik
                                    phone (off): 051-9247000-3 ext.         prof. dr. Khan gul Jadoon          Lahore Campus                         Mr. Malik saleem Khan               Assistant registrar
incharge (Administration)           303                                     phone (off): 0992 383591~6                                               phone (off): 057 9316330~1
                                    fax (off.): 92-51-9247006               fax (off.): 0992 383441            Director Lahore                       fax (off.): 057 9316329             Mr. Muzammal Khan
prof. dr. Qaisar abbas              e-mail:          e-mail:                                        phone (off): 067-3362774
phone (off): 051-9247000-3                                                                                     dr. Mahmood ahmad Bodla               pk                                  fax (off.): 067-3365774
fax (off.): 92-51-9247006                                                                                      phone (off): 042 9203101, 5321090                               
e-mail:                                                                                  fax (off.): 042 9203100

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