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					Nonfiction book report

Include the following information at the top of your book report:

Your Name:
Title of Book:
Author's Name:
City of Publication:
Year of Publication:
Number of Pages:

Directions: Make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the book you are reviewing. You may
have to read all or part of it several times. Write well-developed short essay answers to the
following questions. Please number your answers to correspond with the questions on this page,
but do not copy the prompts in your answers. Use complete sentences and follow other
conventions of standard written English. Use evidence from your book to support your answers,
including specific quotations and the page number in parentheses. Your book report must be
submitted to to receive credit.

1. AUDIENCE: Determine whom is the author addressing. Be specific in estimating the
approximate age, cultural background, educational background, and experiences of the intended
readers. Explain your basis for determining this audience.

2. PURPOSE: What is the author's apparent purpose? Ask yourself what the author is trying to
communicate to the reading audience. Include a clear articulation of the book’s main idea,
distilled into a single statement.

3. ORGANIZATION: Describe the contents of the book. How does the author organize his/her
ideas? Briefly summarize each section. Don’t distort the book’s content or style. Be sure to give
an accurate representation of the book.

4. STYLE: Explain the author’s way of communicating his/her ideas. Is the writing persuasive,
narrative, expository? Analyze the tone of the author’s writing and critique its effectiveness. Is
the writing complex, dry, humorous, vivid, suspenseful, nostalgic, etc.? Mention any special
features of the book. This might include bibliographies, footnotes, maps, diagrams, illustrations,
photographs, or any other device to make the book more interesting or more understandable.

5. INSIGHT: What is the greatest insight you've gained from reading this book? You may have
learned something profound from this book, or made a connection between this book and your
own life or something else you have read. Be very specific and refer to the exact part of the book
that led to your insight.

6. RECOMMENDATION: Rate this book from 1-10 stars (10 is best). Give your honest response
to the book. Think about which parts of the text are successful and which are unsuccessful.
Should any ideas receive more emphasis in the book? Should any receive less? Was reading the
book worthwhile? You don't have to like the book you are reviewing, but you must support your
evaluation with appropriate reasons and examples.

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