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									Some Instructions For Window Cleaning

In the modern life with a range of skyscaper-buildings, window cleaning services is more
and more popular. On hearing this job, most of people know that it is dangerous job, not
easy. Without the right instructions, the beginner can not operate it. Even experienced
and skilled window cleaner may get bad accidents. The requirement in quality of this job
is rather high, the window must be cleaned well to give a clear view from both inside and
outside, help converse the solar energy into the building to reduce the man-made heating
energy. Clear glass windows make the whole building look cleaner and brighter. You can
clean the windows of your house by yourself or with the help of other member in family.

The following will give a comprehensive instructions on how to clean the windows well.

First of all is collecting all the necessary materials. You'd better choose a environment-
friendly material for this task, use white vinegar. The white vinegar is easily found in
your house, if not you can easily find it in the supermarket or market. For a normal-sized
house, you need a gallon of vinegar and a gallon of clean water. You also should use old
newspaper instead of towels or tissue. Spending a little time of few days ago to collect
the old newspaper is a good idea, you and your dad read newspaper everyday and often
keep it for a long time before throwing it away. Choose the soft one, not colored and
solid one. Some other items you need is a bucket, a garden hose with its sprayer, a ladder,
a squeegee and do not forget rubber glovers to protect your skin.

Choose the day for this job clever can help you much. The weekend is good, because you
can ask the help of people, they have free time. Do not choose a sunny day, cause the sun
light dry everything too fast, especially glass.

To start the job, mix a white vinegar and clean water together in a big bucket, tear the
large newspaper into smaller pieces. Put the newspaper in to the liquid then you can use it
to clean the window. Press strongly to clear all the dust and stain. For "stubborn" stain
you may use detergent like caustic soda to make it all clear. The job is not very hard but
you must be patient and careful for a several hours.

For a big house or building, in the case you do no have much time or you are afraid of
high, you should ask for the help of professional services like Window Cleaning

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