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book bingo derrick


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									Due Date: October 12, 2009 (Major grade)                          Name ___________________
Assigned on: September 14, 2009

                                                     Book Genre Bingo
                                            Let’s play! You have four weeks to read four books
                                            from four different genres and complete the additional
                                            requirements. Follow all directions carefully. You may
                                            use SURF time in class to read books for this project.
                                            Ask Ms. Derrick any questions you have. Don’t wait!
                                            Get started today!

Here are some tips:
      You may use the novel we are reading together in class, Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule, for one of your books.

      If you read over the summer, good for you! You may use one book from your summer reading.

      You may designate one free space.

      Skimpy answers that show that you did not take time to think through the questions will NOT receive full credit.

You need Ms. Derrick’s approval in order to use the following:
      Books that are below your ZPD range – at most, only one will be allowed.

               Write your ZPD here: _________ to __________
      Books that are more than one level above your ZPD range.
      Books that do not have a Reading Level. WARNING: Do not assume I will approve it. Ask first!

To earn full credit you must
      get “Bingo” by completing five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). You may designate one free space.
      write DETAILS in your answers.
      complete the forms that are attached to the bingo card.
      write neatly.
      spell, capitalize, and punctuate correctly.
      use correct grammar.
      use accurate information.
      submit all parts by the due date.
      read books that are in your ZPD range (or that are appropriate for you). If you are unsure, check w/Ms. Derrick.

                       Do NOT procrastinate!
This project takes time and effort. It is a major language arts grade.
Book Bingo Form                                               Name ______________________ Date

       Each form you fill out must be a different genre.
       If you are having trouble picking a book for a certain genre, talk with Ms. Derrick or Mrs. Long for help.
       Do not wait to get started!

Title ________________________________________ Number of pages ________

Author __________________________ Illustrator _________________________

Copyright Year ___________

Genre _____________________________ (This should match one of the blocks on your Bingo Game Board.)


1. In YOUR OWN WORDS, write an explanation (or definition) of this genre. For example, if this book is a
science fiction, explain what science fiction is.
        Warning: If you simply copy a definition from one of your resources, you will not earn full credit. Show you
        understand fully by choosing your own words.

2. How do you know this book is the genre that you described in question #1?

3. Is this book fiction or non-fiction? ______________________ Give a specific example of a fictional
element or a factual statement from the book.

4. Why did you choose to read this book? Write at least two sentences. Continue on the back of this paper if needed.

5. Is this your favorite genre? Why or why not? Write at least two sentences. Continue on the back                   if needed.
Literary Genres
        The characters are usually fictional but they behave in realistic ways.
        There is a problem that needs to be solved. A mystery may have a

                                                                                       WARNING: Do NOT copy these explanations onto your forms. You must
        detective or a spy as a main character. Clues are used by characters to
        find a solution to the mystery.

                                                                                          put the information IN YOUR OWN WORDS or you will lose points.
        A biography is a book of true stories about the life of a real person. The
        author is a different person than the book is written about. The person
        in the biography can be dead or alive. The author describes how the
        person affected others.
        A fiction story where there is a struggle between good and evil. Often
        times, there is magic. The characters or objects do things that couldn't
        happen in real life. Creatures may be in the story that don't exist in life.
        It usually touches your feelings. It may or may not be written with
        rhymes. They are often read aloud.
        They are short stories with animal characters that act like humans.
        There is a lesson or moral to be learned from each story.
        They take place before people were on earth. They try to explain
        Realistic Fiction-
        The characters behave in realistic ways. There is usually a problem or
        conflict to be solved. The setting is in modern times.
        Historical Fiction-
        Some characters may be real and others are fictional. The story takes
        place during a period in history. Real events from history are mixed
        with fictional events. Characters may speak in a way that represents
        the time period.
        Science Fiction-
        These stories are written with future ideas such as space travel and
        new technology. The characters are fictional. A problem is usually
        solved using science.
        These books provide true facts and information about different
        subjects. They may include charts and graphs.
        Fairy Tales-
        The characters are make believe. There may be magic. They often
        begin with "Once upon a time" and end with "they lived happily ever
        after." Good usually versus evil.
        These books provide true facts and information. Some examples
        include: dictionary, almanac, atlas, thesaurus, and encyclopedia.
BOOK GENRE BINGO CARD                                                     Name ______________________________________ My ZPD _________________
Folk or                          Historical                       Realistic                        Sports                           Biography
Fairy Tales                      Fiction                          Fiction
Title                            Title
                                                                  Title                            Title                            Title
______________________________                                    ______________________________   ______________________________
                                 ______________________________                                                                     ______________________________
Book Level ___________           Book Level ___________           Book Level ___________           Book Level ___________           Book Level ___________

Historical                       Mystery                          Poetry                           Science Fiction                  Tall Tales
Fiction                                                                                            Fantasy
                                 Title                            Title
Title                                                                                              Title
                                 ______________________________   ______________________________
______________________________                                                                     ______________________________
Book Level __________            Book Level __________            Book Level ___________
                                                                                                   Book Level ____________
                                                                                                                                    Book Level ___________

Realistic                        Sports                           Historical                       Non-Fiction                      Adventure
Fiction                                                           Fiction
                                                                  Title                            Title                            Title
Title                            Title
______________________________   ______________________________   ______________________________   ______________________________   ______________________________
Book Level __________            Book Level __________            Book Level __________            Book Level _________             Book Level _________

Poetry                           Science Fiction                  Myths &                          Tall Tales                       Historical
                                 Fantasy                          Legends                                                           Fiction
Title                                                                                              Title
                                 Title                            Title                                                             Title
                                 ______________________________   ______________________________                                    ______________________________
                                 Book Level __________            Book Level __________                                             Book Level __________
Book Level __________                                                                              Book Level __________

Mystery                          Adventure                        Folk or                          Myths &                          Non-Fiction
Title                            Title
                                                                  Fairy Tales                      Legends
                                                                                                   Title                            Title
______________________________   ______________________________                                    ______________________________   ______________________________
                                                                  Book Level _________
Book Level _____________         Book Level _________                                              Book Level _________             Book Level __________

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